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  1. ...the hell is up with these random acts of kindness lately?
  2. Dreams you had that made you cry for whatever reason
  3. Why do people believe anything other than heterosexuality is a choice?
  4. Afterlife
  5. That moment when you are doing something you're not supposed to be doing and then...
  6. I think I have become a "militant" gay
  7. Places to go in NYC?
  8. What reaction would you want?
  9. Politics-Guilt by Association
  10. Why doesn't anyone respond to my posts?
  11. I just need to vent out some anger.
  12. Is there a difference between being freaky and kinky?
  13. What Made You Happy Today?
  14. The world of equality
  15. What Makes You Laugh?
  16. Your Occupation
  17. Do you enjoy watching heterosexual couples in TV/film?
  18. What are your guilty pleasures?
  19. Can having a bad relationship with your mother make you more likely to be lesbian ?
  20. Thoughts on LGBTQ and religion.
  21. When was the first time you said "I love you" to your special one?
  22. They is vs They are?
  23. Ok, am I overreacting?
  24. Update from my side of the world
  25. Gsa
  26. Am I a bad person for wanting to date a woman I find physically attractive or hot
  27. Am I a bad person for wanting to date a woman I find physically attractive or hot
  28. Tag your friends...
  29. Well, this is sad...
  30. which group has the most closeted people in the lgbt community?
  31. Droppin' them G's
  32. Teased because of hair
  33. Identical twins and homosexuality?
  34. Have you ever been mistaken for another gender??
  35. does this sounds strange to you?
  36. Any other guys think like this?
  37. Did you show signs of being gay as a young child?
  38. Let Us Now Praise Effeminate Men
  39. Religion
  40. Pet choices?
  41. Randomness
  42. What are your bad habits when you are depressed?
  43. What would your dream house be like?
  44. Election 2014 thread
  45. The fat date experiment?
  46. Are there any "social factors" that cause homosexuality?
  47. Trichotillomania Hair Help?
  48. The term "ladyboy"
  49. Legit dating advice: Mark Manson
  50. America "saved" everyone's ass in WWII
  51. Organ donation
  52. Do you like warm hugs/cuddles? :)
  53. Do you ever find it strange/(whatever word I should be using).....(Transgender Chat)
  54. What are some really good LGBTQ songs???
  55. Do physical traits matter in relationships?
  56. How did your past relationship(s) end?
  57. What would you like to be when you grow up?
  58. Still know someone against gay marriage? Show them this video!
  59. Gay friendly colleges? (need suggestions)?
  60. Is there a way of connecting engineering(civil) with psychology
  61. Does anybody make digital art?
  62. Why Are Some Christians Against Gay Marriage
  63. Has this happened to anyone
  64. There's a hot guy in my class :)
  65. Woop angst time
  66. WW3 is not inevitable: what we can do to prevent it
  67. Dreadfully bored and could use some conversation
  68. What are some childhood misconceptions you had about the world?
  69. Needing a little confidence..
  70. my friend said there's no such a thing called "bisexuality"
  71. What language do you think that is cool or fine or cute?
  72. Have you ever been mistaken for the wrong age?
  73. denial oh well
  74. List 5 things that would make you happy
  75. "Gay" is for guys, "lesbian" is for girls...
  76. Sick of being nice?
  77. What are you eating?
  78. Hair length
  79. selling my home
  80. I wanna scream at ignorant parents of lgbt kids so much!!
  81. What would you prefer to be called? Awesome or Incredible
  82. Golden retriever had 10 puppies :3
  83. halloween stores
  84. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  85. How do you deal with Homophobes.
  86. The laziness and procrastination thread
  87. Gay/Bi friends
  88. Poll shows support for gay marriage falling, and opposition rising (US)
  89. Favorite & Least Favorite Month & Why
  90. I think i chose the wrong career :/
  91. Where does Homophobia come from?
  92. What would you do?
  93. Charcoal by my bed?
  94. Happy bi pride day!!! :d
  95. Ladies, how much makeup do you wear on regular basis?
  96. thought of dating a guy makes me anxious/uneasy
  97. Rare Story of no sexual orientation
  98. The future of the world
  99. One Year Update! It really does get better but...
  100. What would you prefer to be called? Fruitcake or Gay
  101. Gender equality and conscription: should women have to sign up?
  102. Ambition and Money
  103. Help!!
  104. Christian and Gay?!
  105. The first person who figures this out receives a cookie!
  106. Random Short Question
  107. Lonely Gay looking for Friends!
  108. Ex-crush
  109. teachers and proffesors
  110. I will have to get 4 wisdom teeth removed x.x help im scared
  111. It's been a while...
  112. Saw some couples today
  113. How to convince to Asian parents dating is a good thing ?
  114. Any other tea lovers out there?
  115. Re-incarnation/'past-lives',etc. Any thoughts?
  116. Matrimony vs Civil Unions
  117. My bf is a bisexual?
  118. Me, Joe and my recovery
  119. Veil of Ignorance
  120. If your a black woman that dates outside your race , your a traitor
  121. What Would You Do if Someone Homophobic Liked your Work?
  122. J-Lo's "Booty" - feminism and mysogyny?
  123. Love your Gay Brothers/sisters
  124. Healthy thoughts?
  125. What's with video games?
  126. To the cashier in Cato
  127. Cheated out of a paycheck- what do I do?
  128. Any guys here in choir?
  129. What's the point in life?
  130. Lesbian U-haul /lesbian "merging" stereotype?
  131. Need some feedback.
  132. crocheting anyone?
