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  1. Am I going crazy? (crush)
  2. Urge to have cam sex
  3. Penis strength
  4. How to build my self confidence
  5. Is getting arrested for a dumb petty thing a reason for someone to dump you
  6. Is it possible that I'm in denial?
  7. Online dating: am I missing something here??
  8. *sigh* please educate yourself...
  9. how do i know if im a lesbian?
  10. I cant breath, why does all bad things happen to me
  11. What the Hell Am I Doing??
  12. Questioning, anxiety attacks, and depression
  13. Misuse of anonymous posting
  14. Premature Ejaculation
  15. Gay Biphobia (part 2)
  16. venting
  17. I french kiss with MBs, is it unsafe, am i weird
  18. I don't want to have to train myself to bottom D:!!!!!
  19. I Dont know what else to try
  20. what my boyfriend thinks...
  21. Weird reaction???
  22. How come I dread receiving gifts?
  23. Shutting out and avoidance
  24. How to meet other LGBQT in real life?
  25. How does one go about removing hair from...their buttocks?
  26. Am I becoming a potato queen?
  27. Fairly sure I'm transgender, but really scared of making permanent changes
  28. what constitutes a "suicidal thought"?
  29. Accepting Myself
  30. Not sexually active because...
  31. Uni-brow. -.-'
  32. What am I?
  33. Hate Fathers Day
  34. Euthanasia, should it be legalised?
  35. rent, birthdays and euthanasia- a rant
  36. Will sex toys ruin sex for me?
  37. Lesbians & gay men mutual hangout spots?
  38. How can I stop feeling so guilty and disgusted with myself?
  39. Getting into Erotic porn.....
  40. I give up on trying to accept my sexuality
  41. More fond of same-sex couples
  42. Kind of curious now...?
  43. I think I chose to make me unhappy and angry. How do I stop?
  44. Are there any gay male couples who are happy?
  45. How is anal sex even enjoyable? (For receiving person)
  46. Awkward question I need to ask
  47. Pulling a "Jessica Stein" am I just straight and just jealous of other women?
  48. Dating online
  49. Is there an emotionally safe way hookup?
  50. (Foreskin talk) what do you think I should do?
  51. Borderline AND Bipolar??
  52. My Gf is offended
  53. Should I go?
  54. The white standard
  55. HELP! Should I ditch him or tell him I love him?
  56. I'm paranoid.
  57. Is this child abuse, should i mention it to my therapist
  58. I eat my own after masturbation?
  59. Sexual compatibility and gay men?
  60. ok, so I'm a bit confused by this
  61. Can someone please answer what you think about this? PLEASEE ! :(
  62. Help me with this guy! Think he is bisexual
  63. Is a guy being fat an immediate date killer?
  64. I am so confused with this guy.
  65. Advised to come out
  66. I can't compete with him
  67. Anyone else just want to escape?
  68. I want to experiment in a conservative area.
  69. Effeminate gays
  70. Getting over an ex
  71. Years of confusions, and still confused
  72. Need advice
  73. Has being gay been easy for anyone else?
  74. Thread killer
  75. I need some peace of mind
  76. confused about a friend since I came out
  77. Is it possible to ever not be depressed?
  78. Moving to SF
  79. My cousin might gay?
  80. Autoandrophilia
  81. Stop Complaining about your "straight" crushes!
  82. "It's just a bunch of BS terminology"
