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  1. LGBT News Giving the anti religious a freebie here.
  2. LGBT News Host Of Rubio Fundraiser Was Foreign Agent For Dictator Who Endorses Gay Beheadings
  3. LGBT News Indian Mother Seeks "Arranged" Same-Sex Marriage For Her Son
  4. LGBT News Record-High 60% of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage
  5. LGBT News Former Irish president Mary McAleese gives stunning speech for gay marriage
  6. LGBT News "No" Voter in Ireland tells Irish Times journalist that God Gave Her Cancer
  7. LGBT News Gov. Jindal Issues Order On Religious Freedom And Same-Sex Marriage
  8. LGBT News Northern Ireland bakery guilty of discrimination
  9. LGBT News This Irish TV Journalist Just Came Out And It’s Heartbreaking
  10. LGBT News Transgender Woman Stabbed To Death In Philadelphia
  11. LGBT News Presiding at Same-Sex Wedding, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Emphasizes the Word ‘Constitution’
  12. General News Rep. Loretta Sanchez apologizes for mocking American Indians
  13. LGBT News IDAHOBiT (17th May)
  14. LGBT News Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships
  15. LGBT News YouTuber Joey Graceffa Comes Out Via Music Video
  16. General News Americans and Non-Americans alike, who do you want to see as President?
  17. General News Father makes Son destroy his own Xbox for bad grades
  18. LGBT News Bryan Fisher threatens violence if SCOTUS Rules in favor of Marriage Equality
  19. General News FBI to probe whether crashed Amtrak train was hit or shot at
  20. LGBT News Philadelphia derailment: engineers sexuality to blame
  21. LGBT News Prime Minister of Luxembourg to marry gay partner today
  22. LGBT News Gambian Dictator On LGBT People: ‘If You Do It Here, I Will Slit Your Throat’
  23. LGBT News Transgender, GNC People amoug Most Affected by War on Terror's Biometrics Craze
  24. LGBT News Colorado Man Faces Hate-Crime Charges in Assault on Trans Woman
  25. General News Russ Feingold running for Senate
  26. LGBT News 17 Years After Matthew Shepard's Murder, Laramie Passes LGBT Protections
  27. LGBT News Delay tactics slow Texas House on anti-gay marriage bill as key deadline looms
  28. LGBT News Message from a pro gay marriage republican christian
  29. LGBT News Comedic, yet slightly disappointing news
  30. LGBT News In Boston engaging both sides of the church's position on gays
  31. LGBT News Pro Gay Methodist Minister's Reinstatement upheld
  32. LGBT News Pastor preaches powerful pro gay sermon
  33. LGBT News Oregon Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ of LGBTQ Youth
  34. General News America becoming less Christian, more secular
  35. LGBT News Half of LGB Americans Identify As Christian
  36. LGBT News Record number of LGB MPs in UK Parliament
  37. LGBT News Federal Gov: No, Insurers Can't Deny Transgender Patients Preventive Care
  38. LGBT News Scotland Ranked As Best LGBT Country
  39. LGBT News How PrEP Is Being Blocked By Bureaucracy
  40. General News Thoughts about this?
  41. LGBT News Trans Indian's Predicament at Border Shows the U.S. Lags Behind
  42. LGBT News Bisexual Seeking Asylum Resorts to Photos When Asked to Prove It
  43. LGBT News Fairfax school board approves transgender protections
  44. LGBT News Fox News host: Transgender bathroom policies are a ‘war on biology’ and the ‘scientif
  45. LGBT News Tory government scrapping the Human Rights Act
  46. LGBT News Laura Jane Grace Performs "True Trans Soul Rebel" With Miley Cyrus
  47. LGBT News Gay contestant on "Jeopardy" says he wishes he'd mentioned it
  48. LGBT News Gay marriage is 'economic sense' say Australian firms
  49. General News Something very cool about cops
  50. LGBT News Teacher fired for being gay gets a new job
  51. LGBT News Irish man arrested for "child porn"...for viewing popup ads containing "twinks"
  52. LGBT News Thanks, Captain Obvious; Gay/bi bullied even more at early age.
  53. General News Bizarro News: Otter destroys phone case that bears its namesake.
  54. General News In Greece: Bulgarian citizen kills his 4 years old daughter
  55. General News UK Conservative Party Win Outright Majority
  56. LGBT News Federal judge tosses lawsuit filed by ‘God’s ambassador’ against ‘all homosexuals’
  57. LGBT News Anti-Discrimination laws in Greece (woo!)
  58. LGBT News Survey: Gay President vs Evangelical Christian President
  59. LGBT News This is fucking ridiculous!!!
