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  1. Gay and have a romantic crush on girl?
  2. Crush on straight best friend
  3. I Want a Service Dog
  4. the cops outed me to my roommates
  5. Do I have a mental illness?
  6. Envying Straight/Bi people?
  7. The 'love of my life'...a married mother...
  8. OCD Thoughts
  9. Why I keep pushing ppl away?
  10. foot fetish
  11. used
  12. Chubby & Chaser relationship advice
  13. Why am I so abnormal?
  14. We've only been together for 10 days and he keeps saying "I love you"? O.O
  15. I think I have a crush on a girl in my anatomy class
  16. Help me to not mess up things...
  17. Gap in work history
  18. Feeling somewhat powerless
  19. Teacher offended me
  20. Thinking about moving entirely on my own.
  21. Advice for social situation
  22. How To Get a Father Figure As An Adult
  23. Crippling Hiv fear
  24. the system
  25. Mixed signals....advice please.
  26. tell someone you are sorry for breaking their heart
  27. How do I stop these images in my head?
  28. Feel I will die single
  29. Really bummed with life right now
  30. Negative attitude towards sex?
  31. Help me out with this date please
  32. Should I attempt to recontact my old friends from work
  33. Moving out!
  34. Ending it All.
  35. is it possible to be "cured?"
  36. At the risk of sounding shallow I must get this off my chest
  37. Suspicious of my friend....
  38. What's wrong with me?
  39. embarassing relapses
  40. How do you ... ?
  41. Say "I love you" to someone who isn't ready
  42. LGBT Support Centres in York, PA?
  43. help! people that i come out to take advantage of me!
  44. Is this too suspicious?
  45. 18 days late for my period...pregnant?
  46. Making my past better?
  47. Skyping internet crush for first time
  48. what to do if alone and see a killer clown please help
  49. And they laughed.........
  50. I feel alone. I need help...
  51. Why is she avoiding me now does that mean her feelings were genuine?
  52. Suicidal dreams and I life I barely want to live anyone.
  53. I might've just loss this important date, help please
  54. is there any one else feeling like an outsider everywhere?
  55. Is this normal?
  56. Is he attracted to me?
  57. Lesbian places in boston?
  58. Why so hard to find a LGBT place?
  59. Asking for therapy
  60. how to get over desperate feelings?
  61. Witnessing Harrassment
  62. How to not develop feelings for your good friends
  63. Would your crush talk about hooking up with other ppl if they liked you back?
  64. Dealing with homophobic comments?
  65. Long distance relationship
  66. Depression sufferers, comment please
  67. Fear of Men?
  68. She came back the third time
  69. Intello lesbians
  70. Straight friend I had a crush on comes out of nowhere!
  71. I think my Dad may be cheating on my Mom
  72. Being mistaken as a 'straight creep'
  73. Boyfriend good friends with ex
  74. disillusioned?
  75. Should I try talking to him
  76. Why my new boss scares me even though she is a nice person?
  77. I don't see what my future beholds
  78. The journey for happiness
  79. Asking friend to go out?
  80. Falling for housemate :(
  81. Sexual Abuse and Being Gay
  82. What should I do here?
  83. Need advice on love :(
  84. Think I'm just ready to settle down.
  85. Lost and wanting to give up
  86. I'm depressed
  87. Frustrated with life and the world in general
  88. scared of going to hell..
  89. What's wrong with me??
  90. Can't get out of this rut
  91. Too difficult for me?
  92. After I knew that my teacher is a lesbian i started to have feelings for her?
  93. Bisexuality
  94. What's going on here?
  95. Lost
  96. disturbing day, weird feelings, I wrote my suicide note in my head..........
  97. I have a crush on a tutor and can't say anything to her?
  98. I've made a mistake....
  99. Found to be Medically Frail because Mental Illness
  100. Boyfriend tried to kill himself
  101. Suicidal friend
  102. Light red blood after using toy in butt
  103. issues with possibly having first bf relationship and a big problem for me life wise
  104. Pansexuality w/out attraction to cis girls?
  105. Filled with dread
  106. I need kind words
  107. Am I weird?
  108. Self Blame and Body Image Issues
  109. STD testing
  110. Shunned by my sister (not sexuality related)
  111. Donating Sperm to Family
  112. Should i send this to her school email or is it creepy? Im a woman?
  113. Is it wrong to snoop?
  114. 16 and noticing lots of white hair?
  115. A gut wrenching decision
  116. Boyfriend not calling as much anymore
  117. Would you accept this behaviour from a spouse/partner?
  118. My Friend Let Me Down
  119. Teenager, Dating and Putting Myself Out There
  120. I'm so lost as to how to deal with my friend
  121. Starting dating - no sexual feelings?
  122. Is my sister gay????
  123. What is going on with me?
  124. I have the right to finish school in a non-standard way, right?
  125. yes this might be a bit nothing to do with being gay (okay maybe a little) but....
