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  1. Heartbroken?
  2. my mother
  3. my friend and cutting him out of my life
  4. i like a girl with daddy issues?
  5. Don't know what to feel.
  6. Feeling Guilty About Online Dating
  7. Venting? Looking for hard love? IDK
  8. Lost
  9. pproblem after eatnig
  10. Smoking Tea
  11. Confused...
  12. Pearly Penile Papules Embarrasing Question
  13. Having some huge relationship problems. Feel like an awful person.
  14. Drunk Sex vs. Sober Sex
  15. Can't cum
  16. Getting more and more depressed...
  17. Erection problems, any advice?
  18. What is this feeling?
  19. Butt size
  20. Am I being used?
  21. Parents and gender identity
  22. Am I weird for doing this?
  23. Hemorrhoids
  24. Annoying people
  25. I don
  26. Can't stop thinking of death
  27. Advice on how to find a boyfriend in Alabama?
  28. Embarrassing problem...
  29. Having a threesome with my boyfriend, good idea?
  30. Anal Skin Tags & Sex
  31. Was this a one night stand? First timer
  32. Case of the ex
  33. all talking cut off
  34. Imagining myself experiencing Vaginal penetration
  35. How does he feel?
  36. How can a lesbian find a guy just for rare sex encounters?
  37. Craigslist hookup? Advice please?
  38. Feeling alittle alone nowadays...
  39. I don't know what's wrong with me
  40. Confused 29 y/o virgin guy. Appreciate advice!
  41. hobbit feet
  42. Does she love me or am i making all these up?
  43. Ugly And Gay
  44. Spooning after sex
  45. What the hell do I do!!!! Really really torn....
  46. Hypocritical Self-Hatred...
  47. Porn preference?
  48. Two questions about masturbation (girls).
  49. Gay men cheating?
  50. I feel so pathetic.
  51. Social anxiety moment
  52. EC cant help me anymore...
  53. Why condom?
  54. How can I describe my feelings?
  55. Kissing on the first date?
  56. Why must I have been made confused?
  57. Is sexual roles a bad thing to discuss?
  58. Can't deal with my family and my guilt.
  59. I feel so alone
  60. Transgender college housing in MA
  61. Self-Harm...
  62. Had to cut communication with a straight friend due to crush, handled correctly?
  63. scared of dad's reaction
  64. What should I do?
  65. Your personal ad
  66. Is arousal practically proof of ones sexual orientation?
  67. I can't decide if I want to come out.
  68. First date with new guy
  69. i'm scared (help please)
  70. trying to find myself among the darkness of sexuality
  71. What's wrong with me?
  72. No Subject.
  73. worry about being too inexperienced.
  74. Hiv+
  75. Heart Broken, Please Help.
  76. Lazy Eye
  77. How to get over the fear of hell?
  78. Really missing someone...
  79. Age Difference
  80. Doesn't he "get" it?
  81. I don't know anymore
  82. Feeling unsure about life going on...
  83. Can't stand being alone...
  84. Contemplating being a slut for one day
  85. I don't even know why I bother. nobody cares anyways.
  86. The blight of dating sites.
  87. deja vu
  88. Story Writing?
  89. what's is it like being gain in the middle east
  90. Gay sex
  91. Dating Site Etiquette
  92. Being gay sucks
  93. My (Not So) Suicidal Tendencies
  94. I don't know what to do anymore
  95. How to lose weight on stomach
  96. How to tell a Tomboy from a Lesbian
  97. I watch gay & TG porn but as far as I know I'm not into that
  98. Afraid of STD's
  99. Street hecklers
  100. Writing My Suicide Letter
  101. If only I could...
  102. my sweet ol friend getting on my damn nerve
  103. I have an online boyfriend
  104. Sometimes...
  105. Treat em mean to keep em keen?
  106. Sexually confused
  107. Help me? :(
  108. Starting letters...
  109. Suicidal thoughts in middle age, not wanting to go on, despite trying so hard.
  110. Gay and Ugly
  111. Suicide
  112. Is this a date?
  113. Lonely Hearts Club
  114. What should I do..
  115. Scared to love again...
  116. Help :(
  117. Sister as a surrogate mother?
  118. W33d
  119. Lexapro and suicide ideation
  120. I had sex with a married man....
  121. How do I tell my friend I am attracted to him
  122. Had sex with best friend, need advice!
  123. What is the deal with LGBTQ people??
  124. Eyebrows
  125. How to know for sure that I'm gay
  126. Newly gay: Experiment first or try to find a relationship?
  127. Why do I keep doing this? Please help me understand
  128. Something
  129. How can i accept myself and get past this self-loathing?
  130. Comparing attractiveness in gay couples.
  131. Am I doing the right thing?
  132. Just coming out
  133. Is using a shower head like an enema safe?
  134. Don't Know What To Do...?
  135. Help me get over internalized homophobia
  136. Is this harassment?
  137. Meeting for the first time?
  138. Binding. Big breasts and small body.
  139. confused???
