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  1. Help?
  2. Okay so I have this issue I'm hoping someone could diagnose?
  3. Befriending via tumblr-- issues?
  4. LGBT in the 80s.
  5. If anyone here is in the national guard, I would like some advice.
  6. I'm writing a story with a bi son and gay daughter.
  7. Am I Asexual?
  8. Emotional attraction to the opposite sex=internalised homophobia, or bi?
  9. Dealing with cultural differences
  10. Can stress cause head aches?
  11. I NEED HELP to accept myself
  12. Friendship for women or sexusl/romantic love?
  13. Big guilt.
  14. I feel like I'm about to snap.
  15. The "are you intersted in men or women" boxes.
  16. Question for the Ladies about Sex Practices
  17. Doubting question
  18. General Unhappiness
  19. Help! Anxiety! :(
  20. Is this more trans or gay
  21. Long distance relationship
  22. Ruined my life
  23. Suicidal but no crisis?
  24. Good and..bad news..
  25. Get over crush w/out damaging self-esteem?
  26. are trans people turned on by gay love?
  27. Can someone answer some questions for me please
  28. Can't believe I related to this Simpsons quote
  29. I keep arguing with my BF and its pushing him away from me
  30. I want to stand up to my manager
  31. What should I do and what's the right thing?
  32. very long vent. advice warmly welcomed...
  33. Is this transgender?
  34. Am I "straight" enough?
  35. I'm scared, who am i?
  36. Unbalanced Family
  37. Sex on the first date?
  38. being manipulative
  39. Dry-humping...should I?
  40. Please help, coming out?
  41. Going nuts ( consciousness stream )
  42. Did I 'evolve' into a lesbian?
  43. Early thirties and confused.
  44. OCD/Sexuality
  45. Freaked out in the tampon aisle.
  46. Gay for humans, but bi for furries?
  47. I dont know what to do
  48. Tips for lesbian sex?
  49. First Kiss
  50. Feeling sexy & being the ugly sibling
  51. Lost in fantasy?
  52. My bisexual friend is apparently gay now.
  53. Do I sound bisexual/gay?
  54. Some questions for you
  55. Does it sound like I could be lesbian?
  56. Is it normal to feel like this?
  57. A beautiful meditative experience.
  58. Confused by conflicting signs
  59. My friend is confusing me.
  60. Turned down crush, what do I do?
  61. What does this mean? Confused/slightly hurt
  62. Biromantic or lesbian?
  63. Feeling really sad about my breakup
  64. My boyfriend is apparently straight now??
  65. Teenage counseling in the U.S.
  66. Confused
  67. Lowering inhibitions under the influence of alcohol- does it constitute 'attraction'?
  68. Relationship advice + thoughts?
  69. Can men be bisexual?
  70. I drove home
  71. Fifth date, guy doesn't want to have sex.
  72. Gay or transgender?
  73. Feel sick when i try to be out
  74. Is this normal?
  75. How to get over a break up
  76. Im in school and im straight with a girlfriend. My gay friend likes me. HELP
  77. Alcohol
  78. How to get over someone
  79. Please tell me what this means...
  80. What would you label me as?
  81. It's my birthday, and I feel like crying
  82. Felt like crying
  83. I have to pray in front of a group
  84. Work, work, work
  85. What do I do if my new boyfriend says I love you?
  86. Is this internalised homophobia or I can't be a lesbian?
  87. Would you get involved with someone who did drugs?
  88. Can't accept
  89. Help me out with my boyfriend
  90. Advice please- tell me what to do?
  91. Does this mean i was mentally messed up
  92. Porn
  93. I am so confused about my boyfriend
  94. i feel disgusting
  95. What to do if straight girls try to flirt with me (gay male)
  96. Am I denial?
  97. Have a crush on my best friend...
  98. how do lesbians generally feel about a woman who is bisexual/homoromantic?
