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  1. Being Out to Same-Sex Straight Friends?
  2. Intersex people and the LGBT community.
  3. Gaydar
  4. Science = Lies
  5. How do you imagine meeting your significant other?
  6. Do you think performers should come out?
  7. All things considered , how much MORE COMPLICATED is your life because you're lgbtq?
  8. Sexuality labels gone too far?
  9. Slang
  10. What Age Did You Started Questioning?
  11. Do You Have The Right To Know If You're Adopted?
  12. Today/Tomorrow/This week I'm...
  13. Is there anyone who has same-sex parents?
  14. What Weird Things Do You Do?
  15. Brony bigots...
  16. Unseen Photos from the Past
  17. Would you rather...
  18. Is sexual fluidity that common?
  19. How sexually frustrated are you?
  20. Would you date somebody that was left-handed?
  21. Should voting be mandatory?
  22. Trying to meet new people in public
  23. Election 2016!
  24. Misconceptions about Bisexuality/Pansexuality
  25. What jobs would you never do?
  26. How to dream ?
  27. What is your definition of masculinity and femininity?
  28. Would you date a beliver?
  29. My fellow american: Any hope left for this country?
  30. Help picking a name
  31. Is this bad advice to give for coming out?
  32. Changing my Name...Help me pick a surname
  33. What are other places like?
  34. Thought is share this pic
  35. 24 Questions That Awaken The Real You
  36. Was that Homophobic ? - RWJ
  37. What do you like about your partner?
  38. Homophobes caught doing Gay related things...
  39. The Fosters teenage gay kiss
  40. T in LGBTQ...I have some questions
  41. What do you want to change in your life ?
  42. Not Gay Enough (Poem about bisexuality)
  43. What's the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
  44. Get everybody online?
  45. stright trans how do you deal with a cis stright crush?
  46. Is Tumblr Staining the Trans Image?
  47. Do you ever notice the opposite sex when they're considered "hot"?
  48. uh... why do we still have gender roles? (angry rant with questions)
  49. What's it like to go through a hurricane?
  50. May be losing some of my teeth
  51. Ideas for Pet Names!
  52. Gays in the Military
  53. Venting Forum
  54. Are you happy with the way you look?
  55. Are there countries you DON'T want to visit?
  56. What would you do with a Deathnote?
  57. Would you be able to stop swearing for a YEAR?
  58. Dear Me
  59. The Kinsey Scale
  60. How much has LGBT phobia from religion, the media, and society affect you?
  61. Do you like pet names?
  62. Do people take too many pictures nowadays?
  63. How do you know when you found the one you want to be with
  64. Amazon help please!
  65. Do you think of yourself as a good person ?
  66. Can one really be selfless ?
  67. Homosexuality and the Bible
  68. Morals?
  69. Humanity needs to wake up.
  70. 3 Questions in the Afterlife...
  71. What career should you have?
  72. What's been going on with me
  73. When straight women think you want their man..
  74. the lord is with you
  75. Celebrity Crushes
  76. Learn Korean ?
  77. Being gay a disqualifier for US citizenship in 1981.
  78. "A baby needs both a mother & father in its life" How do you feel when you hear this?
