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  1. LGBT News Boy Scouts of A: "Ok fine so gays aren't pedophiles... but we still don't like 'em"
  2. General News When dead children have no names: Israel's terrifying descent into numbness
  3. LGBT News Skateboard legend Tony Hawk is speaking out in favor of gay marriage
  4. General News Mom arrested after letting kid go to park alone.
  5. LGBT News The Gully Queens of Jamaica: How a gay community in one of the most homophobic places
  6. LGBT News Uganda's Constitutional Court annuls anti-gay law
  7. LGBT News Transgendered Teen Stabbed on D.C Metro
  8. LGBT News Is this the most stupid firing ever?
  9. General News "Toys 'R' Us Doll Penis Freaks Out Shoppers"
  10. General News House ACTUALLY votes to sue Pres. Obama.
  11. LGBT News Sacking of gay vicars
  12. General News In middle of drought, huge water main breaks in LA and floods UCLA
  13. LGBT News Russia to revive Soviet Eurovision alternative to protest gay ‘madness’ of Conchita*w
  14. LGBT News Athens: 10 police officers attack men for holding*hands
  15. LGBT News Bad News for the "ex-gay" Movement
  16. LGBT News PS4 - "Gaystation Edition" up for auction to support LGBT group
  17. LGBT News Appeals court legalizes same-sex marriage in VA, WV, NC, SC
  18. General News Russian activities concerning Ukraine.
  19. LGBT News Male prisoners claiming to be transgender to get special treatment
  20. General News Eyeball gets eaten when Taiwanese student leaves contacts in for six months
  21. LGBT News Newspaper Editor Fights For Job After 'Gaystapo' Blog Post
  22. LGBT News LGBTI protesters harassed, have banners ripped up at Canada mayor Rob Ford event
  23. LGBT News Here's Michelle, with her usual comments
  24. LGBT News Uganda rapper that wants all gays murdered to perform in UK
  25. LGBT News Andreja Pejic Transitioned
  26. General News Carjackers fail because they can't drive stick shift
  27. General News Algerian Airliner reported missing - 116 on board
  28. LGBT News Man beat and killed his daughter trying to make her lesbian
  29. General News So... It's back, 1 dead and a whole city quarantined
  30. LGBT News Justices Say Utah Doesn't Have to Recognize Gay Marriages
  31. LGBT News Obama Signs executive order providing LGBT protections to federal employees
  32. LGBT News Dungeons and Dragons now includes sexuality-based rules.
  33. LGBT News support for same-sex marriage is now higher in Australia than it was in any other cou
  34. LGBT News Sainsbury’s attacked for covering up gay magazines, leaving Zoo uncovered
  35. LGBT News Homophobia: the courage to speak out
  36. LGBT News Obama Finally Ready To Sign Executive Order Targeting LGBT Job Discrimination
  37. General News Police chief commends dad who rearranged man's face for sexually abusing his son
  38. LGBT News Salem, MA mayor has awesome solution to anti-gay callers
  39. LGBT News Married trans* couples must divorce, says ECHR
  40. LGBT News Appeals court says Oklahoma must let same-sex couples wed.
  41. LGBT News BNP Youth leader attacks his dog for being gay
  42. LGBT News Florida gay marriage ban struck down!
  43. General News Malaysia airlines
  44. LGBT News Glenn Beck, the LGBT community thanks you for your intolerance
  45. General News Death Penalty ruled unconstitutional in California by federal judge
  46. General News Six Californias ballot proposition moves forward
  47. LGBT News Malawi to stop arresting people for having gay sex
  48. LGBT News Dublin: Same-sex marriage motion passes at local*council c
  49. LGBT News Victory: Croatia adopts civil union law for gay couples
  50. General News US man claims part of Sudan as his "princess" daughter's kingdom
  51. General News Kstew in drag! Kstew in drag!
  52. LGBT News Tacoma Schools apologize for firing gay teacher in 70s
  53. LGBT News CDC survey says less than 3% of population is gay or lesbien.
  54. LGBT News Archie Andrews will officially die while trying to save a gay friend!
  55. LGBT News Yes, even in Canada...
  56. LGBT News Bleach doesn't cure HIV
  57. LGBT News Petition: Call On HHS & The FDA To End Their Ban Against Gay & Bisexual Male Blood Do
  58. LGBT News Fox news and gender neutral bathrooms
  59. LGBT News Italian mayor wants to ban public kissing between same-sex couples
  60. LGBT News Singapore libraries to destroy copies of gay penguin book
  61. General News Two male penguins adopt abandoned chick
  62. LGBT News Ian Thorpe comes out as gay?
