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  1. Discovery Channel's new Transphobic show "Who The Bleep Did I Marry?"
  2. Hate Messages Left On Bullying Victim's Memorial Page
  3. LGBT harassment increases on campuses nationwde, survey finds
  4. Iowa Family Policy Center didnít reject federal funds until last month
  5. Irish President Mary McAleese declines St. Patrick's Day NYC Grand Marshal invite
  6. 1.5% of Britons say they are gay or bisexual, ONS survey finds
  7. Ted Haggard: Atlanta Pastor Deserves Fair Hearing
  8. Gay marriage ruling may cost Iowa judges their jobs
  9. Crist: Fla. will stop enforcing gay adoption ban
  10. Obama heckled on AIDS, gay rights at fundraiser
  11. Florida appeals court strikes down gay adoption ban
  12. GOP agenda to include social issues
  13. eBay Founder Omidyar Refuses To Endorse Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman Over Her Anti-Gay
  14. Panel rules against Orono school in transgender bathroom access
  15. Same sex marriage organization to air anti-Meg Whitman, Steve Cooley commercials
  16. Columnist doesnít want to see men kissing
  17. Cornyn, Sessions to receive award from gay and lesbian GOP group
  18. Judge to rule Friday on Witt's return to Air Force
  19. Court affirms overturning Fla. gay adoption ban
  20. NY Times Editorial - Military Equality Goes Astray
  21. Atlanta megachurch head denies sex with young men
  22. Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave a threatening gay slur?
  23. What to say
  24. Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban
  25. Man chosen to lead Marines against lifting gay ban
  26. Iowa Catholics urged to support constitutional convention
  27. 'Don't ask' vote hangs on moderates
  28. 'Values voters' tell Republicans: You still need us
  29. Gay GOP Group: Democrats Should Challenge O'Donnell on Gay Remarks
  30. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Showdown Looming in Senate
