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  1. General News stock market parallels 1929.
  2. LGBT News Kansas is making discrimination legal
  3. General News RIP Shirley Temple, 85
  4. General News People never cease to amaze me.
  5. LGBT News High School Senior Does Porn
  6. LGBT News Couples sue to force Ohio's hand on gay marriage
  7. LGBT News Someone I never heard of came out
  8. LGBT News NFL Draft prospect comes out!
  9. General News This is just bullshit in so many ways ...
  10. General News Restaurant owner bans gay, disabled or black customers
  11. LGBT News Attorney general to extend recognition of same-sex marriage rights to all states
  12. LGBT News Not all mayors in Canada are assholes
  13. LGBT News HRC tracks NBC's coverage of LGBT issues during the Olympics
  14. LGBT News Russia Declares Discrimation Newest Olympic Sport
  15. LGBT News 4 Gay Activists Arrested In Russia As Olympics Kick Off
  16. LGBT News Rob Ford...Village Idiot
  17. LGBT News Have you seen the google homepage?
  18. General News Pilots have to wear oxygen masks as Justin Bieber and dad smoke pot on jet
  19. LGBT News Irish Homophobia row
  20. LGBT News Billie Jean King Drops Out Of Olympics Opening Ceremony
  21. LGBT News Clay Aiken to Run For House of Representatives
  22. LGBT News Annapolis (MD) to introduce Trans Rights
  23. General News Pat Robertson begs Ken Ham to shut up about young earth creationism
  24. LGBT News Support for a bullied LGBT man
  25. General News W.Va. official: Patients told not to drink water
  26. LGBT News Ahead of Sochi Olympics, Scottish brewery launches "not for gays" protest beer
  27. General News UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action
  28. General News Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences
  29. LGBT News Canada diversity institute releases best sochi video ever!!!
  30. General News Contact united nations to stop syrian war
  31. General News actors still work with pervert woody allen
  32. LGBT News Ellie Goulding boycotts Putin over anti-gay laws
  33. LGBT News Amazing Speech About Homophobia by Irish Drag Queen
  34. LGBT News Violence in Russia
  35. LGBT News Oslo proposes gay choir in 2022 Olympic bid
  36. General News Severe drought may make some areas run out of drinking water
  37. LGBT News Gay marriage in Scotland
  38. LGBT News First Out College Baseball Player(?) Dating First Out College Football Player
  39. LGBT News ACLU lawsuit challenges Wisconsin same-sex marriage ban
  40. LGBT News A commentary on the 'soft' bigotry among the religious right
  41. LGBT News Pastor preys on gay people using craigslist
  42. General News Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead
  43. LGBT News Right-wing group applauds Uganda anti-gay bill, calls homosexuality worse than murder
  44. General News Congressman Complains That Religious Freedom Law Allowed Mosque To Build A Cemetery
  45. General News Scandals batter Christie's poll numbers as new evidence emerges
  46. LGBT News ''Gays must leave children in peace''
  47. General News Amanda Knox of Seattle found guilty in retrial in Italy
  48. LGBT News Hated filled response to Same Love by Christian "Rapper"
  49. LGBT News Gay Man says sexuality is a choice
  50. LGBT News Maine State Supreme Court Rules That Trans* Student's Rights Were Violated
  51. General News Australian Government Approves Plan to Dump Dredged Sediment in Great Barrier Reef
  52. General News Australia's Politics Getting Darker
  53. LGBT News Virginia Republican backs gay marriage rights
  54. General News Cheerios Biracial Family Makes Return
  55. LGBT News Utah: Donate your tax refunds to fight marriage equality
  56. LGBT News IL Bishop: Gay people must be “disciplined” like “children”
  57. LGBT News Accused VIA terrorist rants against gay marriage in court
  58. General News University of Illinois students don't get a snow day-attack Chancellor on Twitter
  59. LGBT News First Openly LGBT College Football Player
  60. LGBT News Duck Dynasty cast member at State of Union Address
  61. LGBT News Sochi 2014: No gay people in city, says mayor
  62. LGBT News Disney Channel introduces first openly lesbian couple!
  63. General News Amid Drug Scandal and Primary Challenge, Rep. Trey Radel to Resign
  64. General News Actor who played Marlboro Man dies from smoking related illness
  65. LGBT News 33 couples (including gay couples) get married at the Grammy Awards!
