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  1. Circumcision for health reasons
  2. Binding problems
  3. Confused on my position in bed
  4. working out tips?
  5. Petrified of DVT
  6. Meds and Appetite
  7. How do you get yourself out of bed?
  8. So mad at myself for neglecting my health!
  9. Advice for my first gay sexual encounter
  10. Klonopin(discounting/withdraw advice)
  11. Excessive sleep..a sign of worsening depression?
  12. What toys should I get?
  13. First time - I didn't get erect.
  14. Gluteus Maximus help
  15. I enjoy Bottoming - that's all there is to it!
  16. Binder Causing Chest To Ache?
  17. Masturbating less as I get older
  18. Hyperpigmentation/Acne Scars?
  19. Hyperhidrosis Advice?
  20. Thinking about taking it anal.
  21. Any other spoonies/chronic pain sufferers?
  22. Just not happy.
  23. Hiv
  24. Testicular Reconstructive Surgery
  25. Testosterone / Top surgery, ect
  26. I need advice on toys and masterbation...
  27. Weird reaction to medicine
  28. Tired all the time, just want to give up trying.
  29. hard bump inside anal sphincter
  30. Anal fingering
  31. Coronectomy, anyone?
  32. Doctors Appointment
  33. Uti and oral sex
  34. In-grown hairs
  35. Issue with boyfriend.
  36. I'm seriously ill and I don't know how to deal with it.
  37. Anal sex when taking blood thinner
  38. Is this a normal reaction?
  39. Any other ladies beside me have wicked PMS?
  40. Why is everything so boring?
  41. Virgin at 20 years old? Bad?
  42. Physical Symptoms of Depression?
  43. Stress/anxiety problems
  44. Flexibility stress
  45. Anyone take injectable medicine?
  46. Decreased sexual urge for partner
  47. how often?
  48. I don't know who I am anymore
  49. Fatigue
  50. Difficulty topping
  51. Nervous Stomach
  52. Naturally skinny, but can I become beefy?
  53. Don't want to, but my body needs it
  54. What's an effective way to clean mouth/throat after unprotected oral sex?
  55. Cravings during weight loss
  56. Masturbation/Orgasm
  57. NSFW question about Growth.
  58. Ftm top surgery anyone?
  59. Speed up climax for low-stamina partners?
  60. Herpes Awareness
  61. ways to stop cutting (and feeling happier)?
  62. Gay Men: Would you have sex with a woman if she paid you a ton of money?
  63. Do I need a OBGYN?
  64. If a gay guy tried sex with a woman would vaginal sex feel good?
  65. Gay Men: What are your sexual experiences with women?
  66. Erectile Length
  67. Butt plug size?
  68. Light Therapy
  69. Anus pain after vigorous sex
  70. suicide
  71. any bottoms here? how was your first time
  72. Dealing with cuts after anal
  73. body dysphoria!!! // fgm
  74. Ovulation cramps?
  75. Always tired.
  76. Help with bad dandruff
  77. Diabetes and hormones?
  78. Straight/ bi married guy and oral sex
  79. Relieving Stress After a Break-up & Losing Weight
  80. Belviq for weight loss?
  81. Bipolar - How to know for sure??
  82. Anal questions
  83. Masturbation advice for trans female
  84. Remedies for sleep problems?
  85. Couldn't "complete" after drinking
  86. I've been in talks wth an escort and I'm asking for advice..
  87. Anal sex?
  88. Cant sleep after sports
  89. Is it risky to make a blowjob without protection?
  90. Ways to hide a tattoo on vacation?
  91. Stomach issues
  92. just an update
  93. First Skype Sex Tonight What Do I Do????
  94. Have any Lesbians out there tried Viagra?
  95. Sex Advice? please read and help if you can.
  96. Anxiety!
  97. Possible Eating Disorder?
  98. desperately need help, won't seek help.
  99. Mi Peepee is being naughty
  100. "panic attack" after eating
  101. Exercise, Diets, and Sports
  102. Gay?
  103. Acne tips?
  104. Dealing with antidepressants
  105. Sex education
  106. Work-outs AT HOME
  107. Please help
  108. scared of HIV
  109. high libido ?
  110. Syphilis 2: Return of the Syph
  111. Is it safe for me to have anal sex?
  112. Baby oil problems?
  113. Feel bad after casual sex
  114. "I'm the same as you. I'm 30 lbs overweight": Would you see this as an insult?
  115. Anal sex
  116. depression?
