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  1. Should there be a song about man butt?
  2. New Series: How To Get Away With Murder
  3. Pink Floyd
  4. Anyone on here read comic books?
  5. Fashion crisis!
  6. Any Firefly Fans Out There?
  7. Cardcaptor fans?
  8. Any basketball fans?
  9. Which bender type are you?
  10. Favourite One-Hit Wonders?
  11. The L Word
  12. Soooo, I just watched "Prayers for Bobby" for the first time...
  13. Room In Rome
  14. Play music with strangers!
  15. Recognising "hidden" LGBT themes in old books?
  16. South Park S18E01
  17. your favorite song for the week?
  18. Worried about the boy
  19. Any Blade Runner fans?
  20. Favourite Halloween Movies
  21. K-Drama fans??
  22. Let's Talk About..Scandal!
  23. Urban Dance
  24. Vampire Diaries / The Originals
  25. Gotham
  26. MetallicA
  27. Yo you guys hear about jojo!?
  28. Shipping?
  29. Any JGL fans here?
  30. Anyone watch In The Flesh?
  31. Found this nice photo of Scarlett Johansson
  32. Am I the only one who hates live action movies that focus on talking animals?
  33. Lights (the singer)
  34. Would you like to see more diversity in LGBT literature?
  35. Creepers Shoes difference?
  36. What TV shows did you love as a kid?
  37. Songs that you're embarrassed to like
  38. Can you help me name this movie?
  39. Christian Harry Potter
  40. Favorite Kids' songs
  41. Thom Yorke's New Album!
  42. Rocky Horror Fans
  43. Looking for: SciFi or Fantasy books with lesbian romance.
  44. Top five albums.
  45. Pop Culture things that helped you come out?
  46. Transparent
  47. Post the first 20 songs that come up for your playlist on shuffle.
  48. Season 2 of Faking It
  49. Your favourite video game soundtrack?
  50. Megamixes
  51. U2: Overrated? Trite? Done?
  52. Homestuck?
  53. Sports? Love, like or hate?
  54. Heavy Metal Woooo!
  55. Favorite/least-favorite documentaries?
  56. Great short film - BOY
  57. Saw the movie "Love is Strange"
  58. Wicked tho <3
  59. Lesbian Youtubers Channels I've Seen
  60. Does anybody like Aubrey Plaza?
  61. Tasty Art shit: Post links here!
  62. Hottest guy in 'The Maze Runner'
  63. My Top 6 Lesbian Characters from TV Series
  64. LGBT characters in entertainment
  65. Any classic film fans out there?
  66. My Nicki Minaj Compilation question.
  67. Love
  68. Famous gay people
  69. Any OITNB fans? XD
  70. fashion fashion fashion
  71. Pride!
  72. Please Like Me Group
  73. Favourite albums or CD's
  74. Anybody play aisoft?
  75. New or Old animation?
  76. Favorite Disney Songs
  77. Tyler Oakley fans?
  78. One Direction!!!
  79. Favourite Cartoon as a Kid?
  80. Who listens to k-pop music?
  81. learning guitar sites?
  82. Do you like the Eurovision Song Contest?
  83. Supernatural
  84. Last show you watch
  85. What Do You Think Of Janet Jackson?
  86. Games You Never Completed
  87. What Do You Think Of Chris Brown?
  88. London Grammar
  89. Can somebody help me to find a new MMO?
  90. Do you like Vocaloids and/or UTAUs?
  91. Fall Out Boy - Centuries
  92. "Please Like Me"
