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  1. Online Dating - Advice, Etiquette, Pitfalls and Success Stories...
  2. Stereotypes of where you're from?
  3. Am I bad person for not wanting to date a guy with a STD?
  4. Is Lowe's LGBT Friendly?
  5. How accepting are YOU to the fact that YOU are or may be LGBT?
  6. If the world was going to end soon
  7. Thinking with my genitals...
  8. i will be a licensed driver this thursday!
  9. Any Mormons/LDS out there?
  10. Gay pride parade
  11. Jediism?
  12. How do you deal with homophobia?
  13. Starting Life Pt 2
  14. How to lift weights without getting tripe palms
  15. To people who are writing a novel...
  16. kinda confused
  17. What would "end" it right then, for you?
  18. Question for Lesbian/Bi girls! How do you feel about this sex act?
  19. what are the requirements for an appropiate work enviroment (in a construction site)
  20. Do gay guys love short guys?
  21. Is long distance relationship possible in dating sites?
  22. Very strange personality test
  23. I just realized how icy I can be to people?
  24. The Dress
  25. Anyone here like Sushi?
  26. When people say "It is just their opinion if they hate LGBT people".
  27. Discussion of a quote
  28. Your opinion on Ouija board
  29. Writers: do you hide yourself when you're writing your stories?
  30. Do you like astronomy?
  31. Fabricated story: blueskies
  32. What's the Best Compliment You've Ever Received?
  33. How Do You Show You Care?
  34. Discovering EC
  35. What color is the dress?
  36. Learning to Draw
  37. Satanism
  38. I often avoid using the term 'gay community'?
  39. Is the rumor about gay's and theater class true?
  40. What did you kiss your first guy (or girl)?
  41. R.I.P Mr spock
  42. is 12 too early for learning about LGBT
  43. Getting Upset
  44. Sleep Paralysis
  45. Nascar Fans
  46. What does "phantom genitalia" feel like?
  47. Haven't been on here in so long.
  48. List of American Anti-Gay Laws
  49. Post Eras? - please tell me I'm not alone!
  50. Gay feminine looking guys with non-feminine personality - how common are those?
  51. Is our society becoming 'too politically correct'?
  52. How raunchy is your humor NORMALY around close friends?
  53. Showing Pride
  54. Showing off! Your go
  55. What's you favourite pizza?
  56. Lawsuit on Purina
  57. LIttle bit of a vent
  58. Seeing someone
  59. A finer block of choc
  60. smile or crying
  61. When will she get the message???
  62. Anti-Discrimination Laws
  63. LGBTQQFAGPBDSM acronym
  64. Two opposite homosexual couples on deserted island, no hope of rescue
  65. Have you ever been in a fist fight with someone?
  66. What's With All The In-Fighting?
  67. Finally Got A Job!
  68. My Brother Knows Again!
  69. Holding hands in public?
  70. Have you ever been accused of this?
  71. what song you want to play at your future wedding??
  72. What gets your goat
  73. Queer Big Top Event
  74. You find $10 in a public restaurant by the register, what do you do?
  75. Would you choose to be straight if you could?
  76. Lesbians At The Gym? How Can I Tell?
  77. Bisexual Ladies. What is your ideal mate in....
  78. First Kisses!
  79. Love vs Infatuation?
  80. My first year on EC
  81. Pick a name for me?
  82. Searching
  83. Movie/theatre/cinema questions?!? :)
  84. thinkin about this is causing me physical pain
  85. Tomorrow's My Birthday(I'm 21 Bitches)
  86. Where can I meet other gay guys?
  87. Fem Gay guy pretending to be girl on dating site?
  88. How Do You Handle Problems?
  89. Would you change your name if you could?
  90. If you ever go become drag king/queen, what would your name be?
  91. Questioning folks , how much do you fear that you may be LGBT?
  92. Is there such a thing as 'The One'?
  93. Are you too critical of your own reflection?
  94. is this rape or consensual or in my mind
  95. What Type of Weather?
  96. Twelve steps ... to everything - any thoughts?
  97. Stupid Questions Asked About Your Race/Ethnicity
  98. Coming out, stop nagging about ur parents being unsupportive
  99. It's my birthday
  100. My oldest daughter finally did it
  101. I just got my first boyfriend
  102. Random question...but: Are gay revolutionaries common?
  103. Reading And Writing
  104. Sad news yesterday
  105. Unions
  106. When girls call hot Gay guys a "waste"...
  107. Are Feminine Gay guys always the "Friend"?
  108. F**king fuck you! I do not live to wipe peoples asses!!!
  109. autobiography
  110. straight friends vs gay bars vs being alone
  111. What about you?
  112. Post a Picutre of Your Pet!
  113. How to tell if a guy is interested in you?
  114. It's my first anniversary on ec today
  115. I'm back!
  116. My boss told me great news
  117. My boyfriend passed away
  118. Late Night Horror
  119. Very Lonely
  120. (Rewrite) Is anyone going to Anthrocon this year?
