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  1. LGBT News Gay marriage proven wrong with TEH SCIENCE
  2. General News Weird fungus controls ant minds
  3. General News Sweet proposal
  4. LGBT News So to cure 2 guys from having buttsex you had buttsex with a child :/
  5. LGBT News "Former satanic drag queen finds love in Jesus-hatred from gay community"
  6. LGBT News Anti-Gay Bullying by South Carolina Teacher Leads to Students Suicide Attempt
  7. General News One of the most meaningful monologues ever by Jon Stewart (Daily Show)
  8. LGBT News Upworthy: Never Thought I'd See The Day Where Even Broad Daylight Is Too Dangerous F
  9. LGBT News Country Singer Vince Gill takes on WBC
  10. General News Quebec releases controversial ‘values charter,’ proposes that anyone giving, receivin
  11. LGBT News Wentworth Miller On Attempted Suicide
  12. LGBT News Hawaii governor calls special session to consider marriage equality bill
  13. General News 8 year old dies after wedding night with 40 year old husband (Trigger: Rape)
  14. General News George Zimmerman Questioned About Wife's Gun Allegation
  15. General News Police shoot dead 107-year old in a shootout
  16. General News Kindergarten sex ed in Chicago
  17. LGBT News American Family Association lies its ass off again over Home Depot boycott
  18. LGBT News The bigots are at it again: "Faith based" alternative to Boy Scouts arises
  19. General News Turkey Citizens Paints Stairwells Rainbow
  20. General News Tony Abbott Australia's new Prime Minister after election victory
  21. LGBT News Transgender Student Faces ‘Outing’ Over Schools Policies
  22. LGBT News Well, Indiana, thanks a lot
  23. General News Coconut detained in Maldives over vote-rigging claims
  24. LGBT News Australian PM Kevin Rudd defends his support for marriage equality
  25. LGBT News Mother's letter
  26. LGBT News Russian lawmaker proposes bill that would deny gay parents custody over children.
  27. LGBT News Vietnam Continues to Bar Transgender People From Beauty Pageants
  28. LGBT News Obama administration won't enforce VA ban on same-sex benefits
  29. LGBT News Texas National Guard denies benefits for same-sex spouses
  30. LGBT News Safe houses offer sanctuary to LGBT youngsters in Manchester and London
  31. LGBT News Vladimir Putin: gay people are not discriminated against in Russia
  32. LGBT News Hate Crime In Ohio
  33. General News *TW* Ariel Castro: Convicted Cleveland kidnapper/rapist found dead in cell
  34. LGBT News Brutal videos fuel Russian anti-gay campaign
  35. LGBT News Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks in support of marriage equality.
  36. LGBT News Russia's gay law isolates gay teenagers
  37. LGBT News Wikipedia decides Chelsea Manning will remain 'Bradley' for now
  38. LGBT News Betty Bower's new video...
  39. LGBT News 10 Transgender People Shattering Entertainment's Glass Ceiling
  40. LGBT News Church's Pro-Gay Message Goes Viral
  41. LGBT News New York Times article about Anthony Kennedy
  42. LGBT News Christians protest against non-discrimination law
  43. LGBT News Mary Cheney: My Sister ‘Is Dead Wrong’ on Gay Marriage
  44. LGBT News Davey Wavey kicks off World Tour in Montreal
  45. LGBT News N.M. Republican Said Gay Men Should Stop ‘Whoring’ And Marry Women
  46. LGBT News Study finds religious people more likely to hurt gays
  47. LGBT News Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony
  48. LGBT News Miss Homophobe 2013 winner
  49. General News Changing face of America's population
  50. LGBT News BREAKING: IRS will recognize all gay marriages, regardless of legal status in a state
  51. LGBT News End the Ban on Gay Blood Donation
  52. General News Kim Jong-un's ex-lover 'executed by firing squad'
  53. General News Syria, Will US Retaliate?
  54. General News UK votes NO on syria bombing!
  55. LGBT News Vet's Affairs dept ordered to obey SCOTUS
  56. LGBT News Republican Senate Candidate Insults Gay Men, Re-Enforces Dated Gender Stereotypes
  57. LGBT News Pennsylvania Bans Gay Couples Marrying As They’re ‘Just Like 12-Year-Olds’
  58. LGBT News Russian cops seize “gay” art depicting Putin & Medvedev in lingerie
  59. LGBT News Jorge Lopez Mercado's killing.
  60. LGBT News Orientation Police - Dating Trans* Individuals
  61. LGBT News This is heartbreaking
  62. LGBT News Transgender Nursing Student Forced To Use Storage Closet As Bathroom
