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  1. Wyoming lawmakers consider civil unions
  2. Interesting Interview with Pastor Joel Osteen: "Homosexuality is a Sin"
  3. State of the Union Address
  4. The Status of Gay Marriage
  5. Poll: Importance of Politics
  6. Jason Mraz Won't Wed Fiancee Until Gay Marriage Is Legal
  7. Gay couple allege police brutality in responding to domestic quarrel
  8. Reality show focuses on Atlantic City gay community
  9. Gender-neutral toilets divide gay community in Brazil
  10. NBC Picks Up a Lesbian Love Story and a Musical
  11. Vander Plaats campaigning Iowa against gay marriage
  12. Setting Your Gay Daughter Straight
  13. Gay prince to appear on Oprah show again
  14. Obama's gay rights challenge
  15. Wyoming House gives early nod to anti-gay marriage bill after impassioned debate
  16. In another nod to gays, feds tackling housing bias
  17. Sources: Teenager Kills Himself After Facebook Taunts
  18. UK Opposition joins call for (equal) marriage
  19. Hospital Visitation Rights for Gay, Lesbian Partners Take Effect
  20. "Sexy" Smells Different for Gay, Straight Men, Study Says
  21. Pastor Declares “Civil War” After Supreme Court Rejects DC Gay Marriage Case
  22. Halifax gay seniors complex to be debated
  23. Long Island school district approves Gay-Straight Alliance at South High
  24. Gay Murder Rates Soar in Brazil, Honduras
  25. Colorado Springs diocese starts 12-step program for gays
  26. Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Adoption should be by a married couple
  27. Heterosexual Hall of Fame: Our Greatest Straight Supporters
  28. Gay Miami Couple Finally Adopts Two Brothers
  29. Conservative Conference Beset By Accusations of Pro-Gay Takeover, Muslim Agenda
  30. Charles Barkley Says Martin Luther King Supported Gay Rights
  31. Andrew Breitbart Joins GOProud
  32. Marriage amendment introduced in Iowa House
  33. Charges dropped in bathhouse raid
  34. Polls: Iowa voters oppose impeachment for Supreme Court justices
  35. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mum Thought He Was Termi-gaytor
