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  1. Police Chief under investigation for bring Chick-Fil-A into work on Chick-Fil-A day
  2. To Gay For A Movie Role?
  3. Love(less) Letter Goes Viral
  4. "I didn't use violence....I used paint."
  5. Jesus heals SAME-SEX partner!
  6. Mika comes out as gay
  7. HHS affirms health care discrimination law protects LGBT people.
  8. Vietnamese hold first ever gay pride rally
  9. Jane Lynch: "Fuck Chi-Fil-A!"
  10. A talk with gay cristian teens.
  11. New Study Shows How To Tell Somebody Sexual Orientation
  12. First Australian state to legalise same-sex marriage
  13. Time for a new kind of Pride?
  14. Hilary Clinton's speech on LGBT Human Rights
  15. Gay Chic-Fil-A Employees Speak Out
  16. Lesbian Couple Win Battle Over Landlord
  17. Bake shop offers rainbow cupcakes
  18. Ryan James Yezak
  19. Sweet Avenue Bake Shop Preps 'Rainbow Pride' Cupcakes
  20. Nashua, NH Chick-Fil-A To Sponsor NH Pride Fest
  21. Seen at a Same-Sex Military Wedding, Air Force Chaplain Leaves Southern Baptists
  22. Conn. Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional
  23. Research Poll Shows Significant Rise In Support For Gay Marriage In Democrats
  24. Larry Wachowski Transgender:
  25. KERPLUNK on Chic-Fil-A!
  26. Christian College Professor: 'Am I a Traitor to the LGBT Cause?'
  27. Gay Marriage Plank Will Be In Democratic Party Platform At Convention
  28. Hope Christian School rejects student because of gay parents
  29. Vietnam and Same-sex Marriage
  30. Openly Gay & Lesbian 2012 Olympic Athletes
  31. Alabama Pastor Claims Gay Marriage Brought Noah Ark Flood
  32. Rich Americans back same-sex marriage law
  33. Chicago Chick-fil-A owner wants to talk with Emanuel
  34. New Glasgow Archbishop's Anti-Gay Remarks
  35. Rahm Emanuel’s dangerous free speech attack
  36. LGBT News Marriage equality advancements in New Zealand
  37. Alderman to Chick-fil-A: No deal
  38. Same-sex Marriage in Scotland
  39. Eagle Scouts
  40. The Berlin Patient outs himself
  41. Chic-fil-a are not only ignorant bigots, they're also lying sacks of shit
  42. Gay Couple Attacked in D.C.
  43. Sally Ride dies at 61
  44. Throw away news: Tripp Palin's Gay Slur
  45. The Episcopal Church takes inclusiveness into the secular stratosphere
  46. Another hate crime
  47. Goodbye DADT
  48. WBC shut down at Aurora
  49. A delightfully intellectual, slightly nerdy take on trans issues
  50. Ex-Gay Videos
  51. One Million Moms boycotts "The New Normal"
  52. BBC: Archbishop Tutu calls for end to gay stigma
  53. Cure for Aids?
  54. Lobby group to tackle Queensland government gay stance
  55. Boston Mayor Vows to Keep Chick-Fil-A Out of City
  56. First Military Wedding
  57. Chick-fil-A president slams same-sex marriage
  58. Widow challenging DOMA
  59. Boy Scouts Reaffirm Policy: No Gays Allowed
  60. Rap music video calls out homophobes.
  61. Effort to undo California gay history law fails
  62. France Bans Anti-Trans Discrimination
  63. Marriage Equality "Doesn't Help Black Family"
  64. A First: GOP Congresswoman Supports Marriage Equality
  65. Gay couple may sue
  66. The only equality in equal rights is the name.
  67. Romney stresses same-sex marriage opposition in NAACP speech
  68. Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry Launches
  69. Public Opinion on Gay Marriage in Utah
  70. Latino groups launch groundbreaking gay rights public service campaign
  71. Marriage amendment backers ask court to overturn title
  72. More Retailers Are Courting Gay Customers
  73. Christianity and Homosexuality: Conversations in Africa
  74. As blood donations decline, U.S. ban on gay donors is examined
  75. Rift Forms in Movement as Belief in Gay ‘Cure’ Is Renounced
  76. 8 gay activists arrested in St. Petersburg
  77. Seattle joins lawsuit to overturn Defense of Marriage Act
  78. Russian religious group threatens Facebook: Stop ‘flirting with sodomites’
  79. Rep. Barney Frank gets Married.
  80. BBC: US Episcopal Church approves same-sex blessing service
  81. #strong for laci - or not? what do you think?
