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  1. Hand holding
  2. How much texting is too much?
  3. Ladies, how do you masturbate?
  4. Mixed signals from a guy
  5. Emotional Attraction
  6. Body shape and physical attraction
  7. Do any gay men fantasize about female beauty?
  8. Yes, another confused person!
  9. Is this weird or uncalled for?
  10. Just want it off my chest
  11. Being friends when there's sexual attraction?
  12. Signs of Drowning
  13. Sexual Anxiety?
  14. Tired of having to meet up to other's expectations
  15. Problems with gay guy at work
  16. Alcohol and sexuality
  17. Can sexuality change
  18. Which Western country is the most right wing?
  19. It's all up to Friday
  20. Dating from the closet...
  21. Unsure of my sexuality
  22. Do I tell my cousin or chicken out. I don't know how she will react.
  23. What do I sound like to you?
  24. I can't stop the fantasies!
  25. Coming out, then going back into the closet
  26. Being next to her makes me nervous
  27. falling for someone who is totally unattainable
  28. Falling for someone who doesn't care
  29. Boyfriend's father seems to hate me, kind of... transphobic maybe?
  30. Is it normal to like hugs... A little bit too much...specialy when she have big boobs
  31. 35 year old "gay" virgin
  32. Gay in a anti-gay culture?
  33. A Letter from the Fall, (long, depressing)
  34. How do girls...
  35. confused 21 y/o virgin
  36. For FtMs (may be TMI, sorry)
  37. Not Kinky Enough... For myself.
  38. Rejection after Sex questions
  39. I have a straight crush?
  40. My close friend doesn't remember my birthday from the top of his head
  41. Completely empty
  42. How can I tell if she's lesbian?
  43. Past life dreams
  44. no help or support
  45. Bad dreams about past events
  46. only attracted to Latino guys... is that bad
  47. depression... or not
  48. I came out. Now I'm in
  49. Opening up. Relationships.
  50. tell me if im crazy
  51. Had first sexual experience
  52. Will I Ever find someone
  53. does he or doesnt he?????
  54. normal to not like anal?
  55. Feelings for friend are getting stronger.
  56. blushing
  57. Holidays and boyfriends
  58. I've had a dream that worries me
  59. Day from hell
  60. how do u show someone u like them
  61. Tips on asking someone out?
  62. very confused
  63. piss at my self
  64. Need Help
  65. Tampons and other problems
  66. How to deal will guilt after breaking up with someon?
  67. How do I tell him?
  68. Lesbians...
  69. u dont have to read this
  70. Constant guilt over eating meat
  71. What can I ask
  72. Is it wrong...
  73. Harmless or something deeper?
  74. What am I coming out to???
  75. Offended if a guy you don't know asks for bikini pics
  76. Anal?
  77. Just a lonely girl
  78. wish i had a shoulder to cry on
  79. They are only lbgtphobic because of how they were raised
  80. Having problems with family... Rant sort of...
  81. What should I do?
  82. Their luck, my pain
  83. A rant, so to say.
  84. Did I mess up with this guy?
  85. I feel bad for saying I'm female and not trans
  86. Developing feelings too fast.
  87. Grow into a meaningful sexual relationship?
  88. I can't even talk to my bf
  89. Feeling unwanted
  90. Having sex with opposite sex to confirm identity?
  91. Do a lot of people have suffer from porn addiction ?
  92. Where can I find tight fitting pants for men?
  93. Unsure of what to do, triggers and long stuff
  94. Question for Transgender Members
  95. I'm confused...
  96. Wanting to experiment but dont know where to start?
  97. I have a massive chip on my shoulder. How do I get rid of it?
  98. bus driver
  99. Do Bathouses still exist?
  100. How to politely tell someone to stop flirting
  101. I didn't know it was possible...
  102. My mom caught me
  103. Feel family is against me????????
  104. *rant*
  105. Is this wrong of me?
  106. Slowly entering the best relationship that won't work out.
  107. I can't do this anymore
  108. Going to stop caring.
  109. I haven't kissed anyone in over two years.
  110. Doubting Myself
  111. Need advice about online privacy boundaries
  112. VERY sore after rough masturbation? (girl)
  113. I feel alone...
  114. Adding a homophobic person to Facebook
  115. Feeling a Loss of Purpose After Leaving the Army
  116. Categorized
  117. Are there 12 step Meetings for Us
  118. Ever have this happen?
  119. Friend never starts conversations... normal? Something I'm doing?
  120. Romantic vs. platonic love
  121. Is being ugly subjective?
  122. he forgot about me
  123. I want to kill myself.
  124. Colleague...
  125. Outed! what to do? i wasn't ready
  126. Would a Lesbian be flattered?
  127. WTF is she playing at???
  128. Hurts so bad
  129. Should I just leave her alone?
  130. what is ur favorite song ?
