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  1. Poll: Who uses a mobile, tablet or computer on here or but of everything?
  2. What is your opinion on celibacy?
  3. Has someone ever turned your friends against you
  4. No one replies on this site
  5. I saw a youtuber
  6. Books: Print vs Digital
  7. Shakespeare
  8. is it always gunna be this hard to find a guy?
  9. International School Kids?
  10. Any Eurasians out there?
  11. Disney accidently created the perfect coming out song
  12. Why are most TV lesbians lipstick?
  13. How Important Are LGBT Role Models & Film/TV Characters?
  14. Dominant or Submissive?
  15. Do you live in or near Austin, Tx?
  16. Unsexualized nudity: What's the big deal?
  17. Interview, internet.....are there more worlds like these?
  18. Problems with the recent Gay Marriage ruling
  19. LGBT+ friendly universities/colleges?
  20. thinking about making youtube videos. but i don't know how to get started😥😥😥
  21. Silly things we do when crushing
  22. Who knows Android stuff here
  23. Anyone else sick of fandoms?
  24. I guess this means I'm growing up
  25. I now understand how it feels (a little) to be a straight shy guy...
  26. Job Interview Tomorrow
  27. Storytime! On the subject of my awful school...
  28. I had a nightmare
  29. On Becoming a Writer
  30. Shampoo/hair care routine
  31. unconditional love
  32. Eyes or Nose
  33. Any Gay Pilots in the UK
  34. People using autism as an insult online
  35. People using autism as an insult online
  36. If another you came from a different universe!
  37. Cute boy at work ;_;
  38. Stigmas/Stereotypes/Etc.
  39. Coming out...
  40. Is Make-Up a Sign of Insecurity?
  41. Bisexuals, do you have a preference?
  42. Answer me this, anime fans!
  43. Does Anyone On Here Listens To Kpop? If So, Who Do You Listen To?
  44. What is Sweden Like?
  45. Have you ever fallen out of love?
  46. If You Were Born in Another Country
  47. I am a crystal, I'll always save the day... right?!😄😕😥😍
  48. I am the embodiment of irony
  49. Photography To Express Your Feelings?
  50. Do you believe in any mythical creatures?
  51. Hong Kong
  52. Things I think about in the shower...
  53. Can I use my real face as an avatar?
  54. Why is tumblr so not straight/cis?
  55. Pretty boy or manly man?
  56. If you know about being gay in a str8 marriage...
  57. I Need to Know How to Talk to People
  58. How To Handle A Racist Joke
  59. Benevolent dream-crushing
  60. What events have you seen religious bigots protest?
  61. What made you not question your sexuality anymore?
  62. To people living in Sweden...
  63. How often do you use bad words?
  64. Apparently "Most bisexuals marry someone from the different gender"
  65. Plug ready
  66. What do you think of all of the different labels on romantic/sexual orientation
  67. My story..girlfriend...ex-boyfriend ...2 kids...family
  68. What's your favorite season?
  69. Did you ever hate it but now love it? :)
  70. precious or annoying, thoughts on virginity?
  71. I wish I had someone to talk to ....
  72. My First Pride...
  73. Bihomosexuality flag
  74. Have you ever "played it straight" for a job interview?
  75. GenCon 2015
  76. Would you watch this YT Channel (No Links)
  77. Tell me a story!
  78. Why do mostly girls "ship"? (As far as I can tell.)
  79. Parents want to meet me and talk about my relationship
  80. bi and married??
  81. Anyone like craft shows?
  82. How do i remove nail polish
  83. Feeling like such a Killjoy with black nail polish
  84. 18th Birthday Plans?
  85. Discomfort at pool
  86. Seattle is Cool
  87. The Happy Thread :)
  88. This is for if you feel sad, alone, mad, happy, useless, depressed, or ANYTHING ELSE
  89. Thoughts on if I should keep up with what I do
  90. Does anyone else pretend to be genderqueer online?
  91. Do you ever see yourself having children?
  92. Don't judge me.... challenge accepted! I'll defeat you😄
  93. Thoughts about spoiled rich kids (any horror stories?)
  94. Your 'wishlist'
  95. This is a thread
  96. Where my lesbians at?
  97. Sick of Coming Out
  98. Can Bisexuals call themselves 'gay'?
  99. Is Beyonce...
  100. describe your personality, which rpg class are you in this game called school😄😄😄
  101. Suggestions for Tel Aviv
  102. Tell me a little about yourself!
  103. Love yourself!
  104. So quick question.
  105. Any gay men on here who have a husband?
  106. Funny ways you have hurt people's feelings
  107. I painted my nails :D
  108. What Did You Really Want to Say?
  109. Are there others who never felt afraid to come out?
  110. Those who aren't out yet (stories)
  111. Any lesbians out there who have a wife?
  112. Help Me Get Rid of This Guy
  113. Is anyone else here Chinese?
  114. Pat Robertson: Calmer version of the WBC, but just as bad.
  115. ''Don't be a snitch!''
  116. My experience as a female bisexual trying online dating so far...
  117. Gay-Straight-Alliance and Colleges (GSA)
  118. What do you think of the name Gray?
  119. Have you noticed a difference since Caitilyn Jenner interview/speech?
  120. Lean to have some respect plz
  121. Is it hard for LGBT people to settle in the suburbs?
  122. Being judged because of your body
  123. Opinions/suggestions plz?
  124. What's up people.
  125. Trader Joe's kinda just made my day :)
  126. For the few who aren't all into the feminism thing
  127. any one now anything about jrotc
  128. Which comes closest to your opinion on "religious freedom"?
  129. Feminists! I have some Questions
  130. Summer Holiday Projects
  131. Thanks everyone
  132. Could Use Someone To Talk To...
  133. What is your definition of love, personally?
  134. When/What Year did you come out? (As in decade/year)
  135. I guess maybe it's called growing up...
  136. gender and orientation?