  66. General News Map: Publically Funded Schools Teaching Creationism
  67. General News Danny Chen suicide
  68. General News Brain-Dead Pregnant Texas Woman Finally Taken Off Life Support
  69. LGBT News owner disowns cat because she thinks he gay
  70. LGBT News South Dakota trying to allows businesses to deny service to LGBT people.
  71. LGBT News Oklahoma wants to ban all marriages because gay people don't deserve to get married.
  72. General News 3 Killed in Shooting at Mall in Columbia, Maryland
  73. General News Meh, fuck religion
  74. LGBT News court rules gays cannot be excluded from jury duty
  75. LGBT News sperm donor to lesbian couple has to pay child support
  76. LGBT News Siblings jailed for homophobic kidnapping
  77. LGBT News HRC Report Tracks Pres. Obama's Use of Word "Gay", Linked to Further Equality
  78. LGBT News Angry mob attack gay suspects in nigerian court
  79. General News Ghost Ship Lyubov Orlova may make landfall with hold full of starving rats
  80. LGBT News U.S. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney to marry long-time partner
  81. LGBT News Leading Indian psychiatrist: Homosexuality is unnatural, gays should seek treatment
  82. LGBT News Indiana gay marriage ban one step closer
  83. LGBT News Virginia Won’t Defend Gay Marriage Ban
  84. General News Mike Huckabee on the female sex drive
  85. General News "The richest 85 people having as much wealth as poorest 3500000000 is 'fantastic'"
  86. General News Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing while drunk and high
  87. LGBT News GOP Candidate: Autism, Dementia Are God's Punishments For Gays, Abortions
  88. General News Facebook expected to lose 80% of users by 2017
  89. General News UKIP leader: mothers are worth less for employers, no discrimination in UK firms
  90. General News Former student makes video of a phone call to her sexual assaulter
  91. General News 8-year-old boy dies rescuing family from fire
  92. LGBT News Russia Doesn't Keep Its Promise, Arrests Olympic LGBT Protester
  93. LGBT News Brazilian gay teenager tortured and murdered by skinheads, police says it was suicide
  94. LGBT News Smoking maybe cause gay babies, says neuroscientist
  95. LGBT News Keith Ablow "Afraid" of Transgender Urination
  96. LGBT News The Shipping Forecast, issued by UKIP
  97. LGBT News Article on gay Republican US House candidates
  98. LGBT News "The Bachelor" calls gays perverts, says they shouldn't be on the show, etc.
  99. LGBT News Twitter Explodes After Trans Subject of Golf Article Kills Herself
  100. LGBT News UKIP politician: David Cameron to blame for floods because he made gay marriage legal
  101. LGBT News bakery ruled against in wedding
  102. General News Duck Dynasty sees a 28 percent ratings drop
  103. LGBT News Trans Woman Stops Attempted Repeal of Fairness Ordinance
  104. LGBT News Stop Uganda anti homosexuality bill!
  105. LGBT News Flat-earthers or just good Christians? Meet the gay converters
  106. LGBT News RTÉ says ‘curing gays’ tweet was taken the wrong way
  107. LGBT News Mayor of Houston marries longtime partner
  108. LGBT News russias new gay law
  109. General News Gunman Opens Fire at a Local Supermarket - CNN
  110. General News New Hampshire: House of Representatives Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill
  111. LGBT News Gay prisoner in Mexico blinded following attack by cellmate who gouged his eyes
  112. LGBT News GOProud founder leaving Republican party in part over ‘tolerance of bigotry’
  113. LGBT News U.S. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney to marry long-time partner
  114. General News sex makes you smarter?
  115. LGBT News Oklahoma judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional
  116. General News Student shot in face at middle school in Roswell, NM
  117. LGBT News His Military Dad Was Disappointed In Him When He Came Out...
  118. LGBT News Well Known TV Televangelist Comments on Homosexuality, Not Exactly What You'd Expect
  119. General News Australian Church Opens Up to Bitcoin Donations
  120. General News Ex-policeman shoots couple for texting in a Florida movie theatre
  121. LGBT News CeCe McDonald released from prison!
  122. General News Tel-Aviv establishes racially segregated kindegartens
  123. LGBT News Nigeria president signs bill outlawing same-sex marriage, gay rights groups
