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  1. LGBT News Pres. Obama is leaving his mark on the judiciary as the Senate confirms gay, black ju
  2. LGBT News Call for boycott of Spanish department store over sales of anti-gay books
  3. LGBT News First African-American transgender women preforms at Carnegie Hall.
  4. LGBT News Twelve-Year Old Transgender Boy Is First Canadian To Get New Birth Certificate.
  5. LGBT News Older people and AIDS
  6. General News World Cup 2014
  7. LGBT News Rick Perry defers to scientists on gay conversion therapy, forgets they already trash
  8. LGBT News This Kentucky High School Just Set The Bar For Protecting Transgender Students
  9. LGBT News Obama Drafting Executive Order On LGBT Job Discrimination
  10. LGBT News The Crux of the Matter
  11. LGBT News Awesome Ad by Allstate Insurance
  12. General News Iowa Republican Senate Candidate Believes in Agenda 21 Conspiracy
  13. General News What happened between Kanadajin3 and Rachel and Jun?
  14. The Whittington Family: Ryland's Story
  15. LGBT News Sex apps increasing STI risk
  16. LGBT News If you think Russia is bad.
  17. General News JK Rowling - Scottish independence carries "serious risks"
  18. General News Thad Cochran: As a kid, I did ‘all kinds of indecent things with animals’
  19. LGBT News What are your thoughts on gay pride parades?
  20. LGBT News Ontario Elects First Openly Gay Premier
  21. General News Iraq
  22. LGBT News Homophobia in Russia is Taking a Kafkaesque Turn
  23. LGBT News Gov. Rick Perry and his views
  24. General News 'Jews, Out of France!'
  25. LGBT News OK GOPer “We would be totally in the right” if the state started executing gays
  26. General News Anyone in Brazil for the world cup?
  27. LGBT News Study: Gay Men Make Straight Men Feel Dirty
  28. LGBT News Shanghai Pride Week in June 2014
  29. General News Eric Cantor loses primary to Tea Party challenger
  30. LGBT News This isn't exactly news as in being NEW, but this guy is BAD NEWS
  31. LGBT News AMA says transgender patients don't need surgeries to change birth certificate.
  32. LGBT News 3 Attacked in Homophobic Hate Crime....
  33. General News The violence is getting out of hand
  34. LGBT News They have Christian far right in Korea now...
  35. LGBT News US Consul General Rena Bitter supports gay rights in Vietnam
  36. LGBT News australias chaplaincy-program-to-fund-groups-with-links-to-homophobia
  37. LGBT News Gay Marriage Legalized in Wisconsin
  38. LGBT News North Dakota - Marriage Equality Lawsuit
  39. General News Fort Hood Prostitution Ring
  40. General News Indian minister Babulal Gaur - Rape "sometimes right"
  41. LGBT News In Memory of Alan Turing
  42. General News John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Call Bogs Down FCC Site
  43. LGBT News High School Principal Comes Out as Gay
  44. General News Bowe Bergdahl
  45. General News Alabama Billboard Quotes Hitler and the Bible
  46. General News Girl asks for cooked sushi at top sushi bar gets flamed
  47. LGBT News Texas Republican Party Drafts New Platform Advocating For Ex-Gay Therapy
  48. General News Yet another mass shooting. 3 police dead, shooter at large
  49. LGBT News Denyng marriage to same sex couples declared againt the constitution
  50. LGBT News Further evidence for genetic basis for homosexuality
  51. General News 12 year old sacrificed for SlenderMan
  52. General News Racist woman explodes on man for starting car, calls racial slurs, video goes viral
  53. General News Mississippi Senate primary heads to runoff, other primary results
  54. LGBT News Youtube Spotlight: #Proudtoplay
  55. General News Staind Singer Threatens Dudes Molestering Crowd-Surfing Teenager
  56. LGBT News "Ann Coulter" should be a swear word
  57. LGBT News Maryland opponents fail to gather over 1000 signatures
  58. General News This is sad - RIP
  59. LGBT News Texas Restaurant that refused to serve gay couple gets a big surprise...
  60. LGBT News Facebook releases free Pride-themed sticker set
  61. General News Three suspects have confessed to the crime of the hanging and rape of the teen girls
  62. General News Oregon district gives teachers the okay to give 6th grade students condoms
