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  1. U.K. actor faces bashing over TV role as a gay teen
  2. Name changing for gay couples not a straight line
  3. Over Time, a Gay Marriage Groundswell
  4. Courage Campaign: Meg Whitman won't be able to defend Prop. 8
  5. Pentagon surveys military spouses
  6. Gay bar battles bid to close it
  7. A Fatal Encounter in a Newark Park
  8. Columnist: conservatives are becoming too gay friendly
  9. Transgender woman may seek refugee status
  10. Gay PDA Experiment
  11. Meg Whitman says she would defend Proposition 8
  12. Aussie election & Adam Bandt
  13. Sheriff: Transgender inmate not mistreated
  14. Vandals paint Pride Center with anti-gay slur
  15. Child of Married Lesbians Denied Enrollment into School
  16. Senator Casey introduces anti-bullying measure
  17. Charges dismissed in alleged attack of gay student
  18. Gays invited to Meet with [Utah] Gov.
  19. Prop. 8 Case Attorneys: Make 'Em Pay
  20. Police investigate gay bashing on Muni
  21. Radio host: AIDS discriminates against the ’stupid behavior’ of homosexuality
  22. Bono Mack ducks marriage question in debate with Pougnet
  23. Anti-gay statements didn’t deserve rebuke from GOP, candidate says
  24. Poll: Rhode Island's support for same-sex marriage grows
  25. Dr. Laura's dinner with gay, black friends
  26. Target feels backlash from shareholders
  27. Traditional Marriage Perverts the Tradition of Marriage
  28. What Does Obama Really Think About Gay Marriage? A Telling Timeline.
  29. Sexual Orientation an Open Issue for Cicilline
  30. Political groups want more LGBT conservatives to run
  31. Gay, lesbian candidates advance in Washington, Wyoming
  32. Fla. primary could yield gay milestones
  33. Shifting attitudes take gay rights fight across globe, experts say
  34. Porn Arrestees Agree to Gag Order
  35. Firefighter Accused Of Attacking Transgender Woman
  36. The Gaying of Connecticut Politics
  37. Attorney General Candidate Steve Cooley Would 'Defend' Proposition 8
  38. Ann Coulter Applauded by Young Conservatives for 'HomoCon' Speech
  39. Judge: Names of gay-marriage foes must be disclosed
  40. 13 Arrested After Same-Sex Couples Denied Marriage License
  41. Lawsuit challenges Wisconsin’s domestic partner registry
  42. MSNBC won’t air MoveOn.org’s boycott-Target ad
  43. Catholic charity's appeal over gay adoption fails
  44. Prop. 8 gay marriage delay a 'good thing' for eager couples?
  45. Ann Coulter bitch-slaps Joe Farah
  46. Mexico City mayor sues Guadalajara bishop over gay marriage remarks
  47. Thoughts on the Prop 8 appeal
  48. Gay marriage opponents turn to California's poorest county for Prop 8 appeal
  49. Potential gay GOP presidential hopeful asks for meeting with Scheffler
  50. Murdered soldier's parents: Repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'
  51. GOP candidate apologizes for anti-gay statements
  52. Watchog Group Urges IRS to Investigate Oklahoma Pastor for Endorsing Candidate
  53. Mary Cheney gave $500 to anti-gay-marriage Senate hopeful
  54. Iowa GOP condemns candidate's anti-gay comments
  55. British, Indian men have Nepal's first foreign gay wedding ceremony
  56. Ann Coulter fired for speaking at Homocon
  57. Epic Target Boycott Musical
  58. 2d Prop. 8 case expedited
  59. Judge: Missouri funeral protest ban unconstitutional
  60. Gay activist calls for SLC councilman to be ousted from nonprofit job
  61. Kevin Jennings Works to Beat the Anti-Gay Critics
  62. NJ Gov. responds to criticism over N.J. SC decision not to hear gay marriage case
  63. ACLU Sues Mississippi School For Excluding Teenager Wearing Tuxedo From Yearbook
  64. “Kill Gays, Lesbians” Call by Former Russian Billionaire on Russian Radio
  65. Final DADT survey response rate under 30 percent
  66. Gay couples have equal inheritance rights: top German court
