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  1. PrEP = rise in STDs?
  2. Sleeping with someone with HIV
  3. is smth wrong?
  4. Eating Disorders/self-harm
  5. 16 and lesbian sex
  6. anal prepatation
  7. performance issues
  8. flaccid after anal
  9. Miscarraige grief....
  10. constant discomfort with dry mouth on medication
  11. Not lasting too long
  12. My nipple appears to have a crusty scab on it?
  13. Helping my boyfriend bottoming for the first time
  14. How to not touch the tip of eye drop bottle when instilling drops?i
  15. Are you turned on/off by body hair?
  16. IUD insertion failed, now what?
  17. is 13 cm too small?
  18. Natural Transition
  19. dildo smell
  20. Anal insertion
  21. can't ever cum
  22. Sex and post break up
  23. i feel like my homosexuality is a mental illness??
  24. Nausea after waking up
  25. Shaving
  26. Diet Suggestions (I need help...)
  27. The Future of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare)
  28. I feel like I'm going to be sick
  29. Fordyce Spots: Common or Not??
  30. Virginity Question
  31. Condom left halfway inside while pulling out-Bottom
  32. Stomach stuck in stress mode??
  33. Had a one night stand with an acquaintance, kind of freaked out.
  34. Hit my head on wall corner- help please
  35. Started a new antidepressant; increased libido
  36. Tips for fantasiesies
  37. Any LBGTQs with Noonans syndrome
  38. Article about orgasming after reassignment surgery (MTF)
  39. Is using household items for pleasure healthy?
  40. Seeing a therapist?
  41. *URGENT* I Need Help with Coping with Coping with Anxiety. Please.
  42. emotions and anal/prostate massage...
  43. Antidepressants.
  44. Infection
  45. Becoming asexual ?
  46. Mental Health: My Continuing Struggle; Can Anyone Relate?
  47. Testosterone and Libido
  48. Stretch marks >~<
  49. "Top/Bottom" vs. Versatile
  50. Self-Harm Help?
  51. Longest time without masturbating ?
  52. PARTNER and PARTNER 2 studies
  53. how to forget a sexual encounter?
  54. Anal Masturbation tips?
  55. Allright I need some tucking advice (pun intended)
  56. Dieting with low blood sugar
  57. Moaning and groaning during sex
  58. Trouble ejaculating with a partner.
  59. Granulomas?
  60. Cinsidering Being a 3rd to Be With a Girl :(
  61. Public service announcement for those who struggle with weight
  62. Weight problem
  63. SUCH a hard question, i need help asap
  64. first time bottom
  65. Freezing/too hot body parts
  66. Penis or Vagina Repulsion
  67. Lesbian Sex Ed HELP
  68. So I found out that....
  69. FTM Help losing weight/coming up with diet and exercise plan?
  70. Boyfriend just dropped bombshell on me!
  71. glans are sensitive, what should i do?
  72. Adult toys for dummies
  73. Gay Bottoming Issues
  74. Burning sensation after ejaculation.
  75. Anal fingering
  76. Advice on possible performance anxiety with anal sex
  77. Having a rough time, could use help
  78. High ALT Levels
  79. Got a couple of questions...
  80. Suddenly gained five pounds?
  81. Random white outs?
  82. Acne Medicine and Sneezing
  83. I tried today!
  84. Lacking In Gay Sexual Education. Big Time..
  85. Anal fingering
  86. Exploring sex
  87. Sexual addiction...
  88. Fetishes, anyone else?
  89. morning after pill
  90. Awkward but important question please reply
  91. Experiences with PCOS and Testosterone? (FTMs)
  92. Menstural Cup Removal Tips?
  93. So I'm quitting smoking, feeling kinda weird
  94. So I
  95. Does skin tone matters?
  96. Shaving / hair
  97. Concerned about weight & relationship
  98. Laptop making my head sweat
  99. I hate my body, and I'm scared it's gonna affect my love life
  100. Need some tips on taking Progynova.
  101. My friends want me to try ritalin
  102. Is this dangerous?
  103. Hypersexual or is this normal?
  104. Eczema, any tips?
  105. Is this okay to feel attracted to this
  106. anal orgasm....
  107. Fat And Obese Guys Turn me on IM CONFUSED
  108. Problem getting turned on
  109. Weight issues:
  110. Weight loss and exercise tips?
  111. building muscle mass as a female?
