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  1. Just help, please.
  2. Are children a turn off?
  3. Sex in relationships
  4. Am I shallow?
  5. I really want to come out to my friend but I’m not sure if she’s homophobic
  6. Fighting and relationship?
  7. Scared
  8. No feelings there
  9. I feel like no one would care if I died tomorrow?
  10. I'v moved on!
  11. How much ....
  12. Anal sex disgusts me.
  13. Party oops
  14. Help for a compulsive bad habit
  15. Why Do I Feel Like It's My Fault?
  16. is it normal to be relaxed by this?
  17. I Don't Understand...
  18. Sexual attraction?
  19. Is this considered rape?
  20. Not sure what to do anymore
  21. I am the biggest idiot...
  22. Suicidal Thoughts?
  23. Being Gay is Not Normal
  24. What are the reasons to love? In need of help in a relationship.
  25. How to flirt?
  26. Why are too many people struggling with depression?
  27. Trying to be straight.
  28. well shit
  29. Quirky gay bisexual?
  30. Odd anger problems.
  31. Masturbation
  32. Sex toys?
  33. Is there a not-insensitive way to say this? (trans-related)
  34. What could I do?
  35. Question about penis
  36. Am I not gay anymore?
  37. Right reasons?
  38. Uncomfortable With Psoriasis
  39. How to respond to people on online dating sites
  40. Courage
  41. Guilty about fantasy?
  42. Possible long distance relationship with friend
  43. Stubborn Ingrown hairs from waxing
  44. How to talk to my crush
  45. Don't think I'll ever recover from eating disorders.
  46. im going to see a therapist, but im not brave enough to tell them my problem.
  47. Tips on getting over someone
  48. I've got a lot on my mind
  49. Stressed during oral
  50. Potential with crush?
  51. relapse?
  52. queer woman vs straight women- more easygoing
  53. Who does one find fulfillment with when he/she is a homoromantic heterosexual
  54. I am so confused, I feel so guilty
  55. Really confused about this. Its starting to give me anxiety :/
  56. Really depressed
  57. What the...?!
  58. I'm straight but these feelings destroy every relationship I have
  59. embarrased about EC
  60. Female fluid sexuality..
  61. On seeking superficial compliments on appearance
  62. Fights in relationships
  63. I thought I was a lesbian
  64. So confused after coming out I started having feelings for the opposite sex
  65. Sleeping pills
  66. I'm screwed up- Need help, but afraid to tell a therapist.
  67. For ppl that were in long-term relationships with the opposite-sex when they came out
  68. I like someone of the opposite sex
  69. I'm too serious. Help?
  70. Not sure what to do when he gets like this
  71. From the right spot, will a .22 bullet kill with just one bullet?
  72. can gay men get turned on by having sex with women?
  73. What even counts as a suicide attempt? So confused.
  74. So. Confused.
  75. How To Divorce My Parents
  76. Some advice please: exploring my sexuality
  77. Feeling like I have to hide who I am.
  78. Don't get it.
  79. Anyone accidentally outed themselves this way?
  80. Is love not enough?
  81. Baby with Lesbians
  82. Lesbian trying to start a family..
  83. Im afraid i am twisted
  84. My sister just told me she as herpes. HELP!
  85. Lesbian and working on a gay comedy...
  86. I've started to hate myself again
  87. I Cannot Stop Thinking During Sex, Help!
  88. Should I just settle and be with men while I wait for a nice woman?
  89. Male Genitals Disgust Me
  90. attraction to my own penis?
  91. Feelin's
  92. SUPRISING closet cases !
  93. I think my father is a murderer
  94. Competing with an ex, please help
  95. Homophobic graffiti in neighborhood :(
  96. I have a fear of sex
  97. Masculinizing an Hourglass
  98. Do you think she knows?
  99. Angry at everyone for no reason.
  100. I'm SO confused (warning: long)
  101. Gender concerns
  102. Unable to process my thoughts
  103. sex drive
  104. Lesbians who didn't realize sexual attraction until you tried it? or until older?
  105. Every day I'm suffering.
  106. I Love My Friend and Don't Want Him to Die
  107. Getting Tested
  108. Can sexuality change through puberty?
  109. Selfish?
  110. Asexual......maybe?
  111. Im obsessed with my crush...please help...
  112. Being in the closet sucks
  113. What would you call this?
  114. Why would my girlfriend take her bra off, but not want me to touch?
  115. connecting with girls?