  67. Target: No donations planned for gay groups
  68. Air Force Agrees to Halt Idaho Airman's Discharge
  69. Appeals court puts Proposition 8 ruling on hold, sets December hearing
  70. Gay-Friendly Resort Coming To West 42nd
  71. XY Mag to Destroy Rather Than Share Personal User Info
  72. Poll: Chicago area is split on gay marriage
  73. Mexico supreme court upholds gay adoptions
  74. Larry Craig to spend 3 hours co-hosting on KBOI Monday, taking calls
  75. Prop. 8 briefing complete
  76. Marriage question hounds Australian prime minister
  77. Rally pushes D.C. ballot measure on marriage
  78. Threat from gov. blocked N.J. high court on marriage?
  79. Campaigners may try to block road when Pope visits London college
  80. Gay Kiss Photo Stirs Outrage, Sales for South African Student Paper
  81. Emmer dodges question on gay marriage
  82. Standing to Defend Prop. 8
  83. Report: 1 dead, 17 detained in Brazil gay parade
  84. Poll: Most Nevadans oppose gay marriage
  85. Peru says no to the gay marriage
  86. The last person out of the closet? The bisexual male
  87. Navy Air Force IG Under Investigation After Dismissing Anti-Gay Harassment Complaint
  88. 'Late-Life Lesbians' Reveal Fluidity Of Sexuality
  89. Target struggles with donation backlash
  90. True Blood is Too Gay for Philadelphia Eagles Lineman
  91. Is public opinion on gay marriage ahead of the Supreme Court's?
  92. Gay Umpire is Harassed
  93. Judges move quickly on Prop. 8
  94. Target Stores Negotiate with Gay-Lesbian Group over Disputed Political Spending
  95. The New Poll on DADT is Shady and Wrong
  96. Salt Lake City Gay-rights rally planned for Friday
  97. Judge: Domestic partnership petition stays sealed
  98. Judge doubts gay marriage ban's backers can appeal
  99. Lesbian cadet quits West Point, cites `don't ask'
  100. Attacker says "Germans looked gay"
  101. MassResistance Backs ’Pro-Family’ Write-In for GOP Primary
  102. Appeals court asked to block start of gay weddings
  103. AP Interview: Pawlenty OK with move to oust judges
  104. Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage NOT Threat To America
  105. Gay Air Force officer challenges 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
  106. Vander Plaats: Group will oust justices for gay-rights vote
  107. Gay minister: Lover can stay home
  108. Japan's gay parade returns after 3 years in bid for acceptance
  109. Young Gay Dreams of Matrimony
  110. Judge Walker Denies Stay: Gay Marriage Returns to California
  111. Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage Appears to Shift at Accelerated Pace
  112. Judge to announce Prop 8 stay ruling
  113. WA gay partnership signature case back in court
  114. Americans split evenly on gay marriage
  115. Costa Rica court blocks gay civil union referendum
  116. ABA calls on states to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples
  117. All Mexican states must recognize gay marriages
  118. Not for Hong Kong court to rule on transgender union: lawyer
  119. Fox News legal analyst predicts Supreme Court will approve gay marriage
  120. Conservatives speak out on Prop. 8
  121. NOM Declares Themselves Civil Rights Groups & References Martin Luther King Jr.
  122. Judge: No easy way out for same-sex couple
  123. Calif Seeks IRS Tax Equity For Same-Sex Spouses
  124. Ninth Circuit at center stage in Prop. 8 appeal
  125. Fox News Host Announces Plans for Muslim Gay Bar Next to Ground Zero Mosque
  126. Lib Dems Voting on Same-Sex Marriage ^_^
  127. Marriage and the role of the state
  128. Has Anti-Gay donation cost Target on stock market?
  129. Equality Illinois PAC endorses Gov. Pat Quinn
  130. From a Mormon Gay Couple: Thank You Judge Walker
  131. [El Paso] Voters To Decide On City Domestic Partner Benefits
  132. where is peter?
