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  1. Awesome video on FTM transition. Must see.
  2. Good 80's movies?
  3. Dark movies/shows?
  4. Classic Rock
  5. Journey, anyone? :)
  6. johnny depp playing gay characters?
  7. Demi Lovato Anyone?
  8. Marriage in the USA.
  9. Anyone else play the ukulele?
  10. What movie(s) coming out in 2016 are you most excited for?
  11. If you could recast the main character of any film...
  12. Ever cook what you see on TV shows?
  13. Movies about mental health disorders?
  14. The Gayest of All Time and other similar music albums
  15. A doctor who idea.
  16. Star Trek
  17. Heartwarming Video...
  18. favorite music?
  19. Worldbuilding Appreciation
  20. Doctor Who
  21. Any Marilyn Manson Fans?
  22. Review on "Mockingjay" (book)
  23. Any American, Cis-male Asexuals on here who could give me writing advice?
  24. Baseball fans?
  25. Hobbies?
  26. (Indie) movie recommendations
  27. Any Chargers Fans?
  28. Last night's South Park episode?
  29. Has anyone got a song right now that they can't stop listening to?
  30. South Park Yaoi episode
  31. The Comprehensive List of Crap Movies (additions appreciated)
  32. nightmare on elm street
  33. American Horror Story: Hotel
  34. Any Dan Brown fans here?
  35. Vampire Academy
  36. Please Like Me
  37. Music recommendations?
  38. What's your favorite martial arts film(s)?
  39. Phandom
  40. Lesbian literature!
  41. Out with dad webseries.
  42. Would anyone be interested in this? Story about gay medieval squires
  43. What kind of villains do you like?/ what do you like in a villain?
  44. I need to share this fanfic.
  45. What is your favorite bisexual/homosexual book/book series?
  46. Adele releases lead single from 25 called "Hello"
  47. The Walking Dead
  48. Game of Thrones Speculation
  49. Where to get started with the Classics
  50. What books would make a great tv series?
  51. Pokemon I'm getting back into it
  52. Marty McFly finally gets back to the future
  53. New Adele Snippet Airs on X-Factor Commercial Break
  54. Are there any anime fans here?
  55. What's on your Halloween movie playlist?
  56. Anyone know the title of this novel?
  57. Nanowrimo 2015 Thread
  58. Anyone been to Benidorm recently
  59. Guardians unite! (W.I.T.C.H TV show)
  60. Anybody else like Paul Simon
  61. Rap/Hip-Hop
  62. Favourite feel good artist? :)
  63. Gay Jamaican writer wins Man Booker Prize
  64. TV show obsessions... and youtube obsessions
  65. What are good LGBT films?
  66. Fargo (Season 2, TV Series)
  67. The Walking Dead Season 6
  68. Family friendly movie night.
  69. Digimon Adventure returns: Digimon Tri!
  70. Favourite YouTube song(s)?
  71. Youtube Star Colleen
  72. Poem suggestions?
  73. Pet peeves in books
  74. The "Don't Judge" Challenge
  75. The Psychopath Test
  76. 8tracks?
  77. What fictional character(s) do you relate most to?
  78. Favorite Closing/Credits Song?
  79. Good young adult LGBT+ books
  80. Where can I find good gay romantic novels on the net?
  81. What's your favorite LGBT representation in a movie/show?
  82. Do u think Ricky Martin became less popular & profitable since he came out?
  83. Writing Critique? Constructive Criticism??
  84. What Shows Are You Currently Watching?
  85. HarryPotter fans?
  86. InkTober in Empty Closets
  87. Haikyuu anyone?
  88. Superhero themed costume!
  89. Once Upon a Time
  90. Film: Being a gay Arab in Tel Aviv
  91. Scream queens
  92. Most DISTURBING film you have watched
  93. Rugby world cup. Who is going to win?
  94. Music tips? :)
  95. What's your opinion on the Stonewall movie coming out (no pun intended) tomorrow?
  96. Anyone ever root for the bad guys or hope no one survives?
  97. Photography
  98. Harry Potter family history
  99. Genderqueer Films or TV for Dissertation
  100. Favorite albums to listen to straight through
  101. Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself
  102. Anyone read To Kill a MockingBird?
  103. Improved first chapter
  104. Calling All Artists!
  105. Prayers For Bobby
  106. football season..
  107. ANTM cycle 22
  108. Song with a trans-ish feel
  109. Harley Quinn comics
  110. Ash vs. Evil Dead
  111. Downtown-Macklemore
  112. Am I right or is this excessive? (Readers)
  113. Favorite Opening Song
  114. yaoi fanfic? fairytail
  115. ideas for songs to learn?
  116. Markiplier anyone?
  117. Brokeback Mountain
  118. Lesbian Businesswomen Books
  119. Superhero Comics
  120. Team batman vs team superman?
  121. rom com anyone?
