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  1. LGBT News GenCon is about as ready to leave Indiana as governor is to sign discriminatory bill
  2. General News Zayn Malik has taken a second direction
  3. LGBT News Blake Brockington - young transgender activist suicide
  4. General News Cure in sight for HIV
  5. LGBT News Some really good news
  6. General News Gazi Kodso's Speech
  7. LGBT News Bob Jones III apologizes for saying gays should be stoned
  8. General News Germanwings Airbus A320 crash in French Alps
  9. LGBT News Woman Sues Planet Fitness For Being Too Respectful Of Transgender People
  10. LGBT News Open for Service: A Guide to Businesses That Do Not Discriminate
  11. General News Commonwealth Freedom of Movement
  12. General News Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand
  13. General News Wisconsin Abortion Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional
  14. LGBT News Selfridges department store is becoming unisex.
  15. LGBT News Slate: California can't kill its "kill the gays" ballot measure.
  16. General News Scottish independence campaign lied about prospective oil revenue
  17. LGBT News Puerto Rico Drops Opposition to Gay Marriage
  18. LGBT News BarbWire Publishes Column From Gay Death Penalty Advocate
  19. LGBT News Mat Staver Calls For "Many Thousands" Of Christians To Disobey SCOTUS Ruling
  20. LGBT News Bigoted Catholic Cardinal Forced to Resign After Admitting to Sexual Harassment
  21. LGBT News Landon Wilson, soldier kicked out of military for being trans, profiled on CBS news
  22. LGBT News Site Blocked in Indonesia
  23. General News What's in a name?
  24. LGBT News Daughter of married lesbians against Gay marriage
  25. LGBT News Gay Conversion Therapy
  26. LGBT News Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) adds same-sex marriage to church constituion.
  27. LGBT News Court Rules That Transgender Patient Tortured By Doctors Is Protected Under Obamacare
  28. General News Aurora Borealis
  29. LGBT News Florida anti-transgender bathroom bill moves a step closer to passing
  30. General News X Factor NZ judges bully contestant on air...and are thankfully fired
  31. LGBT News Dolce & Gabbana on gay marriage
  32. LGBT News Fully Successful Penis Transplant
  33. LGBT News U.S. Reform Jewish rabbis to install first openly lesbian leader
  34. LGBT News Father poured boiling water over his gay son for coming out as gay
  35. General News Atlanta ‘prosperity gospel’ pastor calls on congregation to buy him a new $65 million
  36. LGBT News Utah's LGBT rights bill is a trojan horse for the religious right’s agenda
  37. LGBT News Utah governor signs LGBT anti-discrimination bill, includes some religious exemptions
  38. LGBT News Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Anti-Gay Businesses to Post “No Gays Allowed” Signs.
  39. LGBT News D.C. Police Appoint First Trans Woman to Lead LGBT Liaison Unit
  40. LGBT News Trans Teen Jazz Jennings Is The New Clean & Clear Campaign Girl
  41. General News Author of Article Making Fun of Math Error Makes Math Error
  42. LGBT News First openly trans student in Junior High School and met with great acceptance.
  43. LGBT News Oklahoma House Votes to Ban All Marriages
  44. General News RIP Sir Terence Pratchett
  45. General News An Adorable Therapy Dog Born with No Eyes
  46. LGBT News Replubican Senator rides on school bill with transgender restroom + religious freedom
  47. LGBT News Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Feels ‘Bullied’ by Transgender People
  48. General News Racist fraternity video - Univ. of Oklahoma
  49. LGBT News Lesbian hate crimes this year
  50. LGBT News The Fosters Makes History With a Teenage Kiss
  51. General News This is why you should always be nice to people
  52. LGBT News Dustin Lance Black on coming out to homophobic, Mormon mother
  53. LGBT News Planet Fitness Under Fire For Supporting Trans Woman, Kicking Out Transphobic Member
  54. General News Gladiadores do Altar (Altar Gladiators)
  55. LGBT News "How Homophobia sounds to normal people" by Girl Pants Production
  56. LGBT News Georgia Senate approves ‘religious freedom’ bill
  57. LGBT News US Supreme Court schedules same-sex marriage case - April 28th
  58. LGBT News Ben Carson: Careful! Bakers might poisen same-sex wedding cakes
  59. LGBT News David Benham cured a man’s homosexuality by buying him baseball tickets
