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  1. How did your parents react when you came out of the closet?
  2. What were people's/that person's reaction when you came out to them?
  3. Do we have to take risks to meet someone?
  4. How do you like to end a first date?
  5. Anti-gay argument parody
  6. What kind of piercings and/or tattoos do you have?
  7. Off to Africa!!!
  8. What is the most accepting religion for us?
  9. Interesting thoughts on parents who disown their gay kids
  10. should I buy myself a dress?
  11. Does anyone feel more comfortable here than FB?
  12. Why all religions forbid homosexuality?
  13. Have you guy seen the video "How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay
  14. Lefty or Righty?
  15. Does your accent show when you feel certain emotions?
  16. Do you think Sponge Bob breaks gender bareers
  17. Unavoidable awkwardness approaching
  18. What makes straight people here ?. Does anyone have any idea?
  19. Favourite TV Characters
  20. Is the LGBT rights movement hijacked by gay white males?
  21. Beauty in nature
  22. My mom's poor judgements.
  23. Thoughts on contradictory fantasies
  24. bringing kids up gender neutral?
  25. Question for religious LGBTQs
  26. Expecto Patronum
  27. LGBT rights in Louisiana
  28. Society for Creative Anachronism
  29. Where Would You Move To....
  30. If You Wear glasses or contacts what's your visual problems.
  31. Estrogen may be an antipsychotic
  32. Favorite gay youtube couples?
  33. In need of emergency fashion advice.
  34. Last Words
  35. Rare or common perception: "LGBT centers are a place where 'losers' hang out... "
  36. A great blog about movies, pop culture and the subtleties of coming out
  37. What are some of the arguments against marriage equality?
  38. How do you find love? Sometimes you collide with a str8
  39. What are 5 things that make you REALLY mad?
  40. How difficult is be L or G or B or T?
  41. Message of Love
  42. Shy Guys & Girls
  43. Gay Clubs / Bars
  44. "Top or bottom?" - it just DOESN't exist, or does it?
  45. How to get rid of acne in less than a week?
  46. Shaven or hairy legs?
  47. hands up if your an 100% bottom or just like to bottom ?
  48. what does it mean when someone says you look like you cheered in highschool
  49. What is your MBTI Personality Type?
  50. Is 4 Years Long Enough To Train A Talent
  51. Research Topic: Sexual and gender minority stressors and mental health
  52. Inspiration!
  53. Should Marijuana be legalized?
  54. Anyone interested in taking the Enneagram personality test?
  55. Does dyeing your hair ruin it?
  56. Guys with long hair
  57. Is embarrassing for you be treated as str8?
  58. Has anyone done the ice bucket challenge?
  59. This could be goodbye for a little while..
  60. Proof That The Quran Doesn't Condemn Homosexuality
  61. What Comes Naturally To You?
  62. this proves you are all valuable.
  63. Another "duh" study slut-shaming women
  64. how long do you wait to cut your hair?
  65. Needing a haircut, but facing a dilemma...
  66. Learned to masturbate, how?
  67. Mom or mum?
  68. Cheap converses
  69. Ode to my non-affirming mother(a poem written by me)
  70. Is it possible getting 2 degrees?
  71. So you could say I'm straight
  72. Have you thought about what you'd be like if you were born of the other gender
  73. Who created us?
  74. a guy in womens shoes? :P
  75. Share your wisdom with us.
  76. Goodbye for a while
  77. Write a story!!!
  78. I strongly dislike other gay people... how do I stop?
  79. My mom thinks I should get church friends
  80. The Lottery
  81. Question for people who are fully/mostly out
  82. Are you supposed to come out to your roommates?
  83. Is it weird to think it's hot if your girlfriend says she's my bitch, to other people
  84. Have you ever done drag?
  85. Big city with parents or town, but alone?
  86. Nail polish on guys..opinions
  87. Should I dye my hair?
  88. Confused and a bit scared
  89. Do most Pride parades allow this?
  90. Side Jobs
  91. Coffee shop names with the word Furey in it? Any ideas?
  92. LGBT religious/spiritual community: not so elusive
  93. "I HATE straight people!" "What?"
  94. About to Come Out but....
  95. What do you mean "sexually active?"
  96. is it worth it?
  97. Please share your experience with Internet Dating
  98. Straight pride.
  99. Hurricanes With Feminine Names are Deadlier
  100. "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian"
  101. I just found this video
  102. Do you like licking armpit hair during sex and/or regularly?
  103. Have you ever fallen in love with someone who turns out to be homophobe?
  104. I hate shaving, and my family thinks it's gross
  105. How good is your gaydar?
  106. What were your dreams and aspirations when you were a child?
  107. I went to as straight venue - and you thought WE were 'promiscious'...goodness.
  108. Your Gay Celebrity Idol
  109. Is not dating a bisexual person a preference ?
  110. What do you like that most people don't?
  111. School Laptops
  112. Hair.
  113. Don't be scammed by 'online lovers' like this man was.
  114. Occupation
  115. Should there be corpal punishment in school?
  116. Your Favorite Coffee Spot is....
  117. This is going to probably change my career path...
  118. I got a Kate Upton poster for my room!
  119. Thoughts on dating older people?
  120. How to respond to assumptions?
  121. How does one truly get confidence?
  122. Do any of you have a twin that's not your brother or sister ?
  123. Sexual fantasies- reliable or no?
  124. Guys, I envy you
  125. Is it werid that I haven't kissed anyone yet?
  126. On hearing 'gay' used as a term of derision.
  127. Not sure how to come on to/flirt with girl
  128. Donating blood...
  129. Anyone who is gay/lesbian have/had occasional opposite sex attraction?
  130. Movies that (apparently) don't have an explanation
  131. That moment when...
  132. The youngest one could understand sexual attraction question.
  133. I feel so frustrated
  134. OMG!!! For us guys cx haha
  135. 'Ugly' people should be grateful for being raped?!?!?!
