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  1. Vanilla or Kinky?
  2. Regrowing fore skin?
  3. Giving head (Explicit)
  4. My partner wants more space...
  5. I hate being called "gay best friend"
  6. Jealousy over friend's coming out experience?
  7. Piggyback Rides
  8. Piggyback Rides
  9. a lot of gay men are full of (bleep) when it comes to dating
  10. valentines the day after
  11. am i just wishful thinking? possibly curious guy? doubt it.
  12. Suicide is beckoning again
  13. Confused
  14. Letting a friend know your sexuality?
  15. Why Is It Hard To Start?
  16. A broken relationship
  17. Awkward question
  18. tips
  19. Why is it all about sex?
  20. feeling down after seeing the gay instragram network
  21. NLD help!
  22. Did I make him uncomfortable?
  23. Were you EVER a homophobe ?
  24. He doesn't want to show me his picture?
  25. Really depressed, college graduation and job hunt
  26. how do i know if he likes me?
  27. Valentines Day Bitterness
  28. Advice: Asperger's
  29. does this mean i am shallow?
  30. Unhappy in relationship and don't know what to do
  31. Am i a whore
  32. I think my partner might be a pillow princess...?
  33. Have you EVER gotten into an LTR solely to experiment or hide your orientation?
  34. Being "Just Friends" Is Killing Me
  35. Should I give up?
  36. masterbation after 30
  37. Too tight?
  38. is anal sex stinky? b honest!
  39. is she right or nah?
  40. Should I forget him?
  41. OCD Staring (specifically women's breasts and men's crotches)
  42. feeling silly for wanting to change my appearance/surroundings
  43. Worried About Boyfriend (I really need advice)
  44. I sort of accidentally outed someone and I feel really awful?????
  45. Help, Im super nervous
  46. My relationship with porn
  47. Friends or maybe something more?
  48. In Love with my best friend's crush
  49. How would this make you feel?
  50. i think i like my friend...dont know what to do
  51. Is this a good idea?
  52. Self acceptance...wanna cry :/
  53. Is this legal?
  54. Don't want to to but I think I might.
  55. Idea of orientation evolving and confusing me
  56. holding onto something that's not even there
  57. Topping problem and question
  58. Boyfriend on Online Dating Site
  59. Driving myself insane...is this a phase of some sort?
  60. as a masculine guy, do you ever feel like an alien/outsiders?
  61. Lesbian friend with benefit?
  62. Transgender & Looks
  63. difficult living situation at college
  64. Not being gay is making me depressed...
  65. Bisexuals and oral. Is this common?
  66. Any gay men here that really LOVE their own bodys and masculinity?
  67. Weird situation
  68. Coming out to my brother
  69. Feeling invalidated by Tumblr... Rant warning.
  70. weird question
  71. Stages of Coming out
  72. gay guy straight club? feel stupid help
  73. Teen and alcohol
  74. Advice on hook-up apps
  75. Super Awkward
  76. How do I stop feeling so paranoid?
  77. Pegging
  78. Really hating myself right now
  79. Boyfriend doesn't put out
  80. My crush has a crush on her therapist?
  81. Is it possible that he's gay?
  82. Angry, constantly
  83. For those who give guys oral
  84. HELP crush on friend
  85. Sexuality and choosing a Career
  86. A bit rude??
  87. I'm a terrible girlfriend...
  88. sadist.
  89. H e l p :(
  90. How to break up with my long time partner without hurting him too much?
  91. Trying to think clearly.
  92. How many dates?
  93. Road Trip
  94. Is pedophilia a mental disorder to you?
  95. Can't come out until I move out?
  96. I hate my parents
  97. I want to move in with my girlfriend?
  98. Is it possible to make feelings artificially?
  99. Mental angust = bullying
  100. I don't know what I want
  101. gays go back forever in time...then whats the big deal?
  102. Straight, kissed a friend and feel bad about it
  103. the classic "gay" voice...accent or affect?
  104. the term breeders?
  105. Is it embarrassing for a man to not know how to drive a car?
  106. I've never kissed a man
  107. Is it rude to ask someone to shower?
  108. I feel isolated to a suicidal extent
  109. smoking
  110. Just a question…
  111. I got really sick and I'm afraid..blood?
  112. transgender friendly erotica/porn
  113. I really hate myself...
  114. feel depressed about my future
  115. Is it weird or 'gay' to like music that isn't what guys normally listen to?
  116. 2 hot guys with shirts off. i chickened out :(
  117. is it gay for me to wear my slacks tight?
  118. f*ck super bowl
  119. I hate my body because of a dumb abnormality
  120. Anxiety
  121. Feel Guilty
  122. kissing someone taller
  123. Relapsed...
  124. Best choice in condoms?
  125. genital warts
  126. Multiple Personalities? Hate thinking of "the real world", but I also love it...
  127. Anal sex... (Graphic)
  128. masturbation with someone else in the room
  129. hot guy at a store...do you think he was gay?
