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  1. Any one else doesn't like to go to the gynecologist?
  2. Dating dilemma?
  3. Homophobic Mum
  4. Friends and GRS
  5. Help! I hooked up with someone and I'm afriad it's ruined
  6. Is it vain to want to look pretty all the time?
  7. Sexually confused - Childhood experiences affecting orientation? LOOONG post.
  8. I need advice? Help? Something?
  9. Really not sure what to do now about this guy I like....
  10. Did I make a bad decision?
  11. is she repressing her feelings?
  12. Genderfluid and Stressed about my appearance...
  13. Losing erection
  14. When One Person Catches Feelings And The Other Doesn't
  15. Message on a mirror about suicide
  16. stupid boys
  17. How do I handle this situation?
  18. Valentine's day gift, will she like it?
  19. Worrying for nothing?
  20. Stalker
  21. Did I take advantage of her?
  22. I like her, but I don't like her?
  23. I like my friend, not sure what to do
  24. I need some wise advice. I hate everything about my life right now.
  25. How Lesbians Viewed/Felt About Boys Growing Up?
  26. I'm scared to give head...
  27. Lost/Found
  28. Date help- spur of the moment
  29. Surppressed Emotions...
  30. Does being gay make me a bad person?
  31. Is there any way forward?
  32. declaring my love for you...married woman
  33. Give me your honest opinion of this poem
  34. Is there a way to tell what orientation a person is with out asking?
  35. How would you react?
  36. I want to save people because I couldn't save myself
  37. Sexual abuse
  38. House Party
  39. Anxiety
  40. Trouble finding a relationship
  41. bi mature need help
  42. I wanna make a sex tape with my girlfriend
  43. Unsure...
  44. Gender stuff... mostly just need to tell someone
  45. Old voices coming back!!!!!
  46. How does a person manage their emotions without repressing them? Please Help!
  47. insecure lesbian with internalized homophobia
  48. Problem choosing a name
  49. Blushing?
  50. A "fake" lesbian?
  51. Being bisexual
  52. should I give her something?
  53. Does anyone on here smoke?
  54. Gay men versus straight men
  55. I want to commit suicide.
  56. Is there any non-awkward way to admit a crush?
  57. Lesbian but I enjoy making straight men feel like crap
  58. Emotional triggers and parents
  59. thank you
  60. Why am I attracted to lesbians and straight men?
  61. I would be so happy if..............
  62. Can't believe I forgot again!
  63. Self pleasure
  64. Vent Post - Confused and just need to get it out
  65. love letter?
  66. lack of big O
  67. Shaving
  68. Is this weird? Or creepy???
  69. unreal
  70. Fear of Sex & Intimacy
  71. Love is confusing
  72. how many of you guy want to punch a straight person?
  73. Sometimes I...
  74. Does being pushed down make you get somewhat bitter?
  75. Recognizing Flirting
  76. Why does this friend keep bringing up gay stuff around me?
  77. How do I play this, totally clueless!!!'
  78. Straight but infatuated with this guy?
  79. Aroused by shaving my face?
  80. Bleeding?
  81. Anyway to not feel too needy?
  82. First Time Butt Sex
  83. Jealousy in gay relationships
  84. #IHateHugsFromRandomPeople
  85. Sort of understanding how women feel?
  86. Bruises. The good kind.
  87. Cigarette Use
  88. Fetishes?
  89. I can't stop comparing my self to Pedos?
  90. I'm just being stupid, right?
  91. what should be my next move?
  92. Is this normal...
  93. help me understand this ?
  94. Someone please help me 11:11
  95. do you believe in soul mates or fate?
  96. is there anyone you really dislike at the moment... ?
  97. Is it wrong to fall in love with a butch?
  98. OH MY FUCKING GOD, what is it with some people that like this kind of shit?
  99. Should I feel guilty?
  100. Torn up about my best friend who I sort of like and who is homophobic (rather long)
  101. Confused
  102. a date is stressing me out
  103. I feel like I am losing myself
  104. I was thinking about buying an Anal dildo...
  105. Guys, does anyone else worry about crossing their legs?
  106. Should I stop being vegetarian?
  107. Feel so used and traumatised
  108. Ladies, after losing your virginity is it normal to crave sex a lot more?
  109. Emotionally retarded
  110. I screwed up big this time...
  111. So I Asked My Mom What She Thought
  112. thinking about somebody else when making love
  113. Dealing with self-loathing?
  114. Do I really have to come out?
  115. Extremely long story about brief fling; need advice.
  116. Is It Possible to Be Only Slightly Asexual
  117. Do I have OCD?
  118. At what age did you know?
  119. Will life change?
  120. This friendship is more romantic than any relationship
  121. Awkward Question
  122. Transsexual & Background checks.
  123. Advice about first gynecologist vist
  124. How to ask a friend to be in a relationship?
  125. Anal Sex...
  126. Am I bisexual or just confused?
  127. Am I gay?
  128. what do you think of my life?
