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  1. Judge upholds Maine's campaign disclosure law
  2. Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care w
  3. Gay rights leader blasts appointment to Hillsborough human relations board
  4. Gay marriage plans are un-Christian claims Tory MP
  5. Mass. moves to standardize birth certificates
  6. Boehner punts on ‘Don’t Ask’ certification bill
  7. Arkansas State Supreme Court Upholds Same-Sex Visitation Rights
  8. Wyoming Senate advances anti-gay marriage bill
  9. Deval Patrick signs ‘bathroom bill,’ sets off ‘firestorm’
  10. Facebook: "In a Civil Union with..."
  11. Same-sex marriage approved by Maryland Senate committee; full passage expected
  12. Anti-gay bills in Utah Legislature pulled by sponsor
  13. MD. advances gay marriage
  14. Edmonton soldier jailed for attack on gay man
  15. Virginia House panel kills bill to add legal protections for gay state employees
  16. WikiLeaks cables: Ugandan gay rights activist 'mocked' at rights seminar
  17. Target enacts new political giving policies
  18. Singapore restricts release of Oscar-nominated lesbian film
  19. Hawaii Civil unions bill wins final approval; awaits governor's signature
  20. State Supreme Court votes to decide Proposition 8 issue
  21. Regional Presbyterian Church body approves ordaining gays, lesbians
  22. California Supreme Court Takes Prop 8 Standing Question
  23. ACLU: Don't Filter Me!
  24. Man pleads guilty to hate crime at NYC gay bar
  25. APD undercover officers drank shots just before Eagle Bar raid
  26. Montana Decriminalizing Homosexuality
  27. 911 call: "You're not going to know who it is"
  28. Santorum Talks About Longtime Google Problem
  29. Gay alumni question policy of Christian college in Montecito
  30. fandoms join forces to fight for equality
  31. Trump reveals stance on social issues
  32. McInerney murder trial set for May; victim's father frustrated with delays
  33. Politician fined for homophobic joke
  34. No more king, queen at Mona Shores High
  35. Bishop of Blackburn: No gay marriages in my churches
  36. Indiana House approves gay marriage amendment
  37. Michigan lawmakers submit second parent adoption bills
  38. Rep. Introduces Bill Against Gay Families
  39. Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce
  40. Britain to legalise same-sex marriage
  41. Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London
  42. Md. Senate - largest remaining hurdle to same-sex marriage - likely to approve bill
  43. On the eve of Valentine's Day, protesters converge on Holy Name
  44. Fox News columnist claims CPAC lacks morals
  45. Swedish boy, 6, stabbed for 'wearing pink'
  46. Some students, parents outraged over school opinion article
  47. NOM and Maggie
  48. Greeting Cards That Celebrate A Rainbow Of Loves
  49. I'd marry gay couples, just not in church, says Father Bob Maguire
  50. Same-Sex Marriage Vote Looms In House
  51. In advance of Steadman bill, surveys show strong support in Colorado for civil unions
  52. Hearings Thurs on NH bills to repeal gay marriage
  53. The coming fight over .gay domain
  54. UK Conservative Gov't to allow 'Gay' Church Marriages
  55. GOP's Gary Johnson: Obama Too Slow Ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  56. Protest In Support Of Same Sex Marriage Planned At SF City Hall Monday
