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  1. My dreams??
  2. Difficulty making friends
  3. How to not be submissive?
  4. Why does this keep happening?
  5. I still love him
  6. Cried in class... Japanese friend acting odd (lost honor)
  7. Help wanted for attraction to teenagers as an adult
  8. At the end of my rope.
  9. gender identity/not enjoying sex
  10. Studying together with with homophobe - how?
  11. how to tell if someone likes to you Vs. someone being nice
  12. I want to be a writer but I can't do it...
  13. What to do? Problem :(
  14. Self-conscious about hair on my arms
  15. He's young, I'm a lot older. He doesn't understand.
  16. I've always felt like this
  17. Despair is making me rethink
  18. Job Interview
  19. How Do I Find Gay Men Who Aren't Stuck Up?
  20. Am I gay???
  21. do fantasies mean anything?
  22. I need to vent
  23. How to befriend a lesbian at school
  24. Is it normal?
  25. New Job Woes
  26. Unable to ejaculate during sex
  27. running away.
  28. F.T.M terrible dysphoria and panic attacks (self harm too)
  29. Ever feel like there must be something wrong with you?
  30. My best friend feels uncomfortable with me?
  31. Bothers me alot
  32. Fear of being rejected...again
  33. Being unable to change.
  34. I feel like I'm not "gay enough".
  35. My friend..
  36. I disrespected my parents' home
  37. So appearently I'm socially "inept"
  38. Bad/no sex
  39. Legitimately bisexual?
  40. How do I find support?
  41. Just Wanted to Write This out Finally
  42. Awkward Confession Thread
  43. feeling dejected
  44. Confused as fuck and feeling guilty/desperate
  45. I did a horrible thing.
  46. I'm tired.
  47. Would anyone proof read my coming out letter?
  48. Sexuality through genetics
  49. I'm a cruel person and I don't want to be :(
  50. i just feel sad and selfish
  51. Understanding the eyes
  52. Advice Please!
  53. Trevor Project?
  54. How to start dating?
  55. How will I know when I am ready to come out?
  56. I give up on my family.
  57. What's wrong with me... help?
  58. Help me understand?
  59. "What's your excuse?"
  60. Don't know how much of me is me, and how much is my mental issues
  61. Ever get stuck between 2 individuals?
  62. I'm so stupid
  63. Should I tell?
  64. dating a girl but i'm pretty sure i'm gay
  65. (sexual content)Are you considered gay if...
  66. is this normal? what can i actually do? not a lot apparently...
