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  1. Younger people who don't understand what they re talking about.
  2. Do you do trial & error when you're looking for potential mates?
  3. Girls, what cute nicknames do you like to be called by your girlfriend?
  4. Paruresis (Shy Bladder Syndrome)
  5. What's the biggest problem that society has?
  6. How can I be sexier?
  7. Nature vs. Nurture, where do you stand?
  8. Any other LGBT pilots on EC?
  9. What R the common misconceptions about transsexuals that lesbians,gays& bi's have?
  10. I got a boyfriend!!!
  11. PART TWO: Should I give him another chance?
  12. I don't understand pansexuality?
  13. Where would you consider yourself on the gender spectrum?
  14. I'm a feminist but..?
  15. Matchmaking
  16. What makes someone a LGBTPQIA+ ?
  17. Canadians: We're Getting Close to Election Day!
  18. Any gay teens in Tennessee here?
  19. Internal Competition with my bi bestfriend (and jealousy)??
  20. Tension headache??
  21. Help a Poor Fashion-Challenged Man Out.
  22. Love me little, love me long
  23. Only time felt like this for a woman???...need advice???
  24. Have you discussed dying with your family?
  25. Differences between Canadian English and American English?
  26. Couldn't access EC since forever!
  27. Extraverts and crushing?
  28. Planned Parenthood
  29. Relationship Obsessions
  30. How many have lost family/friends from coming out?
  31. Do you ever miss your childhood?
  32. cOnFuSiNg
  33. What's with extroversion?
  34. Curious: Anyone on here from Russia or China?
  35. Homophobes that we love
  36. Awkward dating (I suck at it) / Opposites attract!?
  37. Out in Brighton tonight - advice please
  38. What is the most hauntingly beautiful thing you have ever seen?
  39. Are you face blind? (w/ quiz)
  40. "Manscaping"
  41. Comparing self to others?
  42. This is so Wrong
  43. How to respond to the "being gay is a choice" argument?
  44. I need help with this riddle/logical problem
  45. Sick of homophobia! >:(
  46. Fighting within LGBT
  47. Closer After Coming Out / Fun
  48. Do you believe sexuality is fluid or fixed?
  49. Androgynous halloween costume ideas??
  50. Age gaps where one is a teenager and one is an adult?
  51. Where my North Carolinians at?!
  52. Is anyone confused with life?
  53. Christians, how do you deal with the bible's perspective of being gay?
  54. Should I give him another chance?
  55. "It was obvious that he/she was gay"
  56. Do I count as a Person Of Colour?
  57. Oh my. First date in ages on Monday and I'm going to make a mess of it
  58. Talking to someone you think is good looking, & wondering about their orientation?
  59. Cute guys looking at me ???
  60. San Francisco Recommendations
  61. Aussie Aussie Aussie?
  62. Is sexuality/gender identity as hardwired as breathing and using our senses
  63. Evolution/Big bang vs God? Faith vs Destiny?
  64. Any help?
  65. Calling all Animators
  66. Interesting fact: Americans are ten times more likely to kill an animal than Germans
  67. Labels
  68. Do you think Affirmative Action should be applicable to men in college?
  69. Describe how would you love/care etc with your soulmate?
  70. You're in a Talent Show...
  71. Adopting a puppy
  72. My Dream Is to Work for Mi6?? Is this silly?
  73. Why Mondays are toxic
  74. Are you a rebel?
  75. Does anyone else think about coming out all the time?
  76. Eclipse tonight.
  77. Common Core Math
  78. LGBT Democrats, who ya got in 2016?
  79. College
  80. Why do I feel so unaccomplished?
  81. Have you been verbally or physically assaulted bc ur lgbt ? Property vandalized?
  82. Embarrassed of my breasts? I love having tiny boobs
  83. What Does the Rainbow Flag Mean to You?
  84. Temporary Inactivity
  85. Have You Ever Fallen In Love With A Fictional Character?
  86. Do you ever find your mind just wandering?
  87. Urge to run away and disappear??
  88. Social Anxiety
  89. I hate being the innocent one
  90. Pitch me ideas for main events with GSA/lgbt clubs
  91. Thoughts on Iran? Their people are rebels! :D
  92. New bands
  93. How good is your luck on dating sites?
  94. What to do with new lingerie?
  95. Picture this!
  96. Growing up poem I wrote
  97. I'm back and out of my funk╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭(≧▽≦)/~┴┴
  98. Ask.Fm
  99. Hocd or denial
  100. How Do You Handle Death?
  101. When you're walking on the sidewalk, do you sometimes get yelled at by drivers?
  102. How are you all?
  103. LGBT Instagram Page/ Account
  104. How Did You Feel When You Got Contacts?
  105. Your music genre
  106. Newspapers and magazines
  107. EC is surprisingly troll free.
  108. What is your zodiac sign?
  109. Is it normal to not cry over a relationship?
  110. Culture shock making me stressed as fuck
  111. My sexuality is between me and who I sleep with
  112. What do you do while artists are performing at concerts?
  113. I need an LGBT research topic!!
  114. Empty Closets saved me.
  115. "I don't hate gay people, but..."
