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  1. I want to have my first girlfriend
  2. A question for 'Good Girls'...
  3. Am I a bad person for wanting children when I'm older?
  4. I just came close to suicide..
  5. I think my depression symptoms are coming back! Help me with your advice please
  6. Please help, I hate my school
  7. How do I get over my fear of hell?
  8. Helping online friend.
  9. Lesbian and disgusted by some lesbians?
  10. Confusion getting me down
  11. Married but now out... now what?
  12. Questioning Myself.
  13. Embarrassed myself... What now?
  14. Advice Needed: PG-13, Mature Content.
  15. Should I?
  16. Is feeling warm a sign of attraction?
  17. Is it too early to come out to my family?
  18. I have no one
  19. Masturbation Rant
  20. Looking for a cover of a song..
  21. In love with someone whose parents won't accept
  22. Is it possible
  23. Belonging
  24. Could I be a tomboy, legitimately?
  25. No 'butterflies'. It it still a crush?
  26. Questions for lesbians in a relationship
  27. Am I really a lesbian or just HOCD?
  28. Are "fake bisexuals" common?
  29. Numb
  30. I fancy my best friend
  31. foot fetish
  32. Not sure what to do
  33. Women- have you ever had the women's equivalent of "blue balls"?
  34. Questioning or no labels?
  35. Feeling Isolated One Year After SA
  36. Bisexual Jealousy?
  37. Reminders. Every. Day.
  38. I couldn't stand it anymore
  39. I feel "less than" because I'm a girl.
  40. I have a girlfriend..BUT...
  41. Having doubts
  42. Struggling with uncertainty! How do I stop?
  43. Lingering internalized homophobia.
  44. im bicurious and need advice
  45. Help me, I'm considering prostitution, or a sugar daddy...
  46. Please help
  47. I can't picture kissing a girl. (Some tmi).
  48. Asian guys
  49. Is it normal to want to date someone of the same gender and sexuality classification
  50. Need advice / lesbian
  51. How do I get started on polyamory?
  52. Individual support from staff
  53. What sexuality is this?
  54. Should I ask him out? ADVICE PLEASE
  55. Former Best Friend
  56. Different kinds of attraction?
  57. Are there factors that influence orientation
  58. picking and eating skin
  59. Trying to be happy
  60. Is she flirting?
  61. Feeling overwhelmed at restaurants
  62. CONTINUATION of I want to be lesbian post?
  63. I Want to be a lesbian?
  64. im not rude....?
  65. Do you wish you were straight?
  66. Butch Lesbian wondering why...?
  67. I'm only just noticing her now...???
  68. Lesbian sleeping with a straight guy friend
  69. Should I tell her how I feel?
  70. Coming out? Should I or shouldn't I?
  71. Do you believe thigns are predestined?
  72. Liking older guys
  73. Help! Internalized biphobia!
  74. Spots in bad places (not pubic area)
  75. No Emotional Attraction?
  76. Need some confirmation on this?
  77. The stupid standard of sexual education.
  78. What is a "normal" libido?
  79. Needing advice?
  80. No relationships
  81. A Question For Lesbians.
  82. Topping/bottoming in hookups... your take?
  83. Photogenic
  84. Why Do You Care?
  85. I need your help
  86. Questions about attraction towards transguys and how to label myself
  87. How Soon?
  88. feeling so bad after this happened....out of left field.
  89. Lost a great friend and more.....
  90. Sexuality
  91. Is this gay or transgender
  92. Male friend masturbated over the phone to me
  93. I don't get horny?
  94. Aparently a paper saws I was intersex
  95. Thinking of leaving EC.
  96. Masturbation for girls: Am I doing something wrong?
  97. Quick Cleanliness Questions:
  98. It's Scary how much I want to hurt myself
  99. Am I Being Too Selfish?
  100. Dating a guy who is afraid of getting hurt
  101. Rejection Sucks
  102. he doesnt trust me
  103. Gay people that are racist
  104. Can a bisexual quit dating the opposite sex?
  105. Masturbation Issues
  106. I dont know what i am.
  107. Horrible back acne is making me discouraged (and more)
  108. How long does it take to be accepted for full member?
  109. Losing Friends
  110. I lied so much to myself I can't trust myself anymore
  111. Someone told me I "individualize lesbians"
  112. confused
  113. What counts as abuse?
  114. Having a Pornstar Crush
  115. Diet Question
  116. Weird Fantasies
  117. Can painful anal sex cause an upset stomach?
  118. TW: Bad Days
  119. help
  120. I'm ready to get over my OCD, help!
  121. Stuck and Afraid
  122. Have you tried reparative therapy?
  123. Is this bad
  124. Derma roller
  125. Why do people say daddy?
  126. Heartbreak (what should I do)
  127. Should i just stay in the closet until im old enough to leave?
  128. I'm confused with myself
  129. I always feel too young to do the things I want
  130. Stress at work
  131. Is this normal?
  132. Approaching her (again) advice needed!!!
  133. What am I doing, Where am I going....
  134. Is this an eating disorder?
  135. Bad Habit I Want to Stop
  136. Confused about wording please help
  137. How do you class gender?
  138. Am I asexual or nervous?
  139. Lesbian but miss attention of men
  140. Constantly misjudged due to glasses
  141. I'm wondering if people suspected I was gay before I came out
  142. Being gay is a choice, you're were born that way!
  143. How do you become happy?
  144. Found out guy is transgender mtf
  145. Question for lesbians about penetrative sex
  146. Extremely promiscuous with the opposite gender?
  147. people who are suicidal.
