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  1. One "simple" question about Christianity...
  2. is it bad being a femme and liking being submissive with other women ?
  3. Back hair
  4. what do i do
  5. Me, myself, and envy
  6. Gay guys what do u like in a guy.
  7. Several friends depressed, self-harming
  8. deleting address bar
  9. Mother Problems (Long Post)
  10. I Am Me
  11. Let me start with I'm sorry
  12. Can a lesbian enjoy sex with a guy?
  13. Sexual Harassment?
  14. is that makes me gay?
  15. Relationship question
  16. First sex toy
  17. Aroused By Bullying.
  18. Not washing hair
  19. Am I being Prude?
  20. I feel I can't handle my life anymore
  21. first lesbian relationships
  22. How do I become a porn star?
  23. Why should I have to "come out"?
  24. Do women with big boobs like other women with small boobs ?
  25. Never Attracted To Anyone
  26. Are bigger girls just not attracted to thin girls?
  27. Sexual Abuser Wants to Come to Graduation
  28. Why are people blessed with drawing ability?
  29. Blood
  30. Openly bisexual
  31. Stalemate with my brother (seriously need advice)...
  32. in love with brother-in-law
  33. Can biromantic lesbian date a straight guy?
  34. Poor hand in life
  35. Self-Confidence Interfering With...
  36. Do guys (cis and trans) think about sex a lot?
  37. What makes life worthwhile?
  38. That's it. I've become just like everyone else. Help?
  39. Positive for Herpes
  40. Hair down there
  41. [facebook] interested in
  42. How to get back in the closet
  43. Gay guys, being a prude, and seeing penises
  44. Friend Refusing to Seek Help
  45. Thinking about breaking up
  46. Shaving public hair
  47. Who Am I?
  48. more attractive : butch women with long hair or butch women with short hair?
  49. I am so sick of it
  50. I feel bad after eating~
  51. are extra thick condoms necessary for anal?
  52. first relationship
  53. Only attracted to foreign women?
  54. I need help.
  55. I don't want to love anymore
  56. How is sex different from porn?
  57. acting cold around my crush :( why can't I be friendly??
  58. I'm Scared my First same sex relationship
  59. My boyfriend cheated but that's not the worst part. Need help! Advice is appreciated
  60. Is it bad...
  61. Help, in a LTR but have a crush on someone else
  62. Do you ever feel bad that you are submissive?
  63. Panicking...don't think I'll ever be able to come out to my family
  64. how can i help a repressed woman to feel more comfortable with herself?
  65. my first anal sex is making me depressed since yesterday evening
  66. I love my family...
  67. Crush
  68. When does it all go downhill?
  69. Am I bi?
  70. lesbian movies
  71. Am I Wrong?
  72. Feels like I'm going crazy
  73. Lesbians and orgasm
  74. what does being bi-sexual mean to you?
  75. what is scissoring?
  76. I can't have friends.
  77. Would this make me homophobic?
  78. A friend came out to me as a having a Lolita Complex.
  79. Problem?
  80. "Tranny Chasers"??
  81. I am afraid our age difference will turn her off.
  82. Panic Attacks Around Mother?
  83. How do 'straight' women in denial act?
  84. Help A.S.A.P. Please
  85. Why Do I Repel Lesbian??
  86. Problem with being around people with their shirts off
  87. Being used again and again. :/
  88. Using someone who's really great
  89. About a new relationship...
  90. I'm so frustrated!
  91. Is Finding Someone Supposed to be THIS Hard?
  92. Could I have gotten HIV?
  93. Walter Mitty syndrome?
  94. Is it all worth it
  95. Am I any good at writing?
  96. is this depression
  97. Please help.
  98. I Hate Myself
  99. Guys wearing Women's Jeans
  100. Beginning to wonder.
  101. Social problems?
  102. how can someone who is unattractive in everyway get a girlfriend?
