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  1. Russia Bans "Gay"
  2. Chick-fil-A and College Campuses
  3. California Marine's Kiss Goes Viral
  4. prop 8 play to be broadcast live on youtube this Saturday 7:30pm Pacific Time
  5. Fear
  6. Film: "Love Free or Die (2012)"
  7. I want to know what it's like
  8. Anglican/Episcopalian Bishop defends gay priest appointment
  9. Presbyterian Minister Censured for Gay Weddings
  10. I Want to Know What It's Like
  11. Satan Speaks!
  12. Maryland passes Same Sex Marriage Legislation and Gov plans to sign it!
  13. Gender Reversal Treatment On The Rise
  14. "Day of Dialogue" ... Nauseating and Not for the weak of heart
  15. DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional by US District Judge
  16. Evangelical Lutherans Oppose Proposed Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban
  17. Teen Suicide on Glee...
  18. Anti-Bullying Father Commits Suicide
  19. Serial "Gay Slayer" Dies in Prison
  20. "Ex-gay" must die
  21. Just had an amazing conversation with a homophobe?
  22. Adoption
  23. 22-Year-Old Gay Youth Alex Morse Wins Mayor
  24. Michael Gove under pressure over anti-gay sex education
  25. "I'm the girl with the ladydad"
  26. Canada adresses Same Sex Divorce loophole
  27. Same Sex Couples Make Better Parents
  28. Sex Education In Schools - What A Farce!
  29. Can you see a domino effect coming soon?
  30. Maryland approves law for same-sex marriage
  31. Making a Difference in our community
  32. States that take same sex couples children into custody?
  33. Effeminacy/Misogyny
  34. Starting a GSA at my school!
  35. It doesnt always get better
  36. Italian marriage equality video
  37. Lack of clear leaders in the gay rights movement
  38. Sex changes for young children if legal bid goes through
  39. One Town's War on Gay Teens
  40. Transgenderbender
  41. Anoka-Hennepin Gender-Neutral School policy
  42. Sex change British man gives birth to son
  43. Matt Bomer Comes Out
  44. New Jersey Senate approves gay marriage
  45. How political are you?
  46. New Zealand rugby referee Matt Cecchin comes out
  47. watch Gov. Gregoire sign Washington Marriage Equality Into Law
  48. The most ridiculous article ever (Warning crazy christian site)
  49. Religion and Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage
  50. Most US Catholics in Favour as Support for same-sex marriage rises;
  51. what rights do transgender people have?
  52. Howard Stern on the JC Penny Stuff
  53. Real Men and Pink Suits
  54. Why "LGBT"?
  55. Justin Trudeau (Canadian politician) supports transsexual and transgenered citizens
  56. One Million Ppl in support of JCP and Ellen!
  57. Passionate speech (from a republican!) in support of gay marriage
  58. The horrific Russian anti-gay bill is back
  59. Roland Martin Suspended from CNN For Homophobic Comments on Superbowl Ad
  60. Watch Washington House vote on Marriage Equality
  61. Prop 8 unconstitutional
  62. Right Wing Views Linked to Low Intelligence
  63. Prop 8 ruling is out tomorrow!!
  64. RIP Rafael Morelos
  65. The Actual Gay Agenda Vs. What Conservatives Think Is The Gay Agenda
  66. Cleveland Police Brutality
  67. Millions of wives married to gay men: China
  68. Tennessee Lawmaker Threatens to “Stomp” Transgender People
  69. Rolling Stone Article about Gay Bullying and Suicide
  70. Washington State Senate passes marriage equality bill
  71. JC Penny's decision to hire Ellen is under fire by the AFA.
  72. The Petition Thread
  73. Canadian legislation prevents transgender people from flying
  74. Trans Woman Denied The Fundamental Right To Marry In Reno, Nevada
  75. Harper Gov't Comes Out as (Surprise!) Global Leader in Gay Rights
  76. Newark Mayor on Marriage Equality
  77. No homosexuality in Pakistan, and other lies
  78. Tim Gunn Celibate
  79. NJ governor will veto marriage bill
  80. 2012 candidates for gay marriage
  81. Washington State has the votes to legalize marriage.
  82. Cynthia Nixon; Bisexuality
  83. Another Suicide
  84. MN Appeals court: Gay marriage case must return to district court
  85. New Jersey Governor Christie Picks Gay Black Man, Asian For Top Court
  86. Canada wont back other commonwealth countries against LGBT rights
  87. Rick Santorum gets told by Fox News
  88. Transgendered teen expelled from school for being herself
  89. Not even trickle of Canadian Anglicans to Catholicism (over gay blessings)
  90. Three men found guilty for gay hate leaflets
  91. Evangelical activists praise Santorum, rip Romney for 'homophilia'
  92. Same-sex marriage is here to stay under Harper
  93. Why is Canada speaking out more for gay rights abroad?
  94. Awesome Video on Equality
  95. 8 the play
  96. Marriage in Britain
  97. "Sweden retains trans sterilization law" For real?
