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  1. Thoughts on Cruising
  2. so horny
  3. Did I have a clitoral orgasm? Help
  4. Eager to try, but no one to try with
  5. No orgasm
  6. Post-Hysterectomy Pains
  7. He said "it's okay, I'm on PrEP"
  8. Peeing during orgasm?
  9. New to gay sex (NSFW)
  10. Had unprotected sex with a guy, scared now
  11. Breast Reduction FTM
  12. Weird panic attack triggered by my crush?!
  13. I feel like i need to stop masterbating but i cant!
  14. How does safe lesbian sex work exactly?
  15. Can't Get My Head Around This
  16. What will happen with this tooth?
  17. Pain with Vibrator
  18. Bleeding & Pain - Anal sex
  19. I shaved my groin hair....
  20. No control over erections is frustrating and confusing.
  21. Can't sleep because of anxiety
  22. Going to a Burlesque Show (Alone)?
  23. Cleaning for bottoming
  24. Meditation advice/tips?
  25. impacts of birth control on T
  26. I want to be pregnant but I'm a transman
  27. Top nor Bottom
  28. Tubal Litigation
  29. Loss of sensation
  30. Anyone have bigorexia?
  31. Tired all the time?
  32. Confused about 'getting turned on'
  33. Severe pain when cuddling
  34. Tribbing
  35. Puberty advice
  36. Unable to sleep, yet exhausted.
  37. Testing/What to expect
  38. Feelings in my groin
  39. Bisexual concerns
  40. Wisdom Teeth
  41. Uhh...
  42. Demi-vegan?
  43. Extreme Erection Angle
  44. My friend has the implant and I am worried about her
  45. Dildos
  46. Constantly Exhausted
  47. Bad health and coming out
  48. Very Very itchy Scrotum
  49. 14 year old friend in relationship with soon-to-be 18 year old
  50. Bisexuality and BPD or emotional dysregulation
  51. Ways to deal with anxiety?
  52. Mark down there....
  53. Cyclothymia
  54. First time, and I couldn't perform
  55. Discomfort in the muscles
  56. Age gap/sexual relationship
  57. STDs, Help please.
  58. Is it bad to take baths this hot?
  59. what do you think of teen and older men hook ups?
  60. Suicide nightmares
  61. LADIES what is a good strapon?
  62. Measuring my penis?
  63. I have a fever/flu, when the hell is it going to end??
  64. Awkward Questions
  65. Please tell me I'm not alone...
  66. Gay anal topping with condom - HIV risk from shit stained lube on bottom bit of dick
  67. depression?
  68. To douche or not to douche ?
  69. CALLING ALL VAGINA OWNERS!! (Menstraul cups)
  70. When would you have sex with your partner.
  71. Thinking Of Doing Yoga
  72. Advice for finding a psychologist or therapist
  73. Am I going to get sick?
  74. What's With This? 18+
  75. Anal Fistula
  76. Knots in my back?
  77. Professionals
  78. Are oestrogen pills safe?
  79. Eyebrow grooming
  80. How to have more fun masturbating?
  81. Spike Sex Drive
  82. lossed my sex drive
  83. feeling that smth bad will happen after certain fantasies
  84. Hit with a racket?
  85. orgasm or something else?
  86. Can anyone tell me what this problem is
  87. Grossed out by the idea of sex
  88. To Trans* Guys: How do you deal with your penguins?
  89. Here is hoping for the best.
  90. Bedroom Problems
  91. Sex In A Blackout?
  92. How to start becoming physically active
  93. what could happen if you do this?