  31. Cardinals' Kiss Cam shows no gay couples
  32. Russian Gay Rights Advocate Says He Was Kidnapped
  33. Has the Pope Beatified a Gay Saint?
  34. The political risks of supporting gay rights
  35. Majority support for gay marriage appears to stick
  36. Catholic group funnels millions to National Organization for Marriage
  37. Students suspended for protesting male homecoming queen candidate
  38. First Mr. Gay Orange County crowned
  39. Montana tea party gets mired in attacks on gays
  40. Constitution does not ban sex bias, Scalia says
  41. Anita Hill, 2 other lesbians in committed relationships welcomed as ELCA pastors
  42. Republicans claim Rep. Zack Space skipped out on sexual orientation study vote
  43. Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal
  44. Missing Russian gay activist is in Belarus, preparing asylum bid
  45. Prop 8 backers target trial judge in urging appeal
  46. Cornyn: GOP's stance on social issues alienating independents
  47. Christine O'Donnell not homophobic, says her lesbian sister
  48. Germanyís Westerwelle Enters Civil Partnership, Bild Says
  49. Gay Homeowner Says Vandals Are Targeting Him
  50. Video clears one Marine in attack on gay Savannah man
  51. Massachusetts Gay Lobby Endorses Mitt Romney's Attorney for 2010 House Seat
  52. Duke College Republicans put on disciplinary probation
  53. Valencia gay male couple told they cannot register as parents of twins
  54. Motion for rehearing filed in Texas gay divorce case
  55. Karger forms exploratory committee, uses Scheffler comments to raise cash
  56. Bozeman expected to support gay couples suing Montana
  57. Man indicted for anti-gay attacks
  58. UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges repeal of anti-gay laws
  59. Dennyís employee stabbed in alleged hate crime
  60. Gay Marriage Will Have Majority Support in Arizona by 2015, Statistician Claims
  61. Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom in the Closet
  62. Christian group required to pay taxes for lobbying
  63. Inhofe rails against 'open gays' in the military
  64. Gay activists ask Cardinals to point Kiss Cam at them
  65. Irish campaigners renew calls for same-sex marriage legislation
  66. Crist's change of heart could jeopardize efforts to end ban on gay adoptions
  67. Joe Lieberman airs 'Don't ask' doubts
  68. A good example of how adults encourage bullies.
  69. Cornyn defends decision to speak to gay Republican group
  70. Catholic bishops preparing anti-gay marriage campaign in Minnesota
  71. Injunction sought to ban defense agencies from enforcing 'don't ask, don't tell'
  72. Court: Jerusalem must fund gay center
  73. White House Stands by Veto Threat
  74. McCain and Graham lash out at Levin over defense bill
  75. Who's a family? New study tracks shifting US views
  76. Asst. attorney general targets openly gay college student
  77. Gay Cheyenne couple drops lawsuit against Wyoming
  78. Gay and lesbian Christians criticise plans to disrupt pope's visit
  79. Primary results: 29 of 33 openly gay candidates advance, Victory Fund says
  80. Russian Gay Activist Arrested at Moscow Airport
  81. Fort Worth's Broadway Baptist makes stand for gay members
  82. Perkins presses Cornyn on gay GOP event
  83. Two thirds of Irish now approve of gay marriage
  84. Man Attacked By Teen Gang in Orlando Anti-Gay Hate Crime
  85. 'Don't ask' repeal faces hurdles
  86. Let them serve: Defence drops ban on transgender soldiers
  87. Nepal detains gay activists
  88. Log Cabin Republicans Announce LCR Members Seeking State & Local Office
  89. Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill
  90. N.Y. Dem who voted against gay marraige concedes
  91. Gay mayor wins Dem nod for Kennedy House seat
  92. Gay service members no longer face stigma in ranks
  93. Campaign manager tweets gay slurs
  94. Mont. tea party prez still a member after comments
  95. Roboing against Schneiderman on gay marriage
  96. James Meeks, Potential Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Draws Ire of Gay Rights Supporters
  97. Teen's Suicide Leads To Mom's Fight For LGBT Youth
  98. 2 men in women's clothing slain in Puerto Rico
  99. Conservative wants Maldonado to defy Schwarzenegger, appeal Prop. 8
  100. Florida Gov. Crist shifts support on gay rights issue
  101. Bullied Greensburg student takes his own life
  102. Former colleagues testify for lesbian flight nurse
  103. Gay federal workers can take leave without pay
  104. Gay cadet who quit West Point walks with Lady Gaga at MTV Video Music Awards
  105. Phelpses to burn Quran, U.S. flag
  106. Finding Stuff In NM
  107. Gay candidates for Congress draw interest, hope
  108. Senate to debate gays in military
  109. In Colombia, at least ten LGBT 'cleansed' in one week
  110. Duke Student President vetoes Senate College Republicans ruling
  111. Pope Condemns Gay Marriage, Warns on Biotechnology Before Trip to U.K.
  112. Gay couples seeking immigration rights
  113. Saudi diplomat seeking asylum: 'My life is in danger'
  114. Gay and lesbian surfers compete in Coffs Harbour
  115. Anti Gay mobile blocks
  116. Lesbian seeks reinstatement to Air Force in trial
  117. Faroe Islands MP refuses to dine with Iceland's lesbian PM
  118. Pentagon faces new questions following judge's ruling on openly gay troops
  119. Gay rights group to offset Target donation
  120. PAC backing Sally Kern calls her transgender opponent Brittany Novotny a confused it
  121. Ousted tea party leader Ravndal seeks return
  122. CNN Removes Offensive Push-Poll at GLAADís Urging
  123. Judge to review video tape of attack on gay Savannah man
  124. Serbian police promise to protect gay groups from extremist threats
  125. Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley suggests he would sign gay marriage bill