  60. General News Transforming Gender
  61. LGBT News Gays in California
  62. LGBT News Florida House panel OKs bill restricting public restrooms to birth gender
  63. LGBT News Ben Carson: Prisons prove being gay is a choice
  64. General News Love has No Labels
  65. LGBT News Slovenia Approves Same-Sex Marriage
  66. LGBT News In today's news: Alabama is still fighting same-sex marriage...
  67. General News Something I Thought You'd All Be Interested In
  68. LGBT News Two college athletes banned for being gay.
  69. LGBT News Catwoman Confirmed as Bisexual In new DC comic
  70. General News Woman poisons her son with salt
  71. General News The World's Most Humble President
  72. LGBT News Slovenia will vote on gay marriage tonight
  73. LGBT News Charlotte, N.C., rejects LGBT-inclusive ordinances after hours of public debate
  74. LGBT News Calif. attorney files for ballot initiative seeking to have all gays executed
  75. LGBT News Veteran Affairs
  76. LGBT News U.S. judge rules Nebraska same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional
  77. General News Ukrainian MP Proposes Law to Jail Critics of the Regime
  78. LGBT News The State of Kentucky...
  79. General News Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead
  80. LGBT News West Virginia next on barring local government from preventing discrimination
  81. General News Texas lawmakers celebrate 10 years of anti-LGBT bigotry with cake
  82. LGBT News The Walking Dead fans object to kiss between two gay characters
  83. LGBT News Two-Father Babies!
  84. LGBT News The AFA made a "bigotry map"
  85. LGBT News Roy Moore still terrible
  86. General News One step closer to finding an HIV vaccine
  87. General News UK parliament allows three person babies
  88. LGBT News Offer PreP to all gay men?
  89. LGBT News Anti-anti-discrimination bill in Arkansas became law
  90. LGBT News Defense Secretary Carter:Transgender Americans should be allowed to serve openly
  91. LGBT News Coming out as gay at Chinese New Year
  92. LGBT News Pope Francis compares arguments for transgender rights to nuclear arms race
  93. LGBT News Boy wears pink shoes to preschool. Adults act more childish then the kids.
  94. LGBT News MBC an arabic channle says food causes samesex attraction
  95. LGBT News Wyoming Lawmaker ejected from committee
  96. LGBT News UKIP MEP who said homophobia doesn’t exist complains about ‘UKIP-phobia’
  97. LGBT News Transgender teen kills himself
  98. LGBT News Doctor refuses treatment of same-sex couple's baby
  99. LGBT News First lgbt marriage in Texas!
  100. General News New aggressive HIV strain in Cuba leads to AIDS three times faster
  101. LGBT News Queerest Cities in America 2015 and Muslims for Progressive Values
  102. LGBT News Christian school forces gay student to leave
  103. General News Swatter Faces Maximum of Five Years...
  104. LGBT News KKK issues “call to arms” over Alabama same-sex marriage ruling
  105. General News Murder-suicide plot ‘averted’ in Canada
  106. General News Socrates Trained Plato on Rock
  107. LGBT News UKIP Enlist Anti Gay Zealot For Coventry South
  108. LGBT News Kate Brown To Become First Out Governor After Kitzhaber's Resignation
  109. LGBT News Idaho’s first six same-sex marriage licenses ruled invalid
  110. LGBT News CNN's Chris Cuomo Absolutely GRILLS Homophobic Alabama Judge Roy Moore
  111. LGBT News Rand Paul & Huckabee to appear in documentary featuring “ex-homosexuals”
  112. LGBT News Kansas Gov rescinds LGBT protections for state workers
  113. General News Some Conservatives Celebrate The Death of IS Hostage
  114. LGBT News New documentary about dangers of homosexual agenda
  115. General News 3 Muslim Students shot dead in N.C
  116. LGBT News There is no feminist use of the word "faggot"
  117. General News No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning
  118. LGBT News HRC amicus curiae brief to SCOTUS is taking names
  119. LGBT News Meet The Trans Sex Worker Who Transformed A Gang-Controlled Prison TW: Rape
  120. LGBT News Alabama gets gay marriage
  121. LGBT News Anti-marriage referendums FAILS in Slovakia
  122. LGBT News Coast Guardsman shot dead lesbian fellow officer and seriously wounded her wife
  123. LGBT News Florida bill would jail trans* people for using "wrong bathroom"
  124. LGBT News Lutheran High North
  125. General News A reminder that you're not anonymous online
