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  1. What do you think about this commentary/collection of stories?
  2. Feminism
  3. On my way to comic con in Denver!
  4. World Pride Parade 2015 - Toronto, Canada - Who's going?
  5. Reincarnation selection
  6. what's the wierdest response you've gotten when coming out?
  7. what's the wierdest response you've gotten when coming out?
  8. If there were a genetic test to prove you are LGB or T, would you take it?
  9. How Do You Express Your Feelings?
  10. out with the young in with the old.. did I get it right this time!?
  11. For those who are out to about everybody...
  12. What's the most embarassing thing to happen to you?
  13. Did your dreams come true!?
  14. Did you start suspecting your true sexuality/identity since you were a kid?
  15. Stop Talking About Race/Sexuality/Gender!
  16. meeting people of off ec?
  17. Reincarnation
  18. Would you rather...?
  19. Have You ever stayed in a straight relationship just because.
  20. cemeteries
  21. Gender-neutral pronouns in other languages
  22. All gender clothing online?
  23. Soft-natured
  24. What are some of your personal qualities?
  25. A time machine inside another time machine...what would happen? :V
  26. What's wrong with wanting to feel pretty?
  27. can you cook? how did you learn to cook?
  28. "My family" stickers
  29. What is love? How does it feel?
  30. I just got done with my graduation ceremony!
  31. A lot has happened since I was last online...
  32. Forgiveness?
  33. Am I really a sociopath for getting off this way?
  34. A wonderful message on body image and self love.
  35. British Secondary School VS USA High school
  36. Offensive Bumper Stickers
  37. What Countries Have You Been To?
  38. OMG! Cute Boy noticed me.
  39. Flipping over the coin on Kaiser's question...
  40. got hit on by an older gent, flattered perhaps!?
  41. What Pisses You Off?
  42. Do people ever you are dating your friend?
  43. Question About Books
  44. Your style evolution
  45. Lesbians and U-Hauling
  46. Horrible Style Choices
  47. Do you childhood agree with statistics on homosexuality
  48. My friends want me to get ******
  49. How Easily Do You Make Friends?
  50. Facial hair on Men
  51. "I'm a lesbian, but I wasn't born this way"
  52. Dating site/app ideas
  53. Who Are You?
  54. you don't look it, top or bottom!!??
  55. Learning to Separate Fact and Opinion
  56. Silly things You Did to Stay Closeted....
  57. Do you worry about going to hell for being GLBT?
  58. Do you think straight dating or gay dating is easier?
  59. What would you do if you had an identical clone of you?
  60. Who else is sick of all this talk of bakers and cakes?
  61. Best and worst places you've ever been?
  62. Curious about family
  63. I cry for this kid....
  64. Am I the Only One?
  65. Canadians? :)
  66. Irony or sarcasm?
  67. Not that anyone is interested but
  68. Hello??? esp alert!?
  69. Hum
  70. Our threads and post creates our ec persona
  71. Is it wrong to lust after a platonic friend ? Have you been in this scenario?
  72. you're so skinny, here eat a fist sandwich?!
  73. Why do people STILL claim "being gay = unnatural"?
  74. Happy 90th Birthday Malcolm X
  75. anti war vs. anti veterans
  76. Boycotting - Personal Ethics
  77. If You Could Read Minds...
  78. What is the UGLIEST Color?
  79. Torn Between Two Relationships?!?
  80. hot or cool?
  81. well, this was embarrassing...
  82. 5 senses
  83. Do You Love Yourself?
  84. Chick-fil-A: Still Anti-Gay?
  85. Outing people - double standard?
  86. Good Gay Dating Site
  87. Why do people disagree with marriage equality?
  88. I got the job!!
  89. What would happen if most people didn't want kids
  90. Understanding terminology
  91. for the gay couple with or plaining to have kids
  92. What to make for lunch?
  93. People you would die for?
  94. Cargos or Jeans?
  95. Martial Arts
  96. Going Topless
  97. Would you marry?
  98. so... how many other subs are out there?
  99. what happened immediately after you came out?
  100. Personality and other things
  101. financially independent scary tbh
  102. Build your perfect salad
  103. Positive vs Negative
  104. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater...
  105. Gay-Friendly Wales?
  106. Coming out... again... and again... and again.
  107. Question to gay and straight people on bisexuality
  108. Foods you love, that many others seem to hate
  109. Has lesbian erasure gotten worse?
  110. Great America
  111. How do you plan on giving your children "the talk"?
  112. Let me just say this: I love you all so much
  113. i'm Mr. Lonely
  114. Do You Believe In The Illuminati?
  115. If you could make a movie...
  116. live downtown in condo now so happy
  117. couldn't be happier
  118. Physical awkwardness
  119. Fear of losing my mom.
  120. Do u think Salma Hayek fakes her accent to make it sound thicker?
  121. What are you thinking?
  122. What is Your First and Last Thought in the Day?
  123. Could You Be a Stripper?
  124. Are you that kind of crazy?
  125. What is the Nastiest Thing You've Eaten?
  126. Tell about the time you publicly stuck up for LBGT causes/people.
  127. standing up vs. lying down
  128. Are you the opposite of your sibling(s)?
  129. Video game company bans player for posting in defense of LGBT players who are bullied
  130. Fascinating Abandoned Places from around The World
  131. Say what?!
  132. Anyone ever heard of urban exploring?
  133. What's On Your Bucket List?
  134. Italy
  135. I am leaving maybe for good
  136. What is the Most Annoying Question?
  137. Meeting new lgbtq+ folks!
  138. Would You F%@k Yourself?
  139. Would you date someone with the same name as you?
  140. R.I.P BB King
  141. unsure what to do...