  121. Anthrocon?
  122. My mom is going to get me a therapist
  123. How much shame do you have/had because you are LGBT?
  124. Dealing with fear
  125. Longest You've Been Off EC?
  126. If you have a child, do you want them to be Queer?
  127. What would happen if you stop drinking soda altogether?
  128. Madonna's new song makes me think about the transgendered life
  129. Flirting with Straight guys
  130. If you use Reddit... help EC get a donation!
  131. braces and kissing
  132. Is it possible for one's views to change?
  133. A little bummed out
  134. Are you good with money?
  135. How do you define beauty in a person?
  136. breaking the ice
  137. The most unbelievable thing you've ever seen/heard or been through?
  138. A question for those who are non-binary
  139. can a change of attitude really change a shitty day
  140. What scent of Deodorant do you use?
  141. How stressful is college?
  142. Happy Chinese new year
  143. Why did you chose this username?
  144. Why the age gap in knowing your LGBTQ?
  145. Getting a Rejection Text...
  146. Braces!?
  147. CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (unassisted rescue breaths)
  148. When your crush ask you who your crush is?
  149. Rant about judgemental people~
  150. Have you ever been told you're "too young" to know your sexuality?
  151. Any Mental Health Counseling majors here?
  152. Lesbian stereotypes *sigh*
  153. How do you feel about internet/online friendships?
  154. Help writing a Trans character
  155. Jazz Musicians help!!!
  156. Hook-up?
  157. Do you ever get misgendered at the drive-thru?
  158. How do you consider yourself?
  159. Hatred
  160. Tumblr probs
  161. what should i use my purple wig for? :P
  162. Do you recognise this picture?
  163. putting on a mask
  164. Top or Bottom REVISED
  165. Have you EVER had a crush on a best friend?
  166. Things That Grind Your Gears!
  167. The Use of Dating Sites as a Teacher (or Ex-Teacher)
  168. Issuing an apology for my anti-feminist comments.
  169. Could I achieve my dream, or would it be too dangerous
  170. Finding LGBT in High school
  171. Pet peeves around LGBT?
  172. Genderfluid
  173. Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?
  174. 32 Totally Not Weird Non-Sexual Fetishes You Might Have
  175. Closeted folks, how much do you fear being outed accidentally or intentionally?
  176. So I went to the gay area of my city
  177. Lent
  178. Does porn do it for you?
  179. Are there others here who are indifferent to pronouns?
  180. If your life would be made into a movie...
  181. Visibility: Does it have to be a perfect rainbow?
  182. Things That Are Really Annoying (rant)
  183. YAYYY it's my birthday! !
  184. srs is like cosmetic surgery???
  185. Should I be more rebellious?
  186. Strange Celebrity Crushes
  187. What Makes You Weird?
  188. A "gay voice" that is more child-like than womanlike?
  189. Any plans for your Tax Refunds?
  190. magic
  191. Jesus Christ I hate church
  192. Parents Acceptance
  193. Tie Knot?
  194. Difference between transgender and trans sexual?
  195. queeny guys ruined the gay image?
  196. Should society be a half matriarchy/half patriarchy?
  197. I need a list of words!!
  198. Why is repressing your sexuality a bad thing?
  199. How would your life be different if you weren't LGBT?
  200. Studying abroad
  201. général "apology"
  202. I don't know he is gay or not, its just so confusing!
  203. Am I a hypocrite?... and what's the attitude of mormons towards gay people?
  204. i-origin movie and beliefs
  205. So he doesn't like me, What should I do?
  206. Lesbians and nose rings
  207. Were you breast fed? (and for how long?)
  208. Relationships
  209. So I 'asked' him out today...
  210. ~*twins*~
  211. Coming out on Facebook
  212. Overall, how much HELL has your LGBT issues given you?
  213. The Day of Scilence
  214. interesting facts about yourself that no one knows
  215. Questions, Advice, and Information
  216. Is there a pressure in the queer community to 'lean gay.'
  217. does being gay make you a better lier?
  218. Do you listen to music or silence when you read/study?
  219. What's your relationship status?
  220. At what age do children understand the concept of "gay people?" "Trans people?"
  221. I'm in India at a wedding and everyone's saying "you're next"
  222. Happy Valentines Day! :)
  223. Where's the science?
  224. Dirty minded people
  225. Were you born on your due date?
  226. Is it weird 2 have a crush but still look 4 other possibilities?
  227. Swimming
  228. How Does Your Anger Come Out?
  229. How many songs do you have?
  230. good site for learning guitar chords?
  231. Anyone else here who doesnt have much of a social life or friends ?
  232. Nervous
  233. Coming Out Makes a Difference
  234. Friday 13th
  235. Correct English DOES matter.
  236. Being out in high school?
  237. Lonely For Valentines Day Help!
  238. Harvey Milk Day?
  239. The News
  240. LGBT kids in highschool??
  241. Should People Have the Right to Die?
  242. Clingy friend or closeted crush??
  243. Compare your LGBT struggles to a fictional character or animal
  244. Irrational Fears
  245. Who's the first person you came out to?
  246. Buying flowers for guys
  247. What is your hideaway?
  248. Compare your stay in the closet to a place.
  249. Valentines Day
  250. 8 year old me (similarities with the past and present)