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  1. LGBT News Wisconsin senator wants conversion therapy ban for minors
  2. LGBT News Trans man chooses death after botched surgical transition
  3. LGBT News Olympic diving star Tom Daley Daley reveals relationship with man
  4. LGBT News Truvada Can Reduce Risk of HIV in Gay Men by 99%!
  5. LGBT News 3 States End Resistance to Spousal Benefits Order
  6. LGBT News California anti-trans* rights referendum may not be on ballot
  7. LGBT News Heteronormative marriage referendum in Croatia
  8. General News Paul Walker dies in car crash
  9. General News HIV virus is still evolving
  10. General News Canada knew U.S. spying on G20: CBC report
  11. LGBT News Ash Beckham gives amazing speech about "Coming out of the Closet"
  12. LGBT News Christians churchs saying to to nativity due to anti gay bias?
  13. LGBT News Hawaii Marriage Equality Still at Risk
  14. LGBT News Family Denies Writing Anti-Gay Message On Receipt For Waitress
  15. LGBT News Rise in Unprotected Sex by Gay Men Spurs H.I.V. Fears
  16. LGBT News First SSM in Illinois Approved...
  17. LGBT News 48% of UK men think male same sex relationships OK
  18. General News NSFW, and I don't mean porn
  19. LGBT News Oklahoma Governor cuts benefits to all soldiers
  20. LGBT News The Upstairs Lounge Fire
  21. General News charles manson engaged ?
  22. General News Mother of Fallen Arizona Hotshot Files Lawsuit
  23. LGBT News Happy Anniversary!! :)
  24. General News Switzerland debates a maximum wage.
  25. LGBT News Myrtle Grove Christian School wants to ban LGBT Families
  26. General News John Boehner Signs Up For Health Insurance Through ACA Exchange
  27. LGBT News Say it ain't so. Not IKEA too!
  28. General News Congressman Trey Radel (R-FL) sentenced for cocaine possession
  29. LGBT News Gen Silent - Docu elderly LGBT showing RIGHT NOW
  30. LGBT News gay marriage equality hits wall.
  31. General News US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to 'unmask' Britons' personal data
  32. General News Cocaine, Herpes Found on Library Books
  33. LGBT News “Sherlock” Star Comes Out
  34. General News Virginia State Senator stabbed by son in murder/suicide plot
  35. LGBT News Lesbian convicted of sexual assault to be exonerated
  36. LGBT News Methodist Pastor convicted for same-sex wedding
  37. LGBT News Cheney Sisters' Marriage Equality Feud
  38. LGBT News Same-sex marriage bill
  39. General News china selling child size sex doll worldwide
  40. LGBT News woman denied tip over lesbian lifestyle
  41. LGBT News Girl fights apple over "Definition of Gay"
  42. General News Endangered 'Asian Unicorn' sighted in Vietnam
  43. LGBT News Transgendered teen fights to be pictured in yearbook
  44. General News Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here’s How They Did It
  45. General News Over 3,000 US prisoners serving life without parole for non-violent crimes
  46. LGBT News This almost made me cry (Russian of course)
  47. LGBT News Hawaii Judge Refuses to Block New Same-Sex Marriage Law
  48. General News Boy kills 88 year old in care home at age 17.
  49. General News YouTube controversy
  50. LGBT News Missouri Governor Uses Executive Order To Give Same Sex Couples Tax Benefits
  51. General News Google launches build-your-own-phone project Ara
  52. LGBT News Texas County Adopts Policy Protecting LGB&T Inmates
  53. LGBT News UK Parliament to debate gay ‘cure’ therapies next week
  54. LGBT News Bernard Randall faces Uganda trial over stolen gay sex images
  55. General News 3 shot at Pittsburgh high school
  56. General News UK PM Calling For Permanent Austerity In Front Of All Kinds Of Ridiculous Gold Things