  57. Gay rights groups attack iPhone confession app for Roman Catholics
  58. Ann Coulter: "The Left is Trying to Co-Opt Gays"
  59. No same sex couples allowed at the Creation Museum Date Night
  60. Rumsfeld: "Time Has Come" To Allow Gays To Serve Openly
  61. Guatemalans angered by RI lawmakers remark
  62. Nashville mayor says he will sign anti-gay bias bill if it passes
  63. Derogatory words written on Lowell man's door
  64. Did Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson's comments cross a line?
  65. R.I. House speaker says it’s too soon for vote on same-sex marriage
  66. Hotel Owner Sparks Anger By Putting Up Sign Declaring 'Poofters Welcome'
  67. Hawaii House passes same-sex civil unions bill
  68. Maryland senator changes stance on gay marriage
  69. Arizona wants court to let state stop providing insurance for gay workers' partners
  70. GOProud deflects criticism for hyping Trump
  71. [Video]Gay Wars: What We Saw at CPAC
  72. Church: Lesbian Wedding Not Violation
  73. Navy Officer in Hot Water for Retaliating Against Ensign After Anti-Gay Harassment Ch
  74. Pentagon unveils ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal plan
  75. 'Appalling' law lets schools expel gay students
  76. Gay TV Character Not So Gay After All?
  77. Gay English bishop Derek Rawcliffe dies at 89
  78. Central Wisconsin Presbyterians wrangle with gay-clergy questions
  79. Beaverton district will pay gay student teacher $75,000
  80. A regrettable vote
  81. Group offers pro-judge petitions to House speaker
  82. Guess Who's Coming to CPAC?
  83. New Hampshire residents want gay marriage to stay: survey
  84. Douglas County Sheriff's Lt. Resigns After Internet Posts
  85. Cuomo Says He’ll Push for Vote to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  86. Palin: No 'problem' with gay group at CPAC
