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  1. committed relationship but there's something else
  2. How do you define a crush?
  3. Does being gay mean attraction to the same SEX or the same GENDER?
  4. issues with depression?
  5. Smooching with Smokers
  6. Cutting Issues & Fear of people
  7. Why do some gay men like feminine men?
  8. If you love them, let them go?
  9. How would one go about social media dating?
  10. Is my partner selfish in bed?
  11. Sex After Rape (possible triggers)
  12. having hard time finding women
  13. I'm stuck in a very tough problem. Help!
  14. Realization why I fall for married guys
  15. A Kissing Question
  16. is this wierd
  17. Lonely world for gay teens
  18. Can a bully be gay?
  19. Being fingered by bottom while topping?
  20. Gender fluctuations on a multi-year basis?
  21. Is there a respectful or safe way to ask my friend if he is on drugs again?
  22. Should I still talk to him?
  23. To pursue or not
  24. To pursue or not
  25. Advice needed
  26. can someone who's never dated class themselves as gay?
  27. No quiero hablar Ingles contigo.
  28. Is it possible for a gay guy to look, sound and act straight?
  29. Boyfriend isnt my type
  30. Rimming
  31. Lesbian but starting to dislike women?
  32. How to deal with an abusive friend
  33. signs she might be into me
  34. Parents...
  35. The power of not believing in a higher power (e.g. God)
  36. It hurts to pee.
  37. Kinda confused on this please help!
  38. Underage drinking
  39. ...My girlfriend is straight
  40. How can I say I like someone even if I've never met in person?
  41. Is it because of my feelings? Why can't we go back to the past?
  42. I SWEAR tomorrow I'm going to do it.
  43. bleeding after first time gay anal sex
  44. Need some advice on how to make up with her.
  45. Help! Tips to help me stay away from porn
  46. Back to questioning after long pause...
  47. I finally understand why some folks want to end their lives.
  48. Tired of life- suicidal thoughts
  49. He wants to be FWB
  50. Strange turn on?
  51. I just need to get this out.
  52. Age gap?
  53. Sex - kind of - for the first time?
  54. Attraction
  55. How to subtly come out?
  56. How to stop suffering
  57. sick of the whoreness of gay men!
  58. Considering suicide
  59. Life is falling apart
  60. He wants to start seeing my again, but I'm scared
  61. I just want to start life over
  62. over masturbation
  63. Celebrating my birthday alone - depressed
  64. stabbed in the back by a friend
  65. What does it mean when an older lesbian tells you this
  66. Rejection: Lesbian
  67. how to let go of past pain
  68. whiny straight people (rant)
  69. I am having difficulties 'finding my way around' gender-queer people.
  70. Breaking up
  71. why are all the men working at gay bars and clubs "straight"
  72. straight women stay out!
  73. an old friend at a straight club
  74. Is this weird?
  75. Boyfriend might kill himself if we break up
  76. HELP! Strange fetish is taking over my life!
  77. Deep secrets
  78. bound by self-created nightmares through endless movement and emotional-chasity
  79. Need some help/advice with a guy.
  80. Help with family
  81. Need some advice on how to deal with family
  82. Should I bother being annoyed/upset when people call other people faggots?
  83. What bothers me most.
  84. Is she flirting?
  85. The new girl
  86. Boyfriend's Gaming Addiction
  87. Disowned and Homeless
  88. What The Hell Am I Doing?
  89. Dysthymic
  90. How did you know you were lesbian?
  91. Online dating-guy lied about his age.
  92. The Daemons Internal
  93. Is it bad to crush on your best friend?
  94. I am angry all the time
  95. Letting it out
  96. Stuck...
  97. I sometimes wonder if I'm actually depressed?
  98. Any thoughts? Did I overstep the mark?
  99. Why does it seem like most lesbian hate straight men, or at least dislike them?
  100. Furries and LGBT
  101. Dating a scene guy
  102. why is she suddenly getting jealous???
  103. Dislike my own penis?
  104. Is masturbation necessary?
  105. How can I explore my feelings with girls?
  106. Why do the majority of lesbians appear to fit the 'butch' stereotype?
  107. Why are some lesbians into butch women?
  108. Polyamory Question
  109. Not sure how to react
  110. Why is she suddenly wanting to see me???
  111. Making my own religion
  112. Am I a top?!
  113. Is scissoring really a thing?
  114. Depression songs
  115. My Mother's Suicide.
  116. Just a friend or something more - how do you tell?
  117. Why is she still acting???? The roles in a relationship??? etc.
  118. difference of values
  119. testing?
