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  1. Should I tell him
  2. American Government
  3. Is being gay a downfall?
  4. Play wrestling?
  5. Are you from Alaska? Tell me why and why i wouldn't wanna live there
  6. What is so bad about communism?
  7. LGBT, Religion & Depression
  8. what makes someone 'look' gay?
  9. this week...
  10. Does anyone else here hate dating?
  11. Research Topic: Sexual Orientation - Feelings and Emotions
  12. Do you think I might be transgender?
  13. can transgender women use women-only transportation?
  14. Do you ever feel like you're missing out on relationships with the opposite sex?
  15. How old do you think the universe is?
  16. Concealer and make up for guys?
  17. Your best pick up line?
  18. Nipple piercings
  19. This story is confusing me.
  20. what is sleep
  21. Druid's Book of Shadows
  22. Why are some people very attracted to shy people ?
  23. Lower divorce rates same-sex couples?
  24. Why Gay Marriage is Wrong
  25. "I have nothing against gay people, but..."
  26. Interpretations of sexuality
  27. what do you find physically attractive about girls?
  28. Is "questioning" natural?
  29. how can i improve my gaydar...?????? lol
  30. Your earliest memory
  31. Here's a game or just a fun exercise
  32. The weight of "I love you"
  33. An awesome new documentary about bullied LGBT teens
  34. What do you think the world will be like in 100 years?
  35. Have you gotten caught looking?
  36. I love college (so far)
  37. Is buying clothing a bad thing when your on a fixed income ?
  38. can i have your attention please - Staff Update
  39. Being a Fan
  40. A beautiful letter from mother to son on his coming out at 13
  41. what is the best brand of hair dye?
  42. Telepathic thoughts
  43. What stops you?
  44. So i was at the pub...
  45. How to know you are in love.
  46. how to star in a low budget film?
  47. Why can't people go to pride festival,party meet and date?
  48. Where were you when you joined EC?
  49. Shattered relationships
  50. Is this the real Empty Closets twitter account?
  51. your dream house?
  52. Thirteen
  53. Is a gay bar the worse place to look for a relationship ?
  54. What do you do when you're sad?
  55. Serious Frustration
  56. Does Thin Privilege exist?
  57. Well, It's been fun
  58. "Substitute teachers that we didn't like" experiences
  59. A grown up dating a minor
  60. Have you ever been "experimented" on?
  61. Do you fit your stereotype?
  62. The ghettoization of homosexuals into a set class of stereotypes
  63. Oldest person
  64. Getting a little mad about the "friendzone" topic...
  65. inappropriate comment
  66. Quiz to determine who you are
  67. Surprised by amount...
  68. If you get engaged...
  69. Who ever snapped and came out?
  70. Roles
  71. Checking people out & being checked out.
  72. Favorite places to shop?
  73. when a woman wants you. situation
  74. Sorry, that's a dealbreaker.
  75. Tired of some other people coming out when it isn't "necessary"?
  76. small town queers, do you exist?
  77. Poll: your view of religious clergy people
  78. Do closeted guys talk about penis?
  79. Queer tattoo ideas
  80. Do you ever witness hate within the LGBT+ community? Do you do anything about it?
  81. Use of dragonfly
  82. Should there be a mobile website for EC?
  83. sexuality is fluid
  84. Free will
  85. If something is free why do they need credit card details
  86. Friends who are arrogant or have low self esteem - pitfalls with these friendships
  87. Question for gay/bi guys: How many partners have you had?
  88. Anyone ever just wanted to not be labeled
  89. Anybody wear fake eyelashes?
  90. Famous gay people
  91. Why do people think a straight guy is gay if he's sleeping with a transsexual woman ?
  92. Vacation is over... back to my life
  93. Question related to the legality of asking what's one sexual orientation is.
  94. what's a queen?
  95. Sky diving
  96. Homophobic bullying and the police, attitudes etc
  97. coming on to someone you think is gay
  98. Is it wrong to lie about your sexuality on surveys/questionnaires?
  99. Roller Coasters: Yes, No, or It Depends
  100. Lessons you've learnt in life
  101. Why I respect my classmate so much
  102. What religion aren't you?
  103. what size condom do i need?
  104. Relationship shit n shit
  105. What's yo' styleeee?
  106. Is homophobia a choice?
  107. Why come out?
  108. I'm depressed :'(
  109. Hypochondriac who's afraid of doctors
  110. Kiss Cam
  111. Anyone from Argentina?
  112. I am so bored right now
  113. i cried watching this
  114. Are you a good liar?
  115. on a scale of one to ten how would you rate your cooking skills?
  116. Do you use Craigslist and EBay - stories, advice
  117. In love with two people
  118. Britain vs America (LBGT rights)
  119. the park
  120. I saw a lesbian couple at my store
  121. My absence form EC
  122. real bisexual vs fake bisexuals?
