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  1. LGBT News Pat Robertson wants ‘vomit’ button for Facebook gay pics
  2. LGBT News Gay couples to sue for the right to marry in Pennsylvania
  3. General News How did America’s police become a military force on the streets?
  4. LGBT News B&B owner who turned away gay couple loses appeal
  5. LGBT News Anti-Gay Activist Exhorts Father To Destroy Relationship With His Eleven Year-Old Gay
  6. LGBT News Penalties await gay couples trying to marry in Indiana
  7. General News Texas governor Rick Perry won't seek reelection
  8. LGBT News Aussies Against Homophobia
  9. LGBT News Istanbul LGBT parade joins protesters against Erdoğan's islamist government
  10. LGBT News Ugandan LGBT activists sue US pastor-say missionaries responsible for Uganda's phobia
  11. LGBT News Movement underway to overturn Florida's gay marriage ban
  12. LGBT News Gay pride flag display at Lafayette park raises ire
  13. LGBT News First-Ever Ex-Gay Pride Month to Be Held in DC This Month
  14. LGBT News Gay tourists in Russia could now face two weeks in jail
  15. General News 'White History Month' Float Stirs Controversy at July 4th Parade
  16. LGBT News Anti gay christian decides to make an experiment: he lives undercover as gay for ...
  17. LGBT News Tyler Seguin's account tweets 'Only steers and queers in Texas'
  18. General News “Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control
  19. General News Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon
  20. LGBT News Australian bill will stop faith schools from expelling students based on orentation
  21. LGBT News Ohio to put marriage equality on the ballot in 2014!
  22. LGBT News Dominican Cardinal Calls Gay Ambassador a Faggot; Now Caught in Pedophile Scandal
  23. LGBT News LGBT Hate Crime New York Subway
  24. General News Model gay adoptive ‘fathers’ sexually abused 6-year-old for years: offered him to ped
  25. General News How much is the NSA actually spying on us?
  26. LGBT News CA Gov Brown to sign bill ensuring trans students have full access to athletic facili
  27. LGBT News Gawking at TransKid’s Genitalia is “Freedom of Speech” says Philly PD
  28. LGBT News Yay!!!! lesbian politicians can benefit from corrupt nepotism
  29. LGBT News Costa Rica ACCIDENTALLY legalises same-sex unions
  30. General News Why Does Talking About Creepers And Harassment Make People So Angry?
  31. General News Hemp Flag to Fly Over US Capitol on the Fourth
  32. LGBT News Scalia’s Son Headlines Anti-Gay, Ex-Gay Conference
  33. General News Egyptian coup d'état
  34. LGBT News Death Penalty for Gays
  35. LGBT News No sign of HIV return in bone marrow transplant patients, say scientists
  36. General News Australian surrogate boy abused by dads
  37. LGBT News John Barrowman married
  38. LGBT News Federal judge approves challenge to Michigan ban on gay marriage
  39. LGBT News Transgender discrimination under Title VII
  40. LGBT News Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son
  41. LGBT News First LGBT Tory!
  42. General News 19 firefighters dead in Arizona
  43. LGBT News "Record-breaking attendance at Pink Dot 2013"
  44. General News Student Arrested for Buying Sparkling Water
  45. LGBT News Same-sex couples flood immigration offices for green cards
  46. LGBT News New gay marriage challenge fails
  47. LGBT News All participants in St Petersburg gay pride arrested for marching
  48. LGBT News Areas where strides forward have NOT been made
  49. LGBT News Alec Baldwin uses homophobic slurs against a gay Daily Mail journalist
  50. LGBT News Culture wars: Why gay marriage and abortion have been ‘decoupled’
  51. LGBT News Dennis Prager: Even If Your Child Is Gay...
  52. LGBT News Gay marriage opponents ask court to intervene
  53. LGBT News Federal, State Changes after SCOTUS Marriage Ruling
  54. LGBT News Mariners to Make History as First MLB Team to Publicly Fly Pride Flag at a Game
