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  1. Is it polite to go to an event you are invited to when you know it's to be polite?
  2. The doughnut question
  3. I Want to buy a new pair of chuck taylor what do u guys think would be a good think
  4. Post Halloween Costume!
  5. How do I know if I like Chris Tomlin or his music?
  6. For Readers and Writers
  7. Is it right or wrong to celebrate Halloween ?
  8. Denying Same gender marriage in church
  9. Turn up for what
  10. Who will win the US Senate.
  11. Happy Halloween?
  12. how many famous people have come to your work place
  13. Classic Halloween Movies of the new millenium
  14. Creative or witty conversation
  15. Greater love hath no man
  16. What do you usually wear?
  17. Good and short jokes?
  18. Where do I find the girls!!!
  19. Favourite Halloween movie?
  20. What kind of dress shirts do you like?
  21. Hi
  22. Do You Hand Out Candy?
  23. Admiring the other genders dressing
  24. I'm confused about what should be accepted
  25. On the nature of evil
  26. How Fair is Life?
  27. How Do You Handle Success?
  28. Favorite Subject?
  29. Favorite Type of Weather?
  30. How Do You Sleep?
  31. Male brides maids........in bridesmaid dress
  32. Awesome article about Dad supporting genderless roles
  33. Who's dressing up for Halloween?
  34. Lesbian Problems
  35. High sex drive?
  36. Almost got robbed!
  37. How Do You Handle Failure?
  38. Do you agree with teachers having these rules?
  39. Do you hate your voice?
  40. When Was Your First Relationship?
  41. Any Starbucks partners on here?
  42. An apology to the children of tomorrow
  43. What do i say to someone who lost a loved one(over the internet)
  44. Anyone hate using the term 100% lesbian ?
  45. San Francisco?
  46. What do you think about cat-calls?
  47. how did you deal with high school??
  48. How did you learn about sex?
  49. Calls from Windows Service Centre
  50. Who else is a late bloomer?
  51. Before you came out, did you ever drop hints about your sexuality?
  52. That One Burning Question
  53. Are you an awkward person?
  54. For Non-US Users: Your Opinion On America?
  55. Default I like someone of the same gender, and I am confused.
  56. Do you ever get the feeling...
  57. Do you have a name for this relation?
  58. what do you guys think of 8chan?
  59. Couch to 5k?
  60. Dating an Indian guy/girl
  61. Do you hate it when people say something is "Gay"?
  62. What are you wearing?
  63. What Your State/Country Has Given to the World
  64. This is why I hate schools alike.
  65. What other Languages do you know besides your native?
  66. had awsome day
  67. How much stuff?
  68. Have you ever had chickenpox?
  69. Should Men Get Paternity Leave?
  70. What Makes You a Softie?
  71. If You Could Talk to Your Past-Self...
  72. What Makes You Mad?
  73. LGBT skips a generation myth?
  74. Help! How to make friends ^_^
  75. Of friends and enemies
  76. [HELP] Would really appreciate some insight!
  77. Writing about myself help?
  78. What should I do? I'm heartbroken.
  79. New girlfriend in my life
  80. What are your best/worst experiences on LGBT forums?
  81. Crossfit?
  82. George Carlin: "We Like War!"
  83. Have u ever sexted with a gurl
  84. Geometric Shapes: Simple and Unusual Personality Test
  85. The best thing that happened to you?
  86. Isn't being yourself awesome?
  87. Favorite Disney Song
  88. Full Member Status Question
  89. What's your dream car?
  90. ^-^answer these questions with simple answers
  91. I'm being used
  92. random person flashed me online
  93. what r sumthings that turn u on about girls
  94. What Do You Like Most About Yourself?
  95. Build-A-Body
  96. Do You Have a Best Friend?
  97. What is Your Favorite Day of the Week?
  98. Do You Talk or Listen More?
  99. Are You Likable?
  100. What's the worst injury you ever sustained?
  101. Gym motivation
  102. college and growing up in general?
