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  1. Codependence
  2. Just shoot me and put me out of my misery
  3. Try not to get confused
  4. I feel scared and alone
  5. Mood swings again...
  6. Horrible depression returning
  7. How to indicate boy days and girl days
  8. Cheating friend ...
  9. Question....
  10. Looking for the truth, and am wondering if I'm just lying to myself. Advice please!
  11. Want to know
  12. How did you know you were ready to come out to your family?
  13. Help with this girl
  14. A girl seem to have a crush on me and friends trying to set me up
  15. Feelings fading?
  16. Small talk, getting to know a guy, etc.
  17. Question for Women
  18. post anxiety, nervousness prior coming out. help.
  19. please help i'm so confused at 25
  20. i dont understand my own feelings
  21. Give me some words of encouragement
  22. Gay..or not?
  23. I don't like my life anymore
  24. Should I tell them about her?
  25. Multiple Issues (one small on bigger)
  26. I thought I could do this. I can't accept that I'm a sinner. I feel like dying.
  27. m straight and had gay experience.!!! i feel sick to my stomach?
  28. Crush on someone younger...
  29. I really need advice help
  30. So alone
  31. Tips on how to be more social and confident
  32. My friend wants to cheat on her husband with a girl.
  33. Just opened my 21st Bday gifts... And I wish I was dead
  34. Open Marriage
  35. Are Dating Services Worth It
  36. Another obstacle...
  37. In love with my (male) best friend
  38. In love with best friend
  39. I don't know how to build my self-esteem up from where it is
  40. I FINALLY told her that I love her...
  41. I need to vent....
  42. straight girl with a Gay bf....
  43. Confused, I feel like i'm in hell
  44. I like a straight girl
  45. Girl crush in sports team
  46. Trying to join the LGBT club
  47. Crushin on the preachers son
  48. i really need to let this out
  49. Met a great guy..
  50. He's got a 6 pack and I'm overweight
  51. It's fine for them, not for us....
  52. dating a guy to feel normal
  53. Need advice on coming out
  54. I don't feel good enough for my parents or my friends. Some needed help and advice
  55. Am I ready to come out?
  56. Am I really the only one in this situation?! *A lil...detailed.
  57. Feeling trapped
  58. How to be Yourself?
  59. Is it true that people from Texas are really homophobic
  60. So confused.
  61. Think my boyfriend is gay & im scard i dont kno what to do
  62. Long Distance Crush....
  63. I act terrified whenever I see the guy I like now.
  64. Parents
  65. im too shy
  66. Ummm... long story about my father.
  67. 29 years and two kids later...Plz Help
  68. The gay-straight woes..
  69. One of my friends..
  70. SOS!! I'm A FAKE PERSON!!!
  71. Still battling on, new problems with coming out
  72. Real advice? Others generally say "only you can figure it out for yourself"
  73. Studying Relationships In Psychology...
  74. Girlfriend's best friend causing problems
  75. i'm new
  76. i feel crazy
  77. How to come out to the world
  78. This is just ridiculous
  79. I'm not sure this is healthy...(severe mood swings and rantiness)
  80. I need help coming out...
  81. First girl crush
  82. Very depressed
  83. Jim Parsons at the Emmys
  84. I might have become TOO happy with being on my own
  85. confused?
  86. alone yet again :(
  87. wanted to post this on FB, think I may wait...
  88. Crushes on straight guys?
  89. How do you handle being single?
  90. I need to get this out...
  91. Can't commit to bisexuality?
  92. ...But I have a girlfriend?
  93. HELP! Should I make a move??
  94. i think i'm a mtf transgender but am not 100% sure
  95. I thought I could handle this...
  96. What do I do to help?
  97. I'm Tired of being a Secret. I can't Take this anymore!
  98. Bully!
  99. My subconcious is being a jerk.
  100. My wife now knows I'm gay
  101. Finding a Gay Guy.
  102. Does my friend have feelings for me?
  103. I'm Seriously Confused
  104. Need dating advice
  105. Am I being unreasonable?
  106. Does this mean I'm lesbian?
  107. Should I keep on or break it off?
  108. Weird moment in my life.
  109. Crush on a girl I really dislike
  110. help with unwanted affection
  111. I don't know if I like her, or I am making myself like her
  112. Help with knowing if being flirted with
  113. Did I wake up my boyfriend's desire for men
  114. Introducing myself (kind of long)
  115. The challenge of connection
  116. I keep falling back to living "straightly"
  117. Having my First Tomorrow! (question)
  118. I can't get over her
  119. Finances and Coming Out
  120. More problems with my mom
  121. How to beat loneliness? O_o
  122. Is this normal am I crazy am I not bi?
  123. Coming out. Now what?
  124. When to come out to parents?
  125. Finding the right words to get to know someone
  126. How to meet other guys?
  127. was it better when you ...
