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  1. LGBT News Judge Rules Pennsylvania's Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional
  2. LGBT News The Inspiring Reason Hundreds of French Schoolboys Are Wearing Skirts
  3. LGBT News Progress toward Marriage equality
  4. LGBT News Wife of female soldier killed in Afghanistan to receive death benefits
  5. LGBT News Florida GOP lawmaker: Common Core school standards will make your kid gay
  6. LGBT News NOM Denounced by Maine Ethics Commission, Violated Law
  7. LGBT News 'TransAmerica' to Offer Window Into Transgender Lives
  8. LGBT News BREAKING: Oregon Judge strikes down gay marriage ban
  9. LGBT News Oregon's SSM ban decision to be published Monday at noon
  10. LGBT News Bradley Manning requests sex change operation.
  11. LGBT News Proud to be from Massachusetts today
  12. LGBT News International day against homophobia and transphobia!
  13. LGBT News International day against homophobia and transphobia!
  14. LGBT News In top 1,000 companies, not one openly gay CEO
  15. LGBT News A Pill to Prevent HIV?
  16. LGBT News Rick Santorum vs. Kennedy from Fox Business Network
  17. General News FL parents in court fight over circumcision
  18. General News Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for ‘Apostasy’
  19. LGBT News O'Malley to sign MD SB212 into Law Thursday
  20. LGBT News Idaho's gay marraige ban struck down by Federal judge; refuses to issue stay
  21. LGBT News Gay penguins in Kent zoo are 'the best parents'
  22. LGBT News Professor Roderick A. Macdonald
  23. LGBT News BNP Youth Promotional Video Decries Gays, Zionists, Bankers, Media, Islam, Immigratio
  24. LGBT News Idaho gay marriage ban struck down!
  25. LGBT News Supporting Sam
  26. LGBT News Anti-Gay Mother's Day Protester Gets Slushie Thrown At Her
  27. LGBT News teacher with gay son quits over new school contract
  28. General News 23yr old woman poses as 15yr old to have sex with minors
  29. LGBT News Chuck Hagel: Military's Transgender Ban 'Should Be Reviewed'
  30. LGBT News Huffington Post Mother's Day (Trans!)
  31. LGBT News Russia's outrage over drag queen winning Eurovision
  32. LGBT News Michael Sam 249th draft pick
  33. LGBT News Conchita wins the Eurovision 2014
  34. LGBT News Wyoming senate candidate running on Pro Pot, and Gay Marriage
  35. General News Man froze mother’s body for 3 years to collect her retirement checks Read more: ht
  36. LGBT News Arkansas judge strikes down gay marriage ban
  37. LGBT News Wipe Out Homophobia video
  38. LGBT News MEP candidate: I hope the ‘guilt’ of same-sex marriage ‘kills’ the ‘queer gangsters’
  39. General News Homeless man gets a home
  40. LGBT News HGTV cancels plans for real estate reality show starring anti-gay activis
  41. LGBT News Ugandan men first to face trial under severe anti-gay laws
  42. LGBT News College football linebacker was openly gay and embraced by his teammates
  43. General News Florida man wants to marry his Apple computer
  44. General News Tennessee becomes first state to jail women pregnancy outcomes
  45. General News Putin's Human Rights Council Accidentally Posts Real Crimean Election Results; Only 1
  46. General News Oscar Pistorius media circus
  47. General News Far Right Idiots in the UK
  48. General News OR- Naked Man Does Push-Ups in Middle of Road; Killed
  49. General News Scientists recreate live foetus of extinct Tasmanian Tiger
  50. LGBT News Ukip
  51. LGBT News Gender Identity Change in BC
  52. LGBT News The Collapse of Anti-Gay Religion
  53. LGBT News New Evidence Sexuality Is Innate
  54. LGBT News Stem cells can allow gay men to create eggs?
  55. General News Swedish delicacy causes fishy explosion
  56. LGBT News Tenn. man wants to be President of U.S. on all Christian, all anti-gay platform
  57. LGBT News Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton 'Will Be Having Sex With A Woman'
  58. General News 55 colleges under Title IX investigation for their handling of sex assault claims
  59. LGBT News 93% of Straight Guys In This Study Have Cuddled With Another Guy
  60. General News Actress Cameron Diaz
  61. LGBT News US Department of Education Announces Title IX Protects Transgender Students
  62. General News Cops break 10yr old boy's leg and sexually violate his mother
  63. LGBT News UK: NI Assembly rejects equal marriage motion
  64. LGBT News Gay Eagle Scout denied employment at Camp because he's gay
  65. LGBT News North Carolina's Gay marriage ban challenged by church
  66. General News HIV is adapting to hosts and mutating.
  67. LGBT News Somehow, Uganda becomes even worse
  68. General News Bing, bing, bing, bing
  69. General News Milford Connecticut high school student stabbed to death for rejecting a guy to prom
  70. General News South Korean Ferry Incident
  71. LGBT News Oregon same-sex marriage ban gets day in court, but no one’s there to defend it
  72. LGBT News Jodie Foster Marries Girlfriend
  73. General News European Parliamentary Elections
  74. LGBT News What Would Lincoln Say?