  82. Madonna's Russian Revolution
  83. Google Announces Campaign To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Worldwide
  84. Scotland: Catholic Church declares “war on gay marriage”
  85. Focus on the Family Tripe
  86. Would this be considered discrimination?
  87. African American Studies/History
  88. The Baron (Tennis History)
  89. Dallas Gay Couple Arrested
  90. R&B Singer Frank Ocean Comes Out
  91. Court Clears Attempted Rapist Because His Victim was Trans
  92. U.S. files DOMA challenges
  93. Gay marriage and Baker v. Nelson
  94. Frank Ocean opens up about his sexuality
  95. I-1192's marriage initiative won’t make ballot
  96. Gay Donors Open Wallets On Both Sides Of The Aisle
  97. Ted Cruz Mega-Donor is Gay, Pro-Pot Billionaire
  98. Homosexual Woman Assaulted at Local Bar
  99. Katy Perry, Gay-Marriage Stance: 'My Mind Has Changed'
  100. Chick-Fil-A Donated Nearly $2 Million To Anti-Gay Groups In 2010
  101. Downstate Illinois county clerks move to defend gay marriage ban
  102. Police: CCSU Student Manufactured Gay Threats Against Herself
  103. Anderson Cooper eloquently, and openly, talks about being gay
  104. I sent a letter to congress reguarding doma and got a reply
  105. Gay donors back GOP legislator who voted for same-sex marriage
  106. John Roberts Donated Help to Gay Rights Case
  107. Irish Deputy Prime Minister says 'time for gay marriage has come'.
  108. Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony
  109. Elton John - Gay Rights are Human Rights - Ukraine's threat to outlaw homosexuality..
  110. Toronto Gay Gamers to celebrate geek-on-geek love in Pride Parade
  111. RI House speaker says he'll hold gay marriage vote
  112. New Online Homophobic Low
  113. Supreme Court Showdown: GLAD v. DOMA
  114. One Million Moms condemns "Gay Oreos."
  115. Gay marriage in France
  116. California's bill restricting ex-gay therapies passes next level...
  117. 40% of gay couples Christian
  118. Anti-gay pamphleteer launches libel suit against CBC
  119. Meghan McCain Talks GOProud, Obama's Stance On Gay Marriage While Promoting New Book
  120. Don't be a gay or lesbian: Former Malaysian PM
  121. Stonewall Riots Anniversary
  122. Campfield photo to stay on NY 'wall' despite loud protests
  123. Lawrence v. Texas documentary
  124. NGO concerned about security during Sofia gay parade
  125. Montgomery school board bans nonprofits from distributing fliers at schools
  126. Gay couple says they were kicked out of Roanoke Athletic Club
  127. Christian group backs away from gay 'cure'
  128. LGBT News Conservative columnist: What Does Obama's 'Marriage Equality' Mean for Bisexuals?
  129. Texas Republican Party: ‘Homosexuality Tears At The Fabric Of Society’
  130. In a first, Pentagon ceremony marks gay pride month
  131. Gay Pride rainbow Oreo sparks 20,000 Facebook comments, debate
  132. Ford a no-show at Pride flag raiser
  133. Public Hearing on Gay Rights Held in Holland, Michigan
  134. Md. marriage referendum supporters submit 40,000 new signatures
  135. Bronx gay & lesbian center boss busted on charges of scamming non-profit
  136. Lowe's customer accuses clerk of anti-gay tirade
  137. Teen lesbian couple shot in Texas park: one dead, other seriously injured
