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  1. Is HPV vaccine worth it for gay guys?
  2. Safe Sex for Lesbians
  3. Tired and nauseous..help
  4. General Sex Do's and Dont's
  5. I don't know what to do… need answers
  6. Recovering- Never Have Been This Sick
  7. Why is he doing this?
  8. No luck at the urologist's HELP ME
  9. Condoms
  10. Have you ever self-harmed?
  11. If a condom breaks, would you be able to feel it?
  12. Yucky!
  13. Can only ejaculate through masturbation
  14. Female-on-Female Safe Sex Questions
  15. What Does a Woman Taste Like?
  16. Help me please!!!!!
  17. I'm having issues with catheterization
  18. Lesbian sex trouble
  19. Wieght Loss
  20. how far up does it go?
  21. I've been ill
  22. How to know when you are too close to the edge.
  23. Alternative lubes for anal masturbation?
  24. Gay Sex Question
  25. Lesbian sex and oral?
  26. Other folks don't take lesbian sex seriously?
  27. Packing for sex, for lack of a better word
  28. Female Masturbation and Orgasm...GIRLS ONLY
  29. Headaches
  30. Help? Any advice is appreciated
  31. Lesbian Safe Sex?
  32. Periods.
  33. Any advice on weight loss
  34. Will I get a hangover?!
  35. i cannot eat out a girl with...
  36. Who was your first time with and how was it?
  37. Dealing with anxiety
  38. Starting to smell...
  39. Birth Control
  40. Teen Masturbation
  41. Prostate orgasm? (Male sexed people)
  42. How do you know when anxiety/depression medication starts to work?
  43. Saying dirty words during sex
  44. Hearing and seeing things....
  45. I can't sleep
  46. Sexual Health Question (Probably Fairly Graphic)
  47. awkward personal ?'s (trans*)
  48. Playing with myself
  49. Face shaving tips?
  50. Safe Oral - yeah, another one... :-|
  51. Morning Woods. I hate them.
  52. How do lesbians practice safe sex?
  53. Muscle Growth or Something Else??
  54. Ways to bind?
  55. Haven't had my period in 4 months?
  56. Masochism Thread
  57. On the Verge of being Overweight
  58. So I have a problem...
  59. How do you masturbate?
  60. Erm...I can't seem to hear
  61. How old were you when you started transitioning?
  62. Breast Augmentation?
  63. I know it's not an STD, but I'm worried it could be the C-Word...
  64. How to be a better bottom?
  65. how do i tell him this...??
  66. Gay, but don't like anal sex?
  67. Never Bottomed
  68. Sex protection and hormones
  69. Not eating properly i think
  70. Sexual Consent FORM
  71. Protecting yourself from hate crimes
  72. Tips on stopping a food craving?
  73. no matter what I do, I smell. like poo
  74. Body Image
  75. Just a hook up?
  76. Binders for large chests?
  77. Mental Health
  78. Poop during anal sex...
  79. Can't pee (had to repost due to lask of responses)
  80. Weird feeling throughout my body
  81. Got screened today!
  82. uncontrolled horniness
  83. Not enough...
  84. Does bottoming make you more loose
  85. Shy Bladder...
  86. my body is horny like hell lately
  87. How can I make him use condom?
  88. Breast Reduction update
  89. Self harm delema
  90. Scared I have HIV
  91. Does A Bottom Have to Give Up Junk Food?
  92. Questions for Girls Only...(Embarrassing)...
  93. dating issues!!!
  94. Painkillers
  95. What is the effective rate of condoms?
  96. Getting back into condition
  97. To bind or not to bind?
  98. Sexsomnia
  99. Trouble Orgasming
  100. How can I get dildos?
  101. Not sure how to feel about this
  102. Fluoxetine and Sex
  103. Recently Hospitalized and Ashamed
  104. transwomen and weightlifting
  105. Question for people with periods
  106. Sex issues....
  107. First Time
  108. Am I sex negative? Annoyed with oversexualization
  109. What is virginity?
  110. Syphillis
  111. people who have periods
  112. Trouble getting it in
  113. will lifting weights make me bulky?
