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  1. Your fav part of your body?
  2. Switching Birth Control - Advice, Opinions?
  3. Leg problems...
  4. Taking meds: yay or nay?
  5. Topping questions~
  6. Anyone out there okay with being a virgin?
  7. Girlfriend said I take too long to orgasm...
  8. Ovotestes symptoms?
  9. Post surgery questions after gallbladder removal
  10. Involuntary Twitches
  11. How did you first learn about anal sex
  12. Controlling Spots
  13. Feeling anxious when having anal sex with a guy I really like
  14. Odd And Awkward Boners!
  15. Throwing up green bile?
  16. What was your first thoughts about sex with the same sex
  17. Should I Have Sex?
  18. breast sizes
  19. Change my life...
  20. Should I go on living
  21. Topping for the First Time
  22. Help Im not sure what it is… need ideas
  23. Shaving
  24. WPATH Standards of Care?
  25. tonsillectomy tomorrow - eek!
  26. Any ideas on what this might be?
  27. Anyone else with chronic illness?
  28. Lesbians - intensely itchy after sex?
  29. Wondering about my choice of medical doctor; need advice
  30. Is it normal to suddenly loose your sex drive?
  31. Pre-Workout Choice
  32. Medication For Anxiety, How does it feel?
  33. Today is World Diabetes Day
  34. How do i prevent myself from getting aroused
  35. are scars unattractive?
  36. Increasing libido
  37. Let's Talk Kink!
  38. Small lump near ass.. Turn off in sex?
  39. Straight Male Interested in Fulfilling Gay Sex Fantasies (maybe NSFW)
  40. how to self fu*k?
  41. concerned about my face.
  42. Is inpatient care for depression necessary?
  43. skinny but no abs?
  44. Are you a young person struggling with alcohol?
  45. Can't find my prostate?
  46. Any tips on how to get rid of cold sores?
  47. Do I have a third degree burn?
  48. wanting to commit suicide
  49. Why Do Guys Think About Sex Regularly?
  50. I have to pay for a surgery?!?
  51. How sex feel after you transition from female to male?
  52. Skinny problems?
  53. Sexually assaulted
  54. About Anal
  55. Weird question but evidently useful???
  56. Sex in relationships with big age gap
  57. Can't believe I'm asking the Internet this but....
  58. after sex, how do you feel?