  112. Does this sound like a dairy allergy?
  113. Best calf exercises?
  114. Blood Blister On Lip Morning After Oral Sex
  115. What do spider bites feel like?
  116. Feeling used?
  117. Homophobia in the healthcare system?
  118. What did I do to violate the art of dirty talk (not quite phone sex)
  119. Oral sex lesbian
  120. Body positivity issues
  121. Is it just me or?
  122. Losing weight tips?
  123. Why have I been eating so much lately?
  124. Healthy food for a teenager?
  125. I feel like I'm letting him down
  126. This can be healthy
  127. Does size really matters??
  128. Performance issues and fearing maybe I'm really gay
  129. Should I tell my doctor?
  130. Old Virgin
  131. what is it ???? should i be worried
  132. Questions about period...
  133. Anxiety from coming out and divorce
  134. Psych. diagnoses codes
  135. Weight gain - running into people I know or knew
  136. I really want to kick this bad habit but I'm lost
  137. Does this sound like a panic attack?
  138. Sad about gaining weight
  139. Can birth control and hormones affect feeling of gender
  140. My Thumb Hurts!
  141. Does my testosterone level increase?
  142. Help with anxiety
  143. Butt acne and hair
  144. Does anybody have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) ?
  145. No orgasm and barely cum when I masturbate
  146. How to motivate self to be healthier?
  147. Appetite problems
  148. Can't controll erections. How do you controll them?
  149. Running (Couch to 5k)
  150. Anal sex question
  151. Orgasm headache problems
  152. Ultrasound update -so confused
  153. New relationship, lack of experience, finishing too quickly
  154. I am 18. I can't stop thinking about getting a dildo. What should I do?
  155. Telling girl about feet.
  156. "Plans" of coming out leads to increased arousal?
  157. What are the chances?
  158. I was bitten by an Asian Tiger Mosquito? What to do?
  159. How can i top better?
  160. How to anally masturbate correctly
  161. Accidentally defecated during anal
  162. FtM - Sudden Period?
  163. Safe vag-on-vag sex???
  164. UTI again
  165. plastic & water & candles & stuff
  166. Dealing with a deviant fetish
  167. Not sure.....
  168. I feel stupid
  169. Can colon move freely in the abdominal cavity?
  170. Overweight, ugly, small penis.... Please help
  171. Fear of needles
  172. Had sex yesterday.. feeling sick today?
  173. Umm... When should I have sex?
  174. Advice
  175. Picking...
  176. What's sex like?
  177. I was almost assaulted...
  178. Couldn't get it hard
  179. Do I have erectile dysfunction?
  180. What's with bottoming?
  181. Constant panic--off of meds
  182. If not Hepatitis, then what?
  183. I can't finish.
  184. Vomiting with virus?? how to stop please
  185. Body hair
  186. Worried about size...
  187. Is Something Wrong With Me?
  188. Where can I sleep with my boyfriend?
  189. what should i prefer?
  190. Overnight Camp & Depression
  191. Escorts: Incall or Outcall?
  192. My ideal mate loves bare backing and I'm scared
  193. What Are Poppers?
  194. Fear of having sex with another girl?
  195. Nipple Piercing
  196. Early Signs of Pregnancy
  197. Never hungry anymore?
  198. Trans friend is going through tough times
  199. caffeine/addictions/need help
  200. My boyfriend is having trouble bottoming-help
  201. I feel like I'm not strong enough to be attractive
  202. Morning Wood and... Evening Wood?
  203. Need someone to talk to, I'm having bad anxiety and depression
  204. Glycolic Acid peel for acne, scars and skin damage
  205. Hard to orgasm manually
  206. Tips for basic weight training?
  207. Anxious about hair-growth genetics
  208. IUD- is this normal?
  209. How do first-time bottoms learn the essentials?
  210. Easy arousal. Pre cum - help
  211. Epilepsy & mental health
  212. Anyone have asthma?
  213. Fear of sex?
  214. Being on the PC most of the day - Health risks?
  215. Uncontrollable turn on / high sex drive - Help
  216. It would be nice to have just 1 anxiety free day
  217. lesbians, what exactly counts as losing virginity?
  218. Depression and Anxiety becuase of the stress of wanting to come out.
  219. Wish I could end my life, as a lesbian with herpes I know I will never find love
  220. DST (and HIV) risk exposure via mouth?
  221. Whats Safe...
  222. anal orgasm...
  223. A toy question for the ladies.
  224. PrEP advice/clarification
  225. coming out to parents but to afraid wanting too committing suicide as so stressed
  226. coming out to parents but to afraid wanting to committing suicide as so stressed
  227. Is this depression?
  228. Should I Start Weight Loss Now?
  229. Libido, desire and my therapist
  230. Fitness question.
  231. Is my doctor right about Xanax?
  232. Am I still gay?
  233. Masturbation into Bathtub
  234. Hydroxycut
  235. Help me fix my sex life (lesbian)
  236. Not sure if it's the right section but...
  237. Any advice on fitness programs at home?
  238. What does Anal sex feel like?
  239. I want to work out but I can't...
  240. Getting Inspired
  241. Why is genitalia so ugly?
  242. Strong urge to do it...
  243. Fisting? And advice on sex life
  244. Should I get PEP?
  245. A Question For Trans Men and Women
  246. I have a question about AIDS
  247. How much is too much
  248. Good workout regimes and diets to bring out the testosterone?
  249. first time is coming
  250. First time bottoming. How long til the pain subsides?