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  1. What if the world is Full of us Gays?
  2. A few questions!
  3. Does the girl like me
  4. Hate the word "homosexual"
  5. Why are there no bisexuals in the movies or TV?
  6. Anyone else hate the term 'girlfriend'?
  7. College - Still A Lack Of Gays
  8. Same-Sex Marriage
  9. Immigration
  10. Cosmetic Surgery
  11. I saw the HOTTEST senior.
  12. LGBT+ as part of who you are...
  13. Im home!!
  14. What's your favourite type of chocolate?
  15. Men: Do you shave? Questionairre and discussion.
  16. Lesbians kissing is disgusting
  17. Happy Father's Day
  18. Knack for making gay friends while closeted?
  19. Are women more "sexually fluid"?
  20. my obsession
  21. question for people who are good with history
  22. I'm in love with my straight best friend.
  23. Goodbye everyone!
  24. A Lesbian and a gay boy. Can they be a couple?
  25. Is denial a very powerful thing ?
  26. Friend doesn't believe in gay marriage, but ok's adoption and that it isn't a choice.
  27. Do you think people go overboard with labels sometimes?
  28. I'm strong because I'm lesbian
  29. All car enthusiasts
  30. Universal Language, What Would It Be?
  31. Funniest video went viral recently.. I saw it last night. Cute/scary at the same time
  32. Have you ever felt "objectified"?
  33. bahhh somebody helpppp
  34. Anyone else with bipolar?
  35. Proud to be a shy introvert.
  36. Raising children vegetarian?
  37. Girls texting or calling ?
  38. I feel ashamed to be muslim now I'm in tears muslim men raped white girls
  39. people here with gay parents?
  40. Do you feel you get treated differently...
  41. What is your Definition of LOVE?
  42. raise money for transgender youth plz ? i need answers right now
  43. Any other lesbian did this ?
  44. Snacks
  45. Cheese Sticks
  46. Favourite "It Gets Better" videos
  47. Should Teachers Be Armed
  48. An actor looking for advise on transgender role
  49. Joining Uni LGBT group as Bi?
  50. Ladies - Gay or Lesbian
  51. Back To School And First Dance Lesson
  52. If you had Evil Squirrel Minions, What would you do?
  53. Coming out keeps crossing my mind but it's not the right timing
  54. The Perfect date...
  55. Has anyone ever called you a "social justice warrior"?
  56. Reading People...
  57. Sen. Pat Roberts could be defeated in Kanas
  58. 2 month till election day 2014: Who are you voting for?
  59. Opinions on Zyzz?
  60. Sites with counsellors for suicidals LGBT?
  61. Special Announcement: Workshops in England for Gay Men
  62. What is the spiritual or secular group you're affiliated in?
  63. If you HAD a choice, what would you choose to be: Straight or Gay???
  64. My latest knitting project
  65. I came out to my mom one year ago today!!
  66. How do I find out if a guy is gay?
  67. '2 Qt 2 B Str8' , is this offensive?
  68. How do I ask someone if they're gay?
  69. have you heard the stereotype bisexual women are hot lesbians are ugly
  70. Suffering breeds character
  71. If you could witness one event in history, which event would it be?
  72. Costume ideas?
  73. Do you like liquorice?
  74. The world sucks!
  75. pulling an all-nighter for no reason!!
  76. How did gay stereotypes get started?
  77. LGBT and Religious Beliefs
  78. We are not sluts.
  79. Naming trans people
  80. Watched the news and a bit freaked now
  81. Watched the news and a bit freaked now
  82. everyone here should watch this...
  83. Freaking terrified
  84. I get bullied everywhere, and I feel like I can't stop it from happening anymore.
  85. Asking about sexual orientation on official forms.
  86. Handedness and sexuality! Are you a leftie?
  87. Out of body experiences.
  88. Update from Staff: Dexter Colton
  89. Would you date Bi and Trans people?
  90. 2013 and Homophobia.
  91. 'You live in the Bible Belt...what did you expect?'
  92. Question for gays and lesbians.
  93. Concept of ugly?
  94. 14 Things Overthinkers Say And What They Actually Mean
  95. How permissible you will be with your child?
  96. Who is/are your favorite porn star(s)???
  97. Which actors would you choose to play your parents in a movie about your life?
  98. What are you thinking?
  99. I'm sad :(
  100. Does your vehicle have a name?
  101. Have you visited a Gay Beach?
  102. I want a tongue ring but not a real one
  103. So... this happened today X.x
  104. Apply for FULL membership?
  105. Planning a week in San Francisco
  106. BACK TO SCHOOL: How to make the best of it?
  107. Does gay culture exist?
  108. STP success!
  109. What will you do if you found 1 billion $?
  110. Isn't it amazing how quick public opinion is changing in favor of us?
  111. Is knitting and crochet the same thing ?
  112. Are non-white gay men "less attractive"?
  113. Is joining the Navy a bad idea if you are gay?
  114. Do girls kiss better than boys?
  115. What does it mean?
  116. Favorite quotes/lines?
  117. Have homophobes come here before to type incredibly stupid stuff?
  118. Pet Peeves
  119. Bad haircut :(
  120. If we found homosexual aliens and put them on Earth, how would homophobes react?
  121. i know im "too white to dance" but i simply don't care anymore
  122. Six Word Memoirs
  123. butch haircuts?
  124. What Are You Looking Forward To?
  125. Anyone sick of getting gay Facebook ads?
  126. Psychology of a compulsive liar
  127. What do you find offensive?
  128. I'm different now, but...
  129. Can intersex person impregnant women?
  130. 2 questions about their relationship....
