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  1. The 10th State
  2. Wyoming Marriage Law
  3. Canada may have it's first female gay Premier
  4. Transgender Youth Accepts Courage Award at New York Gala
  5. Schools in Georgia
  6. Thoughts?
  7. Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo wants to use Super Bowl platform to promote gay rights.
  8. Boca Raton Appoints Openly Gay 17-year-old to City Board
  9. A cure to Aids?
  10. Homophobic Man on This Morning TV (UK)
  11. UK first vote on same-sex marriage
  12. Video on influence of US Christians on Uganda's anti-homosexuality laws
  13. Secular opposition to gay marriage
  14. Episcopal (Anglican) Bishop Tweets to LGBT at Obama Inauguration
  15. Emphasis on sexuality labels, the issues of semantics, fluidity of sexuality, etc.
  16. We Need TO Be Seen Working Together!
  17. Drunk Cop is lef off with "Time served" after shooting 3 Trans* Women
  18. I can't even...
  19. "Gay marriage will lead to more crime"
  20. Colorado Catholic Adoption Agency Threatens to shut down over civil unions.
  21. “Crazy Trans Woman” Syndrome
  22. Dehumanization of LGBT community
  23. Transgender Military Veterans
  24. Malasyia spreads list of gay symptoms
  25. Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
  26. Anti-gay rights to stay
  27. Homosexuality and the Republican Party
  28. Protest Transphobia!
  29. Stem Cell Discovery will allow Gay Men to create their own eggs for surrogate birth
  30. 1600 Penn
  31. The word "queer"
  32. "Transsexuals should cut it out"
  33. Feminism and Transgender, two arguments and critique
  34. What is the situation in Europe?
  35. Student asks to remain at all-female university after transitioning to male
  36. "What’s Your Preferred Gender Pronoun?"
  37. 'Transnormativity'
  38. RIP Dillion Burns: 18, Dead from Suicide, Allegedly Bullied for Bisexuality
  39. Lesbian Couple Given Outrageous Letter
  40. The Curious Silence Around a Transgender Hero
  41. Ore., Calif., require transgender health coverage
  42. Twitter Battle Between Lesbian, Transgender Advocates Leads to Court Order
  43. Ok, so now we're the cause of Noah's Flood
  44. More people believe that homosexuality is not a sin!
  45. Good Freakin News :)
  46. In my own 'back yard'. Yaaaayyy.
  47. L.g.b.t.q.i.a
  48. Richard Blanco, gay Cuban American poet, selected to read at Obama's inauguration
  49. Michigan court rules partners of gay state employees entitled to healthcare benefits
  50. Gay Marriage: Washington National Cathedral
  51. How to get involved in the LGBT community?
  52. Jeanne Manford, PFLAG Founder And Pioneering Gay Rights Ally, Dead At 92
  53. Homosexuality killed Dinosaurs?
  54. Video footage of a Transsexual Woman Being Booked by Police
  55. "Kyle XY" actor Matt Dallas is gay... and engaged!
  56. Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer to star in "The Normal Heart" on HBO, 2014
  57. Clarifying what consent is
  58. Steven Soderbergh film rejected by studios: "Too gay."
  59. Gay Marriage & Abortion?
  60. Church of England votes to allow gay bishops...
  61. 50's Antigay public service announcement
  62. Referenda on the subject of gay marriage?
  63. Illinois Senate Committee Passes Gay Marriage Bill
  64. intersex facts
  65. First French Baby of the New Year has Two Moms
  66. Illinois Gay Marriage Vote Postponed
  67. people sticking up for gays video
  68. Marriage Equality bills introduced in Rhode Island
  69. christianity and catholic
  70. Freedom of religion vs gay rights
  71. Pizza shop owner kicks homophobe out
  72. Republican Party chair in Illinois throws "full support" behind same-sex marriage
  73. Gender Change Forms
  74. Most disgusting anti gay cartoon
  75. Satirical British pro-gay news article
  76. Who paid for the Log Cabin Republicans' anti-Hagel NYT ad?
  77. There is hope!!
  78. Why?
  79. Thought you might want to see this.
  80. sexually gay but ethnically straight?
  81. Gay harry potter?!
  82. Homophobic Irish Comercial
  83. Would you choose this over surrogates?
  84. And I used to think he was nice.
  85. 10 Things I Wish The Church Knew About Homosexuality.
