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  1. Silence is golden on gay issues
  2. Maryland Marriage Alliance twists pro-equality FLOTUS' words
  3. MN Anti-Marriage Amendment Just for GOP Turnout
  4. Sane-Sex Marriage in Washington State <3
  5. George McGovern, Senator And Liberal Stalwart, Dead At 90
  6. Democrat in Alabama uses Facebook to imply GOP congressional opponent is gay
  7. Gay Republican candidate anticipates a few GOP 'knuckleheads' in Congress
  8. Gay teen denied Eagle Scout submits petition asking Boy Scouts to change policy
  9. Romney Campaign Clarifies, Still Supports Federal Marriage Amendment
  10. Bullied Md. trans student suspended after fight
  11. Family Believes Teen Slain Because He Was Gay
  12. East Aurora, Illinois board repeals district transgender policy
  13. L.A. Unified partners with gay advocates to end bullying
  14. Ted Haggard Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in States
  15. Jamie's Story: Coming Out Day Comes but Once a Year
  16. Deployed soldier begins sex change
  17. Preacher gives interesting gay rights speech
  18. Billy Graham Bought a Whole Page in the Wall Street Journal to Tell You What He Think
  19. Ahead of gay marriage votes, advocates skeptical of polling
  20. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe to debate 'empty chair' on marriage equality
  21. Linda Harvey explains why gays like Halloween
  22. LGBT turnout could swing key races in election
  23. Bishop vs. Bishop: Lutheran calls out Catholic over marriage
  24. Gay should be allowed to adopt in Northern Ireland, judge rules
  25. Spirit Day 2012
  26. Vancouver Canucks to turn Rogers Arena purple in support of GLAAD’s Spirit Day
  27. Gallup Special Report: 3.4% of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT
  28. Gay couple win Berkshire B&B refusal case
  29. Larry King to moderate 3rd Party Presidential Debate
  30. Romney Military Adviser Wanted Separate Housing for Gay Troops
  31. DOMA Unconstitutional
  32. Westboro Baptist Church Member Declares Gays Should 'Absolutely' Be Put To Death
  33. Bachmann Family Values
  34. Gallaudet official says she will seek compensation in anti-gay marriage petition disp
  35. Full 8th Circuit: Mo. town can limit funeral protests
  36. Memphis City Council Approves Nondiscrimination Ordinance
  37. LGBT News LaBarbera: Homosexual Activists are Doing to Christians what the Nazis Used to Do to
  38. Boehner maxes out $1.5 mil cost cap for DOMA defense
  39. Victoria Jackson talks about her opposition to gay marriage
  40. Chick-fil-A Says 'Fruitcake' Remark Was Not a Gay Slur
  41. Unsurprisingly, HPV Vaccination Does Not Lead to Promiscuity
  42. Ann Coulter: National Coming Out Day Followed By National “Disown Your Son Day”
  43. CNN Anchor Battles Anti-Gay Activist, Kicks Him Off After He Trashes ‘Toxic’ Homosexu
  44. " Marriage Is Defenseless Against Homosexuals "
