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  1. 5 Lakers appear in public service announcement promoting acceptance
  2. Nancy Pelosi questions GOP on DOMA contract ethics
  3. Iowa professor's response to GOP prompts outrage
  4. Carrie Prejean Update! Another Lawsuit!
  5. DOMA Defense Will Cost $500K
  6. Malaysia's anti-gay camp violates law says minister
  7. Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority
  8. Same-sex adoptions lose ground after Va. board vote
  9. Senator goes after Cuomo on gay marriage
  10. MAP: Has Your State Banned Sodomy?
  11. Serbia far right leader gets 2 years in prison
  12. Video: Same-Sex Immigration Bill Proposed In The Senate
  13. Roommate charged with hate crime in NJ webcam case
  14. Highlands church changes policy on marriages until state changes its stand
  15. Rock Hill gay beating prompts South Carolina hate crime bill
  16. Cuomo Helps Groups Mobilize for Gay Marriage Bill
  17. The GOP’s DOMA Dead End
  18. Congressman McKeon backs legislation to disrupt ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal
  19. Nevada Assembly passes transgender discrimination bill
  20. Lawsuit asks California to pay for inmate's sex-change operation
  21. Virginia social services commissioner advises against adoption changes
  22. Witness: Gunman upset daughter was in relationship
  23. Boy, 10, the youngest Australian to have sex change
  24. Transsexual ordered to switch back to male wins $50,000
  25. Derren Brown went to church to 'cure' his homosexuality
  26. Last gay Holocaust survivor celebrated in book, documentary
  27. Poll: Majority supports gay marriage
  28. Court upholds woman's 'de facto' parental rights
  29. New Hampshire Tea Party Activists Don't See Harm From State Same-Sex Marriage Law
  30. Even on Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity
  31. FBI probes gay man's attack at Rock Hill, South Carolina gas station
  32. Indian Supreme Court defers hearing on decriminalisation of gay sex
  33. Media ask court to unseal gay marriage trial tapes
  34. Rick Santorum Denies He's Homophobic, But Wants Gay Sex Should Be Criminalized
  35. Rick Santorum Supports Reinstatement Of Gay Military Ban DADT
  36. MN Governor: Equal rights for gays and all a US "founding principle"
  37. Malaysia sends 66 teen boys to anti-gay counseling
  38. Fred Karger pushing Romney and the Mormon Church to stop the hate
  39. Senator Collins, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to End Workplace Discrimination
  40. Environmentalists seek gays' advice on President Obama
  41. HRC to Law Firm King & Spalding: Defense of Discriminatory DOMA Law is "Shameful"
  42. Arizona Would Prefer You Not Be Gay if You Want to Adopt a Kid
  43. Evan Rachel Wood: "I'm Bisexual"
  44. Photo of gay men kissing booted from Facebook
  45. Gay coach and lacrosse player are opening closet doors at Bowdoin College
  46. Orange County, Florida to extend benefits to gay workers' families
  47. Bush Solicitor General will defend DOMA lawsuits for House Republican leadership
  48. Hungary passes new conservative constitution
  49. An Open Letter to Focus on the Family
  50. Harry Jackson: Gay Marriage Is Part of a "Satanic Plot"
  51. 46 Years Ago Today: First Lesbian & Gay Protest at the White House
  52. Expanded health benefits for state workers' partners survive House vote
  53. Jackson, PUSH deny firing man for being gay
  54. Republicans Mount Defense Of Anti-Gay Marriage Law
  55. Suit calls for full release of Prop 8 Trial video
  56. Documentary clips show sad face of Yes on 1
  57. Gay activist picked for Illinois House vacancy