  63. LGBT News Brain activation in a homosexual couple
  64. LGBT News Republican U.S. Rep. From PA Charlie Dent Supports Same-Sex Marriage
  65. General News Starbucks guy exploits program for drink
  66. LGBT News Medicare Covering Trans* Surgeries?
  67. LGBT News Parents explain why they let their son Ryland change gender aged 5 in moving video
  68. LGBT News TIME Magazine - The Transgender Tipping Point
  69. General News 1 in 4 men in India are self-admitted rapists
  70. LGBT News Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month.
  71. LGBT News Federal board overturns Medicare ban on transition related healthcare!
  72. LGBT News Being Gay in Iran!
  73. LGBT News Canadian athlete John Fennell comes out
  74. General News Interview with Snowden
  75. LGBT News Laverne Cox Talks to TIME About the Transgender Movement
  76. General News Indian teenagers ganged raped in the village and hung them the tree
  77. LGBT News Newly elected Ukip councillor sacked for racism and homophobia
  78. LGBT News Robert De Niro: Me & My Gay Dad
  79. General News Ahmandi Muslim doctor shot in Pakistan
  80. General News Maya Angelou has died
  81. General News Pakistani preganT stoned to death by her family bc she married the one she loved
  82. LGBT News same-sex marriage will be in 50 states ‘within a year’
  83. LGBT News Transwomen caught in brawl on Marta train.
  84. General News Former Bush Official: HIV 'Nature's Way' Of Warning Gay People
  85. General News Fox News Contributor Blames Mass Shooting On 'Homosexual Impulses'
  86. General News Spooky drive-by shooter
  87. LGBT News Slovak parents fail to block adoption by gay couple
  88. LGBT News Fred Phelps may have had a change of heart before he died
  89. General News 4-party politics?
  90. General News Maryland's Governor to consider presidency
  91. General News Fire at Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art
  92. LGBT News New York Radio Hosts Kimberly And Beck Fired After Making Anti-Transgender Remarks
  93. General News Fiat Chrysler CEO: "Please don't buy Fiat 500e electric car"
  94. LGBT News Michigan Politician Compares Gays To Nazis, Rejects Anti-Discrimination Bill
  95. LGBT News Standardized Testing Can Make You Gay
  96. General News Man Develops Virtual Reality Headsets for Chickens
  97. General News Prince Charles likens Putin to Hitler
  98. LGBT News GALLUP POLL: Support for Gay Marriage Hits All Time High in U.S.
  99. General News Far-Right Fever for a Europe Tied to Russia
  100. LGBT News Luke's Story
  101. LGBT News Letter written to Mother's Day Anti-Gay victim of Slushie Attack.
  102. LGBT News Inappropriate teaching in Toronto schools?
  103. LGBT News Maryland's Bathroom Bill-A Step Backwards
  104. LGBT News Arcade Fire - We Exist
  105. LGBT News Judge Rules Pennsylvania's Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional
  106. LGBT News The Inspiring Reason Hundreds of French Schoolboys Are Wearing Skirts
  107. LGBT News Progress toward Marriage equality
  108. LGBT News Wife of female soldier killed in Afghanistan to receive death benefits
  109. LGBT News Florida GOP lawmaker: Common Core school standards will make your kid gay
  110. LGBT News NOM Denounced by Maine Ethics Commission, Violated Law
  111. LGBT News 'TransAmerica' to Offer Window Into Transgender Lives
  112. LGBT News BREAKING: Oregon Judge strikes down gay marriage ban
  113. LGBT News Oregon's SSM ban decision to be published Monday at noon
  114. LGBT News Bradley Manning requests sex change operation.
  115. LGBT News Proud to be from Massachusetts today
  116. LGBT News International day against homophobia and transphobia!
  117. LGBT News International day against homophobia and transphobia!
  118. LGBT News In top 1,000 companies, not one openly gay CEO
  119. LGBT News A Pill to Prevent HIV?
  120. LGBT News Rick Santorum vs. Kennedy from Fox Business Network
  121. General News FL parents in court fight over circumcision
  122. General News Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for ‘Apostasy’
  123. LGBT News O'Malley to sign MD SB212 into Law Thursday
  124. LGBT News Idaho's gay marraige ban struck down by Federal judge; refuses to issue stay
  125. LGBT News Gay penguins in Kent zoo are 'the best parents'