  60. LGBT News UK General Election: MP's voting records
  61. LGBT News Miley Cyrus just came out as Genderqueer + 'Not Straight'
  62. LGBT News Two Openly Gay Premiers in Canada
  63. LGBT News Oxford English Dictionary adopts gender neutral honorific (Mx)!
  64. LGBT News Anti-LGBT game
  65. LGBT News Women files federal lawsuit against all homosexuals.
  66. General News Huckabee joins presidential race, and some other longshots
  67. General News ISIS claims responsibility for murderer of US cartoonist
  68. LGBT News Conservative Fox News Contributor Comes Out
  69. LGBT News The Quest for Transgender Equality
  70. General News Gunmen open-fire at "Draw Muhammad" event
  71. LGBT News Smith College to Accept Transgender Women
  72. General News ‘Eric Sheppard challenge’: U.S. flag stomped on for wanted college student
  73. LGBT News Nigel Farage wants to make religous exceptions
  74. General News Will Robots Put Us Out of Work? Or Employ more of Us?
  75. LGBT News Russian police prevent Milonov to interfere with pride march
  76. General News Women on the $20.00 bill
  77. LGBT News Transgender Hormone Therapy Now Offered in Roanoke, VA
  78. LGBT News Schools in Japan to let transgender students use whichever locker room they prefer
  79. General News Teen Carries Fellow Student with Muscular Dystrophy to Class
  80. LGBT News Gay marriage to blame for Baltimore riot?
  81. General News U.S. Develops Self-Guiding Bullets
  82. LGBT News Gay Athletes at Prom
  83. LGBT News Ollie's brave journey: Gender clinic helps growing number of young transgender people
  84. General News Question for people living in Sweden.
  85. LGBT News U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on marriage equality
  86. LGBT News Yet another dead trans girl
  87. LGBT News After four decades in secret, Kentucky couple fights for the next generation
  88. General News Yet another black man brutalized and killed by police...when will it stop?
  89. LGBT News Quick question on tomorrow's Supreme Court hearing...
  90. LGBT News Jim Wells resigns as Northern Ireland health minister
  91. LGBT News Ryan Anderson: Gays[men] can get married if they marry a woman...
  92. General News Group cry events? Sort of wish we had these here
  93. LGBT News VICE on HBO about gay people forced to transition gender
  94. General News Male version of Hooters opening in Dallas, TX...
  95. General News Magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Over 1,000 dead
  96. General News Loretta Lynch confirmed attorney-the first African American woman to be confirmed
  97. General News University "diversity" officer bans white people and men from equality meeting
  98. LGBT News Brazilian police torture and humiliate transwoman
  99. LGBT News Straight student asks gay friend to High School prom
  100. LGBT News Well its coming next week
  101. LGBT News Same-sex couple proud to walk down prom grand march together
  102. LGBT News News segment on transgender people
  103. LGBT News Bobby Jindal vows to keep fighting gay rights, gay marraige
  104. LGBT News "Lesbian" feminist claims to have chosen her sexuality
  105. LGBT News Good view on activism
  106. General News Belated Happy Earth Day
  107. LGBT News U.S. Lawyer claims marriage equality will cause 900,000 abortions
  108. LGBT News Jenner in the media
  109. General News Cruz: Women's Hymens should grow back every time they have sex with a different man
  110. General News Man in Colorado shoots computer 8 times because it was "uncooperative".
  111. LGBT News Iceman is gay?
  112. General News Spanish student kills teacher with
  113. General News Hillary Clinton lied about immigrant history
  114. LGBT News An indian doctor commited suicide because her husband is gay
  115. General News Anti climate change politicians compared to slave holders
  116. LGBT News Christian group investigating...
  117. LGBT News Pennsylvania High School Students Organize “Anti-Gay Day”
  118. General News Marco Rubio says being gay is not a choice
  119. LGBT News Biological Same-Sex Parent Babies Could Be a Reality by 2017
  120. LGBT News Ireland - Marriage equality video
  121. General News Australian police foil teenage terrorist plot
  122. LGBT News Gay Men 'Ex-gay' Group Fights Against Marriage Equality
  123. LGBT News what do rapists, animals, and lgbters have in common according to this TV host?
  124. LGBT News Michigan business owner refuses to serve gay people
  125. General News UKIP and no manifesto section
