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  1. Noisy protest occurs outside Carl Paladino's office
  2. Russian patriarch slams Spanish gay marriage 'propaganda'
  3. Body of transsexual found in Point Breeze
  4. Pentagon: no guidance on military gay ban ruling
  5. Teens Charged in Anti-Gay Bias Attack on Long Island
  6. Anti-Obama billboard raises eyebrows
  7. State's civil rights commission comdemns Asst. AG who authors anti-gay blog
  8. Unexpected Turns for Suit Over ‘Don’t Ask’ Rule
  9. Christine O'Donnell - Chris Coons debate: 'Don't ask, don't tell' and abortion
  10. Rabbi withdraws endorsement for Paladino after apology
  11. Homosexual T-shirt Lands Student In Hot Water
  12. Brown debate comment could help Prop. 8 sponsors
  13. School district, gay student teacher will meet
  14. Obama administration expected to appeal ruling on gays in military
  15. Glenn Beck Condemns Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks…And Internet Commenters
  16. Gavin Rossdale admits gay fling
  17. Michael Lucas is Done With Russia
  18. GLAAD and Facebook Work Together to Remove Hateful Comments and Images
  19. Family Research Council's Tony Perkins Blames Suicides on Gays
  20. Transgender woman sues LPGA over birth rule
  21. One Victim Describes Anti-Gay Attacks, 9th Suspect Arrested
  22. White House adviser Valerie Jarrett: Dead Gay Bully Victim Made 'Lifestyle Choice
  23. Brewer advisor removes link to 'Goddard is gay' rumors
  24. Vander Plaats: Judge retention vote just first step for gay marriage ban
  25. Lost transgender memoir from 1921 discovered by Drexel researcher
  26. Vigil spotlights anti-gay abuse
  27. U.S. support for gay marriage rises steadily
  28. N.Y. GOP Leader Commits to Marriage Vote
  29. Robert Gates says courts should not set policy on gays
  30. Fort Worth councilman offers hope to youths struggling with their sexuality
  31. Paladino once collected rent money from gay clubs
  32. Yankees Bleacher Creatures' "Gay Man" Song
  33. Essence.com Profiles First Wedding Featuring a Lesbian Couple
  34. Nephew of loudmouth Carl Paladino shows how to keep mouth shut
  35. Coming Out From Life Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
  36. Suicide surge: Schools confront anti-gay bullying
  37. Staten Island Muslim teen beaten, called a 'terrorist' by classmates
  38. Christian right decries bullying, but sticks to anti-gay message
  39. Assemblyman Dov Hikind snaps, lunges at inflammatory protestors from Westboro Baptist
  40. Latin King laughed in prison after arrest for torturing two gay teens in Bronx
  41. Tom Emmer says he won’t back anti-bullying legislation
  42. Group asks high court to take D.C. gay marriage case
  43. ADL Denounces Carl Paladino's Comments Denigrating Homosexuality
  44. Gay Rights Activists Protest Obama Fundraiser, Lash Out at White House
  45. Facebook campaign supports Mormon leader's speech
  46. Agendas of Paladino and Rabbi Meld
  47. State agency won't fight to keep Florida's ban on gay adoptions
  48. Paladino pleads for 'forgiveness' after anti-gay remarks set off campaign firestorm
  49. Gay rights groups deliver petition with 150,000 signatures to LDS Church
  50. St Petersburg Court Orders City to Allow First Gay Public Action Before November 1
  51. One Less Voice for the Gay Community
  52. Harry Wilson And Dan Donovan Reject Ticketmate Carl Paladino's Remarks On Gays
  53. Openly gay man wants to re-enter Presbyterian ministry
  54. At Claremont Institute, Christine O'Donnell Was Taught ABCs of Homophobia
  55. Giuliani Calls Paladino's Gay Remarks "Highly Offensive"
  56. Obama administration appeals gay marriage ruling
  57. Judge orders military to stop enforcing don't ask, don't tell
