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  1. Trigger Waring: question about cutting
  2. Baggy Eyes
  3. Anyone had luck with anxiety and counseling?
  4. Losing virginity to a hookup?
  5. Sexually indiscriminate, not promiscuous?
  6. Whys it easier for me to orgasm while masturbating versus having sex?
  7. Viral meningitis?
  8. I just blacked out in my friend's kitchen.
  9. Trans and non-binary masturbation question
  10. never had the big o with a woman
  11. Can't come with other men
  12. how can i fix my hormonal problems?
  13. How/where to get tested without people finding out
  14. dominate/submissive spanking
  15. Tips for gay stuff?
  16. type of person
  17. toy problem
  18. Butt plug hurts while sitting
  19. Erectile Dysfunction & embarrassed 2 go 2 docs
  20. Advise for skinny bodytype PLEASE
  21. How can I have sex with a drug user and keep me safe?
  22. male vs female silhouette
  23. Erectile dysfunction. Kind of
  24. Erection trouble
  25. How do i manage hypomaina
  26. Experienced lesbians with first timers
  27. Don't wanna do it anymore
  28. Scared anxious and need help with haemorrhoids
  29. Straight curious & heteroflexibilty
  30. bipolar disorder came back
  31. Sexting anxiety and motivation in life
  32. No arousal with myself?
  33. Suicidal Depression...
  34. Is this a sign I'm not ready for sex?
  35. Pooping issues
  36. Help for low libido
  37. Lump in neck - I'm Scared
  38. Exercise Induced Asthma
  39. Headrushes
  40. Scoliosis
  41. Is this typical for anal play?
  42. Is this going to be a problem?
  43. Dizzy and Passing out
  44. Things to use as buttplugs
  45. Can't orgasm in sex
  46. Masturbation: Asexual or Problematic?
  47. How to lose muscle on purpose?
  48. Peeing or orgasming??
  49. Do girls need protection?
  50. Is wrong that I use Tor browser to look at porn?
  51. How to eat a girl out?
  52. Need a new Primary Care Physician - how to look for one
  53. Top Surgery Advice
  54. Binding as a trans* boy
  55. Can't turn off
  56. Sex as an FtM
  57. Bisexual but low sexual attraction to males?
  58. Fleshjack toy is painful for me even with lube
  59. Physical attraction is rare for me
  60. Social Anxiety & Exploring Sexuality
  61. Eating disorder weight loss?
  62. Help with Haemorrhoids
  63. Problem with new Fleshjack toy
  64. Men taking ADHD stimulant meds. - crave sex!
  65. Chronic Pain and how to live with it
  66. Decreased sensitivity during sex
  67. Hip To Waist ratio
  68. I'm kinda annoyed right now/dildo concern
  69. Body Fat Loss
  70. How should I talk to my Doctor?
  71. Skin insensitivity
  72. What is safe sex for two people with vaginas?
  73. Guys I'm scared I think I have a kidney infection
  74. First time
  75. Anal scar tissue? Or hemorrhoid?
  76. Bottom-Shame & Conflict
  77. Losing virginity as an ace
  78. Are "accidents" just something to expect in anal sex?
  79. Alternatives to the use of regular condoms????
  80. gaining weight in your 20s
  81. Pornography..?
  82. Safe Sex?
  83. scared of having sex again
  84. strap on
  85. Birthday
  86. masturbation
  87. Past experience made me settle for the nice guy.
  88. Question
  89. She doesn't want it, but I do...
  90. Switching from Sertraline to Prozac (Anxiety)
  91. Ovarian discomfort after sex
  92. Hoping to fix my sleep cycle
  93. Is this shampoo expensive?
  94. I have a lot of questions!
  95. Fingering Stuff
  96. Is this 'normal'?
  97. Healthcare outside the US
  98. Rant about people who make fun of gluten-free diet
  99. I don't know.
  100. Glove fetish: Is it weird?
  101. Afraid to have sex?
  102. Does anyone take gabapentin?
  103. How to not get upset over FB likes?
  104. Does anyone else have this problem? (waist size)
  105. Is this dangerous?
  106. Anal Training: Can This Help?
  107. I think I might be pregnant?
  108. Creative Project: ? for trans community about stealth sex
  109. Tops that don't use enough lube - advice for a bottom
  110. sometimes I am scared to be sexual
  111. Queer/Lesbian Sex Ed for a Queer Identifying Teenager
  112. Question for FtM Trans People
  113. Sex Anxiety
  114. Sex...question
  115. Anal stimulation
  116. My hand cramped while I was fingering her for the first time
  117. Kind of scared of a guy staying overnight
  118. Vomited after making out
  119. Disability and being different
  120. Meet a guy who is way more experienced?
  121. Looking for opinions !
  122. Mental health
  123. Confused...
  124. condom for blowjob?