  116. How to reduce sex drive?
  117. Help, I need advice -.-
  118. Not flaccid but not horny
  119. Will coming out offer a constructive benefit to my dating life?
  120. Feeling suicidal. Where do I go?
  121. 2 tops in a relationship
  122. I think I just figured out my sexuality. (This isn't what you think)
  123. What is wrong with me?
  124. University relationship advice.
  125. I don't know what to do with my life
  126. Social Issues and Eternal Whining
  127. Another "When I was younger" thread.
  128. Anal Masturbation.
  129. When I was nine or ten, I forced my friend to be naked in front of me...
  130. Moving out on my own and starting over, but still got issues
  131. I don't know
  132. Non-existant social life issues
  133. Eating disorder.
  134. Husband advice please
  135. Is this one guy worth it?
  136. Why should he be so happy?
  137. Braces, dating, and blowjobs
  138. fantasising
  139. Double Standards
  140. Safe ways to hide breasts for a while?
  141. While you're in a relationship...
  142. When to drop the bomb?
  143. Being w/ the opposite gender feels unsafe/scary? Am I the only one to feel like this?
  144. scared about college
  145. How much do negative comments effect us
  146. Worried about first time
  147. Homoromantic bisexual
  148. Not really comfortable with this in relationship
  149. Is sexting wrong?
  150. I think I'm a masochist...
  151. Straight guy fallen really bad for lesbian
  152. Hair on Breasts??
  153. (Possibly TMI)
  154. Is this depression? What should I do?
  155. I need advice from guys that are gay or bi!
  156. I cant be the only one
  157. i really would just like to fall into a coma
  158. Self Tanner?
  159. Topless guys
  160. Reason I'm gay...
  161. gf/bf flirting with others
  162. "Acceptable" lifestyle?
  163. will you allow your bf to cheat on yo?
  164. Toxic Friendships
  165. I've never been in a relationship and I'm getting really nervous about it!
  166. Female arousal!
  167. How can you be more sure of sexuality and not doubt or bargain?
  168. What are the chances of a gay person falling for the opposite sex?
  169. Why do people take breaks?
  170. Whats turn you on when you are a top
  171. How to show attraction on EC guy to guy.
  172. Low sex drive, Viagra?
  173. Pathetic question
  174. Am I too easy?
  175. Calling you "cute"
  176. Texting my crush, maybe she likes me?
  177. Sexual fantasy
  178. Cringing shame about being gay
  179. Was it molestation?
  180. most painless way to suicide?
  181. Would this be considered sexual abuse?
  182. Is it stupid to ask if somebody is disease free or not
  183. questionable tumblr post on racism
  184. Can someone who constantly emotionally cheats with the same-sex still straight?
  185. Please help me!!! Easily the most frustrated and confused girl in the world!
  186. Afraid to bottom
  187. Boyfriend's past
  188. Is it possible....?
  189. Ive researched so much and still need help. Im in love with my best friend. HELP
  190. L word: bette and Tina
  191. Gay Relationship Question
  192. 21 and never really had a boy....
  193. Is this normal?
  194. Thinking 'bout girls during sex with my boyfriend
  195. Scared To Come Out?
  196. Girl-to-girl attraction
  197. Any 1 ealse have trouble saying there feelings
  198. What would you say or do?
  199. Rant about Bisexual Crap
  200. Putting on my image
  201. Why do I always feel shy and embarassed during sex
  202. A question about top or bottom
  203. Feeling Disgusted During/After Sex?
  204. Turned on by straight sex?
  205. Messed up mental health- Advice please??
  206. A little bit of an awkward situation
  207. First Date Worries...
  208. Bullying
  209. My reason that I'm gay?
  210. the love of my life doesnt love me
  211. Locking the Closet to family
  212. Post-op MTF: How is vaginal dilation when aroused?
  213. Not sure how to deal with socializing
  214. Is 25 years too big an age gap?
  215. hetero relationships kept me away from facing the truth?
  216. Desire to come out to strangers
  217. Fear for dates
  218. "Cuckolding"
  219. Love...
  220. Changing sexuality???
  221. Um… Oral…
  222. 21 yr old virgin
  223. I am trembling I am so angry. (contains reference to rape)
  224. Girlfriend going abroad...
  225. Emptiness
  226. How long did it take for you to fully accept that you were gay?
  227. Friend's depression led to memory loss?
  228. penis size
  229. Moral dilemma (or not?)
  230. Why are people this day and age still ignorant after coming out to them?
  231. Awkwardness
  232. Giving friends BJ's
  233. Give me a reason why
  234. Should I tell him?
  235. Picking Fights
  236. In Love With Best Friend
  237. I just.. I dunno..
  238. Would it be a good idea to come out to your crush?
  239. Really ignorant comment in hopes to understand transsexualism.
  240. How to secretly go out as a guy?
  241. Ever thought of giving up?
  242. When does it become okay to fall in love again/enter new relationship break up?
  243. Why am I so concerned about this...?
  244. When you start losing feelings for your partner...
  245. Am I obsessing?
  246. I get close to coming out and then...
  247. how to know if I'm gay or strait for sure
  248. Sexual Ads on my Computer D:
  249. Does everyone do this or do i have issues?
  250. Help