  63. LGBT News Russian Landlords Use Propaganda Law to Hound Homosexuals in Their Own Homes
  64. General News Scientific studies find that atheists are more intelligent than the religious
  65. LGBT News Walmart to offer same-sex domestic benefits
  66. LGBT News US Billionaire Comes Out As Transgender
  67. LGBT News Police seize painting of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing women’s underwear
  68. General News Cory Booker, "So What if I Am?"
  69. LGBT News Pat Robertson claims some gays in San Francisco try and spread AIDS with a ring
  70. General News Stride Rite Ad Calls Girls Princesses, Boys Powerful, Outrages Parents
  71. General News Neil Armstrong Dies at 82
  72. LGBT News Transgender Woman Killed
  73. LGBT News There are no gays in Pakistan...
  74. LGBT News Gay Female Police Officer Gets Demoted and Finds
  75. LGBT News Russia may reintroduce gay blood ban and provide voluntary gay conversion therapy
  76. LGBT News "Lesbians will enslave men" LOL!
  77. General News Sopa is back
  78. General News San Diego city councilman caught masturbating publicly wants to replace Filner!
  79. LGBT News Music Teacher Arrested On Sex Charges
  80. LGBT News Brian Burke: "Russia should not be awarded another international competition"
  81. LGBT News So this guy on Nickelodeon came out
  82. LGBT News Judge orders New Mexico clerk to issue same-sex marriage licenses
  83. LGBT News Mexican Bishop Denounces Homophobia
  84. LGBT News Couldn't happen to a nicer (NOT) guy!
  85. LGBT News Montreal is the Gayest city in the world
  86. LGBT News AZ Has a New Conversion Therapy
  87. LGBT News Manning Transistions to a woman
  88. LGBT News Maryland Legislator Don Dwyer gets DUI and blames it on...
  89. LGBT News James Kirchik Challenges RT Reporters
  90. LGBT News Wentworth Miller Comes Out as Gay, Refuses Invitation to Russian Film Festival Read
  91. LGBT News BNP leader Nick Griffin calls gay Asian Manchester man ‘poof’ on Twitter
  92. LGBT News Gay Marriage starts in New Mexico
  93. LGBT News Hawaiian faith leaders sign resolution calling on passage of equal marriage law
  94. LGBT News Fred Figglehorn comes out!
  95. LGBT News Wedding Contest Cancelled because of Gay couple
  96. LGBT News Michigan candidate for governor announces support for marriage equality
  97. LGBT News Kaitlyn Hunt Jailed
  98. General News Horrible Letter Sent to Mother of an Autistic Son
  99. LGBT News Texas City Councilwoman, Elisa Chan, recorded making homophobic remarks
  100. LGBT News Chris Christie to sign bill banning gay conversion therapy.
  101. LGBT News Outcry over free schools’ Section 28-style ban on ‘promoting homosexuality’ reveals m
  102. LGBT News Russian athletes kiss in protest against anti-LGBT law
  103. LGBT News Mexican Leader: Gays Cannot Marry Because They Don't Face Each Other During Sex
  104. LGBT News Germany To Offer Third Gender Option On Birth Certificates
  105. LGBT News Two Female Russian Athletes Kiss on Podium in Moscow after Winning Gold
  106. LGBT News Donnelly Pulls Son Out of School
  107. LGBT News Gay-straight alliances in schools linked to lower rates of binge drinking among stude
  108. LGBT News American Preacher who pushed Ugandan's 'Kill the Gays' bill charged
  109. LGBT News California Supreme Court denies latest bid to revive gay marriage ban
  110. LGBT News The Tyranny of Buffness
  111. LGBT News Gay-bashing, gay marriage, and how the media needs to get a grip.
  112. LGBT News The Queen: Monarch of 12 countries where being gay can land you in prison
  113. LGBT News Russian anti-gay law is weird because many in the government are gay
  114. General News Gun safety instructor accidentally shoots student
  115. LGBT News Gay combat vet who lost leg in Iraq booed by anti-gay protesters in San Antonio
  116. General News Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities beyond Normal Limits
  117. LGBT News An awesome story!
  118. LGBT News Russian Olympian Condemns Homosexuality
  119. LGBT News WWE Super Star Darren Young
  120. LGBT News Q&A: Gay rights in Russia
  121. LGBT News Growing up Gay in Russia
  122. General News ICWA law needs to be AMENDED!!
  123. LGBT News Vicco, KY Becomes Smallest Town in US to Pass LGBT Fairness Ordinance
  124. LGBT News AIDS is Punishment
  125. LGBT News Anti-LGBTQ pastor charged with crimes against humanity
  126. LGBT News Homophobic President and Deputy