  45. US critical of Iran and Syria in human rights report on 'tumultuous' year
  46. Scouts track gays in 'perversion files'
  47. Truth in Action Warns of ‘Maoist-Style’ Instruction in Military after DADT Repeal
  48. Nordstrom backs gay marriage in memo to employees
  49. In sermon, Iowa pastor confronts woman over judicial retention
  50. When This Woman Was Killed In Combat It Exposed How The Government Really Treats Same
  51. Gay Bashing by Churches Is Why a New Pew Poll Shows America Losing Its Religion
  52. Straight Christian man lives as gay man for a year
  53. At 0-32, gay-marriage forces seek 1st win at polls
  54. Christian Group Finds Gay Agenda in Anti-Bullying Day
  55. Gordon Wilson: Gay marriage a 'step towards state fascism'
  56. Republicans aren't homophobic enough for MassResistance!
  57. Good Read
  58. Saw this in my sub-box in youtube
  59. ESPN Poll shows where Pro Athletes stand on same-sex marriage
  60. Ed Murray, Gay Washington Senator, Remains Rooted In His Catholic Faith
  61. NC university student leaders seek to oust Chick-fil-A
  62. 15 Ads That Changed The Way We Think About Gays And Lesbians
  63. Black, gay and Christian, Marylanders struggle with conflicts
  64. When Facebook Outs Gay People
  65. Update: Please Help Eagle Scout, bullied/denied by his troop - story going viral
  66. Elizabeth Warren Supporters Mock Gay Brown Staffer
  67. Perkins & Boykin: DADT Repeal A Conspiracy To Lower Military Voter Turnout?
  68. Gay Marriage Could Turn Britain Into Nazi Germany, Lord Carey Tells Rally
  69. Ontario allows transgender people to change birth certificate without surgery
  70. Westchester Police Department Sued For Outing Gay Park-Fornicators
  71. VP Debate: Where Was the Gay-Marriage Question?
  72. Mayor Bloomberg Lends Hand to Gay-Marriage Push in Maryland
  73. Nepal hosts groundbreaking gay sports tournament
  74. Never Forget: Matthew Shepard
  75. 'Human Sexuality is Complicated...'
  76. Gay and Republican?
  77. Actress Sally Field gives moving speech about gay son at Human Rights Campaign
  78. Gallaudet University Chief Diversity Officer, suspended For Signing Anti-Gay Marriage
  79. Gay Rights Landmark Proposals In New York City Prompt Heated Debate
  80. Brandon Spikes compares fear of spiders to fear of homosexuals
  81. Happy National Coming Out Day!
  82. Flip-flopper
  83. Trigger Warning: WI Lawmaker Makes Unsurprising and Inappropriate Comment
  84. Collins still ‘considering’ Maine marriage ballot initiative
  85. ACLJ Attorney Fired After Online Accusations of Gay Relationships
  86. Big Bird’s Big Gay Love Story: From Birth to the 2012 Presidential Race
  87. Rep. Frank opposes gay GOP congressional hopeful
  88. 'When Will Hollywood Come Out of the Closet?'
  89. "Positive depiction" of homosexuality to be outlawed in Ukraine
  90. 'Malaysia transsexuals lose cross-dressing case'
  91. Public e-petition against anti-LGBT marriage amendment in MN
  92. ‘IRA hero Collins may have been gay’
  93. France to unveil gay marriage bill on October 31
  94. New ads supporting same-sex marriage go up
  95. Kirk Cameron: Left Tried to "Crucify Me" over Anti-Gay Statements
  96. Gay youth group denied from Anoka, Minnesota Halloween parade
  97. Gay Parents Slammed As 'Sexual Predators' By Alana S. Newman
  98. Minnesota Archbishop Told Mother To Reject Her Gay Son Or Go To Hell
  99. John Boehner, DOMA Defender, Campaigns For Openly Gay GOP Candidate
  100. Gay Scouts come out, rally around teen's Eagle Scout bid
  101. why we need to vote for Obama!
