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  1. So much for California Republicans believing in ballot Propositions
  2. ACLU defends student ordered to change gay-equality shirt
  3. Ugandan anti-gay bill killed
  4. Hendrix College to institute limited 'gender-neutral' housing
  5. Governor Walker fires law firm defending Wisconsin's domestic partnership law
  6. “Straight Male Gamer” told to ‘get over it’ by BioWare
  7. SA accused of blunting UN's gay rights moves
  8. CA GOP has first openly gay board member
  9. Maryland Gender Identity Bill Passes Through Committee 15-8
  10. Target lawsuit challenges Canvass For A Cause’s free-speech rights
  11. Westboro to Protest Liz Taylor's Funeral
  12. Town Of Davenport, Iowa Descends Into Hell Following Gay Marriage Ceremony
  13. AZ senators vote to let college clubs refuse members
  14. The Extra Hoops Gay Parents Must Jump Through
  15. DOMA repeal supporters seek Senate hearings
  16. Colo. civil unions bill clears Senate in 2nd day of emotional debate, heads to House
  17. Bill to nullify Missoula anti-gay discrimination ordinance may die in committee
  18. Two Republicans intend to question Vander Plaats’ political motives tomorrow
  19. Michele Bachmann calls judges 'black-robed masters' in Iowa
  20. Sexual Preference Chemical Found In Mice
  21. Mayor Bloomberg to engage Senate Republicans in gay marriage fight
  22. Gay woman in same-sex Queens marriage won't be deported, judge says
  23. So-called 'Gay Cure' iPhone app pulled from iTunes
  24. Vatican tells UN that critics of gays under attack
  25. Mike Huckabee backs reinstating military ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy
  26. Man Fired from LDS Church For Refusing to Give Up Gay Friends
  27. Colorado Civil union legislation passes second reading
  28. Openly gay Republican Fred Karger announces 2012 presidential run
  29. 'Gay It Up' Just Stage Direction, American Idol Lawyer Says
  30. Indiana Senate panel OKs resolution to ban gay marriage
  31. Civil unions legislation introduced in Delaware Senate
  32. Prop. 8 marriage ban holds — for now
  33. Halton Catholic School board rejects gay-straight alliances
  34. Catholics and gays: Closer than you think
  35. Gay families more accepted than single moms
  36. Victoria Jackson Slams 'Glee,' Gays, Muslims In 'Showbiz Tonight' Appearance
  37. De Soto Middle School Student Causes Controversy Over T-Shirt
  38. Va. B&B rejects gays, couple claims
  39. Lebanese Gay Rights Activists Call for Legal Reform
  40. US demanding gay rights support at UN body
  41. Dutch soldiers in uniform at Gay Canal Parade 2011
  42. Apple under fire for 'gay conversion' app
  43. Fckh8
  44. Chick-fil-A president "disappointed" in decision to cancel his presentation
  45. PM Julia Gillard: Gay marriage against my upbringing
  46. Internet May See .gay Domains
  47. 'Gay-hate' killer released
  48. St. Pat’s organizers snub gays, Veterans For Peace
  49. I'm terrified about losing our equal protection...
  50. Gay community gains a larger voice in South Boston
  51. Atlanta police undergo LGBT training
  52. IKEA provokes outrage in Italy after creating advert with gay couple holding hands
  53. Hoodie-Wearing Gang Of Teens Sought In Savage Anti-Gay Attack
  54. Former prison guard awarded $244K after antigay harassment
  55. Study Undercuts View of College as a Place of Same-Sex Experimentation
  56. Q&A: Mormon voices on reparative therapy, growing up gay in the church
  57. Army Training Slides Outline 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Implementation
  58. Gay marriage ban amendment worries Indiana companies
  59. Man, 70, Stoned to Death for Homosexuality: Police
  60. Uganda Health News: MPs to discuss anti homosexuality bill
  61. Civil partnerships become law in the Isle of Man
  62. Slim majority back gay marriage, Post-ABC poll says
  63. Ed Koch Joins HRC Campaign Urging New Yorkers To Support Gay Marriage
  64. Anti-gay slur in Alice
  65. Malaysia gags Lady Gaga, garbles gay lyrics
  66. Briefs in on resuming gay marriages
  67. 5th suspect arrested in fatal beating of Queens teen
  68. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ protesters headed to court