  127. LGBT News American runner Nick Symmonds dedicates medal (won in Russia) to LGBT friends
  128. LGBT News Pentagon To Extend Benefits To Gay Spouses
  129. LGBT News Russian journalist comes out on air
  130. LGBT News Olympic Committee threatens to punish athletes who fight for gay Russians
  131. LGBT News ASDA removes ‘Tranny-saurus’ greetings card after complaints
  132. General News Florida sinkhole swallows parts of resort near Disney World
  133. LGBT News Good News For Trans Students In California
  134. General News Hacktivists Want to Free the Net by Building a New One From Scratch
  135. General News IOC Violates own charter
  136. General News Teenager Denied Heart Transplant Over 'Noncompliance'
  137. LGBT News Russia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics
  138. LGBT News Olympic Committee threatens to punish athletes who fight for gay Russians
  139. LGBT News Italy: 14-year-old commits suicide because of anti-gay bullying
  140. LGBT News Russian politician brands Stephen Fry as ‘sick’ and compares being gay to having sex
  141. LGBT News Gay People's Hearts 'Unsuitable for Life' says head of Russia's tv news
  142. General News Norwegian Prime Minister as incognito taxi driver
  143. LGBT News Russian official blasts Stephen Fry
  144. General News 3D printing living tissue
  145. LGBT News You Can Now Do Your Bit
  146. LGBT News Swedish Protests Against Russia
  147. LGBT News transgender teen murdered by mob
  148. General News XXY Brain Trust Breaks New Ground to Support Intersex 47,XXYs (Klinefelter Syndrome)
  149. LGBT News In 11 Caribbean Countries Being Gay Is A Crime
  150. LGBT News Troye Sivan comes out as gay!
  151. General News The 'Aussie Sarah Palin'
  152. LGBT News Southern California doctor diagnoses man's homosexuality as "chronic condition"
  153. LGBT News Olympic Committee Asks Russia for 'Clarification' on Anti-LGBT Laws
  154. General News How do you feel about the use of US drones?
  155. LGBT News Ex-Chelsea footballer: ‘Homosexuality is a disease that should not be promoted’
  156. LGBT News Bayard Rustin to be posthumously awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
  157. LGBT News Transgender in the IDF
  158. LGBT News Stephen Fry call on PM for Olympic boycott
  159. LGBT News Russia: MP calls for law allowing gays to be whipped in public squares
  160. LGBT News Opposition Politician and Friends Attacked for 'Looking Gay'
  161. General News President Obama appears on Jay Leno, discusses potential terrorist plot
  162. LGBT News How to Whitewash a Plague
  163. LGBT News Russian Gay Teen Dies Following Torture by Anti-Gay Neo-Nazis
  164. LGBT News Christian radio host compares Ariel Castro's 'love for his victims' to LGBT love.
  165. General News Closet professionals in sports
  166. LGBT News It’s time to move the olympics
  167. General News Snake 'strangles two children' in New Brunswick, Canada
  168. LGBT News ABC news editor Don Ennis has second about gender-change
  169. LGBT News Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold
  170. General News RNC threatens to shut out CNN and NBC from presidential debate partnerships
  171. General News P!nk takes and wears the LGBT flag during her latest concert
  172. LGBT News The nessecarity of Gay Pride
  173. LGBT News Gay Essex dads to sue church over gay wedding ban
  174. General News Al-Qaeda threat 'real' and 'serious' - intelligence committee chief
  175. General News Mugabe (Unfortunately) Declared winner of election, rival vows court challenge
  176. LGBT News What Happened When My Son Wore A Pink Headband To Walmart
  177. LGBT News Raven Symone is Gay(?)
  178. LGBT News Why Russia turned against the gays
  179. General News Ariel Castro Gets The Figurative Book Thrown at Him, Gets Life + 1000 Years.
  180. LGBT News 1% of New Zealand students say they are trans*
  181. LGBT News US State Opinion Polls on SSM/Civil Unions
  182. LGBT News 75 Unforgettable Moments From Minnesota’s First Day Of Marriage Equality
  183. LGBT News Gay Marriage in Texas
  184. LGBT News ACLU and Lambda Legal File Lawsuit Challenging Virginia Ban on Marriage.
  185. General News That Russian Lawmaker is at it again!
  186. LGBT News Fewer Than Ten People Show Up For Ex-Gay Pride Event That Expected to Draw 'Thousands
  187. LGBT News ‘Ex-gay’ group claims ‘gay cure’ therapy awareness could have prevented AIDS epidemic