  138. Marchers fill streets as cities across US celebrate gay pride
  139. LGBT News Egypt says gay people are not “real people”
  140. Chuck Norris: "Is Obama creating a pro-gay Boy Scouts of America?"
  141. Cuomo recalls difficult fight for passage of law 'about equality'
  142. Airman, partner united in civil union at JB MDL
  143. School board hopeful attends anti-gay church
  144. Gay Activists Flip Off Ronald Reagan Portrait At White House
  145. Transgender Man Responds To Critics After Marriage Proposal Video Goes Viral
  146. Queensland ‘downgrades’ civil partnerships and will ban gay surrogacy
  147. Gay Couple Plans To Appeal Name-Change Ruling If Denied
  148. Village Voice: "Does 'Gay Inc.' Believe in Free Speech?"
  149. Alan Turing 100 birthday
  150. Blankenhorn Supports Gay Marriage
  151. Mary Cheney marries longtime partner Heather Poe
  152. DOMA appeal due this month
  153. Judge consolidates lawsuits over gay marriage ban
  154. No Rainbow Flag atop the Space Needle for gay pride parade?
  155. Education on Sexual Diversity in Dutch Schools
  156. GOP lawmaker says gays in military issue settled
  157. Quan to face Occupy protest at SF Pride Parade
  158. Southern Baptists: Gay rights not same as civil rights
  159. Gay marriage rights: Illinois prosecutors refuse to defend ban
  160. House GOP Leaders Will Ask Supreme Court By the End of June to Take DOMA Appeal
  161. Christian Group At Gay Pride Saying "Sorry"
  162. Man Accused of Disrupting Iowa City Gay Pride Parade
  163. More hospitals banning bias against gays, lesbians
  164. Survey supporting same-sex marriage branded 'flawed' by Catholic Church
  165. County code compels same-sex couples to identify relationship
  166. GOProud Endorses former Governor Mitt Romney for President
  167. 9 U.S. senators to Harkin: Time to move on ENDA
  168. Bullied LGBTQ teens interviewed on Dr. Phil
  169. Mysterious homophobic flier pits democratic Ga. House candidates against one another
  170. Poll: Washington Voters Support Same-Sex Marriage
  171. General Motors plant flies gay pride flag
  172. Possible misuse of Freedom of Information laws to distort LGBT media perception
  173. Bill Passed In Michigan House Allows Religious Counseling Students To Deny Gay Client
  174. Olympics struggle with ‘policing femininity’
  175. Jesse Ventura offers to campaign against marriage amendment
  176. Brooklyn family to sue city after son blinded by bullies in brutal assault
  177. Man searched at airport on suspicion of paedophilia ‘because he had a camera and a bo
  178. Dharun Ravi released from jail after serving 20 days for using webcam to spy on Rutge
  179. Mitt Romney Believes Children Are Better Off With Straight Parents
  180. Montana GOP ends call to make homosexuality illegal
  181. Jews, gays rally in Rio to protest Ahmadinejad visit
  182. Civil rights, gay activists march to NYC mayor’s home, demand end to stop-and-frisk
  183. Minnesota CEO rallying fellow execs to publicly oppose marriage amendment
  184. Fischer: Boy Scouts Cannot Allow Gay Scout Leaders Like "Homosexual Pedophile" Jerry
  185. Deep in the Heart of Texas (There Are Gay People, and They Are Looking at Porn)
  186. "What madness is this?"
