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  1. Spice Up Masturbation?
  2. Should I?
  3. Vent
  4. Sick feeling after penetration?
  5. I feel sick after coming out to my partner
  6. Sexual frustration
  7. What should i do?
  8. I hate my life
  9. Weird Problems and Stuff...sorry
  10. Don't feel capable of love - am I mentally ill?
  11. Don't feel capable of love - am I mentally ill?
  12. No Point In Talking Anywhere
  13. Life sucks... (rant)
  14. Lesbian best friend is in love with me, what to do?
  15. Suddenly, I am a bottom! (Explicit)
  16. Scared, needing advice! Moving and life.
  17. Gay, but I don't get sexually aroused by looking at naked men
  18. Dildont
  19. every time I come out to a straight guy theyalways have a slept with a lesbian l
  20. I'm afraid of dogs, but the guy I like has a dog
  21. Jealousy/double standards...ugh!
  22. Low self esteem and scared of relationships
  23. confused & not sure what to do
  24. creative ways to marsterbate
  25. Where can I find other furries?
  26. so confused.. :(
  27. (MtF) Having Children?
  28. Let someone know you're thinking of them
  29. How to be dominating for my boyfriend?
  30. My life sucks!!!
  31. Moral dilemma
  32. I don't want to cheat
  33. Need Advice till tomorrow
  34. Scared I'll stay a virgin forever
  35. What's your fetish?
  36. Large Virgin, Scared I'll hurt him
  37. Porn
  38. I'm Afraid To Be A Girl
  39. Where do kinks/fetishes come from?
  40. Target help?
  41. Bad grades ... Should I just give up? :(
  42. Depression
  43. What if homosexuality is a choice?
  44. Feeling bad after losing my virginity
  45. Gay neko fetish
  46. I Feel REALLY Guilty. I'm not Attracted to My Boyfriend Anymore?
  47. Sex toys for women?
  48. how to grind?
  49. Guy who are attracted to me, I am not attracted to
  50. Slapping da Vagina
  51. Sexual Health Question
  52. young and attracted to BDSM
  53. I'm gay but...
  54. Homesick but confused why
  55. Triggering for someone trans*?
  56. HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
  57. What should I do about him?
  58. Too much toy play?
  59. just wondering...
  60. Asking a friend to be your first kiss
  61. How does Semen Taste? Is it safe?
  62. Normal straight girl behavior?
  63. Help! I HATE having a sex drive?
  64. she cries after sex
  65. Masturbation (Male)
  66. Can real love be dramatic?
  67. I hate my hair
  68. Does masturbation relieve anxiety and/or stress?
  69. High School Dilema
  70. Pregnancy scare!?
  71. I don't know what I should do... :/
  72. I am the cause for all my misery and I don't know how to stop it...
  73. Does this make me broken?
  74. Help
  75. Dildo
  76. I'm too crazy for anyone to ever want me
  77. Did I do the right thing? (Relationship related)
  78. i need help. with understanding myself. concerns Porn
  79. Online dating addiction but it only causes pain
  80. in physical pain
  81. My partner is making cisphobic posts.
  82. Lost my best friend
  83. Does this happen?
  84. I was sexually assaulted and idk what to do.
  85. Should I make an online dating profile?
  86. I'm scared I might hurt someone
  87. does anyone identify as polysexual? Am I polysexual?
