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  1. What's wrong with me?
  2. Adopting puppies
  3. Help <Bullying> Should I quit the team
  4. Shaving?
  5. Is this normal at my age?
  6. Feeling stupid and jealous
  7. Shut off emotion from sex
  8. I can't move on
  9. Homosexuality or androphobia?
  10. Am I the only one that does this and is it bad? [Sexual related]
  11. (repost: edited cause I dont know how to delete other post) I need advice
  12. question
  13. why is this girl acting weird? I feel like she's playing me?
  14. I need mental help.
  15. Should I?
  16. Making progress
  17. How do I befriend a girl I have a crush on?
  18. Strange thoughts
  19. Derealization Disorder
  20. Dating with a phobia/secret shame
  21. Depressed
  22. Feeling really scared
  23. ahhh
  24. Taking me seriously
  25. Feeling I have to pee during anal stimulation?
  26. Binding Help
  27. Fear of death?
  28. Is this wrong?
  29. I need help
  30. Nightclub Anxiety
  31. RE: "Pride" bumper sticker
  32. It's...complicated (affair)
  33. I'm unravelling
  34. I'm a horrible person underserving of love or even friendship
  35. Uncomfortable sex dream
  36. What to do when your very depressed but alone
  37. i need an outlet
  38. Home Invasion Nightmares
  39. Need Advice on a Bromance
  40. My father is an alcoholic...
  41. Do you believe in evolution?
  42. Finding a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have Aspergers
  43. Am I a loser?
  44. I don't want to have a crush on him.
  45. Community Not Always Accepting
  46. I need your opinion on this.. am i a bad son?
  47. Feels like I'm missing out on something
  48. Texting
  49. Do dreams mean anything?
  50. Problems With Partner
  51. Does anyone else find it hard to make friends?
  52. I dont think i know what a relationship is......
  53. Is Single Better for Some?
  54. Not Physically Attracted To My Boyfriend
  55. Asexuality?
  56. Sexual relationship with men when lesbian
  57. Trigger warning: Dysphoria and surgery
  58. Freaking out, DID, dysphoria??
  59. Does this dream mean anything?
  60. Two Minds and One Brain stuff.
  61. How does one prep for bottoming?
  62. Crushing badly :(
  63. Frustrated , angry and annoyed
  64. Non-sexual arousal (male)
  65. Going to my first LGBT anything
  66. Why do I love horrible things?
  67. Why do I love horrible things?
  68. I need to vent
  69. Male Chasity Belt/Cage
  70. Am I messed up?
  71. Sudden realisation...
  72. I hate how homosexuality is portrayed in media
  73. Trying to figure out my sexuality..? Help?
  74. I exposed my bullies on social media
  75. Is my teacher just being nice or really want a friendship?
  76. Am I Just too Sensitive
  77. Jealous of an 8 year old
  78. How come the shooter at fort lauderdale was allowed a gun?
  79. Is this okay?
  80. Married - Am I really gay?
  81. My story - What should I do?
  82. Stop being so worried about tomorrow
  83. Having a hard time at home AND work
  84. Urgent Waxing Question!!
  85. I am not a good person
  86. Why straight men like lesbians but straight women find gay men gross?
  87. How to deal with current events?
  88. psycology question: is it possible for a person to become a sociopath/psychopath?
