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  1. Girls, would you date a Muslim lesbian?
  2. I stared at my teacher smiling and she caught me?
  3. Should this friendship continue? (Drugs and other stuff)
  4. I hate this
  5. Taking my Shahada and converting to Islam
  6. crushing over various people i dont know?
  7. Why she started this dramatic behaviors all of the sudden?
  8. Denial? Heteronormative doubts? Bargaining? What is it?!
  9. Am i attracted to men?
  10. my friends keep telling i have to have sex with a guy?!?!
  11. help! i am a sex addict
  12. afraid of getting a boyfriend (hell I cant even say boyfriend outloud)
  13. advice on supporting a friend.
  14. FAB, female identifying - dysphoria?
  15. just a question
  16. What do you think about this?
  17. porn addiction
  18. I'm so broken
  19. ? Gay husband
  20. 1st homosexual relationship
  21. A phone call from my Mother.......
  22. Getting turned on by getting ready
  23. Suicidal (TRIGGER WARNING)
  24. How to get over someone you know you can't be with
  25. Questioning my sexual orientation
  26. panicking over things
  27. Flatmate having loud sex
  28. Office banter and bullying getting me down.
  29. Am I really abnormal?
  30. HIV negative after 4 weeks
  31. Porn reminds me of how I fail at sex but also makes me forget my sexual past
  32. Mood Issues
  33. Is it possible to become emotionally numb?
  34. Sexual-Orientation "Culture Shock"
  35. taken for granted
  36. UK LGBTQ/trans helplines
  37. Am I schizophrenic?
  38. My friend does not respect me - she touched me!
  39. Group work hell...
  40. I don't know if employees at my school hate me because im international or gay?
  41. Still unsure about orientation
  42. Becoming a full member?
  43. Paranoid and suicidal (possibly triggering)
  44. Is loneliness changing me?
  45. Am I really strange?
  46. homelessness?
  47. Sister's friend sending unwanted photos
  48. Feeling "too ugly" to be lesbian
  49. Teenager flirting with me...no thanks
  50. Child support
  51. Girlfriend is an escort
  52. Dating
  53. is it weird that i feel uncomfortable seeing genital parts?
  54. Friend told people about me being suicidal.
  55. Is this anxiety or normal?
  56. Is this wrong?
  57. Stay at home husband
  58. Am i being superficial? Can it work
  59. Can you get HIV from rimming?
  60. Question about possibly hooking up with my friend
  61. i dont feel comfortable in my house
  62. Lifelong celibacy?
  63. Afraid of eating?
  64. gynecological exam
  65. feeling entirely worthless
  66. Dad called me a slut
  67. newbie question
  68. Any single dad by surrogacy?
  69. Ladies...i need advice?
  70. Undoing the inadvertent flirt
  71. when lyrics fit your life
  72. Election is causing me great stress, trigger warnings
  73. Emotional maturity having Aspergers
  74. Someone misused me on skype, please help!
  75. Birth Control
  76. Trump win = what does this mean for LGBT
  77. I'm 35 and I've never had a relationship
  78. I told someone
  79. I need somewhere to cry
  80. Opinions... (possible SA trigger???) ... IDK...
  81. Kind of a weird question
  82. struggling: second part of the cops outing me
  83. There's no joy for me, so no reason to live anymore
  84. Drunk Problems
  85. Why are MOST teen girls so vile
  86. Femme lesbian into femmes
  87. Not sure what I want
  88. Catfishing and lost.
  89. Anybody know any international suicide counseling organizations?
  90. Is this creepy?
  91. I don't understand this
  92. Where does the shame come from?
  93. Connecting to others
  94. Please help I can't go on like this anymore!
  95. masculine female attracting mysogynists?
  96. You ever just feel there?
  97. Is it safe for guys to walk outside wearing dresses and skirts?
  98. The death of girlstowns (Chicago)
  99. Having a hard time giving my best friend some space
  100. Foreplay questions.
  101. Shattered !!!
  102. Am I really weird?
  103. I can't find a job... I feel worthless
  104. Colorado?
  105. masturbating looking at.. myself
  106. How to break up with someone
  107. Should I Go For It?
  108. An issue in my life
  109. its my birthday and no one remembered
  110. How To Get Over Somebody When Avoiding Them Isn't An Option?
  111. Possible For Two Siblings To Both Be LGBT At The Same Time?
  112. Confused about my feelings
  113. lonely
  114. Coming out on Facebook letter
  115. Should I break up with my girlfriend?
  116. what counts as healthy drinking?