  126. LGBT News Professor Roderick A. Macdonald
  127. LGBT News BNP Youth Promotional Video Decries Gays, Zionists, Bankers, Media, Islam, Immigratio
  128. LGBT News Idaho gay marriage ban struck down!
  129. LGBT News Supporting Sam
  130. LGBT News Anti-Gay Mother's Day Protester Gets Slushie Thrown At Her
  131. LGBT News teacher with gay son quits over new school contract
  132. General News 23yr old woman poses as 15yr old to have sex with minors
  133. LGBT News Chuck Hagel: Military's Transgender Ban 'Should Be Reviewed'
  134. LGBT News Huffington Post Mother's Day (Trans!)
  135. LGBT News Russia's outrage over drag queen winning Eurovision
  136. LGBT News Michael Sam 249th draft pick
  137. LGBT News Conchita wins the Eurovision 2014
  138. LGBT News Wyoming senate candidate running on Pro Pot, and Gay Marriage
  139. General News Man froze mother’s body for 3 years to collect her retirement checks Read more: ht
  140. LGBT News Arkansas judge strikes down gay marriage ban
  141. LGBT News Wipe Out Homophobia video
  142. LGBT News MEP candidate: I hope the ‘guilt’ of same-sex marriage ‘kills’ the ‘queer gangsters’
  143. General News Homeless man gets a home
  144. LGBT News HGTV cancels plans for real estate reality show starring anti-gay activis
  145. LGBT News Ugandan men first to face trial under severe anti-gay laws
  146. LGBT News College football linebacker was openly gay and embraced by his teammates
  147. General News Florida man wants to marry his Apple computer
  148. General News Tennessee becomes first state to jail women pregnancy outcomes
  149. General News Putin's Human Rights Council Accidentally Posts Real Crimean Election Results; Only 1
  150. General News Oscar Pistorius media circus
  151. General News Far Right Idiots in the UK
  152. General News OR- Naked Man Does Push-Ups in Middle of Road; Killed
  153. General News Scientists recreate live foetus of extinct Tasmanian Tiger
  154. LGBT News Ukip
  155. LGBT News Gender Identity Change in BC
  156. LGBT News The Collapse of Anti-Gay Religion
  157. LGBT News New Evidence Sexuality Is Innate
  158. LGBT News Stem cells can allow gay men to create eggs?
  159. General News Swedish delicacy causes fishy explosion
  160. LGBT News Tenn. man wants to be President of U.S. on all Christian, all anti-gay platform
  161. LGBT News Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton 'Will Be Having Sex With A Woman'
  162. General News 55 colleges under Title IX investigation for their handling of sex assault claims
  163. LGBT News 93% of Straight Guys In This Study Have Cuddled With Another Guy
  164. General News Actress Cameron Diaz
  165. LGBT News US Department of Education Announces Title IX Protects Transgender Students
  166. General News Cops break 10yr old boy's leg and sexually violate his mother
  167. LGBT News UK: NI Assembly rejects equal marriage motion
  168. LGBT News Gay Eagle Scout denied employment at Camp because he's gay
  169. LGBT News North Carolina's Gay marriage ban challenged by church
  170. General News HIV is adapting to hosts and mutating.
  171. LGBT News Somehow, Uganda becomes even worse
  172. General News Bing, bing, bing, bing
  173. General News Milford Connecticut high school student stabbed to death for rejecting a guy to prom
  174. General News South Korean Ferry Incident
  175. LGBT News Oregon same-sex marriage ban gets day in court, but no one’s there to defend it
  176. LGBT News Jodie Foster Marries Girlfriend
  177. General News European Parliamentary Elections
  178. LGBT News What Would Lincoln Say?
  179. LGBT News Judge grants Chelsea Manning name change
  180. LGBT News Lawsuit filed against SSM ban in Georgia
  181. LGBT News India: Court to Hear Appeal Over Restoration of Ban on Gay Sex
  182. LGBT News 'Eat the poo poo' guy might be in deep poo poo
  183. LGBT News LGBT workplace protection bill pulled due to lack of Louisiana lawmakers' support
  184. LGBT News Federal judge against Indiana gay marriage ban
  185. General News Sun worshippers beware
  186. LGBT News Just show how ignorant my country is about Homosexuality!
  187. General News UK to require porn sites to get age verification
  188. LGBT News Boy Scouts revokes charter of Seattle church with gay troop leader