  94. Being a gay chub.
  95. Thoughts on body image issues
  96. Which are the REAL addictions or compulsions?
  97. What should I do?
  98. Unhealthy confession to make
  99. Dildo
  100. High Intensity Interval Training
  101. Lost appetite?
  102. Something I Was Wondering About
  103. How did you beat acne?
  104. First Time With A Guy Advice
  105. Should I see a doctor?
  106. Sex Talk
  107. No enjoyment during bottoming, topping, oral sex
  108. Is this normal?
  109. Vegans
  110. My Weight Loss Journey
  111. I find 'Cum' disgusting?
  112. Shaving with a razor blade (for laser hair romeval) & sex
  113. FTM bottom growth?
  114. How do you masturbate?
  115. Are hardgainers (ectomorphs) real or an excuse
  116. Trouble with reaching orgasm
  117. Does Health Care Insurance Cover T?
  118. Am I just a tomboy-ish bisexual or am I a Transgender?
  119. Top or Bottom
  120. Dysphoria, weight loss
  121. Giving oral with a condom on?
  122. Insomnia.
  123. Another update
  124. Sore Muscles
  125. Foreskin Restoration
  126. Have considered Castration (but its not what you think)
  127. I Would If It Weren't For.......
  128. Suggestions needed from a first time dildo buyer
  129. Will People Respect This?
  130. semi-serious health issue
  131. Is AIDS Something To Worry About?
  132. At what age did you know you were bi
  133. Lesbian vaginal ultrasound struggles - I need some support!
  134. Painful bottom growth
  135. When did you start masturbating?
  136. I Can never rise for the occasion and it upsets me
  137. A new kind of coming out: Cancer
  138. Possible(not sure) sexual abuse????
  139. Question(s) about HIV/AIDS
  140. Orgasms feel different after starting hormone replacement
  141. Would Someone Pleas Explain Lesbian Sex?
  142. Anal injury maybe prolapse
  143. I Like Older Men
  144. Lost my virginity today - biggest mistake EVER
  145. Talking to my doctor?
  146. Is my sex drive too high???
  147. Is It Ever Possible To Suck Your Own Dick?
  148. Chest pain after binding
  149. Fatigue... so tired...
  150. I really need to go to the doctor
  151. Scared.. need help
  152. Head pain Issue || Feeling Hopeless
  153. Binding health?
  154. Sky high sex drive
  155. A Kind Of Personal Question
  156. Let's talk masturbation!
  157. Certain... Insecurities
  158. This is embarassing but...
  159. Is this normal?
  160. Blood Draws are Impossibe
  161. ED's
  162. safe sex
  163. Testosterone injection
  164. First period?
  165. Bulimia, anorexia and compulsive eater at the same time
  166. Sudden spots in face .... urgent
  167. Common Practice: Safety (Girls Please!)
  168. Problem with my glans penis
  169. Little lies I keep hearing. (Venting)
  170. I'm not into anal.. Complications
  171. People of same sex find a way to have a baby
  172. issues over issues
  173. Cramps on T?
  174. Freakin periods
  175. Cramps in the stomach?
  176. Stairs, Decent Exercise?
  177. Pilonidal Cyst
  178. Sex and depression
  179. Paranoia over status
  180. Trouble when masturbating
  181. This makes me mad - Same sex marriage and having a baby
  182. Sexually-Transmitted Diseases and Infertility
  183. Anal Sex Newbie
  184. Is frottage a common practice?
  185. Painless mastrubation
  186. Anal - not painful, but not pleasurable. Need advice.
  187. Transgender Bathroom Problems
  188. Taking a piss right after bareback anal sex
  189. Curious about thirst
  190. Hypothetical anal sex question
  191. Tips On Hooking Up
  192. Sex & making out?
  193. Anal play tips
  194. Thinking Of Buying My First Toy...
  195. Low energy despite healthy practices
  196. Should I have my first gay sexual experience with this man?
  197. I don't want sex...
  198. Infertility problem??
  199. Where did my sexuality go?
  200. Reaching out to UK circumcised guys
  201. my new me ???
  202. pre transition/dysphoria masturbation
  203. Psych meds
  204. Gay sex after gonorrhea shots & pills
  205. dating an undetectable guy
  206. Strap ons?
  207. What can i use
  208. On a scale of 1-10, how important is penis size to you?
  209. Masochism
  210. Continuous birth control
  211. Boyfriend's premature ejaculation problem
  212. So unhappy about my weight
  213. Couldnt get hard
  214. First time having sex
  215. Holy Crap, So This Is Happening!
  216. gay and bi men: STDs
  217. Spermeatic Cord Problem
  218. Is it normal ?
  219. Std bummer
  220. Masturbation Question?
  221. 14 and I really want to have sex?
  222. Apps and Addictions
  223. Manscaping
  224. Tips for first time having sex
  225. Cleaning for Anal Sex
  226. Orgasm too quick in oral sex
  227. Is it harder to be a bottom?
  228. prone masturbation
  229. 'Grace Period' between BC Pills
  230. Tribbing or Scissoring techniques help please
  231. Muscle Growth During Puberty
  232. Should I buy just to have?
  233. Is it necessary to use condoms for couples and is it worse to be bottom, than top?
  234. Psychotropic Medication
  235. Questions about anal fingering from someone new
  236. Self harm?
  237. Open Thread: Inclusive Menstruation Chat
  238. Open Thread: Eating Disorders
  239. Oral Sex and Condoms
  240. I want to lose weight
  241. Is it pointless to use condoms if I already barebacked?
  242. I had unprotected sex and I'm kind of in a paranoia crisis...
  243. Scared to have sex
  244. So I'm curious about Klinefelter's
  245. I am considering if I should buy a vribrator
  246. Effects of Coerced Childhood Sexual Acts
  247. 16 and erection problems
  248. i want to be anerexic
  249. rapid mood swings
  250. Is T a bad idea?