  129. Where can I meet guys online but still remain anonymous/closeted?
  130. Tips on asking a girl out
  131. How to let go of my feeling for her?
  132. Stressed and lonely and feeling lost
  133. What's Wrong With Me?
  134. Is my friend gay? How to let him know i like him?
  135. question? -somewhat a rant-
  136. Anyone from the Metro Detroit area?
  137. lonely and not lonely
  138. Vivid dreams and odd feelings of being an animal. What's going on?
  139. make a big move on my co worker?
  140. Gender-fluid Issues: does any one have any advice?
  141. My Husband is Suicidal
  142. The curves verses roughness
  143. Tears during sex?
  144. Has coming out to someone who is unsupportive ever make you question yourself again?
  145. my straight bestfriend
  146. Sometimes I just hate myself
  147. I need help, OD
  148. One guy, but only one guy, makes me feel things I've never felt before
  149. Is it selfish to have people think that you are happy when you are not ?
  150. Friends moving.
  151. What does 'therapy' do?
  152. gay clubs/bars
  153. Coming out
  154. Feel like a Freak...
  155. I have no idea what I'm doing?
  156. The "fat lesbian" stereotype
  157. Prayer Request
  158. Minority
  159. Lacking self esteem...
  160. Opposite sex crushes but queer identity?
  161. psycho girlfriend
  162. I hate myself why can't I just die already?
  163. 13, male and REALLY hairy :(
  164. Numbness?
  165. Police officer and background checks
  166. survey again
  167. so single
  168. Dodging gaydar
  169. I'm kind of alone now...
  170. women are screwing me up
  171. 31 and Taking First Step
  172. She is cured of her homosexuality! Listen to her testimony!
  173. Is it right to be okay with going through this?
  174. Lonely
  175. Am I weird or a Freak?
  176. Very confused
  177. Hemmeroid Fairie?
  178. advice for a shower-phobic?
  179. Just need advice
  180. would a lesbian be upset if her new girlfriend wanted use a dental dam
  181. Damaging myself by binding?
  182. 1st gay crush
  183. Hey...
  184. Confused by the use of "friend"
  185. So I pulled, but now I'm nervous...
  186. Anyone in the military or know a gay/lesbian who is?
  187. What are your fetishes?
  188. dealing with my past
  189. One T-Girl and one Gay guy as some of my flatmates
  190. Scared
  191. Lonley, self harm SOS!
  192. Friend possibly confused about himself?
  193. How to not be ugly
  194. Hope somewhere in the midst?
  195. Giving up liking someone
  196. Is this inappropriate?
  197. saw my friend on a gay dating website!
  198. Is it really possible to "lead a straight guy on?"
  199. haha whats even the point
  200. Is he gay???
  201. Sexism
  202. Small penis? Need help!
  203. Friend being possessive?
  204. do straight guys wear coach shoes?
  205. devastated
  206. Am I in love?
  207. How to give help?
  208. I'm only attracted to straight guys
  209. Obsessional personality
  210. Obsessed with a video game character
  211. Cutting, again.
  212. Do you think she would like this?
  213. Has anyone actually 'chosen' to be gay?
  214. Reverse Pedophile?
  215. Whish I was a woman
  216. Hi.... Need sex help..
  217. Was his reaction to my kiss possitive or negative ?
  218. 38C too big for binding?
  219. What would make you happy?
  220. Am I homoflexable?
  221. Gay but I like straight porn
  222. I can never come out.
  223. This Sucks
  224. How do you tell your best friend that he gave you a boner?
  225. My Boyfriend is a Drama Queen
  226. I really really want to, but...
  227. Don't like penis. Am I a homosexual?
  228. Difficulty Achieving Things
  229. 27 yr old having feelings for 17 year old (legal), both guys
  230. I'm scared
  231. Eating Lunch Alone at School
  232. Is this a sign that he is gay?
  233. Guys checking their phone after making eye contact?
  234. Moving on versus burying feelings?
  235. Cbt
  236. I wanted to come out!
  237. My body is acting differently
  238. What should I do? Feeling responsible
  239. I want to kill myself
  240. forgoten about and Depressed
  241. How do I show someone that I like him ?
  242. She's straight isn't she? Please give advice
  243. When you can't get over the death of your loved one...
  244. I need help with a date please
  245. is he worth it?
  246. Unrequited love making me want to die
  247. I'm really messed up.
  248. survey
  249. He's getting married!!!
  250. Warning Signs