  58. Age of Consent Laws
  59. 'The Dilemma' and the sudden dilemma over gay jokes in Hollywood
  60. Adam Lambert Gig Protested for 'Gay Culture' in Malaysia
  61. A Teachable Moment: Pro-gay parent activists? In Alabama?
  62. Paladino Ups Ante, Slams Cuomo Over Gay Pride Parade
  63. Deval Patrick 'torn' on military funeral protests
  64. For Many Gay Youth, Bullying Exacts a Deadly Toll
  65. Official: Anti-gay riots send wrong message to EU
  66. Gay teen suicides create a `teachable moment'
  67. Paladino disavows 'dysfunctional homosexual' line
  68. Double Lives Gays Lead in Baghdad
  69. Fire at gay bar deemed suspicious by authorities
  70. Mayor Bloomberg Rebukes Paladino for Anti-Gay Speech
  71. Victory Fund names “Ten Races to Watch”
  72. Son of homophobic father says life gets better
  73. Police: Ninth Suspect In Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks In Custody
  74. Carl Paladino: I Have 'Difficulty' Deciding if Homosexuality Is a Choice
  75. Iowa pastor: Churches will urge voters to remove 3 justices
  76. Cuomo Slams Paladino's "Homophobic" Remarks
  77. Same-sex marriage off Labor agenda
  78. Very Amazing
  79. Carl Paladino: Kids Shouldn't Be "Brainwashed" Into Thinking Being Gay Is "...
  80. Gay Oklahoma teen commits suicide following ‘toxic’ debate over GLBT history month
  81. Members of Bronx gang say they were victims themselves
  82. Gay-bashers thrive in modern-day Netherlands
  83. Serbs riot over gay pride march - Could it get any worse?
  84. Mexican governor: Gay marriage 'grosses me out'
  85. Robbie Williams Wants Gay Kids
  86. Another musician doesn't like NOM using his music
  87. Will the White House Snub Gay Troops, Vets With Black-Tie Blow-Off?
  88. Thousands march in Serbian anti-gay rally
  89. "Die-In" Aims To Raise Awareness About Bullying
  90. Apostle’s speech on gays changed on LDS website
  91. It Gets Better Project
  92. Serbian church warns anti-gay parade violence unacceptable
  93. Walmart Carrying Anti-Gay Book for Children
  94. Governor Pat Quinn: "The Votes Are There" for Civil Unions in Illinois
  95. Rick Santorum Takes a Step Toward Running for President
  96. Gay archives, said to be nation's largest, to be given to USC
  97. A Gay Republican for President in 2012?
  98. 7 arrested, 2 sought in brutal Bronx gay beatings
  99. Talk show host and religious figure call for Bishop Eddie Long's resignation
  100. Witness: Woman screamed about God while destroying art
  101. Utah gay activists protest Mormon church remarks
  102. Gay marriage: Coming soon to a country near you
  103. Black, Gay ... and Republican?
  104. Exploring the myth: Did John Lennon have a gay affair?
  105. EU ambassador to attend gay pride in Serbia
  106. Will Obama appeal DOMA court rulings?
  107. ABC Family Developing Film About Lesbian Teen Who Was Banned From Prom
  108. Iowa GOP lawmaker: Gay marriage verdict was ‘the worst day of my life’
  109. Authorities subpoena Rutgers for e-mails regarding Tyler Clementi complaint of roomma
  110. FCKH8 campaign
  111. Ozzy Osbourne disgusted over Phelps' use of song
  112. HRC letter to Mormon Church
  113. Fewer than half of Americans oppose gay marriage, poll finds
  114. NJ senator calls for anti-bully law after suicide
  115. Christian group pulls support for event challenging homosexuality
  116. Snyder v. Phelps post-argument thread
  117. Sen. DeMint Responds To Controversial Gay Comment
  118. Opinion: Homophobia hurts straight men, too
  119. Junior High Asks Students If They’re Gay
  120. I owe no apology, says Murugi
  121. Gay-rights group to target Rep. Brown in campaign in response to email remarks
  122. ‘Closet burning was a hate crime’