  189. General News Is the UK a Christian country?
  190. LGBT News Transgender Woman Running for Parliament in India
  191. LGBT News Christian nursery worker claims unfair dismissal over dispute with gay colleague
  192. LGBT News Robert Mugabe: I pity the Queen over Britain’s gay habits
  193. General News Yale student threatened suspension for being too skinny
  194. LGBT News Sultan of Brunei Rules Death by Stoning For Gay People
  195. General News Princeton University: US not a democracy
  196. LGBT News South Carolina mayor fires town’s first openly gay police chief
  197. General News Mother spares the life of her son's killer
  198. LGBT News Opening arguments heard in Oklahoma same-sex marriage case
  199. General News Jews ordered to register in eastern Ukraine
  200. LGBT News congratulations MALTA! civil unions, adoption & discrimination unconstitutional
  201. LGBT News Homoerotic Tom of Finland stamps in Finland
  202. LGBT News India officially recognizes third gender
  203. LGBT News Ohio is recognizing other state's same sex marriages now!
  204. LGBT News LA House Votes Overwhelmingly To Retain Unconstitutional Sodomy Ban
  205. LGBT News Anyone hear about this?
  206. General News Lunar Eclipse in North America
  207. General News Frozen Merchandise Sold Out: Parents Shell Out Thousands
  208. LGBT News Judge struck down part of Ohio's gay marriage ban
  209. LGBT News England's first same sex Church wedding
  210. LGBT News A historical day for Malta
  211. General News Liberal Hypocrisies
  212. General News Russia doesn't care about ethnic minorities. Is anybody surprised?
  213. LGBT News Westboro Baptist threatens to protest at UMass
  214. General News Heartbleed bug?
  215. LGBT News U.S. Court Seems Split on Utah Gay Marriage Ban
  216. LGBT News Cab Controversy: Some Cleveland cabbies refusing to promote a major event
  217. LGBT News Just Talking About Same-Sex Marriage With Anti-Gay Voters Can Shift Opinions, Study S
  218. LGBT News Catholic church fires 'gifted' musician for marrying his partner
  219. LGBT News 1st-openly-gay-player-in-ncaa
  220. LGBT News Derrick Gordon, UMass basketball player, comes out
  221. General News Mass Stabbing
  222. LGBT News A Marine silent no longer in his support on gay marriage
  223. General News Creepy human Barbie-Doll spouts racist drivel.
  224. LGBT News Linda Harvey on transgender teachers and gay teenagers...
  225. General News WBC chased out of Moore, Oklahoma
  226. LGBT News linda-harvey-homeless-gay-teens-have-only-themselves-to-blame
  227. LGBT News USSC Declines to Hear Photography Case
  228. LGBT News Gay teacher resigns after parents complain
  229. LGBT News Mormon leader reiterates church's opposition to same-sex marriage
  230. General News Nine-month old boy child charged with murder
  231. LGBT News Same-sex marriage amendment won't appear on November ballot in Ohio
  232. LGBT News Tom Daley: "I Am A Gay Man Now"
  233. General News Ukraine: 'Darth Vader' presidency bid rejected
  234. LGBT News Important: USA Petition to Recognize Gender Diversity
  235. LGBT News Utah & Oklahoma Same-Sex marriage appeals to begin this month.
  236. LGBT News Ohio gay marriage ban to be overturned!
  237. LGBT News Backing gay marriage could be 'catastrophic' for Christians elsewhere
  238. LGBT News Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns in wake of backlash to Prop 8 support
  239. LGBT News Honey Maid's Response to Anti-Gay Bigots.
  240. LGBT News Florida man attempts to kill lesbian couple and their kids
  241. General News Ed Sheeran serenades fan moments before her death
  242. General News CBN: Sweden is like North Korea.
  243. LGBT News Tom Daley: "No wait, I'm actually gay!"
  244. LGBT News Dating Web site ******* is breaking up with Firefox
  245. General News Japanese Scientist's results on procedure to create stem cells proven to be false
  246. General News Shooting at Fort Hood
  247. LGBT News Gay Woman Raped By British Man Who Claimed He Tried To ‘Cure’ Her Of Being Gay!
  248. LGBT News Lawyers: The Purpose of Marriage Is Procreation
  249. General News Supreme Court Strikes Down Political Donor Limits
  250. LGBT News Mississippi approves religious freedom bill