  36. Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows
  37. Anti-gay bias ‘pervasive’ in Utah, report says
  38. Halton Catholic board drops ban on gay group
  39. Documentary about homosexual people
  40. Gibbs skeptical about DOMA repeal
  41. Court hears gay dads' La. birth certificate case
  42. Halton Board Repeals GSA Ban!
  43. Christian therapist who claims she can help gay men go straight being struck off
  44. Iranian men to be stoned to death over gay sex
  45. Wyoming Anti-gay-marriage bill advances
  46. Supreme Court rejects appeal over DC gay marriage law
  47. Teenager Commits Suicide; Friends Say Bullying to Blame
  48. [NY} State Sen. Thomas Duane to push gay marriage bill
  49. Conservative MEP defends Twitter gay comments
  50. Gay Couple Win B&B Ban Case
  51. genderplayful marketplace
  52. Gay students feel betrayed by Halton Catholic board
  53. Cameroon protests EU's support for Cameroonian LGBT, France urged to defend
  54. Dublin couple may be first to have civil partnership recognised
  55. New England Republicans warming to, or at least ignoring, gay marriage
  56. Gay rights faces uphill battle in Pa.
  57. 'I am gay' billboards igniting controversy
  58. Cuomo's hiring of Christine Quinn liaison may be major step in push for gay marriage
  59. Black ministers: Dr. King supported civil rights, not gay rights
  60. The therapist who claims she can help gay men go straight
  61. Chris Colfer wins Golden Globe for portrayal of "Kurt" in "Glee"
  62. Gayest city? Magazine says it's Minneapolis
  63. The petitions for LGBT teen causes thread.
  64. Rally demands debate on bill
  65. Gay Sports Bars Tap a Growing Market
  66. House Republican aims to put brakes on repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell'
  67. Catholic School Board Decision/ Being Catholic & Gay
  68. Same-sex couples mark 10th anniversary
  69. Vandalism at Islamic Center costly to clear
  70. Tea Party Leader Ran "Gay Bashing" Campaign In Connecticut
  71. Pastor who fights for LGBTQ community honored with award
  72. Anti-discrimination ordinance passes 5-3 in Haverford
  73. Would ENDA have a shot as a ‘jobs bill?’
  74. Ohio University will allow men and women to live together in residence hall rooms
  75. Inside the Westboro Baptist Church
  76. Gay groups criticize Justice Department brief
  77. Alamo teacher target of anti-gay graffiti
  78. Ireland recognises foreign gay marriage and partnerships
  79. Police arrest manager of Coffee House operated by anti-gay pastor Scott Lively
  80. New bill would ban discrimination against Utah gays statewide
  81. Boston Archdiocese issues no-discrimination admissions policy
  82. Brown: Cut off AIDS funding
  83. Elton John snubs showbusiness names and chooses lesbian couple as godparents for baby
  84. Potential White House candidate says path blocked by prejudice
  85. McDonald's WiFi blocks gay support websites
  86. Passport change will be inclusive
  87. In Zambia, 'witch hunt' of LGBT meets "eerie silence"
  88. Movie Depicting Hoover Gay Affair Rankles Some in FBI
  89. Himalayan kingdom throws open its doors to gay tourists
  90. Homophobic Congresswoman to Head Subcommittee on Higher Education
  91. Uganda opposition leader against prosecuting gays
  92. Ontario Catholic schools revisit gay groups ban
  93. Transgender vets want military access for own
  94. Gay activists press "Don't Ask" court challenge
  95. Palm Springs police chief resigns over gay sex sting
  96. Tim Pawlenty: I'd "Support Reinstating" Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  97. 61 apply for seat on Iowa Supreme Court
