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  1. Dallas County ballots include 3 gay candidates
  2. Malaysian Brokeback Mountain to Feature Remorseful Gays
  3. Noose Hung at Gay Rights Group's Office
  4. Howell Student Disputes Account Of Classroom Incident
  5. Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke and voting…again
  6. Suspects sought in brutal attack on transgender woman
  7. Kleefisch's uncle objects to anti-gay marriage statement
  8. Three accused Goonies indicted in brutal Bronx gay bashing
  9. 2 students withdraw after Rutgers suicide
  10. Anti-judge bus tour dwarfed by pro-retention rally
  11. Most troops wouldn't oppose serving with gays, survey finds
  12. Arkansas School Board Member to Resign Over Anti-Gay Post
  13. Lutheran Presiding Bishop Tells Young People 'It Gets Better'
  14. Divided South Bend council votes down extending employment ordinance to cover gays
  15. US Saw Anti-Gay Iraq Murders in ’05
  16. Same-Sex Kissing Common In UK Male Students
  17. Dallas District Clerk calls Republican county commissioner enemy of gay community
  18. Ugandan anti-gay measure will be law soon, lawmaker says
  19. Hurley says gay marriage offends God, calls for laws curbing homosexual acts
  20. DMV employee tells transgender woman: You’re going to hell
  21. Illinois Senate candidates Mark Kirk, Alexi Giannoulias debate gay rights
  22. Charges Dropped for 4th Alleged Assailant in Bronx Anti-Gay Attack
  23. “Will the acceptance of homosexuality in this society be the downfall of America?”
  24. Obama administration campaign takes on anti-gay bullying in school
  25. Gay Man Being Deported Because Marriage Not Recognized
  26. Arkansas officials condemn anti-gay comments on networking site
  27. Army gay rules breach rights: S.Korea commission
  28. Tony Perkins: Gay Teens Resort To Suicide' Because They Know They're 'Abnormal'
  29. Homophobia much? Video, er, highlights from NOM’s “Judge Bus” supporters in Iowa
  30. Helena-area Tea Party group splits over Ravndal
  31. Tel Aviv gets competition as Mideast gay hotspot
  32. Ontario Minister apologizes for 'bigotry' tweet
  33. Buck campaign: He’ll discuss retracting Meet the Press statements if he wins election
  34. MN GOP official meets with gay Republicans: Some agreement, but still big differences
  35. Texas NBC Station Asks Viewers: Will Acceptance of Gays Destroy America?
  36. Laura Bush Lends Support to Bullied Gay Teens
  37. Gay priests ice cream adverts banned
  38. Lt. Gov Candidate: Same Sex Marriage Would Lead To Marrying Clocks And Tables
  39. Gay cop says NYPD made his life a living hell
  40. Omaha City Council rejects ordinance on gays
  41. Weekly Mass for gays ends in San Antonio
  42. Michigan Teacher Suspended for Spirit Day Incident
  43. Charges Dropped Against 3 Suspects in Bronx Bias Attack
  44. Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance: 'Fags' Should 'All Commit Suicide'
  45. Gold's Gym Faces Backlash After CEO Gives to GOP Group
  46. Constance McMillen Update: Miss. School District Must Pay $81,000 in Legal Fees
  47. Log Cabin: Obama agrees "don't ask" unconstitutional
  48. 'Fable III' video game allows same-sex couples to marry, adopt kids
  49. Openly gay candidate a front-runner in R.I. House race
  50. 3,000 people attend London hate-crime vigil
  51. Canadian DJ criticised for mocking Bieber fans
  52. Obama appoints record number of gay officials
  53. Gay Emory Student Dragged From Frat Party
  54. London school teaches gay history to beat homophobic bullies
  55. White House To Hold DADT Meeting
  56. Anti-gay marriage group can't run ads
  57. Hendon introduces Quinn, calls Brady racist, homophobic
  58. O’Malley reiterates marriage pledge
  59. Gay marriage foes back push to oust Iowa justices
  60. Gay Youth Activist Commits Suicide in Brooklyn
  61. Gohmert Likens Homosexuality To ‘Adultery’, Suggests Gays People ‘Cannot Control Thei
  62. Rutgers rally aims to shift blame for student's suicide
  63. Why You're Gay: A New Study Shows Why Boy Rats Like Other Boy Rats
  64. Activists: Mormon beliefs factor in LGBT struggles
  65. Advocates Hope Transgender Identity Is Not a Defining One
  66. Minister calls Little Pond fire 'hate crime'
  67. Chris Armstrong drops restraining order request against Andrew Shirvell
  68. Social Conservative Robocall Drops 'Homosexual' Reference Ten Times In Attacking Demo
  69. Man allegedly assaulted in Albany
  70. Christianity
  71. Israel's version of Dancing With The Stars to feature same-sex couple
  72. Some 'Sesame Street' viewers sense a gay-friendly vibe
  73. Attacks reported on Ugandans newspaper 'outed' as gay
  74. Demonstrators support Buffalo Grove HS play
  75. Gays in military? ‘Don’t ask’ Sean Bielat
  76. Gay Voters Angry At Democrats Could Sway Election
  77. Group Denounces Recent Attacks On Gay NYers
  78. Lesbian and gay couples will kiss in front of the Pope
  79. Suspect in transgender killing turns himself in
  80. Gay New Jersey Assemblyman Reed Gusciora's message to LGBT youths: It gets better
  81. Beating victim says he was attacked for being gay
  82. LGBT News Made my blood run cold.
  83. Speaker Pelosi: It Gets Better
  84. Massachusetts AG challenger won’t target LGBT civil rights
  85. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum won't appeal gay adoption ruling