  89. Feeling conflicted?
  90. Was this weird?
  91. Need serious help w/ anxiety about paedophilia
  92. My close friend (also my ex) touched my sleeping friend
  93. Messy love triangle- HELP!!!
  94. Girl-girl sex, but without oral (Giving OR receiving)
  95. Is it necessary to see a doctor about this or not?
  96. I'm Gay but i find a penis very uncomfortable to look at..
  97. Anal masturbation feels like nothing
  98. Im messed up
  99. I am having issues
  100. Is vitamin B6 at all helpful for depression?
  101. Hiv/aids
  102. 14 year old looking for something
  103. Weird thing happening after anal stimulation?
  104. Good household substitutes for anal lube?
  105. Advice On Severe Sexual Suppression
  106. Relationship troubles: long distance, open/close status and sex
  107. I have no idea how to find a partner, can someone help?
  108. Just moved in to my first apartment, doesn't feel like home
  109. A sociopath?
  110. Gay, but not sure how I feel about anal sex?
  111. Masterbation question
  112. Girl at work
  113. I hate myself
  114. Lesbian Crush
  115. Virgin wants to know: Etiquette of cumming
  116. Why are people against virgins? (has a mini rant so sorry)
  117. Should I feel guilty about my thoughts?
  118. Is this turkey safe to eat?
  119. Advice needed: Closets and Romance
  120. I'll post here whenever I get anxious about my sexuality I guess.
  121. How to be happy neglecting sexual/romantic relationships?
  122. Why is porn a bad indicator for sexuality?
  123. What to do with my life when I'm a social failure
  124. I have this crush...
  125. soooo my ex boyfriend may have saved me from becoming a possessive psycho
  126. Sex confusing things
  127. Mental illness getting to be too much
  128. Will the shame ever go away and you feel exactly like straight people
  129. Loneliness ....
  130. Agender?
  131. Don't want to be bisexual?
  132. Deodorant and tattoos
  133. what would you do
  134. Still a virgin at 23?
  135. I Feel So Gross
  136. I feel bad
  137. I am in love and I don't know what to do, please give me advice
  138. Could use some words of encouragement (vent)
  139. Is moving abroad a solution?
  140. On The Edge
  141. Double citizenship for surrogate kids
  142. I dont get the whole "genderfluid" or "agender" and such stuff.....help?
  143. Am I just weird?
  144. Feel Like The Bad Guy
  145. Can someone explain something to me?
  146. How can i tell my mother i do NOT wanna go to church anymore?
  147. Holiday Card. Favorite holiday song, "The Bizzard" Judy Collins
  148. Can You...
  149. Raped at 17 by 2 men, now at 60 and alone.
  150. Whats wrong with me?
  151. At 44, I fucking hate being gay.
  152. what could this mean?
  153. Crush
  154. Borderline Personality Disorder
  155. Sister Outed Me
  156. I really hate myself
  157. Anyone with internalised homophobia, how did you manage to start dating and such?
  158. Is this stupid?
  159. Was it all just a phase?
  160. I dont know what to do.
  161. On setting boundaries and having them crossed
  162. Detached from the outside world
  163. Possible relationship?
  164. Need advice for my mental health
  165. I like a married woman and i think she liked me too but she suggested a friendship?
  166. What should I do about this?
  167. Tired of flake
  168. I thought I was gay, and experimented...
  169. Is this weird?
  170. URGENT: Advice with job offer
  171. Two Questions
  172. Feeling very down at the moment
  173. !@#$%&
  174. Want to date the opposite gender again
  175. I can't be left alone with my thoughts
  176. Did anyone who identifies as gay..
  177. Is she suggesting a friendship after flirting????
  178. Am I still crazy after 4 years?
  179. I might be straight after all?
  180. Is this unhealthy?
  181. Struggle town
  182. Feeling closed off after rejection
  183. Too soon for an engagement?
  184. Demise
  185. Tips on Androgynous Appearance?
  186. Parents Questions. Trigger warning self harm
  187. HELP please!
  188. Stuck.
  189. We see eachother on the weekends only
  190. Do I ask for help? How?
  191. I'm messed up
  192. Gender
  193. ESD and documentation
  194. Am I really just sick?
  195. What's wrong with me?
  196. Heartbroken and feeling down
  197. Bf has bed bugs?! Not sure what to do!
  198. Why can't I just cuddle my friend?
  199. Rejection is obliterating my self-esteem
  200. How to get over a married woman?
  201. Questioning gender ...meaning ?
  202. What too do with life?
  203. I think I'm going to end up homeless
  204. How to deal with passive aggressive ex?
  205. S*x toys advice?
  206. Anger
  207. Gay man..aroused by women?
  208. There is nothing more discouraging
  209. Questions for 100% bottoms
  210. Is this weird, or am I lucky
  211. Problems
  212. I have a crush but what should i do
  213. Am I right about this?
  214. I feel like I'm going to die alone and a virgin
  215. I cheated on my boyfriend :(
  216. What if I don't like anal sex?
  217. Confused...
  218. Journaling
  219. What am I?
  220. Would this be wrong?
  221. men's voices
  222. Very scared of my past
  223. New Bisexual
  224. Need that last push
  225. The program boss in the school is acting racist or homophobic and i cant handle it??
  226. Running Out Of Options
  227. Wanting to be dead
  228. The top and bottom thing
  229. Why am I scared of my mother?
  230. Reverse HOCD back with a vengeance
  231. Feeling split inside? And other problems...
  232. What's the point?
  233. Please help I'm really afraid
  234. Ex dumped me out of the blue. Still depressed about it :(
  235. Is this a crush?
  236. Suicidal thoughts and a car accident
  237. What is her deal/what does she want?
  238. What's it like for LGBT later in life with this specific issue
  239. Girls, would you date a Muslim lesbian?
  240. I stared at my teacher smiling and she caught me?
  241. Should this friendship continue? (Drugs and other stuff)
  242. I hate this
  243. Taking my Shahada and converting to Islam
  244. crushing over various people i dont know?
  245. Why she started this dramatic behaviors all of the sudden?
  246. Denial? Heteronormative doubts? Bargaining? What is it?!
  247. Am i attracted to men?
  248. my friends keep telling i have to have sex with a guy?!?!
  249. help! i am a sex addict
  250. afraid of getting a boyfriend (hell I cant even say boyfriend outloud)