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  1. What would you do?
  2. Is my partner transgender?
  3. Straight Guy Gay Guy
  4. What to do about myself and who I am?
  5. I'm seriously losing my head
  6. Is he flirting with me, or am i reading his messages the wrong way ?
  7. Fearful of Coming back to College
  8. think i'm prone to depression how do i deal with it?
  9. It's like playing tug of war with myself.
  10. Liking older men..hating my dad..familiar to anyone?
  11. Help me break up with my lazy boyfriend and put a stop to co-dependent madness.
  12. I have seriously lost my mind. I'm lost about my gender.
  13. Is coming out on social media a bad idea?
  14. Want to be homophobic
  15. Working with Suicide on the Mind
  16. Confused About My Feelings
  17. I need advice
  18. Potential crush strategy for FB
  19. Stuck in this odd mindset?
  20. Trouble integrating in society
  21. Want to come out as genderqueer, afraid of "special snowflake" treatment
  22. I'm a gay feminist prude....
  23. Reasons people throw around the word faggot and homo like it's going out of style
  24. I'm confused about "my jealousy" over things
  25. I feel like I am so ugly.
  26. what do I do? please help.
  27. is it normal to be a femme who is attacted to femmes and not butch
  28. why am I feeling lazy today?
  29. kinda jealous
  30. game changer
  31. Blocking someone on FB...tell them why?
  32. Loneliness hurts
  33. How many of you are from Australia?
  34. It's so unfair :(
  35. Poem, what do you think?
  36. Getting over my Straight friend
  37. Contemplating suicide
  38. Insecurities coming back
  39. I am an ex-gay basher and I am gay.
  40. How do I KNOW...?
  41. Is this an abusive relationship?
  42. Awkward situation.
  43. Attracted to Indian/Muslim women
  44. is it just me
  45. What's the next step?
  46. Going to my first therapy session, maybe. Should I cancel?
  47. Am I a bad person?
  48. When is it time to draw the line?
  49. Losing Interest in the Relationship
  50. depressed about life. =[
  51. Weird stereotypes about who should top/bottom
  52. Should/how can I remove my butt hair
  53. Never been so angry.
  54. Is 18 to young to use online daiting ?
  55. I Feel Just Done
  56. Virginity
  57. gaydar?
  58. Cybersex: Is it normal?
  59. Vulnerability
  60. Polygamous Bisexual Relationships
  61. How to ask, Friends with benefits.
  62. My roommate and my masturbation
  63. Wanting to leave my partner, but wanting to stay also
  64. What the hell have I done?
  65. Right or wrong?
  66. I don't think I'm ready to accept myself should I go back into denial?
  67. Am I normal?
  68. Urgent, about job
  69. Ex-gays and heartburns
  70. Bending preferences.
  71. Guilty thoughts about my friend
  72. Guy thinks I'm trans-sexual for being exclusive bottom
  73. Dating dilemma
  74. Self hatred and self-harm
  75. should i get tested even though im a virgin
  76. I'm Way Too Tight, Now My BF is Sleeping Around
  77. Coming out to my parents AGAIN
  78. good quality condoms?
  79. Rejected a guy's advances...
  80. you make mutual eye contact with a guy...now what?
  81. i can usually spot gay men but have a hard time identifying lesbians
  82. Confessed a straight crush, bittersweet moment...
  83. Low-key lgbt bars?
  84. Is this molestation?
  85. I'm not sure why I feel this way
  86. I'm scared to go to church tomorrow
  87. What is this...?
  88. idk
  89. Came out to my Social Worker
  90. Sex and The Ex
  91. Intense Orgasms
  92. Getting bullied by gay jock.
  93. relationship status?
  94. I want to know what it feels like
  95. bottoms?
  96. random questions
  97. Into Black Guys?
  98. Help
  99. This closet it too small, and dark, and OMG what is that smell.
  100. I feel numb
  101. Why can't you love me?-(poem)
  102. Am I a lesbian or just meeting the wrong guys and hanging out with too many gay ppl?
  103. Married with one child, one on the way and coming out
  104. I was lied to... feeling depressed and hopeless
  105. I'm rarely attracted to anyone
  106. Killing Myself to Protect Family
  107. Wanting comments/critique on my writing.
  108. Can pedophiles "help" the feelings they have towards children?
  109. Father verbally abusive? Or am I to sensitive?
  110. HELP !! This is urgent :(
  111. What's this mean?
  112. Struggle Town
  113. Bullying going from bad to worse, absolutely devastated.
  114. frustrated. tired of women asking me if i am gay!!!
  115. I don't want to be a lesbian anymore...
  116. A man divided
  117. Repressing?Idk
  118. Self Harm, dull knife. (Trigger, sorry)
  119. What to do when girlfriend is unsure of sexuality
  120. Two bottoms?
  121. Every time I have a crush, they vanish?
  122. Is it normal to want to be with someone who is transsexual?
  123. gay dating options suck!
