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  1. Joining the GSA?
  2. Will the Human Race Become Extinct?
  3. How to get over someone?
  4. My (possibly) lesbian friend might like me and I am terrified!
  5. My (possibly) lesbian friend might like me and I am terrified!
  6. Emetophobia
  7. How do you know it's not just a phase?
  8. New to sex, Worried about diseases
  9. Discussing Top vs Bottom
  10. Scared, curious and sincere
  11. Question for the lesbians
  12. Antidepressants?
  13. Afraid to commit?
  14. Biromantic, bi-curious, bisexual or something else?
  15. What is this?
  16. Denial?
  17. Was he hitting on me?
  18. 23 and never dated?
  19. Sex with a gay ftm?
  20. How can I stop being selfish ?
  21. I'm tired of being alone.
  22. BF belittling
  23. I want to go see him, even though he told me not to contact him
  24. Senior Quote deemed innapropriate
  25. Do I let him know what I found online?
  26. Lesbian with possible HOCD needs EC's help?
  27. I think I'm going to stay in the closet for the rest of my life
  28. Questioning gender, orientation, everything
  29. I think I might be transgender and I'm scared
  30. So I came out to my mum...
  31. What If Nobody Things I'm Gay?
  32. I was raped
  33. Is this normal?...
  34. Stuffed toys.
  35. Am I a slut?
  36. Is plastic surgery immoral? Poor self-image is really getting to me.
  37. Sexual Frustration
  38. How young is too young
  39. Unable to "let go"
  40. It's easier to just give up, than to remain open to love.
  41. Does this affect my gender or?
  42. Why would these questions be dodged?
  43. I lied (now feeling regretful)
  44. do you think this is something i should ignore or talk to him about?
  45. If you had a falling out with a friend, is is appropriate to wish a HB months later?
  46. How often do you do it? Is that enough for you?
  47. Herpes medication
  48. Anybody else?
  49. breaking away from druggie friend
  50. Herpes question
  51. My boyfriend touches me for a period of time and then doesn't
  52. "I don't care about my gender" gender
  53. Trans man and masturbation
  54. Should I just stop responding?
  55. Am I a lesbian for thinking about women when I have sex with guys?
  56. Moving out
  57. Self-Harmed for the first time
  58. Is this even human?
  59. How are you supposed to understand
  60. Are gay tops rare?
  61. Hiding my internet activity is exhausting/anxiety inducing.
  62. I wish I could remember
  63. Embarrassing question on masturbation
  64. Being Gay For Just One Person?
  65. Starting to obsess
  66. What is attraction.
  67. Advice for tomorrow night?
  68. I don't know who i am
  69. Restless
  70. Jealousy: does this mean anything?
  71. Coming out to the first person.
  72. Is it polite to ask someone here on EC of their gender at birth?
  73. Could he be interested in me? Really bad at this
  74. can you break your own heart?
  75. Is it gay if
  76. I think it can change
  77. What would you say to a person who was having suicidal thoughts?
  78. Boyfriend makes me do his homework
  79. Starting to hate heterosexuals?
  80. If you WEREN'T LGBT , would you have ended up a homophobe?
  81. Anonymous Poetry
  82. Friends with benefits (while dating) HELP
  83. Crushin'
  84. Anal not working....
  85. Am I gay if I only like cd's, feminine boys or trans?
  86. Hookup? late 20's virgin
  87. Anime
  88. Feeling Desperate ...
  89. there doesn't seem to be help for people like me
  90. I'm contemplating suicide
  91. How do you cope with lack of physical contact when you still live with an ex?
  92. I don't think I can face this
  93. Where do you find quality dates
  94. Anger issue
  95. Do I stay with a therapist despite ideological differences?
  96. wordsnstuff
  97. Question for gay guys
  98. Experimenting with butch/femme dress?
  99. Experimenting with butch/femme dress?
  100. Confusion.
  101. I could do with someone else telling me.
  102. I am lost again
  103. Would you date this person?
  104. Partner came out as trans, but took it back
  105. Virginity Insecurities
  106. Age difference
  107. Beards
  108. Guy advice
  109. Open Relationship
  110. Feeling bummed out, scared
  111. I feel violated by transwomen
  112. Femme but butch mentality?
  113. Paranoid hygiene issue?
  114. I'm afraid of doing my "first time"...
  115. Help
  116. Getting over the triggers of an abuseive past
  117. Men's behavior turning me into a fullblown lesbian
  118. My Boyfriend and Kilts
  119. Getting high; forming an addiction maybe
  120. trouble starting sexual activities
  121. He's been pissing me off lately
  122. Does this shy guy like me? And what do I do?
  123. How to accept myself
  124. Honest opinion on this?
  125. Anal sex vs bowel movement
  126. Admitting rejection
  127. Confused
  128. Are they bad friends? What do you think?
  129. Taxes, rent and confusion.
  130. very confused about my sexuality
  131. of dreams and fantasy
  132. Of erection problem
  133. Gender ROLE dysphoria (bio female) help?
  134. Can it change
  135. Why am I such a slut?
  136. I'm sick of everything.
  137. Nervous about Sex
  138. Do I have feelings for my friend ?
  139. Confront friends having an affair
  140. Online dating... is this creepy or desperate?
  141. Wearing renaissance/medieval/victorian/ Elizabethan era clothes
  142. Stranger took a picture of me
  143. Someone please help
  144. Maturity, regrets, and visitations
  145. how do/can i schedule a doctor's appointment?