  148. Lesbians, would you be attracted to a straight-looking girl?
  149. gay and in a wheelchair
  150. went to a party (straight) tons of hot guys were checking me out....help
  151. Anyone else?
  152. penis size shaming
  153. Can watching lesbian porn make you not straight?
  154. How to flirt with a girl, after a lifetime out of the game
  155. obsessing over body image...i'm a guy...
  156. When was your first sexual fantasy?
  157. How To Get Rid of Your Period Pre-T?
  158. Is false attraction real?
  159. Just found out the guy I loved has been having an relationship with a man. Need help
  160. Help me I think I have HIV
  161. When someone comes back into your life?????
  162. in my late 30s and never had a boyfriend
  163. How to not feel so ugly before the first date?
  164. Signs a girl likes you?
  165. How to finger...?
  166. How do you know you're not lying to yourself?
  167. Beaches and public pools make me so uncomfortable
  168. Would this make me gay?
  169. I feel like I might be Bi
  170. Distractions for Penguin (FtM Period) Dysphoria?
  171. Good News
  172. what happened to tgboards.com
  173. What would happen if...?
  174. Afraid of losing true love?
  175. is he really STRAIGHT???
  176. Bi GF losing the spark
  177. pain and sorrow
  178. Average Problem
  179. The Love of my Life... the Death of me.
  180. How come I am more comfortable around males than females?
  181. Bisexual partner losing attraction to your gender
  182. I don't know who to love.
  183. hemrroids and bottoming
  184. how come guys make you feel so much sexier than women?
  185. TRIGGER: Suicid(al thoughts): What does it feel like...?
  186. My boyfriend ignores me?
  187. ONLY for the gay men with BALLS!
  188. why are gays agesist?
  189. How to know who the femine and masculine person is in a relationship
  190. What deeply ingrained beliefs do you find yourself struggling with?
  191. The transgender/homosexual push is really on *sarcasm*
  192. feeling like i do not "measure up" in the gay world
  193. I am suicidal.
  194. gay cliques...is this really high school for adults?
  195. i am bisexual and men always want to talk to me about WOMEN
  196. at dinner and a friend was derogatory... felt bad
  197. Do you ever wish you were straight?
  198. Feel both relieved and incredibly stressed to acknowledge I am a lesbian?
  199. Moving on through the hurt
  200. I think im a mess
  201. what does pan mean?
  202. Church, non-straights, and hell
  203. Relationship with my father going to hell
  204. What am I doing
  205. feeling bad
  206. Girl is pressuring me to come out
  207. The bisexual jealousy thread - gone?
  208. a window into my soul
  209. I pushed my mother and she tripped and fell.
  210. cold shoulder then this
  211. How do you bring back romance?
  212. Should I join this dating app????
  213. I wanna get my hair cut, but Im afraid it will look bad.
  214. The ethics of my open relationship
  215. Questioning sexuality?
  216. Interest
  217. Not sexually attracted at all
  218. Why do ppl hate bis and pans so much?
  219. Lesbian gender roles?
  220. LOW Sex Drive
  221. I'm sick of life
  222. My Friend Needs to Realize Something
  223. The secret I cannot tell my children
  224. I ended a friendship, and it hurts
  225. Transgender,genderfluid or something else?
  226. Sex drive way too high
  227. Fat fetish..
  228. I need counsel.
  229. So close to relapsing
  230. Flirting
  231. She might love me back, but all I do is hurt her
  232. I've messed up bad..and need help
  233. Need to figure this out
  234. I feel so inadequate
  235. REALLY struggling here...Bisexual, and can't choose one over the other :/
  236. Lesbians: Nature vs Nurture (Men)
  237. Relationship anxiety
  238. Now what do I do?
  239. Red scar/mark on face
  240. Question about bottoming
  241. My mom asked a..question.
  242. is this right?
  243. I think I'm a lesbian, but I have a boyfriend...
  244. Am I still a lesbian if I have a "type" or liking only a certain kind of girl?
  245. I've been promiscuous and I have deep regrets
  246. To the people who shave their pubic hair...
  247. I think I have depression.
  248. Anal Sex Questions
  249. I have to put my dog down
  250. I want to have sex with a woman