  63. LGBT News Conspiracy theorists actually think Michelle Obama is transgender
  64. LGBT News Anti-gay Church finds no support in UK
  65. LGBT News LOOK:John Legend's beautiful new video features Laverne Cox!
  66. LGBT News Nash Grier kisses gay fan in attempt to make up for homophobic slur
  67. General News Healthy gay men urged to take HIV drugs
  68. LGBT News New Australian Liberal Democratic Party senator promises marriage equality bill
  69. LGBT News Toronto crack mayor Rob Ford votes against beds for LGBTI homeless youth
  70. General News Manassas City police want to photograph teen in sexually explicit manner
  71. LGBT News breaking news! judge: colorado same sex marriage ban unconistiutional
  72. General News AIDS 2014 Melbourne declaration:nobody left behind
  73. LGBT News Russian MP wants naked Apollo removed from bank note in case he turns kids*gay
  74. LGBT News Ohio public pool denies family passes to same-sex couples
  75. LGBT News The Hobby Lobby decision convinced LGBT groups to abandon a bill they supported for y
  76. LGBT News Mississippi law legalising anti-gay discrimination now in effect
  77. General News Scolari's reaction to Brazil vs. Germany outcome
  78. LGBT News Vine Star Nash Grier Hurls Homophobic Slur In HIV Video
  79. LGBT News Radio Friendly Pop Song
  80. General News Officer Who Shot Unarmed Teen Carrying Toy Gun Won't Be Charged
  81. General News EPA land grab
  82. LGBT News This video almost converted me to homophobia
  83. LGBT News The proud whopper
  84. LGBT News *Graphic* Attack on Transgender woman caught on video
  85. LGBT News "'America's Got Talent' airs song mocking trans women"
  86. LGBT News Religious groups want exemption from hiring LGBT after Hobby Lobby ruling
  87. LGBT News Drag Queen Shuts Down Anti-Gay Protesters at Pride Parade
  88. General News Immigration Reform dies
  89. LGBT News Viewpoint: Should gay men and lesbians be bracketed together?
  90. LGBT News Colorado Governor asks court to rule same sex marriage ban unconstitutional
  91. LGBT News Mama Tits to the rescue
  92. LGBT News Gay Whopper ?
  93. LGBT News Gay Marriage Legalized in Kentucky
  94. LGBT News Second employee alleges chase bank surveyed staff's lgbt loyalty
  95. LGBT News Ireland: Same Sex Marriage Referendum Spring 2015
  96. LGBT News Progression in Bluegrass State (Kentucky)
  97. LGBT News John oliver looks at uganda’s insane anti-gay laws
  98. LGBT News Obama Surprises Pride Celebrants With Brand New Gender Identity Executive Order.
  99. General News US Employers win birth control case
  100. LGBT News faith based school stabbing.
  101. General News Haiti and it mud cakes
  102. LGBT News The pros and cons of transgender children in the public eye
  103. General News Michigan Republican convicted of sex offenses running for state Legislature
  104. General News SC Governor's Race Closer Than Expected.
  105. LGBT News Navy SEAL who became a woman hits out at accusations she has become a Pentagon poster
  106. General News Mean people all around - she followed the rules ...
  107. LGBT News UN Human Rights Council passes LGBTI excluding ‘family protection’ resolution
  108. LGBT News Demi Lovato sends out pro-gay Christian message in new music video
  109. LGBT News UK: Civil Partnerships can be converted to Marriage from December 10th
  110. LGBT News On transgender issues, we tend to forget our most powerful sexual organ is
  111. LGBT News Hillary Clinton calls out Rick Perry for anti-gay comments
  112. General News Lisa Ling investigates rising rate of HIV in Washington, D.C.'s poorest areas
  113. General News Utah Gay Marriage Ruling Contains Two Historic Firsts
  114. LGBT News WATCH: Edie Windsor receives huge honor from Bill Clinton
  115. LGBT News Four same-sex couples issued marriage licenses, wed in St. Louis
  116. LGBT News The Moment A Gay Couple Dared To Kiss In The Face Of Hate
  117. LGBT News In historic moment, transgender priest
  118. LGBT News Rick Santorum Claims
  119. LGBT News Boulder County Colorado issuing Marriage Licenses
  120. LGBT News Town votes to give fired lesbian police chief her job back
  121. LGBT News Gay dads denied parental rights
  122. LGBT News 'Two Bad Tourists' Are Going Global For Gay Pride
  123. LGBT News The gay marriage movement
  124. LGBT News BREAKING: 10th Circuit Rejects Utah's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage
  125. LGBT News Indiana Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  126. LGBT News Finnish legal committee votes against gay marriage
