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  1. Ever feel that you will never experience love?
  2. First attraction
  3. Do you actually fantasize about real people
  4. libido at age 24 - questions and fears
  5. I think I've gone crazy!
  6. Help me :(
  7. My dad just asked me if I had a girlfriend
  8. Been vomiting every day after my last sexual encounter, kind of worried.
  9. how does lesbian woman like pubic and ass hair to be shaven?
  10. Wanting to stay depressed ...? :-(
  11. Why do I feel compelled to lie so constantly?
  12. Damn, I think I'm stuck in a crazy situation, man.
  13. Wearing dog tags okay?
  14. Do you ever wish
  15. First Kiss Confusion...
  16. Ejaculating Over A Kiss
  17. The Ambulance: An Essay
  18. What do they have that I do not?
  19. Facial asymmetry
  20. is it possible to....?
  21. When people annoy you...
  22. Was this rape? Or ... i don't know
  23. Advice :(
  24. How can I stop unwanted/spontaneous erections?
  25. A very distressing dream
  26. I did something that I'm really not proud of, filled with regret, paranoid and shame
  27. Turned on by someone’s breath?
  28. Feeling like a total failure...
  29. How to trim pubic/ass hair??
  30. how to recognize if someone is tomboy or lesbian?
  31. i don't know (please someone give your opinion on this please)
  32. Falling in Love with A Lesbian
  33. Butch Attracted to Butch
  34. Do you think that your life was easier before or after coming out?
  35. Trust issues
  36. Rather Devastated
  37. taking out your anger on the person you love?
  38. Do fantasies/porn determine sexuality?
  39. Dysphoria Help (MtF)
  40. this doesnt mean...im crazy right?
  41. It's all in the state of Mind
  42. What would be seen as "a danger to myself"
  43. I'm a lonely lesbian, becoming more bitter by the day.
  44. Something is missing?
  45. My hygiene & thoughts are messed up.
  46. Why is monogamy harder for gay men?
  47. Avoidance --> Isolation
  48. A guy in love with a straight friend, and I want him to know, I don't think I have mu
  49. Need to get this off my chest!
  50. Torn on my relationship ending.
  51. Anyone else wishes they could be something they are not
  52. HELP! Confused on what to do...
  53. i got hurt
  54. I'm worthless and I should die
  55. I kind of want to
  56. Some people...
  57. Part of me just died...
  58. Appropriate Age
  59. Confused
  60. Just need to get this off my chest
  61. How to get over my stupid antiquated idiocy?
  62. Just ranting.
  63. I feel like I'm a waste of space here
  64. Signed Up for a dating site
  65. I feel ashamed/embarassed about what happened :(
  66. Will it get better!
  67. Hair Loss
  68. i don't know what to do
  69. I'm confused is he gay
  70. just something i want to get off my chest.
  71. Cutting
  72. I don't think I will ever be happy gay
  73. Sexuality and fantasies
  74. Confused!!! Cheating or not?
  75. should i do anything
  76. I don't understand this, help please
  77. I feel disgusted with myself.
  78. Depression & Getting Asked Out
  79. Bestiality and religion
  80. Being Gay and Catholic
  81. Mixed Race/Racial Preference
  82. Post your deepest sexual secrets!
  83. older guy torn
  84. I need help. I'm cutting myself.
  85. trapped in a relationship that I don't want to be in
  86. loving butts
  87. The crush that won't go away.
  88. Don't want to sound boastful
  89. looking for an ex-drug addict forum dealing with drug recovery
  90. honest help please..
  91. Anal question
  92. Men who sleep with men but are not gay.
  93. Why bother?
  94. Scared of my Boss
  95. Why am I who I am
  96. I feel like wanting to die
  97. Socially maladjusted?
  98. Masturbation Addiction?
  99. Need help...
  100. How does sexual attraction turn into sexual arousal?
  101. Which came first? Your fetish or your attraction to people?
  102. Describing Sexual Attraction
  103. I Feel so Wrong and Guilty
  104. Essay Contest 1 Posting Thread
  105. Antidepressents
  106. Addicted to cutting
  107. I am curious..
  108. Talking about my problems to people isnt really helping
  109. Ex problems
  110. Which hand to...
  111. I think I'm really ugly :(
  112. Caste System's
  113. Coming out to friends
  114. Can I repress attraction?
  115. Is Self Harm really a serious problem?
  116. My ex is with someone else
  117. Is being attracted to only my own race racist?
  118. Anal sex problem?
  119. Not sure what to do
  120. Can't stop thinking about screwing my straight best friend
  121. confused
  122. I Just Don't Know Anymore
  123. day after sex..i feel terrible
  124. Do you really need sexual contact in your life?
  125. Preparing for gay sex?
  126. A few questions about sexuality...
  127. Love--How Complicated
  128. I feel so undesirable
  129. 'Bisexual' or just sick of the opposite gender?