  88. Want to hookup but too nervois
  89. I loved you
  90. My bf has told me he thinks he might be sexually fluid
  91. Female orgasms and relationships
  92. I don't know who I am anymore:(
  93. What are all the sexual orientations and gender identities
  94. He won't get a job
  95. Do lesbians chase after straight girls because femme lesbians are hard to find ?
  96. Different life goals within relationship
  97. Your thoughts on meaningless sex?
  98. Is a fleshlight just as good as a dildo?
  99. I Feel Like I'm Gonna Rot Away In My Only Home
  100. Only attracted to Adults
  101. Trans Vocabulary Confusion
  102. is this cyber sex
  103. I think I might have been raped 6 months ago
  104. Self-harm promise
  105. How to deal with the people you lied to when closeted?
  106. Struggling with parents' marital problems as an adult
  107. I can't.
  108. I'm a lesbian and straight guys annoy me to death?
  109. How do lesbians act towards males?
  110. So embarrassed
  111. Is it gay if you're receiving the blowjob?
  112. i'm beating myself up
  113. How young is too young to know?
  114. Giving up on life, and women.
  115. How different is bottoming with a person vs silicone dildo?
  116. I'm not gay occasionally
  117. I Stopped Messaging Him
  118. crushes on working girls
  119. All of my "friends" are fair-weather. What now?
  120. Size of the male anatomical "feature..."
  121. This is embarrassing...
  122. Do we really need labels for everything?
  123. My brother is ashamed of me being gay
  124. Is he interested? Should I initiate?
  125. Should I bother coming out as trans?
  126. To all bi /pan people
  127. Confused about my feelings towards drag queens
  128. Why is this, bullying?
  129. Are these questions inappropriate?
  130. Is there a way to anonymously message an EC staff member for individual support?
  131. Feeling like a screw up
  132. How can I tell her..?
  133. He took advantage of the situation
  134. I'm living two life's and I can't cope anymore
  135. An awful realisation..... Pls help?
  136. Why do I have to live?
  137. Write a letter to your crush
  138. I Don't Know Who I Am Sober...
  139. Am I the only one?
  140. Why don't gay people believe HOCD is real?
  141. Dazed and confused MTF
  142. Friend is introducing me to another lesbian
  143. First date when depressed...
  144. My friend is stepping me up with another girl
  145. I have a problem
  146. I hope it gets better
  147. Born as 6ft dude,people denounce me when I try to fit in cute girls outfits
  148. I'm an idiot
  149. Jealousy in homosexual relationships?
  150. Youth Cop coming out in Law Enforcement
  151. Another suicide thread
  152. the holidays will be my last
  153. so sick of this can anyone share their opinion - another am I a lesbian forum
  154. Tips for a skinny gay guy to dress
  155. What is "rough" sex?
  156. Going crazy?
  157. I have come to accept I am a paedophile.
  158. How to initiate sex...?
  159. Thoughts and concerns-short hair
  160. Thoughts of Suicide
  161. Denial
  162. Not fair
  163. Trying to say bye to religion. Help.
  164. It didn't get better like everyone said it would
  165. so confused what am I?
  166. homophobic coworker
  167. 20 in December, 18 in February
  168. reading gay furry sex comics?
  169. I'm gay, but I fap to girls?
  170. How do I refrain from posting something I would regret later on?
  171. Thoughts of hurting others
  172. Does he like me back?
  173. Past the Point of No Return
  174. Problems with partner concerning drug use
  175. Friendzoned myself
  176. What should I do?
  177. Am I asexual?
  178. Tired of his big mouth
  179. I need to rant about yesterday
  180. Problem with my orientation and my mom orientation
  181. Can I just rant for a minute here please?
  182. Approaching guys in the street
  183. Queer children's books
  184. I regret sending this
  185. Rant about Tumblr
  186. I am going to do it!!
  187. Am I the crazy one?
  188. Why, school?
  189. Why is it that only older men are the ones hitting on me online?
  190. Trying to figure out gender identity/Family weirdness
  191. Should I not text him?
  192. I feel like I am so desperate for a relationship...
  193. Do I have a right to be angry?
  194. Abandonment Issues
  195. I can't....you know....masturbate :/
  196. I want to tell him
  197. Question for lesbians/gays who have been intimate with the other sex.
  198. What's wrong with these heterosexuals?!
  199. What it takes to be a good journalist?
  200. Infatuated or in love?
  201. Contemplating suicide.
  202. Friend wants to look more like a girl
  203. Meeting her ex
  204. My dreams??
  205. Difficulty making friends
  206. How to not be submissive?
  207. Why does this keep happening?
  208. I still love him
  209. Cried in class... Japanese friend acting odd (lost honor)
  210. Help wanted for attraction to teenagers as an adult
  211. At the end of my rope.
  212. gender identity/not enjoying sex
  213. Studying together with with homophobe - how?
  214. how to tell if someone likes to you Vs. someone being nice
  215. I want to be a writer but I can't do it...
  216. What to do? Problem :(
  217. Self-conscious about hair on my arms
  218. He's young, I'm a lot older. He doesn't understand.
  219. I've always felt like this
  220. Despair is making me rethink
  221. Job Interview
  222. How Do I Find Gay Men Who Aren't Stuck Up?
  223. Am I gay???
  224. do fantasies mean anything?
  225. I need to vent
  226. How to befriend a lesbian at school
  227. Is it normal?
  228. New Job Woes
  229. Unable to ejaculate during sex
  230. running away.
  231. F.T.M terrible dysphoria and panic attacks (self harm too)
  232. Ever feel like there must be something wrong with you?
  233. My best friend feels uncomfortable with me?
  234. Bothers me alot
  235. Fear of being rejected...again
  236. Being unable to change.
  237. I feel like I'm not "gay enough".
  238. My friend..
  239. I disrespected my parents' home
  240. So appearently I'm socially "inept"
  241. Bad/no sex
  242. Legitimately bisexual?
  243. How do I find support?
  244. Just Wanted to Write This out Finally
  245. Awkward Confession Thread
  246. feeling dejected
  247. Confused as fuck and feeling guilty/desperate
  248. I did a horrible thing.
  249. I'm tired.
  250. Would anyone proof read my coming out letter?