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  1. Biggest Same-Sex Mass Wedding in Taiwan
  2. Homosexual zebra finches form long-term bond
  3. Anti-gay church sign smashed after peaceful protest
  4. North Carolina University Puts Out List of 'Gay Friendly' Churches (WARNING FOX News)
  5. Oregon gay-rights supporters aim for 2012 marriage vote
  6. Gay Israeli soldiers claim harassment
  7. Rep. Bill Owens signs on to ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ repeal
  8. Teacher suspended, reassigned for anti-gay Facebook comments
  9. Bachmann advisor tied to Martin Ssempa
  10. Michele Bachmann: Gay Families Are Not ‘Families’
  11. Bob Katter apparently not a fan of gay marriage :O
  12. Adam Levine on American Idol
  13. Homosexual zebra finches form long-term bond
  14. Michelle Bachmann Claims she 'doesnt judge gay people'
  15. Cuban First, Gay Man Marries Transsexual Woman <3
  16. Another Anti-gay lawmaker, Another hypocrite
  17. Minn. AFL-CIO united in opposition to anti-gay marriage amendment
  18. Rep. Allen West Defends Gay-Ice Cream Analogy
  19. Anoka-Hennepin Students, Parents Hold Pride Event
  20. Ann Coulter to Serve as Honorary Chair of GOProud’s Advisory Council
  21. Chile president offers to legalize gay unions
  22. Presbyterian Church to setup therapy centres for homosexual
  23. Gay presidential candidate Fred Karger has a message
  24. Tampa Bay Rays Join "It Gets Better" Campaign
  25. 'Keep coming out', urges Malaysia's gay pastor
  26. Five arrested on allegations of being gay
  27. McInerney's brother said many WWII items found in home belonged to him, not Brandon
  28. Starbucks CEO cancels church appearance
  29. Poll: New Yorkers want same-sex marriage law to stay put
  30. Why We Need (Openly) Gay Muppets
  31. Massachusetts Family Institute, not so transgender friendly
  32. Linda Harvey says gays should be banned from jobs with children
  33. Australian Census: What Australians think of marriage equality
  34. S.F. gay married couple loses immigration battle
  35. The big man on gay marriage
  36. Baby joy for Finance Minister Penny Wong and partner Sophie Allouache
  37. Educating the Workplace
  38. Lucille Ball Found Gay Rights "Perfectly All Right"
  39. Czech president condemns 13 western diplomats for petition in support of Prague gay f
  40. Fox News Parent Company News Corp Banking On Gay Marriage
  41. Netherlands: 3 Registrars Who Oppose Gay Marriage Won't Retain Their Jobs
  42. Missouri group to stop filtering LGBT materials
  43. As Wash. gay couples expand, so does marriage push
  44. Potential jurors shouldn't be dismissed for being gay, court told
  45. Dutch military joins Gay Pride parade for 1st time
  46. Czech president defends deputy over gay remarks
  47. Trans 101
  48. Pawlenty bows to pressure, will sign NOM’s marriage pledge
  49. Ashley Yang, transgendered former TSA agent, was forced to pat down male passengers
  50. Do stereotypes make it harder to come out?
  51. 5 lesbians attacked; police refuse to take report
  52. Romney Signs Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge, Pawlenty Doesn’t
  53. Citing new research, psychology group supports gay marriage
  54. Man interned for homosexuality by Nazis dies at 98
  55. LGBT group in the NYC Israel parade
  56. Americans split on New York gay marriage law
  57. WBC to Picket Norway Children's Funerals
  58. Cuba: For macho island, a shift on civil unions
  59. Trial of teen charged with killing gay classmate grows heated
  60. Perry backs a constitutional limit on gay marriage
  61. New Yorkers celebrate same-sex marriage in pop-up wedding chapels
  62. Gay Candidate Ties Gingrich in Poll, Eyes Access to Debate
  63. Sweden supports churches with anti-gay views: report
  64. Dolly Parton Apologizes for Gay T-Shirt Incident at Dollywood Splash Country
  65. Sao Paulo council calls for Heterosexual Pride Day
  66. War on Homosexuals in Ghana
  67. Possible Provincetown hate crime investigated
  68. Suquamish Tribe approves same-sex marriage
  69. 1 out of 3 young Iranian men “gay”?