  86. Interesting WBC son leaves congregation
  87. Did you know this disgusting piece of information?
  88. Bigotry wrapped in a bow is still bigotry
  89. Testing the waters on Facebook....
  90. Dan Savage
  91. It makes me sad that....
  92. Pope attacks LGBT equality in Christmas speech
  93. Newt Gingrich recognizes inevitability of marriage equality
  94. Pope say gays live in a different reality...
  95. Fake Reporter's Prank: Getting "Friendly" With A WBB Member
  96. Star seeks to be role model for transpeople
  97. Another one joins the club
  98. My High School GSA Making Film
  99. The KKK takes on the WBC
  100. ‘Ex-Gay’ Superstar John Paulk To Be Outed Again
  101. The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality video
  102. Legal to get high, but illegal to love...
  103. What do you guys think of this?
  104. Scalia: opposing homosexuality = opposing death penalty
  105. Are you gay? University of Iowa wants to know!
  106. My Secret Self- A Story of Transgender Children
  107. homosexuals equalized with pets
  108. Any LGBT vloggers in here?
  109. Found in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  110. "I am 'gayby'" - experience of a girl brought up by a lesbian couple
  111. For Michigan Residents
  112. Scalia Quizzed at NJ's Princeton on Gay Issue
  113. Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay
  114. Marriage Equality Update
  115. Being Transgender is no longer considered a disease!
  116. England and Wales Gay Marriage proposals
  117. The Mormon Call for Openness and Understanding of LGBT Issues
  118. 60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle's First Day Of Marriage Equality
  119. "How can I be homophobic? I once fought a gay man in a boxing ring!"
  120. 50-year-old 6'6" transgendered basketball player makes college debut
  121. Conservative MP says most parents do not want gay children
  122. LGBT Marriage in Washington!
  123. Gay marriage in Mexico?
  124. Heterosexual Awareness' Group Offers Printable Certificate Of Heterosexuality
  125. Supreme Court Takes Up Same-Sex Marriage
  126. Gay marriage: David Cameron backs church role
  127. 10%?
  128. This is for all of us.
  129. This makes me angry...
  130. Another suicide: Josh Pacheco of MI takes own life because of victimisation
  131. 60 Reasons To Be Proud In 2012
  132. Being LGBT, but support more conservative ideals?
  133. LGBTQ Aging Issues
  134. Easy Bake Oven
  135. College in Ohio says "men working" sign is sexist and must be removed.
  136. California conversion therapy law temporarily blocked
  137. Marriage Equality and Children
  138. Phrase ‘That’s So Gay’ Causes Lasting Harm
  139. GID and other diagnoses removed from the DSM
  140. Gays trying to abolish heterosexual marriage- minister says.
  141. ParaNorman Has first Animated Gay character in America
  142. What did you all do yesterday on World Aids Day
  143. Christian Groups Says Demon Sex Makes You Gay
  144. Boys Made To Hold Hands As Punishment For Fighting
  145. BBC tells the story of a sex change pioneer
  146. Russian parliament to consider federal anti-gay law
  147. Record numbers of UK gay men test positive for HIV
  148. Frenchman awarded €200,000 after Parkinson's treatment turned him gay
  149. will and grace face down focus on the family
  150. Colombian senator condemns homosexuality
  151. Belgium man discovers his wife's secret after 19 years
  152. Gay men sue Counselors
  153. Justice for Mallory Owens
  154. Uganda and the Anti-Gay Bill
  155. NOM warning against young people having gay friends.
  156. Will You Sign These Three Petitions?
  157. Appeal for witnesses in summer shooting of lesbian couple in Portland, TX
  158. HRC visa card
  159. "The Evolutionary Mystery of Homosexuality"