  75. LGBT News Judge grants Chelsea Manning name change
  76. LGBT News Lawsuit filed against SSM ban in Georgia
  77. LGBT News India: Court to Hear Appeal Over Restoration of Ban on Gay Sex
  78. LGBT News 'Eat the poo poo' guy might be in deep poo poo
  79. LGBT News LGBT workplace protection bill pulled due to lack of Louisiana lawmakers' support
  80. LGBT News Federal judge against Indiana gay marriage ban
  81. General News Sun worshippers beware
  82. LGBT News Just show how ignorant my country is about Homosexuality!
  83. General News UK to require porn sites to get age verification
  84. LGBT News Boy Scouts revokes charter of Seattle church with gay troop leader
  85. General News Is the UK a Christian country?
  86. LGBT News Transgender Woman Running for Parliament in India
  87. LGBT News Christian nursery worker claims unfair dismissal over dispute with gay colleague
  88. LGBT News Robert Mugabe: I pity the Queen over Britain’s gay habits
  89. General News Yale student threatened suspension for being too skinny
  90. LGBT News Sultan of Brunei Rules Death by Stoning For Gay People
  91. General News Princeton University: US not a democracy
  92. LGBT News South Carolina mayor fires town’s first openly gay police chief
  93. General News Mother spares the life of her son's killer
  94. LGBT News Opening arguments heard in Oklahoma same-sex marriage case
  95. General News Jews ordered to register in eastern Ukraine
  96. LGBT News congratulations MALTA! civil unions, adoption & discrimination unconstitutional
  97. LGBT News Homoerotic Tom of Finland stamps in Finland
  98. LGBT News India officially recognizes third gender
  99. LGBT News Ohio is recognizing other state's same sex marriages now!
  100. LGBT News LA House Votes Overwhelmingly To Retain Unconstitutional Sodomy Ban
  101. LGBT News Anyone hear about this?
  102. General News Lunar Eclipse in North America
  103. General News Frozen Merchandise Sold Out: Parents Shell Out Thousands
  104. LGBT News Judge struck down part of Ohio's gay marriage ban
  105. LGBT News England's first same sex Church wedding
  106. LGBT News A historical day for Malta
  107. General News Liberal Hypocrisies
  108. General News Russia doesn't care about ethnic minorities. Is anybody surprised?
  109. LGBT News Westboro Baptist threatens to protest at UMass
  110. General News Heartbleed bug?
  111. LGBT News U.S. Court Seems Split on Utah Gay Marriage Ban
  112. LGBT News Cab Controversy: Some Cleveland cabbies refusing to promote a major event
  113. LGBT News Just Talking About Same-Sex Marriage With Anti-Gay Voters Can Shift Opinions, Study S
  114. LGBT News Catholic church fires 'gifted' musician for marrying his partner
  115. LGBT News 1st-openly-gay-player-in-ncaa
  116. LGBT News Derrick Gordon, UMass basketball player, comes out
  117. General News Mass Stabbing
  118. LGBT News A Marine silent no longer in his support on gay marriage
  119. General News Creepy human Barbie-Doll spouts racist drivel.
  120. LGBT News Linda Harvey on transgender teachers and gay teenagers...
  121. General News WBC chased out of Moore, Oklahoma
  122. LGBT News linda-harvey-homeless-gay-teens-have-only-themselves-to-blame
  123. LGBT News USSC Declines to Hear Photography Case
  124. LGBT News Gay teacher resigns after parents complain
  125. LGBT News Mormon leader reiterates church's opposition to same-sex marriage
  126. General News Nine-month old boy child charged with murder
  127. LGBT News Same-sex marriage amendment won't appear on November ballot in Ohio
  128. LGBT News Tom Daley: "I Am A Gay Man Now"
  129. General News Ukraine: 'Darth Vader' presidency bid rejected
  130. LGBT News Important: USA Petition to Recognize Gender Diversity
  131. LGBT News Utah & Oklahoma Same-Sex marriage appeals to begin this month.
  132. LGBT News Ohio gay marriage ban to be overturned!
  133. LGBT News Backing gay marriage could be 'catastrophic' for Christians elsewhere
  134. LGBT News Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns in wake of backlash to Prop 8 support
  135. LGBT News Honey Maid's Response to Anti-Gay Bigots.
  136. LGBT News Florida man attempts to kill lesbian couple and their kids
  137. General News Ed Sheeran serenades fan moments before her death
  138. General News CBN: Sweden is like North Korea.
  139. LGBT News Tom Daley: "No wait, I'm actually gay!"
  140. LGBT News Dating Web site ******* is breaking up with Firefox
  141. General News Japanese Scientist's results on procedure to create stem cells proven to be false
  142. General News Shooting at Fort Hood
  143. LGBT News Gay Woman Raped By British Man Who Claimed He Tried To ‘Cure’ Her Of Being Gay!
  144. LGBT News Lawyers: The Purpose of Marriage Is Procreation
  145. General News Supreme Court Strikes Down Political Donor Limits
  146. LGBT News Mississippi approves religious freedom bill
  147. LGBT News Michigan woman attacked after being targeted
  148. LGBT News Gay People Should Be Jailed If They Don’t Submit To ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Says Lively