  131. Soooo Excited..
  132. were are all the butches at?
  133. your standing up for gay rights because you feel insecure about yourself ?
  134. Your not black if you act this way.
  135. If you had a fairy odd parent what would u wish for ?
  136. Have I been catfished or no???
  137. Why are some of the Lesbian girls on tumblr so damn horny?!
  138. What's the point of coming here...
  139. Have people ever said LGBT-related things that were meant well, but came off wrong?
  140. Lgbtq poem for everyone it doesn't rhyme but gave it a shot :)
  141. Can you get a heart attack from horror videos
  142. Vacation!!
  143. Censoring opinions
  144. How did your parents react when you came out of the closet?
  145. What were people's/that person's reaction when you came out to them?
  146. Do we have to take risks to meet someone?
  147. How do you like to end a first date?
  148. Anti-gay argument parody
  149. What kind of piercings and/or tattoos do you have?
  150. Off to Africa!!!
  151. What is the most accepting religion for us?
  152. Interesting thoughts on parents who disown their gay kids
  153. should I buy myself a dress?
  154. Does anyone feel more comfortable here than FB?
  155. Why all religions forbid homosexuality?
  156. Have you guy seen the video "How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay
  157. Lefty or Righty?
  158. Does your accent show when you feel certain emotions?
  159. Do you think Sponge Bob breaks gender bareers
  160. Unavoidable awkwardness approaching
  161. What makes straight people here ?. Does anyone have any idea?
  162. Is the LGBT rights movement hijacked by gay white males?
  163. Beauty in nature
  164. My mom's poor judgements.
  165. Thoughts on contradictory fantasies
  166. bringing kids up gender neutral?
  167. Question for religious LGBTQs
  168. Expecto Patronum
  169. LGBT rights in Louisiana
  170. Society for Creative Anachronism
  171. Where Would You Move To....
  172. If You Wear glasses or contacts what's your visual problems.
  173. Estrogen may be an antipsychotic
  174. Favorite gay youtube couples?
  175. In need of emergency fashion advice.
  176. Last Words
  177. Rare or common perception: "LGBT centers are a place where 'losers' hang out... "
  178. A great blog about movies, pop culture and the subtleties of coming out
  179. What are some of the arguments against marriage equality?
  180. How do you find love? Sometimes you collide with a str8
  181. What are 5 things that make you REALLY mad?
  182. How difficult is be L or G or B or T?
  183. Message of Love
  184. Shy Guys & Girls
  185. Gay Clubs / Bars
  186. "Top or bottom?" - it just DOESN't exist, or does it?
  187. How to get rid of acne in less than a week?
  188. Shaven or hairy legs?
  189. hands up if your an 100% bottom or just like to bottom ?
  190. what does it mean when someone says you look like you cheered in highschool
  191. What is your MBTI Personality Type?
  192. Is 4 Years Long Enough To Train A Talent
  193. Research Topic: Sexual and gender minority stressors and mental health
  194. Inspiration!
  195. Should Marijuana be legalized?
  196. Anyone interested in taking the Enneagram personality test?
  197. Does dyeing your hair ruin it?
  198. Guys with long hair
  199. Is embarrassing for you be treated as str8?
  200. Has anyone done the ice bucket challenge?
  201. This could be goodbye for a little while..
  202. Proof That The Quran Doesn't Condemn Homosexuality
  203. What Comes Naturally To You?
  204. this proves you are all valuable.
  205. Another "duh" study slut-shaming women
  206. how long do you wait to cut your hair?
  207. Needing a haircut, but facing a dilemma...
  208. Learned to masturbate, how?
  209. Mom or mum?
  210. Cheap converses
  211. Ode to my non-affirming mother(a poem written by me)
  212. Is it possible getting 2 degrees?
  213. So you could say I'm straight
  214. Have you thought about what you'd be like if you were born of the other gender
  215. Who created us?
  216. a guy in womens shoes? :P
  217. Share your wisdom with us.
  218. Goodbye for a while
  219. Write a story!!!
  220. I strongly dislike other gay people... how do I stop?
  221. My mom thinks I should get church friends
  222. The Lottery
  223. Question for people who are fully/mostly out
  224. Are you supposed to come out to your roommates?
  225. Is it weird to think it's hot if your girlfriend says she's my bitch, to other people
  226. Have you ever done drag?
  227. Big city with parents or town, but alone?
  228. Nail polish on guys..opinions
  229. Should I dye my hair?
  230. Confused and a bit scared
  231. Do most Pride parades allow this?
  232. Side Jobs
  233. Coffee shop names with the word Furey in it? Any ideas?
  234. LGBT religious/spiritual community: not so elusive
  235. "I HATE straight people!" "What?"
  236. About to Come Out but....
  237. What do you mean "sexually active?"
  238. is it worth it?
  239. Please share your experience with Internet Dating
  240. Straight pride.
  241. Hurricanes With Feminine Names are Deadlier
  242. "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian"
  243. I just found this video
  244. Do you like licking armpit hair during sex and/or regularly?
  245. Have you ever fallen in love with someone who turns out to be homophobe?
  246. I hate shaving, and my family thinks it's gross
  247. How good is your gaydar?
  248. What were your dreams and aspirations when you were a child?
  249. I went to as straight venue - and you thought WE were 'promiscious'...goodness.
  250. Your Gay Celebrity Idol