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  1. General News Please clap (Jeb Bush)
  2. LGBT News Washington State Passes "Genital Check" Bill
  3. LGBT News British Boy Bander George Shelley Comes Out
  4. LGBT News Did BuzzFeed Just ‘Out’ a Trans Man?
  5. General News Trump and Edward Snowden nominated for Peace Prize
  6. General News Claiming ‘Fraud’ Trump Wants Iowa Count Nullified, demands do-over
  7. General News Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  8. General News Dear God, TLC are bringing back 19 Kids & Counting
  9. General News Trump loses Iowa Caucuses
  10. General News There's an app for that -Clinton Iowa volunteers to back O Malley to block Bernie
  11. LGBT News Bucks County refused to give prescribed medication to transgender inmate
  12. General News ''So Cruz issues you with a subpoena and Trump sends you a Christmas card''
  13. General News Bill Clinton/ Trump pedophile problem.
  14. General News Clinton emails labeled top secret
  15. General News Mosquito-born Zika virus 'spreading explosively'
  16. LGBT News LGBT File Festival in Phoenix
  17. General News Trump steals the spotlight off the debate
  18. LGBT News Here we go again, Indiana Senate committee advances world's worst LGBT rights bill
  19. LGBT News Oklaholma bill would stop suicidal gay youth from seeking a gay-affirmative therapist
  20. General News Donald Trump makes a little girl cry
  21. General News McDonald's Introduces Chocolate Covered French Fries
  22. LGBT News Another Mexican State legalizes same-sex marriage!
  23. General News Trump skipping Thursday debate
  24. General News Ammon Bundy captured
  25. LGBT News Italy set to vote on Civil Unions
  26. LGBT News Edmonton Oilers become first NHL team to use Pride Tape
  27. General News Glenn Beck says Trump too dangerous to be president ?
  28. General News Trump threatens to skip debate, due to Megyn Kelly
  29. General News Houston grand jury declines to indict Planned Parenthood. Indicts anti abortion duo.
  30. General News Broncos vs Panthers in the Super Bowl
  31. General News Donald Trump says "Christianity will have power" if he is president
  32. LGBT News Michaela Mendelsohn becomes the first transgender board member of The Trevor Project
  33. General News Five dead at school shooting in Canada
  34. General News 1 Dead, 12 Sick Due to Listeria Outbreak Linked to Packaged Salads, Officials Say
  35. General News Donald Trump Retweets Apparent Neo-Nazi Supporter
  36. General News #Oscarssowhite - The 2016 Oscars scandal
  37. LGBT News Trans athletes will now be allowed to compete in the Olympics without getting surgery
  38. LGBT News Bernie Sanders stood up for gays in 1995
  39. General News Alexander Litvinenko assassination - "probably on Putin's orders"
  40. General News Woman who knowingly gave gun to felon given probation
  41. General News Sara Palin endorses Trump for president
  42. LGBT News The Human Rights Campaign endorses Hillary Clinton for President
  43. LGBT News Parents Outraged That 8th Graders Were Asked If They’re LGBT In Anti-Bullying Worksho
  44. LGBT News Russian Duma vetoes homophobic law
  45. LGBT News Why does Christianity in America feel it needs to impose beliefs on others
  46. Celine Dion's brother dies at 59 just 2 days after her husband!
  47. General News Y'all Queda Oregon Militia Overwhelmed By Dildo Deliveries
  48. General News 6 Hospitalized, One of Them Brain-Dead, After Drug Trial in France
  49. General News If Sen. Sanders gets elected Bill OReilly will move to ireland
  50. General News Celine Dion's husband dies at 73
  51. General News ISIS bombs Jakarta
  52. General News Alan Rickman dies at age 69 in London
  53. General News Denmark debates confiscating migrants' valuables
  54. LGBT News Man opposes LGBT protections in Jacksonville because...
  55. LGBT News Mike Pence: "Religious freedom > LGBTI rights"
  56. LGBT News Is Russia about to make coming out a crime?
  57. General News Sanders blistering attack
  58. LGBT News Another day, another bathroom bill from a GOPer
  59. General News Flint, Michigan water crisis
  60. General News David Bowie dies
  61. General News Sen. Sanders more electable than Hillary
