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  1. What does being Genderfluid feel like? what is it? how does it work?
  2. How do I ask for help?
  3. only fantasies
  4. scared...facebook
  5. Too many orgasms?
  6. In deep trouble at work, but tired
  7. Bisexual doubt: is it really worth it?
  8. i just need to get it out
  9. I should be happy...
  10. A stupid, immature vent .____.
  11. ruining my rep?
  12. dating down?
  13. Am I being paranoid?
  14. Eventhough I'm gay, I like fleshlights?
  15. Having difficulty dealing with recent unwanted sexual incident
  16. Only like men if they are furries?
  17. Asperger's
  18. Everything is falling apart....
  19. I'm drowning and can't be saved.
  20. Should I come out this way?
  21. Weird energy between me and a peer
  22. How do I relax about my orientation?
  23. Sorry for deadnaming
  24. Troubled relationship with ex-boyfriend
  25. Slowly starting to cut
  26. why do i have to settle or be called superficial???
  27. So emotional?
  28. Problem with social anxiety :(
  29. how do i ask these guys if there are gay??
  30. Crumbling with no way out
  31. do u miss your straight life???
  32. I'm pretty much f**ked. I don't know what to do.
  33. Anyone else get that "you can be replaced at a moments notice" paranoia?
  34. Have a happy relationship with a bi guy?
  35. My boyfriend is really confusing me
  36. I think something is wrong with me
  37. What should I do?
  38. How do you guys hide your private life from neighbours?
  39. I Feel Lost
  40. Am I settling?
  41. Question?
  42. Accidentally messed up
  43. Am I a fool for wanting to forgive
  44. How to not develop feelings/crushes for friends or random people?
  45. Social anxiety with new people
  46. Scared and worried
  47. gay and falling for straight guys....
  48. I'm dating someone but 'cheating'?
  49. What is wrong with me?
  50. Did I just come out?
  51. Mentally ill
  52. It's okay to not be down with butch-culture, right?
  53. clueless about dating and the social rules of it
  54. Guy that broke my heart and haven't seen in 16 months is in my league. Help
  55. friendship advice?? (possible trigger warning!)
  56. How do men indicate they're married?
  57. no one wants to work with me
  58. Is this normal?
  59. Truth hurts, but it was necessary
  60. what do you think?
  61. Virgin Problems! Help!?
  62. Masterbating in front of gf
  63. In love with an American married woman for six years
  64. Age-difference confusion and anxiety
  65. I can't tell if I'm actually depressed
  66. Falling for a RAPIST?!
  67. Is it self harm + How do I approach her?
  68. date 1 but no date #2 yet
  69. am i just a gay-bro or does this guy like me?
  70. Pornography
  71. Still living with parents
  72. Alcoholic Spouses
  73. how to give a blow job when you dont wanna swallow??
  74. Should I lose my virginity now and get it over with?
  75. Feeling of guilt, shame after masturbating?
  76. Greysexual or not?
  77. Coming out to an unsupportive parent
  78. Is Spain one of the top-5 countries for LGBTs to live in?
  79. Don't know what I'm doing
  80. Panicking
  81. I hate how I look but want to love myself
  82. Expecting what's not real
  83. Used boxers fetish
  84. My girlfriend is so much smarter then me idk what to do
  85. How to do "the sex" *dun dun duuun* (both parties female)
  86. Am I just sick?
  87. I feel like I make WAY too many controversial comments, and a part of me loves it....
  88. 18+ question for guys
  89. Anxiety on phone
  90. Size seems to matter
  91. Cleaning Your Anus after Bowel Movements
  92. My boyfriend is mad at me for saying this
  93. What's wrong with Dad?
  94. Boyfriend's Friend
  95. Incredibly Lonely...
  96. Family problems
  97. I don't know how I should treat her.
  98. No gay friends to ask....
  99. Am I overreacting
  100. Am I Gay?
  101. What could be wrong with me? (Sleep)
  102. I honestly do not know
  103. Sleep problems causing anxiety?
  104. A degree from another country?
  105. Job offer and chronic anxiety
  106. 27 year old gay virgin. Never dated, never kissed. Where do I even start?
  107. I need advice
  108. Uncomfortable and feeling stuck
  109. I'm tempted to start cutting
  110. Heterosexuality is so gross
  111. can parents run out of love and care for their children?
