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  1. fantasising
  2. Double Standards
  3. Safe ways to hide breasts for a while?
  4. While you're in a relationship...
  5. When to drop the bomb?
  6. Being w/ the opposite gender feels unsafe/scary? Am I the only one to feel like this?
  7. scared about college
  8. How much do negative comments effect us
  9. Worried about first time
  10. Homoromantic bisexual
  11. Not really comfortable with this in relationship
  12. Is sexting wrong?
  13. I think I'm a masochist...
  14. Straight guy fallen really bad for lesbian
  15. Hair on Breasts??
  16. (Possibly TMI)
  17. Is this depression? What should I do?
  18. I need advice from guys that are gay or bi!
  19. I cant be the only one
  20. i really would just like to fall into a coma
  21. Self Tanner?
  22. Topless guys
  23. Reason I'm gay...
  24. gf/bf flirting with others
  25. "Acceptable" lifestyle?
  26. will you allow your bf to cheat on yo?
  27. Toxic Friendships
  28. I've never been in a relationship and I'm getting really nervous about it!
  29. Female arousal!
  30. How can you be more sure of sexuality and not doubt or bargain?
  31. What are the chances of a gay person falling for the opposite sex?
  32. Why do people take breaks?
  33. Whats turn you on when you are a top
  34. How to show attraction on EC guy to guy.
  35. Low sex drive, Viagra?
  36. Pathetic question
  37. Am I too easy?
  38. Calling you "cute"
  39. Texting my crush, maybe she likes me?
  40. Sexual fantasy
  41. Cringing shame about being gay
  42. Was it molestation?
  43. most painless way to suicide?
  44. Would this be considered sexual abuse?
  45. Is it stupid to ask if somebody is disease free or not
  46. questionable tumblr post on racism
  47. Can someone who constantly emotionally cheats with the same-sex still straight?
  48. Please help me!!! Easily the most frustrated and confused girl in the world!
  49. Afraid to bottom
  50. Boyfriend's past
  51. Is it possible....?
  52. Ive researched so much and still need help. Im in love with my best friend. HELP
  53. L word: bette and Tina
  54. Gay Relationship Question
  55. 21 and never really had a boy....
  56. Is this normal?
  57. Thinking 'bout girls during sex with my boyfriend
  58. Scared To Come Out?
  59. Girl-to-girl attraction
  60. Any 1 ealse have trouble saying there feelings
  61. What would you say or do?
  62. Rant about Bisexual Crap
  63. Putting on my image
  64. Why do I always feel shy and embarassed during sex
  65. A question about top or bottom
  66. Feeling Disgusted During/After Sex?
  67. Turned on by straight sex?
  68. Messed up mental health- Advice please??
  69. A little bit of an awkward situation
  70. First Date Worries...
  71. Bullying
  72. My reason that I'm gay?
  73. the love of my life doesnt love me
  74. Locking the Closet to family
  75. Post-op MTF: How is vaginal dilation when aroused?
  76. Not sure how to deal with socializing
  77. Is 25 years too big an age gap?
  78. hetero relationships kept me away from facing the truth?
  79. Desire to come out to strangers
  80. Fear for dates
  81. "Cuckolding"
  82. Love...
  83. Changing sexuality???
  84. Um… Oral…
  85. 21 yr old virgin
  86. I am trembling I am so angry. (contains reference to rape)
  87. Girlfriend going abroad...
  88. Emptiness
  89. How long did it take for you to fully accept that you were gay?
  90. Friend's depression led to memory loss?
  91. penis size
  92. Moral dilemma (or not?)
  93. Why are people this day and age still ignorant after coming out to them?
  94. Awkwardness
  95. Giving friends BJ's
  96. Give me a reason why
  97. Should I tell him?
  98. Picking Fights
  99. In Love With Best Friend
  100. I just.. I dunno..
  101. Would it be a good idea to come out to your crush?
  102. Really ignorant comment in hopes to understand transsexualism.
  103. How to secretly go out as a guy?
  104. Ever thought of giving up?
  105. When does it become okay to fall in love again/enter new relationship break up?
  106. Why am I so concerned about this...?
  107. When you start losing feelings for your partner...
  108. Am I obsessing?
  109. I get close to coming out and then...
  110. how to know if I'm gay or strait for sure
  111. Sexual Ads on my Computer D:
  112. Does everyone do this or do i have issues?
  113. Help
  114. Does my friend hate me?
  115. What do you think guys?
  116. I don't know how to say this but my friend told me she was raped.
  117. Making a Change
  118. Confused and frustrated, feeling suicidal
  119. My secret
  120. I don't know who I am
  121. I am now pretty sure transitioning will cause me to lose part of my family. (Trans)
  122. How to move on/how to get over my ex?
  123. I honestly thought that I had prepared myself for this...
  124. Positive of Being gay...????
  125. what is a clitortus
  126. ****** for girls?