  69. Democratic Party chairman in San Antonio calls gays 'termites,'
  70. Natural-Born Homophobes?
  71. A split decision on DOMA
  72. Irish Minister Criticizes NYC St. Pat’s Parade
  73. Florist refuses to provide flowers to same-sex couple's wedding
  74. Phelps son speaks out about his father, gay rights, and the gospel of child abuse.
  75. It's Finally Been Introduced: DOMA Repeal x2
  76. Lithuania Ignores European Court Decision and Proposes to Ban Gender Reassignment
  77. Politician Comes Out, Outs Opponent
  78. Iowa Republicans look forward to a chance to beat Democratic Senate Majority Leader
  79. Dems in Congress Launch Effort to Kill DOMA
  80. Sticky sodomy case has Botswana gays flustered
  81. Anti-gay El Paso candidate says earthquake and tsunami in Japan were a curse from God
  82. Seton Hall gay student from Ridgefield Park sues over change in dorm room
  83. Public Opinion and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
  84. Gay marriage debate gets double dose of activism at Iowa Capitol today
  85. Crystal Cathedral choir asked to sign anti-gay covenant
  86. Ohio boy may have died because of bullying
  87. Harvard University Attaches Itself to Extreme Anti-Gay, Anti-Islam Hatred
  88. Carney mum on Obama reaction to Md. marriage bill
  89. Montana Senate panel hears low-key crowd on bill to nullify Missoula equality law
  90. Five cited for trespass in Boehner protest
  91. Gay rights activists rally at Indiana Statehouse
  92. Party crashers beat teen to death in Queens after yelling anti-gay slurs
  93. Harry Jackson: 'We Are Going To Stop Gay Marriage In Its Tracks
  94. Prop. 8 backers defend role
  95. "Same-sex Rights" in New Canadian Citizenship Study Guide
  96. London’s East End Pride should be cancelled, gay campaigners say
  97. Gay Rights At Center Stage In Battle Over Moldova Antidiscrimination Bill
  98. Michigan AG Schuette files brief supporting student who refused to counsel homosexual
  99. Footballer in Saudi fined over 'gay' remark
  100. St Lucia defends hospitality after gays attacked
  101. San Diego mayoral race has three homosexual candidates
  102. Anti-gay incidents alleged at high school
  103. Siberian City Gives Decisive Thumbs Down to Anti Gay Legislation
  104. In Poland, it's no longer okay to joke about gays
  105. Westborough church
  106. Standing-room only at RI gay marriage hearing
  107. Paris review: "All teenage girls are at least half-lesbian"
  108. Outspoken Buttars announces retirement
  109. Afghan Men Struggle With Sexual Identity, Study Finds
  110. Nancy Pelosi asks John Boehner how much DOMA litigation will cost
  111. Connecticut Governor to address gay youth conference at UConn
  112. Obama And Religion: Where Will He Stand On Same-Sex Marriage In 2012?
  113. Buddy Roemer Clarifies Position On Gay Marriage, Reaffirms Support For DOMA
  114. Maryland House kills same-sex marriage bill for this year
  115. Marriage rally at Iowa Capitol will feature former Alabama justice Roy Moore
  116. Gay pol's $1 mil 'bribe' out-rage
  117. Maryland Same-sex marriage set for final deliberations today
  118. Obama to bullying victims: I know what it's like
  119. Chick-fil-A president's appearance canceled at request of pro-diversity group
  120. Price hike on inexpensive drug by pharma corps to hit women and the taxpayer
  121. Gay-Friendly Club Coming to Flour Bluff ISD, For Now
  122. Transgender Woman Shot & Dragged In Arkansas
  123. Homosexuals have nothing to be ashamed of, Catholic bishops say
  124. Obama sees opening in social-issue split
  125. Bullied Elementary Student Arrested After Wishing For Gun
  126. Pastors want dress, conduct code for visitors to combat societal ills
  127. Minnesota judge dismisses challenge to gay marriage barriers