  126. Citizen Review Board Finds Atlanta Police Violated Procedure, Constitution
  127. NSW adoption bill passed
  128. Britain's Gay Mass
  129. Air Force Academy's alumni group cancels event to honor gay soldiers
  130. Montana Legislative candidate apologizes for Facebook remarks
  131. Judge rules DADT unconstitutional
  132. Time to take action. Repeal DADT!
  133. Former Republican Guerriero Talks About Politics, Gay Rights
  134. Former Log Cabin leader assails Mehlman
  135. Duke College Republicans lose charter, funding
  136. Umpire Davidson ejected fan because of slur
  137. Court won't order California to defend Prop 8
  138. NFL Host to Apologize On-Air for Anti-Gay Comments
  139. Study: Gay marriage isn't a threat in Iowa
  140. Sandra Day O'Connor Enters Iowa Judicial Dispute
  141. St. Petersburg takes step forward on same-sex benefits
  142. Bill White to appear at Gay Pride in Dallas
  143. Man attacked in Brighton[UK] gay cruising area
  144. Tea party members back axed prez
  145. Gay soccer organization calls for sanctions on French amateur club
  146. Gamer suspended over name of W.Va. town: Fort Gay
  147. Aussie swimmer makes weepy apology for gay slur
  148. Students protest lesbian dean's resignation
  149. Montana House candidate leaving tea party association over leader's removal
  150. NFL Hall of Famer Makes Anti-Gay Joke On-Air
  151. Anti-gay groups and gay suicide
  152. Bulgarian Bishop Hands Medals to 'Defenders of Christianity' from Gays
  153. Big Sky Tea Party cans chief
  154. 1st gay pride march planned in Serbia in years after threats forced cancellation last
  155. A limp response to Palin
  156. Anti-gay group organizes in Anoka-Hennepin as community deals with gay suicides
  157. William Hague: for same-sex marriage and against Section 28 repeal
  158. Target Loses Buzz Because of Anti-Gay Political Donation
  159. Atlanta police investigate deaths of Black Gay Pride attendees
  160. Gay teammate defends swimmer after `gay slur'
  161. Gay and christian
  162. 'Ex-Gay' organisation denied charitable status in New Zealand
  163. Conservative gay organization head agrees to debate WorldNetDaily editor
  164. Atlanta Police Dept. Establishes LGBT Advisory Board
  165. Gay Labour voters back Ed Miliband
  166. The changing politics of coming out of the GOP closet
  167. Thousands rally against gay marriage, abortion
  168. The Political Climate and Gay Rights
  169. Lesbian Catholic school AD forced out of job after marriage
  170. Prop 8 Update: Appealing the Lack of Appeal
  171. Hague under pressure to quit from Tory right wingers over gay row
  172. Minneapolis settles suit with fired psychologist for $210,000
  173. Family charged with kidnapping, threatening son for gay lifestyle
  174. Springfield Cathedral High School athletic director loses job after same-sex marriage
  175. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague's aide quits to end gay affair allegations
  176. Court wonít force state to defend Prop. 8
  177. Del. Republican in primary hit with gay affair rumor
  178. The Top 10 Closeted Conservatives of All Time
  179. Matt McCoy calls for boycott of radio hostís advertisers over anti-gay remarks
  180. Utah GOP chooses Log Cabin Republican for state race
  181. Alvin Greene accused of using anti-white, anti-gay slurs
  182. Visibility of Gay People Reflects Changes in China
  183. Folksong Kookaburra just happy, definitely not gay, rules school
  184. Ann Coulter Doesn't Hate Gays Enough for WorldNetDaily
  185. SAS says to host first mile-high gay wedding
  186. Top GOP Party Strategists Attending Log Cabin Event
  187. British Foreign Secretary William Hague denies gay rumours as adviser quits
  188. Nebraska newspaper to accept gay wedding announcements