  117. Help! Scared to Have Sex
  118. How often to bottom before you got the hang of it
  119. Best health tips
  120. Physical fitness and health
  121. Does anyone find lubricants to NOT be that helpful?
  122. Can I contract something from anal if my partner hasn't done it?
  123. Pre cum
  124. I'm only 14 but constantly horny
  125. Wanting to Please My Boyfriend
  126. Erectile dysfunction and extreme anal stretching concern
  127. Phimosis
  128. Increadible sex drive
  129. Do I have an irrational body image?
  130. OCD + Desparate for an experience + paranoia +anxiousness
  131. Dry socket/wisdom tooth
  132. I was diagnosed with prolapse, but i have doubts about the causes
  133. Social Anxiety. How can I make it go away?
  134. abdominal(gut punch) injury what to do(home care help)
  135. NSFW Anal Fingering for Men
  136. solar plexu injury(heal)/aka got the wind knocked out of me
  137. Sex always hurts
  138. What does cum taste like
  139. questioning abuse
  140. Penis head oversensitivity regarding anal & oral sex
  141. Question about sex (NSFW)
  142. men's orgasm?
  143. Help me understand how a therapist is going to do more than medicine.
  144. Man contracts HIV despite PrEP
  145. HIV & STD transmission via masturbation club?
  146. I had my first hookup. I freaked out...
  147. So, so tense in my upper back
  148. I cant see myself like this and I dont know why
  149. Bottom growth
  150. I'm a virgin who enjoy hardcore sex
  151. I'm worried that gay people live shorter.
  152. Testosterone production
  153. Your first time
  154. Anxious/Scared of taking the lead physically
  155. Uterus Transplant
  156. Any ents/doctors in the house?! Help!
  157. Shaving.....
  158. Bisexuality concerns for me
  159. How can the mental block attached to sex be removed?
  160. Cut-Like Pain In Anus Without Any Injuries
  161. Look Here For Safe Sex Advice!
  162. celxa/weak orgasm
  163. Is It Bad To Be Into Guys... But Find Them Gross?
  164. lube for hand jobs
  165. handjobs/compression shorts
  166. Prediabetes
  167. Celexa/Klonopin(increased sex drive?)
  168. Bleeding from behind kinda nervous.
  169. Ejaculation During Anal
  170. Bumps
  171. Lube for anal sex
  172. Embarrassing problem with using the restroom
  173. Thoughts on Cruising
  174. so horny
  175. Did I have a clitoral orgasm? Help
  176. Eager to try, but no one to try with
  177. No orgasm
  178. Post-Hysterectomy Pains
  179. He said "it's okay, I'm on PrEP"
  180. Peeing during orgasm?
  181. New to gay sex (NSFW)
  182. Had unprotected sex with a guy, scared now
  183. Breast Reduction FTM
  184. Weird panic attack triggered by my crush?!
  185. I feel like i need to stop masterbating but i cant!
  186. How does safe lesbian sex work exactly?
  187. Can't Get My Head Around This
  188. What will happen with this tooth?
  189. Pain with Vibrator
  190. Bleeding & Pain - Anal sex
  191. I shaved my groin hair....
  192. No control over erections is frustrating and confusing.
  193. Can't sleep because of anxiety
  194. Going to a Burlesque Show (Alone)?
  195. Cleaning for bottoming
  196. Meditation advice/tips?
  197. impacts of birth control on T
  198. I want to be pregnant but I'm a transman
  199. Top nor Bottom
  200. Tubal Litigation
  201. Loss of sensation
  202. Anyone have bigorexia?
  203. Tired all the time?
  204. Confused about 'getting turned on'
  205. Severe pain when cuddling
  206. Tribbing
  207. Puberty advice
  208. Unable to sleep, yet exhausted.
  209. Testing/What to expect
  210. Feelings in my groin
  211. Bisexual concerns
  212. Wisdom Teeth
  213. Uhh...
  214. Demi-vegan?
  215. Extreme Erection Angle
  216. My friend has the implant and I am worried about her
  217. Dildos
  218. Constantly Exhausted
  219. Bad health and coming out
  220. Very Very itchy Scrotum
  221. 14 year old friend in relationship with soon-to-be 18 year old
  222. Bisexuality and BPD or emotional dysregulation
  223. Ways to deal with anxiety?
  224. Mark down there....
  225. Cyclothymia
  226. First time, and I couldn't perform
  227. Discomfort in the muscles
  228. Age gap/sexual relationship
  229. STDs, Help please.
  230. Is it bad to take baths this hot?
  231. what do you think of teen and older men hook ups?
  232. Suicide nightmares
  233. LADIES what is a good strapon?
  234. Measuring my penis?
  235. I have a fever/flu, when the hell is it going to end??
  236. Awkward Questions
  237. Please tell me I'm not alone...
  238. Gay anal topping with condom - HIV risk from shit stained lube on bottom bit of dick
  239. depression?
  240. To douche or not to douche ?
  241. CALLING ALL VAGINA OWNERS!! (Menstraul cups)
  242. When would you have sex with your partner.
  243. Thinking Of Doing Yoga
  244. Advice for finding a psychologist or therapist
  245. Am I going to get sick?
  246. What's With This? 18+
  247. Anal Fistula
  248. Knots in my back?
  249. Professionals
  250. Are oestrogen pills safe?