  117. Sadness and suicidal thoughts....everyday
  118. I Don't Want to Be Here
  119. Everyday shouldn't have to be a struggle
  120. i love him, but my parents won't
  121. Can this cause a heart attack?
  122. Thoughts on this
  123. Just feel awful
  124. What's wrong with me?
  125. scared and worried
  126. Feeling Disgusting
  127. A dilemma about ppl
  128. Some insight pls ? I'm feeling really bad about this
  129. Am I crazy?
  130. I'm so scared that I may have HIV
  131. Loneliness
  132. Harrassment
  133. Femme dating
  134. OCD or legitimately questioning?
  135. How to not be vulnerable to rape\e.t.c
  136. Made up world\ Pretend friends
  137. Should I come out at this moment in my life?
  138. Having two crushes?
  139. A lesbian (not) love story
  140. Bisexual or Gay in Denial?
  141. Can this ever work?
  142. Ahhhh help
  143. As a bi/feminine guy I don't know what to do
  144. Just want to be "one of the girls"
  145. Sexual desire but not attraction?
  146. no one wants to be with me
  147. Over thinking?
  148. my ramblings
  149. This could kill me?
  150. Straight friend doesn't want to hear about it
  151. Killing myself
  152. Is this a sign she's interested in me as a friend or more?
  153. Gay and have a romantic crush on girl?
  154. Crush on straight best friend
  155. I Want a Service Dog
  156. the cops outed me to my roommates
  157. Do I have a mental illness?
  158. Envying Straight/Bi people?
  159. The 'love of my life'...a married mother...
  160. OCD Thoughts
  161. Why I keep pushing ppl away?
  162. foot fetish
  163. used
  164. Chubby & Chaser relationship advice
  165. Why am I so abnormal?
  166. We've only been together for 10 days and he keeps saying "I love you"? O.O
  167. I think I have a crush on a girl in my anatomy class
  168. Help me to not mess up things...
  169. Gap in work history
  170. Feeling somewhat powerless
  171. Teacher offended me
  172. Thinking about moving entirely on my own.
  173. Advice for social situation
  174. How To Get a Father Figure As An Adult
  175. Crippling Hiv fear
  176. the system
  177. Mixed signals....advice please.
  178. tell someone you are sorry for breaking their heart
  179. How do I stop these images in my head?
  180. Feel I will die single
  181. Really bummed with life right now
  182. Negative attitude towards sex?
  183. Help me out with this date please
  184. Should I attempt to recontact my old friends from work
  185. Moving out!
  186. Ending it All.
  187. is it possible to be "cured?"
  188. At the risk of sounding shallow I must get this off my chest
  189. Suspicious of my friend....
  190. What's wrong with me?
  191. embarassing relapses
  192. How do you ... ?
  193. Say "I love you" to someone who isn't ready
  194. LGBT Support Centres in York, PA?
  195. help! people that i come out to take advantage of me!
  196. Is this too suspicious?
  197. 18 days late for my period...pregnant?
  198. Making my past better?
  199. Skyping internet crush for first time
  200. what to do if alone and see a killer clown please help
  201. And they laughed.........
  202. I feel alone. I need help...
  203. Why is she avoiding me now does that mean her feelings were genuine?
  204. Suicidal dreams and I life I barely want to live anyone.
  205. I might've just loss this important date, help please
  206. is there any one else feeling like an outsider everywhere?
  207. Is this normal?
  208. Is he attracted to me?
  209. Lesbian places in boston?
  210. Why so hard to find a LGBT place?
  211. Asking for therapy
  212. how to get over desperate feelings?
  213. Witnessing Harrassment
  214. How to not develop feelings for your good friends
  215. Would your crush talk about hooking up with other ppl if they liked you back?
  216. Dealing with homophobic comments?
  217. Long distance relationship
  218. Depression sufferers, comment please
  219. Fear of Men?
  220. She came back the third time
  221. Intello lesbians
  222. Straight friend I had a crush on comes out of nowhere!
  223. I think my Dad may be cheating on my Mom
  224. Being mistaken as a 'straight creep'
  225. Boyfriend good friends with ex
  226. disillusioned?
  227. Should I try talking to him
  228. Why my new boss scares me even though she is a nice person?
  229. I don't see what my future beholds
  230. The journey for happiness
  231. Asking friend to go out?
  232. Falling for housemate :(
  233. Sexual Abuse and Being Gay
  234. What should I do here?
  235. Need advice on love :(
  236. Think I'm just ready to settle down.
  237. Lost and wanting to give up
  238. I'm depressed
  239. Frustrated with life and the world in general
  240. scared of going to hell..
  241. What's wrong with me??
  242. Can't get out of this rut
  243. Too difficult for me?
  244. After I knew that my teacher is a lesbian i started to have feelings for her?
  245. Bisexuality
  246. What's going on here?
  247. Lost
  248. disturbing day, weird feelings, I wrote my suicide note in my head..........
  249. I have a crush on a tutor and can't say anything to her?
  250. I've made a mistake....