  189. Top Dem: Obama Should Feel Uncomfortable That Conservatives Are Co-opting Gay Rights
  190. Republican money for same-sex marriage
  191. Gay diver Matthew Mitcham urges footballers to be open about sexuality
  192. Same Sex Adoption in NSW
  193. Tasmania moves to recognise same-sex unions
  194. Legal group seeks to compel Calif to defend Prop 8
  195. Anti-gay S.C. group upset at Columbia's Pride support
  196. Hometown Findlay[Ohio] disappoints gay student following resignation
  197. Charlie Crist Was Against Civil Unions Before He Was For Them
  198. Dallas judge's ruling saying gay couple could divorce in Texas rejected on appeal
  199. Fidel Castro on persecution against gays in Cuba: "If someone is responsible, it's me
  200. Mexico City woos same-sex honeymooners
  201. Assessing the Impact of State Constitutional Amendments Banning Gay Marriage
  202. Gay and Lesbian Republicans Seek Political Inclusion
  203. Gov. Rick Perry links job creation, gay marriage
  204. Same-sex couples in Hawaii look to California
  205. Controversial Seton Hall gay marriage course will go on as scheduled
  206. Gay Republicans Rising
  207. Bruce Majors: An Unlikely Tea Partier
  208. Police find 'no evidence' that dead MI6 agent was gay
  209. Crist supports federal override of state marriage laws
  210. Krauthammer: It Canít Be Bigotry if a Majority Believes it.
  211. Wyoming marriage suit vexes gay-rights activists
  212. Big cases involve funeral protests, video games
  213. Focus on Family says anti-bullying efforts in schools push gay agenda
  214. Wife 'traumatised' after top Tory MP Crispin Blunt admits: 'I'm gay'
  215. Fox News Ignores Ken Mehlmanís Coming Out, Runs Zero Segments On Story
  216. Transgender rules on driver's licenses changed
  217. York lawyer gets ready for Snyder v. Phelps
  218. Tear gas sprayed outside funeral that Westboro church was protesting
  219. Church Censures Minister After Same-Sex Marriages
  220. Making a case for citing Proposition 8 judge's sexual orientation
  221. Lesbian Midwives?
  222. Bogota supports gay marriage: Study
  223. DA: Alleged gay bashing in Savannah by Marines not considered hate crime
  224. Ken Mehlman gay? Online conservatives donít seem to care much
  225. Transgender Candidate Receives 22% in GOP House Primary
  226. Anti-gay hate fliers show up in Convington, Kentucky
  227. Same-sex marriage gains GOP support
  228. Peter, Paul & Mary's C&D notice to NOM
  229. Nom's new anti judge walker ad
  230. Church court rebukes, praises Bay Area minister for same-sex weddings
  231. Conservative minister Crispin Blunt reveals he is gay
  232. Elections, courts and California gay marriage
  233. State House Candidate Responds To Death Threat
  234. Gay Bush Aide? No Bombshell in Age of Fiscal Cares
  235. Mike Rogers to Ken Mehlman: Apologize
  236. Group blasts DADT survey for spouses
  237. State Sen. Shirley Huntley Mailer Links Death Threats To Gay Marriage Supporters
  238. Netherlands to include same-sex couples in school textbooks
  239. Glasgow Gay centre group is locked out
  240. African bishops maintain anti-gay stand
  241. Spanish gay soldier alleges discrimination by military
  242. Dayton says he's "disappointed" in Target MN Forward donation
  243. Will Solicitor General Weigh In on Proposition 8 Case?
  244. Clear Channel rebukes Des Moines radio hostsí comments on AIDS
  245. NYC clerk to give gays info on where to marry
  246. 22nd Anniversary of Gay Ordination Vote
  247. Atlanta Black Gay Pride organizer found shot to death
  248. Calif bill protects clergy opposed to gay marriage
  249. Gay clergy debate: Lutherans bowed but not broken
  250. Ken Mehlman, Bush Campaign Manager, Comes Out as Gay