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  1. Does this sound gay or asexual?
  2. Giving up on love when love hasn't given up on you
  3. Bad Days.
  4. I feel like I'm abusive
  5. Moving to Manchester
  6. GSA - New Name/Activity Ideas?
  7. Help! Strange "fetish" is tearing me apart, ruining my life
  8. Random question for armpit hair
  9. terrified about bi-phobia, in the dating world
  10. Not sure if I'm in love?
  11. Feeling worse than my twin brother.
  12. Struggles being a closeted bisexual
  13. Feeling out of place .. any advice or comment welcomed!
  14. Lesbian Poll: Halloween Costume
  15. FIRST hook up?
  16. Eating
  17. Feels like I screwed up my life and there is no turning back
  18. Knowing what's right and wrong
  19. Bisexual? Biromantic heterosexual?
  20. in love with someone from youtube/instagram
  21. If you've self harmed, should you seek professional help?
  22. Poll re: gender identification for ALL people here!
  23. I thought I was over this :(
  24. Does anyone else feel really ashamed for being sexual?
  25. thanks empty closets
  26. How to initiate a conversation?
  27. Should I Run Away?
  28. Should I be concerned? Can I get some advice?
  29. At war with my body
  30. masturbating wrong?
  31. Life is going downhill from here. I don't know where to turn.
  32. This Generation
  33. Am I demi or just normal?
  34. It hurts to be me.
  35. Post story on Wattpad?
  36. I had 2 months to figure it out.....
  37. I am gay but dont accept it. Help. I am getting sick.
  38. Have you ever been The Other Woman/Man?
  39. My boyfriend has been hurt by his ex
  40. How to find gay guys\confidence question also
  41. Straight wife in need of advice..please help
  42. How open are gay guys?
  43. tried to talk to therapist about positive change in fantasies but couldn't get it out
  44. Afraid of hurting parents
  45. Would a cisgender girl have these thoughts?
  46. I Came Out, Need Help..
  47. I think I really need help
  48. Becoming angry and bitter; Defending my sexuality abrasively.
  49. How to deal with rejection?
  50. Are these panic attacks?
  51. Going to gay club when not out, what to do?
  52. Can someone put this in better words for me?
  53. LGBT: Ever feel sorry for your past self?
  54. Transman or masculine girl?
  55. Shame When I am Sexual
  56. Should I be concerned if I had a wet dream involving a younger guy?
  57. Help! I'm not physically attracted to the guy I've been seeing!
  58. Bad idea?
  59. Is there a solid Christian defense for homosexuality?
  60. hookup buddy etiquette?
  61. My 6 months crush on Instructor
  62. My Mom is Driving Me Crazy!
  63. I'm more of a man, but i enjoy femininity?
  64. Would You Ever Not Tell Them?
  65. Kill the GAY in me.
  66. I have a big crush on my boss
  67. Complicated relationship explanation?
  68. Dealing with religious upbringing
  69. Gay guys playing games
  70. Can picture myself with a woman, but can't see myself having a family with one
  71. Age gap?
  72. Am I Too Young To Have Had Lesbian Sex?
  73. Are you still a 'Virgin' if you've only had lesbian sex?
  74. Open relationship troubles
  75. How to deal with my issues- who should I speak to and what can I do?
  76. Accidentally fell in love?
  77. I hate the fact i'm gay?
  78. I feel like my best friend led me on
  79. Destined to be lonely
  80. Post self pleasure
  81. Changing my given name
  82. Coping with hopeless future
  83. Gay guy sending me friend request
  84. Suicide/GLBT Hotline
  85. I have at least 2 more years left in the closet.
  86. Scared, need help, no idea what to do
  87. I like you?
  88. I find my cousin hot??
  89. older, closeted and super lonely
  90. [Heterosexual sex for a questioning person.] When to have sex in highschool?
  91. Life doesn't seem real.
  92. How do gay guys flirt?
  93. Women's Poll: Lesbian Scent Choices
  94. Suicide among young people (Trigger Warning)
  95. Binding with tank tops?
  96. Need advice
  97. Always took the blame?!!??
  98. I think I like a straight guy..
  99. My bisexual bestfriend is annoying me?!
  100. Would it be wrong for me to 'hook up' with a teenager?
  101. Decisions
  102. Secret catfish???
  103. genital herpes
  104. How do you tell if someone likes you?
  105. I see no more point in living.
  106. Last Words
  107. Another advice seeker
  108. Is this weird or crazy? Is something wrong with me?
  109. I feel like I'm the only bi girl who hasn't had a crush on a bestfriend?
  110. Urgent Advice please help
  111. I'm trying
  112. will they stop
  113. going to the sex shop
  114. Goodbye, I'm leaving EC and wanted to say thanks
  115. Can a homoromantic bisexual still have opposite-sex crushes?
  116. Most of the guys in my class are gay
  117. messed up a chance or 3
  118. Gay sex?
  119. Lesbian vs FtM
  120. Life after mental illness
  121. Just lonely...
  122. Anxiety over virginity
  123. Awkward Question
  124. I think I was abused?
  125. why do people suddenly cut off all contact?