  55. LGBT News Westboro Baptist Church to Picket 'Fag-Enabling Perverted Pop Boy Band' One Direction
  56. LGBT News Same-Sex Marriage Availability Set to Double in One-Year Span
  57. LGBT News Prop 8: Gay marriages can resume in California, court rules
  58. LGBT News Ken Cuccinelli Appeals To Defend Virginia's Anti-Sodomy Law At Supreme Court
  59. LGBT News Supreme Court declines to take up two more gay rights cases
  60. LGBT News Michigan ban on domestic partner benefits struck down
  61. LGBT News The Family Research Counci's latest logo
  62. General News Teen Justin Carter Jailed In Texas After Making Sarcastic Threat In Facebook Comment
  63. LGBT News Court rejects gay rights cases from Ariz., Nev. (Good News)
  64. LGBT News Gay rights clash: Obama, African host are at odds
  65. LGBT News Chick-fil-A's Cathy tweets ruling 'sad day for our nation'
  66. LGBT News Alex Jones: US is turning people gay though chemical warfare!
  67. LGBT News Challenge to gay adoption dismissed
  68. LGBT News Citizen's Initiatives Dealt A Significant Blow
  69. LGBT News House Conservatives Push for Marriage Amendment After Supreme Court Ruling
  70. LGBT News The Fate of Same-Sex Marriage in California after Perry
  71. LGBT News Still no gay marriage in NJ, Christie says
  72. LGBT News Next on the agenda for marriage equality litigators…
  73. LGBT News Watch President Obama call Prop 8 plaintiffs
  74. General News Daniel Pelka murder: 'My son was healthy' says father
  75. General News Richard Posner: "The Voting Rights Act ruling is about the conservative imagination"
  76. LGBT News Supreme Court Declares Gays a Protected Class
  77. LGBT News Compare And Contrast: Justice Scalia Edition
  78. General News Kevin Rudd successfully challenges PM Julia Gillard
  79. LGBT News DOMA Declared Unconstitutional: Supreme Court Ruling
  80. LGBT News Prop 8 Overturned - Supreme Court Validates District Court Ruling
  81. General News Texas senator Wendy Davis filibusters against abortion bill
  82. General News Statistics about households and marriage
  83. LGBT News Amnesty International condemns 'homophobia' in Africa
  84. General News Colorado Town takes side of tormenters in 13-year-old sodomy rape case
  85. LGBT News Louie Gohmert: Mankind OK sans sex ed
  86. General News No Right to Remain Silent
  87. LGBT News New Jersey becomes 2nd state to disallow reparative therapy
  88. LGBT News Public Shifts Fast on Same-Sex Union Support
  89. LGBT News Justice Scalia bemoans ‘moral arbiter’ on eve of gay marriage ruling
  90. LGBT News Donating to Human Rights the right thing?
  91. LGBT News Disney to introduce first same-sex couple
  92. LGBT News Amnesty International condemns 'homophobia' in Africa
  93. LGBT News Transgender Girl Wins Right to Use Bathroom at Public School
  94. LGBT News Boy starts hormone treatment at 12
  95. General News Humorless Ohio AG mugs ‘prescription’ coffee cup
  96. LGBT News live blog for Prop 8/DOMA court cases
  97. LGBT News Supreme Court's Range of Options on Gay Marriage
  98. LGBT News Waiting on Proposition 8 and DOMA decisions: In Plain English
  99. General News What Cop T-Shirts Tell Us About Police Culture
  100. LGBT News Gender Change without sugery
  101. General News Police Violence in Brazil
  102. General News scotland's anti- rape commercial
  103. LGBT News "Supreme Court Still Deciding Whether Being LGBT is a Choice"
  104. LGBT News how the gay rights movement became conservative
  105. LGBT News Westboro Baptist Church Is Going to Delaware
  106. LGBT News Removing Student from Class for Saying "I Don’t Accept Gays" Violates First Amendment
  107. General News Atheist Permanent Resident Told To Join Church Or Have Citizenship Application Reject
  108. LGBT News Local Residents Offended at Gay Pride Proclamation
