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  1. To everyone who's helped..
  2. Possible MTF with all kind of problems venting
  3. Lonely, lost, feeling used and confused
  4. My Mom knows
  5. Help Please
  6. Signs?
  7. Should I tell my ex?
  8. Do I delay telling my wife?
  9. A hot guy! What do I do?! Help!
  10. How should I handle this situation?
  11. Is sexual enjoyment a factor?
  12. 48 hours later...
  13. Help working through issues while in a relationship....
  14. How can this be happening?
  15. Am I bi? Help please!!!
  16. Confused good place to get advice
  17. First things first.. how can I enjoy bottoming?
  18. Perception of Reality
  19. Work woes, just wanna chat and slightly rant.
  20. Know what to do, cant do it.
  21. Brand new and scared
  22. I have no idea what I am.
  23. My Dilemma
  24. The Letter
  25. Confused and in need of advice!!!
  26. "Let's be real"
  27. Cant wait to move? :D
  28. completely numb and shattered
  29. How Will You Know if A Guy is Hitting On You?? If You're Not Sure if He's Gay or Not!
  30. So I need some advice.
  31. Doubting myself :(
  32. Is it ok for Christians to have same sex marriages?
  33. School and Me
  34. So here's my story, and I need help.
  35. Should I come out to my grandma... Help
  36. Lesbian or Bi? The Classic Question.
  37. LGBT people, eating disorders...any thoughts?
  38. Facial/Body Hair (Mini-rant/help?) :I
  39. Missing the moment?
  40. I'm Coming Out! (i wish it were that easy)
  41. please help. i can't do this on my own.
  42. Finding out your bosses
  43. we broke up, but she's still hanging around
  44. Should I come out at work?
  45. Cyber harrassment (possible homophobe targetting gays/lesbians)
  46. A Future Alone?
  47. Getting to know myself through the boys I choose
  48. Truth or dare, update to older thread
  49. Trying to get involved in LGBT rights and getting discouraged
  50. Hard time coming out to roommates
  51. Dealing with this..
  52. Silly haircut question...
  53. Help talking to Crush!!
  54. The bane of being a deep-thinker
  55. I may have been found out? Help…
  56. Soooooo....
  57. As the GSA President, what should we do?
  58. Being ditched for the boy/girlfriend
  59. "Fluctuation"...can you relate?
  60. So yeah... Im a hopeless creep... Help... Please.
  61. Thinking about coming out
  62. Should I look at finding someone... younger?
  63. Underage Relationship
  64. Feel like I'm selfish for thinking someone should care about me
  65. Friends having major beef
  66. To gay? Or not to gay?
  67. Impossible = coming out to a family member.
  68. New, looking for support
  69. Is he ashamed to admit he is in love with me
  70. Need advice on how to cope...
  71. Understanding Feelings
  72. Not sure if I'm even confused
  73. just came out, negative reactions. Depressed.
  74. How do I meet good guys?
  75. Am I gay or Bi or straight?
  76. Nervous about my future
  77. not sure what to do about this crush....
  78. Would you tell your seemingly uninterested crush, or forget it? Need Advice Badly
  79. And Everyone Picks this Week even Me....
  80. Losing my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Big news!!!
  82. Coming out poems.
  83. Problems w/ opening up/intimacy
  84. For those of you who think you're going to be alone forever
  85. I'm in love with another boy
  86. What would you do?
  87. Came out to a friend! I have mixed feelings though...
  88. How Do I Stop Thinking of Every Guy As A Possible Prospect?
  89. Mother on the fence - Won't let me moveout.. I have a lease?
  90. Guilt after sex
  91. I discovered my best friend is bi, what should I do?
  92. Hurt & feeling rejected - from the GSA I helped to start
  93. To All the EC Moderators...
  94. Really kind of stuck on this thing ...
  95. First Crush cx
  96. Offensive posters in the office
  97. MAJORLY confused :-(, please help...
  98. Freaking out
  99. I asked a freind out on a date...
  100. i am not a girl
  101. Update
  102. How ignorant!?!
  103. Hoarders
  104. Me v. Acceptance
  105. heyya random question
  106. Two Problems (Parents and Dating)
  107. My "Intresting" Trip To Yorkshire
  108. Don't suppose anyone knows if i can meet gay guys my age
  109. What the hell is wrong with me?
  110. On the verge of coming out...
  111. coming out and anxiety/extreme stress
  112. How do I completely ignore this d*ck
  113. Friends keep trying to set me up with a girl
  114. I feel so angry and offended!! I hate this
  115. Is it worthy of a college essay?
  116. Being an other
  117. Need some advice. Lost in Sexuality/OCD
  118. is he completely apathetic?