  58. What leads gay, straight teens to attempt suicide?
  59. Kobe Bryant: I Used To Beat Up Kids In High School Who Teased My Gay Friends
  60. Newman backs gay marriage ... but forget about law changes
  61. Illinois group sees small victory in Schuyler County after Sheriff's anti-gay comment
  62. Gay marriage's diamond anniversary
  63. Myanmar gays seek Thai-style acceptance
  64. YouTube Pulls Apple Employee Video for “Depicting Harmful Activities”
  65. Democrats come out swinging during House hearing on ‘defending marriage’
  66. Spectator Complaint Puts An End to Anti-Gay Slurs at Hockey Games
  67. The 50 most influential gay and lesbian Americans
  68. Taiwan presidential hopeful blasts 'gay' question
  69. South Carolina beating victim describes attack as hate crime
  70. How RAF tried to 'cure' lesbian recruits
  71. First homosexual caveman found
  72. Reliable Tally of Gay Population Proves Elusive
  73. David Stern predicts openly gay players
  74. SEIU Political Director Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”
  75. LGBT News Puberty blocker for children considering sex change
  76. My Argument with a guy on a basketball forum
  77. Hawaii gains third openly LGBT elected official
  78. Psychiatrist: We Need To Protect Kids From Being Exposed To LGBT People
  79. Dustin Zito’s homophobia flares, Real World producer discusses Dustin’s gay sex past
  80. When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?
  81. Pulling Out All the Stops to Push an Antigay Bill
  82. Michigan Law School Invites Senator With ‘Anti-Gay Politics’ To Speak At Senior Day
  83. * Federal judge: I played Prop. 8 trial video 3 times
  84. On Same Day Kobe Uses Anti-Gay Slur, NBA Players Show Us Importance of Respect
  85. A Gay Former N.B.A. Player Responds to Kobe Bryant
  86. Soho's John Snow pub shuts doors before 'gay kiss-in'
  87. Accused killer believed ex-wife had lesbian affair: Crown
  88. Rick Scarborough: AIDS Is God's Judgment For An Immoral Act
  89. Dismissal of EMU counselor who refused gay student draws GOP fire
  90. Donald Trump: I'm Christian, Pro-life, Against Gay Marriage & So For The Death Penalt
  91. Panel backs claim of discrimination by transgender renter
  92. Boehner suggests House marriage hearing is ‘legitimate’
  93. CA Senate bill mandates gay history in schools
  94. Delaware adopts civil unions bill
  95. Toronto District School Board declares themselves Gay-Straight Alliance
  96. Gay man files complaint against Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH
  97. Rick Santorum Defends His Anti-Gay Comments On Glenn Beck Radio Show
  98. Gay couple kicked out of Cambridge, Massachusetts deli after brief kiss
  99. Farooq sounds note of warning on sex ratio
  100. Group alleges abuse because of sexual orientation
  101. Prince William, Virginia schools, ACLU tussle over gay Internet access
  102. Gay couple claim they were ejected from Soho pub for kissing
  103. Nigerian gay man Uche Nanbuife faces deportation from Britain
  104. Gay victim was lured into ambush by hate gang, Leicester Court told
  105. Gay Australian soldiers blast 'savage' online hate campaign
  106. Dayton pledges gay rights support at Minn. rally
  107. Lithuanian Parliamentary Committee Votes to “Improve” the Ban on “Gay Propaganda”
  108. Cape Girardeau olice investigate property damage as possible hate crime
  109. NOM is developing a secret online propaganda team
  110. Student who made up gay-bashing story heads home for counseling
  111. Rep. Trent Franks prepares secretive hearing on Defense of Marriage Act
  112. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe rails against 'gay filth'
