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  1. Nigerian 'Proves' Homosexuality Is 'Impossible'
  2. Thoughts on the homophobe who actually happens to be gay.
  3. Hesitant to get involved in LGBT groups at school
  4. looking for guys my age to talk to
  5. Being that pillar of support when everyone else has given up
  6. Why is it so hard to find other LGBTQs in real life? :/
  7. Unanswered threads... am I doing something wrong?
  8. Anyone here sing
  9. What are dreams like for you?
  10. Can a person who use to be suicidal become that way again ?
  11. Hold up. Am I missing something about being in the closet?
  12. If you don't want to marry a man because you don't love yourself
  13. I don't feel weird around here
  14. Buying a cemetery plot?
  15. Bi Pride Bracelete
  16. Nom
  17. I rofl'd off my chair when I saw this
  18. if you support marriage equality, human rights and equality are you a cummunist?
  19. Did your dreams drop hints?
  20. Does being in the closet make you a pathological liar?
  21. who here loves to sing
  22. No "real" friends / No social life
  23. Another girl is flirting with my boyfriend :/
  24. Everyone the same race, androgynous and bisexual in 300 years???
  25. Any otaku on here? Am I bisexual?
  26. I have a cute teacher!!
  27. i got my first LGBT wear
  28. Drunk times?
  29. Are there more aces on here than just me?
  30. Does Anyone Dance?
  31. BBC Documentary - Parents and Transgender Youth
  32. The best day of your life...
  33. How fat is too fat for you?
  34. What is your favourite season?
  35. If you could decide everything about your appearance, what would you look like?
  36. The minimal qualities someone has to have before you'd consider dating them?
  37. What is your icon?
  38. What do you think about feminine gay guys?
  39. Do you tend to be direct or indirect?
  40. Funny stories of interpreting something as "gay"/LGBT when it wasn't
  41. The Song that Describes/ed your Crush
  42. Is "I will only date (x) race" racist?
  43. I have school tommarow :'(
  44. Trans: What's the weirdest situation regarding your gender?
  45. What does your username on here mean?
  46. strange men asking women to smile?
  47. Writing a sitcom... yay!
  48. Do you kiss your same sex partner publicly in a homophobic area?
  49. How do you deal with internalized homophobia/biphobia?
  50. Should the U.S have a multi-party system?
  51. I'm just feeling lonely
  52. Do or Did You Ever Play Musical Instruments?
  53. Bmx
  54. Can you compliment a complete stranger?
  55. Age of consent
  56. My straight celebrity crush.
  57. Should i just wait?
  58. Am I Gay or Asexual or Transgender?
  59. Bullying--what do you do about it?
  60. Abortion
  61. How have you dealt with homophobes/transphobes in the past?
  62. What do you do when you get bored/depressed?
  63. Your Dream Wedding
  64. gay men and their dads ???
  65. What would happen if we all lived in the same house???
  66. What are your radio presets?
  67. Lip piercing question
  68. happydavid is extra happy
  69. Mom wanting me to have a straight experience
  70. Post coming out lesbian attire/dress
  71. Did anyone see The Normal Heart?
  72. Cofee art how do people do it ?
  73. Do you ever get overwhelmed by the realization that the world isn't a friendly place.
  74. How long do think it will be until Disney animates a lead character who is LGBT?
  75. Do You Have dyspraxia or/and autism?
  76. Fragrance: Perfume/Aftershave (Cologne)
  77. Do I actually want to be a mother ?
  78. What do you think it would have like, coming out in the 1980s?
  79. No Books For College
  80. I've had it with Texas...
  81. Life update :got into another school,getting my license !
  82. would you join a dating site ?
  83. What are some things you told yourself when you were in the denial stage?
  84. anyone else dislike the term gold star lesbian?
  85. I feel like I will be alone forever
  86. Do you feel like you are missing out?
  87. Boredom and curiosity do not mix well
  88. Its my birthday ^.^
  89. Gnerd Army :p
  90. Should you kill the fat man?
  91. Is abortion morally justifiable?
  92. What sounds do you like?
  93. Why are there so many lesbian dating sites?!
  94. Talking on the phone at ring out
  95. Big Step
  96. The doctor - and how they view patients and their sexual issues. I'm wondering.
  97. EC Chat Etiquette
  98. Do you think it's okay to kill a 'Fly/Spider/Ant' etc.
  99. The things you learn from TV shows that implicately support the LGBT community.
  100. Awkward convos with relatives when they don't know ur gay.
  101. Do you ever feel gross when...
  102. What's your fav food from another country?
  103. What sounds do you hate?
  104. Body hair and women
  105. Do you ever feel like wearing a mask?
  106. 1 In 25 People Are Sociopaths?
  107. Guess What?
  108. Thank you EC..
  109. Hairstyles...
  110. I am excited.
  111. Can someone be an atheist but still believe in God ?
  112. How do u deal with fake people ?
  113. Enrique Iglesias 's Balindo music video
  114. A response to the people in my community
  115. If the tables was turned - youtube video
  116. The Most Awkward Conversation Ever
  117. How are you today?
  118. Could I 'get away with' earrings?
  119. What is your opinion on guys who wear makeup?
  120. Ladies: Opinion on the word "pussy"?
  121. Casual sex can be good or bad for your wellbeing.
  122. World in 2025
  123. Did anyone else have a crush on Simba (Lion King)?
  124. Does anyone else feel like a different person on EC?
  125. College and Stuff
  126. Do you dance with your partner at family parties etc?
  127. Can you choose to be Biromantic?
  128. How to make your baby funny
  129. Probably just need talking down..
  130. Does this girl like me?
  131. What are the most gay friendky states in the US?
  132. Article written by a female spouse of a gay man
  133. do you think that same sex marriage could really lead to polygamy?