  149. LGBT News Do gay people still need gay bars?
  150. LGBT News Alec Baldwin to play Putin in biopic about Russian President’s lie
  151. LGBT News Another Football player comes out
  152. General News Flappy Bird coming back to the app store
  153. General News The Surprising Benefit of Switching Font.
  154. LGBT News Scott Lively: 'protecting civilisation' from homosexuals
  155. LGBT News It's now legal!!!!
  156. LGBT News Current status of overturned SS marriage bans ?
  157. General News How Economic Growth Can Save The Planet
  158. LGBT News I officially hate the US govenment....
  159. LGBT News Firefox CEO supported ban gay marriage
  160. LGBT News It's Legal!
  161. LGBT News Oregon woman beat 4-year-old son to death because she thought he was gay
  162. General News CDC reports 1 in 68 U.S. children have autism.
  163. General News Can boys be 'Coerced' into sex?
  164. LGBT News Chinese Gay Rights Activist Sues Government for Recognition
  165. General News Woman's reaction after she begins to hear for the very first time
  166. General News 40% of infants lack strong parental attatchment
  167. LGBT News Home> Politics DOJ Trains Cops to Work With Transgender People
  168. LGBT News Thoughts?
  169. LGBT News Should sex be taken off of birth certificates?
  170. LGBT News Is attraction to both genders scientifically possible?
  171. LGBT News Tennessee Passes Bill that allows LGBT Bullying
  172. LGBT News 3 1/2 years for lighting(and killing) a homosexual autistic man...
  173. General News Canada: Harper wants US style voter suppression
  174. LGBT News Tennessee passes "religious freedom" bill to allow bullying
  175. General News Child suspended from school for...
  176. LGBT News which orientation is most discriminated against? - a research study
  177. LGBT News ainbow flag to be flown from Whitehall to celebrate first same-sex weddings
  178. General News Australian PM reintroduces feudal titles
  179. LGBT News Jeff Gordon Coming Out
  180. LGBT News Maryland House advances Transgender bill!
  181. General News 8 year old girl kicked out of Christian school
  182. General News Nick Cannon wearing White Face
  183. General News Crimea
  184. LGBT News Michigan: the 24 hour marriage rush
  185. LGBT News Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees comes out.
  186. LGBT News World Vision to Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages
  187. LGBT News Canterbury gay bar owner ‘threatened’ with anti-gay arson attacks and city council li
  188. LGBT News Joe Biden calls on Congress to pass Gay Workplace Rights Bill
  189. General News KKK Leader Disputes Hate Group Label: 'We're A Christian Organization'
  190. LGBT News Michigan legalizes same-sex marriage
  191. General News Colorado Man Roy Ortiz May Sue Rescuers Who Saved His Life For $500,000
  192. LGBT News Major Stu Rasmussen Auctions Off Shoes
  193. General News Cops can have sex with prostitutes now
  194. LGBT News Lawmaker fears a "Guy In A Dress"
  195. General News Kurt Cobains case re-examined ( not reopened)
  196. LGBT News Fred Phelps Dead at 84
  197. LGBT News Ugandan First Lady, Claims Lack Of Gay Cows Invalidates Same-Sex Attraction
  198. LGBT News Transgender Defense: 'Donna' Says 'Doug' Is the Spokane Serial Killer
  199. LGBT News Woman who blames gays for tornados wins GOP nomination for Congress
  200. LGBT News Anti-Gay 'Revolution' On The Way, Because People Are Fed Up With 'Homosexual Agenda,'