  99. Introverts and Dating
  100. Is this legal to do?
  101. Ready to receive but not to give..
  102. I don't know how to describe what is going on in my head, need help so desperately
  103. I am so angry that i cannot do anything
  104. What to do when I want to kill myself
  105. Disconnected from feelings
  106. Does oral sex makes you not a virgin anymore?
  107. Would you date someone who was bisexual?
  108. How do I come out as fluidflux/other?
  109. Was this all truly a joke? Am I crazy? Or is he?
  110. Excerpt from my journal (about depression).
  111. I feel like God hates me for being gay.
  112. Adult scared stiff of monsters/the dark
  113. The same thing?
  114. Is it weird to not like kissing of any kind?
  115. Is it unusual to feel intimidated for this reason?
  116. Why am I so "thirsty"
  117. Gender/body Dysphoria
  118. Am I losing it? Advice please
  119. I want to come out to my father
  120. Lack of identity
  121. Am I gay or is kissing just not that great?
  122. Am I transgender (ftm)
  123. I'm Ready To Come Out But...
  124. Misgendering myself, a lot.
  125. I worry that I am not gay, just prejudiced against straight sex.
  126. How to tell her ?
  127. Where did I get my nose?
  128. Is anyone here religious? How did you convince yourself God doesn't hate you?
  129. Never Depressed
  130. Bi GF
  131. I can't rid him of my mind
  132. My mom just doesn't get it
  133. Does she like me?
  134. How do i come out to my dad?
  135. Are gay guys drawn to postgraduate studies?
  136. Not sure if straight or bi...
  137. Confused about my gender identify
  138. Reconciling orientation and faith
  139. Anger/Aggression Management.
  140. Did she come out to me?
  141. Annoyed..
  142. Calling all homosexual trans men
  143. Hey YOU! Get in here...
  144. Obsessions
  145. Why do I allow her to weasel her way back in my life??????
  146. new people unsure what to do
  147. My bestfriend is being such a b****
  148. Being gay is making me depressed
  149. Insomnia + Gender Dysphoria + Suicidal thoughts + Loneliness = Hell
  150. dysphoria or coping mechanism
  151. What do yall do?
  152. How do queer (bi, pan, etc) people cope with the 'striaghness' of straight sex?
  153. What is the best way to experiment?
  154. Homophobic experiences
  155. Does anyone else get this?
  156. Am I clinging onto my bisexuality because I don't want to be gay?
  157. What does denial feel like?
  158. Get over a coworker I don't talk to?
  159. Is it normal to find genitals a bit 'gross'?
  160. Need advice (drinking)
  161. A question for people in same-sex relationships who have children
  162. Don't know if I'm straight, gay, or bi-help?
  163. What would you do in this scenario
  164. questioning my relationship
  165. Share your secrets here
  166. Is it a gender identity absurd?
  167. Bicurious or Bisexuality?
  168. Poll: is this the heart of a lesbian or a bisexual girl?
  169. Emetophobia
  170. I'm a gay male and possibly in love with my female best friend????
  171. Wanting a Gay Child
  172. When you think you're over someone...
  173. My trans boyfriend and what I fear
  174. depression dont knoew what to do
  175. I really want to be out :(
  176. Best lesbian movies?
  177. Hoarding
  178. Anyone else on here really like Hispanic guys?
  179. Closeted or simply an ally?
  180. Is this weird for a gay guy?
  181. What's going on?
  182. Do you agree this was wrong
  183. Why so sudden?
  184. Need advice to dominate
  185. Losing
  186. Hate my friend for no reason
  187. Not sure how to tell her?
  188. Why are we so threatened by bisexual men?
  189. Mistaken for Trans
  190. Sugar daddy. Should I?
  191. Selective Mutism
  192. How to build trust with my boyfriend
  193. childhood same sex expierences
  194. Need some advice?
  195. A question about crushes
  196. Paranoid about where I stand with this guy and what to do
  197. This is why I'm suicidal and why I wont tell anyone.
  198. like both genders, but can only see myself marrying a woman
  199. Want to come out, but afraid my label may someday change?
  200. I'm gay and my opposite sex crushes all turned out gay?
  201. Lesbian friend likes me but wouldn't kiss me?
  202. Previous experiences with psychologists/therapists
  203. Doesn't Make Sense
  204. I won't go down on women but I am bi...
  205. I don't know who I am
  206. why not cut
  207. Depressed again
  208. I might be bisexual
  209. Two different feelings for two different people
  210. What could I do in my free time?
  211. Experiences of accidently hitting on straight people?
  212. My Visual attractions and sexual/romantic attractions dont match
  213. So paranoid about going back to school?
  214. Don't feel LGBT enough to go to the LGBT centre at university?
  215. Is this weird for a lesbian?
  216. Im Scared. Self Harm Urges Coming Back Strong
  217. I am meeting him again this Friday for a sleep over. Need your advice.
  218. What if we're wrong?
  219. He's in a relationship but flirting with me
  220. Are gay men kinder people?
  221. Is this sexual assault? Trigger warning
  222. having wet dream as a male, feeling dysphoric
  223. Is it wrong that I cannot get him off my mind?
  224. Are Leather and Furry communities LGBT?
  225. Depression? Probably..
  226. Is it ok to ask someone about their sexuality?
  227. Who pursues whom in a lesbian relationship?
  228. Genderqueer and dating a straight person
  229. Pissed off by my overprotective father.
  230. Questions for lesbians
  231. Adult with no friends
  232. I want to go back in.
  233. Homophobia torment. now what to do..future choices
  234. LGBT friendly/specified counsellors and therapists
  235. Insatiable longing for the other sex when dating someone
  236. I found out my dad is GAY?
  237. Tips for getting over addiction?
  238. I want to have my first girlfriend
  239. A question for 'Good Girls'...
  240. Am I a bad person for wanting children when I'm older?
  241. I just came close to suicide..
  242. I think my depression symptoms are coming back! Help me with your advice please
  243. Please help, I hate my school
  244. How do I get over my fear of hell?
  245. Helping online friend.
  246. Lesbian and disgusted by some lesbians?
  247. Confusion getting me down
  248. Married but now out... now what?
  249. Questioning Myself.
  250. Embarrassed myself... What now?