  114. Using Condoms
  115. Can't stay erect when during sex
  116. Started T and have questions
  117. Am I still depressed?
  118. Birth control and testosterone?
  119. After 30
  120. Help me stop this habit of pulling hair
  121. Should I get diagnosed?
  122. Health effects of finally accepting yourself
  123. Working out too hard
  124. having trouble getting an erection for men.trouble keeping one for the ladies
  125. Concerned trans man
  126. anti-depressant alternatives
  127. Anal sex questions
  128. Opinions
  129. Difficulties with Anal insertion.
  130. Bleeding a bit after anal
  131. I really need someone to talk to
  132. Losing weight
  133. How much is too much?
  134. Strapon question
  135. love or just sex
  136. How to tell if a guy is straight or not
  137. Kissing?
  138. Preparing for anal
  139. The roller coaster called therapy
  140. Less than a week til surgery
  141. My mom refuses to go to the ER
  142. Anxiety & Sex-Catch 22
  143. How/Should I Shave My legs?
  144. Is it normal to not want sex most of the time?
  145. Hookups/one night stands, and my questions
  146. Latest study of penis size
  147. I'm ashamed of my tables
  148. Work out routine to get a more feminine body ?
  149. not related to LGBT but is something wrong with me?
  150. I caved in to self harming again.
  151. When did your start shaving?
  152. Tests for low testosterone
  153. Weird strapon kink?
  154. "butt trauma" after hemorrhoid operation
  155. temporary stopping HRT
  156. Scraping arms?
  157. Binding with a Binder
  158. "healthy" sexual component in relationship
  159. Gym alternative?
  160. More Evidence that PrEP works
  161. Headaches almost every day?
  162. Enema use: how much is too much?
  163. excercise for obesity/diabetes?
  164. My orgasms are gone forever (convinced)
  165. Really Concerned
  166. Preparing for something bigger
  167. female masturbation
  168. The Tyranny of Buffness
  169. Confidence to top via ED medication
  170. Safe Lesbian Sex
  171. Top and bottom versus self-confidence
  172. Good exercises to do at home?
  173. top surgery
  174. Is it true that the mouth has more bacteria than the anus
  175. How to Finish Faster During Sex
  176. Nerd Fitness: Worth it?
  177. Ejaculating issues
  178. A porn watcher or not?
  179. Must go to the Dentist
  180. feeling bad about something
  181. Guilty about a hookup?
  182. gentle face hair removal can men use it?
  183. MTF Wanting to Lose Weight
  184. My feeling's
  185. What would you do??
  186. Sexual anxiety
  187. acne
  188. acid reflux
  189. Can Bigger Guys find love?
  190. Can men really have multiple orgasms?
  191. Lesbian sex for the first time
  192. Dick Problems
  193. Will this be a problem?
  194. how do you interpret what the bases are
  195. Lesbian sex, protection and other info
  196. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
  197. First post in a while...and it's a doozy(?)
  198. I think of suiside a lot
  199. Lesbian on birth control
  200. SSRIs, weight gain & mood
  201. Pain In Pelvis After Anal Sex ?
  202. Masturbation and Fantasies
  203. is it normal to not have fantasies while I masturbate?
  204. How Long Does It Take For Exercise To Take Effect?
  205. Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (IBD)
  206. I need help. Can't stop bad diet
  207. bad menstrual odor
  208. Feeling suicidal.
  209. Please help I'm stressing out
  210. ATTENTION DOMINANTS!!!!! i need help...
  211. I'm thinking about committing myself.
  212. My anxiety is getting worse.
  213. Masturbation?
  214. Trichotillomania Problems?
  215. I have phymosis and it's really affecting my self confidence!
  216. Do you think it's okay to ask a female doctor if she would look at my penis
  217. How old were you when you had your first orgasm?
  218. Feeling weird
  219. Gym Motivation/Commitment
  220. Testing policy
  221. The Importance of Vaccination
  222. To bottoms, how do you ease up the pain?
  223. Don't want to shave!
  224. Pain After Swimming
  225. Guys: do you still get erections from mild contact?
  226. odd eating habits?
  227. Arousal Problem
  228. Impossible to sleep.
  229. Lesbians: Do you watch straight porn?
  230. Not being touched
  231. What the hell is wrong with me.
  232. I'm not physically attracted to my girlfriend
  233. do i have asthma?
  234. Lucid Nightmare-ing?
  235. Breakthrough bleeding
  236. Am I "doomed" to be a bottom for my whole life?
  237. recovery from getting over someone
  238. When you shower
  239. Experimentation with anal
  240. Bottoms: Your diet?
  241. Is it possible to stop dreams?
  242. Circumcised and uncircumcised
  243. Drinking while sick
  244. Removing the frenulum of the tongue.
  245. Learning the Splits
  246. I can't shake this reoccuring doubt
  247. Can a relationship with two bottoms work?
  248. Bulimia/disordered eating back??? Help
  249. Oral Sex Question
  250. I ejaculate without an erection