  128. Kansas gay sex ban may stay on books
  129. Ex-Gay Organization Now on Your iPhone
  130. Same sex marriage debate today in Md.
  131. Ravens linebacker Ayanbadejo supports same-sex marriage in Maryland
  132. Buddy Roemer Is Fine With State-Sanctioned Gay Marriage, Just Not In His State
  133. More Young People Scorning Sex, Study Finds
  134. Paul defends DOMA as a states’ rights issue
  135. Gay Rights Group Banned From Staten Island St. Patrick's Day Parade
  136. 16-year-old arrested for the beating of a gay student at school
  137. Boehner to Hold DOMA Meeting
  138. Lance Lundsten's Death Ruled Suicide Due to Mixed Drug Ingestion
  139. Octegenarian JFK worker fired for using anti-gay slur while defending DADT
  140. Colorado Civil unions bill clears first hurdle in Senate
  141. Vandals target openly-gay candidate at SUU
  142. Maryland's same-sex marriage debate postponed
  143. Baptists brace for gay marriage
  144. Ralph Reed: Social issues up front
  145. Gay Man Ordered to Surrender Partner for Deportation
  146. Minnesota Democrats vow to fight anti-gay marriage amendment
  147. What is going on?!
  148. W.Va. gay-rights bill dies in legislative session
  149. Colo. lawmakers considering civil unions
  150. Nearly three-quarters of Irish people in favour of gay marriage
  151. GOProud building bridges for gay conservatives
  152. New IRS rule might mean tax break for same-sex couples
  153. Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus
  154. GSA Club Protest at Flour Bluff High School
  155. Miss New Mexico backs out of gay awards show appearance
  156. Mexico City records 700 weddings in first year of law allowing same-sex marriage
  157. Jim Langevin: Now is the time to redefine marriage in R.I.
  158. Navy to Boot Sailor for Vampire Diaries Sleepover
  159. Anti-gay view leads to resignation from Hillsborough board
  160. Harvard to Officially Recognize Naval ROTC
  161. Palin supports Phelps ruling, slams Supreme Court
  162. Westboro Baptist Church to 'Quadruple' Funeral Protests After Ruling
  163. Boehner makes step toward defending DOMA in court
  164. Gay Student Group Denied Charter At Baylor University
  165. TurboTax Can’t Handle Your Weird Gay Marriage
  166. Rep. King to offer amendment to slash DoJ funding equal to cost of DOMA defense
  167. Yet another bisexual villain
  168. Genetic treatment closes door on HIV
  169. Maryland Same-sex marriage bill in peril
  170. Gay Republican to seek congressional seat
  171. The Union battle is affecting us gays!
  172. Well at least the Mormons don’t let star athletes off the hook
  173. Gay divorce case appealed to TX Supreme Court
  174. Frank sees gay equality "in my lifetime"
  175. God and gays at Harding University
  176. No repeal of same-sex marriage law this year in New Hampshire
  177. Emanuel's transition team has no gays
  178. RI Speaker: Committee may vote gay marriage next week
  179. Sarah Palin slams Supreme Court over Westboro ruling
  180. Palin: Obama's position on Defense of Marriage act 'appalling'
  181. Illinois probes religious foster care agencies over discrimination
  182. Support for ordaining gays grows among Presbyterian governing bodies
  183. Staten Island slay suspect Ronald Jones says male friend made unwanted sexual advance
  184. Bill that bans bullying of gay students stalls in Kentucky House
  185. Holdout apparently will support gay marriage
  186. Anti-gay church's right to protest at military funerals is upheld
  187. It's time to say 'I do' on same-sex marriage
  188. Seventh Circuit Reaffirms Students’ Rights to Wear “Be Happy, Not Gay” T-Shirts
  189. White House to hold anti-bullying conference
  190. Westboro Baptist Church is evil, but it may win in high court