  103. TV Shows and Sexuality
  104. Is It Possible To Change Your Coping Mechanism?
  105. Please help, my girlfriend is in a bad place!
  106. Why should I have "pride" in my orientation ?
  107. Feeling lonely lately.
  108. Gender Expression vs Gender Identity?
  109. People keep calling me intolerant
  110. What nipple sensation?
  111. Guys, question for you
  112. Fear of sex
  113. Why can I not stay hard when I'm with someone else?
  114. Might I be suffering from an eating disorder?
  115. actions and clear communication
  116. that makes sense yo
  117. fuck people
  118. I like girls but..
  119. girls think I am gay
  120. Confused!!????
  121. I'm my own problem
  122. What's going on?
  123. Ocd
  124. Period Pain, Natural Relief?
  125. Is this sexual harassment or am I over reacting?
  126. Sex addiction
  127. I think I am suffering from severe depression, what should I do?
  128. Friends advice never helps
  129. Friend had unprotected sex
  130. Choice confusion
  131. I can't take the humiliation.
  132. Is their a word or label that describes this?
  133. Went for a Straight girl
  134. I feel so wrong and perverted for this and you guys may criticize me but..
  135. Wanting parents to hate you?
  136. Boyfriend never wants to have sex
  137. In a relationship and lovesick for another woman
  138. Crying during sex
  139. Hurt by boyfriend's lack of affection
  140. Lesbian but I have a fantasy about having sex with a transsexual woman does it make
  141. no reason to live
  142. I'm ugly
  143. Guys use me cause I'm vulnerable.
  144. How to fall out of love
  145. Suicidal and a friend
  146. Am I bad?
  147. paranoia or denial
  148. What do you think?
  149. Having sex with HIV+ guy
  150. Can someone who is straight be attracted to same sex?
  151. Making friends
  152. Having one English problem please help
  153. Feeling guilty for profit
  154. Looks vs Personality
  155. Relationship with a Muslim guy.
  156. I am not sure why I'm here but...
  157. Girls confuse and frustrate me
  158. this is random and I need you guys opinion
  159. The one who makes my life a living hell, kissed me.
  160. did you find lesbian sex repulsive before you came out to yourself?
  161. I could use some advice plz
  162. Please help me
  163. Sex to help depression?
  164. My relationship with my father
  165. What constitutes rape?
  166. Can spending a lot of time around gay people influence your sexual orientation?
  167. Size insecurity
  168. any women on here ever been prego
  169. Going back
  170. Cutting thoughts coming back
  171. Do older women date younger girls?
  172. How to be sexy (gay guy)
  173. Serious Family Issue (Shorter Version)
  174. Wife found out her husband is Gay
  175. Strangly connected to this straight girl
  176. Sexual Frustration
  177. Platonic friendship or something more?
  178. 2 Small Things
  179. Love my best friend
  180. She says we have different needs
  181. Is this wrong and should I try to stop?
  182. Any advice?
  183. Boyfriend asks me what size my penis is..
  184. I want to gain muscle, but I don't want to look bulky, any tips would help
  185. can someone turn gay?
  186. The "ugly" friend
  187. Can bad relationship with mom make me not like girls?
  188. Being called straight for not wanting sex?
  189. Feel like I'm pushing family away
  190. Don't know anymore.
  191. Skinny shirts and wristbands
  192. Serious Family Issue
  193. I want to look like an old man.
  194. Anal and orgasm
  195. I must be crazy -.-'
  196. Huge age gap- help!!
  197. Told my gf of 6 years im bi..it got weird
  198. Too ashamed to ask for help
  199. sometimes i think i am gay...
  200. Shit I think I might have ruined a friendship
  201. just dont know anymore
  202. Not sure
  203. Scissoring/tribbing
  204. guy at school
  205. Confused about my sexual orientation?
  206. I sweat so easily -.-
  207. parents
  208. My brother can be such a j@ck@ss
  209. I feel so conflicted
  210. friends with benefits
  211. Why did I lie to my doctor about being Depressed?
  212. Results Came In
  213. Is Long Distance Worth It?
  214. Mixed Signals
  215. Do I class as a lesbian?
  216. Am I straight? Please answer!
  217. What have I become???????
  218. Can't follow through on sex
  219. How do I get a creep to leave me alone?
  220. Feeling on my left thigh
  221. Waiting For Results
  222. I feel so guilty...
  223. is she interested, or in denial?
  224. Top Surgery Question.
  225. How to address my questionable internet habits?
  226. I just want to be his/her friend - denial
  227. How did you figure out your sexuality?
  228. Confused about how to move forward
  229. Erection
  230. Testosterone
  231. Previous threads and posts
  232. I feel like a bad lesbian because I hate butch women.
  233. Cold sores
  234. Strap-ons
  235. At what age...?
  236. Ugh.. I like a chick
  237. Batman, Mass Effect or any geeky stuff
  238. Erection problem
  239. Does this make me a bad person?
  240. How to find a LGBQTA church?
  241. Body Hair
  242. my problem with being a masculine gay man
  243. Anal sex and a pooping sensation
  244. im gay but i think penises are ugly
  245. im gay but i think penises are ugly
  246. Female ejaculation
  247. Do you think there are people in this community who are disingenuous?
  248. How do I become less of a loser?
  249. What does this mean?
  250. Relationship With Parents (Mostly Mothers)