  57. LGBT News Hawaii Legalizes Gay Marriage!
  58. General News Book leads to child abuse and murder charges
  59. General News White supremacist Craig Cobb told he is 14% African in televised DNA test
  60. General News Theresa May plans new powers to make British terror suspects stateless
  61. General News Israel’s Plan to Ethnically Cleanse Palestinian Bedouin
  62. General News Sheriff Joe Arpaio Rehabilitates all Criminals
  63. General News Rememberance Day
  64. LGBT News Salvation Army: “Gays Need to Be Put to Death”
  65. LGBT News Texas and 5 Other States Resist Processing Military Benefits for Gay Couples
  66. LGBT News Anti-Gay Activist Wins Election by Pretending to Be Black
  67. LGBT News Vatican sends "modern family" survey for Catholics, includes gay marriage
  68. LGBT News Police Raid ‘Gay Addiction’ Torture Clinic In Ecuador, Free 17 “Barely Alive” Captive
  69. LGBT News Openly Gay Hawaii Legislator Opposes Marriage Equality
  70. General News The Future of Fukushima: Escape of Radiation is Virtually Unstoppable
  71. LGBT News To Russia with Gay Love
  72. General News Fracking Victim Sued for Defamation After Proving Drinking Water Flammable
  73. General News Super-Typhoon Haiyan hits The Philippines
  74. General News NSA and the usual stuff
  75. LGBT News Senate passes ENDA
  76. LGBT News Bisexuality seen as illegitimate, study finds...grrr
  77. LGBT News Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids
  78. LGBT News Christian Group Says Demon Sex Makes You Gay
  79. General News Republican-turned-Independent-turned Democrat Charlie Crist running for governor
  80. LGBT News Kids reactions to gay marriage
  81. LGBT News Christian Post says judges should be able to refuse to marry gay couples
  82. General News Terry McAuliffe & Chris Christie win
  83. LGBT News Illinois Legalizes SSM, total now up to 15 states + DC!
  84. General News Remember the bigoted president of Barilla Pasta and his comments? A change of tune..
  85. LGBT News Anti-Gay Religious Right Cheating To Testify In Hawaii Marriage Hearing?
  86. LGBT News ENDA Passes Senate Cloture, Discussion to Begin This Week!
  87. General News Election 2013 polls
  88. LGBT News NJ couple sues Christie over gay 'therapy' ban
  89. LGBT News Barilla Pasta has a change of heart after Boycott
  90. LGBT News Parental Cruelty
  91. LGBT News Maine gubernatorial candidate comes out
  92. LGBT News U.S. Evangelicals shift campaign of intolerance against gays to Uganda
  93. General News Head-turning billboard coming to San Diego
  94. General News Banned on Facebook over ''liking faggots''
  95. LGBT News Germany To Allow Third Gender Option On Birth Certificates
  96. General News British Accuse David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald's Partner, Of 'Terrorism'
  97. General News Shooting at Las Angeles International Airport
  98. General News American Family Association says US military is being trained to use weapons on them
  99. LGBT News Pedophilia not an Orientation. Error
  100. General News Australian Prime Minister Wrong on History of Marriage
  101. LGBT News Anthony Mundine says homosexuality and Indigenous culture don't mix
  102. General News Is Australia falling into tyranny?
  103. LGBT News HIV antibodies 'have potent impact'
  104. LGBT News Pedophilia as Sexual Orientation - Sources?
  105. General News This little boy made a new friend-the Pope
  106. LGBT News Kenneth Kendall's partner committed suicide 'overcome by grief'
  107. LGBT News Northern Ireland - Gay Marriage Debate
  108. General News Six dead in South Carolina shooting
  109. General News Profiled while shopping? Possible experiment.