  201. LGBT News Do we need LGBT retirement homes
  202. General News Google announces Android wear.
  203. General News westboro pastor near death
  204. LGBT News Nigel Farage confirms that UKIP will not campaign to abolish same-sex marriage
  205. LGBT News Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively marches in Boston St Patrick’s parade
  206. General News North Carolina school bans boy’s “My Little Pony” lunch bag.
  207. LGBT News Fred Phelps is on his death bed
  208. General News pilot of missing plane under srutiny due to support of someone charged with sodomy
  209. LGBT News First Arrests In Uganda Under Anti-Gay Law
  210. LGBT News Relatives Speak Out about Murdered Lesbian Couple
  211. LGBT News Sam Adams, Heineken boycotting St. Patrick's Day parades due to LGBT dispute
  212. General News Wife Didn't Know She Was Filming The Cops Killing Her Husband
  213. General News House Democrats Protest Darrell Issa With iPads
  214. General News CDC discovers rare female to female HIV transmission
  215. LGBT News Registration for first same sex marriages in England & Wales
  216. LGBT News Rival protests over gay marriage at an Irish college
  217. General News Two teen girls sexually assault/torture an autistic boy...
  218. General News Explosion in Harlem.
  219. LGBT News Hodor is gay
  220. LGBT News Gay People Living in Fear in Greece
  221. General News Adam Lanza's father breaks his silence
  222. General News I lol'd
  223. LGBT News Pope Francis wants church to study gay marriage
  224. LGBT News Baptists Bail on Children Services Over Gay [Hiring] Fears
  225. General News Malaysian airlines flight has gone missing with 229 people on board.
  226. LGBT News Four men flogged for homosexuality in Nigeria, Angry Mob Demands Execution
  227. General News Christie: Democrats 'The Party Of Intolerance,' Unlike The GOP
  228. LGBT News Professional footballer (soccer) to come out?
  229. LGBT News Marriage Equality In Illinois Ahead Of Schedule
  230. General News Pope Francis strikes back at church critics on sex abuse
  231. LGBT News Lawsuit filed in Wyoming state court to allow same sex marriage
  232. General News russian tv exposed.
  233. LGBT News Pope Francis says same-sex civil unions could be tolerated by the Catholic Church.
  234. LGBT News The Terms of Our Surrender
  235. General News Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin think Putin is tough, and wrestles bears, unlike Obama
  236. LGBT News Former Miss Kentucky comes out as queer.
  237. LGBT News Jared Leto's Oscar Win For 'Dallas Buyers Club' Criticized By Transgender Community
  238. General News Bill O’Reilly: ‘Women have gender-deficiencies and therefore should not be president'
  239. General News Ukrainian interim PM says Russia has declared war.
  240. General News Naples to DNA Test Dog Poop
  241. General News teacher fired for child out of wedlock
  242. LGBT News Disney and the boy scouts
  243. General News Real-Life Barbie Plans to Live Without Food or Water
  244. LGBT News Gay NFL Player Ban
  245. LGBT News Maryland Senate to vote on SB 212 Friday 3/1/2014
  246. General News Ukraine accuses Russia of deploying troops in Crimea
  247. General News Nintendo shutting down WiFi connection on Wii and DS in May
  248. General News Three-parent babies in the UK.
  249. LGBT News Anderson Cooper Owns Arizona State Senator
  250. LGBT News Tea Party leader worried that bakeries will have to bake penis shaped cakes