  87. FRC's Tony Perkins Vs. GOProud's Christopher Barron On CPAC Boycott
  88. RI House committee to consider gay marriage bill
  89. Secaucus council declines to reinstate firefighters accused of harassing gay couple
  90. East Cobb Rep. Franklin's take on gays, gold, goats and God
  91. Bill in Iowa House aims to protect same-sex marriage objectors
  92. Gays and the GOP: Palin and Pawlenty Explore the ******'s Nest
  93. Same-sex marriage has good chance of approval, Maryland Senate leader says
  94. Hawaii panel passes civil unions bill
  95. Gay players urged to go public
  96. Trans Bill of Rights Passes Canadian House of Commons
  97. Opinion Piece: The Bible’s surprisingly mixed messages on sexuality
  98. Gay Activists Claim a Teenager Was the Victim of a Hate Crime in a Middletown Coffees
  99. Vander Plaats denies involvement in anti-gay seminars
  100. Man receives 111-year prison sentence for transgender woman’s murder
  101. Casada Files Bill to Keep Gay Out of TN Cities
  102. Survey finds support growing in Kentucky for gay protections
  103. Chick-fil-A cow portrays anti-gay message on sign
  104. Same-sex marriage has good chance of approval, Maryland Senate leader says
  105. Sheriff: Arson Fire May Not Be Gay Hate Crime
  106. Issues within the GLBT community
  107. Turkey Asks for Gay Sex Photos
  108. Conservative group wants answers from Palin on gay rights
  109. Congressmen Jim Jordan won’t attend conservative conference
  110. Texas GOP platform: criminalize gay marriage and ban sodomy, outlaw strip clubs and p
  111. Gay couple win 'surrogate twins' parenting case in Australia
  112. Sean Avery would support a gay hockey player
  113. Anti-gay group wants partner benefits reversed by Michigan AG
  114. Utah second-parent adoption bill fails to advance
  115. Egyptian gays join the people's revolt against Mubarek
  116. Indiana GOP takes another shot at gay marriage amendment
  117. Closet homosexuals sink further under the radar after Kato’s death
  118. Does Sarah Palin support a gay GOP group?
  119. Important: Youth Coming out Seminar- NEED HELP!
  120. Gay Pride Flag posted on NOM's Website!!!!!
  121. Where they stand: The Maryland Senate on same-sex marriage
  122. Chick-fil-A Protests at N.Y.U. Are Muted
  123. Burke's legacy opens door to gay players
  124. Calif Supremes to decide on entering Prop 8 fray
  125. Chick-fil-A Isn't the Only Food Company With Anti-Gay Claims. Here Are Five More!
  126. Clippers Host NBA's First-Ever LGBT Equality Night
  127. Flap won't deter Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul
  128. A Conversation With Steve Buckley
  129. Utah Bill to Ban Gay Families?
  130. Chick-fil-A suspension from IU reversed
  131. RI lawmaker to submit bill on marriage referendum
  132. Transgender veterans seek recognition
  133. Restoring Honor to Troops Discharged As Gay
  134. Name change creates big fuss
  135. Lesbian couple sues neighbor, claiming arson
  136. Gay activist suspected killer arrested
  137. Republican strategist turned gay rights activist ponders a White House run
  138. Bills regarding gays in the Va. National Guard die in committee
  139. GOP senator announces support for Md. same-sex marriage bill
  140. Son of Two Gay Mothers Defends Same-Sex Marriage in Iowa House
  141. This kind of comment just kills me.
  142. Howard Stern is awesome. As always.
  143. Navy captain insists controversial videos were approved by higher-ups
  144. Eastwood Liked Hoover Script Because It Avoided Homosexuality
  145. Belgian gay couple can't bring thier son home
  146. adian Televangelist: They Canceled My Show Because I'm Anti-Gay
  147. Iowa House passes constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
  148. Gay Rights Group Blast Colorado AG for Signing onto Massachusetts Case
  149. Church Banner Supporting Marriage Equality Vandalized
  150. Lesbian students enter to cheers at Minn. school
  151. Christian Voice leader Stephen Green ‘a wifebeater’
  152. Gen. James Amos Welcomes Homos To the Marines
  153. Google pays US gay and lesbian staff more than heterosexual employees
  154. Bush Child, in a Break, Endorses Gay Marriage
  155. Colorado Senator pushes for gay marriage rights
  156. Illinois Gov. signs historic civil unions law
  157. Cannon: Gov. Scott should ‘absolutely’ enforce gay adoption ban
  158. Suits on Same-Sex Marriage May Force Administration to Take a Stand
  159. Sen. Rubio to skip CPAC conference
  160. Branstad refuses to say whether gay marriage bill goes too far
  161. Man claims Glaxo drug made him 'gay sex addict'
  162. Toronto police investigate alleged hate crime in Gay Village
  163. GLAAD Demands Action from NBC/Comcast for Transphobic SNL Skit
  164. Support decriminalisation of Homosexuality at UN!
  165. Barnado’s boss encourages gay couples to adopt
  166. Gays Seeking Asylum in U.S. Encounter a New Hurdle
  167. Lancashire MP Nigel Evans talks of decision to come out
  168. Gay Marine’s husband surprised at respect shown by Naval Academy
  169. Gay Crossdressing Rights in High School
  170. Lesbian couple will walk in Champlin Park processional after lawsuit dismissed
  171. 'Glee's' Darren Criss, Chris Colfer EW Cover Called 'Gay Propaganda'