  93. Any good gay YouTubers?
  94. Any Merlin Fans?
  95. Your Favorite Music? :D
  96. Lost in Translation
  97. any bvb army here
  98. Pokemon?!
  99. Anyone here ever written a novel/novella/short story?
  100. My Obsession
  101. New TV Show!
  102. Indian immigrant comedy on Aussie culture
  103. Any gay youtbers of color
  104. Anyone follow Zinnia Jones?
  105. WWE John Cena Prank Call
  106. In the Flesh (BBC)
  107. Donald, The Songwriter.
  108. Mike Love
  109. Do You Ever Steal Ideas
  110. "Not a virgin" parody
  111. Try not to shed a tear while/after watching this video
  112. Who should (my favourite singer) Sia collaborate with on a new album?
  113. Favorite Fight
  114. Favorite Villain
  115. Living with the Enemy - SBS Australia
  116. Unreleased Adele songs leak and lead single from new album possibly coming in October
  117. Who do you think are the sexiest guys on Americas Next Top Model? (Cycle 21)
  118. Favourite Young Adult Book Series
  119. Captain America: bisexual?
  120. YAOI! Aggressive Uke?
  121. Cartoon characters and classic rock/pop songs to go with them
  122. Learnt A Tricky Move
  123. An Old Poem I Found Today.... I Wrote It!
  124. Ai-yo, EC, favorite song of all time?
  125. What's your favourite "Funny & Random Moment" ANTM Video on YouTube?
  126. What's Your Opinion On Dan Savage?
  127. Guild Wars 2
  128. Doug Locke
  129. Which is the movie with the Best Kiss?
  130. New to Naruto and Fairy Tail. Harry Potter FOREVER!
  131. Anyone here watches South Park?
  132. Who do you think is the hottest guy on ANTM Cycle 21?
  133. Do you like The X-Men?
  134. feel good music books and movies
  135. Any Gleeks?
  136. Any Harry Potter fans here?
  137. Roller Derby
  138. Favorite anime endings
  139. Hunter X Hunter anyone?
  140. Favourite TV Characters
  141. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson
  142. So apparently Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind is about crystal meth...
  143. Help me find a music video?
  144. Music
  145. Are you ready for some (American) football?
  146. Anyone like Supertramp?
  147. E d m
  148. Who are your favorite YouTubers, EC?
  149. Why trust is worth it.
  150. Musical Instruments
  151. Favorite Scary Movie?
  152. GAG: Gays against Gaga!
  153. Bluegrass Music
  154. Starting the banjo
  155. Vedder fans?
  156. Any Ariana Grande fans here?
  157. Do you like the same music as me?
  158. Kandi kids?
  159. You guys play guitar?
  160. Movies you'd never thought you cry to.
  161. True Blood Series Finale *SPOILERS*
  162. Composing and Arranging Music
  163. Chasing Life
  164. New Dr Who :Spoilers (kinda)
  165. vmas
  166. Opinions on my comic?
  167. the young and the restless anyone?
  168. Funko Pop Vinyls
  169. Legend of Korra Season 3
  170. Mockingbird: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  171. Coffee or Tea? Which do you prefer?
  172. saw 8
  173. Your favorite bands and singers
  174. Does It Really Matter What Genre It Is?
  175. obsessed with boy bands
  176. Progressive and Neo-Progressive rock marathon
  177. what is going on with music industry?
  178. What's your favorite new and upcoming band?
  179. Any other progressive rock fans?
  180. Do you still listen to the radio?
  181. Cam and Mitchell (Modern Family characters)
  182. Music that calms yourself
  183. Cardfight: Vanguard
  184. Magic the Gathering
  185. Songs About Sex
  186. Reccomendations for Magnum Albums?
  187. Any members here like Eminem?
  188. brokeNCYDE
  189. Any Dusty Springfield Fans on Here?
  190. Pride (Movie)
  191. Do you think guys look good in plaid?
  192. Anyone else like GayGod/lush, Nickalaws, BriaAndChrissy, Troye Sivan or Tyler Oakley?
  193. Any LGBTQ movie, TV show, book, or music suggestions?
  194. Does anyone else like Prince?
  195. The Devil's Carnival
  196. Keira Knightley can sing!- Lost Stars from Begin Again
  197. Your favorite: anime, manga, graphic novel and/or comic
  198. Anyone listen to goreshit?
  199. Beyonce` Fans
  200. Chris Martin
  201. That Song
  202. Guardians of the Galaxy
  203. Music: What remakes do you think are better than the original song?
  204. Favorite Xena Season/Episode
  205. Anyone here love Lana Del Rey?
  206. Songs that sound like other songs
  207. Tabletop roleplayers?
  208. Any other Echelons (Thirty Seconds to Mars fans) here?
  209. All You Can Do
  210. The Office (US)
  211. What's your opinion on Marilyn Manson and what's your favorite song and album by him?
  212. Please Like Me... Favourite show ever!?!?!
  213. RIP Robin Williams
  214. have anyone read mortal instruments?
  215. Devo
  216. Downton Abbey
  217. Does anybody else find Snow White annoying???
  218. RENT - The Musical
  219. Imagine | John Lennon
  220. Celebrities and gaydar
  221. Favorite books that you bet none of us have ever read.
  222. How weird has Adventure Time gotten?!
  223. Books on self acceptance /accepting your sexuality?
  224. Placebo..
  225. Football season has started... bleh!
  226. Happy Birthday Whitney Houston!!! We Miss You!
  227. Nerds bring it in!
  228. Was Chandler from Friends secretly gay?
  229. Could Xena been made like Spartacus?
  230. Phineas and Ferb Fans..Unite!
  231. Gay Art
  232. Kanye West Compares how celebrities are treated with the Civil Rights Movement!
  233. Any opinions about the book Wicked?
  234. I've picked up drawing as a Hobby
  235. Favorite Miyazaki Film?
  236. Rock Suggestions
  237. Blue Is the Warmest Colour
  238. If you had a Tardis where would you go?
  239. Your Fav Duets?
  240. Do you like Radiohead?
  241. Who Remembers S Club 7?
  242. DC's new new 52
  243. Who's getting the Sims 4?
  244. Lucy is the stupidest movie I have ever seen in a long time!
  245. J'ai tué ma mère
  246. Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fight!
  247. "Jenny's Wedding" Movie
  248. Does anyone own action figures?
  249. Katy Perry's Funky New Video (This Is How We Do)
  250. Nick Jonas new music video - Chains