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  1. Oh I'm sorry you hurt my feelings....
  2. Fat
  3. Questioning: anxiety, confusion, confidence and dreams
  4. uploaded a profile pic, but not showing
  5. Struggling With Transphobia
  6. Questions after finding some stuff out about myself
  7. Some advice?
  8. The obsession with perfection in the gay community is frustrating
  9. PTSD Last Night
  10. Lonely...
  11. Insecure about my vagina?
  12. Hate myself for being gay
  13. how many hearts
  14. You Shouldn't Be Alone... But I Am.
  15. trans gender dyphoria crying dream
  16. Is he getting the message?
  17. Facebook: *Marries You As a Friend*
  18. How can I impress my boyfriend
  19. Moving in together
  20. Awkward Third Wheel!
  21. How to gain trust back with a significant other
  22. Feeling so disgusted with myself after I masturbate to gay porn...
  23. Incident at work making me self-conscious
  24. guy at the park?
  25. Straight, Married, Depressed
  26. Death anxiety
  27. Heartbroken
  28. Really depressed
  29. dont know what guys like?
  30. Should I tell him?
  31. hormone dosages (mtf)
  32. So i recently stopped masturbating
  33. My Partner Talks a Lot (and I don't mind)
  34. Difficult Night With Family
  35. What is this?
  36. what makes someone trangsgender?
  37. Looking for some advice
  38. Coming out help?
  39. I want to cut.
  40. Lesbian attitudes towards body hair
  41. Dreaming and fantasizing about having a woman's body
  42. What if.. sexuality WERE a choice?
  43. Have you ever...
  44. I need some help
  45. Somethings not right & I think I need help.
  46. My gay experiences as a kid/teenager?
  47. The amount of transphobia bothers me...
  48. Religious Vs Sexual Identity
  49. Who thinks this enough to mean that hes gay or theres at least something between us?
  50. Extremely worried about a fellow EC member, extreme stress and anxiety
  51. Dating two people... who to choose?
  52. Crush on girl v crush on boy
  53. What does it say about me?
  54. Woman Afraid of Ending Up with a Gay Man
  55. is it true?
  56. Bromance/romance boundary
  57. Why do most women usually go for Jerks?
  58. A Bit of Random Writing
  59. How to lengthen the pink part of the nail
  60. Help With Deflecting Anti-Trans Remarks
  61. Stuck In Limbo
  62. Need help telling my bf I'm a lesbian
  63. Is this just me?
  64. Begging for help.
  65. Help me be better ....
  66. What would you call it
  67. Alcohol... mmph
  68. Transexual/transgender?
  69. How do I get him in my bed sober?
  70. Dad Issues; Need Advice
  71. Rant
  72. Other gay women ONLY please
  73. How do I get someone to keep a safe distance from me?
  74. Gay and Friendless?
  75. Being attracted to transgender people
  76. Not one of the girls
  77. Should I date this guy?
  78. Can you give yourself STIs?
  79. I don't know what I am
  80. Intense pain/tenderness after masturbation
  81. "Girly" Tattoo?
  82. Help (pointless rant)
  83. I Hate Being Disabled
  84. How to increase intimacy
  85. ECT - Electro Convulsion Therapy (Shock Therapy)
  86. Grossed out
  87. I'm Having A Huge Problem With These Types Of People!!
  88. Crazy urges and feelings...
  89. I feel like I'm losing my mind...
  90. Taking Truvada as PrEP to add another layer of protection for HIV
  91. Guilty over incestuous thoughts
  92. Am I weird for preferring this?
  93. Crazy about this guy I see once a week. Not sure how he feels about me!
  94. Hookups and Other Dilemmas
  95. So what now?
  96. I don't masturbate the conventional way. Is there something wrong with this?
  97. Anti-gay feelings
  98. I'm an alcoholic...?!
  99. Anal sex 'training' / questions
  100. How to tell if someone is NOT straight
  101. Some times I feel suicidal
  102. So I started cutting...
  103. Is it wrong not to have children?
  104. Not fair
  105. He wants to be my friend w/ benefits
  106. Feeling deeply let down !
  107. ashamed of myself.
  108. Relationship anxiety - please tell me what you think (a longer post)
  109. Multiple problems that need solving.
  110. When I was 9 or 10 I saw a "friend" touch her little cousin
  111. gay or asexual?
  112. When dose the guilt go away? Please help
  113. Low Selfesteem
  114. Alone in high school
  115. How to control my...um, urges...with her
  116. dog licking
  117. Friend trying to out me?
  118. I need better understanding..
  119. my dad pats my butt :/
  120. I can't stop thinking about her
  121. Issues in my job.
  122. Being gay is ruining my life Srs
  123. concerns about body (PG13?)