  123. Bush- Glycerine is suppose to be super easy to play on Guitar but?
  124. If I have to come out fully -the thing(s) that would change
  125. What do you say to your parents when they ask why you're not dating?
  126. Wanting to change my appearance
  127. Do You Like Clingy?
  128. gay christian closeted friend
  129. Really good article on labeling bi vs pan
  130. I hope this is it
  131. How Do I Explain This?
  132. why do some gay guys have casual sex with women occasionally?
  133. If a guy like sex with both,would he be bi?
  134. Share your most inspiring quotes!
  135. Would you date an opinionated of feisty person
  136. Another poem, would like input! (about Soccer, growing up, crushes)
  137. what would you do gay guys if it happen?
  138. Any crafters out there?
  139. can i enjoy sex with women?i am gay
  140. i am gay but decided to marry a woman
  141. What do you think?
  142. Another Tattoo Thread
  143. Your First Kiss
  144. What Kind Of Innovative Gifts/Presents Did You Receive in The Past?
  145. Questions about autism and asperger syndrome
  146. Will homophobia disappear ?
  147. What is the saddest video you can find?
  148. What do you think is the sexiest piercing on the preferred sex?
  149. Having trouble
  150. How to explain homosexuality to people from less developed countries?
  151. do you bielive in previous lifes?
  152. does dating apps kill potential romance?
  153. An article on Speedos! What do you think of them?
  154. Awesome coming out rant...
  155. Misogyny, rapes, sexism and sexual harrasment...from men.
  156. insane
  157. Obsessive Thoughts!
  158. Is it possible to tell if someone is gay by their eye contact?
  159. Today's is my birthday and yet i feel like treating it like any other day......
  160. What's the Farthest You've Been...
  161. Presidential candidate Pickup lines/jokes
  162. Another writing sample to review
  163. Happy
  164. Amazing article I read.
  165. "It's just a phase"
  166. WTF Panphobia
  167. 4-way stop signs vs. roundabouts
  168. What does it mean to be a gay or lesbian genderqueer?
  169. lost and confused right now
  170. I am starting to feel the need to reach out to my local gay community
  171. sharing good news.
  172. I've updated my details..
  173. But a gay person can hide their sexuality...
  174. Hypocrisy?
  175. Well I am full
  176. Should I add him on facebook again?
  177. BIsexual
  178. Do you ever have a day where
  179. How to stop swearing?
  180. Prologue to a story, comments wold be nice :)
  181. blog
  182. Am I just being stupid?
  183. First kiss
  184. With is your profession? Describe it
  185. Cheesy, romantic things
  186. Im going to write a story!!
  187. The word 'lesbian'...
  188. Gay Pride and My Situation
  189. Loners out there. Hi.
  190. Does 'queer' refer to ALL of us, l,g,b and t?
  191. new
  192. That moment
  193. flirting
  194. Endurance Sports
  195. Poems to your lover
  196. TRUE love??
  197. Music Videos
  198. Do you have enough to live comfortably?
  199. What percentage of your meals do you cook yourself?
  200. I'm the murderer?!
  201. Risking and giving one's life
  202. what are your pet peeves?
  203. Everyday Sexism
  204. Sunday roast?
  205. Alternative therapies and treatments
  206. Tattoo ideas please! :D
  207. How should i learn a languege?
  208. "privilege"
  209. The ideal goals of military action
  210. Autodidactic foreign language study?
  211. LOVE at first sight.
  212. Perfect date
  213. Retro Gamers
  214. Tell the story how u met ur love & tell us how u would like to meet ur love
  215. Am I just Real Horny or What?
  216. being gay for attention?
  217. About secular morality.
  218. First date!
  219. "You're too old for that."
  220. Conflict between the religious and non-religious
  221. A stupid question, or perhaps not..
  222. Have you ever treated a member of the LGBT community badly? Why?
  223. How much discipline do you need to pursue two careers?
  224. Which of your parents is more excepting
  225. How much privacy do u have in ur house?
  226. Spotting lies
  227. Anyone else never used or quit Facebook?
  228. Facebook "Interested In" Section
  229. What is the recipe of your spice rub?
  230. What's your phone background?
  231. Grammatical Gender in English
  232. What is your personality type?
  233. What is your current hair colour?
  234. Frame and Line Test
  235. A Brief Reintroduction
  236. girls calling other girls "sluts" and "whores"
  237. anime suggestions
  238. Love... and What should I call them?
  239. Social Intelligence Test
  240. Confused
  241. Chest Hair Chat (and body hair in general)
  242. Cure Found!!!
  243. LOL - Are You Really?
  244. Possible relocation to California next year
  245. What makes you proud (if applicable!)
  246. This is some crazy buddhist shit
  247. First date outfit
  248. Homophobic (transphobic)friend?
  249. Does anyone else think about death?
  250. Relationships