  98. Second Class Citizens
  99. What's Obama ever done for us?
  100. Buy Lots of Girl Scout Cookies.
  101. shit homophobic people say
  102. RIP Eric James Borges
  103. Boycott Girl Scout Cookies, Because They Support Transgendered Girl?
  104. Canada Goes from Gay Rights Beacon, to Discrimination Central -_-
  105. New study finds zero percent child abuse rate in lesbian households
  106. Openly gay in the Army, what to expect
  107. Fox News posts pro-gay article.
  108. Campaign to pardon Alan Turing
  109. 'Anti-Christian Bigotry,' Newt Gingrich? Let's Ban Bacon!
  110. Forget cardinals. Now it's Supreme Pontiff himself.
  111. marriage debate in New Jersey
  112. A really sweet story of an older brother standing up for his younger brother
  113. Is it okay to bully Santorum?
  114. Tennessee Anti-Bullying Law Change Could Allow Students To Speak Out Against Gays...
  115. Michele Bachmann quits presidential race following poor showing in Iowa
  116. Governor of Washington to support gay marriage
  117. Johnny Weir Marries Russian Boyfriend
  118. Homosexuality in the New Testament
  119. Two more states allow same-sex civil unions
  120. Some foreign LGBT equality commercial?
  121. Help the Campaign for Youth Shelter
  122. Anglican Church of Canada: Human sexuality motions approved
  123. Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul. :S
  124. Gary Johnson Running for President
  125. Why Ron Paul’s anti-gay newsletters don’t bother liberal gays.
  126. Landmark decision in favor of transgendered woman in Georgia
  127. Chaz and his girlfriend call it off.
  128. Choosing to be gay?
  129. A Christmas Letter to My Gay Son
  130. Apology letter on behalf of all gays in Minnesota
  131. Audio Recording of Lawrence v. Texas
  132. Chicago cardinal compares gay rights to Ku Klux Klan
  133. Tennessee private school bans homosexuality
  134. Minn. Gays Apolagize for Causing Republican Leader's Affair
  135. ABC sitcom 'Work It' offensive?
  136. Psychologists urge support of gay marriage as beneficial to mental health
  137. Adam Lambert arrested over fight with boyfriend
  138. 'Missing' Malaysian fears return home following gay union
  139. Lesbian couple share first gay kiss at US Navy homecoming
  140. Gingrich to Gays: Vota for Obama
  141. Plea for marriage equality tops You Tube most watched
  142. Human testing on possible HIV vaccine starts in New Year
  143. Gay couple win custody of five year old twin girls
  144. Gay couple receive letter of congratulations from Obama
  145. Rick Perry Confronted by Teenager Over Gays Serving Openly in Military
  146. In California Prop 8- Petition for Signatures
  147. Ellen DeGeneres buys Brad Pitt's Malibu mansion
  148. Marcus Bachmann will campaign against gays
  149. Christian groups boycott Tesco over 'evil Christians' comment
  150. Lesbian couple file lawsuit against Hawaii hotel
  151. Rosies engaged !!
  152. California teen gets 21 years for killing gay student
  153. Top 10 Moments for Marriage Equality in 2011
  154. Gay WikiLeaks soldier claims discrimination
  155. Gay marriage improves health
  156. Utah Middle School Defends Outing Gay Student
  157. Mitt Romney and the Veteran
  158. THIS is how to respond to bigotry.
  159. College Town Stands up to Perry
  160. How to explain gay rights to an idiot
  161. I need resources!
  162. lgbt rights vs religious freedom
  163. Led by the child who simply knew
  164. 2011: A good year to be gay
  165. How far we've come
  166. MI teacher removes 'gay' from Christmas carol
  167. Scotland Equal Marriage Campaign...
  168. Not the best day for NATIONAL POST...
  169. Any news about Prop 8 hearing?
  170. please tell me someone is watching the colbert report
  171. Prop 8 OVERTURNED: Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down In California
  172. 8 year old talks to Michelle Bachman about his gay mom
  173. Most LGBT Activists = Conservative Cowards?
  174. Vote for Discrimination!
  175. Roger Crouch found hanged
  176. Gender Neutral Toilets