  70. Homophobia stymies HIV fight in Islamic countries
  71. Are There Any Genuine Ex-Gays?
  72. GOProud and Birchers ousted as CPAC co-sponsors
  73. California Supreme Court hearing on Prop 8 will be televised
  74. Married Lesbian Couple Rescued 40 Teens from Norway Massacre
  75. Dan Savage Is The Reason Scott Brown Wasn't In The It Gets Better Video?
  76. New york senator declares hate war on gay marriage
  77. Scott Brown sits out Massachusetts delegation's 'It Gets Better' video
  78. Bush, Obama pollsters see 'dramatic' shift toward same-sex marriage
  79. Court gives Colombia Congress 2 years to pass gay marriage bill
  80. Activists fume after Italy rejects anti-homophobia Bill
  81. virulently homophobic preacher sues Rachel Maddow for $50million.
  82. 'Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay?'
  83. Michelle bachmann strikes again
  84. Anti-Gay Marriage Group Files Legal Challenge to New York's Law
  85. Google Maps Joins In On Gay Marriage Celebration Today
  86. Pakistan Senate condemns US Embassy function
  87. Lesbian Couple claims discrimination at Dollywood
  88. O’Malley announces sponsorship of same-sex marriage bill
  89. The Philadelphia Phillies Will Make an ‘It Gets Better’ Video
  90. Kerry acknowledges gay marriage change
  91. GOProud: Gays Need Guns, Not Hate Crimes Legislation
  92. Diamond District Jewelers Conflicted on Ring Sales to Gays
  93. Same-sex Marriage Disapproval in the Philippines
  94. Niagra Falls illuminated rainbow for first gay marriage in new york.
  95. Obama gives approval for gays in military
  96. Trans in Afghanistan: Update on Jenn & Transgender Military Service
  97. End of DADT
  98. Gay Barbians Glitterbomb Bachmann Clinic
  99. Ghana cracks down on gays
  100. Senate Holds First Ever Hearing To Repeal DOMA
  101. NH town sued for discrimination over HIV, AIDS
  102. Glen Cove Reverend Defying Her Church To Perform Gay Marriage
  103. Father and son mistaken as gay couple and attacked in Brazil
  104. Gay conservative group reaches out to Bachmann
  105. The Racist and Homophobic Yard Sale Posting You Won’t Believe
  106. Traditional marriage advocates will defend clerks
  107. Frisking rules set for gay, lesbian jail guards
  108. Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits
  109. American Airlines endorses federal job protections for gays and lesbians Continue re
  110. Marcus Bachmann says his clinics not anti-gay
  111. Gay Marriage Could Be On CO. Ballots
  112. Deportation of gay, married immigrant delayed
  113. Sheryl Swoopes is not a lesbian, now engaged to marry a man
  114. Man kicked out of NC Pizza Hut for wearing a dress
  115. Conservative group to fight gay textbook law
  116. Man says blood center rejected him because he appeared gay
  117. N.Y. Republicans who backed gay marriage see coffers, criticism soar
  118. Troops March in San Diego's Gay Pride Parade
  119. Giuliani to GOP on gay marriage: 'Stay out of it'
  120. Obama asks court to go back on order to suspend DADT
  121. what a joke! the so called australian human rights loving goverment
  122. Equal Love Petition (UK residents only unfortunately)
  123. Married, gay immigrant fights to stay in Houston
  124. A’s suspend top pitching prospect Ian Krol for tweet
  125. Gay brother defends Mel Gibson
  126. Chile Preparing Bill to Legalize Gay Civil Union, Tercera Says
  127. Mass. city to pay wedded gay workers to offset tax
  128. Lativa: Lutherans condemn homosexual propaganda in schools
  129. House votes to bar ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal training for chaplains
  130. Judge reinstates Ill. foster-care contracts
  131. Romney rejects gay marriage pledge
  132. Court: Gov't must state position on gay troop ban
  133. Gay marriage advocates in Maryland launching broader push
  134. Homophobia On The Short Line Bus
  135. NY town clerk quits, cites gay marriage opposition
  136. The Transgender Education Thread
  137. cant believe they said these things!
