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  1. Skateboarding
  2. Coming out as bi instead of gay
  3. Do you go to gay bars/clubs?
  4. Bi-polar feelings toward my sexuality?
  5. What parts of you actually support your gender?
  6. WATCH: The hottest lesbian kiss EVER
  7. Why so many lesbians date transmen?
  8. Long Distance Relationships?
  9. Do you prefer food that is associated with your culture?
  10. Would you date a trans man?
  11. Answering my phone is the most important thing in the universe!
  12. Do Superheroes Model Damaging Gender Roles to Kids?
  13. Why can't i donate blood?
  14. Mohawks
  15. Need help with taking better profile pic
  16. Prior to coming out, did you ever feel uncomfortable around an LGBT person?
  17. Ask for sexual orientation
  18. Would you date an asexual?
  19. what are you obsessed with at the moment (anything )
  20. How is it most gay/bi guys act?
  21. Anyone know about Minneapolis, MN
  22. full member...
  23. "Girl Crushes"
  24. Shallow me; video clip; what a body
  25. Do most straight guys have their sexuality questioned at least once?
  26. Where were you 20 years ago today?
  27. Last Adrenaline Rush
  28. Why is akward so hard to spell?
  29. Are femme / lipstick lesbians less respected as lesbians ?
  30. If you had to change your username?
  31. Are lesbians the one of least respected group in the lgbt community ?
  32. Hello, Rochester...
  33. Why learn English?
  34. What do you like to talk about?
  35. How To Respond To This Homophobic Argument
  36. Do You Trust The Internet Or TV For News?
  37. What would you do with $1,000,000?
  38. Anyone ever participated in Pride?
  39. Not Taken Seriously
  40. How would you address a monarch?
  41. What do you think would happen?
  42. What do y'all think?
  43. Do you like the main photo on the EC homepage?
  44. Do you socialize more with men or women?
  45. Going to a small school and having no friends
  46. What song are you listening to right now?
  47. When do you feel like a boss ?
  48. Has your sexuality/gender identity affected your standing in the workplace?
  49. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
  50. On average, how many times per day do you eat meat?
  51. romantic stuff with you friends
  52. what does "gay""lesbian""bi" etc mean to you?
  53. Tying a Necktie
  54. Help finding a video!!
  55. Having a "Type" is Keeping You Single
  56. I am pretty reluctant to go to Pride with my boyfriend
  57. Here is why Pride still matters
  58. Lesbians, would you date a Trans girl?
  59. Dating someone with the same shoes/clothes size
  60. my crush is now my girlfriend
  61. have you guy's ever been a gay parade
  62. The Food Industry
  63. when i pass as a guy
  64. Feels like breaking up.
  65. Father's day is patriarchy x3
  66. The Real Hunger Games
  67. Is vanilla ice cream a manly ice cream?
  68. Do you think animals have souls
  69. Things you do when you are bored!?
  70. Favorite Gatorade flavors
  71. Biological desire to have procreate? Why is the focus on women?
  72. Fundraising help, need some opinions
  73. Is sex with objects "wrong"?
  74. happy father's day to all the gay,straight and bisexual dads
  75. Have you ever dreamt u met the perfect person?
  76. Happy Fathers Day
  77. How to tell if a person is bi or gay
  78. Forgiveness
  79. How to know if boyfriend is just bi or is he gay
  80. Wanting To Get More Invoved In My LGBT Community...Or Something Like That
  81. Should I even own a car anymore?
  82. Only child = Selfish
  83. 3 wishes
  84. How tastes divide people
  85. Shabbat Dinner
  86. Things on EC that confuse you (light-hearted only)
  87. What does sex mean to you?
  88. A sincere letter to EC (not leaving I promise)
  89. Do you ever have a hard time keeping a straight face around homophobes?
  90. How much money would you have to be payed to be a prostitute?
  91. A Year Ago
  92. Birthday thanks
  93. The gay guy always finds out last!
  94. why do some people imply sexuality has to do with gender? Why is it never specified?
  95. Found a new blog...
  96. I wish I had boobs
  97. When you tell someone you like him/her and they're not attracted to you... do you..?
  98. How is Israel? How is Tel aviv?
  99. Creepy dream
  100. How do you personally know when you have a crush on someone?
  101. Are you in love? <3
  102. Guys: How do you get nice clothes for cheap? What is your secret?
  103. How would you rate your English?
  104. what do you guys think of a navel piercing on guys?
  105. I've decided i'm going to wear a pride necklace when I go away with (read)
  106. Treated differently?
  107. If you could travel back in time and change something you said/did. What would it be?
  108. Negotiating with Comcast...
  109. Why is make up considered a feminine quality?
  110. Pet Kangaroos in the USA?
  111. I think being straight is a little DULL, what do you think?
  112. Bergdahl
  113. What's your type of guy or girl?
  114. Senate Leadership Election 2014 preditions
  115. Looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  116. Rock, paper, scissors
  117. World Cup Debate
  118. I wish....
  119. First Kiss at a Teenage Disco
  120. Was Jesus gay?
  121. Short Asian Problems :(
  122. Fantasies with the famous
  123. Post your favorite hairstyles
  124. Colleagues asking about your sexual orientation...?
  125. How are the road conditions where you are?
  126. The challenges of coming out as transgender while in college
  127. Homophobia In Schools
  128. Would you date someone who was genderqueer or didn't like any particular label?
  129. What do you think of gender dysphoria being in the DSM-5?
  130. Is it me or are a lot of people scared to identify as bisexual because of stigma ?
  131. Does anyone else have their entire life mapped out from a young age?
  132. College dorm living next year!
  133. What political party do you think Jesus would be?
  134. Powers out
  135. i hate it when...
