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  1. My dad despises my brothers gayness but I'm gay too
  2. I don't think i'll ever find a partner. i'm always dismissed as cute. advice pleas?
  3. Head hurts - just need honest opinions
  4. Urgent: Haunting encounter on PSN... Help needed...
  5. Chances of getting an std
  6. Is It Normal To Still Have A Crush On Somebody Who Rejected You Eight Months Ago?
  7. Need advice like, right now
  8. my story of being the most hated guy everywhere I go
  9. My mom is abusive, but rarely?
  10. What is this?
  11. Wanting to write movies
  12. I'm the worst boyfriend ever
  13. Having large boobs?
  14. long ass post - if u have the time read it (would apreciate it tbh)
  15. Porn\ sex question
  16. Stressing
  17. First same sex date
  18. Wicca and lgbt?
  19. Feeling totally empty
  20. self harm?
  21. High School Drama
  22. Party clothes
  23. Struggling to understand why people self harm or overdose (TW)
  24. I think my best friend is bi.... but he isn't single...
  25. Homophobic gay friend
  26. Is this dangerous
  27. How to I wake up from life and just live when you dont have people and want them?
  28. I don't know to say it
  29. Leg pain- might be silly, but I'm scared...
  30. My friend is getting blackmailed...
  31. I need some positivity
  32. gf scared to make a move
  33. Can anxiety\excessive happiness kill you?
  34. Help
  35. Masturbating
  36. weight issues
  37. Really need some advice...
  38. I'm I Being to Paranoid?
  39. Does being turned on by someone accidently mean your attracted to them?
  40. How do I get over being a F***buddy?
  41. TL;DR STD Scare
  42. I need advice from people who are no longer suicidal
  43. Social Anxiety: No Escape?
  44. Self harm / survival
  45. To butch or not to butch?
  46. Is there a way to fix this friendship?
  47. Porn doesnt turn me....
  48. Gay or bi?
  49. Anxiety with Physical Intimacy??
  50. Making a move
  51. An awkward situation with a younger friend
  52. Can my upbringing made me turn into a lesbian?
  53. Is it weird I only fantasize about giving?
  54. Lonely, depressed, and suicidal
  55. really horny. gay Virgin, scared of abuse or being hurt
  56. making friends is hard
  57. What is going on?
  58. Gender fluid vs trans vs sexuality
  59. This girl wants me to date her?
  60. Does he like me or is he just really friendly ?
  61. As I accept my sexuality I'm becoming so sexually frustrated!
  62. Please don't judge me, I feel naive, I just need advice or a slap...
  63. I am attracted to older people
  64. crush on a gay friend
  65. Lezbehonest... Am I a lesbian or am I bisexual?
  66. I am alone.
  67. How to deal with a homophobic friend
  68. Third class citizen
  69. Weird fantasies/dreams.
  70. I don't understand "headmates"
  71. How important is sex - to you?
  72. Why this happen
  73. Worried about my online friend...
  74. Nervous about visiting my friend tomorrow...
  75. Just a rant
  76. So this psicologist asked me this question and i couldnt answer correctly "Who Am I"?
  77. I don't think I can forgive myself....
  78. Had a "hook up" and it didn't work..confused again...
  79. Finding it difficult to be social and make friends
  80. Biologically female, fantasizes about being male, but happy with female body?
  81. Fiting in
  82. Utterly disgusting?
  83. Help
  84. Sex
  85. so a weird form of transgenderism?
  86. How should i prevent myself from being robbed at the bus station? (student)
  87. Feelings for best friend are killing me
  88. Family Issues Are Destroying Me
  89. Telling Girlfriend About My Anxiety
  90. I'm not asexual, but ...
  91. Straight best friend - just want to cut ties...
  92. Will this kill me?
  93. Feeling separated
  94. Feel like I'll never come out, embarrassed etc...
  95. Anxious and paranoid to try anything!
  96. Problems with family
  97. My bf and I never have sex :(
  98. I really miss an old friend :(
  99. ghosted?
  100. Scared and confused
  101. I have weird fetishes and i sometimes can only get hard or masterbate to them
  102. My friend just came out to me as gay.
  103. Too awkward for sex?
  104. Am I a horrible person?
  105. Good or bad sign?
  106. Why is every thing suddenly about race?
  107. Sometimes life hurts more than I can handle
  108. Too paranoid to see a counsellor.
  109. Confessed crush, how to rebuild friendship
  110. Confused? Need help clearing the air.
  111. Topping/bottoming in relationships
  112. Help
  113. I really want to change therapists
  114. what are signs that parents accept lgbt-ness?
  115. Dreaming of a threesome?
  116. Am I Weird??
  117. Can you die of happiness?
  118. Looking for Advice on finding a doctor to begin transitioning
  119. I'm a fucking idiot.
  120. How to tell her to back off nicely?
  121. Obsessed with finding out my sexuality im getting really tired of this
  122. polyamory advice please
  123. gay to bisexual??!!
