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  1. Guilt
  2. Breasts
  3. My soft blanket is killing me.
  4. Fixing Internal Clock
  5. Is this normal?
  6. Pains in the tummy
  7. Am I fat? How did this happen?
  8. Can't Orgasm when Masturbating?
  9. Sex drive messing with me (trans)
  10. Skin problems?
  11. Mosquitoes bites
  12. Body Image Issues
  13. My masturbation problem is escalating, I'm worried.
  14. I hate my body
  15. Lower libido and masturbation abstaining
  16. Nauseous feeling in throat
  17. Sexual Activity?
  18. addicted or just confused and horny?
  19. Throat problem.
  20. Masturbation Problems
  21. Shaving Expectations
  22. Suicidal?
  23. Why do some many people dislike oral sex?
  24. safe sex for females?
  25. Is it normal if I don't like anal or oral?
  26. Anyone have intimacy problems?
  27. Restless Legs Syndrome
  28. How often do you spank the monkey?
  29. Tips For AFAB Masturbation?? (NSFW)
  30. Food I Can Horde
  31. Why Does Size Matter to Gay Men?
  32. Black Eye remedies
  33. Losing Weight/Do Gymnastics At Legs
  34. First time toy
  35. FTM and Seizures
  36. Being Horny.
  37. Shaving Problems?
  38. Breast reduction/top surgery?
  39. Weight Questions for young teen
  40. Do You Think I Need to Lose Weight?
  41. Depressed, want to tell a friend
  42. I'm clueless about lesbian sex?
  43. Rear Entrance Question...
  44. If you thought diet and exercise was the path to weight loss, you're wrong
  45. Stretch Marks on the Backside of a Bisexual Man
  46. How to Get on Depo-Provera?
  47. Facial shaving
  48. testicle lumps
  49. what is this surgery called?
  50. Need help asap
  51. trouble sleeping
  52. Anal toys safe??
  53. penis issuses...
  54. body advice xD
  55. beginner
  56. trying to gain weight
  57. Protein mix options?
  58. On the topic of anal masturbation...
  59. Don't Like My Weight and I'm Freaking Out
  60. Feet!
  61. vagina probs....
  62. Can't straighten my arm
  63. Tucking??
  64. Troubles sustaining an erection
  65. Is it normal to get hot flashes during HRT? (MtF)
  66. Where do you keep your sex toys?
  67. what to expect
  68. New diagnosis
  69. For biolgicial males, circumcision?
  70. Question for the group
  71. working out to gain muscle and lose body fat
  72. Can I book a doctor'a appointment?
  73. Getting tested
  74. Problems cumming
  75. Push Up Bras?
  76. Sudden Sweating (And pain)
  77. Had my HRT consultation today...
  78. Insomnia?
  79. Tampons?
  80. Eating 1 or 2 times a day...?
  81. is it normal ?
  82. Difficult to find positions to use my dildo
  83. breathing
  84. How Do You Treat A Scorpion Sting?
  85. Chest pains are scaring me!
  86. opinions needed.
  87. Not the news I wanted to hear
  88. Possible gynecomastia + stretch mark issues... help?
  89. Lesbians and Hairy Legs
  90. thinking about buying a dildo
  91. Dealing with hair
  92. OCD About STI's
  93. Painful Lube
  94. Penetration isn't a must
  95. Sexually frustrated teenager
  96. Best guys face wash?
  97. Article: The roles in dysfunctional families
  98. improvised sex toys
  99. Meds causing sudden sexual urges?
  100. Amount of ejaculation as you get older
  101. Dildo and anal stretching
  102. Transitioning with Meds('Roids)
  103. Was this sexual assault?
  104. Can virgins wear tampons?
  105. Gay movies/porn??
  106. Penile Oversensitivity
  107. Stretching my ass
  108. anal masturbation
  109. Injections vs Implants?
  110. I am so sexually frustrated.
  111. Help with losing weight ;H;
  112. Stone Butch?
  113. I can't get aroused anymore!
  114. Informed husband of desire to be with women. This is what he said.
  115. Sex with an FtM?
  116. Weight Loss Questions
  117. 22 year old virgin, can't get it up.
  118. I had Bacterial Vaginosis
  119. Virgin at 23... Need some advice
  120. Wisdom Teeth Removal + No Orgasm?
  121. I can only orgasm from stroking myself
  122. Joe Zychik - anyone had experience of therapy?
  123. Anal masturbation
  124. How many gay men
  125. I might have diabetes...help?
  126. Does this guy at school like me?
  127. Should I go to the doctor for this cut?
  128. I know im just a dumb love hating kid but idk
  129. Hair and skin
  130. long relationship but intimate relations are dwindling
  131. Tummy Troubles
  132. How often should I have my privates examined by a doctor?
  133. "Never Been Kissed": Am I doomed for anal sex?