  127. LGBT News CNN's "Is Disney Ready for a Gay Princess" Article Gets A Bunch of Negative Comments
  128. General News Higher gun death rates in states
  129. General News I can't even imagine the guilt ...
  130. LGBT News Why 'Puto' Must Go
  131. LGBT News Pastor wins appeal in Methodist Church
  132. LGBT News So whats the holdup ????
  133. LGBT News Body of transgender woman found burned, behind a trashcan.
  134. LGBT News “Passable transvestites.”
  135. LGBT News LOOK: Starbucks' latest move for lgbt
  136. LGBT News US: Family Research Council accidentally
  137. General News A student got stuck
  138. LGBT News Alaska
  139. LGBT News Religious residents urged to protest city's Pride rally
  140. General News Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, Joe Paterno ...
  141. General News The pope has excommunicated the ..
  142. General News Girls rule: Dress code debate
  143. LGBT News New book “The Glass Closet” - being gay in corporate life
  144. LGBT News Massachusetts Announces Improvements
  145. LGBT News Watch Rick Perry's homosexuality/alcoholism analogy get skewered
  146. LGBT News A Canadian school board just approved
  147. General News Hope Solo arrested for allegedly
  148. LGBT News Texas man admits
  149. LGBT News Same sex marrage in Arkansas?
  150. General News Some countries just aren't very progressive
  151. LGBT News Rick Santorum sounds off
  152. LGBT News Pres. Obama To Make New Push
  153. General News List of most peaceful nations in the world.
  154. LGBT News Rick Perry: I 'Stepped Right In It' With Comments About Gays
  155. LGBT News Republicans destroy Republican arguments
  156. LGBT News Is it just me or...?
  157. LGBT News Pittsburgh Cop Punches Woman at Pride Event
  158. LGBT News Did Colbert just change his stance?
  159. LGBT News The heartbreaking story of two gay dads denied legal parenthood of their OWN twins
  160. LGBT News Jon Stewart explains being gay isn't a choice, but being a Texas Republican IS
  161. LGBT News Greek bishop: Gays are a ‘perversion’ and pride is a ‘disgrace’
  162. LGBT News Luxembourg will most probably have gay marriage AND adoption by tonight !
  163. LGBT News White House set to meet with LGBT activists
  164. LGBT News Pres. Obama's executive order on LGBT job discrimination
  165. LGBT News Pres. Obama is leaving his mark on the judiciary as the Senate confirms gay, black ju
  166. LGBT News Call for boycott of Spanish department store over sales of anti-gay books
  167. LGBT News First African-American transgender women preforms at Carnegie Hall.
  168. LGBT News Twelve-Year Old Transgender Boy Is First Canadian To Get New Birth Certificate.
  169. LGBT News Older people and AIDS
  170. General News World Cup 2014
  171. LGBT News Rick Perry defers to scientists on gay conversion therapy, forgets they already trash
  172. LGBT News This Kentucky High School Just Set The Bar For Protecting Transgender Students
  173. LGBT News Obama Drafting Executive Order On LGBT Job Discrimination
  174. LGBT News The Crux of the Matter
  175. LGBT News Awesome Ad by Allstate Insurance
  176. General News Iowa Republican Senate Candidate Believes in Agenda 21 Conspiracy
  177. General News What happened between Kanadajin3 and Rachel and Jun?
  178. The Whittington Family: Ryland's Story
  179. LGBT News Sex apps increasing STI risk
  180. LGBT News If you think Russia is bad.
  181. General News JK Rowling - Scottish independence carries "serious risks"
  182. General News Thad Cochran: As a kid, I did ‘all kinds of indecent things with animals’
  183. LGBT News What are your thoughts on gay pride parades?
  184. LGBT News Ontario Elects First Openly Gay Premier
  185. General News Iraq
  186. LGBT News Homophobia in Russia is Taking a Kafkaesque Turn
  187. LGBT News Gov. Rick Perry and his views
  188. General News 'Jews, Out of France!'
  189. LGBT News OK GOPer “We would be totally in the right” if the state started executing gays
  190. General News Anyone in Brazil for the world cup?
  191. LGBT News Study: Gay Men Make Straight Men Feel Dirty