  138. Presbyterians End Anti-Gay Policy Barring GLBT Clerics
  139. Transgender activist resigns after clash with Castro daughter
  140. As Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal, Some Choices May Be Lost
  141. Hawthorne PD files harassment charges against primary candidate
  142. Gary Johnson Calls Family Leader Pledge “Offensive and Unrepublican”
  143. Pentagon suspends DADT in wake of court ruling
  144. Bloomberg to Preside at Gay Aides’ Wedding
  145. Views of Gay-Straight Alliances by a very Christian forum.
  146. For Gay Couples Eager to Wed at First Possible Moment …
  147. UK terrorists told: Pretend to be gay so you don't get caught
  148. AFA's Gary Glenn, Linda Harvey: Gays Make Bad Employees
  149. Head of opera ban school says she wanted to protect children
  150. Obama Names Openly Gay Veteran to West Point Advisory Board
  151. Ontario reaffirms support for gay support groups in schools
  152. Appeals Court Suspends Enforcement of DADT
  153. Is Being Gay a Sin?
  154. Questions for Conservatives about Gay Marriage and Sock Drawers
  155. India’s Health Minister Calls Homosexuality ‘Unnatural’
  156. Trial to begin in slaying of gay middle school student Larry King
  157. Anti-gay slurs precede a violent assault
  158. Indian, foreign firms eye growing Indian gay market
  159. Pakistan's first gay pride celebration sparks online debate
  160. Raelians aim to reclaim swastika
  161. N.Y. town clerk: I won't sign gay wedding license
  162. Persecution of Christians & gays ignored by media
  163. Pink-washed: Gay rights and the Mideast conflict
  164. Vicky Hartzler trying to explain her opposition to gay marriage
  165. Soldier Leaves Legacy Much Larger than "He was Gay"
  166. High court could make gay marriage a 2012 issue
  167. Colorado Springs Council may step in with proclamation on gay pride event
  168. U.S. Drops Deportation Proceedings Against Immigrant in Same-Sex Marriage
  169. FBI Invited Controversial Church To Talk To Agents
  170. HRC store vandalized; radical queer group claims responsibility
  171. Informing Students of Transitioning Staff?
  172. The Future of Same-Sex Marriage Ballot Measures
  173. Transgender advocates defend accused killer of bar patron
  174. Anna Paquin Talks ‘True Blood’ Sex & Prejudice Against Bisexuals
  175. NHL agent who made anti-gay marriage remarks loses client
  176. Could New York strategy in same-sex marriage fight work in Maryland?
  177. Advocates file lawsuit hoping to legalize same-sex marriage in New Jersey
  178. Former mayor Giuliani ignores gay pal's calls to preside at his wedding
  179. Beebe first Arkansas governor to speak to gay group
  180. Things are looking up
  181. Transitions
  182. Ex-Met and current broadcaster Ron Darling happy to see gay marriage passed in New Yo
  183. Daily Show on NY's gay marriage
  184. Rangers' Avery wants NHL to be 'progressive'
  185. Bronx LGBT community celebrates victorious weekend at NYC Pride
  186. David Frum: I was wrong about same-sex marriage
  187. Spfld. teens allegedly beat gay man
  188. Battle between gay groups and Arkansas newspaper heats up
  189. Gender Neutral Preschool
  190. Missouri Congresswoman caught on tape comparing gay marriage to incest, paedophilia
  191. "Homo Hoards" Use "Rainbow Flag Weapons" to Battle "Fascist Prudes"