  109. LGBT News AMA opposes gay blood donation ban, urges FDA to update the outdated policy
  110. LGBT News Gay marriage
  111. LGBT News Overseas same-sex marriage bill _overwhelmingly_ defeated..
  112. LGBT News Bryan Fischer Won't Answer a Simple 'Yes' or 'No' Question
  113. LGBT News There is No Gay Germ
  114. LGBT News Edxous Int'l President apoligizes to the gay community for treatment over the years.
  115. General News James Gandolfini died
  116. LGBT News Delaware Legislature Passes Transgender Nondiscrimination Act
  117. LGBT News Linda Harvey Likens Gay Acceptance among Youth to Believing Sun Revolves the Earth
  118. LGBT News Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski supports marriage equality
  119. LGBT News Waitress fired for cross-dressing at work
  120. LGBT News Transgender Nondiscrimination Law Passes Delaware House
  121. LGBT News Proposal for a “Gay Cure” is approved by the Human Rights Commission in Brazil
  122. LGBT News Idaho GOPer fears gay employees will come “into work in a tutu”
  123. General News Justices strike down citizenship provision in Arizona voter law
  124. LGBT News GOP urges lawmakers to erase protections for LGBT people in Idaho
  125. LGBT News ENDA and SSM
  126. LGBT News Robbie Rogers
  127. LGBT News LGBT Survey conducted
  128. LGBT News If Mugabe Wins Elections, Gays See “Hell
  129. LGBT News Gay USA - News Podcasts
  130. LGBT News No rulings on Prop 8 or DOMA today.
  131. LGBT News College student expelled over same-sex relationship
  132. LGBT News Why there isen't straight pride month
  133. LGBT News SSA updates gender change policy
  134. LGBT News Worst coming out party EVER.
  135. LGBT News Lotto winner and gay son
  136. General News Supreme Court rules human genes may not be patented
  137. General News Sad News for Race Fans.
  138. LGBT News Southern Baptist Convention calls for rivals to Boy Scouts over end of gay ban
  139. LGBT News Another Reason Why DOMA Needs To Be Struck Down
  140. LGBT News Cops Violently Assault Gay Men in Homophobic Bias Attack
  141. LGBT News Russian lawmakers pass anti-gay bill in 436-0 vote
  142. LGBT News What DOMA is preventing: Beautiful but sad video
  143. LGBT News Spain is the most gay friendly country in the world
  144. LGBT News Homophobic murders in Russia, petition, please sign!
  145. LGBT News Three gay men attacked in Columbus Ohio in four days
  146. LGBT News Poll: Support for gay marriage way up in CA
  147. LGBT News New numbers out about religious acceptence of homosexuality
  148. General News 'Shock jock' disrupts BBC's Sunday Politics show
  149. General News Prince Harry defends gay soldier
  150. LGBT News CFB Edmonton raises gay-pride flag
  151. LGBT News Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
  152. General News Man Acquitted Of Murdering Escort Who Wouldn't Have Sex
  153. LGBT News Anti-Trans radio show dropped from SiriusXM
  154. LGBT News Gay Makeout Session Shuts Down Crazy Preacher Lady
  155. LGBT News Homophobic killings in Russia
  156. LGBT News Bible doesn't define marriage as only between one man and one woman
  157. General News Verizon Providing All Call Records to U.S; Data Being Mined From Internet
  158. LGBT News Homosexuality and the Bible
  159. LGBT News 18 arguments made against gay marriage in the House of Lords
  160. LGBT News Most foresee legal recognition of gay marriage
  161. LGBT News "Christian ‘ex-gay’ porn star: The devil comes out of your anus when you have gay sex
  162. LGBT News Arizona transgender bathroom bill won't move forward
  163. LGBT News Same-sex couple named "cutest couple" at NY high school
  164. LGBT News Church of England officially gives up the fight against same-sex marriage bill
  165. LGBT News "I want to be a girl, so I can help people and save the world!"
  166. LGBT News Transgender former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck has published a memoir titled...
