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  1. I am so confused about my boyfriend
  2. i feel disgusting
  3. What to do if straight girls try to flirt with me (gay male)
  4. Am I denial?
  5. Have a crush on my best friend...
  6. how do lesbians generally feel about a woman who is bisexual/homoromantic?
  7. Introverts and Dating
  8. Is this legal to do?
  9. Ready to receive but not to give..
  10. I don't know how to describe what is going on in my head, need help so desperately
  11. I am so angry that i cannot do anything
  12. What to do when I want to kill myself
  13. Disconnected from feelings
  14. Does oral sex makes you not a virgin anymore?
  15. Would you date someone who was bisexual?
  16. How do I come out as fluidflux/other?
  17. Was this all truly a joke? Am I crazy? Or is he?
  18. Excerpt from my journal (about depression).
  19. I feel like God hates me for being gay.
  20. Adult scared stiff of monsters/the dark
  21. The same thing?
  22. Is it weird to not like kissing of any kind?
  23. Is it unusual to feel intimidated for this reason?
  24. Why am I so "thirsty"
  25. Gender/body Dysphoria
  26. Am I losing it? Advice please
  27. I want to come out to my father
  28. Lack of identity
  29. Am I gay or is kissing just not that great?
  30. Am I transgender (ftm)
  31. I'm Ready To Come Out But...
  32. Misgendering myself, a lot.
  33. I worry that I am not gay, just prejudiced against straight sex.
  34. How to tell her ?
  35. Where did I get my nose?
  36. Is anyone here religious? How did you convince yourself God doesn't hate you?
  37. Never Depressed
  38. Bi GF
  39. I can't rid him of my mind
  40. My mom just doesn't get it
  41. Does she like me?
  42. How do i come out to my dad?
  43. Are gay guys drawn to postgraduate studies?
  44. Not sure if straight or bi...
  45. Confused about my gender identify
  46. Reconciling orientation and faith
  47. Anger/Aggression Management.
  48. Did she come out to me?
  49. Annoyed..
  50. Calling all homosexual trans men
  51. Hey YOU! Get in here...
  52. Obsessions
  53. Why do I allow her to weasel her way back in my life??????
  54. new people unsure what to do
  55. My bestfriend is being such a b****
  56. Being gay is making me depressed
  57. Insomnia + Gender Dysphoria + Suicidal thoughts + Loneliness = Hell
  58. dysphoria or coping mechanism
  59. What do yall do?
  60. How do queer (bi, pan, etc) people cope with the 'striaghness' of straight sex?
  61. What is the best way to experiment?
  62. Homophobic experiences
  63. Does anyone else get this?
  64. Am I clinging onto my bisexuality because I don't want to be gay?
  65. What does denial feel like?
  66. Get over a coworker I don't talk to?
  67. Is it normal to find genitals a bit 'gross'?
  68. Need advice (drinking)
  69. A question for people in same-sex relationships who have children
  70. Don't know if I'm straight, gay, or bi-help?
  71. What would you do in this scenario
  72. questioning my relationship
  73. Share your secrets here
  74. Is it a gender identity absurd?
  75. Bicurious or Bisexuality?
  76. Poll: is this the heart of a lesbian or a bisexual girl?
  77. Emetophobia
  78. I'm a gay male and possibly in love with my female best friend????
  79. Wanting a Gay Child
  80. When you think you're over someone...
  81. My trans boyfriend and what I fear
  82. depression dont knoew what to do
  83. I really want to be out :(
  84. Best lesbian movies?
  85. Hoarding
  86. Anyone else on here really like Hispanic guys?
  87. Closeted or simply an ally?
  88. Is this weird for a gay guy?
  89. What's going on?
  90. Do you agree this was wrong
  91. Why so sudden?
  92. Need advice to dominate
  93. Losing
  94. Hate my friend for no reason
  95. Not sure how to tell her?
  96. Why are we so threatened by bisexual men?
  97. Mistaken for Trans
  98. Sugar daddy. Should I?
  99. Selective Mutism
  100. How to build trust with my boyfriend
  101. childhood same sex expierences
  102. Need some advice?
  103. A question about crushes
  104. Paranoid about where I stand with this guy and what to do
  105. This is why I'm suicidal and why I wont tell anyone.
  106. like both genders, but can only see myself marrying a woman
  107. Want to come out, but afraid my label may someday change?
  108. I'm gay and my opposite sex crushes all turned out gay?
  109. Lesbian friend likes me but wouldn't kiss me?
  110. Previous experiences with psychologists/therapists
  111. Doesn't Make Sense
  112. I won't go down on women but I am bi...
  113. I don't know who I am
  114. why not cut
  115. Depressed again
  116. I might be bisexual
  117. Two different feelings for two different people
  118. What could I do in my free time?
  119. Experiences of accidently hitting on straight people?
  120. My Visual attractions and sexual/romantic attractions dont match
  121. So paranoid about going back to school?
  122. Don't feel LGBT enough to go to the LGBT centre at university?