  125. Really freaked out
  126. Binding and Top Surgery
  127. FtM Menstruation
  128. is it too late for hov vaccinations?
  129. safest thing is being asexual
  130. Unwanted Erection
  131. Had bareback sex, scared for HIV
  132. a weird question
  133. Is it unsafe to have bareback sex?
  134. Issues with Masturbating as Trans?
  135. Poll
  136. Blood in semen after anal sex
  137. Health risks behind hooking up with strangers?
  138. Does anyone else feel like crap when not eating raw foods?
  139. Might have got HIV, and maybe another STD
  140. Eating Disorder Recovery and Testosterone
  141. I need bra advice
  142. Disgust with Masturbation
  143. Suddenly Interested?
  144. Can't access dildos, what's the best way to experiment?
  145. Cucumber dildo...?
  146. Quitting Smoking
  147. anal sex
  148. Curious about this
  149. Pain in pelvic region after anal
  150. Winding down therapy
  151. laser eye surgery
  152. Constant Shoulder ache
  153. Buff lesbians
  154. Body art
  155. Lesbian with body hair
  156. Period issues
  157. Zoloft causing mania/suicidal thoughts
  158. Being insecure over sexual orientation?
  159. I need help
  160. Intimacy
  161. Under Armour Compression Tights for Cycling
  162. Quick question
  163. I want a dildo for butt-stuff.
  164. Prostate
  165. Finding a doctor
  166. Taking Forever to Climax
  167. Lower Trans Male Dysphoria
  168. Anxiety Over Anal Sex
  169. Is this bad?
  170. Binding help
  171. can't ever cum
  172. castration in the european union without sexchange operation
  173. A question to all girls
  174. HIV and kisses
  175. Anti-depressants causing suicidal thoughts?
  176. tips on vaginal masturbation
  177. Partner in pain during intercourse
  178. Foreskin too long and too tight
  179. How is the sensation during sex for a post op phalloplasty patient?
  180. Not for now, but want to be safe later
  181. Couldn't reach orgasm from gay blowjob
  182. I've been underweight for a few years now
  183. Do testosterone shots hurt?
  184. Top surgery, weight, and weight loss
  185. Would you consider this rape?
  186. Being Intimate After Trauma?
  187. Can I find a girlfriend if I don't like penetration?
  188. First time with a girl
  189. Physical changes?
  190. Sex after having a hemorrhoid?
  191. Becoming a healthier person
  192. Considering getting IUD removed?
  193. A few questions about transitioning.
  194. TransGuy Workout Options
  195. Grossed out after sex? (Explicit).
  196. Question for any WOMEN (women only read please!) who have come out Later in life?
  197. Questions about masturbation
  198. Trans diabetics help? :)
  199. Sexual Preferences
  200. He can't keep his erection/can't get condom on
  201. Diy chest binder feels weird?
  202. Binder donation online?
  203. Orgasms and sexual stimulation causing painful cramps (female)
  204. Binding
  205. Self Loathing
  206. Dildo purchasing!!
  207. Worried about std or other risks after unwanted raw penetration
  208. How Does One Find a Therapist?
  209. am I ready for sex?
  210. Lymphoma
  211. Anxiety
  212. Ladies how do I figure out my lurtheral phase
  213. Pre-T genderqueer looking for physical tips for passing
  214. PCOS question...
  215. She gave me an STD, I fear more to come.
  216. Blood one day after anal sex
  217. acne
  218. The need for illicit sex?
  219. Eczema (Tips & Trricks?)
  220. Anyone else bipolar?
  221. Kidney Stones
  222. No sexual experience and dating problems
  223. Is Sex Weird?
  224. Trying to lose weight but I dont think its working
  225. HPV Vaccine.
  226. Blood after using the bathroom
  227. self harm
  228. Help please, the implant vs dysphoria?
  229. Nipple Piercing
  230. PrEP = rise in STDs?
  231. Sleeping with someone with HIV
  232. is smth wrong?
  233. Can I just not prioritise or is something else going on?
  234. Eating Disorders/self-harm
  235. 16 and lesbian sex
  236. anal prepatation
  237. performance issues
  238. flaccid after anal
  239. Miscarraige grief....
  240. constant discomfort with dry mouth on medication
  241. Not lasting too long
  242. My nipple appears to have a crusty scab on it?
  243. Helping my boyfriend bottoming for the first time
  244. How to not touch the tip of eye drop bottle when instilling drops?i
  245. Are you turned on/off by body hair?
  246. IUD insertion failed, now what?
  247. is 13 cm too small?
  248. Natural Transition
  249. dildo smell
  250. Anal insertion