  62. LGBT News Amandla Stenberg, Act who plays Rue in The Hunger Games, comes out as bisexual.
  63. General News 'Racist' Thailand skin-whitening advert is withdrawn
  64. General News Congress Ends Ban On Federal Funding For Needle Exchange Programs
  65. LGBT News New CDC Report Finds More Men Identifying as Bisexual
  66. LGBT News Cruz: Better to 'Inflict' a Transgender Student on Teachers Than Teens
  67. LGBT News Cartoon Network Is Bursting With LGBT Characters
  68. LGBT News Cartoon Network UK 'Censors' Lesbian Relationship From Kids TV Show
  69. General News Is MSNBC the Donald Trump network now?
  70. General News Oregon Militia Occupation
  71. LGBT News Roy Moore strikes again!
  72. LGBT News Gay man sue for right to marry in China
  73. General News Get Behind Your President's Actions Re. Gun Control Americans
  74. LGBT News Call to remove gender from (uk) passports and driving licences
  75. General News Light bulb moments, a fun story
  76. LGBT News Guy stands up for drag queen against homophobe on train
  77. General News Bill Cosby Charged
  78. General News new study links game day college football culture to rape
  79. General News Former Glee star Mark Salling arrested for possession of child pornography
  80. General News 'Affluenza' kid aka Ethan Couch arrested in Mexico
  81. LGBT News Oregon bakery pays 144,000 in damages
  82. General News Same Outcome, Different Place. No Indictment in Tamir Rice Killing
  83. General News Human cloning now possible, but publics will resist
  84. LGBT News Trans hate crime murders total at least 21 fore 2015
  85. General News Greek Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine
  86. LGBT News The great "bathroom war" goes down the toilet.
  87. LGBT News Greece Approves Civil Unions by a Large Margin
  88. General News Zambia appoints rapist as ambassador for fight against gender and sexual violence
  89. LGBT News Greek archbishop: We should spit on gays because they’re ‘freaks of nature’
  90. LGBT News FDA Ban on gay blood donations lifted in US
  91. LGBT News Slovene gay marriage referendum fails
  92. LGBT News Ten years of Civil Partnerships in UK
  93. General News First Transgender Judge in Canada
  94. General News 30 Percent of GOP Voters In Favor of Bombing Aladdin's Home Country
  95. General News Virginia county closes schools over arabic writing assignment
  96. General News There is a God, Martin Shkreli arrested
  97. General News 'Sexist' family christmas photo taking down on FB
  98. General News WhatsApp temporarly blocked on Brazil
  99. General News Student leader reject Falwell's call to "end Muslims"
  100. General News A "good" alibi for Rape... apparently.
  101. General News Anyone Else Watching The Republican Debate?
  102. General News December 15th national tea day
  103. General News 1st British Astronaut To Go To ISS
  104. General News NASA, in conjunction with DARPA, will construct a search engine for the "Deep Web."
  105. LGBT News crowd funding for investigative film into gay murders
  106. General News Wendy Williams "I'm Ashamed To Be Black"
  107. LGBT News Facebook options.
  108. LGBT News This 46-year-old trans woman is beginning her new life — as a 6-year-old girl
  109. General News Welcome To Canada! :)
  110. General News Former Officer Daniel Holtzclaw Receives Shocking Conviction
  111. LGBT News Marco Rubio says he will rollback lgbt protections
  112. General News White supremacist groups see Trump Bump
  113. General News Concealed Guns Allowed At Jerry Falwell Liberty University
  114. LGBT News Legalization vs normalization
  115. LGBT News Cincinnati OH bans conversion therapy for minors
  116. LGBT News Maxim Russia Releases List of Celebrities They 'Forgive' For Being Gay
  117. General News Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops
  118. LGBT News Victoria (Aus) passes same-sex adoption laws - with relgious exemptions
  119. General News John Lennon killed 35 years ago today
  120. LGBT News Rose McGowan bashes Jenner 4 having male privilage and not understanding womanhood
  121. General News Donald Trump Proposes "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S."
  122. General News Zombie-Themed Nativity Scene Causes a Stir in Ohio