  130. Does friends with benifits work?
  131. Should I text him?
  132. Should I be worried? Masturbating to deal with grief?
  133. Being a bad person.
  134. I probably did something really stupid, but I'm also happy
  135. Is socializing easier in the gay world, than in the straight world?
  136. lost my virginity
  137. I need to vent I guess.
  138. I hate having issues
  139. Male orgasm
  140. Questions.
  141. Bottoming
  142. No "spark"
  143. is he straight or in denial
  144. I feel really bad for being gay
  145. I cannot get off without porn - I might be addicted
  146. Is bottoming safe or not?
  147. i seem to be a lot more horny lately
  148. Cisguys: Would you think it was weird if a guy in the bathroom used a stall to pee?
  149. Weird question?
  150. Sexual Colorism
  151. Size Queens
  152. Fisting and other strange fetishes
  153. Not sure about enemas?
  154. wanting to kiss girls
  155. How do you kiss right?
  156. First kiss was confusing
  157. Another online dating thread!
  158. How do I help my gf?
  159. Lost..
  160. Leaving a note: Bad or good idea?
  161. catfish
  162. Married guys
  163. Is this annoying for my BF?
  164. I honestly think that my family would be better off if I never existed
  165. It gets better is a lie (pan vs bi BS)
  166. 10 a day??
  167. I feel suicidal right now
  168. is this dangerous?
  169. Question about/for total tops?
  170. Am I going crazy? (crush)
  171. Urge to have cam sex
  172. Penis strength
  173. How to build my self confidence
  174. Is getting arrested for a dumb petty thing a reason for someone to dump you
  175. Is it possible that I'm in denial?
  176. Online dating: am I missing something here??
  177. *sigh* please educate yourself...
  178. how do i know if im a lesbian?
  179. I cant breath, why does all bad things happen to me
  180. What the Hell Am I Doing??
  181. Questioning, anxiety attacks, and depression
  182. Misuse of anonymous posting
  183. Premature Ejaculation
  184. Gay Biphobia (part 2)
  185. venting
  186. I french kiss with MBs, is it unsafe, am i weird
  187. I don't want to have to train myself to bottom D:!!!!!
  188. I Dont know what else to try
  189. what my boyfriend thinks...
  190. Weird reaction???
  191. How come I dread receiving gifts?
  192. Shutting out and avoidance
  193. How to meet other LGBQT in real life?
  194. How does one go about removing hair from...their buttocks?
  195. Am I becoming a potato queen?
  196. Fairly sure I'm transgender, but really scared of making permanent changes
  197. what constitutes a "suicidal thought"?
  198. Accepting Myself
  199. Not sexually active because...
  200. Uni-brow. -.-'
  201. What am I?
  202. Hate Fathers Day
  203. Euthanasia, should it be legalised?
  204. rent, birthdays and euthanasia- a rant
  205. Will sex toys ruin sex for me?
  206. Lesbians & gay men – mutual hangout spots?
  207. How can I stop feeling so guilty and disgusted with myself?
  208. Getting into Erotic porn.....
  209. I give up on trying to accept my sexuality
  210. More fond of same-sex couples
  211. Kind of curious now...?
  212. I think I chose to make me unhappy and angry. How do I stop?
  213. Are there any gay male couples who are happy?
  214. How is anal sex even enjoyable? (For receiving person)
  215. Awkward question I need to ask
  216. Pulling a "Jessica Stein" am I just straight and just jealous of other women?
  217. Dating online
  218. Is there an emotionally safe way hookup?
  219. (Foreskin talk) what do you think I should do?
  220. Borderline AND Bipolar??
  221. My Gf is offended
  222. Should I go?
  223. The white standard
  224. HELP! Should I ditch him or tell him I love him?
  225. I'm paranoid.
  226. Is this child abuse, should i mention it to my therapist
  227. I eat my own after masturbation?
  228. Sexual compatibility and gay men?
  229. ok, so I'm a bit confused by this
  230. Can someone please answer what you think about this? PLEASEE ! :(
  231. Help me with this guy! Think he is bisexual
  232. Is a guy being fat an immediate date killer?
  233. I am so confused with this guy.
  234. Advised to come out
  235. I can't compete with him
  236. Anyone else just want to escape?
  237. I want to experiment in a conservative area.
  238. Effeminate gays
  239. Getting over an ex
  240. Years of confusions, and still confused
  241. Need advice
  242. Has being gay been easy for anyone else?
  243. Thread killer
  244. I need some peace of mind
  245. confused about a friend since I came out
  246. Is it possible to ever not be depressed?
  247. Moving to SF
  248. My cousin might gay?
  249. Autoandrophilia
  250. Stop Complaining about your "straight" crushes!