  191. Tempers flare over anti-gay bullying at Anoka-Hennepin school board meeting
  192. Ireland elects its first openly gay TDs
  193. Gay rights movement born in 19th century Germany, scholar says
  194. Belarus president told German foreign minister to turn straight
  195. Calif AG asks court to lift gay marriage stay
  196. Utah Senate: No hearing for anti-discrimination bill
  197. Gov't seeks to uphold DOMA in gay lawyer's lawsuit
  198. Cantor Says House Will Defend Marriage Act
  199. Texas School District Bans Christian Club to Stop "Gay Club"
  200. Congressmen Forbes slams same-sex 'parent' fields on passport forms
  201. Boehner: House likely to defend DOMA in court
  202. NH panel to vote on gay marriage repeal bills
  203. Belmont University recognizes first gay student organization
  204. Lithuanian Gay League barred from round table discussion on human rights in Belarus
  205. Hateful quake website suspended by host
  206. Gay 'Hero' Security Guard Says Church Ostracized Her
  207. Same-sex marriage amendment dies in Wyo. House
  208. Court upholds foster ban on couple who oppose homosexuality
  209. Ron Paul Condemns Obama’s Decision to Abandon DOMA
  210. Iowa poll: Many Iowans conflicted, uninterested in gay marriage debate
  211. Man says Iowa forum excluding him because he's gay
  212. Catholic College Fires Openly Gay Priest
  213. Matt Barkley: USC QB Faces Claims of Being Homophobic After Tweet
  214. Gay couple wins $3.15 million jury award
  215. Rep. Steve King: Cut DOJ Budget Over Obama's DOMA Decision
  216. To Block A Gay-Straight Alliance, High School Shuts Down All Extracurricular Clubs
  217. Feasability of 2-Family Household
  218. Mike Huckabee Feebly Defends DOMA’s Constitutionality To A Skeptical Judge Napolitano
  219. Bachmann, Pawlenty urge supporters to defend ‘traditional marriage’
  220. Bill to nullify Missoula's equality ordinance receives backing in House
  221. Newt Gingrich: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Gay Marriage Reversal
  222. Gay couple file complaints after refused space to host their ceremony
  223. Hawaii now seventh state to legalize civil unions
  224. Palm Coast teen says teacher singled him out for being gay
  225. Scottish police 'more gay-friendly than in San Francisco'
  226. Asheville, NC Approves Resolution Supporting Same-Sex Couples
  227. Md. Senate approves same-sex marriage
  228. Boehner should defend same-sex marriage ban, says Santorum
  229. Iowa Bill aims to bar gay marriage, review by court
  230. Court: NYer in gay marriage can inherit as spouse
  231. Proposed bill may quiet conversation on homosexuality
  232. Teachers, fired over alleged lesbian sex in classroom, sue NYC for $2 million
  233. California county renews gay marriage fight
  234. I am soo embarrassed!
  235. Gay soccer fans want separate seating in Euro 2012
  236. [Major gay porn site sues for illegal downloading] Be very very careful.
  237. DOMA deemed unconstitutional by Obama Administration.
  238. Target agrees to stop funding anti-gay groups following Lady Gaga deal
  239. Ugandan 'lesbian' drops homosexual claim
  240. British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings
  241. At Chick-fil-A, biblical principles shape business
  242. Queen's Speech would "call same sex unions ‘marriage’"
  243. Abercrombie will sign civil unions bill Wednesday
  244. Hackers threaten to target and eraddicate WBC off the internet
  245. Md. GOP urges 'no' vote on same-sex marriage
  246. Budapest gay pride banned by police: organisers
  247. Judge upholds Maine's campaign disclosure law
  248. Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care w
  249. Gay rights leader blasts appointment to Hillsborough human relations board
  250. Gay marriage plans are un-Christian claims Tory MP