  116. Is the term "sapiosexual" ableist?
  117. International flight help (Any experienced flyers?)
  118. Why NOT to be gay
  119. GSA is Awesome!
  120. What's your opinion on anarchy?
  121. Its Celebrate Bisexuality Day!
  122. Literature on Genderneutrality/Gender Neutral Pronouns
  123. Anyone know where I can get a good sports bra?
  124. Celebrate Bisexuality Day!
  125. So I leave my hometown and move to Brisbane next week!
  126. What kind of light bulbs do you use? (i.e. incandescent, fluorescent, LED)
  127. How mechanically inclined are you with hand tools?
  128. Rainbow bracelet
  129. Hmu let's have a chit chat.. (specially lesbians)
  130. Did you ever think it would be easy to ignore your sexuality/gender identity?
  131. What should I do or say??
  132. How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend (same sex)
  133. Self Acceptance-How you know when you've reached it
  134. In what situations should you say sorry when you really aren't?
  135. That shivering feeling when you say, "I'm Gay."
  136. Wow..
  137. Would you date someone with body hair?
  138. Opinions of opposite gender/sex body
  139. Who's your celebrity mancrush (or womencrush)
  140. LGBT: what do you think of Muslims going to Europe?
  141. Food Cravings
  142. What kind of men are you attracted?
  143. Jealousy/envy thread.
  144. Shower without shampoo *gasp*
  145. Gay for pay? Interesting concept ...
  146. Have you ever considered starting a blog or your own website?
  147. Urgent maths help?!!
  148. Are gay men really more likely to get STDs/AIDS than lesbians?
  149. Dealing with anger?
  150. What does sexual attraction feel like (for someone who's never had sex?)
  151. When do you feel most lonely?
  152. Whatever happened to Paris Hilton?
  153. If you could have a power, what would it be and why
  154. I think I might I have Tourette's or a Tic Disorder??
  155. Besides yourself, how many OTHER people in your real life know u r posting on EC?
  156. Need Help With LGBT Art Project!
  157. I'm Really Starting Not To Like This Forum Anymore.
  158. People who compare transgenderism to anorexia and bulimia
  159. Are you a bad person if you don't support LGBT rights?
  160. Who are you?
  161. I think my boobs are starting to grow
  162. From Today's Advice Column
  163. Innocent sexual experimentation
  164. Systematic or Spontaneous?
  165. You read my blog, I'll read yours?
  166. So what are you gonna be for holloween?
  167. Have you ever donated to a political party, or to a candidate?
  168. Suggestions for a Project?
  169. What scares you the most?
  170. How much do you enjoy watching women's figure skating?
  171. Can you talk to a hot guy/girl without being awkward?
  172. GOP round 2
  173. Joining GSA?
  174. Has anyone taken a Programming Class?
  175. What is wrong with Capitalism? (Please stay civil!)
  176. What defines being out to everyone?
  177. How many times have you donated blood?
  178. Do you ever find yourself laughing when it seems inappropriate?
  179. I gave my oldest brother a kidney
  180. How much do you enjoy watching American football?
  181. What is your opinion on North Korea?
  182. Have you bought christmas presents already?
  183. Straight Girl at a Gay Bar (Honey Badger Parody)
  184. On the pronunciation of "Iran" and other words
  185. A wild LGBT+ appeared!
  186. Can't Seem to Make Any Friends at University
  187. Just saw yet another anti-gay protester at my college campus...
  188. Torn labels project promoting anti-bullying..
  189. Happydavids super happy day
  190. How do you handle the awkwardness with friend crushes?
  191. What did you dream about last night?
  192. Share your Pride experiences!
  193. The "Wicked Cool" Poll
  194. I want Trump to win.
  195. What major did you choose and why?
  196. Friends thinking you are into them ?
  197. Uni choices!
  198. How often do you feel that you are "missing out" b/c u r not straight?
  199. Talk?
  200. My old crush(??) is back...last time she broke my heart
  201. how is everyone?
  202. Is Empty Closets Christian Gay Friendly?
  203. Photographers of EC
  204. Fathers
  205. Experimenting vs inexperienced
  206. My EC quest for understanding
  207. I'm almost done!
  208. Has anyone ever identified as "ex-gay"
  209. Thoughts/views on Christianity?
  210. Marijuana - What is your prefered terminology?
  211. Funniest, Dumbest, weirdest or most Ridiculous injury you have ever had
  212. Weird things about yourself that you embrace?
  213. Are any muscular gay guys attracted to skinny gay guys?
  214. friends from your past
  215. thank you all who checked up on me.. well.. in spirit
  216. Has anyone mistakenly thought someone was gay/bi or lesbian?
  217. Art Project about being queer and questioning your identity/ sexuality?
  218. Were you searching for solutions to your LGBT problems when you found EC?
  219. Extremism
  220. Is it bad that I don't care if my family disown me?
  221. New to bay area
  222. A Pride Near Me!
  223. Would you rather write an essay or give a speech?
  224. Where in the bible does it say homosexuality is an abomination?
  225. A list of Japanese kit kat flavours.You'll be amazed
  226. Is this still unfair to bisexuals?
  227. saw a hot guy
  228. School grade levels?
  229. How was your day?
  230. I think I can go on dates now!
  231. Ah, The Little Things Make Me Smile.
  232. Gay legends or icons (historical)
  233. What do you like to smell?
  234. How Tough Are You?
  235. "If you're confused just call yourself bi"
  236. First draft of song #8
  237. How feminine is your body language?
  238. Men: Would you date a guy who has social anxiety?
  239. Best way to get over crush
  240. Fetishes?
  241. What to wear to college?
  242. Guys-Would you date a gamer
  243. What EC sub-forum do you currently post MOST in?
  244. Biggest Turn off
  245. Sexuality Tattoo Ideas?
  246. Anyone else make fun of straightness?
  247. Stretching ear lobes
  248. Who is the hottest human being? (Opinion time!)
  249. Why are furries, y'know, furries?
  250. List Three Completely Random Things About Yourself