  192. LGBT News Shanghai Pride Week in June 2014
  193. General News Eric Cantor loses primary to Tea Party challenger
  194. LGBT News This isn't exactly news as in being NEW, but this guy is BAD NEWS
  195. LGBT News AMA says transgender patients don't need surgeries to change birth certificate.
  196. LGBT News 3 Attacked in Homophobic Hate Crime....
  197. General News The violence is getting out of hand
  198. LGBT News They have Christian far right in Korea now...
  199. LGBT News US Consul General Rena Bitter supports gay rights in Vietnam
  200. LGBT News australias chaplaincy-program-to-fund-groups-with-links-to-homophobia
  201. LGBT News Gay Marriage Legalized in Wisconsin
  202. LGBT News North Dakota - Marriage Equality Lawsuit
  203. General News Fort Hood Prostitution Ring
  204. General News Indian minister Babulal Gaur - Rape "sometimes right"
  205. LGBT News In Memory of Alan Turing
  206. General News John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Call Bogs Down FCC Site
  207. LGBT News High School Principal Comes Out as Gay
  208. General News Bowe Bergdahl
  209. General News Alabama Billboard Quotes Hitler and the Bible
  210. General News Girl asks for cooked sushi at top sushi bar gets flamed
  211. LGBT News Texas Republican Party Drafts New Platform Advocating For Ex-Gay Therapy
  212. General News Yet another mass shooting. 3 police dead, shooter at large
  213. LGBT News Denyng marriage to same sex couples declared againt the constitution
  214. LGBT News Further evidence for genetic basis for homosexuality
  215. General News 12 year old sacrificed for SlenderMan
  216. General News Racist woman explodes on man for starting car, calls racial slurs, video goes viral
  217. General News Mississippi Senate primary heads to runoff, other primary results
  218. LGBT News Youtube Spotlight: #Proudtoplay
  219. General News Staind Singer Threatens Dudes Molestering Crowd-Surfing Teenager
  220. LGBT News "Ann Coulter" should be a swear word
  221. LGBT News Maryland opponents fail to gather over 1000 signatures
  222. General News This is sad - RIP
  223. LGBT News Texas Restaurant that refused to serve gay couple gets a big surprise...
  224. LGBT News Facebook releases free Pride-themed sticker set
  225. General News Three suspects have confessed to the crime of the hanging and rape of the teen girls
  226. General News Oregon district gives teachers the okay to give 6th grade students condoms
  227. LGBT News Brain activation in a homosexual couple
  228. LGBT News Republican U.S. Rep. From PA Charlie Dent Supports Same-Sex Marriage
  229. General News Starbucks guy exploits program for drink
  230. LGBT News Medicare Covering Trans* Surgeries?
  231. LGBT News Parents explain why they let their son Ryland change gender aged 5 in moving video
  232. LGBT News TIME Magazine - The Transgender Tipping Point
  233. General News 1 in 4 men in India are self-admitted rapists
  234. LGBT News Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month.
  235. LGBT News Federal board overturns Medicare ban on transition related healthcare!
  236. LGBT News Being Gay in Iran!
  237. LGBT News Canadian athlete John Fennell comes out
  238. General News Interview with Snowden
  239. LGBT News Laverne Cox Talks to TIME About the Transgender Movement
  240. General News Indian teenagers ganged raped in the village and hung them the tree
  241. LGBT News Newly elected Ukip councillor sacked for racism and homophobia
  242. LGBT News Robert De Niro: Me & My Gay Dad
  243. General News Ahmandi Muslim doctor shot in Pakistan
  244. General News Maya Angelou has died
  245. General News Pakistani preganT stoned to death by her family bc she married the one she loved
  246. LGBT News same-sex marriage will be in 50 states ‘within a year’
  247. LGBT News Transwomen caught in brawl on Marta train.
  248. General News Former Bush Official: HIV 'Nature's Way' Of Warning Gay People
  249. General News Fox News Contributor Blames Mass Shooting On 'Homosexual Impulses'
  250. General News Spooky drive-by shooter