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  1. stomach issues
  2. they don't enjoy sex
  3. Is my dick size okay?
  4. Sore throat, help?
  5. White spots on tongue? My lips are numb?
  6. Need help with buttplug
  7. help what gets rid of itching after shaving?
  8. I went flaccid and I was a bit drunk? Is that normal?
  9. Hello, EC! What turns you on? (Making this since the other thread is old as heck)
  10. Trying to lose weight but having a lot of trouble
  11. Can you get Herpes from going down on a guy?
  12. Do condoms really prevent sex from feeling good ?
  13. what's the difference between tribbing and scissoring ?
  14. What is scissoring?
  15. Self Harm ect ect...
  16. can grinding replace sex?
  17. I'm new here
  18. Is it safe...?
  19. How do u revitalize ur skin color and repair the Damage from tweezing your face ?
  20. I Had Unprotected Oral w/ another Man
  21. I think I might be FtM Trans but I don't want to be
  22. I can't achieve orgasm..
  23. Losing Virginity - Painful Topping?
  24. My stupid gay sex question
  25. What time do people have sex at?
  26. Being a 24 year old virgin....thoughts?
  27. Having issues with anal sex
  28. Can't finish during intercourse - is this a common problem???
  29. How to stop itchy razor bumps?
  30. Safe Oral Sex/Rimming
  31. How to get rid of pubes?!
  32. Way too loose.
  33. advise regarding lubrication for anal sex
  34. Is baby oil safe to use during sex?
  35. Scared to orgasm as a 19 year-old guy, what's wrong with me?
  36. Sitting on perineum whilst masturbating...dangerous?
  37. I've been having terrible headaches and I don't know what to do
  38. I need advice on losing weight please
  39. Accurate comparison?
  40. Anybody else hate exercising?
  41. Are any diseases undetectable?
  42. What is the motivation of reparative therapists?
  43. sorry if this is in the wrong place
  44. Orgasm while sleeping
  45. HELP! Not sure whats going on
  46. hit head/neck pain
  47. so I joined the gym...
  48. Some questions about anal sex
  49. I don't know why I'm still a virgin
  50. Working out motivation
  51. Kinda freaking out now
  52. Over eating.
  53. This may be a stupid question.....
  54. Help with masturbation
  55. masturbation issues
  56. A "weighty" issue: Lost the flab...now what?
  57. Anyone had Scabies before?
  58. What causes your anxiety?
  59. This is annoying
  60. Self-Sucking
  61. Obsession
  62. How can i lose weight at home ?
  63. Why is it going wrong sexually?
  64. Clearing throat, a tic?
  65. Low Self-esteem bc. of Acne
  66. Not 'over porn' after all.
  67. Protein Powder
  68. Three-Way or Three-noway?
  69. Can psychiatrists see through people?
  70. Want to cut but don't want to cut
  71. Orgasms with Autofellatio
  72. Discomfort During Masturbation
  73. constant pains for a year...HELP
  74. I don't want to go back to smoking.
  75. Body Dysmorphia
  76. Suicide
  77. k i'm sorry but i gotta ask
  78. Protection
  79. The Problem of Suicide
  80. Help me
  81. Anal Sex Question
  82. Weird Eating Habit
  83. How to get rid of stomach
  84. An awkeard question
  85. Has anyone here ever had chicken pox?
  86. Transguy sex issues. Help/Advice needed.
  87. Please help (lesbian/HIV)
  88. FtM Diet and Excercise?
  89. How to gain muscle?
  90. Afterglow, the new acne treatment?
  91. A Serious Problem Among 13 to 24 Year-Olds
  92. masturbation worries
  93. Hair Coming Out
  94. Code Milky Green
  95. Just a simple question about masturbating.
  96. Slightly scared transgender
  97. Are bottoms more feminine?
  98. Ocd
  99. Masturbation whilst sitting - is it safe?
  100. Anorexia Support Thread
  101. I sound like a complete tool
  102. Suddenly don't desire anyone at all.
  103. Anybody else have psoriasis?
  104. NSFW: Fearful for my life
  105. Ejaculation problems. Please help
  106. Performance anxiety - my insomnia
  107. Half of my body seems more....masculine?
  108. Skin peeling on arms?
  109. Excited....and Nervous (first time lesbian sex yay)
  110. Lesbian sex? Dental dam? WTF??
  111. Circumcision and erections
  112. So I have a bit of a problem....
  113. In love with sports star
  114. Bleeding After Straight Sex?
  115. Boyfriend prefers masterbation over sex? Advice?
  116. Boyfriend not satisfying me?
  117. Sciatica
  118. Grooming your....beard.
  119. Sleeping Habits
  120. Starting Oral sex (male on male)
  121. Depression and this
  122. How hard is shaving to keep up?
  123. What do I do with pubic hair?
  124. pads vs tampons ?
