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  1. Two-parent households are economically better, says Santorum, unless they are gay
  2. Vallejo schools may retool 'Respect for All' curriculum
  3. How the 'London Taliban' is threatening women and trying to ban gays
  4. How the Law Accepted Gays
  5. Alumni group promotes gay awareness on Wheaton College campus
  6. 2 gay dads, 12 happy kids
  7. Same-sex marriage advocates plan Rhode Island State House rally
  8. MN. Lawmaker: How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Aroun
  9. Gay Rights are Popular in Many Dimensions
  10. Constitutional gay marriage ban continues march toward Minnesota ballot
  11. ALIPAC: Democrats Want To Recruit Gay Immigrants To "Bring Down" America
  12. Bob Barr on conservatism
  13. Assistant to St. Paul City Council member Dave Thune criticized for derogatory email
  14. NOM involvement in Bronx rally is racially motivated
  15. J Crew at Center of Gay Economics With Openly Gay Model
  16. [Video] Minn. Republican Madeline Koch Testifies Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Ban
  17. NRA Drops King & Spalding as Clement Fallout Continues
  18. Same-sex kisses on television may face watershed crackdown...
  19. Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden
  20. Spike in searches causes Google to suggest “James Middleton Gay”
  21. A Hotel Group’s Program to Welcome Gay Guests
  22. Tony Perkins Compares Gays And Lesbians To Terrorists
  23. Obama wants to keep DADT for now
  24. Log Cabin Republicans share the Hilton Anatole with the right-wing Heritage Foundatio
  25. The GOP’s Gay President?
  26. Supreme Court Justice Kagan defends Lawyer who is representing House in DOMA case
  27. A Tipping Point for Gay Marriage?
  28. Conservative organization: "Does Obama Think Homosexuals are Unpatriotic?"
  29. Growing Up Gay and Transgendered in Appalachia
  30. Pastor calls stolen flag a hate crime
  31. Can the NFL accept gay players?
  32. Baby store owner harassed over ‘lesbian’ discounts
  33. Peter Vidmar, anti-gay marriage advocate, chief of mission for U.S. 2012 Olympic team
  34. Oak Ridgers rally against 'Don't Say Gay' bill
  35. Catholic diocese asks Rhode Island Assembly to kill civil unions
  36. 5 charged in assault on gay Rock Hill man
  37. Budweiser’s New Ad Sparks Controversy
  38. With GOP in control , gay marriage ban approved by Minnesota Senate committee
  39. Thugs targeting men coming from gay bars, police say
  40. [Video] Marines Get Trained on Accepting Gay Recruits
  41. Business Leaders, in Letter, Will Urge Albany to Legalize Gay Marriage
  42. Couple in Gay Wedding In Kumasi Banished
  43. Virginia AG cancels King & Spalding work for state
  44. Cops Evict Gays from Soho Square - "Royalists Would be Offended; You'll All be Arrest
  45. White House to host first ever trans meeting
  46. Michele Bachmann: My Kids are Crazy About Glee
  47. Minnesota legislators trim wording of marriage amendment
  48. In R.I. House, leadership was split on prospects for gay-marriage bill
  49. Thug beats up gay man in row over his shorts
  50. AntiGay Sally Kern Goes Racists on OK House Floor
  51. Experts debate Smithsonian's response to critics
  52. Transgender professor denied tenure, terminated
  53. Gay beating victim’s testimony ‘calculated’
  54. Three Printers Refuse LGBT Student Publication, Citing F-Word, Images of Cross-Dressi
  55. Focus On The Family Warns That Gay Rights Will Devastate The Judiciary
  56. Beck Lashes Out At King & Spalding, Compares Clement To Civil Rights Heroes
  57. Bill To Void Nashville Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Advances In TN House
  58. Marines Get Trained on Accepting Gay Recruits
  59. Cipollini presses openly gay SJC nominee on same-sex marriage
  60. Braves continue to investigate McDowell allegations
  61. GSA... Protesting?
  62. Houston Fox affiliate: Is TV Too Gay?
  63. Hearing set for motion to disqualify Prop 8 judge
  64. Dallas County adds protection for transgender employees
  65. ROTC Returns to Elite Colleges After Repeal of Military's Gay Ban (Warning Fox News!)
  66. Gay women in Thailand gradually push boundaries, find space for their lifestyle
  67. West Point rejects lesbian cadet
  68. Gay Cuyahoga County worker wins federal ruling on bias lawsuit
  69. Catholic charity appeal dismissed
  70. Italian minister slams Ikea's gay ad
  71. Northampton, MA Gay community divided on march
  72. Utahn assaulted outside Salt Lake gay club
  73. RI House speaker: Gay marriage bill won't pass
  74. Obama rejects attacks on Clement’s DOMA defense
  75. Barred For Life From The Cosmopolitan Hotel For Being Transgender
  76. Kimberly Daniels Picks Up Support From New Black Panthers
  77. Gloria Allred Protests MLB Gay Slur
  78. Creationists Warn That Teaching Evolution Leads To "Homosexual Indoctrination"
  79. Votes lined up in Senate committee for DOMA repeal
  80. [Video] State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-TN) On 'Don't Say Gay' Bill
