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  1. Survey comes back in favour of Gay Village signs
  2. Ecuador's First Gay Marriage Includes Transgender Man
  3. Not Just Gay-Friendly: Here Come the Ultra-Gay Hotels
  4. Aberdeen teen, ACLU file suit claiming years of bullying at school
  5. Minnesota Governor's Race Over
  6. New study support Family Acceptance for our GLBT kids
  7. Catholic Grandmother and Gay Rights
  8. City reaches settlement with Atlanta Eagle bar
  9. Lesbian, gay and bisexual teens singled out for punishment
  10. Watch prop 8 trial live - c-span
  11. Calif. gay marriage foes gamble on win in Round 2
  12. Once-homophobic black pastor today becomes advocate for gays
  13. Gay men fight on after court deems Skype marriage invalid
  14. Activist says man who belonged to Jamaica gay rights group found fatally stabbed
  15. BEEP BEEP: Stupidity Dead Ahead
  16. Illinois Civil unions aren't just for same-sex couples
  17. Effort to oust Calif. gay marriage judge fails
  18. Ex-CU Buffs coach Bill McCartney apologizes for gay comment
  19. No Last Push by Paterson to Legalize Gay Marriage
  20. Pope tries to ban gay priests, again
  21. Ill. Gov. Quinn to sign civil unions legislation next year
  22. 9/11 hero's mom to McCain: See the light on DADT
  23. Scott Brown supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal
  24. Bradlee Dean: Keith Ellison is advancing Sharia law through ‘homosexual agenda’
  25. Same-sex marriage and the Constitution
  26. How to beat the Westboro Baptist Church
  27. Ladies Professional Golf Association to change Gender Requirement
  28. Prop. 8 sponsors ask judge to disqualify himself
  29. Mercury 'turns' wetland birds such as ibises homosexual
  30. Apple Removes App
  31. 'Historic' civil unions measure passes Illinois House
  32. Gay rights group donates legal documents to Yale
  33. Anti-Gay Violence on the Rise in Senegal, Rights Group Says
  34. ACLU Files Suit Against Miami Beach for Wrongfully Harassing Gay Men
  35. Elected Official Says TSA Pat Downs Promote 'Homosexual Agenda'
  36. Pentagon OK's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Repeal
  37. Kenya PM orders gays' arrest
  38. Judges for Prop. 8 hearing
  39. more pride parades
  40. "Let lesbians serve in military, we will rape them straight!"
  41. United Nations: It's Okay to kill Gays
  42. Equal Rights in Canada
  43. DOJ appeals lesbian's reinstatement to Air Force
  44. Alan Turing’s papers to be auctioned
  45. Columbus To Offer Benefits To Gay Couples
  46. National Organization for Marriage targeting Illinois
  47. In Letter, Gates Dismissed McCain’s Concerns About DADT Study
  48. Cardinal opposes civil unions
  49. Fox News said to reject ad on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’
  50. The boy who was raised a girl
  51. War is Peace, Equality is Discrimination
  52. Yahoo Bans Anyone From Searching For 'Gay' Clues
  53. Huckabee: Ousting Iowa Judges a Historic Move
  54. Pentagon: No gays were discharged in past month
  55. A Protest Against Homophobia In São Paulo
  56. Bashed Sex Party candidate resolute
  57. Voters in Bowling Green Ohio OK anti-bias measures
  58. How the Chilean Miners are Promoting a Homophobic Campaign from Chile's Government
  59. Navy Chief Preparing ‘Don’t Ask’ Recommendations
  60. Lover- Tom Goss
  61. Mullen: Marines will comply with 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
  62. Gates speeds up delivery of 'Don't ask, don't tell' report
  63. Two arrested on Transgendered Day of Remembrance
  64. LGBT Community Rallies In The Bronx
  65. Australians back gay marriage - poll
  66. Russian gays hold first authorised demo
  67. Andrew Compton Case
  68. After 30 years, Iowa opponents still think pink at Kinnick Stadium
  69. Anti-gay message spray painted on St. Charles North
  70. Charges stemming from gay bar raid in Fort Worth dropped
  71. Texasteen beaten to death, body burned in possible anti-gay hate crime
  72. Vallejo Parents Upset About Same-Sex Curriculum
  73. Greene: U.S. policy and same-sex love are ocean apart
  74. Minnesota mother who lost son advocates for federal anti-bullying laws
  75. City's settlement with Scouts draws fire from gay leaders
  76. IFPC denies new group has ties to national organization with same name