  146. Weird situation Please help
  147. I feel like crap!
  148. Looking for Anal Sex Advice and Tips
  149. guy at gym...UPDATE
  150. Gsa?
  151. how to meet your own emotional needs
  152. How to get help?
  153. Gay men...have you ever found an unattractive penis.
  154. Gender Expression
  155. i need some information about how to get a thearpst.
  156. Health Insurence Problems
  157. Afraid...
  158. Feeling low, have no friends.
  159. It's all my fault.
  160. Do you get turned on by your own naked body?
  161. Unsure of sexuality - should I visit a prostitute?
  162. I develop mini crushes so often??
  163. Am I at risk of infection (HIV)
  164. Feeling like an idiot.
  165. This is probably a lame thing to post but...
  166. My world has fallen (suicide\anxiety) help please
  167. When Is enough...Enough
  168. Im tired.
  169. I never thought there was anything relatable about her lyrics...
  170. Can anyone advise me on how to stimulate my prostate from the outside?
  171. Can't stay erect during sex :(
  172. feelings... gaaaaah. [sexual content]
  173. How do I get rid of them?
  174. My nerves!!!!
  175. sexuality
  176. Friendship/Dating some1 Younger
  177. How do I get over my fear of sex?
  178. Losing virginity to a pornstar
  179. Lesbian Sex (I am scared)
  180. this feeling is driving me crazy
  181. Doubting then not Doubting.
  182. No friends and confusion
  183. I feel empty
  184. I ran over a dog
  185. Secretly, my relationship is crumbling
  186. talking to yourself??
  187. Self-conscious about my body
  188. Why am I so anxious?
  189. Kilts
  190. Being attractive
  191. Love isn't selfish
  192. NO FORM OF CONTACT whatsoever
  193. Feel Like I'm Dieing
  194. I haven't seen my brother in over a decade.
  195. Too depressed to function
  196. Snooping mishap
  197. Thank you ec
  198. Is it ok to call myself bisexual?
  199. Breaking down.
  200. The DownLow Jamaican man!!!!
  201. Is the LGBT community really safe for lesbians?
  202. Self Confidence
  203. There is one...
  204. feel betrayed
  205. Why do we have "worth?"
  206. Testing
  207. Join dating site to make friends?
  208. Biromantic Asexual?
  209. Biromantic homosexual
  210. I want to be told it's not my fault.
  211. Being Bullied
  212. Attracted to but not attracted to.
  213. why did a my wall post on one of my friend walls dissapear
  214. I dont wanna be gay!!!
  215. Wanting someone and then, pulling away
  216. My sexual and romantic preferences are making me BEYOND confused about my sexuality!
  217. He says that he's straight but I know he likes me. How do I make him realize this?
  218. Is this something a straight guy would probably do?
  219. very little motivation
  220. mini rant
  221. How?
  222. Cheating, OCD, Breaking up
  223. Did I make a mistake by asking about his sexuality rather than telling him my own?
  224. I'm sort of confused about this guy.....
  225. Self-Harm
  226. feel a little unhappy tonight.
  227. Guess if I'm female or male by my voice
  228. Would gay guys have sex with a crossdresser?
  229. Withdrawal
  230. Bad thoughts about hurting men, aesthetic vs sexual attraction
  231. Masturbation tips
  232. How to stop feeling so annoyed
  233. so I really messed up yesterday
  234. I think the love of my life is gay, but then I don't know
  235. Weird and embarassing body odor question (18+)
  236. What do ''turn on'' mean?
  237. did anyone have a crush on Tony Danza?
  238. a guy at the gym? what should i do?
  239. I kind of want to experiment with my friend, but...
  240. i do not accept sexuality.
  241. First date ever, no idea what I'm doing.
  242. Can I be more attracted to girls and still be gay?
  243. Sexual Fantasies
  244. Ex doesn't want to understand it
  245. Having a gaydar?
  246. Is it a phase
  247. That one girl. Is she a lesbian?
  248. Graduating from college soon and feeling pressure already from.....
  249. Straight housemate made a pass at me
  250. How do i get passed this.