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  1. Too selfish to really "love"?
  2. Advice on coping with unwanted virginity
  3. Never orgasm during sex
  4. How to express my sexuality?
  5. Am I being conceited that most of the guys I don't find attractive
  6. Frustrated
  7. Seeking attention but does not care
  8. How badly did I screw this up?
  9. Is the rainbow flag the Homosexual Pride Flag?
  10. Share your idea of how to propose or at least get engaged
  11. Hiring an escort for experience. Wrong?
  12. Really struggle spending money on myself
  13. Behaviour
  14. my depression is what keeps me safe
  15. How can I stop thinking about my teacher?
  16. He wants me, but he has a girlfriend
  17. Confused... but not confused?
  18. Crossdressing First Time
  19. Psht I'm Not Gay...
  20. "I have feelings for you but I can't get into a relationship yet"
  21. I pee like girl but im a boy
  22. Insatiable Urges
  23. I came out to my sister, it didn't go well...
  24. Closet
  25. so theres this boy i like (does he like me?)
  26. Advice
  27. no desire to live, too much to lose
  28. Is it bad that I try to avoid my dad?
  29. Should i post this on FB?
  30. How to make my boyfriend want to bottom
  31. Overdosing on ice cream = vivid dreams?!
  32. Chemical Castration
  33. How do you reject a straight guy?
  34. Just say how you feel
  35. Lesbian wet/sex dreams about friends?
  36. Bad reaction to cocaine I think please help
  37. Quite confused
  38. Is my plan valid
  39. Out of ice cream and lonely...
  40. I'm a guy and can't masturbate
  41. What does it actually mean to be asexual?
  42. I want to feel sexy
  43. Non-lgbt related- Got 60% on quiz
  44. Sex Tips
  45. So tired of existing.
  46. very confused
  47. Spontaneous anxiety attacks?
  48. Even though I'm straight... I want to care about my male friends more
  49. secret attention seeking behaviour I want to share
  50. d.i.d.
  51. no words to explain, no more to speak
  52. once upon a time...
  53. i think i'm in love and scared.
  54. Scared of relationships.
  55. Why is so little of the population LGBT?
  56. Gay Men
  57. teasing a closeted person
  58. Anyone I can ask about gender identity?
  59. Does this make me hypocritical?
  60. Unrealistic or just cunning?
  61. Huge crush on straight married girl at work
  62. I really really need your help (Suicide, insanity) Caution, long
  63. Curious about some thing, wondering if any one might have an idea?
  64. Gay and in love with my straight friend.
  65. Dreading every single moment
  66. Happiness, (Confessions of Uncertainty)
  67. Falling in Love With Best Friend (AKA the trap you know you're falling into)
  68. may have been outted and now im depressed.
  69. Why doesn't my family love me?
  70. Social Detachment
  71. This could ruin my life..
  72. Homophobia among certain feminists?
  73. I'm recently thinking of prostitution
  74. Getting turned on by women and get down with men
  75. sex and be faithful.
  76. Am I putting too much emphasis on cuddling?
  77. She is Cute. I am Cute. Can we be cute together?
  78. Weird feeling after coming out
  79. Dealing with childhood abuse
  80. Possible feelings for ex?
  81. Contemplating Suicide- Please Help!
  82. What would you do?
  83. in need of some serious financial advice
  84. Depression....
  85. bi or gay
  86. You can't make it up, right??
  87. Just your typical long confused rant
  88. Why am I turned on by the idea of cheating...
  89. Colorful Depression?
  90. Should I follow my Gut?
  91. Dear Dad
  92. Annoyed.
  93. I hate my body type.
  94. ex pornstar trying to find love
  95. feel sad when traveling
  96. really in a bad place...need support
  97. You vanished...
  98. Bad idea or really bad idea ?
  99. L.G.B And T
  100. so sad and worried
  101. Is this considered molestation?
  102. watching porn in teens follow you to adulthood??
  103. I Hate My Life
  104. Teenbabys/adultbabys
  105. BDD and other stuff
  106. anxious about therapy and my, "interests"
  107. I Fucked up...
  108. How often do you masturbate?
  109. I honestly dont know
  110. Is it possible for a MtF to breastfeed?
  111. Nervous about online relationship
  112. I feel so wrong
  113. Lesbian who likes gay porn?
  114. Job and transitioning
  115. I'm just super confused
  116. Im in love with my best friend...
  117. my husband is trans..