  86. Joe Miller's Extreme Anti-Gay Adviser
  87. Majority of Australians want conscience vote on gay marriage
  88. Two Maplewood, New Jersey slayings may have been related to sexual orientation
  89. Holland, Michigan Commission votes 5-0 for gay rights ordinance
  90. Slight Increase in Anti-Gay Attacks This Year: NYPD
  91. 2nd Couple Claims Vandal Targets Homosexuals
  92. French eBay changes rules to competition after being accused of banning gay couples
  93. Will Florida fight to keep ban on gay adoptions?
  94. After Online Success, an “It Gets Better” Book
  95. GOProud vs. Frank
  96. National anti-gay groups unite to target Iowa judges
  97. Lesbian Walks Into an Army Recruitment Office to Re-Enlist, Gets Bombarded with Homop
  98. Gay student teacher gets Beaverton job back
  99. Churches contribute to gay suicides, most Americans believe
  100. Obama tells bullied teens 'It Gets Better'
  101. Broadway comes out to help fight Gay Suicide
  102. Far right website: "Indiana legislators want to defund Kinsey Institute"
  103. GOP gay rights group fights against gay troop ban
  104. Teen Takes Life After School Attack
  105. Justices: Wasn't court's role to send Varnum case back to Legislature
  106. Pentagon Revises DADT Discharge Procedures
  107. Appeals court sets Dec. 6 for gay marriage hearing
  108. Is Vicky Hartzler the Most Anti-Gay Candidate in America?
  109. Lawsuit: Police erased evidence in Atlanta Eagle raid
  110. Gay Couple Denied Wedding Announcement by Major NH Newspaper
  111. Ted Olson: ‘It Would Be Appropriate’ For Administration Not To Appeal DADT Injunction
  112. DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For DADT
  113. Pentagon's task: Change culture to allow gays
  114. Valerie Jarrett on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
  115. Pro-gay T-shirts sent to university
  116. French eBay accused of banning gay couples from competition
  117. Pentagon reworking gays in military guidance again
  118. Hundreds turn out for Wagner College community's 'Erase Hate' candlelight vigil
  119. Vigil demands end to bullying of gay teens in wake of suicides
  120. Is Facebook Outing Gay Users to Advertisers?
  121. Gays win landmark rights case against Russia
  122. Gay marriage foes sue to keep donor names secret
  123. "Gays are three times more likely to get pregnant than non-gays" - NOM
  124. Confusion as gays attempt to join military
  125. Barney Frank: Obama should reconsider ‘Don’t Ask’ appeal
  126. Marc Delphine: Oregon’s first openly gay candidate to seek federal office
  127. White House rejects gay judicial nominee
  128. Appeals court keeps DADT... for now
  129. Facebook campaign could see Ireland appoint first gay president
  130. No Scout leadership post in NC for Mormon parents
  131. Rowdy bar may be shut down
  132. Penguins flirt with homosexuality
  133. Finnish Church Resignations Now Exceed 20,000
  134. Is Obama’s Excuse for Not Repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Legitimate?
  135. Hours Before Spirit Day, Another Gay Suicide...
  136. U.S. appeals 'Don't ask, don't tell' ruling
  137. Dallas Transgender Teen Hopes To Be A 'Mentor' After Homecoming Queen Bid
  138. 'Don't ask, don't tell' shift catches South Florida recruiters by surprise
  139. Gay Slurs Chanted at Football Game; School Under Fire
  140. Kirk, Giannoulias split on gay marriage, 'don't ask, don't tell'
  141. Kentucky Masons vote against outlawing openly gay men
