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  1. Pornography..?
  2. Safe Sex?
  3. scared of having sex again
  4. strap on
  5. Birthday
  6. masturbation
  7. Past experience made me settle for the nice guy.
  8. Question
  9. She doesn't want it, but I do...
  10. Switching from Sertraline to Prozac (Anxiety)
  11. Ovarian discomfort after sex
  12. Hoping to fix my sleep cycle
  13. Is this shampoo expensive?
  14. I have a lot of questions!
  15. Fingering Stuff
  16. Is this 'normal'?
  17. Healthcare outside the US
  18. Rant about people who make fun of gluten-free diet
  19. I don't know.
  20. Glove fetish: Is it weird?
  21. Afraid to have sex?
  22. Does anyone take gabapentin?
  23. How to not get upset over FB likes?
  24. Does anyone else have this problem? (waist size)
  25. Is this dangerous?
  26. Anal Training: Can This Help?
  27. I think I might be pregnant?
  28. Creative Project: ? for trans community about stealth sex
  29. Tops that don't use enough lube - advice for a bottom
  30. sometimes I am scared to be sexual
  31. Queer/Lesbian Sex Ed for a Queer Identifying Teenager
  32. Question for FtM Trans People
  33. Sex Anxiety
  34. Sex...question
  35. Anal stimulation
  36. My hand cramped while I was fingering her for the first time
  37. Kind of scared of a guy staying overnight
  38. Vomited after making out
  39. Disability and being different
  40. Meet a guy who is way more experienced?
  41. Looking for opinions !
  42. Mental health
  43. Confused...
  44. condom for blowjob?
  45. Really freaked out
  46. Binding and Top Surgery
  47. FtM Menstruation
  48. is it too late for hov vaccinations?
  49. safest thing is being asexual
  50. Unwanted Erection
  51. Had bareback sex, scared for HIV
  52. a weird question
  53. Is it unsafe to have bareback sex?
  54. Issues with Masturbating as Trans?
  55. Poll
  56. Blood in semen after anal sex
  57. Health risks behind hooking up with strangers?
  58. Does anyone else feel like crap when not eating raw foods?
  59. Might have got HIV, and maybe another STD
  60. Eating Disorder Recovery and Testosterone
  61. I need bra advice
  62. Disgust with Masturbation
  63. Suddenly Interested?
  64. Can't access dildos, what's the best way to experiment?
  65. Cucumber dildo...?
  66. Quitting Smoking
  67. anal sex
  68. Curious about this
  69. Pain in pelvic region after anal
  70. Winding down therapy
  71. laser eye surgery
  72. Constant Shoulder ache
  73. Buff lesbians
  74. Body art
  75. Lesbian with body hair
  76. Period issues
  77. Zoloft causing mania/suicidal thoughts
  78. Being insecure over sexual orientation?
  79. I need help
  80. Intimacy
  81. Under Armour Compression Tights for Cycling
  82. Quick question
  83. I want a dildo for butt-stuff.
  84. Prostate
  85. Finding a doctor
  86. Taking Forever to Climax
  87. Lower Trans Male Dysphoria
  88. Anxiety Over Anal Sex
  89. Is this bad?
  90. Binding help
  91. can't ever cum
  92. castration in the european union without sexchange operation
  93. A question to all girls
  94. HIV and kisses
  95. Anti-depressants causing suicidal thoughts?
  96. tips on vaginal masturbation
  97. Partner in pain during intercourse
  98. Foreskin too long and too tight
  99. How is the sensation during sex for a post op phalloplasty patient?
  100. Not for now, but want to be safe later
  101. Couldn't reach orgasm from gay blowjob
  102. I've been underweight for a few years now
  103. Do testosterone shots hurt?
  104. Top surgery, weight, and weight loss
  105. Would you consider this rape?
  106. Being Intimate After Trauma?
  107. Can I find a girlfriend if I don't like penetration?
  108. First time with a girl
  109. Physical changes?
  110. Sex after having a hemorrhoid?
  111. Becoming a healthier person
  112. Considering getting IUD removed?
  113. A few questions about transitioning.
  114. TransGuy Workout Options
  115. Grossed out after sex? (Explicit).
  116. Question for any WOMEN (women only read please!) who have come out Later in life?
  117. Questions about masturbation
  118. Trans diabetics help? :)
  119. Sexual Preferences
  120. He can't keep his erection/can't get condom on
  121. Diy chest binder feels weird?
  122. Binder donation online?
  123. Orgasms and sexual stimulation causing painful cramps (female)
  124. Binding
  125. Self Loathing
  126. Dildo purchasing!!
  127. Worried about std or other risks after unwanted raw penetration
  128. How Does One Find a Therapist?
  129. am I ready for sex?