  119. Confused I suppose
  120. I'm gay. My friend is bisexual. We have sex. I think I might have feelings for him.
  121. School...I need advice =/
  122. Feeling Scared And Different again
  123. For those with a therapist...
  124. Difficult and unusual issues surrounding coming out to mother... Help?
  125. I had a really good day yesterday
  126. Coming out before college, or waiting?
  127. Coming out to my Brother?
  128. suacide support 101
  129. I told him
  130. My husband finally confronted me...
  131. Confusion All Around..
  132. I Am Going Nuts
  133. Friends?
  134. Yes, another one of those cases.
  135. Not sure what I am supposed to do about this guy or should do anything at all.
  136. how to tell them?
  137. I dont know if i can recover...
  138. Could he be gay?
  139. How to come out to friends/roommates
  140. Coming out
  141. He makes me happy
  142. Boyfriend's in the hospital... more of a rant
  143. Still in denial?
  144. My dad has disowned me.
  145. I think my parents should get divorced
  146. help with boyfriend who says he likes girls now
  147. somewhat of an update to an older thread.
  148. Never gonna happen.
  149. Rock bottom
  150. Becoming a "Master"?
  151. This sounds cliche....
  152. A teeny little bit stuck
  153. in love with my neighbour
  154. Betrayed by my best friends- what should I do?
  155. Oh man I think I messed up....
  156. Just shut up!
  157. Defining Moment?
  158. I wanna be a dancer but I can't
  159. I think I just made things worse...
  160. Will I ever have a boyfriend
  161. 19 and confused
  162. When's the right time to tell her? (relationship/trans issues)
  163. bisexual visibility symbol
  164. Many Questions, Few Answers
  165. I'm in love with the fantasy...
  166. Long Distance?
  167. Massive crush...
  168. Always next and never former
  169. Just how do I do it?
  170. Do you think he liked me?
  171. Girls are not a bad consolation price
  172. Coming out and feel crap
  173. my LONG story.
  174. Having A Hard Time Accepting It.
  175. Mood Swings
  176. My confusing bisexuality and Holiday Romance
  177. Bitterness towards parents
  178. The Definition of Someone
  179. straight best friend advice
  180. i just don't even know....
  181. How to get over a straight girl crush?
  182. I hate my parents...
  183. What does it mean?
  184. Help Please?
  185. Open Marriage Later in Life
  186. Help... Please? :(
  187. School Coming Up.. :S
  188. How to keep things to youself?
  189. Affection and promiscuity a while after coming out
  190. More than friends? I don't know!
  191. Should I tell
  192. thinking about going to this gay nightclub for lounge night but.....
  193. Im really depressed and have no friends help!
  194. Advice on hooking up?
  195. Curious about something....
  196. Came out in my sleep.
  197. Been Blackmailed Into Saying "I will change" to Parents...hope I did the right thing
  198. Confused About Trans/Gender Feelings
  199. Why can't gay/bi men be friends?
  200. not really neesing advice, but help...yes!
  201. ~sigh~
  202. What's Holding Me Back?
  203. Would going to a GSA meeting make it obvious that I'm gay?
  204. An open letter in progress...
  205. Don't know what to believe...
  206. Help me Need advice
  207. Seeking advice: Trouble with coming out
  208. I wish I was more masculine :/
  209. Do you guys think size matters when it comes to sex?
  210. Do you like him? Urm
  211. Breaking up and finding a guy...
  212. Should we or shouldn't we break up?
  213. Just....... Lost........
  214. i want to cry
  215. Next Stage
  216. Having difficulty finding a good guy to be with
  217. Shallow Boyfriend
  218. Hey guys!!
  219. Shame of wanting to be with guys
  220. I love both
  221. My snafu
  222. About Me, and In Need of Some Advice
  223. How do you deal with homophobia without giving off the impression that you're gay?
  224. Oh I think I like you..JK I'm getting back with my Ex.
  225. why am i so emotional....
  226. Afraid it's just a phase
  227. Straight crush, would you try it?
  228. Could I Be?
  229. lesbian/bisexual cheaters?
  230. Probably a fetish but I wanna make sure
  231. in love with a bisexual guy
  232. Tips On Asking Out?
  233. Coming Out to My Dad!!!
  234. Advice...What should I do?
  235. In your opinion, how long should a couple be dating before their first kiss?
  236. Its been two years and i've made no progress at all. What am i doing wrong?
  237. Learned a little bit more.
  238. What are you guys thoughts of the labeling of tops and bottoms
  239. in a serious relationship need some advice on some things
  240. Constantly Alone, plz help
  241. I reject being a lesbian but I have a girlfriend...
  242. Long-time Grudges
  243. I still cant believe it...my male crush has kept off, becos I came out with a kiss?
  244. My mom is driving me crazy
  245. Going "back and forth" for many years now
  246. Im not sure should I do it.
  247. Suddenly Attracted Males
  248. Coming out as questioning - terrible idea?
  249. Is grad school a good idea?
  250. Came out to dad, what a crappy response