  83. Relationship Advice
  84. Why am I being punished?
  85. Feeling really down
  86. Could I be a male straight or asexual bottom?
  87. Are queers less concerned with looks?
  88. Not asexual, but paranoid. Help!
  89. transgender/pangender
  90. Would this be rape?
  91. Molested?
  92. Are their any risks to bondage?
  93. I went to pride...and I hated it...
  94. I turn into a legal adult soon...
  95. Stupid fears?
  96. Just been reading a story
  97. Where to begin...
  98. Just turned 30, know nohing about being gay
  99. Realising your transgender later in life
  100. Were you late to hit puberty?
  101. I think I understand now!!
  102. Poor dental hygiene
  103. Low energy, change in ejaculation
  104. Horny 24/7. Do I have a problem?
  105. Crushing on a friend...
  106. Online Lover
  107. Alone for life!
  108. I am chinese, and I must say I hate chinese!
  109. I have a serious confession that I need to get off my chest.
  110. Do ugly people ever get loved?
  111. Mad at myself
  112. I hate being attracted to other guys
  113. Masturbation Questions
  114. Conflicting sexual and emotional feelings
  115. I DREAD being a middle aged gay man!
  116. Possibly asexual?
  117. I'm Torn...
  118. Do people actually find penises to be attractive??
  119. I can't face life anymore...
  120. Going to a 'bear' club event..alone?
  121. Faking attraction
  122. Am I bad Christian?
  123. Star Tattoos and Gays
  124. Strap-ons?
  125. Am I a pedophile?
  126. Stupid weed question...lol
  127. Drag queen?
  128. After you "reconcile" with a straight friend, is it right to ask him...
  129. Why can't I stop craving straights? Even though I'm already out?
  130. At what age did you get your first "sexual" crush?
  131. Bisexuals with a very strong gender preference
  132. Bargaining stage
  133. Sex with men, but only attracted to women.
  134. voyeurism
  135. My first time.
  136. Have you or would you ever do this?
  137. Bi!
  138. feeling bad
  139. Why do I pity gay guys?
  140. Any gay guys question their sexuality?
  141. How did you realize your sexuality?
  142. Gay and into me?
  143. That "safe-page"
  144. Who brings the condom?
  145. No place to turn
  146. stupid question
  147. Scared of being bi
  148. how to experiment?
  149. Should I ?
  150. I feel so selfish
  151. Friends with benifit
  152. FTM trans
  153. What should I do?
  154. i don't know about anything anymore
  155. First time with friend...
  156. Is there anything wrong with just not acting on my feelings?
  157. What do I do?
  158. Why does this upset me so much?
  159. I am going to kill someone tomorrow.
  160. I can't take the dissapproval anymore...
  161. So I'm back in a straight relationship
  162. can't go on anymore
  163. Does that sound lesbian to you?
  164. Finding support in my decision
  165. I was wrong...
  166. Always like this!
  167. Crazy coincidences? Could my straight friend be on EC too?
  168. Is this as bad as I think?
  169. Sex issues with boyfriend
  170. I am having a really hard time
  171. How do I come out?
  172. It's difficult when you don't know anyone...
  173. I've got an issue here...
  174. Putting the past behind me straight after all these year?
  175. The rainbow flag
  176. Swallowing vs not swallowing
  177. Thinking I'm a boy while I masturbate
  178. Is this normal???
  179. Why do I feel this way?
  180. Why didn't I come out?
  181. Pretty good explanation, IMO
  182. Found this funny (no offence)
  183. lost...
  184. Relationship Help and Dealing with dishonest, shady people
  185. I need opinions. (Sorry if this is the wrong section.)
  186. always late
  187. I feel so clingy, I'm confused...
  188. I am totally lost, dont know how to be gay
  189. Hookup Sites & Phone Apps
  190. emotions
  191. Safe Hookup advice? I'm lost.
  192. I don't remember my childhood
  193. Am i doing the right thing... love my best friend
  194. Need help to help someone
  195. Pride
  196. I cheated :(
  197. Am I creeping out my crush?!
  198. Was this child abuse or am I just overly-sensitive?
  199. I am too afraid to ask someone to listen
  200. Can people help being "picky"?
  201. Crushing on my idol vs. Idolising my crush
  202. Creative Masturbation (Guys)
  203. Life sucks being gay, I want a change
  204. Where's The Best Place to Meet Gay Guys?
  205. not sure what to do
  206. I'm losing it.
  207. feel so alone...
  208. Tongue piercing
  209. Your take on this, please?
  210. Is it okay to appreciate Wiccan/Pagan practices?
  211. pride parade
  212. Do you believe there is someone for everyone?
  213. Confused with this
  214. 25 and no sex drive.
  215. ED recovery, not sure what to do
  216. How do I know he likes me back?
  217. can most men pick up 100lbs+?
  218. He's a perfectionist...
  219. How can one be sure if they haven't had sex with the same-sex? What if I dont like it
  220. How would you feel if....
  221. Is being uncircumcised a turn off?
  222. My mom is awful
  223. Having sex with someone with HIV/AIDS
  224. My friend just had sex with a senior. Should I try it too? (I'm a guy)
  225. Alone...
  226. Between two men
  227. Suicide
  228. When did fighting back become activism
  229. Sexual or emotional attraction more important?
  230. Are you "repressed" if you're closeted?
  231. How often do you boys shave down there? Is it really that normal to shave down there?
  232. If I come out to my dad, he will murder me.
  233. What does "clingy" mean?
  234. Jobs?
  235. Dark Secerets
  236. What's it like to have someone interested in you?
  237. im angry all the time and i want to be a dominatrix
  238. Creepy Old Men
  239. I am very confused and lost
  240. To Have Sex Or To Not Have Sex?
  241. Cutting just to cut?
  242. how to get over her...
  243. I cut myself, feel bad about it, not sure how to feel.
  244. Feel more gay when drunk?
  245. MAAB Non-Cis Masturbation Q
  246. Anyone else have these issues?
  247. lesbian sex - your first time
  248. Showing signs of Suicide ideation
  249. Coming out on holiday?
  250. Make A Promise