  102. Gay Rights Movement
  103. 63 ex-Catholic priests in Washingon: We back gay marriage
  104. World Net Daily: "Claim: Obama hid 'gay life' to become president"
  105. Rachel Maddow interviews Proposition 8 litigators
  106. Marriage=procreation
  107. Gay marriage, marijuana well ahead in poll
  108. Sally Field gives moving speech on her gay son after winning HRC award
  109. Robertson: God will "Take Down the Wall of Protection around this Nation"
  110. Anyone nearly apolitical when it comes to LGBT issues?
  111. Roy Moore says gay marriage will be 'ultimate destruction of our country'
  112. Gay Republican seeks to unseat Mass. congressman
  113. Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases
  114. Gay Texas Couple /Hate Crime
  115. GMA weatherman Sam Champion comes out
  116. Is It Okay to be Left Handed?
  117. Gays Have Taken Over the FBI!
  118. Dad struggles with acceptance of his gay daughter. Watch what happens...
  119. Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank
  120. Voting While Trans
  121. Chick-fil-A founder steps in it again
  122. Can Richard Tisei cure the GOP’s homophobia?
  123. Orlando Cruz becomes boxing’s first openly gay man
  124. Will there ever be a republican that isn't against same sex marriage?
  125. R.I.P Sahara Davenport
  126. Prop 8 and the Supreme Court.
  127. No, Ann Romney, THIS is hard.
  128. Voting While Trans
  129. Grand Jury charges 4 teens with felony graffiti in anti-gay crime spree
  130. The VAWA expired a year ago and Republicans are still blocking reauthorization
  131. Canada's Largest Protestant Church Elects Gay Leader
  132. San Francisco’s New Archbishop Worries Gay Catholics
  133. NFL's Matt Birk: Let's protect marriage -- and speech
  134. Could this be the truth??!
  135. Calfornia bans "conversion" therapy for gay teens!!
  136. Gays and Mormons???
  137. Former Irish President Criticises Catholic Church's Views on Homosexuality
  138. Any marriage equality awareness days?
  139. Homophobia by the numbers
  140. US immigration chief: Same-sex ties are family ties
  141. Paul Ryan: Reversing DADT Repeal Would Be 'Step In The Wrong Direction'
  142. Proposed Toronto Gay-Centric School, a step forward or a step back?
  143. Honey Boo Boo Shares Her Thoughts On Gay People
  144. Interesting article urging scifi authors to use more female and lgbt protagonists
  145. Ask the GAYS for what the GAYS want
  146. Cleveland United Way pulls for Boy Scouts over group's prohibition of gay members
  147. What’s missing from pro-gay marriage TV ads? Gays
  148. As Anglican Church picks new leader, gay marriage weighs heavily
  149. "Transgender" vs. "Transsexual"
  150. Fundie School Problems
  151. Hong Kong tycoon offers $65 million bounty to marry off lesbian daughter
  152. The moral case for sex before marriage
  153. LGBT rights take center stage at Supreme Court
  154. Boy Scouts Lose Their Biggest Corporate Donor Over Anit-Gay Policy
  155. Former baseball team owner comes out
  156. "How Women Will Be Hurt by Gay Marriage"
  157. Maybe there is something to this "ex-gay" thing Republicans seem to be so fond of...
  158. Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate
  159. Paris Hilton "Sorry"
  160. How to get neutral gender pronouns on Facebook Timeline! (It finally works! :D)
  161. Paris Hilton recorded blasting gay men
  162. Romney Would Want Gay Grandchildren Happily Unmarried
  163. LNP Senator compares gay marriage with bestiality
  164. "Mitt Gets Worse": Mitt Romney's dubious LGBT rights track record
  165. Chick-Fil-A agrees to stop funding anti-gay groups
  166. Religious Right Group Tells Kids Bullying Isn’t OK, but Neither Is Being Gay
  167. Facebook: In Need of Gender-Neutral Pronoun
  168. Nothing worse ‘than being brought up by two gay dads’
  169. DADT Study: Repeal Had No Negative Effects on Military
  170. It gets better...
  171. Malaysian parents warned of gay 'symptoms'
  172. Religious fundamentalists 'educating' children about homosexuality.
  173. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about gay people
  174. A little perspective
  175. College Football Player Kicked Off Team After He Outs Himself During a Game
  176. N.J. boy quits football team when told he can't wear pink gloves for mom w/cancer
  177. "A Bullied Student Finds an Inspiring Hero"
