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  1. there are some mean people on this forum
  2. How do I let a girl down easy ?
  3. I hate college
  4. I feel so disgusted with myself.
  5. Anxiety after date
  6. Addicted to dating apps/websites and want to stop
  7. i am latino and like to hide in white bars
  8. i think i am suffering from mild anorexia
  9. any newly gay people that hate straight places now?
  10. anal fissures ... my booty hurts :(
  11. Do guys care about size?
  12. How can I start getting attracted to people my own age?
  13. This is so frustrating!
  14. I just need to rant (EXPLICIT)
  15. Found out an old crush is married with kids. Feel devastated.
  16. Older guys .
  17. just gotta get it out of my chest
  18. Lose your virginity late? This virgin would like to hear from you.
  19. Bedbugs?
  20. Momma's Boy
  21. I feel like I do the opposite of what someone who has a crush is supposed to do.
  22. Is this normal or am i just into this.
  23. Anyone Else?
  24. Worst BF ever
  25. Why ?
  26. Please advise - Asperger's and sex?
  27. If you were abused, a message:
  28. Is it possible that fem. guys have low T?
  29. Desperate for love
  30. im 40. he is 26?
  31. Does it get better after school?
  32. Is there such a thing as porn that isn't offensive?
  33. If I never had kids I'd be dead
  34. Very special day!
  35. lesbians on male genitalia
  36. Frustrated
  37. Suddenly can't masturbate *help*
  38. ENERGY Drinks
  39. for everyone that posts a "is he gay" bromance post..
  40. Physical and emotional intimacy scares me
  41. Do women who smoke cigarettes take different down there?
  42. I feel like some sort of pervert or something
  43. Could this have caused my gender confusion?
  44. How often do you think about sex?
  45. How do i help my sister to get out of this dark tunnel?
  46. Embarrasing but...is this something normal?
  47. Within the boundaries of straightness?
  48. Less horny after first experience???
  49. Off limits... still can't get over it.
  50. Boyfriend keeps tabs on me
  51. Please tell me he loves me :(
  52. Is this weird?
  53. Why are so many gay men so immature?
  54. Gynecomastia - how to explain surgery.
  55. I have an unnatural amount of hate towards myself
  56. Sexual attraction vs arousal?
  57. Confused about my sexuality
  58. Do you dream about sex a lot?
  59. Poem feedback
  60. My long-distance boyfriend wants to take a break in our relationship...
  61. circumcised or not
  62. confused!
  63. Is it wrong to wish that I wasn't gay?
  64. Is this creepy to you
  65. tooth implant
  66. Two things
  67. Is he leading me on?
  68. One sided love when he's not worth it at all
  69. Friend mentioned kissing me...
  70. germaphobia and dating
  71. Did you tell your parents you were questioning?
  72. met a guy but need your help!
  73. Declare if im gay or not
  74. Shaving
  75. Good/Bad Dream
  76. Kissing????
  77. older and new to being gay and terrified of sex
  78. advice...dating advice. three guys. need your help
  79. i dont feel like i "measure up" - penis size
  80. What is the longest crush you've had?
  81. If you fantasize during masturbation, is it in first or third person POV?
  82. terrified of kissing
  83. I find sex with women demeaning to them
  84. Which is the least violent, sexist, racist, homophobic religion?
  85. I try to keep my head up, but I end up feeling invisible
  86. Do you definitely know if you are trans?
  87. Every time I try and let go I'm punished.
  88. What age did you start having same sex feelings/attractions?
  89. Am I a friend w/benefits or potential boyfriend?
  90. Best Friend Forgets I'm Gay?
  91. My dumb sister doesn't think.
  92. Coming Out to Very Religious Friend
  93. Who here tries to disguise their writing style?
  94. Is he being possessive/obsessed?
  95. I'm not sure if this fits here.
  96. Facebook friend request?
  97. waking up
  98. I kind of ranted(?) about our community...
  99. Awkward identifying as straight
  100. Courage...
  101. I want to totally transform myself
  102. What Should I Do About This?
  103. Trying to let go
  104. Not good, but friend may have a crush on me.
  105. Nude Roommate
  106. Do men typically feel like men?
  107. I think I'm cheating, what do I do?
  108. Experimenting...
  109. What does this mean?
  110. sexuality confusion.
  111. Me vs. Us
  112. True Attraction
  113. I suck as a human being
  114. It really sucks
  115. What should I do?
  116. What do transgendered people like during sex?
  117. MtF that needs to temporarily reduce chest appearance
  118. Erection & performance issues
  119. I don't understand myself...
  120. Dreams
  121. Liking the smell of the skin..?
  122. HRT concerns
  123. Kissing boys but feeling attaction towards girls
  124. suicidal ideation
  125. What am I?
  126. Bisexuals: Do you have "girl phases" and "guy phases"?
  127. Depression
  128. can a straight male enjoy having sex with men sometimes?