  126. Don't know what to do...
  127. Gender fluid people
  128. Catching feelings for a close friend
  129. Abuse survivors: if you can't heal the wound, manage it.
  130. killing myself
  131. Life sentence?
  132. Party invitation! Don't know how to respond...
  133. Not LGBT related: teen girl with guy friends. Can it work?
  134. Hate when I fall for a cute straight guy....
  135. I need to rant
  136. Joking Around
  137. Cannot get over old crushes
  138. Question about Substance Abuse and Smoking
  139. Im still not over my mistakes
  140. Simple fetish or sexuality?
  141. I wanted to let you know...
  142. This is not LGBT-related, but...
  143. Any experienced aromantics?
  144. Am I doing the right thing? Please advice.
  145. Can you get free birth control with Planned Parenthood?
  146. Starting Therapy tomorrow to find out WTH I am
  147. Abuse to LGBTs
  148. The Other way around
  149. Afraid of eating disorder
  150. Regrets a few years down the line :(
  151. Advice?
  152. Feeling empty
  153. Addiction
  154. Attracted to people but not their junk?
  155. Dealing with a social media pursuer
  156. I don't know what to do
  157. Maladaptive daydreaming
  158. partner cheating - what do I do?
  159. I need help.. I don't want to try, I just want to do.
  160. Is this a reasonable message?
  161. What too do if this happens..
  162. Pffft! Very homophobic and ignorant
  163. I've learned not to trust my intuition when it comes to attraction.
  164. Question about suicide
  165. I really don't know what to do.
  166. DATING A TRANSMAN... What the hell am I feeling right now??
  167. Would a person like this be considered on the asexual spectrum?
  168. Who Wants to Live Vicariously Through Me?
  169. Helpless (edited cuz i missed out smth)
  170. Gay Marriage
  171. What, to you, defines a tomboy?
  172. Long Distance Boyfriend Sexually Harassed By Parent
  173. Censored Google?
  174. porn triggerring dysphoria
  175. Online Dating - Anxiety
  176. Going crazy, crying now I might never see him again
  177. How to be less brash/attention seeking?
  178. "Coming out" as depressed to parents? Please help.
  179. Why do I have these strange feelings for my friend??
  180. Friend not really responding, feeling discouraged...
  181. Seeking advice..
  182. Is bad skin a turn off
  183. Suicidal
  184. Lesbian, Bisexual, Other?
  185. What do I do with this mess?
  186. Opposites attract
  187. URGENT Sexual health and HIV
  188. Safe sex practices
  189. Ace/Aro but...
  190. Does anyone ever reply to posts on here?!
  191. Coming out this way seen as attention seeking?
  192. Anyone from Pakistan on the forum
  193. "Sexuality is fluid"
  194. Mental health\ Please help advice
  195. Blocked someone close who then made posts public. More below..
  196. The bible and homosexuality
  197. No one is ever going to believe me
  198. Why do I attract dorks?
  199. My crush/friend found a new best friend, feeling overwhelmingly upset
  200. He's not responding.
  201. Afraid I'm not trans
  202. Jealous of straight fellow graduates
  203. How to end biphobia
  204. What to expect?
  205. Girls...How long do you wait???
  206. My grandmother's death stirred up all the drama.
  207. Afraid of being straight.
  208. I feel like there's a competition with my bi friend?
  209. Virginity + Dating with Depression
  210. My crush is killing me
  211. Feel upset about weight
  212. Need urgent help by 12:30 today!!!!!!!!!
  213. What am I going to do? :(
  214. I want to find a good guy....
  215. Difference between confusion and denial?
  216. How should I deal with my Mom?
  217. Looking older
  218. Sexxxx
  219. Hanging myself sounds fun
  220. Should cuddling matter this much?
  221. Discouraged and doubting
  222. Crying, thoughts and fears getting to me
  223. Question for Lesbians?
  224. Should I see a psychologist?
  225. Imperfections...?
  226. How do you get therapy for depression?
  227. Sex with too many people
  228. Episode V: The Gender Anxiety Strikes Back!
  229. Discussing sexual boundaries-- when do you do it?
  230. Crushes and social anxiety/panic disorder
  231. HOCD - scared of not being bi
  232. What is the social convention for befriending someone?
  233. My life is ruined because I'm trans.
  234. Does she want sex?
  235. Confusing crush??? what would u do?
  236. How to get over feeling used?
  237. Who am I? What do I do?
  238. Being in love is destroying me.
  239. crush on older woman
  240. Dad suicidal - boyfriend did not want to hear about it
  241. Am I seriously asexual?
  242. Is it common for girls to get turned on for no reason?
  243. I can't see walls for some people
  244. How to handle mixed signals?
  245. Crossdressing
  246. He said I was boring...
  247. online relationship that will soon become in person
  248. A list of the reasons people choose to be gay
  249. I just watched my first porn. Ever.
  250. Using T to deepen voice - Why?