  137. Anyone here a fan of Nolly?
  138. Too Good to be True?
  139. Is the US moving towards a single-payer healthcare system?
  140. Skydiving!!!!
  141. Abusive relationships are terrible!
  142. i messed up so bad please help me fix it
  143. I Love You All...
  144. Richmond Virginia......Why are there no gays my age?!?!?!
  145. Health insurance
  146. I'm just feeling done
  147. Half-empty/full
  148. Thinking About Becoming Vegan?
  149. Freshman year of high school advice!
  150. How many languages can you speak?
  151. Should it matter?
  152. The dangers of hiding who you are.
  153. body issues, you know you really kinda sort of piss me off!?
  154. To star or not to star(trans. or trans.*?)
  155. Best cities to live in!
  156. Break up/Heartbreak support thread?
  157. I Feel Like I'm Cherry-Picking
  158. Has anyone else noticed that you can't see what people are doing on their (read)
  159. Hatred of cyclists
  160. What to tell my friend who's becoming a little hateful?
  161. Does "Gaydar" Even Exist?
  162. Nasty Politics
  163. What would be the title of a book about your life?
  164. Manipulation
  165. Before transition and now MTF
  166. Do Preferences Make You a Bad Person?
  167. Do visible femmes exist?
  168. Feeling like no help to LGBT in the closet
  169. Transgenders/Non-Binaries during the Selfie Craze
  170. Favorite Kind of Food
  171. Raven Symone's Dumb Ass Clocked AGAIN
  172. How much do you weigh
  173. Why are the days so long ? (rant )
  174. How do you feel about the term "queer"?
  175. Favorite Types of Sweets
  176. Does society let trans men off the hook more?
  177. I don't wanna question myself anymore it's driving me insane
  178. Strangest thing that ever happened to you?
  179. Your opinion on genmanipulated food?
  180. Can anyone identify this painting?
  181. How can I meet bi or gay girls?
  182. When some people say Men and Women are meant for eachother (WARNING: STUPID)
  183. If gender identity issues could be cured with a pill
  184. Home or unschoolers?
  185. Ahh YouTubers, How I Love You So....
  186. Tattoo symbol
  187. im in love with a gay
  188. What were some of your best experiences growing up LGBT?
  189. No cute guys my age...
  190. Can I use the male restroom?
  191. Mini rant: the affinity for 'high fashion' brand clothing
  192. Liking virgin girls
  193. Inspiring quotes
  194. vegan children?
  195. Documentary on Mixed Orientation Marriages
  196. Deadly Internet Sins
  197. Phobia of Drag Queens?
  198. When you're "checking someone out" what r u MENTALLY doing 2 them?
  199. Imagination is actually realistic (for me)
  200. How gay men used to speak - A short film in Polari
  201. So we got this new house and my dog is freaking out
  202. "Detached" from yourself
  203. so what should i go for?
  204. How long did it take you to accept your sexual/gender identity?
  205. anyone knowlegable in invisible fence?
  206. The moment a colorblind man sees purple for the first time
  207. If you could be any character...
  208. anyone else have a really....
  209. Anyone ever been "beat up?"
  210. am i broken?
  211. Polyamory for those who are not yet adults
  212. Tell Me Some Positives About Your Summer!
  213. Time for daily celebrations!
  214. Is it homophobic to hate yourself for not being straight?
  215. Being LGBT in 2000 vs being LGBT in 2030...
  216. Unfit parents
  217. Share your house-mate/room-mate horror stories!
  218. Donating Blood
  219. IBM has gender identity listed in their non-discrimination policy!
  220. Radio music has gone to crap
  221. Opinions on hot weather?
  222. kool aid dip dyed hair
  223. Opinions on people making jokes considered to be offensive
  224. New here. Hi! *waves* Got a question or 2
  225. Straight GUYS kissing each other
  226. Deja Vu Moments
  227. I had my first hospital appointment
  228. Mini crush on friend!!
  229. Friend lacking
  230. Ever been the target of an underhand insult?
  231. do you think something will happen to me in November ?
  232. Your Most Painful Experience
  233. Opinion on Babies?
  234. Ever Been Told By Crush That They See You Just As Friends?
  235. Would you start life over again if you could?
  236. Do You Feel Comfortable Holding the Hand of the Same Sex In Public Where You Live?
  237. Meta-Ethics: Ideas and Discussion
  238. Gay films haven't ever been shown in theatres/cinemas before have they?
  239. Bill Cosby, You Are No Role Model
  240. Opinion of PSA
  241. How do you cope with inappropriate attractions?
  242. thou who is the most... thirstiest or nah?!😂😂😂😂
  243. must I point it out, just quirks hmmm?!
  244. Anyone in a GSA club?
  245. Do you want to gain or loose weight, how much, and why?
  246. Talking to the same sex
  247. Negative portrait of indigenous people on the Internet (Latin america)
  248. What do you call this kind of candy???
  249. News media, controversy, and politics galore
  250. "You're Not Really Gay, You're Just Emotional"