  167. General News Corporate Greed vs. America - America's Corporate Tyranny a Global Problem
  168. LGBT News Lord Dannatt: Gay marriage Bill goes against what I've fought for as a soldier
  169. LGBT News UCLA study pinpoints which cities, states have the most gay parents
  170. LGBT News Gay marriage bill: Lords debate 'wrecking amendment'
  171. LGBT News Navy Seal involved in Bin Laden raid comes out as transgender
  172. LGBT News RuPaul slams Amanda Bynes after usage of 'faggot' in recent Twitter rant
  173. LGBT News Former 'Glee' Star comes out as gay
  174. LGBT News Fundementalist religion is a mental illness - Science shows.
  175. LGBT News LGBT Parenting a death sentence with Salvation Army
  176. LGBT News Gay bashing new york
  177. LGBT News Scientist think they finally unlocked why ppl are gay
  178. LGBT News Evangelical Lutheran Church Elects First Openly Gay Bishop
  179. LGBT News Roy Hibbert Says "No Homo" in Postgame Interview
  180. LGBT News IL marriage equality no-vote fiasco
  181. LGBT News The Unexpected "Cutest Couple" in School's Yearbook
  182. LGBT News Transgender People and the Law
  183. General News Matt smith leaving Doctor who (12th is coming soon)
  184. LGBT News After Careful Deliberation, Baby Goes with Homosexuality
  185. LGBT News Gay couple kicked out on expressway for kissing in cab.
  186. General News Tornado Emergency in OKC and Saint Louis
  187. LGBT News IL will not vote on marriage equality, votes not there
  188. LGBT News Australia's busting the binary
  189. LGBT News Apple and google on allowing setting captives free app
  190. LGBT News Question Time: Ian Paisley Jr defends saying he was ‘repulsed’ by gays and lesbians
  191. LGBT News Riley Roberts, Nevada Teen, Delivers Gay Marriage Speech At Assembly
  192. LGBT News Ding Dong, the Witch is dead: MicHELLe Bachamann is leaving congress!
  193. LGBT News France prepares for first gay marriage
  194. LGBT News Media criticised over transgender teacher Lucy Meadows' death
  195. General News Newborn baby rescued from sewer pipe
  196. General News Teacher to Face Discipline For Informing Students on their Rights
  197. LGBT News Funny or Die uses film review to saterise the discomfort of LGBT
  198. LGBT News Cannes 2013: landmark lesbian romance Blue Is the Warmest Colour wins the Palme d'Or
  199. LGBT News Zambia arrest
  200. LGBT News Beautiful letter from a 17yo boy to an Italian newspaper
  201. LGBT News a dad's letter to his gay son
  202. General News Highschool Senior lands supermodel prom date
  203. LGBT News Boy Scouts lift ban on gay youth, ban on gay adults remain
  204. General News Child indoctrination is child abuse
  205. LGBT News This is why people think the GOP is crazy
  206. LGBT News Congress throws gay couples under the bus in immigration reform
  207. LGBT News Blood donation ban lifted for gay men
  208. LGBT News Harvey Milk Day
  209. General News One dead and two injured in what is feared to be a terror-related attack in Woolwich
  210. LGBT News What. The. Fuck.
  211. LGBT News Gay marriage timeline
  212. LGBT News Gay marriage bill passes through the UK on second reading
  213. General News Please Watch: Gone but Definitely not Forgotten: Zach Sobiech
  214. LGBT News Catholic Priest Hosting Gay “Sports Camp” To Convert Homosexuals Through Athletics
  215. General News Massive Tornado hits Oklahoma City and suburbs
  216. LGBT News London: Gay couple threatened with death in violent late night homophobic assault
  217. LGBT News Same Sex Marriage in Parliament
  218. LGBT News Shooting of gay man in New York was a hate crime, police say
  219. LGBT News Linda Harvey: Gay news sites trick kids into becoming gay
  220. LGBT News Florida Teen Fighting Criminal Charges for Same-Sex Relationship
  221. LGBT News 80% of homophobic attacks in Northern Ireland not reported
  222. LGBT News Marriage equality in France
  223. LGBT News The True Face of UKIP
  224. General News Humans scheduled to arrive on mars in 2023
  225. LGBT News Texas Republican Judge Forces Lesbian Couple to Split
  226. LGBT News Anti-Gay Marriage Propaganda
  227. General News Where the Bigots Are
  228. LGBT News George Takei Responds To "Traditional" Marriage Fans
  229. LGBT News ANOTHER Oregon Baker Denies Gay Couple a Wedding Cake
  230. General News #FitchTheHomeless
  231. LGBT News Santorum says children with gay parents are better off with a parent in prison
  232. LGBT News Brazilian justice legalizes same-sex marriage
  233. LGBT News Young Russian Man Murdered by "Friends" for Being Gay
  234. LGBT News Minnesota senate passes marriage equality bill
  235. LGBT News Hong Kong court rules in favour for trans woman to marry
  236. LGBT News Ang Ladlad party brings beauty parlours and gay pageants out to vote in Philippines
  237. LGBT News "How they see us" booklet takes a look at the religious right's lies about LGBT life.
  238. LGBT News Top 15 Anti-Gay Activists
  239. LGBT News Twitter Hate Speech: Map Shows Areas With Most Homophobic Tweets
  240. General News Abercrombie and Fitch controversy
  241. General News Tensions in Korea
  242. LGBT News Phil Vischer supports!
  243. LGBT News Trans Visibility Campaign Launched in China
  244. LGBT News Cleveland Browns Players Join the Athlete Ally Movement
  245. LGBT News Belize gay rights campaigner is facing more death threats, says lawyer
  246. LGBT News Now THIS is an Article!
  247. LGBT News Excellent NYT op-ed piece
  248. LGBT News MN house passes marriage equality bill!
  249. LGBT News Employment equality bill introduced in Ohio
  250. LGBT News Columbus police producing LGBT anti-bullying video