  112. lump/hard spot
  113. Repetitive questioning and driving myself nuts
  114. I am not born to be gay
  115. Sometimes my gender is weird
  116. Should I be worried?
  117. I Started Cutting Again
  118. Transformation fetish
  119. I am a stripper and i really
  120. I don't feel anything while fingering myself
  121. Am I too worried?
  122. Is there such a thing as a guidebook for a gay man to have a good life?
  123. Feeling rough
  124. I'm not okay anymore
  125. I need advice.
  126. Want it to end
  127. Choosing between 2 great guys
  128. I need help
  129. Too Insecure to Flirt
  130. What's wrong with me?
  131. Adopting puppies
  132. Help <Bullying> Should I quit the team
  133. Shaving?
  134. Is this normal at my age?
  135. Feeling stupid and jealous
  136. Shut off emotion from sex
  137. I can't move on
  138. Homosexuality or androphobia?
  139. Am I the only one that does this and is it bad? [Sexual related]
  140. (repost: edited cause I dont know how to delete other post) I need advice
  141. question
  142. why is this girl acting weird? I feel like she's playing me?
  143. I need mental help.
  144. Should I?
  145. Making progress
  146. How do I befriend a girl I have a crush on?
  147. Strange thoughts
  148. Derealization Disorder
  149. Dating with a phobia/secret shame
  150. Depressed
  151. Feeling really scared
  152. ahhh
  153. Taking me seriously
  154. Feeling I have to pee during anal stimulation?
  155. Binding Help
  156. Fear of death?
  157. Is this wrong?
  158. I need help
  159. Nightclub Anxiety
  160. RE: "Pride" bumper sticker
  161. It's...complicated (affair)
  162. I'm unravelling
  163. I'm a horrible person underserving of love or even friendship
  164. Uncomfortable sex dream
  165. What to do when your very depressed but alone
  166. i need an outlet
  167. Home Invasion Nightmares
  168. Need Advice on a Bromance
  169. My father is an alcoholic...
  170. Do you believe in evolution?
  171. Finding a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have Aspergers
  172. Am I a loser?
  173. I don't want to have a crush on him.
  174. Community Not Always Accepting
  175. I need your opinion on this.. am i a bad son?
  176. Feels like I'm missing out on something
  177. Texting
  178. Do dreams mean anything?
  179. Problems With Partner
  180. Does anyone else find it hard to make friends?
  181. I dont think i know what a relationship is......
  182. Is Single Better for Some?
  183. Not Physically Attracted To My Boyfriend
  184. Asexuality?
  185. Sexual relationship with men when lesbian
  186. Trigger warning: Dysphoria and surgery
  187. Freaking out, DID, dysphoria??
  188. Does this dream mean anything?
  189. Two Minds and One Brain stuff.
  190. How does one prep for bottoming?
  191. Crushing badly :(
  192. Frustrated , angry and annoyed
  193. Non-sexual arousal (male)
  194. Going to my first LGBT anything
  195. Why do I love horrible things?
  196. Why do I love horrible things?
  197. I need to vent
  198. Male Chasity Belt/Cage
  199. Am I messed up?
  200. Sudden realisation...
  201. I hate how homosexuality is portrayed in media
  202. Trying to figure out my sexuality..? Help?
  203. I exposed my bullies on social media
  204. Is my teacher just being nice or really want a friendship?
  205. Am I Just too Sensitive
  206. Jealous of an 8 year old
  207. How come the shooter at fort lauderdale was allowed a gun?
  208. Is this okay?
  209. Married - Am I really gay?
  210. My story - What should I do?
  211. Stop being so worried about tomorrow
  212. Having a hard time at home AND work
  213. Urgent Waxing Question!!
  214. I am not a good person
  215. Why straight men like lesbians but straight women find gay men gross?
  216. How to deal with current events?
  217. psycology question: is it possible for a person to become a sociopath/psychopath?
  218. Feeling conflicted?
  219. Was this weird?
  220. Need serious help w/ anxiety about paedophilia
  221. My close friend (also my ex) touched my sleeping friend
  222. Messy love triangle- HELP!!!
  223. Girl-girl sex, but without oral (Giving OR receiving)
  224. Is it necessary to see a doctor about this or not?
  225. I'm Gay but i find a penis very uncomfortable to look at..
  226. Anal masturbation feels like nothing
  227. Im messed up
  228. I am having issues
  229. Is vitamin B6 at all helpful for depression?
  230. Hiv/aids
  231. 14 year old looking for something
  232. Weird thing happening after anal stimulation?
  233. Good household substitutes for anal lube?
  234. Advice On Severe Sexual Suppression
  235. Relationship troubles: long distance, open/close status and sex
  236. I have no idea how to find a partner, can someone help?
  237. Just moved in to my first apartment, doesn't feel like home
  238. A sociopath?
  239. Gay, but not sure how I feel about anal sex?
  240. Masterbation question
  241. Girl at work
  242. I hate myself
  243. Lesbian Crush
  244. Virgin wants to know: Etiquette of cumming
  245. Why are people against virgins? (has a mini rant so sorry)
  246. Should I feel guilty about my thoughts?
  247. Is this turkey safe to eat?
  248. Advice needed: Closets and Romance
  249. I'll post here whenever I get anxious about my sexuality I guess.
  250. How to be happy neglecting sexual/romantic relationships?