  59. Fitness question。
  60. Aroused by smells?
  61. Is there any inherent shame to be had when bottoming
  62. Having Sex after Transitioning to Male
  63. Anal Fingering
  64. Gay Men; TOP vs BOTTOM pleasure
  65. Prostate Masturbation - The Perfect Orgasm
  66. Help- toe issue
  67. Questions regarding breasts. [MtF]
  68. I'm scared that I'll screw up my first kiss
  69. Seasonal Depression...
  70. Ladies who masturbate, I really need some help :(
  71. Sudden, worsening headache
  72. Choosing a doctor
  73. Help, I'm depressed and I want to cut
  74. Unusually long period? Or something else?
  75. Antidepressants
  76. Hooking up and Anal Sex for both Gay and Straight/Bi people
  77. How can I reduce my libido?
  78. Time before ejaculation in homemade pornography
  79. Bearing Children
  80. Root canal...
  81. Anti-depressant working well for me
  82. Is it like a thing to go down on a girl who's on her period?
  83. Unhappy with my figure
  84. Should I date a guy with HIV?
  85. Glandular Fever
  86. Can the anus lose elasticity after too much anal sex
  87. being paranoid and gay
  88. The Stress is eating me away!
  89. How do I get hormones?
  90. Being a bottom
  91. Ftms, what kind of binding methods that works for you?
  92. First Time Anal...Advice?
  93. Questions about getting tested
  94. How to feel confident in the gym
  95. Can't Orgasm When Masturbating
  96. Can Pre-Cum Get You Pregnant?
  97. Questions about HIV
  98. Battery Stuck in Vibrator
  99. Bra advice for smaller than AA
  100. Confused
  101. Deepening Depression
  102. Valproic acid side effects?
  103. Is this douching method OK?
  104. Douching
  105. Is it better to Run or Walk?
  106. Eminence Hunger
  107. What is better?
  108. Diabetes Type 2
  109. Can anal sex hurt even if you're doing it right
  110. Post-sexual assault anxiety help, please
  111. I watch too much porn
  112. Preparation for sex?
  113. Breast Reduction
  114. FWB for the right reasons
  115. Sexual Therapist Necessary?
  116. Why do homophobic people think that we exist to just have random anal sex?
  117. Anxiety and sex with guys
  118. MtF Masturbation is Difficult
  119. Do I have an eating disorder?
  120. Always tired
  121. Hair removal and keeping it away
  122. Anyone tried Laser Hair Removal/IPL ?
  123. lesbian sex
  124. Issues with sleep
  125. MtF Libido
  126. Manscaping and Hair control
  127. Any other woman get extremely horny on their period ?
  128. Having a tough time using a dildo
  129. Water-based versus oil-based
  130. Toy Questions?
  131. Toys when you're too young?
  132. Life Without Anxiety
  133. First thread and its this...
  134. Bottoming hurts so much
  135. Virginity losing
  136. Dr. Joe Kort.. The Sex Therapist
  137. Very embarrassed >.<
  138. How to reset sleep cycle
  139. Can't think of reasonable title. It's about sex.
  140. Pains During Anal Sex / Preperation
  141. Severe spasms
  142. Newly sexually active and worried about recent encounter
  143. Birth Control for Periods
  144. My girlfriend just lies still during sex, is this normal?
  145. is this real or am I making this up
  146. food question
  147. Good question
  148. Don't last very long...
  149. and then you meet that man....
  150. Teach Me How To Masturbate
  151. Does BMI directly correlate with health?
  152. How to handle friends' body issues problems?
  153. Is this normal...
  154. Lets talk weight
  155. sharp pain in my foot
  156. Pain in rectum a week after sex
  157. Night owls and hormons
  158. Waxing
  159. Is this Normal? please help
  160. Heterophobia?
  161. Can't cum! Help!
  162. Rash?
  163. For any MTF who have transtioned
  164. Butterflies in your stomach versus feeling uncomfortable/ill?
  165. I just want this all to end!
  166. Body Feminization workouts
  167. HIV Negative status and "Feelings" :)
  168. I may have cancer again and I'm not sure I can handle this!
  169. Feel like bugs sitting on my legs in my sleep when there's not.
  170. Calluses?
  171. Physical Fitness For Job
  172. Ι don't feel like falling in love anymore. HELP!
  173. Relying on benzo for anxiety
  174. sex with girlfriend.. nervous
  175. REALLY fucking weird question
  176. Sinking onto sofa frame through sofa cushion whilst masturbating.
  177. Should guys use face scrub/wash/cleanser?Do you?
  178. What type of underwear do you prefer?
  179. How do I explain to my gyno I want to be male?
  180. constant unsatable hunger
  181. Restless nights.
  182. Effects of stress
  183. I find it really hard to keep on living
  184. stomach issues
  185. they don't enjoy sex
  186. Is my dick size okay?
  187. Sore throat, help?
  188. White spots on tongue? My lips are numb?
  189. Need help with buttplug
  190. help what gets rid of itching after shaving?
  191. I went flaccid and I was a bit drunk? Is that normal?
  192. Hello, EC! What turns you on? (Making this since the other thread is old as heck)
  193. Trying to lose weight but having a lot of trouble
  194. Can you get Herpes from going down on a guy?
  195. Do condoms really prevent sex from feeling good ?
  196. what's the difference between tribbing and scissoring ?
  197. What is scissoring?
  198. Self Harm ect ect...
  199. can grinding replace sex?
  200. I'm new here
  201. Is it safe...?
  202. How do u revitalize ur skin color and repair the Damage from tweezing your face ?
  203. I Had Unprotected Oral w/ another Man
  204. I think I might be FtM Trans but I don't want to be
  205. I can't achieve orgasm..
  206. Losing Virginity - Painful Topping?
  207. My stupid gay sex question
  208. What time do people have sex at?
  209. Being a 24 year old virgin....thoughts?
  210. Having issues with anal sex
  211. Can't finish during intercourse - is this a common problem???
  212. How to stop itchy razor bumps?
  213. Safe Oral Sex/Rimming
  214. How to get rid of pubes?!
  215. Way too loose.
  216. advise regarding lubrication for anal sex
  217. Is baby oil safe to use during sex?
  218. Scared to orgasm as a 19 year-old guy, what's wrong with me?
  219. Sitting on perineum whilst masturbating...dangerous?
  220. I've been having terrible headaches and I don't know what to do
  221. I need advice on losing weight please
  222. Accurate comparison?
  223. Anybody else hate exercising?
  224. Are any diseases undetectable?
  225. What is the motivation of reparative therapists?
  226. sorry if this is in the wrong place
  227. Orgasm while sleeping
  228. HELP! Not sure whats going on
  229. hit head/neck pain
  230. so I joined the gym...
  231. Some questions about anal sex
  232. I don't know why I'm still a virgin
  233. Working out motivation
  234. Kinda freaking out now
  235. Over eating.
  236. This may be a stupid question.....
  237. Help with masturbation
  238. masturbation issues
  239. A "weighty" issue: Lost the flab...now what?
  240. Anyone had Scabies before?
  241. What causes your anxiety?
  242. This is annoying
  243. Self-Sucking
  244. Obsession
  245. How can i lose weight at home ?
  246. Why is it going wrong sexually?
  247. Clearing throat, a tic?
  248. Low Self-esteem bc. of Acne
  249. Not 'over porn' after all.
  250. Protein Powder