  125. Is this a good workout schedule?
  126. Menstrual cups. Advice needed.
  127. Periods
  128. Can I make my chest flat by exercising and losing weight?
  129. How to fall asleep easier?
  130. Lesbians and dental dams
  131. Still Feeling Reaaaaaaly Uncomfortable
  132. How often should people get tested for stds
  133. was I raped?
  134. male on male oral
  135. Cutting
  136. How much weight should I lose?
  137. Strange noise in the back of my head when hungry?
  138. Is this safe?
  139. Getting into exercise. Any advice?
  140. what are good porn blockers ?
  141. Stopping myself from Self Harm
  142. Sexual frustration and denial (?)
  143. Can't keep it up?
  144. Too tired to work out
  145. Dysmorphia, Gender Identity and obsessed by perfectionism
  146. I Want to Have Sex With a Woman
  147. Masturbation Smell
  148. I think I should give up smoking...need encouragement though...
  149. is there anyone here affected with ocd or bdd?
  150. Extreme Anal Pain
  151. Anorexia and binging
  152. Lack of feeling in my vulva.
  153. Limberness and flexibility.
  154. Did taking meds for depression make your sexual life less enjoyable?
  155. Striptease
  156. Headache after Drinking?
  157. FTM top and bottom surgeries?
  158. Are there more active or passive homosexual men?
  159. my mental health has been seriously damaged by bullying and family neglect!!
  160. Self Harm
  161. Tooth Pain
  162. Penis goes limp before/after putting a condom
  163. How to find your prostate...?
  164. Masturbation problem
  165. How can I hide my erections?
  166. Objects for anal play?!?
  167. One for the bottoms amongst us ;)
  168. Veins showing on my forehead?
  169. premature ejaculation when masturbating
  170. Shaved vagina or not?
  171. how many pushups can u do in a row?
  172. Losing weight..
  173. Truvada
  174. Have you done the HIV/AIDS test after an unprotected sex?
  175. When should puberty end?
  176. anal hair
  177. Performance Anxiety
  178. Aspirin Poisoning?
  179. health risk receiving rimming?
  180. My future height?
  181. Why Can't I Orgasm With A Partner?
  182. Had straight sex coukdn't cum
  183. Safe Lesbian Sex
  184. Feeling really lightheaded and tired but can't sleep
  185. excercises for loosing your belly
  186. Never had chicken pox?
  187. Need advice about eating disorder, before its too late.
  188. Random Sharp Pains In Back
  189. Contraception question
  190. Can a male stop getting taller at fourteen?
  191. Self-pleasure tips
  192. No sexual experience. Found someone on ******.
  193. Can't stop smoking
  194. I'm a late bloomer, and would like some advice.
  195. I don't want to top...ever. Strange or no?
  196. Intrusive thoughts?
  197. I peed while fapping?
  198. Hypersensitive areas other than genitalia?
  199. Masturbation...
  200. Being a lesbian gives me sexual guilt
  201. True story about my childhood
  202. Tightening Skin
  203. lost a testicle,
  204. Health class
  205. How to be prepared for sex?
  206. Just 6 weeks workout program App...
  207. gay with crohn's disease
  208. Question for male bottoms
  209. How much is too much?
  210. how does pussy feel like to lesbians
  211. Multivitamins - yay or nay?
  212. Question to alcoholics?
  213. is it that big of a dealbreaker?
  214. Going to my Doctor about Depression
  215. Info about herpes
  216. Antidepressants? Help and suggestions needed!
  217. Is this enough protein?
  218. Sleepiness from...what?
  219. A hypothetical question
  220. scars are so itchy
  221. this might be stupid but ..
  222. Confused About Friend
  223. Masterbating, Um...Problems
  224. Weird thing with my ankle
  225. Help with a hookup
  226. do I have to tell my gynecologist I'm a lesbian?
  227. Is there a way to tell if some one has herpes ?
  228. Prozac is killing my sex drive.....
  229. testicle cancer
  230. Fantasy or Confusion?
  231. broken toe
  232. Circumcision problems and restoration
  233. the difference between a dildo and a penis
  234. sleeping problems.
  235. Discharged from Therapy
  236. St. John's Wort
  237. Males Taking Estrogen
  238. Streching? etc.
  239. A mental block
  240. I wanna try pole dance as a work out ?
  241. farting during anal? :/
  242. Herpes Questions
  243. Bursting feelings I have never felt before and can't handle
  244. Back pain?
  245. STD Protection for lesbians?
  246. Do you need to be in a committed relationship to have sex?
  247. Examining testicles and breasts for lumps
  248. Craving "Hookups"
  249. porn
  250. sex toys