  120. How do I do this?
  121. Just sick of it.
  122. The only guys I'm attracted to
  123. Am I a guy born in a girls body?
  124. HELP! A (gay) guy is harassing me!
  125. What
  126. Moral query
  127. LGBTQ depression without having been bullied?
  128. I don't want to be me.
  129. Hard to turn on???
  130. What turns you on?????
  131. So hurt, I'm starting to hate women (and feel terrible about it)
  132. Lack of Response but friended me
  133. Strap-on situation... Help please?
  134. Someone printscreened a pic of me naked, please help
  135. Go For It or Let It Go?
  136. She is talking to me again?????
  137. If a friend confided in you that they are cheating, would you tell their spouse?
  138. How can I stop myself from being clingy?
  139. Boyfriend takes relationship more seriously
  140. Just needed to get something out
  141. Older men at gay bars
  142. Offering money to a straight guy
  143. Is this weird.?
  144. Is it weird not to like sex?
  145. Tribbing vs toys
  146. Can we check this out?
  147. Suicide
  148. Problem with getting wet?
  149. Working out
  150. I feel like I'm actively trying to be bisexual?
  151. Very suicidal.
  152. Fading feelings
  153. How do you know if you're ''bargaining'' or just straight?
  154. Confused, please help
  155. I came out to my mom and she didn't believe me. She made me get my HS yearbook...
  156. I Don't Feel Confident With College
  157. I have a date with a guy
  158. Trouble staying hard
  159. Describe how your 'bargaining' grief stage of self-acceptance was
  160. I don't know how much longer I can last
  161. I'm not trying to be rude.
  162. How do I ask a girl out?
  163. what if this is all just a dream?
  164. Trusum and transgender individuals?
  165. How should I act around him (what should be my next move)
  166. suicidal thoughts trigger warning
  167. Liking a (straight?) girl..
  168. What is a sexual dream exactly?
  169. Stretch marks, body image issues, and despair
  170. My feelings for one guy
  171. Joining the GSA?
  172. Will the Human Race Become Extinct?
  173. How to get over someone?
  174. My (possibly) lesbian friend might like me and I am terrified!
  175. My (possibly) lesbian friend might like me and I am terrified!
  176. Emetophobia
  177. How do you know it's not just a phase?
  178. New to sex, Worried about diseases
  179. Discussing Top vs Bottom
  180. Scared, curious and sincere
  181. Question for the lesbians
  182. Antidepressants?
  183. Afraid to commit?
  184. Biromantic, bi-curious, bisexual or something else?
  185. What is this?
  186. Denial?
  187. Was he hitting on me?
  188. 23 and never dated?
  189. Sex with a gay ftm?
  190. How can I stop being selfish ?
  191. I'm tired of being alone.
  192. BF belittling
  193. I want to go see him, even though he told me not to contact him
  194. Senior Quote deemed innapropriate
  195. Do I let him know what I found online?
  196. Lesbian with possible HOCD needs EC's help?
  197. I think I'm going to stay in the closet for the rest of my life
  198. Questioning gender, orientation, everything
  199. I think I might be transgender and I'm scared
  200. So I came out to my mum...
  201. What If Nobody Things I'm Gay?
  202. I was raped
  203. Is this normal?...
  204. Stuffed toys.
  205. Am I a slut?
  206. Is plastic surgery immoral? Poor self-image is really getting to me.
  207. Sexual Frustration
  208. How young is too young
  209. Unable to "let go"
  210. It's easier to just give up, than to remain open to love.
  211. Does this affect my gender or?
  212. Why would these questions be dodged?
  213. I lied (now feeling regretful)
  214. do you think this is something i should ignore or talk to him about?
  215. If you had a falling out with a friend, is is appropriate to wish a HB months later?
  216. How often do you do it? Is that enough for you?
  217. Herpes medication
  218. Anybody else?
  219. breaking away from druggie friend
  220. Herpes question
  221. My boyfriend touches me for a period of time and then doesn't
  222. "I don't care about my gender" gender
  223. Trans man and masturbation
  224. Should I just stop responding?
  225. Am I a lesbian for thinking about women when I have sex with guys?
  226. Moving out
  227. Self-Harmed for the first time
  228. Is this even human?
  229. How are you supposed to understand
  230. Are gay tops rare?
  231. Hiding my internet activity is exhausting/anxiety inducing.
  232. I wish I could remember
  233. Embarrassing question on masturbation
  234. Being Gay For Just One Person?
  235. Starting to obsess
  236. What is attraction.
  237. Advice for tomorrow night?
  238. I don't know who i am
  239. Restless
  240. Jealousy: does this mean anything?
  241. Coming out to the first person.
  242. Is it polite to ask someone here on EC of their gender at birth?
  243. Could he be interested in me? Really bad at this
  244. can you break your own heart?
  245. Is it gay if
  246. I think it can change
  247. What would you say to a person who was having suicidal thoughts?
  248. Boyfriend makes me do his homework
  249. Starting to hate heterosexuals?
  250. If you WEREN'T LGBT , would you have ended up a homophobe?