  77. C.J. Spiller Apologizes for Offensive Tweet
  78. Adoption & the like
  79. Prime Minister David Cameron: It Gets Better
  80. 13 Senate Democrats Express Confidence on Votes to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
  81. Willoughby-Eastlake Schools Opt Not to Protect Homosexual Students
  82. Vice President Biden: It Gets Better
  83. Trans Pioneer Phyllis Frye Becomes Texas' First Trans Judge
  84. Gay people are for ballet, not for football, claims Zdravko Mamic
  85. Girl can wear tux for yearbook
  86. Philadelphia, Scouts End Gay Rights Dispute
  87. Pink Shirts banned from Pep Rally
  88. Brian Brown Talks about Iowan Judges Ousted
  89. Prop. 8 hearing on gay marriage will be televised by C-SPAN
  90. Alameda County home to first transgender judge in nation
  91. Over a decade, 'Sea change' in support of gays in the military
  92. Student leader arrested for falsely reporting threats; he resigns
  93. University gives go-ahead for Transgender to join Sorority
  94. Yes, DADT repeal could still pass, Senate staffers say
  95. In Mongolia, a LGBT multimedia campaign is launched against discrimination
  96. Eureka Springs adds DP benefits for city workers
  97. ACLU Pressures Springs School Into Rescinding Decision On 'Marriage Is Gay' Shirt
  98. Pageant Boys: Competing for Crowns in a Girls' World
  99. Rural church leaves ELCA over gay clergy, genetics proposal
  100. Sickened by a gay man's murder, a cop asks other officers to fight hate crimes
  101. Sarah Palin's Daughter Uses Homophobic Slurs
  102. Levin: We may have to separate DADT from defense bill
  103. El Paso could reject voter-approved benefits ban
  104. People coming out as gay at younger age, research shows
  105. Gay Republicans to be absent from state legislatures in 2011
  106. Powell: Advocates Should Not Pressure Congress To Repeal DADT Before It Is Ready
  107. Appeals Court sets stage for Proposition 8 arguments
  108. Benilde-St. Margaret censors student anti-homophobia editorials
  109. Manhattan lesbian school administrators may be fired over on-the-job fling
  110. 250,000 People At Gay Pride In Rio, A Teenager Shot After The Parade
  111. The night they raided the Pisces bathhouse in Edmonton
  112. Is American money behind the Ugandan tabloid linking gays and terrorism?
  113. Rep. Joseph Cao Calls Christian Group 'Ignorant' for Costing Him Election
  114. Gay Student Defends Teacher
  115. Straight? Bent?
  116. Australia divided as support for gay marriage varies wildly
  117. Avoid social issues, GOP urged
  118. Priest banned from writing
  119. Gay Fraternity Launches At Indiana University
  120. Oregon college takes down anti-gay posters
  121. Westboro Bus Tires Flattened In Okla.
  122. <3 Thought this was lovely..
  123. Bullied for being gay?
  124. Another hate crime reported at UW-Whitewater
  125. A Gay Nascar Fan Is Finding a Growing Audience Online
  126. Lutheran churches drops affiliation, citing acceptance of gay pastors
  127. First Person to be Openly Gay and Elected to Congress Reacts to High Court's DADT Rul
  128. Mormons Soften Language On Gays
  129. Over enthusiastic PFLAG Mother
  130. Iran Railroad for Queer Refugees
  131. Barclays to Reimburse Gay Workers for Health Benefit Tax
  132. High court allows gay military ban for now
  133. Iowa Republican leader predicts remaining justices will lose their jobs
  134. Colombian Court blocks gay marriage
  135. Germany and Bayern star Mario Gomez urges gay footballers to go public
  136. Source denies report on ENDA vote in lame duck
  137. Lesbian educator's marriage leads to exit
  138. Concord-Carlisle high school educators share their “coming-out” experiences
  139. Belmont University Denies Gay Student Group
  140. School girlfriends get support but principal sticks to her guns
  141. Cindy McCain blasts ‘don’t ask’ as husband fights to keep it alive
  142. Student sues after being cut by coach over pink cleats
  143. PFOX in the World Bank Henhouse
  144. Collins v. United States - Class Action for Military Separation Pay
  145. Marie Osmond on 'Oprah': My Son Was Not Gay
  146. ‘Straight Pride' shirts become free speech fight
  147. Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war
  148. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn hopes for civil unions vote in fall session