  126. i want to be hung
  127. Why did she walk near my place all of the sudden??? Im a girl too
  128. Self diagnosed myself with Asberger's. Was I wrong in my diagnosis?
  129. Gay and depressed please read
  130. Frustrated with sex
  131. Disappointed
  132. Hooking up with married man?
  133. Insecurities about sex
  134. Suicidal thoughts
  135. How can I have trust again in dating?
  136. Meeting your partner's children for the first time
  137. What does depression and anxiety feel like?
  138. I may be sent to conversion therapy
  139. Friendships - I don't know what to do
  140. Questions about friends?
  141. Doing the right thing...
  142. Weird Reminders of Always being super gay
  143. Porn addiction and fetishes
  144. Struggling to move on after lost time
  145. FWB with someone outside of my orientation?
  146. When a girl likes you...
  147. What would you do?
  148. Adopting a pet again
  149. Self Conscious
  150. Making a Fake Snapchat account (Sorry for wrong forum, wanted to keep this anonymous)
  151. Am I wrong?
  152. Am I weird? :(
  153. should I go dentist
  154. Getting back in touch with ex-gf after a few years
  155. Risky Move on coworker? Worth it?
  156. I really need some advice.
  157. Do dreams = real-life fantasies?
  158. I just can't accept it.
  159. could she be interested? mixed messages? what should I do?
  160. Is It Weird That I Like Older People?
  161. Second adolescence
  162. Ashamed of Sexuality
  163. I can't figure myself... this is driving me insane
  164. Resources for
  165. I feel suicidal
  166. Perspective on women changed?
  167. So confused about me
  168. Expired yogurt
  169. So is this anxiety or am I just overreacting?
  170. Struggling with bulimia.. What do I do?
  171. What's the most fucked up thing someone has ever told you?
  172. Phantom penis?
  173. Why people keep doing this????
  174. can anyone help me get my shit together?
  175. i dont want to be effeminate!
  176. I really like daddies...
  177. Confused about someone
  178. In need of help
  179. So frustrated and lost
  180. Being proud x being authentic
  181. They ignore me
  182. Is she gay or friendly?
  183. PLEASE READ, need advice
  184. Need to vent this
  185. came out to my mom via text
  186. Age-gap confusion
  187. What's going with me?
  188. Attention issues
  189. HELP PLEASE!! (anxiety, embarrassed)
  190. Trying to silence that little voice (internalised homophobia)
  191. Coffee anxiety
  192. Fucking Confused
  193. I really could use some support
  194. Family divorce
  195. How to overcome relationship anxiety?
  196. Any help would be appreciated.
  197. Taking a girl to prom?
  198. Gay/Bi Men and Cattiness?
  199. Work allies/management support and how it's received
  200. Is He Interested?
  201. Seasonal Affective Disorder - Advice?
  202. Numbness\weird feeling in finger
  203. Awkward concession
  204. Friends zone
  205. How to move on
  206. raped in an attempt to turn me straight....
  207. I'm bi... but am I?
  208. Social anxiety
  209. Hard time to decide my future
  210. My dad's email
  211. how things change when out of the closet
  212. Feeling Guilty over This
  213. Im not quite sure what to do with this knowledge
  214. I need advice on getting into college.
  215. Anxiety/Scared of a relationship/Sex
  216. First date and the jitters
  217. Is it weird I get insanely flustered any time I talk about my sexuality?
  218. Dealing with rejection?
  219. Hypersexualisation of Lesbians
  220. Awkward and quiet in school
  221. Dating a top
  222. Was this still abuse?
  223. when you realize things arent meant for you
  224. Threesomes: Being the third wheel?
  225. More than a hookup? Advice pls
  226. very lonely
  227. Polyamory
  228. Tips on how to stop masterbating?
  229. How do I stop liking him?
  230. Rules for physical /OCD reasons ??
  231. D/s platonic relationships in high school?
  232. What should I do?
  233. Little kids in LOVE!
  234. Does she have some interest in me?
  235. Why so picky?
  236. Bisexuals
  237. Am I crazy?
  238. Talking about my sexuality?
  239. I'm not treated normal. Very depressed.
  240. Rock Stuck in Hard Place
  241. In love with friend
  242. My post got deleted? why?
  243. My friend and I want to experiment
  244. Why don't queer people like me?
  245. why dont guys want to be in a relationship?
  246. My dog passed away
  247. Ridiculous
  248. Fat and I Hate Myself
  249. Use of pheromones
  250. Ok here it goes...