  103. Neither Oral nor Anal
  104. Crashed my car.
  105. Writers
  106. Fun ways to ask someone out on a date
  107. Logic
  108. What's the worst part of your day?
  109. Favourite non-domestic animal?
  110. My Amazing Comming out Adventure Story!
  111. Worse than a book buring
  112. Hairy
  113. I need an excuse to get a day off work tomorrow
  114. So, what have I missed?
  115. Help me find a book?
  116. How do you flirt?
  117. Came out to two friends!
  118. Cute and Fun question! Girls.. what do you love about other women?
  119. Gay Cruise?
  120. Any tips or tricks I should know?
  121. Why I'm a meat eater who has no guilt?
  122. Respect
  123. Does anyone else here have autism?
  124. For those who are single:
  125. What deodorant do you use?
  126. How to know if one is ready for a relationship?
  127. Too controlling or possessive?
  128. Do you like Stephen King novels?
  129. Favorite religious holiday?
  130. Primary Cause
  131. Favorite tree?
  132. Favourite mode of public transport
  133. My crush likes someone else and it hurts so bad and I'm going to let her go
  134. Are You a Face or Name Person?
  135. How can you tell what a person's intentions approaching you are ?
  136. Omg
  137. How do you see yourself in your senior years?
  138. Freeletics?
  139. Do dreams mean anything in terms of sexuality or attraction?
  140. What would you do?
  141. How Do You Handle Temptation?
  142. How Do You Make the World More Enjoyable?
  143. What Do You Wish You Had More Of?
  144. If You Could Throw the World's Best Party...
  145. Bathing
  146. Self Defense
  147. Why do I feel like hiding?
  148. Do you think women are possessive by nature?
  149. What is your haircut style? How do you describe it to the person cutting it?
  150. how do u approach your object of affection
  151. Bdsm
  152. Labels: yay or nay
  153. Gaydar broken after coming out?
  154. Anybody else still not used to hearing husband/wife in the gay community?
  155. Putting on high leg boots
  156. What is your favourite drink?
  157. Fables, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales.
  158. What song is stuck in your head
  159. Cis gay guys: Would you date a trans guy?
  160. Any good quotes to share?
  161. Is sexuality a choice?
  162. How to spend my time during holidays?
  163. Can someone help me think of an excuse? URGENT!!
  164. Boredddddd
  165. Capital Punishment
  166. What is Your Toilet Seat Policy?
  167. US Members: Are you a strict or loose constructionist?
  168. How can Lesbians Interpret "Straight" Girl Flirting?
  169. What have you accomplished lately?
  170. What is the strangest date you've ever had?
  171. LGBT Libertarianism
  172. Anybody Like to Dance?
  173. Made myself look like an idiot. Tips on arguing better with anti-gays?
  174. Is Monica Lewinsky a victim ?
  175. I love my new job
  176. Eyebrow woes!
  177. Can some one suggest some thing to watch, Im bored.
  178. Do You Have A Defeatist Attitude?
  179. Why must we be surrounded by constant ignorance, in regards to orientation, etc.
  180. This is so hilarious. I nearly wet myself!
  181. What are your obsessions?
  182. What helped you when trying to figure out if you were gay or not?
  183. confusion
  184. Dating sites?
  185. So I was in Dublin today where I saw and I saw this
  186. Law of Attraction
  187. i'm not a touchy person
  188. Moving in together
  189. Anyone experince outright homophobia?
  190. Closeted and in a relationship
  191. Have you ever felt alienated from hetersexual dorminated world around you?
  192. Long Distance Relationship
  193. Are you interested in relationships, or hookups?
  194. CA Governor race: Jerry Brown or Neel Kashkari?
  195. Gay Dating is inefficient
  196. Let's create a story!
  197. Is This A Bad Thing/Should Businesses Be Allowed To Do this?
  198. Just a little excited
  199. Your Favorite Form of Affection?
  200. When Is It Appropriate?
  201. Home
  202. How LGBT-friendly is your workplace? Are you out at work?
  203. I start a new job tommorrow
  204. If you think you're gay, you probably are - true or false?
  205. Do you think a Straight Man would kiss a Gay Man on a Dare?
  206. U.S. Gvt has a 'patent' on invented Ebola strain
  207. You love hugs?
  208. Are pansexuals the only orientation that have relationships with trans people ?
  209. what are all the non binary Genders ?
  210. I did it!
  211. What Makes You Cry?
  212. What is Your Ideal Occupation?
  213. What Motivates You?
  214. What Are You Best At?
  215. What's "Censorship" And A "Social Justice Warrior"?
  216. Halloween costume ideas
  217. Gays calling other gays "faggot"?
  218. Interesting Article about the "Apps"
  219. What's Your Price?
  220. How EC makes me feel
  221. Showing More Emotion
  222. Gay as a swearword.
  223. What do you have to offer to your potential partner?
  224. I'm planning a coming out party
  225. I caused my friend to come out
  226. Is this generation very porn driven ?
  227. Are Some People Just Bad?
  228. Do you fear getting your heart broken?
  229. What is the Difference Between 'Stubborn' and 'Persistent'?
  230. How Do You Show Someone You Care?
  231. Terrible insomnia. Advice please?
  232. Advice please?
  233. Society, Religion & The Gender Binary
  234. Abstinence from Alcohol
  235. Your ideal partner?
  236. should i still be the "nice guy"
  237. Do you guys believe in future readers????
  238. getting flowers for a guy
  239. Gay Literature
  240. Flirty vs Friendly??
  241. What Warms Your Heart?
  242. How Merciful Are You?
  243. What Are You Proud Of?
  244. How Do You Handle Embarrassment?
  245. Manual Transmissions
  246. Heterosexism
  247. I will come out to my bestfriend in 2 hour.
  248. I went to LGBT student development at my school today
  249. Gay Paree...
  250. Breast cancer (month) and society