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  1. Am I Just Genderfluid or Genderqueer?
  2. Bouts of feeling low/lonely. how to stop it?
  3. I need I make sure before I ask him.
  4. I just don't get it anymore...
  5. How do I make more interesting text
  6. Feeling suicidal
  7. Therapy isn't working
  8. How do I get a GIF as my profile picture???
  9. The Non-Believers and their Daughter
  10. how can you tell someone your not attracted to their friend ?
  11. Having a Girl as a Friend instead of a guy?
  12. How will I ever come out to them?
  13. body image issues &spreading myself thin with work-outs
  14. I don't think I'm depressed
  15. Issues with staring at people (and their crotch)
  16. why is it so much harder to find a guy than a woman??
  17. Nickname advice
  18. Alcohol Urination Problem
  19. He came.
  20. Straight male questioning and ass-play. Do any male bottoms get the same feelings?
  21. What am I doing wrong
  22. Hate not being straight
  23. Feeling like a horrible person...
  24. How to stop a crush?
  25. Need advice!!!
  26. What does/could it mean?
  27. Sick and twisted...
  28. why I like boys?
  29. Sexuality question????
  30. Difficulty with new manager...
  31. Relationships
  32. partying friends?????
  33. Convinced my type of relationship just can't be.
  34. I don't know how people tolerate me
  35. I don't want friends. They're better off without me.
  36. I don't know what to do
  37. How do you masturbate?
  38. Strip clubs??????
  39. PossiblyWantingTransMaybeIsh Gaybies vs Babies?
  40. I hate having boobs!
  41. Is there a problem?
  42. I need...
  43. A question for women
  44. Doctor appointment, freaking out
  45. Enlightenment: Was the price worth it?
  46. I really hate my life
  47. I need help with something about sex...
  48. Guidance needed
  49. I hate having freckles....
  50. What did you imagine your parents reactions would be to you coming out?
  51. Lazy Eye, HOW DO I Hide My Lazy eye ? ?? Help plz
  52. Little White Dots On My Penis?!
  53. How to talk about suicidal thoughts
  54. if only
  55. just friendship or is there something more?
  56. Rant towards "friend".
  57. Everysinglething Is Wrong With Me
  58. Q-For those of us who have had sex with the opposite sex before coming out to oneself
  59. Spoke too much, left with little to take...
  60. Aspie needs help with a situation
  61. Dear Diary...
  62. The suicidal thoughts are coming back.
  63. I Fricked Up And Lost Someone
  64. Does she like me, does she not? What to do?
  65. I'm sorry.
  66. Any FtM people dating Cis guys?
  67. Faking it
  68. My daughter was raped.
  69. what are the stages of someone getting over rejection ?
  70. Dissapointed
  71. awkward question
  72. Am I lesbian or bi? (another one, I know)
  73. Being friends with someone I might have feelings for
  74. Biggest cringe- what do I do?
  75. 'How woman dresses can provoke rape' really?..
  76. some sort of negative energy in my house
  77. Idolatry (of a regular person)
  78. Question about a friends intentions?
  79. Overly Horny?
  80. Can you give yourself a fetish?
  81. How can you tell someone is gay?
  82. My life is a mess
  83. Why did you break up?
  84. Finding out someone's birth name
  85. Lesbian with a Boyfriend with a history of Rape
  86. He said he'll wait. Now I'm ready, but he's not.
  87. Am I bisexual or closet gay?
  88. I'm meeting my internet friend/crush for the first time please help
  89. ormeau Road...Belfast
  90. I don't know..
  91. I need advice
  92. Silly question
  93. This fantasy???????
  94. The GYM
  95. Toys
  96. Did you have "lesbian sex" if you were only the receiver?
  97. Tips for first time top?
  98. Don't Know How to Feel
  99. Sexual past and other things
  100. Does she like me?
  101. minor coming to terms with the majors
  102. What is the deal with the dating a minor law?
  103. Help: Need opinions. To send or not to send?
  104. Can romance be too easy?
  105. Kinda love-lettery too shy to send
  106. Serious relationship, to share my past or not
  107. Being someone's soulmate
  108. Fetish that makes me feel dirty...
  109. What did he mean by this?
  110. Ex Girlfriend is unhappy and ended the relationship.
  111. Gay guy doesn't trust me because I'm bi?
  112. Incestuous thoughts when I was a teenager
  113. Dumb post just stating my mind
  114. Women and squirting
  115. Sex to forget?
  116. Curious about what sex with a girl is like
  117. If you were physically able to go down on yourself, would you?
  118. Youtube
  119. How do I turn a guy down?
  120. A girl who I like.........friend.....??????
  121. just dont want to carry on
  122. I'm tired of living
  123. What are your thoughts on this?
  124. Is there an explanation?
  125. Lesbian exposed to HIV with one night
  126. I feel like I'm annoying everyone around me
  127. Is it okay for a FTM to be a drag queen?
  128. Gay Friend?
  129. Is it OK to lie about your gender?
  130. im pissed off.. need advice...gay potential outing!