  123. LGBT News Passion Pit Singer Comes Out as Gay
  124. LGBT News Gay men spat on by fellow refugees in center.
  125. General News 12 killed 5 wounded at nightclub in Egypt
  126. General News Time for action
  127. General News US Military Opens All Combat Roles to Women
  128. LGBT News Dominican Cardinal insults gay American ambassador
  129. General News UK parliament votes to launch air strikes on Syria
  130. General News Another day, another mass shooting in the USA
  131. LGBT News Research on christian groups' acceptance of transgender members
  132. General News Turkish court vs Lord of the Rings
  133. LGBT News Trans woman found dead in all male prison
  134. LGBT News Pope Believes HIV Crisis is Only a ‘Small, Partial’ Problem
  135. LGBT News Trans Woman Detained in Orlando Airport Because of her Genitals
  136. LGBT News Homophobic boxer contendor for Sports Personality of the Year
  137. LGBT News Joseph Pemberton convicted of killing transgender woman
  138. General News Pope (sort of) says condoms Ok to prevent HIV
  139. General News Planned Parenthood Gunman Captured Alive
  140. General News Saudi Arabia to execute over 50 convicted of terrorism - including children
  141. LGBT News Homophobe are running out of places to shop
  142. LGBT News UK review of gay blood bars
  143. General News When FDR moved Thanksgiving: the presidential power grab that tore a nation apart
  144. General News Jared Fogle gets 15.5 years for child porn and molestation
  145. LGBT News The CDC wants 1 in 4 sexually active gay and bisexual men to use Truvada / PrEP
  146. General News Laquan McDonald
  147. LGBT News Uterine Transplants May Allow Men To Give Birth Within 5 Years
  148. LGBT News Modern Family Star Comes Out
  149. General News 15-20 years ago?
  150. LGBT News (lighthearted) "Skirt Day" at Mexican school
  151. General News The Lord's Prayer in UK Cinemas Debate
  152. General News BBC's Andrew Neil Takes On ISIS in Incredible TV Show Opening
  153. LGBT News Same Sex couples can now adopt in Portugal!
  154. General News Columnist: US should ‘bomb Mecca off the face of the earth’
  155. General News Support pours in for fired E. Greenbush Walmart employee who redeemed $5.10 of cans
  156. LGBT News Trans woman dies in UK men's jail
  157. LGBT News Transgender Day of Remembrence : May Peleg
  158. General News Refugees
  159. General News Let's Be Clear
  160. General News Coffee Tied to Lower Risk of Dying Prematurely
  161. LGBT News Indiana GOP introduce LGBT rights bill, somehow make it worse than the RFRA
  162. General News Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidency Race
  163. General News Anonymous Declares War on ISIS
  164. General News Actor Charlie Sheen reveals he's HIV positive
  165. LGBT News Crossdressing birds.
  166. General News 241 Girls and women have been rescued!
  167. LGBT News Tennessee Lawmakers Vote On Resolution Asking God to Spare Them Over Gay Marriage
  168. General News Mizzou and #ConcernedStudent1950 Protests
  169. General News Social Justice Warrior Explodes at Yale University Master
  170. General News Lebanon arrests suspects in Beirut bombings
  171. LGBT News Anti-gay bride fires Pro-gay wedding photographer... The joke is on the bride xD
  172. General News Shootings and Explosions in Paris
  173. LGBT News Judge removes child from gay foster parents
  174. LGBT News Anti HERO leader defends man sued for photographing women in a bathroom
  175. LGBT News Utah judge removes foster child from lesbian couple
  176. LGBT News Leonard Matlovich: The Gay Military Hero You've Probably Never Heard Of
  177. LGBT News People quitting Mormon Church over anti gay decree
  178. LGBT News Ukrainian Parliament chooses homophobia over EU integration
  179. General News Trump on the Starbucks controversy
  180. LGBT News Mat Staver doesn't understand irony
  181. LGBT News Someone was fired for being "too lesbian"
  182. LGBT News Re-upload: A ban on marriage equality forces lesbian couple to stay together.
  183. LGBT News Interview with director of documentary on Black churches and lgbt members
  184. LGBT News The Horrors LGBT Folks In Myanmar Face