  124. Body discomfort in same-sex dating
  125. I want to be a boy sometimes
  126. is my sex life over?
  127. Wanting to live a honest life
  128. Missing someone
  129. Password Protection... Help?!
  130. Sometimes i question
  131. I hate being gay
  132. Thoughts getting darker (TW)
  133. Oh dear
  134. Did I imagine thread about conversation?
  135. Why can't I say I'm female?
  136. Is my friend in love with me?
  137. Sexual Harassment at Work
  138. What should I do?
  139. online communication gone bad
  140. I made a mistake by contacting him
  141. Coming out at work.
  142. Want to "come out", don't want the attention
  143. Anal masturbation questions...
  144. Would it be a dealbreaker if...
  145. My story Long, but dose end happy ☺
  146. Fear of not being straight
  147. strange request
  148. Dark day
  149. Need opinions on a girl
  150. This feels so wrong :(
  151. Feel suicidal
  152. Fear of Relationships and Sex
  153. Down the garden path
  154. Am I reading too much into this?
  155. Friends v love
  156. Am i bi or gay for watching transexual porn please help?
  157. Awkward bottoming problems
  158. Turned on by derogatory gay terms
  159. I'm feeling suicidal
  160. Is this wrong?
  161. Dealing with a strange fetish
  162. Is this a fetish?
  163. Do you think this guy still likes me?
  164. The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done
  165. I need some emotional support
  166. I Think I Might Be Depressed
  167. I might be a bit of a hypocrite
  168. PLEASE help??
  169. Helping Him Realize He's Not Just a Sex Object
  170. I feel like i am a horrible human being
  171. Finding boyfriend/girlfriend
  172. Frustrations
  173. Coming Out
  174. Bbw
  175. Questioning Who I Am
  176. Is it okay to never fully come out?
  177. ftm question
  178. Nauseous talking about sex
  179. I like women much older than me?
  180. Does he love me too?
  181. Cigarette Fetish :(
  182. Was he beginning to be abusive?
  183. First date problems
  184. Rants
  185. This situation is getting over my hands.
  186. Possible to hate someone you love/ care for?
  187. Some stuff happened...
  188. I told my friend I'm bi and they've been distant ever since.
  189. Voice changing
  190. How to have better sex with my bf?
  191. How to have better sex with my bf?
  192. I can't believe I'm going through this again.
  193. How many grays are there?
  194. What is this??
  195. Is this guy still interested in me?
  196. Relationships? How about no.
  197. Why is love such a b*tch?
  198. Love feels dead....
  199. Sexual Orientation & Conformity
  200. I'm so sexually frustrated!
  201. Am I Transphobic?
  202. I can't figure out my gender
  203. Why do I feel weird/jealous towards other bi guys?
  204. If your first love breaks your heart
  205. Quick question: Biological sex
  206. Relationship with a Teacher
  207. Do you believe in Demonology?
  208. Would Jesus Discriminate?
  209. How do I know?
  210. Advice for losing weight?
  211. How to find the right therapist for my issues (update to old thread)
  212. Seeking advice
  213. When should I tell her about my self-injury scars?
  214. He doesn't want to see me anymore
  215. Nervous for Blind Date
  216. I Have No Idea What To Do
  217. Unable to get into relationships
  218. Super nervous for first date
  219. Is it wrong to dress butch?
  220. Gay relationship..what to do
  221. Random lesbian question
  222. I'm so uncertain
  223. I work for an anti-gay hate group
  224. I am insanely in love with a messed-up girl.
  225. Life Is Not Worth Living
  226. Getting to know her is a real challenge for me
  227. God I hate life
  228. YouTube "Gay" this and "Gay" that
  229. Boyfriends semen NSFW
  230. Anxiety out of control
  231. Why is this happening to me?
  232. What do you do when
  233. Texting my ex
  234. How do I even speak.
  235. Anybody here in a FWB relationship?
  236. help
  237. Is this bi or lesbian?
  238. Hate being bi, wish I was lesbian
  239. (Not lbgt) I was punched at school, tell?
  240. Love doesn't hurt
  241. allergy to sperm?
  242. Worried: Does this make me 'slutty'?
  243. Not satisfied !!!
  244. Partner has depression.
  245. Initiating a kiss
  246. Meeting a girl at her work (sort of)
  247. How can I know if I'm a top or bottom?
  248. Need help in advice, feeling heartbroken
  249. Gay Guys: how do I know if this is more than just friendship?
  250. Why are these two people acting like this?????