  124. General News Christie Faces Audit Over Use of Hurricane Relief Money
  125. LGBT News Christie vetoes bill allowing new birth certificates for transgender people ...
  126. LGBT News The Heartbreaking Story of Two Gay Men Who Were Forced to Flee Russia
  127. LGBT News Lance Bass - The First Thing My Mom Did When She Learned I Was Gay... and the 'Miracl
  128. LGBT News Gay man jailed in Cameroon has died, says lawyer
  129. LGBT News Here Are The Battles About To Be Waged In Virginia
  130. LGBT News Va. Gov. McAuliffe's First Executive Order
  131. LGBT News Church wants vote on gay ban in Russia
  132. General News State of Emergency in West Virginia [Water Ban]
  133. LGBT News U.S to Recognize Utah Same-Sex Marriages Despite State Stance
  134. LGBT News Texas GOP wants to limite marriage recognition
  135. General News The Workplace - Getting Gay Friendlier
  136. LGBT News VA "High School Sodomy" Law Targets Gay Teenagers
  137. LGBT News Indiana law maker seeks to pass law to constitutionally ban samesex marriage in state
  138. LGBT News Philly cops to have new policy for interactions with transgender community
  139. LGBT News Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox's interview on the Katie Couric talk show
  140. General News Woman pulls gun from her vagina and holds it to her boyfriend's head
  141. General News New Jersey and Bridgegate
  142. LGBT News Previously Allowed Same-Sex Marriages Will Not Be Recognized in Utah
  143. General News Police shoot and kill Schizophrenic teen in parents' home
  144. LGBT News Thomas Hitzlsperger: Former Aston Villa player reveals he is gay
  145. LGBT News Gay Catholic Leftist is President of Sicily
  146. LGBT News Katie Couric interviews Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox
  147. LGBT News The "Gayest" City In the U.S According to the Advocate
  148. LGBT News Supreme Court stops Utah gay marriages
  149. LGBT News Utah Conservatives Plan to Overthrow Government Over SSM.
  150. General News Liz Cheny to abandon Senate bid
  151. LGBT News Evander Holyfield Says Homosexuality is "Like a handicap"
  152. LGBT News Congressman Aaron Schock outed on Facebook
  153. LGBT News Robin Roberts comes out.
  154. General News Spirit Airlines' response to Marijuana Legalization in Colorado
  155. General News MRA Fuckwads to hold a rape-accuse-a-thon against victim's advocate
  156. LGBT News Longtime support group for gay Mormons shuts down
  157. LGBT News More news from friend Pope Francis
  158. LGBT News Man On Hunger Strike To Halt Gay Marriage
  159. LGBT News nightclub fire in seattle
  160. General News So is this the usual N. Korean blah de blah?
  161. LGBT News MRFF posts billboard about USAFA
  162. LGBT News Another NFL Story, former kicker Chris Kluwe details stint with Minnesota Vikings
  163. LGBT News Yet Another Bigoted Phil Robertson Video
  164. General News Think about this when you've got more month than money
  165. LGBT News How to Survive a Plague - AIDS activism documentary
  166. LGBT News Man calls Russia hetero-facism, world stunned at who it is
  167. LGBT News Utah to Take Overturned SSM Ban To Supreme Court
  168. LGBT News Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rogers potentially gay??
  169. LGBT News GMA Robin Roberts, out?
  170. General News The Genuine Conflict Being Ignored in the Duck Dynasty Debate
  171. LGBT News Phil Robertson: Marry Girls When They're 15 or 16.
  172. LGBT News good morning America co-host comes out.
  173. LGBT News Homeless Trans Woman Andrea Quintero's Funeral Held By Jesuits at 'Church Of Francis'
  174. LGBT News US: Suspension of anti-gay reality star Phil Robertson lifted by A&E
  175. LGBT News Hate on the Same Sex Marriage float at the Rose Parade
  176. LGBT News Has Chuck Hagel Redeemed His Anti-Gay Past?
  177. LGBT News Duck dynasty star to return to show ?
  178. General News UK immigration policy condemned by the UN
  179. LGBT News Marriage Equality for all 50 States
  180. LGBT News Alan Turing given royal pardon for 'gross indecency'
  181. General News Colorado State coach suspended for calling opposing player a gay slur
  182. LGBT News BREAKING: 10th Circuit Court Rejects Stay On Utah Gay Marriages
  183. LGBT News Transgender at 11
  184. LGBT News Fort Worth Councilman's speech
  185. LGBT News UK: Uganda’s anti-gay law will damage the country’s international reputation