  126. LGBT News HRC "We Are on the Verge of Making History"
  127. General News Craziest UK Political Party
  128. LGBT News Anti-LGBT Legal Powerhouse behind "religious freedom" laws and LGBT criminalization
  129. LGBT News Coming out as Lesbian in a North Dakota Family
  130. LGBT News Mortal Kombat introduces first gay character
  131. General News Man calls himself God, tries to have sex with a tree and fights with cops.
  132. LGBT News Fla. Repub. Legislator Cuts Off 10-Year-Old Testifying Against Anti-Gay Adoption Bill
  133. LGBT News Does Russian-language Siri have a problem with gays?
  134. LGBT News Conservative Florida Republican supports same sex adoption
  135. General News Iran's Rouhani: Congress 'not our problem'
  136. LGBT News Trans man sues company who fired him for refusing to wear women's attire
  137. LGBT News Jaden Smith, pioneer of gender equality in fashion.
  138. LGBT News Army Discriminated Against Transgender Civilian Worker, Federal Agency Rules
  139. LGBT News Rand Paul
  140. General News Marco Rubio running for president
  141. General News Obama to take Cuba off terror list
  142. General News Another stupid comment made by Mike Huckabee about Michael Sam
  143. General News Man Slices Up Trio of Burglars With Samurai Sword
  144. LGBT News Ted Cruz: "Gay community is waging "Jihad" against "Religious Freedom"
  145. General News The 10 Hillary Scandals You May Have Forgotten
  146. LGBT News Hilary uses same sex couple in new campaign
  147. LGBT News Two Largest Native American Nations Dig In Against Equal Marriage
  148. General News Nigel Farage challenged to a duel
  149. General News Independent Voter Network: How Did Hillary Win the Invisible Primary? PAC's
  150. LGBT News Hillary Clinton Will Be a Sharp Contrast to GOP on LGBT Equality
  151. General News Hillary Running For President
  152. General News Dermatologist to the stars found dead in Miami home
  153. LGBT News Policeman in Toronto Dyes Hair Pink to Fight Homophobia
  154. LGBT News Anti-gay pamphlets being used as confetti for gay weddings
  155. General News Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen
  156. General News Parents humiliating there children with signs
  157. LGBT News Coming Out
  158. LGBT News Turning Anti-Gay flyers into Confetti - CBC
  159. LGBT News Leelah's Law!!!!!!!
  160. General News Lincoln Chafee exploring a run for president
  161. LGBT News banning repetitive therapy
  162. LGBT News Another trans teen suicide
  163. General News Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system
  164. LGBT News Gay Rights Activists Want To Abolish Church
  165. LGBT News OpEd: Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana
  166. LGBT News Lesbian Fox News Sellout
  167. General News Boston Marathon bomber guilty on all 30 counts
  168. General News Thoughts on Walter L. Scott shooting?
  169. LGBT News Obama to Call for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth
  170. General News £200m Jewellery Heist in London
  171. General News David Cameron affirms the meaning of Easter
  172. General News Body hair is apparently a big deal when roles are reversed
  173. LGBT News Rainbow Road! Well it's actually crosswalks but close enough!
  174. LGBT News Springfield, MO Repeals SOGI Civil Rights Ordinance
  175. General News Rand Paul in the running
  176. LGBT News UK news item about trans children
  177. General News Mindy Kaling's brother pretended to be black to get into med school
  178. LGBT News Michigan EMTs can now refuse to treat gays
  179. General News Fallout of Rolling Stone "gang rape story"
  180. LGBT News 15 states urge U.S. Supreme Court to uphold same-sex marriage bans
  181. LGBT News Transgender social experiement
  182. LGBT News Transsexual gene link identified
  183. LGBT News Live in Louisiana? I hope you don't like your job.
  184. LGBT News Teen basketball player comes out on court, chased off by opposition
  185. LGBT News Nigerian activist's asylum appeal denied as judge doesn't believe she's a lesbian
  186. LGBT News Shibuya recognises same-sex marriage
  187. LGBT News You might be able to get a Gender Neutral passport in the UK soon!
  188. LGBT News Delta assumes tax burden for employees in same-sex relationships; urges equality
  189. General News San Francisco Police Department suspends 7 cops for racist text messages
  190. LGBT News Historic Trans Women of Color Briefing Held at the White House