  110. General News Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation
  111. LGBT News Two of Three Remaining Democrat Senators Support ENDA
  112. General News Virginia governor’s race...looking good!
  113. LGBT News QueerBio Website
  114. General News A woman beats her boyfriend on the streets of Hong Kong
  115. General News Britney spears used to scare off pirates
  116. General News Judge faces charges for illegally ordering a baby's name changed
  117. General News Lou Reed dead at 71
  118. LGBT News Paris Lees: From prison to transgender role model
  119. LGBT News Jelly Belly Chairman Donates to Anti-Trans Campaign
  120. LGBT News Stephen Fry: "Women's sexuality doesn't count."
  121. General News Pregnant US woman shackled by authorities, foetus given lawyer, not mother.
  122. General News Officer shoots teen to death who was carrying a fake rifle
  123. LGBT News Gay waiter received hate message instead of tip
  124. LGBT News Martina Navratilova on breaking boundaries
  125. General News Blonde Gypsy Girl's Mother Confirmed
  126. General News John Pike, Pepper-Spraying Cop, Gets $38,000 Disability Settlement
  127. LGBT News Methodist court to consider growing opposition to gay ban
  128. General News Why Did America Fire a Missile at a Grandmother Working in Her Garden?
  129. LGBT News N.C. Preacher Tells Parents to Crack Wrists, Punch Effeminate Children
  130. LGBT News WBC at it again....
  131. LGBT News Australia's Abbott Government to challenge ACT's Marriage Law
  132. General News Facebook allows beheading videos
  133. LGBT News Marriage Equality Passed ACT Australia
  134. LGBT News JWoww takes on Chris Christie for his gay marriage stance
  135. LGBT News Traditional Indian wedding: Lesbian Couple
  136. LGBT News Putin's Crackdown on LGBT Teens in Russia
  137. General News Syrian snipers shooting civilians as entertainment, and targeting pregnant women
  138. General News UK govt tells 40k foreigners and brits to leave via text...
  139. LGBT News Campaign to raise gender/sexuality diversity
  140. LGBT News The Next Domino Falls (Hooray!): New Jersey Legalizes SSM!
  141. LGBT News Tea Party leader demands class action lawsuit against homosexuality
  142. LGBT News Let's help Coca-Cola do the Right Thing
  143. LGBT News Everyone is Gay - help out their new project
  144. LGBT News Remember when homosexuals were halfway likeable people?
  145. LGBT News Marriage equality in australia (act)
  146. LGBT News Christie says he'd hug his gay child, but would oppose their right to marry
  147. General News Dutch diplomat attacked in Russia
  148. General News Helmet-cam captures terrifying moment robber stole motorcyclist's bike at gunpoint...
  149. General News Wal-Mart EBT glitch leads to stampede
  150. LGBT News Michigan waiting for Same Sex Marriage this week
  151. LGBT News Openly Gay Boxer Orlando Cruz Wears Rainbow Trunks, Pink Gloves.
  152. LGBT News Gay man left paralyzed in vicious New Glasgow (Canada) attack
  153. General News Minnesota Vikings-AP loses 2-yr old son due to abuse
  154. General News 9 year old commits suicide after racist bullying
  155. LGBT News Iran arrests 'network of homosexuals and satanists' at birthday party
  156. LGBT News BREAKING NEWS: Marriages move forward in New Jersey
  157. LGBT News Soccer Star Abby Wambach Gets Married
  158. LGBT News Fertility Coverage for Gay Couples in CA
  159. LGBT News "Brian Brown violated US law", says LGBT activist Karger
  160. General News Ted Cruz is at it again
  161. LGBT News Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to 'detect' gay people
  162. General News Vladmir Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  163. LGBT News Corrective Rape in South Africa