  81. Conservative columnist: Obama’s refusal to defend DOMA will cause the fall of America
  82. Suspect in Transgender Puerto Rican’s Brutal Attack Arrested
  83. House Dems ask to review new DOMA lawyer contract
  84. Blade Rises from the Ashes
  85. Rosie O'Donnell Not Renting From Trump
  86. Eric Holder rejects attacks on Paul Clement over DOMA defense
  87. [Video] Bernard Whitman on Fox News Defends Same-Sex Couple Adoptions
  88. Double suicide in western Minnesota puts bullying back in spotlight
  89. Have you Taken Action?
  90. Minnesota Republicans offer constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage
  91. Coca-Cola pushed King & Spalding’s DOMA ditch
  92. Surgeon Rejects Sexism Charges [over comment on euphoric properties of semen]
  93. Pakistan introduces 'third gender' option
  94. Rhode Island lawmaker who ripped pot smokers, busted for marijuana possession
  95. Boy in high heels removed from class
  96. In Cameroon, three more arrests for homosexuality
  97. Church calls attention to its support of gays
  98. Clovis, NM may disband school clubs rather than allow gay-straight alliance
  99. Barn Fire Kills Eight Horses
  100. Prejudice lives on, even in enlightened D.C.
  101. Japan's first openly gay politician hails poll win
  102. Activist says Moscow authorities authorized gay rally
  103. [Nevada] Senate passes two sex discrimination bills, nixes a third
  104. Texas may strip away transgender marriage rights
  105. Calif's reported last gay bookstore to close
  106. Equal Time for 'Traditional Values' at Texas Public Colleges
  107. Pat Robertson: Liberals Support Abortion To Make Lesbians Equal
  108. Prop. 8 supporters move to erase ruling because trial judge is openly gay
  109. Orlando gay-business association to open downtown headquarters
  110. Clement quits firm over Defense of Marriage Act flap
  111. CA schools already teaching gay history
  112. Ruben Diaz Sr.: Gay Marriage Over My Dead Body
  113. League of Women Voters Joins N.Y. Marriage Coalition
  114. Australian Christian Lobby chief Jim Wallace's Anzac Day slur sparks outrage
  115. NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey's bid to become a priest is denied
  116. Vigil Planned For Physically Attacked Trans Woman at Baltimore McDonald's
  117. On Easter, a Sermon of Rebirth, and a Rally for Rights
  118. Rick Santorum Against "Privileges" for Gays
  119. Law Firm Pulls Out of DOMA Case
  120. Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, Backs Gay Marriage
  121. W.Va. gay advocacy group hires first staffer
  122. Big same-sex district in Brooklyn has little gay vibe
  123. Nigeria's gay church is reborn amid a climate of fear
  124. Tweeting, deleting help build Rutgers webcam case
  125. Maternity Store Offers Discount Only To Lesbian Customers
  126. Fox News coverage of the DOMA lawsuit
  127. Will Donald Trump's Same-Sex Stance Alienate Gay Travelers?
  128. For Catholics, Open Attitudes on Gay Issues
  129. Alfred Freedman; led effort to reclassify homosexuality
  130. Equality Maryland: McDonalds beating is a hate crime
  131. Sex ed classes would require parental permission under O.C. lawmaker's bill
  132. Lil B Says I'm Gay LP Title Provoking Death Threats, Slurs
  133. Brighton hotel accused of turning away lesbian couple
  134. John Snow shuts again as gay kiss storm lingers on
  135. Malcolm X's Daughter Disputes Claims in New Bio on Father
  136. GOP Presidential Candidate Johnson Backs Gay Equality, Legal Cannabis
  137. Law School graduation speaker criticized by students for stances
  138. Gay rights groups want shootings prosecuted as hate crime