  124. Gay Clubs / Bars
  125. Mental/Emotional Wreck...
  126. Depressed over this guy , please help !!!
  127. Messed up my friendship with a straight dude
  128. Is it normal Im attracted to only boyish girls?
  129. Is it too weird for someone in their mid 20's to like someone who is 18?
  130. Another "straight" friend story
  131. Silly question...
  132. In love with an asian guy I never met?
  133. self harm
  134. Feeling Insecure
  135. LezOffCampus
  136. Can't stop crying, thinking of ending it
  137. What is the difference between androgynous girls and butch?
  138. Is it normal to think like this?
  139. Self Esteem & Crush
  140. Why do I fantasize about Rape?
  141. advice
  142. Want to hook up with a woman but dating a guy
  143. idk if this is weird?
  144. S-E-X is the problem here.
  145. I Cant Take It!!!!
  146. "Playing doctor" as kids...normal or not?
  147. body language
  148. Don't know what to think about when I need to masturbate.
  149. Being a bottom. Questions.
  150. Vagina Taste
  151. Um... is this normal with boys?
  152. Possibly Bulimic?
  153. My girlfriend has weird boobs...
  154. Meeting with LGBT youth worker - help please?
  155. Question about dating sites
  156. What is going on with me
  157. Suicidal at the moment
  158. can you tell if a guy is gay-bisexuail by their boxers?
  159. (Shallow-minded question) How big is your penis when erect?
  160. What should I do?
  161. Gender Therapists in Contra Costa County?
  162. LGBT Items?
  163. Gaydar?
  164. Coming Out to a Gay Sibling
  165. Would trying to start...?
  166. Would you date someone like me?
  167. Should They Just Call It the LGT Community?
  168. I'm I wrong? (sorry for how random I am)
  169. Rather lonely and frustrated
  170. Will Self Harm Stop Me Getting in the RAF?
  171. Transformation fetish and what it says about orientation
  172. No contact information
  173. Sexual encounters with women
  174. What am I?
  175. romance and sex
  176. Is this normal?
  177. Secretly a lesbian and in love with my best friend
  178. im not sure
  179. I like a straight guy.Don't know what to do
  180. not sure if bi or lesbian
  181. internet dating and flakes
  182. Hi so apparently i want help having a conversation
  183. nipping it in the bud?
  184. I'm in love with my housemate.
  185. I love her but she doesn't love me anymore.
  186. Couriousness
  187. Voice when climaxing?
  188. Is this normal?
  189. when okay to exchange last names?
  190. What's it like being in a lesbian relationship?
  191. how do you deal with loneliness?
  192. What should I do?
  193. Crush on Teacher
  194. I hate everyone
  195. Disgusted by penis? What does this mean?
  196. Guy scared of sex?
  197. confused/ lost
  198. How do I not let my feelings get the better of me?
  199. I'm being laughed at at school.
  200. Trying to tell me something...
  201. Virginity
  202. How does touching/grabbing/squeezing boobs feels?
  203. I feel like a stalker
  204. I saw a condom and I was TERRIFIED!
  205. I can't do this.
  206. She has dandruff...
  207. Date is too rich?
  208. I have NO clue..
  209. Will I be forever alone?
  210. 21 and still a virgin
  211. How to get a girl?
  212. A Fountain [Trigger Warning]
  213. hug or handshake to start first date.
  214. Slight problem with uni teacher D:
  215. Boobs!
  216. Has anyone be through reparative?
  217. Dealing with insecurities
  218. Hurt self in anxiety attack. Help?
  219. kissing
  220. Date or meeting as friends?
  221. How to gently turn down girls when I love a guy?
  222. Does he find me attractive?
  223. Should I add her?
  224. Anyone else been mega attracted to their teacher?
  225. Race Preference or Race Fetish?
  226. Stuck in a corner
  227. I donít know what any of this means
  228. Could this be something good?
  229. Bottoming
  230. Trans* who will not go through transition. How do you cope?
  231. Pure Top Gay
  232. I'm confused....
  233. What am I supposed to do?
  234. How do you meet people?
  235. Weight Loss
  236. So down
  237. Help please
  238. For those who are now gay
  239. I really don't know what to do
  240. Help on coming out
  241. interested in a girl, not sure how to go about it
  242. Is it practical?
  243. Excessive sweat/heat problems?
  244. please help I don't know what to do
  245. Does he like me or not???
  246. So what do I do know?
  247. Hurtful Words
  248. Can you get Aids/HIV from yourself?
  249. Suicidal kid. Not long left honey.
  250. Could this be stopping anything???