  186. LGBT News HRC Announces $100,000 Donation For Russia's Gay Community
  187. LGBT News Utah SSM Ban Struck Down!
  188. General News Republican says poor children should be required to work for food
  189. LGBT News Uganda passes anti-homosexuality bill
  190. LGBT News Orthodox Rabbi Advocates Gay Marriage
  191. LGBT News New Mexico legalizes same-sex marriage
  192. General News Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to be charged with bribery
  193. LGBT News "Tom Daley turned gay because his father died"
  194. General News Utah legalizes polyamorous cohabitation
  195. LGBT News Duck Dynasty star goes on homophobic rant
  196. General News Got a Light? Olympic Torch Relay Seems Cursed to the Ends of the Earth
  197. LGBT News Ken Cole, Why assimilation is WRONG for Queers
  198. LGBT News Obama to skip Olympics, selects gay athletes for Sochi delegation
  199. LGBT News Putin puts biggest gay hater in Russian media as head of state financed media.
  200. LGBT News Strip-search of U.S.-Indian consul leads to gay diplomats spouses threatened
  201. LGBT News Interesting Documentary about an Actor who hated himself for his Sexuality
  202. LGBT News A Transgender Volunteer for the Salvation Army
  203. LGBT News Burn Gay People Alive In Ovens, Russian "Scrubs" Star Says
  204. LGBT News The Lesbian Capital of the Northeast
  205. LGBT News 'Kidnapped For Christ,' Planned Documentary, Aims To Expose 'Ex-Gay' Experiences In C
  206. General News Affluenza Defense: Rich Texas Teen Gets Probation For Killing 4 While Drunk Driving
  207. LGBT News "Stop gay marriage or lose your seat"
  208. LGBT News [Old] Exodus Apologises
  209. LGBT News Kidnapped for Christ documentary
  210. General News Pelosi says "Embrace the suck."
  211. LGBT News Same-sex couples knew risk of weddings, Tony Abbott says
  212. LGBT News EU court: Same-sex couples in civil partnerships must receive equal benefits
  213. LGBT News GayAway
  214. General News Police 'told to leave Queen's nuts'
  215. General News Michigan Passes Rape Insurance Law
  216. LGBT News Australia's High Court - Marriage Equality Invalid
  217. LGBT News Man pushed out of the Salvation Army because he's gay
  218. LGBT News Indian Supreme Court Recriminalizes Homosexuality
  219. LGBT News Queer Marriage--a good thing, or a subversive distraction?
  220. LGBT News Lakewood, CO bakery owners say they'd rather "Go to jail" than sell a gay couple cake
  221. LGBT News England - First same-sex weddings will take place on antigay rights Lord Tebbits bday
  222. General News Police shoot and kill unarmed college student during traffic stop
  223. LGBT News NYT article - "How Many American Men Are Gay?"
  224. LGBT News Italy: Rainbow-themed Christmas lights blasted as ‘provocative and ideological’
  225. LGBT News Trans man coaches high school sports
  226. General News Death of Nelson Mandela
  227. LGBT News It Gets Better/ White House
  228. LGBT News Anti Gay Bigotry Online: Analyzing homophobic comments can disarm the hate
  229. General News Michigan: Rape Insurance?
  230. LGBT News Joey on being Genderqueer
  231. LGBT News Florist fights lawsuit for refusing gay wedding
  232. General News Nelson Mandela Dies at 95
  233. General News Senate passes ban on certain body modifications
  234. LGBT News Pray-away-the-gay Soc at an Irish Uni
  235. General News Martin Bashir resigns over Sarah Palin comments
  236. LGBT News Stop Harming Our Kids Resolution of 2013
  237. General News controversal billboard in NY
  238. LGBT News Lesbian waitress who said she got anti gay note got less than honorable discharge
  239. LGBT News Defence Forces in New Zealand GLBTI support
  240. LGBT News Obese man attacks boyfriend and his trans girlfriend at Mcdonalds
  241. LGBT News Wisconsin senator wants conversion therapy ban for minors
  242. LGBT News Trans man chooses death after botched surgical transition
  243. LGBT News Olympic diving star Tom Daley Daley reveals relationship with man
  244. LGBT News Truvada Can Reduce Risk of HIV in Gay Men by 99%!
  245. LGBT News 3 States End Resistance to Spousal Benefits Order
  246. LGBT News California anti-trans* rights referendum may not be on ballot
  247. LGBT News Heteronormative marriage referendum in Croatia
  248. General News Paul Walker dies in car crash
  249. General News HIV virus is still evolving
  250. General News Canada knew U.S. spying on G20: CBC report