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  1. he gets so angry at me but i want to come out
  2. life falling apart
  3. is this strange?
  4. Being Ashamed
  5. Relationship Without Sex
  6. Need someone's help, please, Is this rape?
  7. Being alone kinda sucks with suck a big secret life.
  8. Is he bisexual? Advice for a straight girl about her boyfriend...
  9. GF drunkenly flirted with other woman
  10. Is my fetish wrong?
  11. So there's this girl
  12. how would you discribe this relationship?
  13. Condtantly irritated, normal?
  14. Im a gay male but I've got c*ck fright
  15. Women going to strip clubs?
  16. I'm not sure if I can move on...
  17. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  18. When Your Ex Wants You Back
  19. Is it bad to like Furry Porn?
  20. Talking to friends about being depressed
  21. I'm addicted to porn
  22. Feel worthless
  23. awkward situation
  24. The sex isn't doing it for me...
  25. Is she for real? Baby talk
  26. Self harm results in sexual arousal? (TRIGGER WARNING)
  27. Wierd Annoying Fetish that gets in the way but you can't help it
  28. Why did I have to turn out so ugly. =(
  29. Anal Sex
  30. Unexpected Attraction
  31. Larger Ladies & Lesbian Love
  32. Am I Bi or Gay? I want to come out!
  33. is it hard for feminine lesbians?
  34. Masturbation: When it's just not doing it for you
  35. done and alone
  36. I'm really upset right now..
  37. Coming to terms
  38. Forget the others, how did YOU get past the stigma??
  39. Boyfriend
  40. most Obscure thing you used a a dildo?
  41. Well here it goes
  42. Just a bit confused about myself.
  43. I think my friend is ashamed of me...
  44. I think my friend is ashamed of me...
  45. I think my lesbian friend might have a thing for me....
  46. Kinky sex
  47. Bi or Gay, what do I say?
  48. Virgin in early 20s
  49. I'm scared.
  50. No plans, no future.
  51. Hesitant to start dating?
  52. will my straight friend loves me?? so confused
  53. Guy's Butts?
  54. Feel like the whole world is against me
  55. Initiate
  56. Promise ring...3 months
  57. Bisexual uncomfortable around opposite sex
  58. Moral dilemma!
  59. Should I feel bad?
  60. Trying to make sense of it ... am I realising I am gay ?
  61. maneroxia....am i falling into a pit?
  62. becoming very disallusioned with gay men..does anyone else feel like this?
  63. bipolar disorder?? :(((
  64. feeling guilty and paranoid after watching porn?
  65. Ex issues
  66. Suicidal thoughts...
  67. Rejected for being small down there
  68. Having an addiction to same sex voyeurism, help?
  69. I hate being a pathological liar.
  70. How to attract women?
  71. New to relationships... help?
  72. I feel like in being tackled at the one yard line.
  73. is it so hard to find my match ?
  74. I need help
  75. What do you think?
  76. What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?
  77. Making the right choice??
  78. I don't feel like I can respond to posts here..
  79. How to stop being paranoid and suspicious of people's motives?
  80. Flavored condoms
  81. How do they know??
  82. Back in my rut
  83. I need to rant...
  84. Young and Giving up on Love?
  85. Bitter and envious towards heterosexuals
  86. Up and down emotions?
  87. Maybe I'll live forever in the closet - can anyone please change my mind?
  88. I used to think suicide wasn't the answer, but...
  89. So depressed. =(
  90. WTF is going on!?
  91. I threw my anxiety medication away
  92. how do you deal with......
  93. Virginity
  94. What is everyone's problem with...
  95. LGBT Friendly Churches?
  96. Just need to Vent!
  97. Could there be potential?
  98. He's amazing... Not your average thread.
  99. What can I do to feel Comfortable?
  100. I have hobbies, friends, and a job; still lonely
  101. How do you calm yourself down?
  102. Would you consider transitioning male to female?
  103. Does everything happen for a reason?
  104. Guy at work
  105. Too different?
  106. How do I survive high school?
  107. Oral sex & risk
  108. Painful Year, Painful Life
  109. How long does penetrative sex normally last?
  110. Is this a typical dilemma or is it just me?
  111. Dating someone with kids
  112. Fallen for Jesus lover girl and I am confused!!!
  113. Biological clock
  114. Am I still gay?
  115. I feel like I won't be able to escape any drug I've tried.
  116. Conflicted
  117. Need dating advice
  118. My mom wants to go back to our old church
  119. Persistence pays off!
  120. Guilt over strained relationship due to coming out late
  121. Is it a mistake to get back with an ex?
  122. She mistook my attraction for uneasiness & dislike
  123. In the UK, when are you subject to your Right of Patient Privacy
  124. what jerks
  125. Homos, have you ever really THOUGHT you were in love with the cis opp. gender?
  126. Any EMT's/Paramedics here?
  127. Nobody wants to sleep with me. :(
  128. Why are people so disinterested online/in apps?
  129. confused about friends statements
  130. Dating your former babysitter
  131. Her homophobic mother
  132. Trapped
  133. Job not letting me go on interview
  134. Useless
  135. what's the point?