  131. how would you react ?
  132. Need input on two situations
  133. Two things
  134. I'm akward. IN NEED OF FLIRTING ADVICE.
  135. My brain can't handle what it means to be a man or a woman
  136. afraid of being naked infront of others
  137. Am i worrying myself over nothing
  138. Please. I need other opinions
  139. Do guys feel embarrassed about lesbians?
  140. Religion holding me back
  141. Could she be bi?
  142. my life
  143. Had a difficult time getting a hard on
  144. Spying on other guys
  145. I feel as though I don't deserve to be happy
  146. I need help from the shy people
  147. im having an identity crisis again/if like attracts like should i change
  148. I find it hard to fantasize while masturbating.
  149. How do I stop my feelings for this straight guy?
  150. Why won't he meet me?
  151. In a pretty bad position in life
  152. Signs a guy likes you?
  153. Really lost
  154. is my bestfriend bi or curious?
  155. Oral Sex Question
  156. Was this a cover up?
  157. Secret kept for years
  158. HIV testing
  159. I need help and I need to get things off my chest
  160. I don't know who I want to be??
  161. What the hell is this?
  162. my girlfriend doesn't want me to touch her
  163. The girl I like drunkenly made out with a boy at a party
  164. Why do men need higher sex drives?
  165. what's wrong with me?
  166. how can/will i get over my fear of sex
  167. Feeling inadequate
  168. Anyone Else Sad to Be Gay?
  169. Hopeless
  170. My secret has been controlling my life
  171. Don't want to hurt anyone.
  172. Why am I more afraid to come out about my gender than my orientation?
  173. Incredibly Depressed - I don't know if I need help or not
  174. Bothered about being excluded
  175. My girlfriend self-harmed
  176. Struggling with this feeling....
  177. Never Kissed Anyone
  178. SO much baggage..
  179. countless letters behind countless faces
  180. friend doesn't want to hang out alone with me.
  181. Anal grosses me out
  182. Totally Confused
  183. Is it wrong that i like myself?!
  184. Is LTR an old fashioned concept?
  185. Cum while being fucked?
  186. hating everything about my life right now.
  187. Too Many thoughts!!
  188. How To Leave Abuse Without Money?
  189. Testosterone questions?
  190. Everything was going great until...
  191. So... Should I?
  192. What is the best sexual experience you have ever had?
  193. When is too old to not have had sex/been in a relationship?
  194. Now that I'm out, straight girls keep offering to kiss me
  195. Ever?
  196. Loneliness.
  197. Question yourself still?
  198. What kind of voice do you like?
  199. A friend keeps pissing me off!
  200. Really scared/ Possibly trans
  201. I need someone who will listen
  202. what is your sexual fantasy?
  203. I feel as though no matter what I say or do, I'm ignored?
  204. So stuck there is no help don't read i guess
  205. Biggest mistake of my life so far or blessing in disguise?
  206. I found out that she was abused
  207. Is bottling up a crush healthy?
  208. An Explicit Question
  209. Maybe she's straight?
  210. I'm not sure...
  211. Pap test
  212. Sex with a guy you're not attracted to? signed, a virgin
  213. Scared to go to school
  214. Lingering Doubts
  215. Finding the prostate
  216. Without Reason
  217. I need advice: Causally dating someone, but in love with someone else
  218. Is it wrong to watch porn???
  219. Sexual Assault
  220. HELP! Does this make me a stalker?!
  221. I'm a lesbian and a straight man is interested in me
  222. Do guys really care if you're on your period?
  223. Too old?
  224. My privacy was just violated by someone I trust
  225. How do I?
  226. Friend's "Gender Identity" is a weapon.
  227. Existential Depression?
  228. Meh, just a rant..
  229. Please help me...found awkward pics on dads phone
  230. Not sure if lesbian or bicurious
  231. Scared I'm only attracted to straight men
  232. Wait...am I bi?
  233. So... this happened. Almost got raped/robbed, kind of.
  234. How to tell someone to get the hell out?
  235. Always worry about hallucinating...
  236. Doing something wrong?
  237. Understanding
  238. Anxious about school
  239. Attraction?????
  240. Squicked By Het Relationships
  241. how to shrink/minimise chesticles
  242. Partnered guys on gay hook-up apps
  243. Who do I talk to?
  244. Marriage for all or none?
  245. In love with someone in a relationship
  246. Am I leading her on?
  247. FleshJack?
  248. Am I too kinky?
  249. Advice? Relationships and picking schools...
  250. Confession: Having a crush whilst in a relationship