  142. How far would you go for money?
  143. How do you handle life?
  144. Am I Alone in This
  145. How Creative You are and how Artistic you are
  146. Confused About Urination and Genitalia
  147. How Important is Alone Time to You?
  148. What Makes You a Hypocrite?
  149. Favorite Candy
  150. Should the stigma be removed from the word "slut?"
  151. How do you handle pressure?
  152. My marriage is falling apart...need advice
  153. Finding out about my mother's ancestors
  154. any funny lesbian twitter accounts?
  155. any funny lesbian twitter accounts?
  156. Painting your nails. Would you let it happen?
  157. Who made you question your sexuality?
  158. Is "interracial marriage" similar to "gay marriage" in that some ppl view it as...
  159. What Makes a "Man/Woman"?
  160. How Easily Do You Get Bored?
  161. Attraction to Others via Your Crush/Urination and Genitalia Myths
  162. closeted lesbian problems:
  163. i need help w parents
  164. I need a hug
  165. What motto do you live by?
  166. Hi I'm New Could I have Some Directions?
  167. Why is the UK right wing relatively accepting of LGBT people?
  168. Does Heterophobia And Reverse Racism Actually Exist?
  169. Lesbian problems
  170. How Greedy Are You?
  171. Should "hate speech" be criminalized?
  172. languages
  173. I'll counter the "Would you wear a kilt" question with "would you wear a sarong"?
  174. Have any straight indentifying ladies fooled around with a Pansexual guy?
  175. Handing notice in at work and feeling incredibly guilty.
  176. turn ons anyone, he who has the perviest of minds
  177. Do you ever just zone out?
  178. Complimenting straight friends
  179. Do you have a favorite/least favorite letter of the alphabet?
  180. Women wearing Chokers ♥
  181. Guys: Would you wear a Kilt?
  182. When should I give my teacher this letter?
  183. This has nothing to do with lgbt but...
  184. Honest: Have you ever pretended to be the opposite sex online?
  185. Describe your soulmate!
  186. Maryland anyone?
  187. Straight women with "Girlfriends"
  188. Favourite words
  189. For one last time: being gay means attracted to the same sex!
  190. Your Apple?
  191. What makes your brain hurt?
  192. Imagine A World Where Being "Gay" The Norm & Being "Straight" Would Be The Minority!
  193. Seasons, weather, and sex or interest in sex
  194. First coming out stories
  195. Why Do The Prejudiced Always Make It About Them?
  196. Roadtripping USA
  197. Did this go past harassment to sexual harassment?
  198. Exploring root cause(s) for homophobia, akin to lemmings going over the cliff.
  199. Selling Yourself.
  200. How do you show love?
  201. Observations - by Mister Tinkles
  202. My father's changed a bit
  203. i rly don't do tech...
  204. laws of attraction, wait I don't think we have the right polarity!?
  205. RedDev84 removed from staff team
  206. Favorite Cereal
  207. What was the last thing you remember losing?
  208. Did anyone creep you out when you were younger in school?
  209. What are you wearing right now?
  210. Oh yes, Lesbians!
  211. How honest are you?
  212. Objectivism
  213. How do we ease racial tensions in America?
  214. How would you propose to your significant other?❤
  215. Sleeping: What Side?
  216. "gender ideology"....
  217. I want to apologize
  218. Cats = the purrfect medical remedy
  219. do you think the kinsey test is accurate?
  220. Both of my cousins came out as bisexual today
  221. What social norms do you think are utterly stupid?
  222. I'd like to apologize for my comments towards Muslims
  223. What did you learn from your mother?
  224. Have any gays on here ever been engaged or married to the opposite sex?
  225. "Gay people are already treated equal. They just want special rights."
  226. Does it really work?
  227. Guys and eyeliner
  228. Does this sound PC?
  229. Ever had an inappropriate crush?
  230. I Like Girls More...But I Want Boys To Like Me
  231. Things gay guys should start saying to each other more often
  232. Medication
  233. What are your funniest moments here in EC?
  234. Can your Miggs-bryer personality type change?
  235. Meeting people...?
  236. Dissection...
  237. Words cannot express how happy I am that Ellen Page is part of the LGBT family.
  238. Non-dysphoric trans* people
  239. "Gay people should just keep it to themselves"
  240. "nosey" parents
  241. songs you can't get out of your head right now?
  242. so nervous!!!
  243. Am I getting a bit extreme in my activism? (venting)
  244. Are Trans* People "Morally" Obligated to Tell Their Partners...?
  245. Love stories of your current relationships ^_^
  246. Ever kissed your Best friend?
  247. Angel or bad boy/girl?
  248. Life's Regrets?
  249. Fun threads
  250. When suppressing your sexuality, what did/do you do for fun or to get by?