  118. Who have I become?
  119. Is it possible she likes me?
  120. Am I racist?! (Im really sorry!)
  121. What do I do?
  122. I'll be forever alone
  123. I don't like kissing
  124. Alcoholics
  125. Is Online dating a bad thing?
  126. Realizing that I'm a Psychopath
  127. Married and want what I cant have
  128. How do I establish boundaries with friends? (not sexual)
  129. Need help
  130. Forced friendships
  131. A bit of a horny rant, I am so sorry. Please ignore it if that sort of thing ignores
  132. I started self harming again u.u
  133. Straight women in work making me feel ugly...
  134. Figuring Out Married Life
  135. Sorry for the clichéd question, but does he like me?
  136. Been a lesbian all my life... now I like a guy.
  137. Searching For A Father Figure?
  138. Partner won't work
  139. That guy at the gym
  140. Always avoid closeness.
  141. Dark eyed girl
  142. Binding; Horrible damage or...?
  143. I can't feel things. Like at all.
  144. binders
  145. b
  146. Making Friends
  147. Guys: do you wipe...
  148. Need advice is determining who I am
  149. Depressed, and alone.
  150. Flirting or nah
  151. Your opinion - Trans or not
  152. Started to stutter lately
  153. Is it wrong that I want to bareback?
  154. why does sex and nake people discuss me?
  155. Does this mean anything?
  156. would you date a bisexual?
  157. Felt betrayed, Do I deserve it?
  158. I need some advice on this
  159. Awkward roommate situation
  160. Where can I go?
  161. My crush switched classes...
  162. should I stay in school?
  163. getting anxious about coming home
  164. I've been feeling pretty terrible lately
  165. How comfortable or uncomfortable are you
  166. "are you gay"
  167. Feeling Disappointment For Dropping A College Class
  168. Bromance went too far.
  169. Not really enjoying sexting
  170. Piggyback rides
  171. I do not know what is real and what is not anymore...
  172. My mom gives me panic attacks
  173. I'm so sick of "girl-crushes", do they HAVE to mean anything?
  174. My parents are trying to force me back into being a boy (MTF Trans)
  175. How to deal with failed manhood perception?
  176. I wish people would stop assuming I'm straight
  177. So Sorry for All the Posts
  178. stood up?
  179. Feeling pressured to be "manly"
  180. F... Impossible to come out
  181. What was your big "aha moment" in distinguishing admiration vs a legitimate crush?
  182. Ex friend out of the blue messaged me happy birthday, do I forgive?
  183. Frustrated!!!
  184. I'm rather confused
  185. i guess i want to see the school's counselor
  186. Coming Out Struggles
  187. thinking of coming out
  188. How Do I Meet Other Girls?
  189. Anyone else feels like life is a big struggle ?
  190. My cousin is offering me sex?!
  191. Would you date someone with a "mental disorder"?
  192. I can't cope
  193. How to deal with narcisistic people
  194. Do you stop looking for love, even when you're gay?
  195. For the first time in my life, I see no hope
  196. Question for other bi guys: what do you like?
  197. rejection
  198. People asking if you're gay
  199. why are you on EC?
  200. Feeling like there's no hope
  201. Teacher Crush.
  202. Is this wrong?
  203. Is she disappointed?
  204. I mean
  205. Dark
  206. Trying to fill this void...
  207. Why don't gay guys really have their own word?
  208. Question for any gay christians I'm so confused
  209. Tired of the health care system making everything worse
  210. more than a bit confused
  211. rejected friend
  212. Do women like it when you call them on the phone instead of texting ?
  213. I hate caring and don't want to.
  214. Advice?
  215. Taking a Break or Break Up?
  216. Sneeze fetish
  217. Transcurious
  218. I don't like fantasies.....
  219. Bisexual but wants a straight marriage?
  220. Am I horrible because of this?
  221. Break up help.
  222. Can't tell if she's lesbian/straight or bi? Very confused here!
  223. Quarter life crisis - redefining sexuality
  224. *Transgendered Question* Is Mental Pain A Requirement?
  225. Obsessed with honesty, even when it doesn't concern me
  226. Is he interested?
  227. School makes me suicidal
  228. Unsure of my sexuality...?
  229. Facebook makes me feels worthless
  230. God Finds Me a Failure
  231. Lesbian being forced to marry a guy for a green card
  232. He left me.
  233. RANT - Why are girls so complicated???
  234. Flirting advice for the shy virgin
  235. Dating MtF, questioning sexuality.
  236. Am I weird?
  237. Does this make any sense or am i being stupid?
  238. Acceptance
  239. Scared of coming out because..
  240. use of hearts
  241. I am scared....
  242. Mad because of 2 things, is it normal?
  243. would it be weird?
  244. Virginity - rant
  245. First lesbian relationship, anxiety and sex issues
  246. Relationship.
  247. I dont like threesomes
  248. made fun of me
  249. Feel like I can't talk to my boyfriend.
  250. How to be sure she's not a L.U.G