  127. So far in the closet that no body would believe me if i came out.
  128. Getting bullied for my cutting problem
  129. I need examples of the 5 stages in everyday life
  130. Real attraction or not?!?
  131. weird confusing situation. Does he like me? help plz :/
  132. Good looks and personality
  133. If no one cares about me, why should I care about myself
  134. My ex has told me he has HIV and a comdom once failed during sex
  135. "Becoming" bisexual..
  136. I'm just so tired
  137. Would you be ok with this?
  138. Am I asexual or gay?
  139. Was he just making an excuse?
  140. Damaged Goods
  141. How do you know for sure if you've never had sex with the same-sex
  142. How much better is gay sex over straight sex?
  143. Found a huge dysphoria trigger of mine
  144. Please tell me, this isn't weird...
  145. Confused about feelings after coming out
  146. How to make anal sex less warm?
  147. I Miss the Closet
  148. I don't know...
  149. My long story...like, novella long.
  150. Do straight girls find dicks attractive?
  151. How can I Ask?
  152. How do you interpret
  153. I like being in a minority!
  154. I cry when I see lesbian happy couples on tv...
  155. Too much drinking?
  156. Quiet!
  157. Is Something Wrong?
  158. I love my homophobic best friend? :/
  159. looking gay
  160. Creating a healthy jealousy??
  161. My Mom is enabling my alcoholic brother drinking and driving,etc (kinda long)
  162. how i feel
  163. It's just ... weird
  164. Emotional Masochism?
  165. Super awkward question
  166. Weird Blow Job
  167. Is it odd??
  168. Referring to being bisexual as gay. Is this correct?
  169. short guy good looking or tall guy average looking
  170. Emotions
  171. Dreams
  172. Weird blowjob
  173. Mom doesn't want me to comeout
  174. First date!! Help!!
  175. Bisexual or Lesbian? (A lot to read, but I need advice)
  176. For the lost
  177. Gay or bisexual?
  178. Why am I happy when I'm sad
  179. My first step to self-acceptance :)
  180. i hate craigslist
  181. Fetish Issues
  182. What do you prefer being loved, or loving someone
  183. How long to wait??
  184. Should I wear my Pride bracelet to work?
  185. Do I like her?
  186. Sex drive just gone! Help!
  187. MALE Grooming
  188. Everything turns me on?
  189. Confused about my body's reaction.
  190. What do guys look at when choosing a boyfriend
  191. A "straight" friend giving me silent treatment
  192. Classic crush, need experience
  193. Does anyone else....
  194. Hypocritical Minister
  195. Done dealing with this...
  196. When poo hits the fan..
  197. What does love feel like?
  198. Got into fight..
  199. I grown to love being gay BUT it's the people around me that make me hate it.
  200. In a straight relationship with guilt because of gay past
  201. I've had enough. I'm sick of all of this.
  202. Homosexual couples weird me out.
  203. Every time we see each other, it's like a huge mist of sexual tension fills the air..
  204. A couple awkward masturbation questions
  205. 10 steps forward, 50 steps back?
  206. I lost the only person that ever loved me/dealing with MPD
  207. Is he clingy?
  208. My story . Can u guys relate ?
  209. is it okay if this happens between two members
  210. Awkward situation in class
  211. Sexual Attratction
  212. someone share their success story?.....
  213. Asking A Somewhat Stranger Out Via Facebook
  214. Orgasm Question...
  215. Have a fluctuated in the opposite direction?
  216. Help mend my broken heart – should I stay and suck it up?
  217. Having a friend do it.
  218. Bi or not?
  219. scared
  220. Removing vomit stains from clothing
  221. Found love in a hopeless place?
  222. normal behavior?
  223. Earring on guys?
  224. I can't tell
  225. Just found out my Dad is into men
  226. Cis and Trans Female Orgasms
  227. Jewelry to let other girls know you're interested
  228. How to stop staring at Boobs?
  229. truth-or-dare complete breakdown
  230. Is it wrong to be a little attracted to your bother?
  231. General advice for coming out if you are already in a different-sex marriage?
  232. bi girl seeking relationship advice
  233. Is it frowned upon to be 29 and hook up with barely legals and a bit older?
  234. How do you know you get over a crush?
  235. Weird to be turned on by someone's hands?
  236. Romantic? What Does This Mean?
  237. Is it me, you, or both?
  238. Meeting Up From Craiglist
  239. Should I Tell Her
  240. How to do an erotic dance
  241. Saw my neighbor hit her kid
  242. He misses me?
  243. Lost and Hidden in Myself
  244. When You Simply Cannot Get Through To An Ex-lover
  245. Feeling something never before.
  246. ...I haven't got a clue...
  247. Hopelessy Locked In A Closet And Lost The Key
  248. Stereotypes are bad. But...
  249. Why do I have such a shit father?
  250. Relationship Troubles