  160. This is probably a repeat, but it's a first for me.
  161. Will you sign this petition? Addition of medical rights for transsexuals
  162. Pastor: Democrats want 'everybody committing homosexual acts and high on drugs'
  163. Synagogues & Boy Scouts of America
  164. Russell Brand and The WBC
  165. N.S. legislation would clarify rights of transgender people
  166. SRS and Hormone Treatment Petition
  167. New Australian Anti-Discrimination Law includes Greater LGBT Protection
  168. Right to Insult: Brits bash religious hard talk ban
  169. Haha! Now we cause straight men to cheat.
  170. UPS stops funding Boy Scouts because of homophobic policy
  171. Jaymi Hensley from the boyband Union J comes out as gay
  172. Is it OK to be left-handed?
  173. NOM sees one-third decline in contributions in 2011
  174. Gay Republican kills himself in FL after Obama re-election
  175. Barnesville teen denied Catholic confirmation after Facebook post supporting gay marr
  176. Queer Actor helps Sioux Tribe buy back sacred land in North Dakota
  177. Sally Field Comes out as Bi on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
  178. Cincinnati Fox News Anchor Suspended for 2 Days After Homophobic Remarks
  179. "‘God Will Hold America Responsible’ For Re-Electing Obama"
  180. Is Gaydar Real?
  181. Teacher accused of Turning Student into a Lesbian.
  182. Petition to Repeal DOMA
  183. Cancelled Play for "Inappropriateness"
  184. Funny video of gay marrige
  185. Uganda's Anti Gay Law
  186. update gay rights this week
  187. Illinois School Committee: "Our Transgender Policy Could Change the Country"
  188. The Gay Vote Gave Obama His Majority...
  189. Ex-Gay Counsellor, Arrested For Molestation Of Two Young Men
  190. Homophobic man on train arrested
  191. Channel 4 admits to cutting word 'gay' out of The Simpsons
  192. Referendum 74 has been Approved in Washington!
  193. A great story from the MN election
  194. Ohio Romney Rally - Interviews with Supporters
  195. Justice David Wiggins Retained
  196. Roy Moore wins chief justice race
  198. Maine legalized same sex marriage !!!!
  199. Tammy Baldwin elected to Senate
  200. True the Vote: Transphobic Ad
  201. Mitt Romney -_-
  202. Too Much Gay Sex
  203. Live Updates on Marriage Equality Ballots
  204. To all Americans on EC...
  205. This letter states my opinion beautifully:
  206. Wise Words from President Obama to a Ten-Year-Old
  207. San Diego School Disinvites Pro-Gay Union Fellow
  208. Lance Loud: The Gay Icon that Rocked PBS and CBGBs
  209. Rhode Island House To Vote On Gay Marriage In January, Gordon Fox Says
  210. Judge drops lawsuit against Bristol Palin
  211. Gay Men's Sexism and Women's Bodies
  212. 1 reason other than LGBT rights NOT to vote for Romney- GO!
  213. Vote No?
  214. Gay Pakistanis, Still in Shadows, Seek Acceptance
  215. When Will Real Change Happen in Anoka-Hennepin Schools?
  216. Linda Harvey Compares Homosexuality to Cannibalism
  217. Hurricane Sandy Blamed On Gays, Obama And Romney By Preacher John McTernan
  218. Former Republican Gov. Dan Evans announces support of gay marriage
  219. National marriage group gives $1.6 million to amendment fight
  220. How do you feel about this?
  221. State Senate candidate critical of gays, condemns Halloween in '04 TV remarks
  222. Gay Rights Group Files Complaint Over Tuesday's Text Messages
  223. Ohio High School Students Told To Remove Rainbow T-Shirts Supporting Gay Rights
  224. Joe Biden: Transgender discrimination is 'civil rights issue of our time'
  225. "The thought police telling kids heterosexuality’s not the norm"
  226. Editorial: Anti-Referendum 74 school ad is shameless
  227. the gay agenda
  228. This Radio Ad Tells Black Maryland Voters to Follow Barack Obama's Lead on Gay Marria
  229. Ken Hutcherson: Let's take back the rainbow!
  230. Biden's Stance on Transgender Discrimination
  231. How do you combat a bigot?
  232. Male sexual reassignment a "mental disorder"?
  233. Victim recants story of alleged attack for being gay Republican
  234. Hurricane Sandy is God's Vengeance for Lisa Miller
  235. Right-wing newspaper greets gay candidate’s election victory with slurs
  236. Gay 'cures' don't work but banning them helps nobody
  237. Efforts being made to make Prince Edward Island tourism more gay-friendly
  238. Date Set: US Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Prop. 8 and DOMA Cases
  239. Christian Preacher Blames Hurricane Sandy on Gays.
  240. Tufts evangelical group faces ‘de-recognizing’ for requiring leaders to adhere to ‘ba
  241. Linda Lingle: Yes To Hawaii Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
  242. Romney: "Some Gays Are Actually Having Children Not Right on Paper Not Right in Fact
  243. Poll: Support for Ref 74 is under 50% :(
  244. homophobia and demography USA
  245. France’s Secular Opposition to Gay Marriage
  246. Can you be Christian and gay-friendly? Depends on how you talk
  247. Gay candidates' sexuality elicits shrugs from voters
  248. Chris Kluwe records ‘lustful cockmonster’ ad for minnesota equality
  249. Illinois Congresswoman Compares Gay Marriage To Polygamy
  250. Gay Jamaicans launch legal action over island's homophobic laws