  136. I hate being called Buddy/Dude/Bro
  137. Difference between masculine and straight looking gays?
  138. Anyone else have a massive amount of stuffed animals as a kid?
  139. Hi
  140. A little humor for your day
  141. Are you suppose to love your mother no matter what she does to you ?
  142. I an audition today
  143. Would you date me?
  144. Favourite Manga?
  145. LGBT bff with straight
  146. What to give to the girl who has everything
  147. How do you feel when someone of the opposite sex/gender is interested in you?
  148. How would you respond to this?
  149. I went to my first gay bar!
  150. I don't know what I think about this
  151. Innie or Outie?
  152. What was your first real kiss like?
  153. Porn?
  154. Gays everywhere
  155. That weird "in-between" stage...?
  156. Favorite country?
  157. Allergies?
  158. Bear Brotherhood
  159. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  160. Hands up if u r a 100% top....
  161. How long do you wait to say 'I love you?'
  162. A fun LGBT advert from a big UK name
  163. Please help! No judgement please!
  164. Outside opinions on Australia??
  165. Weird crush
  166. Wedding/shower gift giving etiquette: Give 2 gifts or 1?
  167. GCSE Results?
  168. Best way to die?
  169. pro life vs pro choice
  170. How did you learn about 'gay?'
  171. no wonder i follow this band.
  172. Why do people confuse aesthetic attraction with sexual attraction ?
  173. Goodbye EC
  174. Straight People with Multiple Gay Partners
  175. Is it bad have people call you by a different name instead of your real name ?
  176. Using the word 'mate'
  177. I have an immigration question I've been wondering about ?
  178. Thunderstorms/Rain
  179. A poem I wrote
  180. Is porn creating "a generation of 20-year-old virgins"?
  181. Worst way to die?
  182. Anyone else donate to pro-LGBT rights groups?
  183. I miss God
  184. Will be turning 30 in a few months...
  185. Do you know first aid?
  186. My mom's such a hippie
  187. Being yelled at by customers!
  188. School Yay... I think
  189. Has any butch lesbians experimented with dressing feminine ?
  190. Where can I express myself?
  191. Opinion on guys who trim/shave leg hair?
  192. ugh doctors (rant)
  193. GIRLS!!! Is it wrong for us to make the first move?
  194. New Job
  195. Does anyone else feel like they might be spying reading wall conversations?
  196. Giving hints through facebook?
  197. One Space or Two?
  198. Communicating with non-English speakers.
  199. Do you feel different from your family for reasons other than your sexuality?
  200. If you were to buy a new car...
  201. People who shoot/airsoft.
  202. Political views
  203. ugh, i don't want to work on Haiti :(
  204. I'm going on vacation! ^.^
  205. Views on consensual incest?
  206. Degrading terms?
  207. Thoughts on Obama?
  208. Tattoo's and employment opportunities
  209. Do you flirt without realising?
  210. Recovering from being in the closet
  211. How comfortable are you with your sexuality?
  212. Favorite fictional character?
  213. What do dreams really mean?
  214. Did you ever get "the talk?"
  215. Justin Bieber and his homophobe bashers
  216. Using the formal You with people of your own age or younger
  217. what is the greatest power in the world
  218. Not sure how long I will be gone...
  219. A hypothetical situation
  220. Your opinion on labels?
  221. Is this weird?
  222. Why are Gyms full of homophobic men?
  223. Your Biggest Supporter
  224. Does anyone else think pride parades go too far?
  225. Do you think gay men should have the equal blood donation rights?
  226. Did you know gay people when you were little/growing up?
  227. Doing your hair?
  228. Is it ok to be only wanting to BOTTOM???
  229. Gay guys who hate women
  230. Should I sell my entire CD collection?
  231. Creepypasta
  232. Transsexuality?
  233. My near hookup with a closeted TV Anchor
  234. How old should you be to...
  235. partner?
  236. Explaining pansexuality?
  237. Moving tomorrow
  238. Who proposes first if you are both in a same-sex ?
  239. Who proposes first if you are both in a same-sex?
  240. How many yrs do u think u should trust ur bf/gf/friends ?
  241. How many times have been all most caught?
  242. Haircut?
  243. Any other Tarot readers out there?
  244. Smoking... bleh.
  245. Gay folks can be mean, too.
  246. Would you take a longboard to a bowl?
  247. Gender portrayal
  248. Great article
  249. Being a transgendered individual
  250. how do we use this forum