  136. who cares anymore
  137. well, well, well
  138. I hate everyone
  139. Did I Do The Right Thing?
  140. Impossible Love.
  141. Uncomfortable
  142. dilemma
  143. How many of you have been lucky?
  144. I'm Reaching My Breaking Point
  145. Not a cry for help
  146. Will people judge me?
  147. This might be my last thread [trigger warning: suicide]
  148. In love: what should I do?
  149. Straight girls
  150. Why did he do this?
  151. Sexual crush on straight roommate
  152. Am I a horrible person?
  153. first date with another female
  154. Almost 30 year age difference
  155. Fantasize about people I know doing it
  156. boyfriends friend issues
  157. I don't know where this relationship is going
  158. Common story. My crush. Your opinion, please
  159. Please help
  160. People suck and I suck
  161. Is Race an Issue?
  162. Intoxicated
  163. How do you show someone you're not going to wait for them any longer?
  164. Is he really straight or just denying his feelings ?
  165. Help with my game and coming out to friend
  166. Should I go or no?
  167. Cheating
  168. Lost in NJ - boyfrield travels goes to gaybars
  169. A Dark Place
  170. Sex in public
  171. Fuck This
  172. I Give Up
  173. Straight Crush while having a girlfriend
  174. ******! help me!
  175. It's mostly one-sided
  176. Straight guy crush threads are so annoying! Not nearly as annoying a straight crush!
  177. Paranoid About Spending the Night
  178. Help finding a therapist
  179. Should I have sex with her?
  180. How Often Should I Be Tested For STD's/HIV?
  181. Why are a lot of people so inconsiderate?
  182. scared and alone
  183. I'm a lesbian. Now what?
  184. Suicide?
  185. In a difficult position with friend
  186. to tell or run
  187. Hanging Out with Older Guys
  188. I'm like 80percent
  189. Feeling really alone... Advice please
  190. Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse.
  191. 'Straight', but could she ever be interested?
  192. on a path to self destruction
  193. Lesbian or just a tomboy?
  194. Mundane life...
  195. Everyone has a great social life except me.
  196. mind fuck games begn (different mean)
  197. I like this guy but........straight or not?
  198. i give up..
  199. suicide
  200. Another lightbulb goes off
  201. Biracial and Racist Issues
  202. Would you date somebody who chews tobacco?
  203. bf had too much stubble on his face
  204. scared
  205. Lesbian vs high school
  206. What is she playing at?
  207. Ignorance: A poem
  208. I'm tired of my life
  209. Suicide?
  210. Contemplating Suicide again
  211. What reasons have you heard as to why some people are LGBT??
  212. Is this flirting or interest from a straight guy?
  213. May lose my virginity tonight and absolutely terrified
  214. I don't know what to do
  215. My boyfriends problems
  216. I'm a douchebag
  217. It's supposed to feel good. Feels like hell but am I addicted?
  218. Do I have "daddy issues"?
  219. Falling for someone unexpectedly
  220. How does someone end up being a gay 'daddy'?
  221. Lesbians and bisexual women/men
  222. Is it possible to fall in love with...kindness?
  223. Has anyone had an 'experience' with a supposedly 'straight' guy?
  224. My ex said ''I love you''
  225. Can a relationship work with drinking incompatibilities?
  226. Is it bad if an older woman gets loses her v card to a younger girl ?
  227. Dick Size Growth?
  228. Seeing someone in secret
  229. Comming out can wait for now, but thanks EC!
  230. sexual question
  231. help me with thing o please
  232. Fed up with being lgbt
  233. Is There Room For Me?
  234. confused!...
  235. Death
  236. What would you do?
  237. Is my partner transgender?
  238. Straight Guy Gay Guy
  239. What to do about myself and who I am?
  240. I'm seriously losing my head
  241. Is he flirting with me, or am i reading his messages the wrong way ?
  242. Fearful of Coming back to College
  243. think i'm prone to depression how do i deal with it?
  244. It's like playing tug of war with myself.
  245. Liking older men..hating my dad..familiar to anyone?
  246. Help me break up with my lazy boyfriend and put a stop to co-dependent madness.
  247. I have seriously lost my mind. I'm lost about my gender.
  248. Is coming out on social media a bad idea?
  249. Want to be homophobic
  250. Working with Suicide on the Mind