  172. A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates
  173. Va. Guard faces funding loss if it sticks with 'don't ask'
  174. Rahm Emanuel Pledges Support For Gay Marriage
  175. Court won't hold 'Don't ask, don't tell' lawsuit
  176. Judge in Britain Halts Deportation of Ugandan
  177. Remembering David Kato, a Gay Ugandan and a Marked Man
  178. Hope College Board Issues Statement on Human Sexuality
  179. Hawaii Senate approves same-sex civil unions
  180. Illinois Clerks gear up for same-sex union paperwork
  181. EmptyClosets Interview: Kathy Baldock Responds
  182. Gay former cabinet minister Nick Brown reveals his phone was tapped
  183. Maggie Gallagher Opens Up (teehee) about Anal Sex!
  184. FYI: Age of Consent and Exceptions in Canada's Criminal Code
  185. Pentagon: Training on 'don't ask, don't tell' starts in Feb. for troops, commanders
  186. With a name like....
  187. Newly-formed Thai airline recruits 'Ladyboys' as air hostesses
  188. Obama mourns gay activist's murder
  189. Orthodox rabbi teaches what it's like to be gay
  190. The GOP's quiet evolution on gay rights
  191. Coach's Lost Job Could Spark Anti-Discrimination Policy
  192. Court date set for appeal over Ark. adoption law
  193. Obama Nominee for Judge Could Be First Openly Gay Man on the Federal Bench
  194. Utah state legislator introduces bill that would void contracts between gay couples
  195. Canadian Blood Services continuing gay ban
  196. Virginia Lawmaker Fights to Ban Openly Gay Men and Women from National Guard
  197. Manchester gay bar sparks row over straight-only job advert
  198. US Marshal harassing DADT protesters who were arrested at White House fence
  199. Controversy erupts over alleged gay question in 13th Senate District poll
  200. Judge denies divorce to same-sex Nebraska City couple
  201. Quantcast Emanuel promises LGBT community he’ll fight for rights
  202. Scuffles at funeral of Uganda gay activist
  203. France girds for debate after 'no' to gay marriage
  204. Divisions On the Right Over Gays In Its Ranks
  205. Belmont University changes non-discrimination policy after protest over departure of
  206. Wyoming Senate to vote on gay-marriage ban
  207. Milan offers Italy's 1st gay studies course
  208. Transsexual differences caught on brain scan
  209. Yes, Chick-fil-A Says, We Explicitly Do Not Like Same-Sex Couples
  210. Chick-fil-A removed from IU South Bend campus
  211. Women's College Basketball: Homophobia is polluting the recruiting trai
  212. Gay couple accuses Baylor-owned gym of ‘draconian and bigoted practices’
  213. Black, gay, bullied: a footballer's journey to honours at the Palace
  214. Iowa Senate Dems vote down push for gay marriage ban
  215. Poll: Support for legal gay marriage growing in NY
  216. Gay Advocates Take Issue With Park51 Imam
  217. NSW picks up school anti-bullying scheme
  218. Ugandan gay rights activist murdered
  219. The Last Temptation of Ted
  220. Anglicans/Episcopalians go Catholic over Gay-Marriage
  221. Pentagon to outline training for gay ban repeal
  222. Primates shun Anglican talks over U.S. gay bishops
  223. WNEC Officials Investigate Homophobic Graffiti in Res Hall
  224. Paintball Attacks Investigated As Possible Hate Crimes
  225. Opponents of same-sex marriage ban urge California Supreme Court to reject federal ap
  226. Public hearing on Iowa gay marriage ban set for Monday
  227. Media Hounding Obama's '96 Gay Marriage Stance
  228. Gay man target of vicious beating, hate crime
  229. Gay couples argue for same rights as wedded people
  230. Gay Supreme Court Nominee Hopes To Inspire Youth
  231. Bishop apologises after gay slur
  232. The most gay friendly state/nation/country?
  233. 48 Hours to Save Brenda from being-->Uganda :(
  234. Hawaii Senate Committee Passes Civil Union Bill
  235. Bill voiding same-sex marriage, civil unions passes Wyoming House
  236. Springfield pastor Scott Lively explains his views on gays, Holocaust
  237. Advocates, lawmakers kickoff push for gay marriage
  238. Beijing's first gay marriage sparks storm online
  239. Proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage gets first OK in Iowa House
  240. GOP to push for D.C. gay marriage ban
  241. DeMint to skip CPAC
  242. Kentucky man charged in April assault that led to hate crime protest
  243. Iowa Supreme Court candidate interviews begin today
  244. Iowa hearing on gay marriage ban scheduled for today
  245. Deputies Investigate Possible Hate Crime, Arson
  246. Teens hurling slushies and slurs in Gay Village
  247. Wyoming lawmakers consider civil unions
  248. Interesting Interview with Pastor Joel Osteen: "Homosexuality is a Sin"
  249. State of the Union Address
  250. The Status of Gay Marriage