  130. Lymphoma
  131. Anxiety
  132. Ladies how do I figure out my lurtheral phase
  133. Pre-T genderqueer looking for physical tips for passing
  134. PCOS question...
  135. She gave me an STD, I fear more to come.
  136. Blood one day after anal sex
  137. acne
  138. The need for illicit sex?
  139. Eczema (Tips & Trricks?)
  140. Anyone else bipolar?
  141. Kidney Stones
  142. No sexual experience and dating problems
  143. Is Sex Weird?
  144. Trying to lose weight but I dont think its working
  145. HPV Vaccine.
  146. Blood after using the bathroom
  147. self harm
  148. Help please, the implant vs dysphoria?
  149. Nipple Piercing
  150. PrEP = rise in STDs?
  151. Sleeping with someone with HIV
  152. is smth wrong?
  153. Can I just not prioritise or is something else going on?
  154. Eating Disorders/self-harm
  155. 16 and lesbian sex
  156. anal prepatation
  157. performance issues
  158. flaccid after anal
  159. Miscarraige grief....
  160. constant discomfort with dry mouth on medication
  161. Not lasting too long
  162. My nipple appears to have a crusty scab on it?
  163. Helping my boyfriend bottoming for the first time
  164. How to not touch the tip of eye drop bottle when instilling drops?i
  165. Are you turned on/off by body hair?
  166. IUD insertion failed, now what?
  167. is 13 cm too small?
  168. Natural Transition
  169. dildo smell
  170. Anal insertion
  171. can't ever cum
  172. Sex and post break up
  173. i feel like my homosexuality is a mental illness??
  174. Nausea after waking up
  175. Shaving
  176. Diet Suggestions (I need help...)
  177. The Future of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare)
  178. I feel like I'm going to be sick
  179. Fordyce Spots: Common or Not??
  180. Virginity Question
  181. Condom left halfway inside while pulling out-Bottom
  182. Stomach stuck in stress mode??
  183. Had a one night stand with an acquaintance, kind of freaked out.
  184. Hit my head on wall corner- help please
  185. Started a new antidepressant; increased libido
  186. Tips for fantasiesies
  187. Any LBGTQs with Noonans syndrome
  188. Article about orgasming after reassignment surgery (MTF)
  189. Is using household items for pleasure healthy?
  190. Seeing a therapist?
  191. *URGENT* I Need Help with Coping with Coping with Anxiety. Please.
  192. emotions and anal/prostate massage...
  193. Antidepressants.
  194. Infection
  195. Becoming asexual ?
  196. Mental Health: My Continuing Struggle; Can Anyone Relate?
  197. Testosterone and Libido
  198. Stretch marks >~<
  199. "Top/Bottom" vs. Versatile
  200. Self-Harm Help?
  201. Longest time without masturbating ?
  202. PARTNER and PARTNER 2 studies
  203. how to forget a sexual encounter?
  204. Anal Masturbation tips?
  205. Allright I need some tucking advice (pun intended)
  206. Dieting with low blood sugar
  207. Moaning and groaning during sex
  208. Trouble ejaculating with a partner.
  209. Granulomas?
  210. Cinsidering Being a 3rd to Be With a Girl :(
  211. Public service announcement for those who struggle with weight
  212. Weight problem
  213. SUCH a hard question, i need help asap
  214. first time bottom
  215. Freezing/too hot body parts
  216. Penis or Vagina Repulsion
  217. Lesbian Sex Ed HELP
  218. So I found out that....
  219. FTM Help losing weight/coming up with diet and exercise plan?
  220. Boyfriend just dropped bombshell on me!
  221. glans are sensitive, what should i do?
  222. Adult toys for dummies
  223. Gay Bottoming Issues
  224. Burning sensation after ejaculation.
  225. Anal fingering
  226. Advice on possible performance anxiety with anal sex
  227. Having a rough time, could use help
  228. High ALT Levels
  229. Got a couple of questions...
  230. Suddenly gained five pounds?
  231. Random white outs?
  232. Acne Medicine and Sneezing
  233. I tried today!
  234. Lacking In Gay Sexual Education. Big Time..
  235. Anal fingering
  236. Exploring sex
  237. Sexual addiction...
  238. Fetishes, anyone else?
  239. morning after pill
  240. Awkward but important question please reply
  241. Experiences with PCOS and Testosterone? (FTMs)
  242. Menstural Cup Removal Tips?
  243. So I'm quitting smoking, feeling kinda weird
  244. So I
  245. Does skin tone matters?
  246. Shaving / hair
  247. Concerned about weight & relationship
  248. Laptop making my head sweat
  249. I hate my body, and I'm scared it's gonna affect my love life
  250. Need some tips on taking Progynova.