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  1. Why the " are you sure?" Time and time again
  2. So sick of life, giving up...
  3. Sometimes I wish I was straight.
  4. My Boyfriend Hits me.
  5. I wish I was joking about wanting to be a sugar baby
  6. figuring out I'm probably gay made me act more gay? or am i faking it?
  7. Need advice on this
  8. Confession thread
  9. confused what they want
  10. Downward spiral
  11. Wondering if I should be alive- Existential thoughts
  12. Venting , feel free to ignore
  13. Is anal sex disgusting?
  14. Irregular heartbeat before/after masturbating
  15. I am very confused...
  16. Can you relate?
  17. Gay incest?
  18. Frustrated
  19. Feeling
  20. I don't get it.
  21. Being cheated on has impacted my ability to trust other men
  22. Gay incest feeling, is it normal?
  23. trying to cheer myself up
  24. Dealing with threat of shooting
  25. Paying for college.
  26. i want to see him naked
  27. Something odd about my therapist...
  28. Taking my Car
  29. I hate my body...
  30. I'm considering offering my virginity to people on hookup apps. Is this a bad idea?
  31. i can't stop thinking about hurting myself
  32. Confusion About Guy
  33. *Very long story* Is my "friend" really straight?
  34. How to leave country .. advice please
  35. Is this anxiety
  36. Puberty and ejaculation
  37. Inattention During Sexual Encounters
  38. Is it okay to hire an escort?
  39. Derealization
  40. What am I?
  41. Very little sensitivity/feeling when jerking off myself
  42. Sex & Acceptance
  43. I don't want to be her friend
  44. Is this wrong?
  45. I haven't had a single friend in years
  46. Shy after one-nighter?
  47. Online best friend left me...
  48. I want a dad :(
  49. How to get rid of nightmares?
  50. Was this sexual?
  51. Still looking for affirmation and support.
  52. I'm just now learning to drive. Would anyone hold this against me?
  53. Could use a bit of suport right now.
  54. Are there any LGBT preppers
  55. Ashamed of father, but am i justified?
  56. Poisonous friend
  57. Dealing with past sexual abuse and being gay
  58. How do you feel about someone you have rejected letting you go?
  59. I want to come out
  60. Jehovah's witnesses and the lgbt community
  61. Someone I respected "doesn't like gays who are too friendly"...
  62. Vaginal thrush
  63. Feeling really sad.
  64. Smoking at LGBT Events
  65. Stupid question
  66. Venting
  67. Help
  68. moving advice please
  69. I think I might have an STD?
  70. Need help with major mental issues!
  71. Is this normal?
  72. Releasing yourself from heteronormativity?
  73. Im feeling lonely
  74. Am I completely overreacting?
  75. Transitioning
  76. How to get a life?
  77. Sexual orientation
  78. Kind of embarrassing
  79. Could this be an issue on future dates??
  80. Gender Identity
  81. Alt bathing options...?
  82. Orlando Shooting- Need some support
  83. Profound dream
  84. Parents, 5 years after coming out. So sad right now.
  85. sexual assault
  86. Struggling with life
  87. What would you do??
  88. Tipps for first time (or later)
  89. I'm gay and I hate myself
  90. Heart and Head catching up to one another
  91. Empty
  92. Was this normal?
  93. Bought adult toys online
  94. Confront bf about cheating?
  95. Likes boys and girls, not bisexual. What else could I be?
  96. Tippa for the very first time (or even after that)
  97. Does this mean something?
  98. Will the feelings die off? (long distance)
  99. Am I a loser?
  100. Why do I have a constant feeling of being watched?
  101. Masturbation with less dysphoria (18+)
  102. Its been a while
  103. Is this a bad idea?
  104. Is my grandmother trying to scare me?
  105. the only one woman, sounds familiar?
  106. Religion Vs. The world Vs. my mind.
  107. Always getting hard-ons
  108. Really intense platonic feelings-- normal?
  109. Going into High School
  110. hate myselfranting
  111. Feelings for a dear friend
  112. If I dumped my girlfriend I don't know what dangerous things she would do
  113. nicknames
  114. So I guess I'm kinky now...help
  115. I'm scared.
  116. Prom problems ;(
  117. Did My Ex Rape Me?
  118. Single, tired, and want to rant. Any sympathizers?
  119. how common is it for gay people to dream about straight sex?
  120. jealous of guys who get sex
  121. Masturbating to thoughts of BF cheating on me?
  122. Awkward conversations
  123. Holiday with a bf I don't want to be with
  124. Can someone tell me what is going on?
  125. Aroused by trans means I'm gay?
  126. Being a teacher's pet is giving me anxiety
  127. how to get over person who made you realise you were not straight?