  188. General News Zimmerman pulled over in Texas for traffic violation, given warning
  189. LGBT News gays could be prosecuted at the olympics.
  190. LGBT News "Hip Hip Hurray For Ex Gays"
  191. LGBT News Dozens Of Gay Men Brutally Beaten In Haiti
  192. LGBT News 1971 First Marriage in MN
  193. LGBT News Gay rights around the world: the best and worst countries for equality
  194. General News Russian police in Sochi beat and rape man with a crowbar over Winter Olympic housing
  195. LGBT News Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has denounced Archbishop Desmond Tutu for speaking
  196. General News Blue Rhino propane plant explosion in central Florida
  197. LGBT News Pat Robertson On transgender : I don't think there's any sin associated with that.
  198. LGBT News "I’d Choose Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven:" Desmond Tutu
  199. LGBT News Back of the Bus
  200. LGBT News Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?
  201. LGBT News Police use invalid anti-sodomy law to arrest gay men for ‘crimes against nature’
  202. General News First Foorprints: Ancient history of Australian Aboriginals from 50'000 years to now
  203. General News Russia aims to ban swear words on the web
  204. LGBT News UN Launches Unprecedented Global Campaign for LGBT Rights
  205. General News Oh noes my secret is out or silly congress critter
  206. LGBT News Boycott on Russian vodka
  207. LGBT News Australia - NSW moving to legalise equal marriage
  208. LGBT News Russian LGBT Teens Publicly Bullied
  209. LGBT News Another Historic Week for Trans Civil Rights
  210. LGBT News Petition calls for British boycott of Russian Winter Olympics because of anti-gay law
  211. LGBT News Marriage in New Mexico!!
  212. LGBT News Attorney General DeWine [Ohio] says he will fight gay marriage ruling
  213. LGBT News Please Sign and Spread the Word to Boycott the Russian Olympics
  214. LGBT News Posthumous pardon for Alan Turing
  215. LGBT News Four men charged in hate crime attack on two men they thought were gay
  216. LGBT News Pa. county official says he will issue same-sex marriage licenses
  217. The Prince has a penis
  218. LGBT News Teen Transgender Couple
  219. LGBT News Ohio Officials Ordered To Recognize Gay Couple’s Marriage
  220. LGBT News Arkansas Marriage Ban Faces Federal Challenge, Judge Recusal
  221. LGBT News Transgender Group Leaves OutServe-SLDN, Joins Startup Group SPART*A
  222. General News 11-year-old Yemeni girl refuses forced marriage
  223. LGBT News Head of Russian Orthodox Church warns equal marriage is a sign of the apocalypse
  224. General News Britain to block porn by default
  225. LGBT News And Russia's torrent of anti-gay laws has started working...
  226. LGBT News Russia Cracks Down Further
  227. LGBT News If a feminist meeting excludes trans people, is it still feminist?
  228. LGBT News CA County Clerk Suffers Irreparable Injury and Damage
  229. General News Traditional priest from Ghana comes to New York
  230. LGBT News Italy's Senate makes fresh bid for gay marriage
  231. LGBT News The Alternating Bisexual
  232. General News Yahoo gives adult tumblr blogs the hachet; blocks certain LGBT tags
  233. LGBT News Ohio couple challenges state law denying same-sex marriage
  234. LGBT News Gay Man Confronts Homophobic Subway Preacher On New York City Subway
  235. LGBT News Santorum inadvertently makes case for marriage equality
  236. LGBT News Satanist perform "gay ritual" for WBC gravesite
  237. LGBT News Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to be given posthumous pardon
  238. General News ken cuccinelli wants ban on oral and anal sex
  239. LGBT News Kara Hays, Transgender Celebrity Look-Alike Responds to Media Coverage
  240. LGBT News Mexico elects first openly gay mayor
  241. LGBT News Lesbians targeted in Kingston, Ont.
  242. General News Should Canada buy Detroit?
  243. General News Cheerios commercial controversy
  244. General News Whose at War and will be at War?
  245. General News Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday is today.
  246. LGBT News Westboro Baptists plan to picket Cory Monteith's funeral
  247. LGBT News Australian state lawmaker Reverend Fred Nile - gay people are mentally
  248. LGBT News Gay New Mexico Teen Commits Suicide After Reportedly Being Bullied by Classmates
  249. General News Twitter Kills Zimmerman book deal
  250. LGBT News Equal marriage passes government