  98. Lesbian fitness trainers cry foul over treatment at celeb gym David Barton
  99. Yale Payroll Error Gives Gay Employees a New Year Surprise
  100. Maryland set to expand gay rights, same-sex marriage
  101. Gay marriage repeal not on NH GOP agenda this year
  102. Gay slur in lyrics disqualifies Dire Straits hit from Canadian radio play
  103. Canada Catholic School Chair Compares LGBT Students To Nazis
  104. Saskatchewan marriage commissioner decision
  105. Advocate: It Matters That Giffords Assistant is Gay
  106. Interacial Marriage compared with SS Marriage
  107. Catholic Bishop Tobin lashes out at R.I. leaders for pushing gay marriage
  108. Pentagon moving to end 'don't ask,' Gates says
  109. Md.'s wait for gay marriage near an end
  110. Gay men targeted in Halifax robberies through online dating services, police say
  111. Turkey: Court orders yet another LGBT organisation to close!
  112. Minnesota Family Council to hold marriage amendment course for legislators
  113. Is Obama’s New Chief Of Staff William Daley Bad For Gay Rights?
  114. On Jan. 4, Vicky Kolalowski was sworn in as a Superior Court Judge for Alameda County
  115. Vicky Kolakowski Sworn in as America’s First Elected Transgender Trial Judge
  116. Texas appeals court upholds gay divorce, rules against AG’s office in Austi
  117. Ted Haggard, minister caught in sex scandal, gets TLC program
  118. Boston hails gay sports scribe
  119. McCain: 'Don't ask' repeal will work
  120. Why Is Television So Much Gayer Than Film?
  121. NJ to host conference on gay youth suicide risks
  122. Johnny Weir No Longer Skating Around the Gay Thing
  123. Is It a Contradiction To Be Gay and Republican?
  124. New Governor Already Discriminating Against LGBTs and Other Groups
  125. Uganda gays celebrate court victory
  126. Same-sex marriage in New Hampshire threatened
  127. Gay H.S. Student Deals With Fame After Op-Ed
  128. In Isolated Utah City, New Clubs for Gay Students
  129. Is Chick-fil-A restaurant against gay rights?
  130. Supreme Court’s same-sex ruling doesn’t warrant impeachment, Branstad says
  131. Group for gay teens drops lawsuit against BMV
  132. Obsessed with gay marriage, Vander Plaats has gone too far
  133. Police: Gunman Shot Man Over Perceived Sexuality
  134. Mecklenburg County commissioner calls gays ‘sexual predators’ in email to colleagues
  135. Gay group causing Focus on the Family to question sponsorship role in conference
  136. Shift in mission for religious firebrand
  137. AG: Other states' same-sex marriages valid in N.M.
  138. Boston sports journalist Steve Buckley comes out
  139. Phoenix-area teen takes aim at gay bullying
  140. Northern Trust Launches LGBT Financial Services Unit
  141. Congress gets 4th openly gay member
  142. Palm Spings police chiefs resigns after flap for comments he made about gays
  143. Rhode Island Same-sex marriage bill to be introduced Thursday
  144. EmptyClosets interviews Kathy Baldock - Submit Questions Here!
  145. Clerics in Third Largest Christian Community Clerics Wed in Same-Sex Ceremony
  146. Generation gap imperils gay church
  147. Did Sarah Palin Just Tweet Her Position on 'Homos'?
  148. Appeals court turns to state on key Prop. 8 issue
  149. Save-the-Kid- from-Gays Pastor Arrested
  150. We're the Ones Imposing Our Views on People?
  151. Apple rejects "Manhattan Declaration" app for second time
  152. Navy Investigates Antigay Sex Vids
  153. The End of Gay Culture (Again!)
  154. Coalition Consider Gay Marriage Plans
  155. Barney Frank promotes homosexual agenda - video proof!!!
  156. Being Gay was a Mental Disorder in Alberta until today!?!?
  157. Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Signed - Video
  158. The Daily Show-Senator McCain-It gets worse
  159. United States Throws its Weight Around at UN to Protect Gays and Lesbians
  160. Republican Sen Kyl: No plans to reverse repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy
  161. Are Social Conservatives Losing Clout -- or Just the Gay Debate?
  162. Why Are Liberals Winning the Culture Wars and Losing the Tax Battle?
  163. One Battle Won, Gay Rights Activists Shift Sights
  164. Judge Hears Federal Worker's Spousal Benefits Case
  165. Harvey Milk’s Shop, Center of a Movement, Is Now the Center of an Internal Fight
  166. Joe Lieberman: Democrats’ man of the hour
  167. Missouri Gives Gay Trooper Killed on Duty a Highway, Still Denies Benefits to His Par
  168. Obama to sign 'don't ask' repeal this week -- may hold news conference
  169. Top Marine pledges to ‘personally lead’ gay integration
  170. Del. Marshall seeks to ban gays from Virginia National Guard
  171. Timing of 'don't ask' change unclear
  172. Gay pride banners cause flap in San Francisco
  173. Radio station changes 'gay apparel' promo
  174. Graham: If 'Don't ask' repeal doesn't go well, Obama owns it
  175. 65-31. don't ask don't tell is repealed - celebration thread!