  128. I am Thinking of Trying to be Put Into a Psychiatric Hospital
  129. How to get over your best friend?
  130. How long would you wait for someone you love?
  131. Rosaline - A Fairytale for Women Who Love Women
  132. Religious upbringing and conflicted feelings
  133. Suicidal Thoughts - Need some support
  134. Being in the closet
  135. I want to ask her out - how do I do that?
  136. Looking for affirmation and support, having massive anxiety.
  137. Can taking anti-depressants kill you?
  138. I really fucking hate doms
  139. How to not hate yourself
  140. Feeling kinda depressed and lonely
  141. being a skinny guy
  142. Was I being abused?
  143. Ever wish you could just simply not exist?
  144. What's wrong with me?
  145. Erotica or Porn?
  146. What should I do?
  147. Will I revert college?
  148. I'm on a dangerous path : advice please ?
  149. Is 17 and 21 a bad age difference?
  150. should i ignore everyone and cut my hair??
  151. Disbelief
  152. What should a cis guy know before asking out a transguy?
  153. My story
  154. losing her
  155. Is it normal to only masterbate with underwear on?
  156. How to find a better job?
  157. Worst\Stupidest thing I ever did..
  158. Gender help please ;-;
  159. Does this mean I am going to vomit?
  160. So frustrated and angry (lack of self esteem)
  161. I feel like I'm a piece of shit
  162. Told someone my true feelings- need advice
  163. Becoming less horny
  164. Impossible HIV scenario
  165. My dad despises my brothers gayness but I'm gay too
  166. I don't think i'll ever find a partner. i'm always dismissed as cute. advice pleas?
  167. Head hurts - just need honest opinions
  168. Urgent: Haunting encounter on PSN... Help needed...
  169. Chances of getting an std
  170. Is It Normal To Still Have A Crush On Somebody Who Rejected You Eight Months Ago?
  171. Need advice like, right now
  172. my story of being the most hated guy everywhere I go
  173. My mom is abusive, but rarely?
  174. What is this?
  175. Wanting to write movies
  176. I'm the worst boyfriend ever
  177. Having large boobs?
  178. long ass post - if u have the time read it (would apreciate it tbh)
  179. Porn\ sex question
  180. Stressing
  181. First same sex date
  182. Wicca and lgbt?
  183. Feeling totally empty
  184. self harm?
  185. High School Drama
  186. Party clothes
  187. Struggling to understand why people self harm or overdose (TW)
  188. I think my best friend is bi.... but he isn't single...
  189. Homophobic gay friend
  190. Is this dangerous
  191. How to I wake up from life and just live when you dont have people and want them?
  192. I don't know to say it
  193. Leg pain- might be silly, but I'm scared...
  194. My friend is getting blackmailed...
  195. I need some positivity
  196. gf scared to make a move
  197. Can anxiety\excessive happiness kill you?
  198. Help
  199. Masturbating
  200. weight issues
  201. Really need some advice...
  202. I'm I Being to Paranoid?
  203. Does being turned on by someone accidently mean your attracted to them?
  204. How do I get over being a F***buddy?
  205. TL;DR STD Scare
  206. I need advice from people who are no longer suicidal
  207. Social Anxiety: No Escape?
  208. Self harm / survival
  209. To butch or not to butch?
  210. Is there a way to fix this friendship?
  211. Porn doesnt turn me....
  212. Gay or bi?
  213. Anxiety with Physical Intimacy??
  214. Making a move
  215. An awkward situation with a younger friend
  216. Can my upbringing made me turn into a lesbian?
  217. Is it weird I only fantasize about giving?
  218. Lonely, depressed, and suicidal
  219. really horny. gay Virgin, scared of abuse or being hurt
  220. making friends is hard
  221. What is going on?
  222. Gender fluid vs trans vs sexuality
  223. This girl wants me to date her?
  224. Does he like me or is he just really friendly ?
  225. As I accept my sexuality I'm becoming so sexually frustrated!
  226. Please don't judge me, I feel naive, I just need advice or a slap...
  227. I am attracted to older people
  228. crush on a gay friend
  229. Lezbehonest... Am I a lesbian or am I bisexual?
  230. I am alone.
  231. How to deal with a homophobic friend
  232. Third class citizen
  233. Weird fantasies/dreams.
  234. I don't understand "headmates"
  235. How important is sex - to you?
  236. Why this happen
  237. Worried about my online friend...
  238. Nervous about visiting my friend tomorrow...
  239. Just a rant
  240. So this psicologist asked me this question and i couldnt answer correctly "Who Am I"?
  241. I don't think I can forgive myself....
  242. Had a "hook up" and it didn't work..confused again...
  243. Finding it difficult to be social and make friends
  244. Biologically female, fantasizes about being male, but happy with female body?
  245. Fiting in
  246. Utterly disgusting?
  247. Help
  248. Sex
  249. so a weird form of transgenderism?
  250. How should i prevent myself from being robbed at the bus station? (student)