  185. LGBT News We Are Deviant Sodomites Who Need to Wear Special Clothing
  186. LGBT News HERO repealed
  187. LGBT News Malaysia Lacking LGBT Rights
  188. General News A Line Has Been Crossed
  189. General News An interesting LGBT article
  190. LGBT News Being Gay in Brunei
  191. General News Anonymous outs several KKK members-- including US Senators and mayors
  192. LGBT News Northern Ireland Assembly votes for equal marriage, DUP blocks it anyway.
  193. LGBT News Homophobia in Cambodia
  194. LGBT News Lesbian couple alleges they were arrested for kissing in a grocery store
  195. LGBT News "Beautiful As I Want To Be", New Transgender TV Show
  196. LGBT News Transgender equality being discussed in UK parliament
  197. General News Hurricane Patricia
  198. LGBT News Gus Kenworthy, Olympic Freeskier, Comes out as Gay
  199. LGBT News Transgender woman in Utah suicides, leaves notes on Facebook
  200. General News Texas removes Planned Parenthood from Medicaid
  201. General News Homeless people move into future hotel. Owners: "stay for the winter"
  202. General News Canadian Election
  203. LGBT News Six Men in Russia Jailed for Kidnaping and Torturing Gay Teens on Camera
  204. LGBT News Twice as many people come out on FB now
  205. General News Canadians Get Out And Vote Oct. 19th
  206. General News Westburo Babtist Church plans to protest outside of Kim Davis' office.
  207. LGBT News Zellla Ziona marks the 21st Transgender Person Killed This Year
  208. General News Lab-Grown Burgers Will Be Available In 5 Years
  209. General News Drug company CEO feels the Bern
  210. General News NASA's Kepler Space Probe Spots 'Alien Megastructure?'
  211. General News Mental health crisis in toddlers
  212. General News 2 Brothers Were Beaten for Hours at Secretive New York Church, 1 dies
  213. LGBT News Democrat Debate
  214. LGBT News What it's like to be LGBT in Singapore
  215. LGBT News Republican lawmaker works to outlaw conversion therapy
  216. LGBT News Being LGBT In The Philippines
  217. General News Raven Symone on "Ghetto Sounding Names"
  218. LGBT News Cruel Treatment of LGBT Activists in Indonesia
  219. LGBT News National Coming Out Day?
  220. LGBT News The Struggle Of Being A Trans Cop
  221. General News Agreements in Colombia/Venezuela border crisis
  222. General News More School shootings
  223. LGBT News People losing their shit over soup ad
  224. LGBT News This Trans Woman Is Using Topless Photos To Challenge Facebook’s Nipple Policy
  225. General News Ben Carson vs history
  226. LGBT News An alternative to the Kinsey Scale
  227. LGBT News Connor Collins Literally Schooled Someone Who Sent Him Hate Mail
  228. General News IU Frat Closes After Graphic, Sexual, Non-Consensual Hazing Video Goes Viral
  229. General News Bring your bible to school day
  230. LGBT News Genetics Homosexuality Study
  231. General News California Death with Dignity
  232. General News Bahar Mustafa facing chares for malicious communictaion
  233. LGBT News Transgender Woman murdered in Philadelphia
  234. General News 11 yr old boy raped by 21 year old woman
  235. LGBT News Westbro Baptist Church Chased Off by Highschoolers
  236. LGBT News Asking locals to translate homophobic letter (video)
  237. General News Woman Intentionally Blinds Herself, Says She's Happier This Way
  238. General News Ben Carson denying evolution and climate change...and "Where did gravity come from?"
  239. LGBT News Senior Vatican official comes out as gay
  240. LGBT News Norwegian billionaire comes out as bisexual
  241. General News Viola Davis Wins an Emmy - Nancy Lee Grahn
  242. LGBT News Vatican Speaks: Pope Francis does not endorse Kim Davis's views
  243. General News Oregon Shooting
  244. General News Extreme US anti-abortion activist to be deported from Australia immediately
  245. General News Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn Speak at the UN
  246. General News Did shooter post sinister warning message on 4chan night before massacre at Oregon co
  247. LGBT News Sweet Cakes Bakery now refusing to pay settlement
  248. LGBT News Pope met Kim Davis
  249. Teen trans girl's mom suprises her with her first dose of estrogen
  250. LGBT News Ruth Coker Amazing women