  176. Manchin skips votes on DADT, DREAM Act
  177. History being made - TODAY!!!!!
  178. DADT Breaks Filibuster
  179. DREAM Act Dies, DADT Repeal Imminent
  180. Trying to protect the planet, bad?
  181. GOP Senator to Dems: If you try to pass DADT, Republicans won't pass START
  182. NOM Targets Apple
  183. America is ready to elect a gay president: Jimmy Carter
  184. Christian hotel owners who barred gay couple may close business
  185. A Labour Party member bombarded a gay colleague with malicious texts
  186. Anti-gay bullying continues to be a contentious issue in Anoka-Hennepin School Distri
  187. GOP senators ready to vote against 'don't ask, don't tell,' aides say
  188. GOP lawmakers drafting legislation to impeach Iowa Supreme Court justices
  189. NOM Affiliate: The Rainbow Belongs to Us, Not the Gay-Rights Movement
  190. Advocates Say Despite GOP Flip, NY State Senate Could Pass Marriage Equality
  191. Gays asked to refrain from sexual activity at 2022 World Cup
  192. DMV worker who warned of hell for gays quits job
  193. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," DREAM Act, Head to Senate for Votes This Weekend
  194. Racy Renault car advert featuring lesbian bedroom scene is banned by Italian TV
  195. Ordinance would let Scouts buy building, on 2 conditions
  196. LGBT General Assembly - South England
  197. Harry Reid wants a 'don't ask' vote this congress
  198. Panel Recommends Formal Apology in Eagle Bar Case
  199. Gay Alabama lawmaker asks if ethics bill would apply to her "spouse"
  200. Court urged to void Texas gay divorce
  201. Colorado lawmaker plans to introduce civil-unions bill
  202. Big Boost for Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal: Brown Backs Senate Bill
  203. Pair Found Guilty Of Homophobic Killing
  204. Snowe pledges support for 'don't ask' repeal
  205. Big Ten Names Humanitarian Award After Civil Rights Foe Tony Dungy
  206. A new gay ban in Moscow
  207. Major lobbying effort underway to reverse UN vote OK'ing killing of LGBT
  208. Most back repealing 'don't ask, don't tell,' poll says
  209. DADT officially repealed in the House of Representatives
  210. Lawsuit says Iowa judicial retention vote was illegal
  211. Iran: Discrimination and Violence Against Sexual Minorities
  212. Fifa boss Sepp Blatter sparks Qatar gay controversy
  213. Gay rights groups condemn Blatter comment
  214. Forrest County Sheriff's Dept.: No laws violated in gay worker's firing
  215. New bill requires gay history in textbooks to fight bullying
  216. Uganda Government Blocks Film Depicting LGBT Human Rights Workers
  217. First website for Ethiopian LGBT launches
  218. Majority in Western Australia support gay marriage
  219. Editorial: Texan of the Year finalist Joel Burns
  220. Marine commandant concluded DADT repeal may risk lives
  221. House Dems introduce standalone measure to repeal 'Don't ask'
  222. Tolerance Program Raises Ire Of Some Vallejo Parents
  223. Coach says University of Minnesota demoted her because she's a lesbian
  224. Discharged gay veterans sue for reinstatement
  225. First Latina, Openly Gay Colorado Supreme Court Justice
  226. Brazil gay couples entitled to pension benefits
  227. Gwent Police train officers to fight homophobic crime
  228. Airline pulls video over anti-gay charges
  229. LGBT Books Vandalized With Urine in Lamont Library
  230. Stem Cell Transplant has Cured HIV Infection
  231. The Daily Show: Gaypocalypse Now
  232. Manchin votes against 'Don't ask' repeal, then apologizes
  233. Trial Tracker
  234. Reproductive scientists create mice from 2 fathers
  235. The Long Shot, Last Ditch Effort To Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  236. Canadian Forces Introduce Dress Code for Transsexual Soldiers
  237. Facebook to Reimburse Gay Workers for Benefit Tax
  238. Republicans block repeal of DADT
  239. Up from Homophobia
  240. Elizabeth Edwards funeral to be protested by Westboro church
  241. Gay awareness signs too adult-themed says school officials
  242. With Democratic gains in state Senate, Maryland poised to approve same-sex marriage
  243. Power-drunk Vander Plaats demands all remaining Iowa Supreme Court justices resign
  244. Ex-senator reverses opposition to gays in military
  245. ABC news examines bystander reactions to hostile coming out
  246. ‘Don’t Ask’ Debate Caught in Tax Cut Crossfire
  247. Same-Sex Benefits Ban Roils El Paso
  248. Seven gays, lesbians now in California Legislature -- a record
  249. Iowa Gov.-elect Branstad: Gronstal 'dictator' for marriage stance
  250. Czechs Defend Arousal Testing of Gay Refugees