  136. Any other authors and/or poets out there?
  137. Do you ever avoid something because of its subcultural connotations?
  138. my theory
  139. Awkwardness of an androgynous female
  140. why some lesbians enjoy gay porn and straight porn?
  141. 5 dinner guests
  142. Hosiery
  143. Post an inspirational quote
  144. Lesbians sexual entertainment ? but hated when their actually gay?
  145. gaydar question? What is it based off?
  146. Vibes
  147. The term "sissy"
  148. The use of the term "faggot" as a joke and/or insult
  149. Connections
  150. What's your greatest strength?
  151. I stopped Smoking. That's why I'm here!
  152. Anyone else know people who watch shows you really wouldn't expect?
  153. Hey guys, I need cheering up, and maybe a little advice...
  154. Where can I go to live au naturel?
  155. Education
  156. What is ur opinion on an AG lesbian getting the strap?
  157. I have a feeling a woman is trying to seduce my mother
  158. Is bestiality "wrong?"
  159. LGBT Terminology and their Implications
  160. Drum Major
  161. Have you ever been written off?
  162. what do your fingers look like?
  163. LGBT Communities
  164. I love you people
  165. How Are Bible Readings Supposed To Be Taken?
  166. Painted nails on guys?
  167. I found this both funny and wierd.
  168. Anyone here from Finland? Suomessa?
  169. Just looking for some conversation
  170. Pets??
  171. Otakon 2014!
  172. Question for the guy-lovers of EC!
  173. Is it true women get bored with you when you agree with them all the time ?
  174. The gay agenda.
  175. boobs.
  176. What is one thing everyone should do...
  177. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  178. What fast food do you have nearby? What do you like? What don't you like?
  179. Is there an obligation to come out?
  180. Does gay have anything to do with the "Survival Of The Fittest" theory?
  181. Selectively Closeted
  182. What is your local delicacy?
  183. Conspiracy theory: sex/phisical intimacy/ relationships... Dont happen
  184. Homophobic men are so gay.
  185. LGBT Holidays - Advice Please
  186. Are you a complainer?
  187. Gay trans man kissing on Orphan Black.
  188. ive come out to my friend
  189. How old were you when you realized your sexuality?
  190. Lesbians! Or for those questioning their sexuality
  191. Do you think this is pseudoscience?
  192. Would you pass the USA citizenship test?
  193. Texas Works new "cure the gay" program
  194. What's your favorite LGBT movie? American and non-American
  195. What should i do the next time?
  196. Do homophobes secretly want us dead?
  197. What have you done today to make you feel proud?
  198. Sports people!
  199. Taylor Schilling - lesbian vibe?
  200. A PSA (hook-ups) and what happened this afternoon...
  201. Fave LGBT...
  202. The National Debt and ways to reduce it.
  203. I have to prove my lesbianness in order for people to believe I'm a lesbian
  204. do you have a mental diary?
  205. A moving and powerful message from the mother of a transgender teen
  206. new name?
  207. Anybody else get tired of coming out?
  208. Are you concerned about the increase of barebacking in gay porn?
  209. First Slow Dance with a Girl
  210. Any skater(boarder)s here?
  211. Funny Stories?
  212. Do You Find The Confederate Flag Racist?
  213. Hey Loves!
  214. Basically the Coolest Thing to Have Ever Happened
  215. "Shoving it down our throats"
  216. What is your stance on government recognized marriage?
  217. Innocence and sex
  218. "I totally like gay people and there's nothing wrong with them"
  219. Ever hear people say Feminism has already achieved it's goal?
  220. Why do headphones always get so tangled? :P
  221. Can you sing? What is your voice type?
  222. What is your sexuality? Sexuality test.
  223. White House Marriage Petition
  224. Do you like your country's national anthem?
  225. What color are your eyes?
  226. Do you have abs?
  227. How does sexuality influence the choice of your career?
  228. Should I tell him what I feel about him?
  229. Calling Family members by Their names Formal?
  230. Be, or be with?
  231. Anyone here suffer from insomnia?
  232. Any Flute Players Here?
  233. What if everyone was gay
  234. Do you Have Some Sorta Gay...Radar?
  235. New Hobby Suggestions.
  236. What are some LGBT stereotypes in movies today?
  237. Becoming overly attached to my body pillow?
  238. I Just Had To Say IT
  239. GeeLee asks a legal/political question
  240. What do you think of the government of your country?
  241. Is there any way to look at your posts?
  242. Do you feel guilty if you don't recycle?
  243. When you hear from your first crush after eight long years
  244. Another inquiry into Chinese text
  245. Are you more masculine or feminine?
  246. Religious Persecution (in French)
  247. a lil' thanks to EC and its members
  248. Hay fever?
  249. 1st Time.
  250. Same Word- different place, different meaning