  134. Pooping before fingering?
  135. Sexual Confidence!
  136. Am I Just a Mentally Unhealthy as a Whole?
  137. should i gain or lose
  138. giving up on meat
  139. why do my bottom matter so much?
  140. Body issues with becoming more masculine (how to prevent?)
  141. Touching yourself
  142. Questions about anal rimming
  143. Turned on too easily :O *stressed*
  144. I wanna enjoy anal sex more
  145. Unhealthy obsession, mental health issue?
  146. Doctor says I don't need hep a vaccine?
  147. Using a dildo
  148. How NOT to Get an STD/STI During Oral Sex With Girls
  149. Masturbation via Anal Fingering
  150. Why do I stare at boobs so much?
  151. Losing your virginity.
  152. Things stuck in butts?
  153. 'H' Infection? [A 15-year old needs help; tmi]
  154. Breast pain in right breast
  155. Is it possible to permanently get rid of periods?
  156. Is Porn Bad?
  157. Enjoying bottoming more
  158. I think I have tonsillitis
  159. my sunscreen fall off after i sweat ! is it normal?
  160. Don't like oral?
  161. Oh god why am I asking this...
  162. Low libido and delayed puberty?
  163. Kinda embarrassed to ask this...
  164. Is there something wrong with me?
  165. Have sex at 35
  166. Shave or Wax
  167. I Need help… PLEASE… HELP
  168. Tear Above An Anus
  169. HE removed the rubber i did not know he is hiv postive
  170. Help with issue.
  171. Rough sex leads to penis anomaly
  172. Confused
  173. How do you know/How does it feels to be a passive
  174. Can't Gain Weight
  175. Anal felt good, but no erection?
  176. Feet fetish
  177. Sleep Problem
  178. HRT: How is the first appointment?
  179. remembering a mental breakdown?
  180. Very confused and concerned
  181. Is HPV vaccine worth it for gay guys?
  182. Safe Sex for Lesbians
  183. Tired and nauseous..help
  184. General Sex Do's and Dont's
  185. I don't know what to do… need answers
  186. Recovering- Never Have Been This Sick
  187. Why is he doing this?
  188. No luck at the urologist's HELP ME
  189. Condoms
  190. Have you ever self-harmed?
  191. If a condom breaks, would you be able to feel it?
  192. Yucky!
  193. Can only ejaculate through masturbation
  194. Female-on-Female Safe Sex Questions
  195. What Does a Woman Taste Like?
  196. Help me please!!!!!
  197. I'm having issues with catheterization
  198. Lesbian sex trouble
  199. Wieght Loss
  200. how far up does it go?
  201. I've been ill
  202. How to know when you are too close to the edge.
  203. Alternative lubes for anal masturbation?
  204. Gay Sex Question
  205. Lesbian sex and oral?
  206. Other folks don't take lesbian sex seriously?
  207. Packing for sex, for lack of a better word
  208. Female Masturbation and Orgasm...GIRLS ONLY
  209. Headaches
  210. Help? Any advice is appreciated
  211. Lesbian Safe Sex?
  212. Periods.
  213. Any advice on weight loss
  214. Will I get a hangover?!
  215. i cannot eat out a girl with...
  216. Who was your first time with and how was it?
  217. Dealing with anxiety
  218. Starting to smell...
  219. Birth Control
  220. Teen Masturbation
  221. Prostate orgasm? (Male sexed people)
  222. How do you know when anxiety/depression medication starts to work?
  223. Saying dirty words during sex
  224. Hearing and seeing things....
  225. I can't sleep
  226. Sexual Health Question (Probably Fairly Graphic)
  227. awkward personal ?'s (trans*)
  228. Playing with myself
  229. Face shaving tips?
  230. Safe Oral - yeah, another one... :-|
  231. Morning Woods. I hate them.
  232. How do lesbians practice safe sex?
  233. Muscle Growth or Something Else??
  234. Ways to bind?
  235. Haven't had my period in 4 months?
  236. Masochism Thread
  237. On the Verge of being Overweight
  238. So I have a problem...
  239. How do you masturbate?
  240. Erm...I can't seem to hear
  241. How old were you when you started transitioning?
  242. Breast Augmentation?
  243. I know it's not an STD, but I'm worried it could be the C-Word...
  244. How to be a better bottom?
  245. how do i tell him this...??
  246. Gay, but don't like anal sex?
  247. Never Bottomed
  248. Sex protection and hormones
  249. Not eating properly i think
  250. Sexual Consent FORM