  164. LGBT News Poland: Group blocked for trying to pass off anti-gay protest as ‘pro-egg'
  165. LGBT News Parents choose sex change therapy for their 7 year old
  166. General News Meet two cancer patients whose treatment is on hold due to US gov shutdown
  167. LGBT News PA: GOP governor compares same-sex marriage to incest
  168. LGBT News University of Mississippi students heckle and harrass cast of "The Laramie Project"
  169. General News Texas fundamentalists want to teach Garden of Eden in science class
  170. LGBT News Anti-gay preacher Scott Lively announces run for Massachusetts governor
  171. LGBT News Grandfather Writes Letter To His Daughter After She Kicks Out His Gay Grandson
  172. General News Google accused of wiretapping
  173. General News Twitter protests the government shutdown by taking off its pants
  174. LGBT News Belgian died by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation
  175. LGBT News Gambian President: ‘Homosexuality more deadly than all natural disasters put together
  176. LGBT News Batilla made a new Gay advertisment
  177. LGBT News New Jersey court rules that same-sex marriages must be allowed.
  178. LGBT News Vatican Sabotages Photograph Exhibition of Gays Kissing
  179. LGBT News IOC: Anti-Gay Laws in Russia do not violate Olympic Charter
  180. LGBT News Tesco sells inflatable ‘Gay Best Friend’ doll
  181. LGBT News Barilla Pasta Won't Feature Gay Families In Ads, Says Critics Can 'Eat Another Brand
  182. LGBT News Head of Barilla pasta says ‘We won’t include gays in our ads’
  183. General News Qatar's slaves for 2022 World Cup
  184. LGBT News Who Needs Carbs Anyway? (Barilla Pasta's Anti-Gay Statement Maelstrom)
  185. LGBT News Vladimir Putin: ‘Europeans are dying out so why would we want gay marriage?’
  186. LGBT News President George H.W. Bush is an official witness at a same-sex wedding
  187. LGBT News Pope Excommunicates Gay-Friendly Priest
  188. LGBT News President of Anti-Gay Hate Group Appointed to Louisiana Law Enforcement Commission
  189. General News Harry Binswanger: "The 99% should THANK the 1%."
  190. LGBT News Brian Fischer at it again
  191. LGBT News A reporter reacts to possibly being duped by alleged gaybashing victim
  192. LGBT News Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day
  193. LGBT News Transgirl elected homecoming queen
  194. LGBT News Transgender Student Named Homecoming Queen
  195. General News California legislature approves minimum wage increase bill
  196. LGBT News Russian Lawyer Comes Out as Trans In Protest of Anti-LGBT Laws
  197. General News Republicans unbelievably vote to shut down the government
  198. General News Putin: Berlusconi persecuted for being straight
  199. LGBT News Anti Gay Russian Propaganda Video
  200. LGBT News Pat Robertson: San Antonio Will Jail Christians Over Anti-Discrimination Law
  201. LGBT News Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion
  202. General News Public Masturbation Legal In Sweden? Self-Pleasure On The Beach Is 'OK,' Lawyer Says
  203. LGBT News Desmond Tutu: God makes me fight for gay rights
  204. LGBT News Texas Transgender Widow Turned Down for Marriage License
  205. LGBT News Rainbow Laces
  206. LGBT News WWII Veteran Marries Partner of 20 Years in Senior Home's First Gay Wedding: VIDEO
  207. LGBT News Mexico's first openly-gay mayor opposes same-sex marriage, for now.
  208. General News Navy yard shooting: DC police confirm 12 dead including gunman
  209. General News Arkansas school district bans three students due to HIV fears
  210. General News Logic?
  211. LGBT News The Lesbian Past of Bill de Blasio’s Wife
  212. LGBT News Have We Got Matthew Shepard All Wrong?
  213. LGBT News Russians Attack, Bully, Rape Man @ Gunpoint Because He's Gay
  214. LGBT News “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” not covering Trans* in the Military
  215. General News Pat Robertson loses battle to keep terrible things he says off the Internet
  216. LGBT News Owner of Gay Bar in Ohio Told by City to Stop Calling the Police Over Crimes
  217. LGBT News Lithuania Parliament to Consider Passing Five Anti-LGBT Bills
  218. General News Horrendous
  219. LGBT News Gay marriage proven wrong with TEH SCIENCE
  220. General News Weird fungus controls ant minds
  221. General News Sweet proposal
  222. LGBT News So to cure 2 guys from having buttsex you had buttsex with a child :/
  223. LGBT News "Former satanic drag queen finds love in Jesus-hatred from gay community"
  224. LGBT News Anti-Gay Bullying by South Carolina Teacher Leads to Students Suicide Attempt
  225. General News One of the most meaningful monologues ever by Jon Stewart (Daily Show)
  226. LGBT News Upworthy: Never Thought I'd See The Day Where Even Broad Daylight Is Too Dangerous F
  227. LGBT News Country Singer Vince Gill takes on WBC
  228. General News Quebec releases controversial ‘values charter,’ proposes that anyone giving, receivin
  229. LGBT News Wentworth Miller On Attempted Suicide
  230. LGBT News Hawaii governor calls special session to consider marriage equality bill
  231. General News 8 year old dies after wedding night with 40 year old husband (Trigger: Rape)
  232. General News George Zimmerman Questioned About Wife's Gun Allegation
  233. General News Police shoot dead 107-year old in a shootout
  234. General News Kindergarten sex ed in Chicago
  235. LGBT News American Family Association lies its ass off again over Home Depot boycott
  236. LGBT News The bigots are at it again: "Faith based" alternative to Boy Scouts arises
  237. General News Turkey Citizens Paints Stairwells Rainbow
  238. General News Tony Abbott Australia's new Prime Minister after election victory
  239. LGBT News Transgender Student Faces ‘Outing’ Over Schools Policies
  240. LGBT News Well, Indiana, thanks a lot
  241. General News Coconut detained in Maldives over vote-rigging claims
  242. LGBT News Australian PM Kevin Rudd defends his support for marriage equality
  243. LGBT News Mother's letter
  244. LGBT News Russian lawmaker proposes bill that would deny gay parents custody over children.
  245. LGBT News Vietnam Continues to Bar Transgender People From Beauty Pageants
  246. LGBT News Obama administration won't enforce VA ban on same-sex benefits
  247. LGBT News Texas National Guard denies benefits for same-sex spouses
  248. LGBT News Safe houses offer sanctuary to LGBT youngsters in Manchester and London
  249. LGBT News Vladimir Putin: gay people are not discriminated against in Russia
  250. LGBT News Hate Crime In Ohio