  113. Pride flag stolen from University of Maine
  114. Delaware Civil union legislation headed to House floor
  115. Montenegro's first ever gay pride planned for May 31
  116. Gay couple kicked out of pub for kissing
  117. Gay adoption legislation fails in Illinois Senate
  118. Right-Wingers Still Pushing Myths About "Gay Indoctrination"
  119. Glenn Beck Plays Dumb On GOP's Anti-Gay Rhetoric
  120. Virginia AG advises against proposed rules that could pave way for gay adoption
  121. Romanian teens widely intolerant of Gypsies, gays, people with AIDS, Muslims, Jews
  122. Donald Trump's Big Gay Problem
  123. Prop. 8 judge challenged anew
  124. Cardinal To Ricky Martin: Don’t Promote Homosexuality To Young People
  125. New Jersey High School lifts ban on LGBT websites after pressure from ACLU
  126. IRS Is Entangled In Gay Marriage Debate
  127. Hawaii Lawmakers Pass Employment Protections For Transgendered
  128. Lakers Star Kobe Bryant Appears to Shout Anti-Gay Slur at Ref
  129. Writer Compares Glee to "Puddle of HIV"
  130. Illinois lawmakers spar over gay adoptions
  131. The Unconstitutional Anti-Gay Law That Just Won't Die
  132. Former Duke College Republicans chair files three new complaints
  133. Gillard dodges gay marriage activists
  134. Miami Shores gay candidate Jesse Walters elected
  135. "And Tango Makes Three" is America’s most frequently challenged book
  136. RNC removes anti-gay page from website
  137. Missouri Teen Booted from School Over Gay Equality T-Shirt
  138. Gay dads lose appeal in Louisiana birth certificate case
  139. Cook County Jail to allow transgender inmates to be housed according to gender identi
  140. Rest in peace: Atlanta gay cemetery plans are dead
  141. Hate crime report at UNC was false, police say
  142. Linda Harvey: Day Of Silence Creates "Hitler Youth Product"
  143. Majority Of New Yorkers Support Gay Marriage
  144. Calif. Police Department Responds to Undercover Decoy Controversy
  145. "The Cleveland Show" Says Being a Homophobe is as Bad as Being a Racist
  146. A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?
  147. Out gay London deputy mayor Simon Milton dies
  148. ACLU "Don't Filter Me" Initiative Finds Schools In Four More States Censoring LGBT We
  149. White House bars gay groups from military families event
  150. Michele Bachmann burns up Iowa, decries gay marriage
  151. Gay UNC student assaulted; officials call it a hate crime
  152. Former Senator Disgusted by GOP “Homophobes”
  153. Fox News contributor is alarmed by the latest J. Crew catalog
  154. Columbia College's First Homecoming King + Queen Are Both Gay Dudes
  155. Patrick rebuts his critics in defending Lenk nomination
  156. Tennessee bill would overturn Metro Nashville non-discrimination law
  157. UAFA, ENDA introduction set for Thursday
  158. Catholic League’s Annual NYT Ad In Support Of Pedophile Priests
  159. Maryland Senate Kills Gender Identity Bill, Sending it Back to Committee in 2012
  160. House GOP to hold hearing on ‘defending marriage’
  161. Christian conservatives discuss strategy for fighting war against gays
  162. Fired transgendered teacher rejects deal that would muzzle him
  163. Candidate's Signs Defaced by Anti-Gay Slurs
  164. Montenegrin PM supports gay parade
  165. Hico man acquitted in Westboro Baptist spitting trial
  166. Outrage as top Italian history professor blames fall of Rome on rise of homosexuality
  167. Mass. groups cancel Gandhi event after gay links
  168. Toronto Police release surveillance photos in lesbian attack
  169. Slight change in UK Blood Ban rules
  170. Belgian archbishop hit in face with custard pie
  171. Coming Out: The story of an openly gay athlete
  172. Tim Kaine refuses to say if he supports gay couples adopting children
  173. San Diego Gay Man Fighting Deportation To Uganda
  174. Marriage equality bill introduced in Uruguay
  175. Gay bar vandalized in Fresno
  176. First homosexual caveman found
  177. Gay teenage group won't go to prom
  178. Kosher.com Cuts Ties With JONAH After Backlash
  179. Ugandan Anti-gay activists call for passing of Bill against homosexuality
  180. Cornell Republicans, Democrats Debate Gay Marriage Rights
  181. Site Provides a Rare Forum for Gay Athletes