  126. LGBT News Homophobic paster agrees with ISIS, loves gay sex and semen
  127. LGBT News Vile Anti-Same Sex Marriage supporter makes one hell of a Freudian slip
  128. General News Coca-Cola pulls Twitter campaign after it was tricked into quoting Mein Kampf
  129. General News 40 year old woman marries herself
  130. General News Conversion Therapy
  131. General News Shoppers see few bargains at Target Canada liquidation sales
  132. LGBT News Russian lesbians take selfie with anti-gay lawmaker
  133. LGBT News Alabama Judge advocates defying federal court rulings on marriage equality
  134. LGBT News Lesbian couple kiss in front of anti-gay Russian lawmaker and took selfie
  135. LGBT News League of Legends e-sports organizer limits lesbian and transgender participants
  136. General News GOP REP: Restaurant workers shouldn't have to wash their hands after using the toilet
  137. LGBT News Bruce Jenner transitioning is "bad for the kids of America"
  138. General News ISIS burn captured Jordanian pilot alive
  139. LGBT News Missing Person - Columbus, OH
  140. LGBT News Huckabee compares being gay with liking Ballet, drinking and swearing.
  141. General News Whitney Houston's daughter found unconscious in bath tub
  142. LGBT News Same-Sex Marriage Called "erotic liberty" by Southern Pastor
  143. LGBT News I love this video...
  144. LGBT News New Hallmark ad features lesbian couple in campaign "Put Your Heart to Paper"
  145. LGBT News The isolated lives of North Dakota's gay oil field workers
  146. LGBT News The Slippery Slope of opinion
  147. LGBT News NPR article on Female Husbands
  148. General News Huckabee: Obama Giving Muslims 'Special Rights' While 'Stomping All Over Christians'
  149. LGBT News Pope Francis Holds Private Meeting With Transgender Man and Fiancée
  150. LGBT News Alabama chief justice threatens to not recognize federal marriage rulings
  151. LGBT News Leelah's Petition
  152. LGBT News Alabama law makers threatens to expose 'colleagues marital infidelities'
  153. LGBT News Mormon leadership backs anti-discrimination laws for LGBT
  154. LGBT News Ontario inmates to be placed in jail according to gender identity
  155. LGBT News Holocaust Memorial Day
  156. LGBT News Robbie Rogers talks about locker room homophobia
  157. General News Greek General Election
  158. LGBT News President Obama support same sex marriage in youtube interview
  159. General News Ofsted questions 10 year old student and christian school about sexuality and gen
  160. LGBT News Alabam gay marriage ban struck down.
  161. General News Paris wants to sue Fox
  162. General News Fox "News" Humiliated by White House
  163. LGBT News Huckabee: If SCOTUS rules in favor of gay marriage, just ignore them!
  164. General News The Shady Financial Practices of Mike Huckabee
  165. LGBT News 2 Straight Guys Walk Down the Street Holding Hands
  166. LGBT News Transgender Individuals Recognized For First Time Ever In A State Of The Union Speech
  167. General News Judge orders father to take kids to Catholic Mass
  168. LGBT News Anti-Gay Group wants 2 Justices to recuse from same-sex marriage case
  169. General News UK government 'most transparent' in the world
  170. General News Bare boobs gone from page 3.
  171. LGBT News Israel to permit trans people to legally change gender without surgery
  172. LGBT News British Army Officer on coming out as trans
  173. General News Texas gun rights group reenacts Charlie Hebdo Shooting
  174. LGBT News Double rainbow appears at Gay Christian Network Conference while Westboro protests
  175. General News Canada closes all target stores
  176. LGBT News Islamic State - Throw man from roof for bring gay
  177. LGBT News Kentucky Bill: Catch Trans Student in Wrong Bathroom, Win $2,500
  178. General News The boy who allegedly went to heaven recants his story
  179. LGBT News SCOTUS Will Take Up Same-Sex Marriage Cases
  180. LGBT News THe current Pope is as much a fool as the last
  181. General News Penn State football wins reinstated
  182. General News Charlie, the inspiration, the pencil, the keyboard, and the image
  183. LGBT News Federal Judge rules Michigan must recognize gay marriages from last March
  184. General News Dealership humiliates pizza guy, internet comes to the rescue
  185. LGBT News Irish priest receives standing ovation after revealing he is gay
  186. General News FBI can't hire computer security experts, because they smoke pot