  124. Rough Day
  125. Mother's day is making me sad,
  126. Good idea or bad idea?
  127. How to ask out a shy guy
  128. Curious
  129. What if you want sex more often than your partner?
  130. Scared of dying of heartattack
  131. Am I weird
  132. Desperate help
  133. I'm scheduling to hook up with a guy I don't know..
  134. Self harm/ mental illness
  135. My friend new I was gay before I did. like WTF
  136. My mother hoards.
  137. Don't feel I fit in/belong in the lgbt community
  138. Is this really for me?
  139. What's wrong with me?
  140. I might be at risk
  141. does he like me the same way??
  142. Akward
  143. so damn confused
  144. Feel like I'm going to snap or have a breakdown. :'-( Please help
  145. Social anxiety = Issues uni
  146. I just bought a fleshlight with a butt orifice ..
  147. bisexual and homoflexible
  148. A possible crush?
  149. Advice on kissing
  150. Wanting a bf 21 years old
  151. Ashamed that I hate my accent
  152. Am I being bitter or is this reasonable?
  153. Question
  154. I'm invisible to my crush?
  155. Relationship with Father After Coming Out
  156. Does it.. um hurt to be a top? whats it like?
  157. Yet another internalised homophobia thread...yay...
  158. Last Shot?
  159. My Girlfriend and I Are Both Bottoms?
  160. not one friend
  161. Staying sane at rock bottom.
  162. Questioning sexuality hoping you could answer some curiosities i have?
  163. Am I a virgin?
  164. Real Lesbians help? self-homophobic vs confused?
  165. Kissing advice?
  166. Letting go of your 'straight' self
  167. Long Distance Relationship Advice
  168. How do I stop loving her?
  169. I hate my school
  170. I am scared of.. religion.. what if they are right?
  171. I am fearful for my life help...
  172. How do I stop becoming into this monster I'm turning into
  173. How to stop living this way?
  174. lesbian relationship gone fast
  175. How can I ever be happy?
  176. Upset
  177. Have any of you experienced a similar childhood?
  178. Loneliness actually hurts...
  179. Help please
  180. Question
  181. Is this sexual assault?
  182. Why are people so ignorant and hateful??? It makes me want to cry.
  183. Accomplished her goal
  184. Gut punching fetish
  185. There are places you can go...
  186. Why am I so obsessed with my teacher?
  187. Masturbation helped me fall asleep. Anyone else experienced this?
  188. Wishing i could suicide in peace
  189. am i getting bad grades because i study at night?
  190. "Relationship" advice
  191. why does she keep doing this?
  192. I can't do this
  193. URGENT: How to ask potential employer if they would discriminate against me
  194. My Bf might be hiding something
  195. "Pro-equality" people.
  196. Want to better myself - but I'm the worst quitter
  197. Halp
  198. Low sex drive and now suddenly craving sex...or the thought of it?
  199. really confused
  200. UK Sex/Age Laws + ANXIETY
  201. Worried
  202. I don't understand trans-genderism
  203. I don't know what's wrong!
  204. How do I stop thinking something...
  205. Natural inversion of reproductive organs.
  206. Bisexual
  207. How to come out without crying?
  208. Sometimes I want to give up
  209. What's wrong with me? :(
  210. I feel so ANGRY .
  211. Feeling comfortable around "alpha males"
  212. Androgyny
  213. Masturbating... don't understand it
  214. Periods are weird.
  215. Dissociation with Depression
  216. Learning how to make mistakes.
  217. depressed and suicidal
  218. Does my best friend like me?
  219. Still Confused
  220. Kissed a gay guy (I'm straight)
  221. those who claim to be "cured" of homosexuality? what do you think?
  222. Moving to Canada
  223. Looking for A Type of "School"
  224. Just got stood up...
  225. Circumcision problems
  226. Am I masturbating too much?
  227. I don't know how to act on a date with a woman?
  228. I'm really tired and lonely.
  229. Sexual Abuse by Close Family Members
  230. Detachment
  231. This is NOT the reaction im supposed to be having
  232. Lingering feelings of denial
  233. Crush hELp please
  234. How would you think other perceive this
  235. What does she want? So confused by friend
  236. why am i questioning? is it for attention?
  237. How to make friends?
  238. Almost love?
  239. How to get rid of self harm scars? (tw)
  240. Scared of Being in Public
  241. Can you change your sexual tastes (get rid of a fetish)?
  242. Right after I ejaculate things get really musty
  243. Do all - or most - "older" female-bodied individuals have au naturel pubes?
  244. Masturbating makes me feel.... Guilty?? (teenager)
  245. finding it hard to control my emotions at the moment ?
  246. Super Disphoric Right Now
  247. Not creative any more...what's happened?
  248. Friends keep forgetting pronouns
  249. Can sexual fantasies come and go?
  250. Reporting abuse?