  192. Why won’t Rob Ford go to gay events?
  193. Mass. Dems use New York gay marriage law to tweak Scott Brown
  194. Gay marriage decisions shows 'leadership,' Rudy Giuliani says of Andrew Cuomo
  195. Robertson: God Will Destroy America Because of Gay Marriage
  196. Republicans and the New York Marriage Law
  197. Bachmann would back amendment to overturn NY marriage law
  198. Alaska pride parade canceled after fatal crash
  199. NY marriage vote emboldens Paris gay pride march
  200. Naked Cowboy Robert Burck Will Marry Gay Couples in Times Square for Free on July 3
  201. Organized Religion Blamed for Gay Marriage Delay
  202. This just landed in my inbox..
  203. Empire State Building shows is gay marriage pride!!!
  204. I have a serious question...
  205. RI civil union bill is missing in action
  206. Immigration bill includes pro-gay language
  207. Why is this news??
  208. Flight Attendants' Union May File Charges Over Pilot's Rant
  209. Gay marriage in NY
  210. Toronto Mayor to skip Pride parade, critics say it sends the wrong message
  211. Brazil legalizes same sex unions
  212. Homosexuals Report More Problems With Prostate Cancer Drug Than Heterosexuals, Study
  213. Officials: Gates unlikely to certify DADT repeal before leaving office
  214. NYCL reports 32 vote confirmed for ny same sex marriage: waits for R's to allow vote.
  215. I read this... and God!! I Cried !!
  216. Houston Pilot Suspended For Slurs, Swearing Over Air Traffic Radio
  217. Hannity To Jon Huntsman: Sure You Want Gays To Have Civil Unions?
  218. Six GLAAD board members resign amid AT&T flap
  219. Rent Control Rules Hold Gay Marriage Hostage In New York
  220. Adoptions by Gay Couples Rise, Despite Barriers
  221. UN passes gay rights resolution
  222. NY gay marriage showdown will likely be Wednesday
  223. 2 workers at pool in Kentucky disciplined after disabled gay men forced to leave
  224. Straight Talk From Top Enlisted Marine on ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal
  225. Rick Perry aides prepped for rumor rehash
  226. I found this on facebook and I thought it was pretty cool
  227. Andrew Breitbart joins GOProud board of directors
  228. Chicago Cubs- It Gets Better Project :)
  229. Google Raises Gay Pride Flag in Search Results
  230. Google's Disappointing Decision to Hide Its Support of Gay Pride
  231. False allegation of homosexuality is defamatory, judge rules
  232. Facebook group calls for boycott of Holland following anti-discrimination vote
  233. Nepal hosts 1st public lesbian wedding ceremony
  234. Kenyan Muslim leaders call for death penalty for gays
  235. Compared to Straight Peers, LGBT Youth...
  236. Laws involving Massachusetts school work???
  237. Some Methodist clergy defy gay marriage ban
  238. Jarrett Barrios, GLAAD President, Resigns After AT&T Controversy
  239. Barcelona gay leaders say humiliated at Israeli airport
  240. NY Gov. Cuomo the new face of gay marriage rights
  241. OKing gay marriage could pump $184 million into New York economy through weddings
  242. Obama impersonator pulled offstage after making racial, gay jokes at GOP gathering
  243. Couples 'kiss and tell' in support of U.S. gay rights
  244. All eyes on NY as pressure mounts for gay marriage
  245. Hong Kong government hires 'gay conversion expert'
  246. Group honors Collins for 'don't ask' role
  247. After Talks With G.O.P., Cuomo Expects Passage of Gay Marriage Bill
  248. UN passes gay rights resolution
  249. Kevin Jennings To Critics: "You Completely Failed"
  250. New York Times "My Ex-Gay Friend"