  140. Why do I like the attention?
  141. Psychos setting up fake dating profiles
  142. At my lowest?
  143. Abused or just strange?
  144. Help, need advice on straight friend..
  145. I was told I am not a good top
  146. Writing self loathing messages on yourself
  147. Ew! Help there was a roach in my room!!!
  148. I can't top, and she loves bottoming.
  149. Masturbation as Exercise?
  150. Am I a virgin? or not?
  151. I'm just done... I can't go on. Someone help me...
  152. Was I abused as a child?
  153. How to change?
  154. How to become more aggressive.
  155. Feeling hopeless
  156. I hate my life right now. What can I do?
  157. question for lesbians/bisexual women re. sexual arousal
  158. A "Fear" of Love?
  159. I think that I have a sex addiction
  160. Is it cowardly? Taking a few steps back...
  161. Close Friend Crush
  162. Realizing how fucked up I really am.
  163. Erm...Bleeding nipples?
  164. Being alive?
  165. Why do I always feel worthless because I am gay?
  166. Rant and question: how can i bear the weight till things get better?
  167. When you simply have to "go"
  168. I feel disgusted with myself.
  169. Am I really gross?
  170. help..lost...love..self harm.
  171. Stretch marks on penis shaft
  172. Is this an unhealthy relationship?
  173. I want to quit life.
  174. Asexual?
  175. Could my friend be depressed? If he is, what should I do?
  176. Can long hair look androgynous?
  177. Deleted my crush on facebook and now i want to add her
  178. Red spots down there
  179. Engagement
  180. so underwear?
  181. Fuck Everything
  182. Fear of growing old
  183. Do you think i did the right thing?
  184. what does all of this mean (please help)
  185. I feel like I don't deserve what I'm looking for in a guy
  186. Anal fingering question
  187. Why do grls get so hair on them everywhere? Is it abnormal?
  188. How do you all get relationships so easily?
  189. Being Gay Upsets Me..
  190. How long should I wait?
  191. Is it normal for orgasm to feel like this?
  192. Unrequited Romance. PLEASE HELP.
  193. Should I not watch porn?
  194. Desperate desire to lose virginity :-s
  195. My friends confusing need for "space"
  196. Help me, I feel suicidal I just want to stop being gay?
  197. Starting cutting later in life? Alternative to death?
  198. Small amount of blood after anal
  199. Seeking help or advice
  200. Anal regret
  201. At what age is it weird to still be living with parents?
  202. what's going on (please i need answers)
  203. Rape or Caught Up in the Moment
  204. I don't want to be a homosexual anymore
  205. Question for men only about bottoming
  206. How to react to a flirty straight friend?
  207. Best way to meet new potential lovers?
  208. Ambivalent towards guys and my gender identity
  209. How does a MtF TG get a more feminine appearance?
  210. Could I be asexual?
  211. First make out with boy!!!
  212. I'm gonna worry myself into being transgender :(
  213. Anyone had a previously "straight" ex come out to them before you were out yourself?
  214. Kiss-Spit-Cum?
  215. Sex in College
  216. Breaking up?
  217. I used to cam with strangers
  218. I can't stop worrying
  219. college stuff
  220. Gay person who is disturbed by lesbians
  221. Gay Men and Cult(ure)s of Narcissism
  222. I envy Macho men.
  223. Difficult mental situation
  224. Lesbian Dilemna
  225. Annoyed at my friend...
  226. panromantic
  227. Was it bromance, or something more?
  228. Continuing to have sex with an ex
  229. Unsure whether I'm a transgender or not.
  230. Am I a pervert?
  231. i wanna run away from home
  232. Hurt, lonely, losing my fighting spirit.
  233. Just emailed my doc this, opinions?
  234. Why does she enjoy the sex so much?
  235. Straight Best Friend
  236. Love hurts
  237. Very confused about this friendship, (gay/straight), advice?
  238. Cuddling with my friend on the couch
  239. Gay and not glad about it.
  240. Does the hurt ever stop?
  241. Late bloomers? (crushes, dating)
  242. I need to write to release anxiety
  243. How to get over major regrets
  244. how do i stop overthinking and being so neurotic?
  245. I don't understand
  246. Transgender and Dating
  247. lost
  248. Is this wrong?
  249. Lumps in cum
  250. I just need space. How do I make this work?