  123. My son is no bigot, says father of accused Stonewall Inn gay basher
  124. Anti-gay graffiti and dent found on Jersey City councilwoman's car
  125. Romney avoids thicket of LDS statements on gay marriage
  126. The Eleventh Circuit Rules on Impermissible Gay Stereotypes
  127. At the risk of starting a catfight.... I'm voting republican because...
  128. Evidence may not be enough to upgrade charges against Rutgers students
  129. Same-sex announcement causes stir in Teaneck-based Jewish weekly newspaper
  130. Frank Accuses Limbaugh of Homophobic Attack
  131. Klan rally to support ASU student Keeton
  132. Gay activists denied communion
  133. Activists In Paraguay Optimistic About Upcoming Gay Marriage Debate
  134. N.C. legislator uses 'queers,' 'fruitloops' in anti-gay e-mail
  135. We Give a Damn
  136. OSU students counter, mock anti-gay rally
  137. FBI pursued Jack Kemp gay rumors
  138. Anti-gay fliers not mine, says GOP pick
  139. An amazing message from Kathy Griffin about teen suicides AND acceptance
  140. Dan Radcliffe speaks out about Teen Suicides
  141. The story so far for gay and lesbian equality in the UK
  142. Most people are cool with gays teaching kids (today)
  143. Majority Of Iowans Would Oust Judges Who Favored Gay Marriage, Poll Says
  144. New Survey: 8% Gay, 7% Lesbian
  145. Udall, Gillibrand circulate ‘Don’t Ask’ petition
  146. John Mellencamp: No “Pink Houses” for NOM
  147. Two Staten Island men arrested for bias attack inside landmark gay bar
  148. Ad criticizes NH gov for signing gay marriage law
  149. Minnesota Family Council's Heartless and Shameful Comments About LGBT Suicide
  150. Pentecostal pastor jumps into Chicago mayoral race
  151. Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell case delayed 3 weeks
  152. Sen. Jim DeMint: Gays, Single Women Shouldn't Teach
  153. Packer avers LDS stand on gay marriage
  154. Fifth Gay Teen Suicide in Three Weeks Sparks Debate
  155. Kenyan churches want Murugi sacked over gay remarks
  156. Serbian Govt. called upon to ensure safety of Pride Parade
  157. Atlanta Police Department's former gay liaison claims she's being blackballed
  158. Thousands march in S.Africa against gay discrimination
  159. Pastor Says He Won't Be Pulled Into 'Street Fight'
  160. Ask America votes split 50-50 on gay marriage
  161. Rutgers honors late student at homecoming game
  162. Student teacher says Beaverton, Oregon School District discriminated against him
  163. Gay teen Asher Brown laid to rest in Houston
  164. Rutgers kid's kin speak out
  165. Calif teenager who endured gay taunts memorialized
  166. Sold-Out Kevin Keller Demands First Reprint in Archie History
  167. Moscow gays hold first unimpeded rights protest
  168. 'Cupcake party' held in support of equal rights
  169. Colin Powell: I Did Not Misrepresent "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  170. Republican could become America’s first out lieutenant governor