  123. Is this weird for a lesbian?
  124. Im Scared. Self Harm Urges Coming Back Strong
  125. I am meeting him again this Friday for a sleep over. Need your advice.
  126. What if we're wrong?
  127. He's in a relationship but flirting with me
  128. Are gay men kinder people?
  129. Is this sexual assault? Trigger warning
  130. having wet dream as a male, feeling dysphoric
  131. Is it wrong that I cannot get him off my mind?
  132. Are Leather and Furry communities LGBT?
  133. Depression? Probably..
  134. Is it ok to ask someone about their sexuality?
  135. Who pursues whom in a lesbian relationship?
  136. Genderqueer and dating a straight person
  137. Pissed off by my overprotective father.
  138. Questions for lesbians
  139. Adult with no friends
  140. I want to go back in.
  141. Homophobia torment. now what to do..future choices
  142. LGBT friendly/specified counsellors and therapists
  143. Insatiable longing for the other sex when dating someone
  144. I found out my dad is GAY?
  145. Tips for getting over addiction?
  146. I want to have my first girlfriend
  147. A question for 'Good Girls'...
  148. Am I a bad person for wanting children when I'm older?
  149. I just came close to suicide..
  150. I think my depression symptoms are coming back! Help me with your advice please
  151. Please help, I hate my school
  152. How do I get over my fear of hell?
  153. Helping online friend.
  154. Lesbian and disgusted by some lesbians?
  155. Confusion getting me down
  156. Married but now out... now what?
  157. Questioning Myself.
  158. Embarrassed myself... What now?
  159. Advice Needed: PG-13, Mature Content.
  160. Should I?
  161. Is feeling warm a sign of attraction?
  162. Is it too early to come out to my family?
  163. I have no one
  164. Masturbation Rant
  165. Looking for a cover of a song..
  166. In love with someone whose parents won't accept
  167. Is it possible
  168. Belonging
  169. Could I be a tomboy, legitimately?
  170. No 'butterflies'. It it still a crush?
  171. Questions for lesbians in a relationship
  172. Am I really a lesbian or just HOCD?
  173. Are "fake bisexuals" common?
  174. Numb
  175. I fancy my best friend
  176. foot fetish
  177. Not sure what to do
  178. Women- have you ever had the women's equivalent of "blue balls"?
  179. Questioning or no labels?
  180. Feeling Isolated One Year After SA
  181. Bisexual Jealousy?
  182. Reminders. Every. Day.
  183. I couldn't stand it anymore
  184. I feel "less than" because I'm a girl.
  185. I have a girlfriend..BUT...
  186. Having doubts
  187. Struggling with uncertainty! How do I stop?
  188. Lingering internalized homophobia.
  189. im bicurious and need advice
  190. Help me, I'm considering prostitution, or a sugar daddy...
  191. Please help
  192. I can't picture kissing a girl. (Some tmi).
  193. Asian guys
  194. Is it normal to want to date someone of the same gender and sexuality classification
  195. Need advice / lesbian
  196. How do I get started on polyamory?
  197. Individual support from staff
  198. What sexuality is this?
  199. Should I ask him out? ADVICE PLEASE
  200. Former Best Friend
  201. Different kinds of attraction?
  202. Are there factors that influence orientation
  203. picking and eating skin
  204. Trying to be happy
  205. Is she flirting?
  206. Feeling overwhelmed at restaurants
  207. CONTINUATION of I want to be lesbian post?
  208. I Want to be a lesbian?
  209. im not rude....?
  210. Do you wish you were straight?
  211. Butch Lesbian wondering why...?
  212. I'm only just noticing her now...???
  213. Lesbian sleeping with a straight guy friend
  214. Should I tell her how I feel?
  215. Coming out? Should I or shouldn't I?
  216. Do you believe thigns are predestined?
  217. Liking older guys
  218. Help! Internalized biphobia!
  219. Spots in bad places (not pubic area)
  220. No Emotional Attraction?
  221. Need some confirmation on this?
  222. The stupid standard of sexual education.
  223. What is a "normal" libido?
  224. Needing advice?
  225. No relationships
  226. A Question For Lesbians.
  227. Topping/bottoming in hookups... your take?
  228. Photogenic
  229. Why Do You Care?
  230. I need your help
  231. Questions about attraction towards transguys and how to label myself
  232. How Soon?
  233. feeling so bad after this happened....out of left field.
  234. Lost a great friend and more.....
  235. Sexuality
  236. Is this gay or transgender
  237. Male friend masturbated over the phone to me
  238. I don't get horny?
  239. Aparently a paper saws I was intersex
  240. Thinking of leaving EC.
  241. Masturbation for girls: Am I doing something wrong?
  242. Quick Cleanliness Questions:
  243. It's Scary how much I want to hurt myself
  244. Am I Being Too Selfish?
  245. Dating a guy who is afraid of getting hurt
  246. Rejection Sucks
  247. he doesnt trust me
  248. Gay people that are racist
  249. Can a bisexual quit dating the opposite sex?
  250. Masturbation Issues