  134. Female Celebrity Crushes
  135. YAY I am almost a textile/clothing design student
  136. New name
  137. Damn the arcade.
  138. Theatre kids
  139. bored
  140. Knitting
  141. Do You Have To Hide That You Go On EC?
  142. Does your town have a gay pride parade?
  143. Showing Pride
  144. You don't know what you like til you try (sexuality version )
  145. Are gay/bisexual people more likely to be introverts?
  146. Lesbian friend likes me, need advice!
  147. Help me pick an outfit!
  148. (Oprah Voice) GAYCISM (stereotypes)
  149. What's the driving force in your life?
  150. First Time Oral
  151. feeling gooooood
  152. what's the difference between genderqueer and gender fluid?
  153. how do you think you'll be remembered on ec if you stopped using the forum
  154. Thoughts on blind dates and "set ups"?
  155. poll: thoughts on the 69 position
  156. What food are you craving?
  157. my vocal coach told me that my voice sounded like a cello
  158. Levels of cheating. Be honest whats the worse kind. Is it....
  159. Ladies what's youe idea, of what a real man is?
  160. Is there a difference between being buzzed and being drunk ?
  161. First kiss
  162. Do any of you believe in ghosts or ever seen one?
  163. The heterosexual project
  164. Scottish members - results day.
  165. Favorite Season
  166. Where did the term "gay" come from?
  167. Thoughts on RuPaul's Drag Race?
  168. Share happy moments
  169. One day at a time
  170. So new school year starting or is starting soon.. Your opinion?
  171. Do you feel bad that you'll have to adopt children?
  172. Lights out in the UK at 10pm ??
  173. can long distance work?
  174. Not having any LGBT friends
  175. Pride and being out
  176. Same-sex friends purposely flaunting themselves around you?
  177. I am so thankful for this website
  178. Does anyone else feel "tingly" when they're turned on?
  179. confused?????
  180. Who gets more flak?
  181. looking for that special someone
  182. Brain Wiring Test?
  183. Gay siblings - is it common?
  184. Falling in platonic love. . .
  185. Are there any feminist alternatives to the word "bitch"?
  186. Competitive gymnastics - incredbly sexist?
  187. Relationships with opposite sex
  188. Gays want to be seen as "normal" yet they dress up feminine at pride events.
  189. Bem sex role inventory
  190. Thank you all ^_^
  191. Do you get "hit-on" in public places?
  192. 8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back
  193. Why are you in your mood.
  194. Closeted people: Do your straight friends' weddings make you sad?
  195. Where my car peeps at?
  196. I am done, I graduated with my Master's Degree
  197. List your celebrity/fictional character crushes?
  198. What are some of your hobbies/interests?
  199. Dating..
  200. How many pair of shoes (footwear) do you own?
  201. Capital Pride? (Ottawa, ON)
  202. Finding someone in college? Am I too late?
  203. summer fashions
  204. Anyone else have this problem?
  205. I always pass as the opposite sex, even when not trying.
  206. For people who speak languages with a different script...
  207. What do you guys think of Lesson XX?
  208. It's a sign!
  209. Are you or your partner more giving in your relationship?
  210. Do your family members know that you're gay?
  211. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  212. 5 Highest Populace of Hot Gay People
  213. Laughter And Happiness Synonymous?
  214. What is the longest period of time you've been apart from your partner?
  215. What do you find most annoying about your partner?
  216. Things that made you ultra horney on the dawn of your sex drive
  217. When you were younger, did you express traits typical of the opposite gender?
  218. Romance, and accepting the other person
  219. Coming out to your doctor?
  220. Do opposites attract?
  221. Have you ever been tempted to cheat on your partner.
  222. Favourite Album Covers?
  223. Have you ever kissed your same-sex partner in public?
  224. Do you fly under the gaydar?
  225. When you came out did people already suspect that you was gay?
  226. Are you open with your same-sex relationship, or do you have to "sneak" around.
  227. Are looks important to you?
  228. Can you have a relationship with someone who's not very likable.
  229. Bisexuals I have a question about gender,& sex.
  230. How do you know when a relationship is really over?
  231. What's the best way to flirt with a girl?
  232. How was your day?
  233. Do you and your same-sex partner have a "special" place.
  234. Conflict
  235. Which Would You Choose?
  236. Public displays of affection.
  237. Furries?
  238. flirty
  239. Just had to ask for opinions
  240. Growing up
  241. Randomly Depressed...
  242. Difference between dating a woman or a man?
  243. Children reaction to gay couples, video
  244. Ignorant Homophobes
  245. How do u take of a wild baby rabbit in ur back yard ?
  246. Assumptions about single fathers...aargh
  247. Lesbians: platonic feelings for guys?..
  248. If you are out to your parents...
  249. What's Your Vocal Range? (Find it out!)
  250. I designed an LGBT shirt for Skin Cancer Awareness!