  122. What Is Your Most Romantic Song.
  123. What's on your "gay" playlist?
  124. FTM trans and Lesbian books
  125. Favorite School Activity
  126. Neo wasn't "The One"
  127. Star Wars novelist strikes back at gay character slurs
  128. Favorite Horror Novels
  129. A Gay Mystery Novelist
  130. American Horror Story Asylum?
  131. Nfl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  132. List Your Favorite Albums
  133. If you are watching the Rugby World Cup who are you supporting
  134. Tell me about K-Pop
  135. What's Your favorite pop album of the year?
  136. Lost Girl
  137. Movies Ideas?
  138. Tales of mere existence - nihilist, depressing comedy
  139. That empty feeling you get when you finish a good book/tv-series/game
  140. The Strain! Bisexuals!
  141. Today is a very important day
  142. What's your preferred format to listen to/buy music?
  143. How much time do you spend listening to music?
  144. Mr. Nightmare
  145. Do you prefer fiction books or non-fiction books?
  146. Any good comedies?
  147. Is "Being Human (UK)" any good?
  148. "Being Human" (UK) Is it any good?
  149. The Danish Girl - the movie
  150. How do you discover new music?
  151. WWI-WWII etc. historical fiction?
  152. Steven Universe
  153. BoJack Horseman
  154. MTV Scream Series
  155. whats your favorite beatles song
  156. Song ideas?
  157. Calling All Poets
  158. Characters you relate to/look up to.
  159. Transgender people, what do you think about this comedy vid?
  160. Favourite Star Wars Movie
  161. 'BBC Believes You've Only Read 6 of These Books'
  162. Fun Home
  163. Have you as a child watched/read something that is not for children.
  164. Covers better than the original
  165. Just finished the anime BERSERK....HOLYMOTHERFUCKING ECLIPSE
  166. Blue Bloods
  167. Music that scares you
  168. Wes Craven, Master of Horror Films, is Dead
  169. MLP: Friendship Is Magic
  170. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  171. Overused closeted bully plot line...?
  172. Watching all episodes of Becoming Us in two days, anyone?..
  173. Shezow!
  174. Transgender movie: About Ray
  175. Reading books you liked as a kid
  176. The L Word
  177. September Book Club: It's on sale! For really really cheap!
  178. Halsey - Badlands
  179. Favorite metal albums(s)?
  180. Holding the Man
  181. Book Club Discussion #1.4: So, was it just me or was that disturbing?
  182. Does anyone have a favourite celeb power couple?
  183. Your upcoming TV schedule
  184. Favorite Zombie Movie
  185. Who do you idolize or look up too?
  186. The Man from U.N.C.L.E
  187. Man Comes Out as Transfinancial
  188. Favorite Bands/Singers
  189. John Oliver continues to be the most glorious mofo in existence.
  190. Death Note Fans (Possible Spoilers)
  191. Jenny Schecter (The L Word)
  192. Bi/ Lesbian Themed Songs
  193. LGBT youtube collab channel
  194. Manga vs Anime
  195. Inside Out
  196. Does anyone watch Hetalia
  197. Dragging Wendy Williams For This Horrible Aaliyah Movie
  198. Rose and Rosie
  199. Melanie Martinez Fans Assemble
  200. Book Club Discussion #1.3: Jockey Shorts Dance Contest
  201. "Who is Oscar Wilde?"
  202. Do you watch Anime?
  203. Gravity Falls!
  204. I am so weird (musically)
  205. Do you buy clothes online?
  206. I'm Jazz anyone?
  207. Biggest Celebrity Crush
  208. September Book Club: Another Awesome Movie Trailer!
  209. Alter egos/Character personas
  210. Karmy Shippers
  211. Interview with Alison Bechdel, really interesting
  212. The Fosters (JONNOR!!!)
  213. Mad Max / Adventure Time mashup
  214. Lesbian Movies/Short Films
  215. Once upon a time!
  216. Avatar - is it anime?
  217. Pretty Little Liars Fans?
  218. Cry Baby ~ Melanie Martinez
  219. Orphan Black
  220. Things to read?
  221. Is Death Note Good?
  222. Does anyone know of any books that document homosexuality..
  223. Who is your favourite Friends character?
  224. Favorite quote?
  225. Junjou Romantica
  226. Fly Young Red - The Gay Rapper
  227. The Ozzy?
  228. Of Monster and Men, anyone?
  229. The Weeknd - Wicked Games
  230. LGBTQ+(ish) Songs/Videos that you like
  231. "Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men"
  232. What Do You Think Of Tupac Shakur?
  233. Are there any social media sites fot LGBTQ teens?
  234. Book Club Discussion #1.2: Christopher the gay chimp
  235. Your favorite song/video at the moment?
  236. Any tips on reading a book that you can't grasp?
  237. Your favorite movie as a kid?
  238. Calling All The Homestucks! :D
  239. Post your favourite movie scenes (If you can find them!)
  240. Watch this video
  241. Favorite LGBT book?
  242. Anyone drifted from rock music to pop? or something else?
  243. Has anyone read any of these books?
  244. Paper Towns
  245. She is hot, dude. Dave Kim likes an hourglass shape.
  246. How do you upload music videos from youtube on to here
  247. Is this just a passing thing since I've joined the forum or..
  248. Favorite Eurovision song?
  249. LGBTQIA+ Characters in Mainstream Movies
  250. Harry Potter--Which house is yours? Quiz for the Everyday Person