  149. Just Because Pink Shoes
  150. Montana Asks Judge to Dismiss Gay Rights Lawsuit
  151. Former Beta Upsilon Chi members allege unfair treatment based on sexual orientation
  152. Lutheran Group Won't Let Gay Chicago Couple Adopt Homeless Boy
  153. Government Asks Supreme Court to Keep DADT In Effect During Appeal
  154. Alleged hate crime occurs on UW-Whitewater campus over weekend
  155. Prop 8 Backer Blasts FCK H8 Video with Kids
  156. Gay pride flag burned at Albion College
  157. 0% Reported Child Abuse in Lesbian Households
  158. Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership
  159. Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School defends gay ban
  160. Obama's Indonesian gay nanny and other things from his past
  161. Mexican transgender asylum seeker allowed to stay in U.S.
  162. McCain fights White House on 'don't ask'
  163. Antigay slur painted on car at UMass Dartmouth
  164. Georgia Drama Teacher Dave Dixon Fired For Showing Students a Film On Gay Persecution
  165. Is It Time For Grade Schools To Start Asking Students If They're Gay?
  166. Cheney to Bush: "Mary is gay"
  167. State supreme court overturns street preacher conviction
  168. 3 Senators Renew Push to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
  169. Gay Couples to Sue Over U.S. Marriage Law
  170. Israelis Don’t Ask. They Tell
  171. Frank: ‘Zero chance’ for LGBT bills next year
  172. 'You're not gay': visa refused
  173. What Happens When a Son Tells His Mother He Is Gay. In Botswana
  174. Homosexuals banned from Croatian national team, says football federation president
  175. Kamala Harris-Steve Cooley race could affect Prop. 8
  176. Male, female or neither? Gender identity debated at same-sex colleges
  177. Cox fires Andrew Shirvell, says he used state resources in attack on gay student
  178. Court refuses to step into custody dispute
  179. Gay rights advocates fear lawmakers will repeal Wisconsin's domestic partnerships
  180. Saudi gay gets 5-year jail, 500 lashes
  181. Did outing of gay Roseville council candidate contribute to his loss?
  182. Friends: Bullying led to tragedy
  183. Drive to Repeal 'Don't Ask' Policy All but Lost for Now
  184. Gates urges Congress to repeal gay ban now
  185. Marines' leader: Keep policy on gays in military
  186. In School Efforts to End Bullying, Some See Agenda
  187. Poll: Many think same-sex attractions can be changed
  188. Hawaii positioned to pass same-sex civil unions
  189. Iowa: Energized conservatives could force Branstad into gay marriage debate
  190. Lesbian who sued over prom talks about gay bullies
  191. Young, Gay, and Still Married
  192. Supreme Court asked to review gay military ban
  193. Former Beta Upsilon Chi members allege unfair treatment based on sexual orientation
  194. gay-friendly San Francisco is still a tough place for teens to come out
  195. Suicide case of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi poses test for NJ privacy law
  196. New York Jet Antonio Cromartie Joins NOH8 Campaign
  197. Openly gay candidates: Some surprise victories in 164 races
  198. Exit poll: Nearly a third of gays voted for GOP
  199. Los Angeles Clippers To Hold Equality Night February 2
  200. U-M's ban on Andrew Shirvell modified
  201. School Objects to Teen's Shirt
  202. Awesome Mom Defends Her Son's Costume
  203. Democratic leader in Iowa Senate vows he'll block vote on gay marriage
  204. Green Bay won't join lawsuit against domestic partner benefits
  205. Jackson cops: Mayor made anti-gay comment; bias complaint filed
  206. Students protest slurs at N.C. State's Free Expression Tunnel
  207. Giuliani Calls On Republicans To ‘Ease Up’ And Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  208. RI Dem becomes 4th openly gay member of Congress
  209. Lexington, Ky., voters elect 1st openly gay mayor
  210. Record number of LGBT candidates elected to office
  211. To Repeal DADT, Gay GOP Group Zeroes In On Five Senators
  212. Transgender motorist sues Portland police for more than $200,000 for alleged groping
  213. Iowa Judges Ousted
  214. Belgium's Catholic primate faces homophobia charge
  215. Early Numbers: Iowa Supreme Court Judges Lacking Votes to Stay
  216. Can the biology of being gay combat bigotry?
  217. Common sense?
  218. D.C. tops in gay-male households
  219. Atlanta Eagle's lawyers want city fined
  220. Transgender man playing NCAA women's basketball
  221. Ugandan paper ordered to stop printing list of gay people
  222. Illinois College Newspaper: Gay People Don't Get Human Rights
  223. Custody Upheld For Vt. Lesbian Non-biological Mom
  224. San Diego Gay Man Savagely Attacked
  225. Officials: Teacher showed intolerance
  226. Berlusconi says liking girls "better than being gay"
  227. New Iowa Poll: Voters tilt toward axing justices
  228. Court Extends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Indefinitely
  229. Library association added gay and lesbian award to annual list of children's prizes
  230. Christian couple who cannot accept homosexuality challenge their fostering ban
  231. Dealing with Difference: Gay, transgender students discuss bullying in college
  232. Ugandan newspaper outs gay men
  233. Same-sex marriage supporters denied communion
  234. Taiwan sees Asia's 'biggest' gay rally
  235. Chinese parents learn to accept gay children
  236. Ravi and Wei saw no sexual contact in Tyler Clementi secret broadcast, lawyers say
  237. Rally against gay parades held in Moscow
  238. Gay rights group demands NBC end affiliation with Texas TV station
  239. Edgewater synagogue serving LGBT Jews was terror target
  240. My College Just Got A GSA
  241. Retired chaplains warn against 'don't ask' repeal
  242. Upstate Cops NY Cops Lose Suit After Alleged Gay Bashing
  243. An insider’s account of fundamentalist Christianity
  244. Anti-retention leaders: Iowa just the start of national gay marriage battle
  245. Ron Howard on 'The Dilemma's' gay joke: It stays in the movie
  246. Assistant AG Shirvell's anti-gay rants could cost him license
  247. Fargo, ND Attack on Drag Queen
  248. Megachurch Pastor Comes Out Of Closet
  249. Ga. Megachurch Pastor Comes Out
  250. AL Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker: DADT's Judge Phillips Is As Bad As Al-Qaeda