  178. 25 Things A Father Wants to Let His Sons Know
  179. So that's why I love to say shalom!
  180. Turkish Youth Allegedly Killed by Family because of Sexual Orientation
  181. Iran Media Claims 'Zionists Spreading Homosexuality In Bid For World Domination'
  182. Judge blames assault victim
  183. Help for LGBT Youth in the Middle East
  184. Maryland politician asks Ravens to “inhibit” Ayanbadejo’s same-sex marriage support
  185. Holy fucking shitballs. Did you seriously just say that?
  186. Law Professors: 87% Support Same-Sex Marriage, 54% Believe It Is Constitutionally Man
  187. Expedia backing Marriage Equality / Washington State
  188. Premier’s post linking gays and paedophiles “appalling”
  189. 'Matrix' Director Becomes a Woman
  190. Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney
  191. Federal judge approves gender reassignment surgery for convicted murderer
  192. Pro-Romney/Ryan anti-same sex marriage ad
  193. Doctor banned for prescribing 'gay cure' to teen
  194. New Laws Effectively Ban Transgender People from Voting
  195. Lesbians can have babies without sperm?
  196. How do you deal with random homophobia?
  197. Camp for transgender kids
  198. A Life Celebrated: Living in the Honor, Honesty, Integrity and Embrace of One’s Trut
  199. Harvey Milk's nephew, Stuart, says Obama is a 'no-brainer' for LGBTs
  200. Now we're being blamed for natural disasters?!
  201. Republicans in support of same-sex marriage
  202. Maternity Leave for Father
  203. German Dad Supports Gender Non-Conforming Son
  204. Kyrsten Sinema is one step closer to becoming the first openly bisexual member of Co
  205. "Feminism is Evil!"
  206. Gay activist goes undercover at NOM anti-gay student conference
  207. Greater LGBT Access To Education
  208. Gay-rights group covers Illinois delegates' bar tab, criticizes GOP gay-marriage plat
  209. Gay marrige?
  210. Two men announce their engagement on Mainland China's microblogging service
  211. One more hypocrite homophobe
  212. Homosexuality a "Choice"?
  213. Gay marriage kills Baby
  214. Group opposing Boy Scouts’ ban on gay members counts Mitt Romney as a supporter
  215. Gays, Family Values, and more (HUMOUR)
  216. Aussie rugby player puts own marriage on hold in support of same-sex marriage rights
  217. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son pledges support for Born This Way Foundation
  218. Homophobic US Christian fundamentalist convicted of public masturbation offence
  219. TV Rights
  220. Many thanks to Hugh Hefner
  221. More Straight Americans Having Gay Sex Than Gay Americans
  222. Former Seattle City Councilwoman Cheryl Chow Comes Out as Lesbian
  223. The Dinner Table Debate
  224. GOP platform committee rejects civil unions
  225. A Brief History of Gay Times
  226. Moscow's Gay Pride Parade Banned
  227. Gay Manhattan judge will lose father's inheritance unless he marries a woman
  228. CA bill restricting ex-gay therapies under fire
  229. MN marriage message
  230. WTF! Marriott (Mormon-owned) hotel chain in ad supporting pride??
  231. Madonna sued over 10 million for promoting LGBT rights
  232. "Drag Queen" Barbie, The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie
  233. Letter to Dr. Laura
  234. "First gay man elected to lead a mainstream church"
  235. Transsexual Pilots Cleared for Take Off
  236. 477 of Fortune 500 provide protections for gay people!
  237. Radical Feminism Preaching Trans Misogyny
  238. UK Department Of Health Considers HPV Vaccine For Gay Men
  239. Where's it legal?
  240. Family Research Council guard shot
  241. Horshack, Ron Palillo, dies
  242. College denies GSA
  243. First openly lesbian General in the US Army!
  244. Transgender discrimination survey
  245. How to Survive a Plague
  246. Two Straight Guys Kiss At Chic-fil-A To Support Same-sex Marriage
  247. Gay marriage in Alaska
  248. Obama and LGBT Rights
  249. Illinois City Settles Historic Transgender Lawsuit
  250. The Roman Catholic Church in the Modern World