  142. After Ricky Martin, another pop superstar was past due: Tiziano Ferro is now "out".
  143. RICHARD NIXON TAPES: Archie Bunker & Homosexuality
  144. The Homosexual Roots of Antiwar Sentiment: Podhoretz Schools the Ignorant
  145. Lawyers urge court to rely on Prop 8 trial facts
  146. Hillary Clinton to Bullied Gay Teens: “It Gets Better”
  147. Marine Discharged For Being Gay Tries To Re-Enlist
  148. Buck's gay comments not uncommon among Springs ministry leaders
  149. 'Hang them': Uganda paper publishes photos of gays
  150. Military recruiters told they can accept openly gay applicants
  151. Ken Buck's gay rights resume
  152. Video: Gay marriage will lead to legalized incest
  153. Paladino campaign furious over gay marriage question in gubernatorial debate
  154. Ann Arbor City Council condemns Andrew Shirvell's attacks on Chris Armstrong
  155. Judge tentatively rejects 'don't ask, don't tell' stay request
  156. Exclusive: Fired gay Beaverton student teacher talks to KGW
  157. Did Gay Slur Prompt Justin Bieber to Punch Boy?
  158. Fort Worth Councilmember Joel Burns Hears Back From Gay Teens
  159. 'Don't ask' court hearing scheduled for today
  160. A Republican who wants DADT repealed now
  161. HRC Silent on Dem 'Lifestyle Choice'; Slams GOPer as 'Extremist' for 'Choice' View
  162. Lawsuit claims Forrest County, Mississippi officer fired because he is gay
  163. Behind the anti-gay bullying
  164. Gay Parents 'Far More Likely' to Have Gay Kids, Says Questionable Science
  165. Anti-gay chant at North-South football game caught on tape
  166. Harassment 'will not be tolerated' at Northwestern, school president says
  167. Gay Teens' New Champion Opens Up
  168. Football and gay-parade violence in Serbia linked to organised crime
  169. Gareth Thomas joins battle to keep the Kings Cross pub gay
  170. Obama’s go-slow 'don't ask, don't tell' plan backfires
  171. Bartender at NYC's oldest gay bar, Julius Bar, attacked in gay bias beating;
  172. John McCain would filibuster ‘don’t ask, don't tell’
  173. 11 arrested in raid at Club Dallas
  174. Gay People Are Basically the Same as Everyone Else!
  175. Paladino pressured by family to apologize for anti-gay comments
  176. Group says Air Force has stopped enforcing gay ban
  177. Liberal clergy plan gay-rights protest in Phoenix
  178. The Council Meeting Hate that Killed Zach Harrington
  179. NOM seeks to influence November elections
  180. Poll: Majority of Illinoisans support gay rights, death penalty
  181. City ordinance may protect bakery at center of controversy
  182. Verdict upheld for firefighters harassed in parade
  183. UW-Eau Claire professor sends anti-gay e-mail
  184. Ken Buck calls homosexuality 'a choice'
  185. Gay marriage debate persists in some Nov. 2 races
  186. Lesbian couple meets with shopping center officials over ouster
  187. Gay father not allowed to be Scout leader
  188. Carl Paladino has game plan to hit Andrew Cuomo on gay marriage, say he's a hypocrite
  189. Another Paladino’s Views
  190. Wis. students rally after woman in 'Gay' shirt hit
  191. Rand Paul: abolish DOE so schools can’t teach about gay families
  192. A profile of a lesbian baseball team owner
  193. Pentagon to Gay Troops: Stay in the Closet For Now
  194. Gay marriage opponent criticized for campaigning with gay man
  195. Belgian Archbishop: AIDS is "inherent justice for the mistreatment of love"
