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  1. Lesbians: The most judgemental community
  2. I hate that he's talking dirty to me
  3. why do straight woman feel like they have to feminize gay men?
  4. Are there any lesbian only spaces ?
  5. How much time do you spend with your significant other?
  6. how to get a ex back
  7. I'm confused. (oh no. not another one amiright?) Please advise!!!!
  8. Can't get over the hate
  9. Is it wrong?
  10. why is it hard
  11. Is it normal to have bad acne on my genitals?
  12. I love him. he loves me not. or does he?
  13. How much to spend on my friends 21st birthday present?
  14. From bisexual to gay/lesbian - how did you finally come to terms with it?
  15. Marriage advice
  16. Why would straight guy almost slap his d*ck in my face?
  17. He deleted me?
  18. I don't know how much more I can take.
  19. Losing virginity, in two days!
  20. 24 dazed and confused.
  21. Can you hide your fetish from your partner?
  22. How often are you politically INCORRECT?
  23. 1 in 10 stat, fluidity & nature vs nurture - is my experience an anomaly?
  24. Lesbian Sex
  25. feeling bad about anything "gay"...help
  26. Am I asexual?
  27. Are you grossed out by gay or lesbian sex ?
  28. Am I being selfish?
  29. Social Confusion
  30. Do I actually like like him or its just a crush?
  31. Father doesn't let me to have a gay friend
  32. Fear of being gay?
  33. Do you regularly believe you can foresee things?
  34. i want a boyfriend
  35. went to a event mixer and i need help processing!
  36. I am quite sure I'll kill myself before I'm 30
  37. Got a bad grade :( Why is this all happening?
  38. Sex Toy Advice
  39. need quick answers
  40. BF insists on anal!!!
  41. weight issues!
  42. Initiating sex (graphic?)
  43. Dealing with a pillow prince
  44. Is this weird?
  45. my boss hates homosexuals
  46. For Me
  47. I miss ERP'ing...
  48. Lesbian, but crushing on a guy?
  49. Wet Underwear?
  50. I wish I was straight
  51. About to start dating, feeling vulnerable
  52. I'm the only gay guy in town
  53. Should I wait????
  54. Anyone care to share struggles with coming out to yourself?
  55. How Do I Know?
  56. They/them confusion
  57. Loneliness - a rant.
  58. How to Simulate Anal? (Top)
  59. At what point would you say that someone is an alcoholic?
  60. Social anxiety: Going out alone tonight? - HELP!
  61. i feel like a fat ass
  62. how come people always want to act like the sterotype is the minority?
  63. Feeling "Old" at 18
  64. is a small penis a joke?
  65. My partner is disappointed I don't have porn?
  66. Creampies?
  67. For bisexuals with a preference - are you more picky with your preferred gender or
  68. Being virgin at 22?
  69. Urges (self harm) and how to counter them?
  70. Suicide\Hate my life
  71. Applying for Disability? (Long Post)
  72. How do I tell a girl that I like her?
  73. Shaving help?
  74. Suicidal Thoughts
  75. If you know someone may be interested in you
  76. Crabs: Best way to Get Rid of Them?
  77. Help...need advice please
  78. Something that bothers me...
  79. I have nothing to look forward to
  80. In love with ex
  81. do you ever feel invisible as a "passable straight" gay men?
  82. Ingrown Nipple Hair?
  83. My ex wont stop...
  84. How do you make friends in adulthood?
  85. How to be happy with celibacy?
  86. Is it weird for me to be jealous of guys?
  87. I'm in a bad place
  88. this guy avoided me!
  89. Do I have PTSD after SA?
  90. I just want to do XXX with a girl... :(
  91. Advice on Getting Out
  92. Flirting with my married friend
  93. Orientation v. preference, why do we have to differentiate between the 2?
  94. mean comments about family
  95. is this childish...blocking telephone numbers?
  96. is this depression?
  97. nightmares
  98. All About Masturbating
  99. Gays and Kinky straight girls
  100. Whose got allergies?
  101. In Love with My Bestfriend!! PLEASE HELP!
  102. I was beaten up yesterday...
  103. Is long distance even worth it?
  104. Can you stop yourself falling in love with someone?
  105. How often do girls masturbate?
  106. Unrequited Love or just Friends?
  107. I really want to kiss
  108. I am SO bisexual it's not even funny
  109. He says we can't be friends on facebook
  110. Why would a hot guy want to go out with not good looking guy?
  111. Is this normal?
  112. Love?
  113. love letters
  114. Was I in the wrong?
  115. Withdrawing and rejecting help .. out of control
  116. i need some options.