  171. Education Sec'y on Teen Suicides: "Every one of us needs to stand up and speak out"
  172. Dem AG candidate to Cox: Fire Andrew Shirvell
  173. Woman wins China's first cyber homosexual harassment case
  174. Police detain anti-gay protesters in Moscow
  175. Prosecutor: Bias charges may come in webcast of sexual encounter
  176. Local youth on 'Nick News' to highlight GLBT bullying
  177. LA group wins $13.3M grant for gay foster youth
  178. Pair charged after man is beaten unconscious in Scotland
  179. Boca Raton man charged with hate crime for battery on man he thought was gay
  180. 50 Cent Encourages Gay Suicide
  181. An Important Message from Ellen DeGeneres
  182. Gay couples seek to defend Wisconsin domestic partner law
  183. Student Charged After Leaving Homophobic Messages On Dorm Door
  184. Krauthammer Misreads History
  185. Indy bakery could lose lease for turning away gays
  186. What Makes a Family? To more Americans, gays with kids count.
  187. Openly gay Johnson & Wales student Raymond Chase commits suicide
  188. Assistant AG takes leave amid gay-bashing controversy
  189. What? Focus on the Family remembered that Christians are supposed to love?
  190. Some School Anti-Bullying Programs Push Gay Agenda, Christian Group Says
  191. Utah congressmen wants to rollback gay marriage
  192. Gov. Christie calls Tyler Clementi's suicide an 'unspeakable tragedy'
  193. Bullied Tehachapi gay teen Seth Walsh dies after suicide attempt
  194. Hard Choices: Annise Parker
  195. Queer Justice League meets with Chambliss staff over anti-gay comment left on blog
  196. Iowa chief justice won't fight ouster campaign
  197. Menendez Immigration Bill Includes Gay Rights Provision
  198. Southwest takeover of AirTran promising for gay travelers and employees
  199. Greens make first move with same-sex marriage legislation in Senate.
  200. Federal judge who ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional plans to step down
  201. NJ student secretly taped having sex kills himself
  202. City responds to complaints about bakery not serving gay customer
  203. Georgetown Professor Launches Catholics for Equality
  204. Acting mayor against gay rallies in Moscow
  205. GOP candidate seeks LGBT help in ousting Pelosi
  206. Mullen Restates Hope For DADT Repeal: We're Asking Members To 'Basically Lie'
  207. Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Talks to FOX 5
  208. Gay Mormons to spend one night homeless
  209. Phelps v. Snyder pre arguments thread
  210. Police say no charges in death of bullied 13-year-old
  211. Islamic hard-liners protest gay film festival in Indonesia; some showings cancelled
  212. Artist loses basilica job after criticising Catholic anti-gay marriage campaign
  213. Complaint: Palm Springs police Chief David Dominguez used expletive
  214. GOP's dilemma on gay rights: Win over advocates, or risk losing its base?
  215. Bozeman, Montana leaders pass resolution in favor of equal rights for gay couples
  216. Ivy league schools actively recruiting gay students.
  217. Beijing police raid gay spot, question dozens
  218. Iowa Catholic Conference backs constitutional convention to ban gay marriage
  219. Parents say bullies drove their son to take his life
  220. The Daily Show on don't ask don't tell
  221. Westboro attorney, Richmond lawyer set to debate
  222. Transgender senior can't be king
  223. A firsthand account of homocon
  224. Anti-gay marriage group sues over RI election law
  225. Transgender Republican Gun Advocate To Speak At San Francisco Gun Conference
  226. Tech-savvy Polis offers to help Chambliss locate staff bigot
  227. Free Speech Tested Anew in Digital Age
  228. Why not New York? Supporters of gay and lesbian marriage rights march in Foley Square
  229. Bullies Break 11-Year-Old Boy's Arm Because He's a Cheerleader
  230. Polish equality minister 'outs gay man on television'
  231. Screen legend Humphrey Bogart's fears that he was gay 'almost drove him to suicide'
  232. Maine Gov Candidates Give Views On Gay Marriage
  233. Ga. megachurch pastor pledges to fight accusations
  234. They're gay, conservative and proud
  235. 9 states file brief opposing gay marriage
  236. DADT Ruled Unconstitutional second time, Judge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force
  237. Indian actor's family family disowns him after he takes part in gay kiss
  238. Bullied for being gay, 13-year-old hangs himself
  239. Gay film festival opens in Muslim-majority Indonesia
  240. Archbishop of Canterbury backs gay bishops
  241. Ed Miliband wins labour election
  242. CDC numbers on MSM unaware of HIV+ status
  243. What Do Social Conservatives Want?
  244. Snyder v. Phelps: a case of free speech or harassment?
  245. White House assures skeptics on 'don't ask'
  246. Indianapolis Bakery Won't Serve Gay Students
  247. Judge orders Air Force to reinstate officer forced out by 'don't ask, don't tell'
  248. Lawsuit Demands Specialty License Plate for Group Helping Gay, Lesbian Teens
  249. Libertarians Ask for Gay Vote
  250. NOM, Family Council invoke MLK in pro-Emmer ad opposing gay marriage