  196. BBC Archive
  197. Group seeks reinstatement of gay adoption ban
  198. Lesbian couple file to adopt in Florida, where ban was overturned
  199. O'Neal Dozier Protests Lifting Gay Adoption Ban: Fears Kids Will Be Forced to Be Gay
  200. Dems seize on tea party candidates' social stances
  201. Kissing lesbians tossed from Ravens game
  202. Lesbians told to leave shopping center
  203. Gay bar purge by Paladino's son was just a 'business decision,' not homophobia
  204. Lawyers: NYC gay hate crime suspects are innocent
  205. 11th suspect arrested in anti-gay gang attack in Bronx
  206. 'Hoover' Biopic: Clint Eastwood Says No Joaquin Phoenix & No Gay Romance
  207. Pentagon to comply with court order to end 'don't ask, don't tell'
  208. Cuomo tells gay activists he will legalize same-sex marriage
  209. For gay youths, middle school can be toughest time
  210. Vince Vaughn Weighs In On 'Dilemma' Gay Gag
  211. Family Embraces "Princess Boy"
  212. Bryan Fischer: Parents Who Let Kids Identify As Gay Are To Blame If They Kill Themsel
  213. Obama on Homosexuality: ‘I Don’t Think It’s a Choice’
  214. Valerie Jarrett Apologizes for Calling Homosexuality 'Lifestyle Choice'
  215. Judge asked to stay ruling on military gay ban
  216. New York Yankees to Take Action Against Homophobic Fans
  217. Noisy protest occurs outside Carl Paladino's office
  218. Russian patriarch slams Spanish gay marriage 'propaganda'
  219. Body of transsexual found in Point Breeze
  220. Pentagon: no guidance on military gay ban ruling
  221. Teens Charged in Anti-Gay Bias Attack on Long Island
  222. Anti-Obama billboard raises eyebrows
  223. State's civil rights commission comdemns Asst. AG who authors anti-gay blog
  224. Unexpected Turns for Suit Over ‘Don’t Ask’ Rule
  225. Christine O'Donnell - Chris Coons debate: 'Don't ask, don't tell' and abortion
  226. Rabbi withdraws endorsement for Paladino after apology
  227. Homosexual T-shirt Lands Student In Hot Water
  228. Brown debate comment could help Prop. 8 sponsors
  229. School district, gay student teacher will meet
  230. Obama administration expected to appeal ruling on gays in military
  231. Glenn Beck Condemns Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks…And Internet Commenters
  232. Gavin Rossdale admits gay fling
  233. Michael Lucas is Done With Russia
  234. GLAAD and Facebook Work Together to Remove Hateful Comments and Images
  235. Family Research Council's Tony Perkins Blames Suicides on Gays
  236. Transgender woman sues LPGA over birth rule
  237. One Victim Describes Anti-Gay Attacks, 9th Suspect Arrested
  238. White House adviser Valerie Jarrett: Dead Gay Bully Victim Made 'Lifestyle Choice
  239. Brewer advisor removes link to 'Goddard is gay' rumors
  240. Vander Plaats: Judge retention vote just first step for gay marriage ban
  241. Lost transgender memoir from 1921 discovered by Drexel researcher
  242. Vigil spotlights anti-gay abuse
  243. U.S. support for gay marriage rises steadily
  244. N.Y. GOP Leader Commits to Marriage Vote
  245. Robert Gates says courts should not set policy on gays
  246. Fort Worth councilman offers hope to youths struggling with their sexuality
  247. Paladino once collected rent money from gay clubs
  248. Yankees Bleacher Creatures' "Gay Man" Song
  249. Essence.com Profiles First Wedding Featuring a Lesbian Couple
  250. Nephew of loudmouth Carl Paladino shows how to keep mouth shut