  191. LGBT News Hormone therapy safe for transgender individuals, say BUSM researchers
  192. LGBT News Transgenderism, the military, and stolen valor (one hell of a news story)
  193. General News Cosmopolitan's not-so-subtle racism
  194. General News The Siberian crater saga is more widespread — and scarier — than anyone thought
  195. LGBT News S. Korea bans any mention of homosexuality in sex ed
  196. LGBT News Muslim Bakery Deny "Gay" Couple Wedding Cake
  197. General News DNA can't explain all inherited biological traits, research shows
  198. General News This is an astonishingly good Iran deal
  199. LGBT News First openly gay adult hired by Boy Scouts
  200. General News Pat Buchanan goes off on Sean Hannity
  201. General News 19th century horn dog politicians cause sinkhole in Ireland
  202. LGBT News Gov. Snyder(MI-R) vows to veto any RFRA bills
  203. LGBT News British TV actress says being raised by two moms ruined her life
  204. General News Terrorist attack in Kenya kills 70; hundreds held hostage
  205. General News Homeless people reading mean tweets about them
  206. LGBT News Indiana RFRA: Much ado about nothing???
  207. LGBT News Just in: Indiana GOP submits a "fix" to RFRA
  208. LGBT News LGBT are now fascist bullies?
  209. General News Teens Who Filmed Themselves Having Sex Charged as Child Pornographers 'To Send a Mess
  210. General News CERN confirms The Force exists
  211. LGBT News Just in: Arkansas Governor won't sign RFRA as currently written
  212. General News Reporters openly side against Indiana law
  213. LGBT News RFRA: First Michiana business to publicly deny same-sex service
  214. General News Katie Holmes had a secret entrance to Whole Foods
  215. LGBT News Rand Paul: Does not support gay rights because it's based on a "behavior"
  216. LGBT News Nevada Lawmaker Proposes New Anti-Transgender Bill Pushed By Out-Of-State Lobbyist
  217. LGBT News Gov. Mike Pence wants changes to the "religious freedom" law to prevent discriminatio
  218. General News Police: Driver follows GPS off bridge ramp; wife dies
  219. General News Barry University faculty accused of supporting Islamic State terrorists
  220. General News Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill to Shield Police Names
  221. LGBT News Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same-sex marriage
  222. LGBT News Article argues that Indiana RFRA actually pretty irrelevant
  223. LGBT News North Carolina Republican Governor opposes religious freed bill
  224. LGBT News Connecticut To Become First State To Boycott Indiana Over LGBT Discrimination Law
  225. General News First church of Cannabis open in response to religious freedom act
  226. General News 5 yr old Iranian refugee tries to kill herself to prevent return to Aus. detention
  227. LGBT News Missouri bills would ban gender neutral university housing, unisex bathrooms
  228. LGBT News Connecticut bill makes it easier for transgender people to update birth certificates
  229. LGBT News 19 states that have ‘religious freedom’ laws like Indiana’s that no one is boycotting
  230. LGBT News Mike Pence refuses to answer simple yes/no question.. 8 times.
  231. General News Ted Cruz Pop Quiz!
  232. LGBT News Another Republican anti-gay bill...
  233. LGBT News Ohio State NCAA wrestling champion Mike Pucillo comes out as gay
  234. General News “Decapitate her head off”: Phil Robertson’s vile message to atheists
  235. LGBT News Jeb Bush: “People have a right” to refuse services to gays
  236. LGBT News Religious hate alive and well in USA?
  237. General News Today Is A Sad Day
  238. LGBT News GenCon is about as ready to leave Indiana as governor is to sign discriminatory bill
  239. General News Zayn Malik has taken a second direction
  240. LGBT News Blake Brockington - young transgender activist suicide
  241. General News Cure in sight for HIV
  242. LGBT News Some really good news
  243. General News Gazi Kodso's Speech
  244. LGBT News Bob Jones III apologizes for saying gays should be stoned
  245. General News Germanwings Airbus A320 crash in French Alps
  246. LGBT News Woman Sues Planet Fitness For Being Too Respectful Of Transgender People
  247. LGBT News Open for Service: A Guide to Businesses That Do Not Discriminate
  248. General News Commonwealth Freedom of Movement
  249. General News Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand
  250. General News Wisconsin Abortion Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional