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  1. I might be at risk
  2. does he like me the same way??
  3. Akward
  4. so damn confused
  5. Feel like I'm going to snap or have a breakdown. :'-( Please help
  6. Social anxiety = Issues uni
  7. I just bought a fleshlight with a butt orifice ..
  8. bisexual and homoflexible
  9. A possible crush?
  10. Advice on kissing
  11. Wanting a bf 21 years old
  12. Ashamed that I hate my accent
  13. Am I being bitter or is this reasonable?
  14. Question
  15. I'm invisible to my crush?
  16. Relationship with Father After Coming Out
  17. Does it.. um hurt to be a top? whats it like?
  18. Yet another internalised homophobia thread...yay...
  19. Last Shot?
  20. My Girlfriend and I Are Both Bottoms?
  21. not one friend
  22. Staying sane at rock bottom.
  23. Questioning sexuality hoping you could answer some curiosities i have?
  24. Am I a virgin?
  25. Real Lesbians help? self-homophobic vs confused?
  26. Kissing advice?
  27. Letting go of your 'straight' self
  28. Long Distance Relationship Advice
  29. How do I stop loving her?
  30. I hate my school
  31. I am scared of.. religion.. what if they are right?
  32. I am fearful for my life help...
  33. How do I stop becoming into this monster I'm turning into
  34. How to stop living this way?
  35. lesbian relationship gone fast
  36. How can I ever be happy?
  37. Upset
  38. Have any of you experienced a similar childhood?
  39. Loneliness actually hurts...
  40. Help please
  41. Question
  42. Is this sexual assault?
  43. Why are people so ignorant and hateful??? It makes me want to cry.
  44. Accomplished her goal
  45. Gut punching fetish
  46. There are places you can go...
  47. Why am I so obsessed with my teacher?
  48. Masturbation helped me fall asleep. Anyone else experienced this?
  49. Wishing i could suicide in peace
  50. am i getting bad grades because i study at night?
  51. "Relationship" advice
  52. why does she keep doing this?
  53. I can't do this
  54. URGENT: How to ask potential employer if they would discriminate against me
  55. My Bf might be hiding something
  56. "Pro-equality" people.
  57. Want to better myself - but I'm the worst quitter
  58. Halp
  59. Low sex drive and now suddenly craving sex...or the thought of it?
  60. really confused
  61. UK Sex/Age Laws + ANXIETY
  62. Worried
  63. I don't understand trans-genderism
  64. I don't know what's wrong!
  65. How do I stop thinking something...
  66. Natural inversion of reproductive organs.
  67. Bisexual
  68. How to come out without crying?
  69. Sometimes I want to give up
  70. What's wrong with me? :(
  71. I feel so ANGRY .
  72. Feeling comfortable around "alpha males"
  73. Androgyny
  74. Masturbating... don't understand it
  75. Periods are weird.
  76. Dissociation with Depression
  77. Learning how to make mistakes.
  78. depressed and suicidal
  79. Does my best friend like me?
  80. Still Confused
  81. Kissed a gay guy (I'm straight)
  82. those who claim to be "cured" of homosexuality? what do you think?
  83. Moving to Canada
  84. Looking for A Type of "School"
  85. Just got stood up...
  86. Circumcision problems
  87. Am I masturbating too much?
  88. I don't know how to act on a date with a woman?
  89. I'm really tired and lonely.
  90. Sexual Abuse by Close Family Members
  91. Detachment
  92. This is NOT the reaction im supposed to be having
  93. Lingering feelings of denial
  94. Crush hELp please
  95. How would you think other perceive this
  96. What does she want? So confused by friend
  97. why am i questioning? is it for attention?
  98. How to make friends?
  99. Almost love?
  100. How to get rid of self harm scars? (tw)
  101. Scared of Being in Public
  102. Can you change your sexual tastes (get rid of a fetish)?
  103. Right after I ejaculate things get really musty
  104. Do all - or most - "older" female-bodied individuals have au naturel pubes?
  105. Masturbating makes me feel.... Guilty?? (teenager)
  106. finding it hard to control my emotions at the moment ?
  107. Super Disphoric Right Now
  108. Not creative any more...what's happened?
  109. Friends keep forgetting pronouns
  110. Can sexual fantasies come and go?
  111. Reporting abuse?
  112. Thinking about experimenting... Is it wrong?
  113. I hate being gay
  114. Alone on my bday again...
  115. kissing
  116. Girls: do you find curvy girls attractive?
  117. I found myself looking for ways to kill myself...?
  118. Are fetishes/kinks normal to have?
  119. Twin brother
  120. 3 problems
  121. Help!
  122. Feeling pathetic
  123. I think I'm getting kicked out
  124. Meeting the bf-HELP
  125. Feeling horrible and anxious about my body and esteem
  126. He doesn't want to be gay
  127. I'm not feeling well (mentally, I mean)
  128. Is it possible?
  129. Sometimes I panic about having come out
  130. Is this dangerous?
  131. How far has an affair partner gone for you?
  132. People asking me for money outside uni (anxiety help)
  133. Random
  134. Disaster
  135. Panacing for nothing
  136. How do I fill the "void"?
  137. Emotional day because of a stupid haircut.
  138. Is it worth it?
  139. Self Harm thoughts
  140. I resent my feelings
  141. yessss! I'm getting over my long term crush
  142. I hate necessary things.
  143. Unsure
  144. Am i Dumb? Am i not trying hard enough? i'm scared of failing..
  145. Sad
  146. Self-invalidating thoughts...How long until people usually transition?
  147. What's happening?
  148. Cybersex
  149. attraction
  150. Had a dream involving my cousin. Does it mean anything?
  151. Want to change my life, don't know how
  152. If he/she has YOU, who's to say they don't have ANOTHER?
  153. Processing disorder :(
  154. Where/how
  155. My boyfriend still sees his ex, and I'm worried
  156. Boyfriend go's gay night clubs without me
  157. so i have a weird mental issue....
  158. Some advice please.
  159. Insecure and trying to date: Please help
  160. I really need help plz don't read and ignore me? I have no idea if she is gay or not?
  161. Not sure how to help boyfriend
  162. School tomorrow and freaking out :(
  163. She was totally out of line, right?
  164. I have no empathy?
  165. Not a fun 24 year old
  166. Bad, slowly developing crush
  167. How do I ask my straight friend on a date
  168. work and relationships are zero
  169. Annoyed
  170. Help
  171. TN laws about LGBT
  172. Gay?
  173. Dust and pollen allergies?
  174. Advice on "racism"?
  175. Feel dead inside
  176. Internet scammers
  177. Am I being stalkerish?
  178. Best way to do low-key experimentation with another man?
  179. I have a small problem and would like opinions.
  180. I jerked off on skype with a guy and now I'm afraid he spread my image on porn web.
  181. I am calmly freaking out (alot)
  182. Partner not a fan of giving oral
  183. Anyone familiar with a coronoidectomy?
  184. Feeling Bad about Masturbation
  185. is it transphobic to call trans by birth name?
  186. Gay couples long term?
  187. the rant of an old, lonely virgin
  188. I am sick of my homophobic mother and sister..
  189. Coming out without damaging closeted brother?
  190. Struggling
  191. Is he gay?
  192. Eavesdropping on a conversation of my parents with my little sister [SERIOUS]
  193. Homophobic mother caught me dancing a really girly song.. help me
  194. Is it quite normal and common to feel detached from your childhood?
  195. Panaking
  196. Worried
  197. No Reason To Live
  198. Religion and Homosexuality
  199. Crushing A Taken Girl (Help!)
  200. Is It Common To Have Depression But Not Realize It?
  201. Theory
  202. Gay and trans??
  203. Bdsm and sexual orientation
  204. Is communism bad?
  205. Straight friend
  206. Help
  207. I'm 16 i want plastic surgery on my face will the doctors suggest what i should do?
  208. Breaking up with Someone Emotionally Abusive
  209. Gay?
  210. Helps
  211. Kinda of confused
  212. Do people find you "cute"?
  213. em alone giving up i guess
  214. Calling queer females
  215. Suicidal
  216. My LDR girlfriend cuts herself, what can I do to help?
  217. Confused by this
  218. Are my friends lesbians?
  219. Help please
  220. Why are guys so confusing?..
  221. Loneliness is leading me to drinking problems, help!
  222. Im Upset
  223. Not in a relationship anymore
  224. Help! I need to know what is this
  225. I'm really angry, and I'm hurt
  226. Why do I have this urge to f**k her when I hate her so much?
  227. I fell for my straight best friend
  228. I don't belong here.
  229. i don't want a relationship i just want sex?
  230. Fantasize about being a man?
  231. Accepting my bisexuality?
  232. Are relationships a drag?
  233. I feel horrible about my attraction to transguys
  234. Question
  235. I've never done this before
  236. Weird
  237. Trypanophobia
  238. Can you cure paraphilias?
  239. Gay help
  240. I don't know what I just did.
  241. Confuse
  242. Feminizing men.
  243. Can a guy get an erection from just looking at a guy's attractive face?
  244. i fantasize about rape? i feel like a monster..
  245. Could there be more here?
  246. Is she a lesbian?
  247. Passing, but repeatedly foiled
  248. Can someone help me please im goig crazy?
  249. Once felt feminine, now I don't? What is going on?
  250. I fantasize about being killed?