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  1. Strong Urge to be Naked all the time.
  2. It may be wrong, but I still do it, it just makes my life easier
  3. I don't know what to do
  4. Is it too soon to be sure?
  5. Quitting self harm (CONTENT WARNING)
  6. How do you make friends?
  7. i want to run away
  8. Non-binary?
  9. I went through a trans phase.
  10. Has anyone masturbated to themselves?
  11. Could I be bisexual or gay maybe?
  12. bad body image
  13. thinking past midnight is the worst....
  14. Lesbian loves male gay porn?
  15. It feels like my hope was murdered.
  16. Guilt
  17. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
  18. Raging!!!
  19. I think I'm an overly attached girlfriend - help!
  20. How to let my new BF know I dont want to hear about his ex?
  21. What do you think about being queer by choice?
  22. I hate my body
  23. Meeting Someone Online?
  24. job position advice
  25. HELP. I want to die.
  26. Why am I so jealous and angry?
  27. I Am An Object
  28. Am I gay?
  29. Always close to tears, can't control my emotions
  30. Escaped attraction or really just straight - or ocd oh yes I said it
  31. Weird dream I need help
  32. how do i deal with this akward experience?
  33. I don't even know anymore.
  34. Ever experienced a gay cream pie?
  35. Confused and Scared
  36. My mental diary (LONG) triggering: sucide
  37. How Did I Not Know?
  38. How does it feel?
  39. What's the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to you?
  40. Forever feeling like an outsider?
  41. Feeling lost and confused
  42. Don't address me like that, please.
  43. Straight friend led me on?
  44. Quitting porn hasn't changed anything
  45. I might give up drag
  46. Ass getting wet when horny?
  47. I want to be a lesbian, but am I turning trans?
  48. why do a lot of gay guys wear superman t-shirts?
  49. Have you ever expirienced "liked" the opposite sex?
  50. Is it wrong to be 29 and want to be FWB with an 18 year old? Could it turn to more?
  51. Worried I just WANT to be a lesbian and am actually not?
  52. what is wrong with me
  53. Depression, no motivation...
  54. Thank you
  55. Why am i having difficulty with gay men as friends?
  56. Being described as gay when absolutely irrelevant...
  57. Abusement and hiding in transidentity?? :(
  58. Alone during the summer
  59. Was it just friendly or something more?
  60. Issues leaving home
  61. Dildo Buying EXTREME EDITION
  62. wanting to pick a fight, coming out?
  63. Lesbian sex tips?
  64. Really extreme mood swings...
  65. Years that I barely remember...
  66. Sexual dilemma!
  67. I still like him
  68. A few questions
  69. Life Story / Need Depression Help
  70. How often should I text this guy I like?
  71. tips for keeping a condom on?
  72. Proper use of a condom...
  73. So apparently we all get happy endings...
  74. Weird acting crush
  75. Am i a bad person
  76. is it ok to use an ugly guy for sex
  77. am i going to hell
  78. what should i do?
  79. How to top?
  80. Common for a lesbian to enjoy taking care of women?
  81. Genderfluid but end up being FtM?
  82. PTSD. Please help me.
  83. Who changes their last name?
  84. Binder HELP
  85. Post Secret
  86. Having Suicidal Thoughts.
  87. "Straight" Once I'm Thin?
  88. I'm guilty and stupid.
  89. Recovery? No thank you.
  90. dancing with others
  91. Another Self Esteem Issue
  92. Just friends? Please help...
  93. I did something horrible
  94. So i'm bi but...
  95. bdsm
  96. I'm so self concious
  97. masturbation question
  98. Female unsure if I like sex with guys or just penetration?
  99. How do you deal with really strong disappointment?
  100. Where can I meet people
  101. Gym teachers are too hot
  102. Have you ever done bareback?
  103. Is he really gay or was I wrong??
  104. Should I wear my pride bracelet to church camp?
  105. Is this bad?
  106. Holy heck......
  107. Is it possible I was molested and don't remember it?
  108. Panic Attacks at Work
  109. How to relax?
  110. Keeping clean "down there..."
  111. Tricky question... Were you ever molested as a child?
  112. I don't think I can handle sexual attraction.
  113. how to play "awkward" friend deal
  114. Always angry because of my orientation
  115. Strange turn of events with "straight" friend with benefits
  116. came out to a family member and it hurt
  117. spinning out of control
  118. How does it feel?
  119. It's complicated...
  120. Possible bisexuality?
  121. This girl.....
  122. Is this Creepy?
  123. Why come out as asexual?
  124. curious
  125. Is it possibe
  126. "Internalized homophobia" comments do my head in.