  182. Date Set for Landmark Case Aiming to Decriminalize Homosexuality in Botswana
  183. Robert Greenblatt Says His Being First Gay Broadcast TV President is No Big Deal
  184. Washington bill recognizing domestic partnerships signed
  185. Gay Bullying Bill Gets Push at Capitol
  186. Accused inside trader once sued for anti-gay bias
  187. Toronto Raptors Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans holding hands spurs homophobia
  188. Judge rules gay rights group can picket Target
  189. Transgender inmate suicide not preventable
  190. Boehner has no estimate on DOMA defense costs
  191. Top N.O.M. Official Defects
  192. Sweetwater, TN Housing Director
  193. CREEPY: UofMichigan Student Sues Stalking AG
  194. Study: Discrimination Takes A Toll On Transgender Americans
  195. Texas voter ID bill will take voting rights from transgender community
  196. Nebraska high court takes on custody rights
  197. 2011 Dallas mayoral hopefuls reach out to LGBT voters like never before
  198. Delaware Senate approves civil unions bill
  199. Montana lawmaker wants 10 year prison terms for gays guilty of ‘recruitment’
  200. A majority of Mississippi Republicans believe interracial marriage should be illegal
  201. Guido Westerwelle Resigns Party Leadership
  202. Why Is Jewish Food Delivery Service Kosher.com Teaming Up With Ex-Gay Group JONAH?
  203. Malcolm X - gay black hero?
  204. Will These NYU Students Manage To Get Chick-fil-A Kicked Off Campus?
  205. The Gay Yellow Pages
  206. Anti-gay amendment filed in N.C. House
  207. Students who were denied gay-straight club say they’re being bullied
  208. Immigration, Gay Marriage Bills Worry New Indianapolis Tourism Chief
  209. Is LGBT Burnout To Blame For Castro Bookstore's Closing?
  210. 12 Senators Others Ask DOJ, DHS to Hold Same-Sex Bi-National Couples' Immigration Pet
  211. Ark. court strikes down law barring gay adoptions
  212. DELAWARE: Mayor blazes trail for openly gay officials
  213. ENDA Introduced -- With 92 Fewer Co-Sponsors Than at the End of the 111th Congress
  214. Study: US has 4M gay adults; 1.7 pct. of populace
  215. Gay Caveman?
  216. Carnival Splendor stranded!
  217. More companies covering transgender surgery
  218. TV segment on a Transgender Athlete
  219. Gay judge never thought to drop marriage case
  220. FRC "Targeted" For Being A Hate Group
  221. Bill to Include Gay Rights Movement Info in California Textbooks Clears Hurdle
  222. DOMA Repeal Bill Sponsors Ask Boehner to Brief Them on House's DOMA Defense Efforts
  223. Police seek suspect in alleged hate crime against gay man
  224. Gay candidate wins Chicago City Council race
  225. Jesus as an openly gay man
  226. U-M student files harassment lawsuit against Andrew Shirvell
  227. Hair Loss Treatment Website Investigates Hair Loss and Gay Culture
  228. Father-of-three, 55, jailed for 1990 sex attack on two lesbians after DNA 'cold case'
  229. Is San Francisco's Castro neighborhood appropriate for young kids?
  230. Nashville approves anti-discrimination bill
  231. Westboro Baptist's response to NOH8 Campaign
  232. Prop. 8: Who speaks for the state?
  233. Little support for gay marriage alternatives in RI
  234. Swarthmore College campus attack being probed
  235. Congressman Rush Holt to Janet Napolitano: Stop the Deportation of Henry Velandia
  236. Cindy Jacobs Says Earthquake, Tsunami Consequences Of DADT Repeal
  237. Transgender New Yorkers sue over birth certificates
  238. "Most Offensive Fifteen Minutes of TV Ever"
  239. Man sought over 'gay-free' poster at Bow Church station
  240. The Military's Secret Shame
  241. Jury selection set for May 16 in McInerney's murder trial
  242. In Russia, gay activist suffers second assault by fascists, police refuse action
  243. Former judge Michael Kirby wants gay marriage, but not for himself
  244. Service chiefs to testify on ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal
  245. McDonnell opposes allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in Virginia
  246. Wal-Mart Harassment Policy upheld in case of gay harassment
  247. Married Gay Couples ‘Refuse to Lie’ on Tax Forms
  248. Couple happy to play part in Ireland's 'big step'
  249. RI lawmakers take up bill for unmarried couples
  250. Gay cemetery plans under way in Atlanta