  133. Should public Schools Provide Condoms?
  134. Are men and women different?
  135. Anyone else from Norway?
  136. Armenian Apostolic Church
  137. Curious; How many gays ARE masculine?
  138. Working 2 jobs
  139. Gay, bi or?
  140. If You Were a Genie...
  141. The story of truly realizing I'm gay
  142. Icelandic Peace Officers
  143. Tips on meeting closeted/straight acting guys?
  144. Do lots of people go through a phase during their teens?
  145. milestone
  146. Breaking the ice...what do YOU do?
  147. Why are only we told to 'experiment' first?
  148. straight priviledges
  149. Does getting wasted make someone feel better?
  150. Has anyone ever guessed your sexuality by looking at you?
  151. what aged person would you date?
  152. facebook like suggestions
  153. Lesbians: Are pixies attractive?
  154. Ugh I'm 21 today lol my birthday turned me old lol what should 21 yr old do?
  155. Feminine vs. Masculine: Which are you and which would you date?
  156. Any Masculine Guys Attracted to More Feminine Guys?
  157. Why are guys so uptight with their sexuality?
  158. Author needing asistanse
  159. Any other feminine girls that also like feminine girls?
  160. How do you feel happy?
  161. Went on a trip through Europe. Probably the best 1 and a half week of my life.
  162. Degrees and Diplomas
  163. Bi Pride Day
  164. Scottish Independence- outside perspective!
  165. Which lesbian bar in London is recommended for a single traveler?
  166. :(
  167. Underappreciated Jobs
  168. New relationship
  169. Ways you express yourself as part of the lgbtq community
  170. An analysis of friendship
  171. Just really happy
  172. dying my hair
  173. Can people please pray/send good thoughts to my friend please?
  174. Anybody watch this?
  175. 'I agree with gay marriage, can't they just have another word for it?'
  176. Should I feel offended when people call me English
  177. Site Population
  178. you're walking past someone in the hall...
  179. My version of a nightmare
  180. Hey, Non-Americans...
  181. No Homo?
  182. Do you ever...
  183. Do you think internalized misogyny plays any role at all in a person being FTM?
  184. If you could say anything...
  185. Rochester Institute of Technology
  186. Libraries
  187. Now I Get It
  188. Why am I so attracted to older women?!
  189. Are makings assumptions justified?
  190. sex therapist on youtube said every woman enjoy penetrative sex
  191. Anyone see the Bill Nighy film Pride yet?
  192. Can people finding out their gay later in life make being gay look like a choice
  193. Tattoos
  194. All You Need Is Love movie
  195. Body Peircings
  196. Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote?
  197. Do you sleep nude?
  198. What's your religion?
  199. Do u compare urself to other people ?
  200. The things that "bug" you
  201. Body Hair
  202. Ladies, do you shave?
  203. falling for a straight girl/guy
  204. Advice on dating married men?
  205. odd discussions with work mates.
  206. Is your diet good?
  207. Conspiracy theories about my relationship
  208. Straight questions.
  209. Worst day(s) of my life. TL;DR Death, Alzheimer's, Religion
  210. Why are gays more susceptible to getting HIV than straight people?
  211. Can you be incapable of love?
  212. If you look younger than your actual age is it wrong to dress the age you look like
  213. Cooking food to relieve stress.
  214. For those who have had sex with the non-preferred sex...
  215. Explain the kinsey scale?
  216. Crush Issues
  217. Would you tell them..
  218. Would you rather die before or after your lover?
  219. Going to a gar bar and/or club alone?
  220. Do you have more guy friends or girl friends?
  221. Has a straight friend ever admitted to a gay experience?
  222. Freelancing
  223. I feel like I came out too late...
  224. Single girls/guys No one in your area?
  225. This place is addictive!
  226. Cuddling!!!!!!
  227. Only Gay or Only Straight, Why not more Bi
  228. What kind of car do you drive?
  229. My opinion on suicide
  230. Homecoming Hurt
  231. Funny ways to come out...
  232. Public displays of affection
  233. Clutter or cleanliness?
  234. What Would Your Funeral Be Like?
  235. Sexual preference vs. orientation
  236. Who would you choose?
  237. Serious Debate: Bacon butties, sauce before or after cutting?
  238. If your partner asked....
  239. A question of curiosity
  240. Have you ever seen this video
  241. Can California be its own country?
  242. world mental health day
  243. one of my coworkers stole 40 dollars from me
  244. Is porn really unhealthy?
  245. What do YOU wear to a funeral?
  246. Cross dressing
  247. US Citizens: Do you like your home state?
  248. Liberals and celibacy
  249. The story thread
  250. What's your opinion on people who romanticize things that hurt? (etc. Depression)