  79. Would you take ten million dollars if it also meant....
  80. Love Quotes
  81. Not Feeling Queer Enough...
  82. How do you not like your friends?
  83. What does your name mean?
  84. Link between being glbt and being disabled
  85. Selfies with "I'm ugly" as the caption
  86. Same Dream
  87. Which countries do/did you want to go to?
  88. Do you think 'fake it till you make it' really works?
  89. Heavier ladies
  90. EC Wiki
  91. If someone had a warrant for their arrest would you turn them in?
  92. What are your favourite and least favourite names?
  93. A Message From the Chairman: Our Straight Problem
  94. School
  95. It's a Wonder They Didn't Recriminalize Homosexuality in the 80's
  96. Which voice did you wish you had?
  97. How lucky are you in the area of love ?
  98. Dancing and living. Those two can be really close.
  99. Are you afraid of yourself?
  100. Who do you trust?
  101. What do you do when you think no one is watching?
  102. Do you see yourself fighting in a war?
  103. Are you clean?
  104. My no longer not so secret Taylor Swift fanness
  105. having your partner on social media
  106. How Different Are You Before You Join EC?
  107. Great, funny video on bisexuality
  108. Forever Remember Ever Loved
  109. Let's put an end to "that's so gay"
  110. I think a teachers hitting on me and I like her what do I do
  111. Glad I'm not straight
  112. Dating physically challenged etc.
  113. viva la revolution
  114. A society without gender roles
  115. I don't understand straight women.. It gets frustrating!
  116. Hate on bisexuals...
  117. Not sure if this is a stupid fear or not but yea
  118. Do you think your crush secretly knows you're into them
  119. Did anyone NOT believe you when you came out?
  120. Anyone here into day trading?
  121. Do you LOL when you "LOL"?
  122. First First Date - Help!
  123. Ever been kissed by surprise?
  124. About laughter
  125. Anyone had missed potential to open up ruined by others being present?
  126. Closeted folks, how homophobic did u act to distract attention away from yourself?
  127. Worcestershire
  128. How do people react in your country/city when they see two guys kissing each other?
  129. thoughts on esoterism
  130. Are Famous LGBT People/Allies Safe in Anti-Gay Countries
  131. So excited I had to share with someone.
  132. How old were you when you saw porn for the first time?
  133. St Patrick's Day fact for everyone - there's a good chance he was gay
  134. Thoughts on drinking alcohol?
  135. Bleh life....
  136. Life goals
  137. Outing anti-gay public officials: yea or nay?
  138. Anyone here into classic lit?
  139. How to know when someone is flirting?
  140. What would you do if you had world domination?
  141. People who want to stay in the closet
  142. What do you think happens after you die?
  143. Norwegian, Swedish or Danish?
  144. What if The Purge was Real?
  145. Single since birth
  146. Kissing Straight People Challenge
  147. favorite ethnic dishes?
  148. Thoughts on smoking?
  149. What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?
  150. I'm am man:)
  151. My girlfriend says we can't make a change...
  152. True colors
  153. How Important is Experience in a Relationship?
  154. personality changes since coming out.
  155. Brokebat Mountain
  156. Happy Pi Day
  157. proud of my older brother
  158. Question for bi guys(or gals)
  159. Question: Romantic and Sexual Orientations
  160. "I dont support gay marriage cause of my religion"
  161. My friend told me he was gay. I feel so loved.
  162. Anyone french kissed before? Do you like it?
  163. going to gym with same sex people only how do you feel ??
  164. Is it okay to be proud of being white?
  165. What does your signature mean
  166. What kind of earrings do the masculine lesbians wear?
  167. No Boyfriend Since Birth
  168. What is your dream partner like?
  169. Wasn't sure where to put this, need some help :s
  170. Is this ad ambiguously "gay friendly?"
  171. Hiv/aids
  172. When you know they'll probably never come around..
  173. [[POLL]] Does binding make you dysphoric?
  174. Anyone always get mistaken for he wrong sexual orientation ?
  175. Bisexuality question, when is a exception an exception, and when is it bisexuality?
  176. Just bought a bicycle
  177. my buddy leaving for army training
  178. Unanswered questions
  179. What is beauty to you?
  180. What are you doing while being on EC?
  181. Watching out for "Gaydar?"
  182. looking back
  183. Church
  184. I'm not your stereotypical gay
  185. What is college like?
  186. any active straight girls here ^_^
  187. Is there anyone else here who hasn't gotten their driver's license yet?
  188. Do straight transgendered people come out as gay first?
  189. How much schoolwork do you get?
  190. Things within the LGBTQ Community you'd like to see addressed
  191. Substitute teacher questions
  192. If you lived somewhere else in your country, where would you live?(state, city, etc.)
  193. What do you think of non binary genders?
  194. bullying in the street
  195. What do you consider cheating?
  196. What do you think determines sexuality?
  197. Cloud 9
  198. Female Family members for Gay Guys
  199. Would you cry over a family member or friend disowning you?
  200. What Gives You Peace?
  201. Any catchy Anti-Homophobia slogan?
  202. What type of hugger are you?
  203. Empty Closets In real life face to face
  204. Misogynistic comments...
  205. FTM, would you like to have a prominent adam's apple? If so, How to fake one?
  206. What grinds your gears?
  207. Are you ever passive aggressive?
  208. do you love yourself ???
  209. Do You Believe Love and Sexual Attraction are Dependent on Each Other?
  210. How bad is cheating in a committed relationship?
  211. Are you an organ donor?
  212. Pretending to be someone else online
  213. How do you feel about people mentioning gender roles in same-sex relationships?
  214. Have you EVER met an effeminate gay man whose voice was not feminine in any way?
  215. Flirt
  216. Mobile app to meet new people online
  217. I hate roommates...
  218. A poem
  219. Moving to LA?
  220. Good Morning!! Ode to a self indulgent post
  221. Found this on YouTube called the official coming out song
  222. Would you like to have kids?
  223. History of the World(Anyone like History and looking into the past)
  224. Let's Talk About Pranks
  225. How do you feel about the word "daddy?"
  226. Republicans?
  227. Is there such thing as not being "trans enough"?
  228. Anyone from New Jersey?
  229. Do you find it easier to come out to your friends or family first?
  230. Public Apology
  231. Good night!
  232. He always has to be right
  233. brothers *facepalm*
  234. have u ever witnessed a rejection?
  235. A scary experience tonight
  236. breaking the habit?
  237. help need gift idea!???
  238. Does anyone here has a stuffed animal/plushies?
  239. Scared of loneliness?
  240. how can people be so mean?
  241. embarrassing comments to people you like?
  242. my personal them song for love
  243. There is no destination; enjoy the journey.
  244. "International Punch-a-Non-Binary-in-the-Sternum Day"
  245. RE homework.
  246. Labels
  247. Where/how have you met people?
  248. Nic-names
  249. Advice for vacation, please?
  250. what happened to the lesbian thread??