  131. Wet dreams
  132. comment bothered me...
  133. FtM: Sometimes I'm alright with being dressed up girlier.
  134. I've gotten rejected many times why does rejection still hurts?
  135. Kinda weird..
  136. I'm tired of coming out
  137. Well, this is moderately embarrassing...
  138. Tribadism/scissoring
  139. Is it okay to give up?
  140. How do I know if I am transgender?
  141. Sexual education material
  142. What to do in my scenario, seriously sickened by life?
  143. The girl talk?????
  144. Meeting Girlfriend's Parents. Help!
  145. getting over envy?
  146. Being horny and being friends
  147. Boyfriend cheated early on
  148. confused friend
  149. Ugh! I'm such an idiot
  150. Should I continue with him?
  151. Breasts
  152. Why am I only attracting men !!
  153. How to tell someone you didn't like the way they er..."performed in the bedroom"?
  154. How to find old friends?
  155. Please don't hate me.
  156. What Do I Do?
  157. Could use some advice...
  158. I'm Gay
  159. Came out and confessed crush to friend, hes fine, but how to maintain friendship now?
  160. Grinding on the dance floor.
  161. Can I do anything about it
  162. so damn confused
  163. dealing with anxiety
  164. Can't shake you out of my head
  165. Mid-Late night texting
  166. Is it weird if....
  167. Lithsexual, or am I just fucked up?
  168. Any bright insight into this man?
  169. problems with my girlfriend
  170. Does anyone else live somewhere rural?
  171. Unattractive and closeted
  172. Why am I so obsessed with my best friend's non-existent future boyfriend?
  173. What to do now?
  174. I want help
  175. college question
  176. What does this make me?
  177. Some points blocking me from self-acceptance - need help
  178. I don't mind being kept a secret
  179. First year at Uni in the fall...
  180. Binder problems
  181. Attracted to people who look the same age as I do, but aren't
  182. Do you think an andro cut could hold a job now?
  183. Did he reject me or he was just unfraid/not ready to admit
  184. Complicated relation with my ex, but he keeps leaving.
  185. Not so Long Distance relationship
  186. Boyfriend ignoring me
  187. Would you contact a lost love?
  188. Are there any transgender fairy tales?
  189. Am I being unfair?
  190. This sounds stupid...
  191. An apology
  192. A thing happened...
  193. Is it alright to be jealous?
  194. How to trust BF who has a history of cheating
  195. need help identifying this weird thought process of mine
  196. need some advice
  197. Summer depression?
  198. did I look stupid?
  199. First Time Aftermath - Advice Needed
  200. So confused!!!
  201. Oral
  202. is promotion here in an orderly fashion?
  203. On the verge of snapping, need advice
  204. Paranoid About a website
  205. Identifying as bisexual
  206. is it bad to be picky?
  207. Why am I repulsed by gay men?
  208. Oh, the joys of confusion . . .
  209. Life has made me hesitant to 'befriend'...
  210. Living with parents at 20 bad?
  211. Not THAT sexually attracted to anything?
  212. Gender norms/ femininity rant
  213. Sweat Fetish
  214. Heterosexuality
  215. BF still using gay app on phone and calls himself single
  216. dental phobia
  217. My secret closeted relationship
  218. just done
  219. Does this bug anyone else?
  220. Did you ever guess anyone else's sexuality before you knew your own?
  221. Gay but attracted to vagina?
  222. Is disliking penetration a problem?
  223. How can I stop feeling so guilty about being gay?
  224. Any LGBT from south east Asia (SEA)?
  225. buying a dildo
  226. This girl...
  227. Have you ever been called a slur by another lgbt person?
  228. Straight male slept with bi/lesbian friend
  229. Having a hard time investing my heart into guys
  230. need a gay persons advice
  231. Dating a Bi Guy...
  232. I'm considering using medication for social anxiety. I would like your input.
  233. It hurts
  234. I'm afraid i'm too inexperienced to be a les
  235. Did you ever over-compensate with the opposite sex when you were in denial/bargained?
  236. Why are gay men in heterosexual relationships so demonized?
  237. Vacation and finding dates
  238. Not LGBT related but feeling lost
  239. Don't know what to do.
  240. I can't get over him
  241. for those who once were in denial
  242. Best friend
  243. My social anxiety is getting worse. Help!!
  244. Do you find yourself more able to like other gays/lesbians rather than straight ppl?
  245. voices in my head
  246. Indirectly confessed feelings to a straight friend/co-worker, taking it well?
  247. I'm scared
  248. Coming out to a chronically stressed parent?
  249. I did something terrible but curiosity killed my cat
  250. How can I orgasm?