  67. I just did the dumbest thing ever - I came out to parent
  68. I don't want to be gay. *potentially explicit*
  69. Could I be gay not bi?
  70. Friendship feelings or is it more?
  71. I want to be gay
  72. Outed by someone I believe to be in the closet
  73. I Need To Vent: Warning, mentions of rape, violence.
  74. What would you do?
  75. TrueLoneliness?
  76. How do I get over my dislike for bisexuals?
  77. Help please :(
  78. Should I Stop Talking To Him Indefinitely?
  79. I think I'm face blind
  80. Advice needed please
  81. Lesbians, would you pursue a straight woman?
  82. I feel like giving up on being a lesbian
  83. Should I tell family about past suicide thoughts?
  84. My boyfriend doesn't think i am attracted to him
  85. Should I be concerned?
  86. Self-Harm and a Physical Examination
  87. Drunk straight friend
  88. the christmas season is all that stands forth anymore
  89. Sexual Fantasy
  90. Is It Possible?
  91. Outgoing people: How would you respond if a shy person told you that they liked you?
  92. Manipulation versus Sexual Orientation
  93. Doubting identity
  94. therapist and black mail
  95. Crush on Teacher
  96. Is my boyfriend gay?
  97. Hypothetically...
  98. Christian Family
  99. My friend is Asexual
  100. confidence and venting
  101. I am crying right now :'(
  102. Compensating Behaviours
  103. Help
  104. Thinking about killing myself
  105. Confused about best friend
  106. My terrible grammar gets me into trouble..Help!!
  107. Is my penis too big?
  108. I have no motivation to do anything
  109. A refreshing change
  110. Advice Needed
  111. Scared of ruining a new friendship by asking her out
  112. Binding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  113. I'm feeling really insecure about this....
  114. Paranoid of partners looking like siblings/self?
  115. Should I Date girls who call themselves straight?
  116. PLEASE HELP ME! Female chest hair = PCOS??
  117. *trihher warning* suicidal
  118. Molluscum Contagiosum
  119. I think I am going to take a break from EC
  120. Hurt his ego... I feel guilty
  121. I have a crush on a guy that I think is gay but I'm not exactly sure.
  122. My dream relationship :(
  123. A question for the lesbian/bi women
  124. I added him on Facebook
  125. Scared of my personality
  126. Fighting against disgusting thoughts.
  127. Impossible to seduce my bf and his perfectionism
  128. How do I respond to being hit on by some one?
  129. Reaching out...
  130. Confused or not
  131. ok so
  132. Anxiety Over Prof
  133. Hurt
  134. Scissoring
  135. I have so many fantasies of things I want to do to women sexually
  136. Sexual attraction vs desire
  137. HELP Third Date Anxiety/Problem
  138. I can't shake the feeling that I shouldn't call myself bisexual
  139. Genital talk
  140. Is this normal?
  141. I'm so frustrated and sad
  142. For you!
  143. Cravings
  144. can't trust myself around men
  145. why
  146. I'm out as bi but i think i'm a lesbian
  147. Rebuilding a relationship with a parent
  148. Are my morals a man deterrent?
  149. Did a medication just change my life?
  150. Sometimes I worry, that my friends are avoiding me
  151. Male gaze
  152. Talking to guys on craigslist
  153. one minute then the next
  154. Do you like butts?
  155. ******
  156. Pillow Problem
  157. Crush on best friend's dad
  158. this I promise you
  159. rapist just contacted me on facebook
  160. My World
  161. How do i know if this girl likes me?
  162. Issues with age differences
  163. I did something stupid and somewhat questionable.
  164. Didn't know he was married
  165. I Have A Crush On A Friend's Sister. Tips for Approaching.
  166. Lesbians make me nervous
  167. Any gay couples use dildos?
  168. my struggle for self acceptance is calling for the end
  169. FAAB Masturbation Thread
  170. being trans... and masturbating
  171. Got ditched two times
  172. She was abused.... is there anything that I can do to help?
  173. The older I get, the less I know.
  174. Do tops, bottoms and versatiles know before trying it?
  175. Preparing for anal sex.
  176. Accused of trying to out friends (long post)? :(
  177. It is a fantasy come true...
  178. Mostly, only masturbation "gets me there"
  179. Hetero-demisexual???
  180. Am I depressed?
  181. Weird feeling
  182. help me please?!?
  183. Odd self-esteem and sexual issue
  184. Jealousy - how to cope with it?
  185. I'm an obsessive person. How do I stop?
  186. How to get over paranoia...
  187. Lump near clit
  188. dom and subs
  189. Sexless relationship how do you make it work?
  190. Hypospadia ... Dysphoria
  191. Gay guy sex toys
  192. Bisexual
  193. Wanting to be the "female" in a relationship
  194. Do guys use toilet paper when they pee?
  195. Should I tell my partner about my past?
  196. Sexual abuse
  197. Was he flirting?
  198. If people know their sexual orientation better than anyone else why do still ask
  199. ugh
  200. Would you not be interested in a flat-cheste girl?
  201. Are breakups worst for us gay people?
  202. Don't like butch women/studs?
  203. Does this make me a bad person?
  204. Lesbians: Do you have your nails painted?
  205. Hand holding
  206. How much texting is too much?
  207. Ladies, how do you masturbate?
  208. Mixed signals from a guy
  209. Emotional Attraction
  210. Body shape and physical attraction
  211. Do any gay men fantasize about female beauty?
  212. Yes, another confused person!
  213. Is this weird or uncalled for?
  214. Just want it off my chest
  215. Being friends when there's sexual attraction?
  216. Signs of Drowning
  217. Sexual Anxiety?
  218. Tired of having to meet up to other's expectations
  219. Problems with gay guy at work
  220. Alcohol and sexuality
  221. Can sexuality change
  222. Which Western country is the most right wing?
  223. It's all up to Friday
  224. Dating from the closet...
  225. Unsure of my sexuality
  226. Do I tell my cousin or chicken out. I don't know how she will react.
  227. What do I sound like to you?
  228. I can't stop the fantasies!
  229. Coming out, then going back into the closet
  230. Being next to her makes me nervous
  231. falling for someone who is totally unattainable
  232. Falling for someone who doesn't care
  233. Boyfriend's father seems to hate me, kind of... transphobic maybe?
  234. Is it normal to like hugs... A little bit too much...specialy when she have big boobs
  235. 35 year old "gay" virgin
  236. Gay in a anti-gay culture?
  237. A Letter from the Fall, (long, depressing)
  238. How do girls...
  239. confused 21 y/o virgin
  240. For FtMs (may be TMI, sorry)
  241. Not Kinky Enough... For myself.
  242. Rejection after Sex questions
  243. I have a straight crush?
  244. My close friend doesn't remember my birthday from the top of his head
  245. Completely empty
  246. How can I tell if she's lesbian?
  247. Past life dreams
  248. no help or support
  249. Bad dreams about past events
  250. only attracted to Latino guys... is that bad