  129. "I wasn't going to tell you about it"
  130. Is it wrong to start online dating if you're not 100% sure of your orientation?
  131. Some pride parades go over the top.....
  132. do good guys really finish last in gay lifestyle...seems so?
  133. I want to buy a toy
  134. Dont know what is happening.
  135. No commitment? But why?
  136. Need surgery for an STD...on my parents' insurance
  137. Minneapolis police behavior after Pride
  138. Rape
  139. Moaning
  140. What is denial like?
  141. does my friend like me?
  142. Intense sibling rivalry
  143. Is my vagina normal? *help/really awkward*
  144. My Situation
  145. I think she might have PTSD
  146. Girls - favorite way to masturbate?
  147. depression
  148. Internalised homophobia
  149. Struggling with sexual attraction???
  150. Afraid to tell my friend I miss him
  151. Met guy online but he refuses to give me his name?
  152. Body Hair Shaving
  153. Abnormally scared of things
  154. Girls: Do you masturbate?
  155. Don't Know How To Masturbate
  156. Saw Friends Kissing. So Confused.
  157. I like one of my friends...again
  158. Pubic Hair?
  159. Different/unique fetishes
  160. What do you think of when you masturbate?
  161. How to make orgasm longer while you are masturbating?
  162. I keep having bad dreams
  163. Masturbation issues
  164. How to approach this subject
  165. Crushes
  166. Questions of a newly discovered bisexual
  167. Friend Comes Out, How Do I Help?
  168. I am transgender but have chosen not to change
  169. Strong Urge to be Naked all the time.
  170. It may be wrong, but I still do it, it just makes my life easier
  171. I don't know what to do
  172. Is it too soon to be sure?
  173. Quitting self harm (CONTENT WARNING)
  174. How do you make friends?
  175. i want to run away
  176. Non-binary?
  177. I went through a trans phase.
  178. Has anyone masturbated to themselves?
  179. Could I be bisexual or gay maybe?
  180. bad body image
  181. thinking past midnight is the worst....
  182. Lesbian loves male gay porn?
  183. It feels like my hope was murdered.
  184. Guilt
  185. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
  186. Raging!!!
  187. I think I'm an overly attached girlfriend - help!
  188. How to let my new BF know I dont want to hear about his ex?
  189. What do you think about being queer by choice?
  190. I hate my body
  191. Meeting Someone Online?
  192. job position advice
  193. HELP. I want to die.
  194. Why am I so jealous and angry?
  195. I Am An Object
  196. Am I gay?
  197. Always close to tears, can't control my emotions
  198. Escaped attraction or really just straight - or ocd oh yes I said it
  199. Weird dream I need help
  200. how do i deal with this akward experience?
  201. I don't even know anymore.
  202. Ever experienced a gay cream pie?
  203. Confused and Scared
  204. My mental diary (LONG) triggering: sucide
  205. How Did I Not Know?
  206. How does it feel?
  207. What's the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to you?
  208. Forever feeling like an outsider?
  209. Feeling lost and confused
  210. Don't address me like that, please.
  211. Straight friend led me on?
  212. Quitting porn hasn't changed anything
  213. I might give up drag
  214. Ass getting wet when horny?
  215. I want to be a lesbian, but am I turning trans?
  216. why do a lot of gay guys wear superman t-shirts?
  217. Have you ever expirienced "liked" the opposite sex?
  218. Is it wrong to be 29 and want to be FWB with an 18 year old? Could it turn to more?
  219. Worried I just WANT to be a lesbian and am actually not?
  220. what is wrong with me
  221. Depression, no motivation...
  222. Thank you
  223. Why am i having difficulty with gay men as friends?
  224. Being described as gay when absolutely irrelevant...
  225. Abusement and hiding in transidentity?? :(
  226. Alone during the summer
  227. Was it just friendly or something more?
  228. Issues leaving home
  229. Dildo Buying EXTREME EDITION
  230. wanting to pick a fight, coming out?
  231. Lesbian sex tips?
  232. Really extreme mood swings...
  233. Years that I barely remember...
  234. Sexual dilemma!
  235. I still like him
  236. A few questions
  237. Life Story / Need Depression Help
  238. How often should I text this guy I like?
  239. tips for keeping a condom on?
  240. Proper use of a condom...
  241. So apparently we all get happy endings...
  242. Weird acting crush
  243. Am i a bad person
  244. is it ok to use an ugly guy for sex
  245. am i going to hell
  246. what should i do?
  247. How to top?
  248. Common for a lesbian to enjoy taking care of women?
  249. Genderfluid but end up being FtM?
  250. PTSD. Please help me.