  187. General News US House Republicans votes to defund Obama's executive actions on Immigration
  188. General News Steubenville Superintendent Resigns to Avoid Criminal Charges
  189. General News British Prime Minister Suggests Banning Some Online Messaging Apps
  190. LGBT News ATL Fire Chief fired for homophobic remarks, Christians call for reinstatement
  191. LGBT News South Dakota same-sex marriage ban struck down. Stayed appeal
  192. LGBT News Gay couple branded: Revolting
  193. LGBT News Update on pastor who "chooses" not to be gay
  194. General News Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria
  195. LGBT News What Have I Stumbled Across?
  196. General News Sia’s video: let’s be wary of seeing paedophilia everywhere
  197. General News George Zimmerman Arrested Yet Again For Assault
  198. LGBT News Priest comes out during mass
  199. LGBT News Panti Bliss gives brilliant follow-up speech about homophobia, gets standing ovation
  200. General News #jesuis Ahmed Charlie hebo French muslim dead cop killed gets support
  201. LGBT News Saks Claims a Legal Right to Discriminate Against Trans Employees
  202. LGBT News Russia:transsexual & transgender people will no longer qualify for driving licenses
  203. General News Barbara Boxer to retire in 2016
  204. LGBT News Lynx/Axe produce gay kiss commercial - surprisingly not bad
  205. General News God is now owner of small town in Alabama
  206. LGBT News TRANSmilitary
  207. General News Terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo
  208. LGBT News Florida gets gay marriage
  209. Florida today has had its first gay marriage!
  210. LGBT News Pastor "chooses" not to be gay
  211. LGBT News Scientists create precursors for sperm and egg cells from skin cells
  212. LGBT News US DVD Cover for "Pride" Removes Gay/Lesbian References
  213. General News Gohmert, Yoho to challenge Boehner for Speaker
  214. LGBT News I know it's a couple months old but...
  215. General News ISIS putting some limits on it's insanity
  216. General News Christine Cavanaugh Dies At 51
  217. General News AirAsia wreckage found…with bodies
  218. LGBT News 17 y/o Transgender Female Commits Suicide to Help Transgender Civil Rights Movement
  219. General News Man arrested for giving a horse a blow
  220. LGBT News FDA conciders changing lifetime ban on blood donations.
  221. General News AirAsia Flight 8501
  222. General News Political Grandstanding, Brought to You by the NYPD.
  223. General News Pope Francis’s edict on climate change
  224. LGBT News Another LGBT loss in Michigan
  225. LGBT News Eminem comes out as gay.
  226. LGBT News “Transgender” Fairy Doll Hits Stores, Shocks Parents
  227. LGBT News 4th Grader Asks Santa For Equality, Writes About Transgender Sister
  228. General News Christmas is a huge hit in Pakistan among both ChristIan's and muslims
  229. General News NYC transit discourages "manspreading" on subways
  230. General News Shrien Dewani Acquitted.
  231. General News Some US cinemas to screen The Interview
  232. LGBT News John Jolie-Pitt wears suit to premiere, rocks it
  233. General News HIV-positive boy shunned by village: Ghinese Govt intervenes
  234. General News Pope Francis blasts "ailments" of Vatican bureaucracy
  235. LGBT News Maybe learning self-defense would be a good idea.
  236. LGBT News Willie Robertson "trying to figure out" if being gay is a choice
  237. General News UNC Computer Science Department Cuts
  238. LGBT News "My Husband Is Not Gay" new TLC show
  239. LGBT News Florida to allow same sex marriage as of Jan 6
  240. LGBT News New York State requires insurers to provide trans* inclusive coverage
  241. General News Twenty sinful cities
  242. General News The US reopens relations with Cuba
  243. General News The White House Is Considering A ‘Serious’ Response To The Sony Hack
  244. General News 21 year old woman speaks out about North Korean regime
  245. LGBT News Federal Government announces protection for transgender workers
  246. LGBT News an open letter to Michelle Dugger
  247. LGBT News Transgender person missing from Warren, Michigan
  248. LGBT News Top Anti Vaxer group claims "Vaccines make kids gay" a legitimate question
  249. LGBT News A 9-Year-Old Girl Sent This Beautiful Letter To Her Teacher After He Came Out As Gay
  250. General News Markus Kaarma guilty of German student's homicide