  187. CNN: The Secret Gay Agenda, a talk at TED
  188. Legislator in Costa Rica States that Homosexuality is a “Curable Sin”
  189. Another Gay Teen Suicide
  190. Mitt Romney: gay people should be able to serve in Boy Scouts
  191. School Prohibits Fifth-Grader From Giving Speech On Same-Sex Marriage
  192. Troy, MI Mayor: ‘Homosexual Lifestyle Is Dangerous’
  193. Nike hosts first ever LGBT Sports Summit
  194. Straight man 'comes out' to family, feigns life as gay man for 1 year
  195. two takes on one "scientific" study
  196. 5 reasons gay marriage losing streak may be over
  197. Progress by Georgia's[the country not the state] Gays Spurs a Backlash
  198. Pentagon to mark gay pride month
  199. Homosexuals and concentration camps.
  200. Gay marriage ban unconstitutional, Cook County State's Attorney motion will say
  201. ACLU sues North Carolina over same-sex adoption ban
  202. High School Bars Student From Wearing an Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage T-Shirt
  203. Gay judge debate renewed in Richmond
  204. Lesbian 'held hostage by family' in Kenya reportedly commits suicide
  205. Tell me reasons why if voting majority keeps overturning gay marriage laws you thinks
  206. Gay Marriage
  207. ADL, LGBT Group Slam CUNY for Sponsorship of Anti-Israel ‘Pinkwashing’ Conference
  208. Police dispatch regarding weekend Boystown robbery blames victim
  209. Gay marriage is one of worst threats in 500 years, says Church of England
  210. GOP Senators Weigh In on DOMA Fight Before the 9th Circuit
  211. CEO on Scouts' governing board opposes ban on gays
  212. Judge rules Wisconsin man can't hand out Bibles inside MN gay pride fest
  213. Obama’s gay support irks Ugandans
  214. Reports of trans gay man beheaded in South Africa
  215. Gay Parenting Study Raises Important Question: Aren’t These Studies Bloody Stupid?
  216. Controversial Muslim preacher to speak in Calgary
  217. I doubt I'll ever watch Cake Boss again.
  218. Canadian MPs vote to drop some hate-speech sections of Human Rights Act
  219. Feds Sue Larry Craig Over Bathroom Sex Sting Defense Cash
  220. Antonio Cassano 'hopes' there are no gay players in Italy squad
  221. Durham sect leader pleads guilty to killing boy, woman
  222. Mass. stalled antibullying guide under Romney
  223. Israel Defense Forces Facebook Photo Stirs Controversy
  224. St. Joe’s teacher asked to resign because of gay marriage views
  225. Group Says State Violated Separation Of Church, State By Using Churches As Polling Pl
  226. Marriott Welcomes LGBT Guests to “Be You, With Us”
  227. Maine Dems intensify same-sex marriage advocacy at Portland fundraiser
  228. Gay marriage is 'social engineering', Liam Fox says
  229. Pro-gay marriage Australian MPs get hate mail
  230. Wisconsin Democratic platform includes marriage equality
  231. Bishops want shelved anti-gay Bill dusted
  232. Texas Democratic Party adds marriage equality to party platform
  233. Colorado lawmaker unhappy campaign e-mail outed her gay son
  234. European politicans It get's better
  235. Oak Park Fire at Gay Bar Ruled as an Arson
  236. Pastor Hangs Barack Obama In Effigy In Florida Church's Front Yard
  237. Carrie Underwood defending marriage equality.
  238. Mother says bullying caused son's suicide
  239. Live Gay pride parade LA
  240. Minnesota Freedom Tour: JD’s Ride
  241. When Pride Is Not a Sin
  242. Illinois for Marriage Equality
  243. Call this religion?
  244. The G.O.P.’s Gay Trajectory
  245. Gay Blood Donation
  246. DeMaio's Politics Create Divide In San Diego's LGBT Community
  247. White House to host meeting with statewide LGBT groups
  248. Same-sex marriage headed to ballot in Md
  249. Soldier gets five years for man's death
  250. 2 lawmakers denounce same-sex ceremony on La. base