  177. Obama Administration Makes Case for World LGBT Rights
  178. Michele Bachmann and the 8-Year-Old
  179. U.S. to Use Aid to Promote Gay Rights Abroad
  180. “Born This Way” is fauxgress, not progress
  181. Australian Marrieage Equallity add
  182. Youtube video by 13yr gay teen gets millions of views in days, describing bullying.
  183. Lady Gaga Accepts Award from Trevor Project
  184. Belgium gets a gay socialist premier
  185. Troy Mayor's Facebook Slam on Gay Marriage Draws Widespread Criticism
  186. Local churches should defy Anglican leaders over gay ban
  187. Scottish Government issues Same-Sex Marriage Consultation
  188. Exodus International, Ex-Gay Christian Organization, Faces 'Social And Financial Obli
  189. A Stroke Turns a Straight Man Gay
  190. Australia Labor Party officially supports gay marriage
  191. Bishop Robinson Documentary Discusses His Love Of God, Need For Bulletproof Vests
  192. CBC: John Baird slams Nigeria over anti-gay bill
  193. HIV AIDS Soon to Become History
  194. Why You Shouldn't Donate to the Salvation Army—Ever
  195. GOP Presidential Candidate announces support of gay marriage
  196. Nigeria is doing a Russia
  197. Bachmann: Gay people can marry - the opposite sex, that is.
  198. Moving interviews with gay and lesbian seniors
  199. Elton John: On the streets with Ukraine's lost generation
  200. Interesting Video
  201. Apostle pauls real views on homosexuality?
  202. lawsuit against NY gay marriage
  203. Age of consent
  204. Homosexual Adoption Essay
  205. "This Russian anti-gay bill is nothing short of medieval barbarity"
  206. An amazing marriage equality commercial..
  207. Equality, welfare and diversity
  208. lgbt group
  209. Why "Born This Way" makes me queasy
  210. I'm Christian - Unless Your Gay
  211. An Essay on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  212. Brandon McInerney pleas down to 21 years
  213. Baptist Church Takes Stand Against N.C. Marriage Ammendment
  214. Russia: A Bill To Silence Millions
  215. Does anyone know of any good articles about biphobia?
  216. Anybody in Macon, Georgia or near there?
  217. "I'm Christian, unless you're gay"
  218. Saudi Clarics claim women being allowed to drive will turn them gay.
  219. Arrested transgender woman denied ID change at DMV before going topless
  220. Americans Get Trans Identity?
  221. Supreme Court Grants Standing to Prop 8 Supporters
  222. ACLU looking at Union-Scioto High School lack of punishment
  223. U.S. court ends legal challenge to 'don't ask' law
  224. Anti-Gay Slurs Spray-Painted On Couple's Home
  225. Edward DuMont, Out Gay Appeals Court Nominee, Asks Obama to Withdraw His Nomination
  226. Bishops to address gay marriage, abortion at fall meeting
  227. Sugar House protesters say Chick-fil-A is anti-gay
  228. Baptists elect Charlotte pastor, endorse ban on same-sex marriage
  229. "Why is school such a hard place to be gay?"
  230. Toronto Zoo's gay penguins to be "reunited by spring"
  231. Petition to shut down "clinics" in Ecuador that use torture to cure homosexuality
  232. ugandan death penalty link
  233. LGBT Issues and Philosophy
  234. Oscars producer "Rehearals are for f-word"
  235. Meth Project Ad
  236. Stroke turns Rugby player gay!
  237. secular argument against gay marriage
  238. You're not going to believe the injustice.
  239. Michigan, Just... No.
  240. Transgender awareness month
  241. NJ judge holds that lawsuit to recognize gay marriage can proceed
  242. this is... surprising :)
  243. Catholic Journal Withdraws Column that Suggests Devil Responsible for Homosexuality
  244. Dr. Jill Biden to Speak at PFLAG National Convention
  245. UTSA student says she was a victim of a hate crime
  246. Gay couples allowed to host civil ceremonies in church
  247. Teachers tell bullied kids: Don't be so gay
  248. Bali opens doors of first gay medical clinic
  249. NH rep drops gay marriage amendment
  250. Police ban gay arts festival as threat to public order in Muslim-majority Malaysia