  139. FBI arrests man in Vt.-Va. custody case
  140. Law Firm Fighting For Defense Of Marriage Act Faces Backlash
  141. Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Faces Uncertain Future
  142. GOP House members seek impeachment of Iowa justices for same-sex marriage decision
  143. Italy: Lesbian MP and partner insulted in central Rome
  144. Montana Legislator Defends Comments Some Call Homophobic
  145. Montana Judge rules against gay couples seeking rights
  146. Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. "Affronted" By Gov. Cuomo's NY Gay Marriage Legalization Push
  147. Flagstaff Gay civil rights ordinance moves forward
  148. Prop. 8: Trial TV blackout permanent?
  149. Texas A&M Senate backs anti-gay measure
  150. How Some Drama at the Seattle Gay Softball World Series Became a Federal Case
  151. Fred Karger invited to S.C. 2012 debate
  152. Italian book exposes Rome gay priest scene
  153. Ex-Monterey Park fire chief alleges discrimination
  154. Howard laws create gay marriage loophole
  155. The DOMA Gag Rule?
  156. ‘Jesus had two Dads’ poster in Dublin set to cause outrage
  157. Bangor man arrested after calling San Francisco man a ‘sexual slur’
  158. 'Don't say gay' bill clears Tennessee Senate panel
  159. 5 Lakers appear in public service announcement promoting acceptance
  160. Nancy Pelosi questions GOP on DOMA contract ethics
  161. Iowa professor's response to GOP prompts outrage
  162. Carrie Prejean Update! Another Lawsuit!
  163. DOMA Defense Will Cost $500K
  164. Malaysia's anti-gay camp violates law says minister
  165. Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority
  166. Same-sex adoptions lose ground after Va. board vote
  167. Senator goes after Cuomo on gay marriage
  168. MAP: Has Your State Banned Sodomy?
  169. Serbia far right leader gets 2 years in prison
  170. Video: Same-Sex Immigration Bill Proposed In The Senate
  171. Roommate charged with hate crime in NJ webcam case
  172. Highlands church changes policy on marriages until state changes its stand
  173. Rock Hill gay beating prompts South Carolina hate crime bill
  174. Cuomo Helps Groups Mobilize for Gay Marriage Bill
  175. The GOP’s DOMA Dead End
  176. Congressman McKeon backs legislation to disrupt ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal
  177. Nevada Assembly passes transgender discrimination bill
  178. Lawsuit asks California to pay for inmate's sex-change operation
  179. Virginia social services commissioner advises against adoption changes
  180. Witness: Gunman upset daughter was in relationship
  181. Boy, 10, the youngest Australian to have sex change
  182. Transsexual ordered to switch back to male wins $50,000
  183. Derren Brown went to church to 'cure' his homosexuality
  184. Last gay Holocaust survivor celebrated in book, documentary
  185. Poll: Majority supports gay marriage
  186. Court upholds woman's 'de facto' parental rights
  187. New Hampshire Tea Party Activists Don't See Harm From State Same-Sex Marriage Law
  188. Even on Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity
  189. FBI probes gay man's attack at Rock Hill, South Carolina gas station
  190. Indian Supreme Court defers hearing on decriminalisation of gay sex
  191. Media ask court to unseal gay marriage trial tapes
  192. Rick Santorum Denies He's Homophobic, But Wants Gay Sex Should Be Criminalized
  193. Rick Santorum Supports Reinstatement Of Gay Military Ban DADT
  194. MN Governor: Equal rights for gays and all a US "founding principle"
  195. Malaysia sends 66 teen boys to anti-gay counseling