  128. A little coming out help please
  129. Want to come out at school
  130. Do you think he's gay, and/or likes me?
  131. Avoiding
  132. confused and need to talk
  133. how do you keep your faith
  134. Is it a good idea to move to Minnesota?
  135. Overly obsessive/ dependent/ [something] friend?
  136. Can you ask a friend if they're gay?
  137. guy i like just came out,what do i do
  138. Not sure if im a CD or TG
  139. Severe depression and schooling
  140. real WTF experiance
  141. My GF is sleeping upstairs and I'm avoiding going up... (about sex)
  142. Should I be forced to come out?
  143. Is it werid that I don't have any friends?
  144. I'm back! And nothing has changed.
  145. asked out by a guy
  146. How were your first relationships like?
  147. And so the eagerness builds... Help :/
  148. I hate not being out to my school friends...
  149. Thinking I might not be genderqueer after all?
  150. Help... online dating advice neeeded
  151. Me Ex Boyfriend is dating my friend
  152. Any chance that this was all in my head?
  153. Online Support
  154. How did she just let go?
  155. some questions!!
  156. Me and my straight girl.
  157. Frustrated.
  158. confused
  159. Christian up bringing
  160. Told him and now I cant look in his eyes
  161. Dealing with "supportive" parents
  162. Moving on after university
  163. Me and my feelings!
  164. Coming out
  165. I am in-love with three guys...I can't choose.
  166. i wanna come out but i don't know how to and to who.
  167. I often want to make out, but that's it. Why?
  168. support groups in nor va
  169. When your mother keeps mentioning you having children, not knowing you're gay
  170. (Mostly-)Straight (Almost-)Crush?
  171. In a Rut
  172. Not ready to come out to just anyone, but people keep trying to set me up with guys.
  173. Everything is breaking, and is on the cusp of falling apart.
  174. I like my straight best friend
  175. Asking out a gay guy
  176. Bisexuality vs. Pansexuality
  177. How do I come out? Help.. :/
  178. Who should I come out to first and how?
  179. Cutting - FTM help
  180. Gay, but after first time I felt dirty. is it normal?
  181. What am I?
  182. Unconditional Love and Bigfoot
  183. OMG again with denial...How do you get past it?
  184. It's Time
  185. Friend request a perfect stranger on facebook because she caught my eye
  186. Do gay guys genuinely feel ugly before they come out?
  187. I'm crying and confused! Please help!
  188. Gay and miserable
  189. What would this be considered?
  190. Chickened Out
  191. Having a hard time coming out
  192. Why does everyone tell me such different things?! T_T
  193. I'm scared.
  194. How "Out" is "Out"?
  195. Another confused 20 something
  196. My situation...
  197. not sure what to do
  198. What am I gay or confused?
  199. One of those sad moments.. :(
  200. Am I lesbian or bisexual
  201. My friend won't come out
  202. How to bring it up in conversation?
  203. dreams of passion?
  204. Being Gay/Bi with a Brother
  205. A dilemma in approaching this guy.
  206. Hello, Help Needed.
  207. I'm in a super mess, I need help getting things staight.
  208. what should I say to him?
  209. Being used by someone in complete denial
  210. Dealing with unhealthy relationship
  211. I think I'm "picky"... :|
  212. friend at work
  213. Questioning in college
  214. I couldn't say to my friends
  215. Coming out to my sisters
  216. Kind of having a bad weekend...
  217. 22 and Still confuse
  218. Post Coming out lows.
  219. GSA "Coming Out 101" Event
  220. More confusion. :C
  221. Not pretty enough to be a lesbian.
  222. Is he,does he
  223. Therapy Concerns
  224. Submitting a gay themed story to a writing contest
  225. Just venting. It's a long story.
  226. Why are we avoiding each other?
  227. Going back to him?
  228. Concern with my Birth-Mother
  229. Still in the closet! But how can I meet guys without being overt about it?
  230. Identity frustrations
  231. indecisive person cant decide.
  232. I need help.. with everything.
  233. Situation needs Resolved
  234. I have a tendency to avoid everything...
  235. Is this in my head, or is there something going on?
  236. came out.....now what?
  237. Using Support Group Meetings as a Vehicle for Coming Out to a Parent
  238. Fall-out from unrequited love a decade on?
  239. Same ex, different morals?
  240. So confused!
  241. FTM name change
  242. I've had enough. Arrest this guy.
  243. I Can't Let Go </3
  244. About a friend
  245. Travelling medical insurance?
  246. Sort of accidentally came out to sister... not good
  247. How I went from gay to straight…and back again
  248. for a friend... seeking organizations that offer practicle support to abandoned youth
  249. Gay or Bi?
  250. Need some advice on meeting other gay guys in my area