  117. Is it rude to ignore someone?
  118. Is it possible to hide a cancer?
  119. When sex wishes are different?
  120. I think I'm Falling for my Best Friend
  121. How to deal with a constantly suicidal boyfriend?
  122. Dating - One sided, what to do?
  123. Bisexual girl - will she cheat?
  124. What even is sexual attraction?
  125. Confused
  126. Cleaning Hair...
  127. How bad is it to want your relative sexually?
  128. Feel so scared and alone
  129. Interested in a shy person...
  130. The Problem with Psychiatry
  131. Is this guy gay?
  132. on the verge of tears
  133. Seeking advice for future dates
  134. Coming out calmly? Is it possible?
  135. Risk of being outed in work
  136. homosexual dreams
  137. I hate myself so much
  138. Advice on my sex habits G and M
  139. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?
  140. what is the big draw to eat someone's a$$ out?
  141. Self-betrayal
  142. Do I need a psychiatrist?
  143. In a lesbian relationship now she wants to date a guy
  144. Overreaction?
  145. Embarassing Penis question
  146. Self conscious about big butt
  147. Some things just don't add up with my sexuality
  148. Dating a deaf guy - a good idea?
  149. giving up hope for a "straight" acting guy...
  150. Am I being unfair to this guy? What do I do??
  151. Who else is a lonely lesbian?
  152. Bullying
  153. Selfishness vs selflessness - opinions please
  154. cant stop associating sexuality of any kind with being dirty
  155. My boyfriend is a conspiracy theorist
  156. He gave me an STD...still want to be with him
  157. Anxiety >> Depersonalisation >> Derealisation
  158. Is this too cheesy?
  159. is long distance online dating even realistic?
  160. How do you completely eliminate the disadvantages of a dream job?
  161. Initiating sex?
  162. ...I need help with some issue. ..
  163. Gay, or transsexual female…
  164. How do you step up on dates?
  165. ass to mouth (almost) - safety?
  166. relaxed when more and more gay
  167. How to know if someone is top or bottom?
  168. should i go back to being straight?
  169. Gaydar for girls
  170. MtF Hormone Breast questions.
  171. Internalized Heterophobia?
  172. What kind of Fetish Are You Into?
  173. Just friend material?
  174. im black...maybe i should go white
  175. Does this mean he's gay?
  176. my straight friend doesn't understand
  177. Embarassed for having "gay" thoughts?
  178. to google or not to google that person
  179. The top or bottom truth?
  180. Anger!!!!
  181. not suicidal but i want to die
  182. OCD or real feelings?
  183. My partner is trying to broach the sex topic...
  184. could he be gay/bi?
  185. I told my mother
  186. What constitutes "mental illness"?
  187. How did you get comfortable with your sexuality
  188. I need help!
  189. Genderfluid
  190. How to Explain?
  191. Going out with someone stranger..
  192. Depression and controlling parent.
  193. Afraid to get my heart broken
  194. Gloomy feeling....
  195. Scared & confused
  196. Potentially embarrassing, hence anonymous
  197. Teachers
  198. Is this romantic?
  199. On the need for empathy and solidarity in the LGBT community
  200. Don't really know what to do about my relationship
  201. Demisexuality is not real?
  202. Friends asked me about my fetish?
  203. Crushing pretty hard and then I screwed - (as usual)
  204. i saw a guy at the gym!
  205. was this normal behavior for a straight guy?
  206. "lololol lesbians are more accepted"
  207. Having a really bad day
  208. Feeling ashamed
  209. Do I have HIV?
  210. I fell in love with someone i shouldn't
  211. Is it okay to use 'he' pronouns?
  212. How do i break up with someone and stay friends?
  213. I feel like my straight best friend knows I am gay- what to do?
  214. prepping for gay anal play...
  215. Need help with my date Please!
  216. Any successful "is he gay?" stories out there?
  217. MtF on hormones, breast developement question.
  218. Out lesbian who had sex with a man
  219. Trouble with me and my brother - what to do?
  220. Overcoming, healing and moving on?
  221. I've never felt better... so what am I waiting for?
  222. Masturbation fetish?
  223. What's wrong with me????? Help!
  224. Negative thoughts driving me crazy
  225. Revelation
  226. I'm going to do this tomorrow
  227. Attention Seeking
  228. Dating and relationships
  229. I might have been abused as a young child.
  230. Obsession with friend?
  231. Okay, how do you actually approach a girl?
  232. Gay ships
  233. I've been mistreated for being LGBT Stories
  234. He killed my self esteem
  235. I am feeling suicidal and I need someone to talk to....
  236. Let's cut the pc bs: good-looking IS an advantage.
  237. Do i tell my date?
  238. well the guy turned out to be bi-curious...
  239. Why are there more gay men than lesbians?
  240. Lust/Guilt
  241. I have a "micro-penis"
  242. What was coming out to yourself like?
  243. Is there any hope for me?
  244. In love with my cousin
  245. I don't know what I want
  246. What should I do??
  247. mental illness ruining sex life
  248. would a good friend do this?
  249. outing me to two friends
  250. I think my mom knows