  130. dont fit in straight places anymore
  131. he did not invite me to brunch :(
  132. what do you do when a guy stares without smiling???
  133. Liked something on fb i am not supposed to like
  134. friend doesnt remember what happened after bar crawl
  135. Boyfriend's so strong he's hurting me
  136. can't find the guts to end it
  137. Could I have a Girlfriend?
  138. I've been oversexualized
  139. ex-boyfriend needs help
  140. I want to have sex with someone who has herpes...
  141. dont really know what to do anymore
  142. Depression/will never be myself again
  143. Biconfused
  144. think my parents know im trans....HELP
  145. Confusion with myself
  146. Lesbians: The most judgemental community
  147. I hate that he's talking dirty to me
  148. why do straight woman feel like they have to feminize gay men?
  149. Are there any lesbian only spaces ?
  150. How much time do you spend with your significant other?
  151. how to get a ex back
  152. I'm confused. (oh no. not another one amiright?) Please advise!!!!
  153. Can't get over the hate
  154. Is it wrong?
  155. why is it hard
  156. Is it normal to have bad acne on my genitals?
  157. I love him. he loves me not. or does he?
  158. How much to spend on my friends 21st birthday present?
  159. From bisexual to gay/lesbian - how did you finally come to terms with it?
  160. Marriage advice
  161. Why would straight guy almost slap his d*ck in my face?
  162. He deleted me?
  163. I don't know how much more I can take.
  164. Losing virginity, in two days!
  165. 24 dazed and confused.
  166. Can you hide your fetish from your partner?
  167. How often are you politically INCORRECT?
  168. 1 in 10 stat, fluidity & nature vs nurture - is my experience an anomaly?
  169. Lesbian Sex
  170. feeling bad about anything "gay"...help
  171. Am I asexual?
  172. Are you grossed out by gay or lesbian sex ?
  173. Am I being selfish?
  174. Social Confusion
  175. Do I actually like like him or its just a crush?
  176. Father doesn't let me to have a gay friend
  177. Fear of being gay?
  178. Do you regularly believe you can foresee things?
  179. i want a boyfriend
  180. went to a event mixer and i need help processing!
  181. I am quite sure I'll kill myself before I'm 30
  182. Got a bad grade :( Why is this all happening?
  183. Sex Toy Advice
  184. need quick answers
  185. BF insists on anal!!!
  186. weight issues!
  187. Initiating sex (graphic?)
  188. Dealing with a pillow prince
  189. Is this weird?
  190. my boss hates homosexuals
  191. For Me
  192. I miss ERP'ing...
  193. Lesbian, but crushing on a guy?
  194. Wet Underwear?
  195. I wish I was straight
  196. About to start dating, feeling vulnerable
  197. I'm the only gay guy in town
  198. Should I wait????
  199. Anyone care to share struggles with coming out to yourself?
  200. How Do I Know?
  201. They/them confusion
  202. Loneliness - a rant.
  203. How to Simulate Anal? (Top)
  204. At what point would you say that someone is an alcoholic?
  205. Social anxiety: Going out alone tonight? - HELP!
  206. i feel like a fat ass
  207. how come people always want to act like the sterotype is the minority?
  208. Feeling "Old" at 18
  209. is a small penis a joke?
  210. My partner is disappointed I don't have porn?
  211. Creampies?
  212. For bisexuals with a preference - are you more picky with your preferred gender or
  213. Being virgin at 22?
  214. Urges (self harm) and how to counter them?
  215. Suicide\Hate my life
  216. Applying for Disability? (Long Post)
  217. How do I tell a girl that I like her?
  218. Shaving help?
  219. Suicidal Thoughts
  220. If you know someone may be interested in you
  221. Crabs: Best way to Get Rid of Them?
  222. Help...need advice please
  223. Something that bothers me...
  224. I have nothing to look forward to
  225. In love with ex
  226. do you ever feel invisible as a "passable straight" gay men?
  227. Ingrown Nipple Hair?
  228. My ex wont stop...
  229. How do you make friends in adulthood?
  230. How to be happy with celibacy?
  231. Is it weird for me to be jealous of guys?
  232. I'm in a bad place
  233. this guy avoided me!
  234. Do I have PTSD after SA?
  235. I just want to do XXX with a girl... :(
  236. Advice on Getting Out
  237. Flirting with my married friend
  238. Orientation v. preference, why do we have to differentiate between the 2?
  239. mean comments about family
  240. is this childish...blocking telephone numbers?
  241. is this depression?
  242. nightmares
  243. All About Masturbating
  244. Gays and Kinky straight girls
  245. Whose got allergies?
  246. In Love with My Bestfriend!! PLEASE HELP!
  247. I was beaten up yesterday...
  248. Is long distance even worth it?
  249. Can you stop yourself falling in love with someone?
  250. How often do girls masturbate?