  127. Keeps going through my head
  128. Transgender Jealousy
  129. A crush in my late 30s?? Geez
  130. People looking at you, then quickly looking away?
  131. Perceiving others' opinions of you
  132. Learning to become better at sex
  133. Guilty and worried after hookup?
  134. getting fit
  135. Is it worth trying??
  136. Sexual Abuse + Assault {SUPPORT}
  137. She gay,likes me or not?
  138. i really messed up
  139. I'm afraid to let people get close to me...
  140. I'm running away tonight
  141. Going out alone
  142. Running away from feelings?????
  143. Am I being to sensitive?
  144. I am guilty about feeling uncomfortable towards the "effeminate" gay people.
  145. Dating and relationships when gay
  146. Genderfluid = Transgender? Opinions!!
  147. Should I let Him Know I Know?
  148. Therapist insists I'm not "really" gay
  149. Androgynous women work fashion?
  150. Do any other gay people feel the same?
  151. Should I keep in contact with my father?
  152. Want to experiment ..
  153. Can people see if you've visited their facebook page?
  154. is something wrong with me?
  155. hiding and being down low and gay
  156. In need of some positive input
  157. felt so stupid for flirting with a bartender and guess what happened!!!!
  158. Loved one passing away, how to say goodbye and PTSD
  159. I feel like trash
  160. There's just this one thing.
  161. My Head Is Exploding Right Now...Can't Even Think Straight
  162. CONFUSED! please help
  163. avoiding friend......
  164. Self-help?
  165. Are anuses attractive?
  166. My orientation and kissing girls
  167. I Don't get the difference
  168. How does this work?
  169. Is this normal?
  170. Sex Crazy after Breakup
  171. how to meet non-scene young guys
  172. I need some advice
  173. I don't know what to do anymore.
  174. Anyone with Depakote experience
  175. Some advise please!!!
  176. How to deal with the up's and down's of depression
  177. The age gap horror and liking a friend.
  178. Yearning for a reality that never was and maybe still isn't
  179. texting
  180. How can I meet other queer people?
  181. My bi friend and I
  182. what do i do..
  183. where can you meet late in life newbies?
  184. whites guys who are interested or not interested in dating black men
  185. Girlfriend wants me to "dominate" her during sex
  186. Should I stop trying to be happy as a gay person
  187. gay men and whoredom
  188. Women: Do you like your "own taste"?
  189. Catfishes/self-esteem issue...
  190. How do I measure for a bra?
  191. Penis Size
  192. bullying advice
  193. Ideas on becoming not so tight?
  194. Would this count as "making your feelings known"?
  195. I feel like no one will ever love me like the way he did to me
  196. Did my old best friend take my virginity?
  197. ok I am a little confused
  198. Odd question
  199. Yet another pointless yet mildly cathartic thread
  200. When a parent thinks "it's because you are afraid of pen**"
  201. Dreading the comments post-coming out...
  202. So so so so so CONFUSED! please help!
  203. I feel regected by my own LGBT community
  204. Too Shy for Sex
  205. Can my environment influence homosexuality?
  206. Tried marijuana edible ... regretted it
  207. Questioning (bio-female)
  208. First Real Relationship
  209. Very Confused, Help.
  210. Alone Crying...I'm in love with my BEST guy friend Yet with someone else
  211. christianity and being gay
  212. This guy on skype is married
  213. Why am I a lesbian?
  214. my cousin likes me
  215. straight porn
  216. Help
  217. women giving compliments to other women
  218. Freaking out
  219. HELP Constipation and sore anus 5 days after anal intercourse
  220. Therapist?
  221. Self-Loathing, Bipolar and Daddy Issues
  222. Is something wrong with me?
  223. Repressed memories? *Please Help*
  224. Help please
  225. crush gets excited.
  226. Not sure whether to give this crush a gift???
  227. Anyone else?
  228. It pains me
  229. A crush on a friend
  230. How do you give head to a guy?
  231. Fake marriage - opinions
  232. i feel so sad
  233. I Messed Up BIG TIME! Again!
  234. Soft butch? Androgynous? What am I?
  235. Does she like me?
  236. omfg i feel sooooo stupid
  237. It Hurts
  238. feeling very bitter about people
  239. Comimg out even though I'm not ready
  240. Male orgasm v ejaculation
  241. Exercises to prevent back pain from sitting at a desk all day
  242. :(
  243. Invisible?
  244. cant be monogamous because of my assumed orientation
  245. Cutting.
  246. Age difference
  247. Interracial Sexual Encounter(s)
  248. I am a big lesbian
  249. how many people on here feel that they are unatractive?
  250. A youtube channel (admin, staff help please)