  196. Fred Karger pushing Romney and the Mormon Church to stop the hate
  197. Senator Collins, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to End Workplace Discrimination
  198. Environmentalists seek gays' advice on President Obama
  199. HRC to Law Firm King & Spalding: Defense of Discriminatory DOMA Law is "Shameful"
  200. Arizona Would Prefer You Not Be Gay if You Want to Adopt a Kid
  201. Evan Rachel Wood: "I'm Bisexual"
  202. Photo of gay men kissing booted from Facebook
  203. Gay coach and lacrosse player are opening closet doors at Bowdoin College
  204. Orange County, Florida to extend benefits to gay workers' families
  205. Bush Solicitor General will defend DOMA lawsuits for House Republican leadership
  206. Hungary passes new conservative constitution
  207. An Open Letter to Focus on the Family
  208. Harry Jackson: Gay Marriage Is Part of a "Satanic Plot"
  209. 46 Years Ago Today: First Lesbian & Gay Protest at the White House
  210. Expanded health benefits for state workers' partners survive House vote
  211. Jackson, PUSH deny firing man for being gay
  212. Republicans Mount Defense Of Anti-Gay Marriage Law
  213. Suit calls for full release of Prop 8 Trial video
  214. Documentary clips show sad face of Yes on 1
  215. Gay activist picked for Illinois House vacancy
  216. What leads gay, straight teens to attempt suicide?
  217. Kobe Bryant: I Used To Beat Up Kids In High School Who Teased My Gay Friends
  218. Newman backs gay marriage ... but forget about law changes
  219. Illinois group sees small victory in Schuyler County after Sheriff's anti-gay comment
  220. Gay marriage's diamond anniversary
  221. Myanmar gays seek Thai-style acceptance
  222. YouTube Pulls Apple Employee Video for “Depicting Harmful Activities”
  223. Democrats come out swinging during House hearing on ‘defending marriage’
  224. Spectator Complaint Puts An End to Anti-Gay Slurs at Hockey Games
  225. The 50 most influential gay and lesbian Americans
  226. Taiwan presidential hopeful blasts 'gay' question
  227. South Carolina beating victim describes attack as hate crime
  228. How RAF tried to 'cure' lesbian recruits
  229. First homosexual caveman found
  230. Reliable Tally of Gay Population Proves Elusive
  231. David Stern predicts openly gay players
  232. SEIU Political Director Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”
  233. LGBT News Puberty blocker for children considering sex change
  234. My Argument with a guy on a basketball forum
  235. Hawaii gains third openly LGBT elected official
  236. Psychiatrist: We Need To Protect Kids From Being Exposed To LGBT People
  237. Dustin Zito’s homophobia flares, Real World producer discusses Dustin’s gay sex past
  238. When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?
  239. Pulling Out All the Stops to Push an Antigay Bill
  240. Michigan Law School Invites Senator With ‘Anti-Gay Politics’ To Speak At Senior Day
  241. * Federal judge: I played Prop. 8 trial video 3 times
  242. On Same Day Kobe Uses Anti-Gay Slur, NBA Players Show Us Importance of Respect
  243. A Gay Former N.B.A. Player Responds to Kobe Bryant
  244. Soho's John Snow pub shuts doors before 'gay kiss-in'
  245. Accused killer believed ex-wife had lesbian affair: Crown
  246. Rick Scarborough: AIDS Is God's Judgment For An Immoral Act
  247. Dismissal of EMU counselor who refused gay student draws GOP fire
  248. Donald Trump: I'm Christian, Pro-life, Against Gay Marriage & So For The Death Penalt
  249. Panel backs claim of discrimination by transgender renter
  250. Boehner suggests House marriage hearing is ‘legitimate’