  133. Iran set to execute 18-year-old on false charge of sodomy
  134. GOP quiet, Limbaugh loud on gay marriage
  135. Orthodox attitudes to gay people shift
  136. Mexican Cardinal: High court wrong to uphold gay marriage
  137. Maybe the Prop 8 Smackdown Won't Be Appealed
  138. The Family First Party
  139. Christian mother stands strong for gay marriage equality!
  140. Gay marriage opponents say Judge Walker is gay
  141. Ted Olson on Prop. 8 decision: 'That's why we have an independent judiciary'
  142. [Edmonton] Capitals manager called out for abusing gay ump
  143. Ugandan anti-gay bill loses steam after local and international opposition
  144. Workshop tackles homosexuality, religion
  145. Why GOP reaction is muted as judge affirms gay marriage rights
  146. Ethicists Charge Doctor With Trying to Prevent Homosexuality in the Womb
  147. Gay Marriage Sculpture Vandalized At Los Angeles Museum
  148. Picketting
  149. Coalition to introduce anti-discrimination laws
  150. Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown urges judge to allow same-sex marriages to resume
  151. Let gays begin marrying, Schwarzenegger urges
  152. Ann Coulter To Headline 'Homocon' Event For Gay Conservatives
  153. Congressman King: Gay marriage ruling helps GOP
  154. "The toughest thing for me to do will be to sit next to an openly gay councilmember”
  155. No gay adoptions, says GOP's Angle
  156. McCain disagrees with Prop 8 court ruling
  157. Oklahoma poised as unlikely same-sex battleground
  158. Judge's personal life debated after gay ruling
  159. MassResistance is not happy with the Massachusetts GOP gubernatorial ticket
  160. Gay marriage ruling prompts move against Iowa justices
  161. Mike Lubovich Cartoon
  162. To merge all kulturkampf
  163. Mexican court upholds capital's gay marriage law
  164. Elena Kagen Confirmed
  165. Appeal Filed over Gay Marriage Ruling
  166. AFA calls for impeachment of Judge Vaughn Walker
  167. [Print] [Email]  Venue change sought in CA gay student slaying ca
  168. Overseas gay weddings will remain blocked to Aussies
  169. Uganda: Anti-gay bill stalls
  170. Target apologizes for Minn. political donation
  171. Electoral Consequences of Same-Sex Marriage
  172. Who Gets to Decide What Counts as a Right?
  173. Sudanese flogged for being gay
  174. gay+mariage
  175. Perry v. Schwarzenegger legal analysis thread
  176. Prop.8 Overturned
  177. Report: anti-gay TV ads swayed Prop. 8 voters
  178. Perry, Hayek, and Immanent Critique
  179. New Chilean gay marriage bill likely to struggle
  180. Seeking Hints to a Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage
  181. Nooses anger gay pastor
  182. Gay men attacked in Jerusalem after parade
  183. Expect A Win For Plaintiffs and Gay Marriage In Perry Prop8 Case
  184. Same-Sex Couples Sue Alaska Over Property Taxes
  185. Iranian teenager faces execution for 'false' gay assault charges
  186. Widow offers 'proof' husband knew history
  187. Perry v. Schwarzenegger decision will be announced tomorrow
  188. Sen. Ensign has ‘concern’ over ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal
  189. Long Island Man Kills Infant Boy for Acting Like a Girl
  190. 20 Eveline High school[Zimbabwe] girls arrested for lesbian relationships
  191. British newspapers out alleged WikiLeaks source, a soldier, as being gay
  192. Outlawing gay marriage will improve the economy, activist says
  193. Teens arrested in bias crime against gay pastor to be charged as adults
  194. Panel: 'Substantial evidence' school chief fired for being gay
  195. MassResistance says the Tea Party isn’t homophobic enough
  196. ACLU: Boy Scouts shouldn't get discounted rates in Boulder Valley schools
  197. On-Campus Living Learning Communities introduce LGBT Community
  198. Houston mayor: Shanghai's openness to gay community shows entrepreneurship
  199. Marriage is so Gay
  200. Transgender woman says hospital mistreated her
  201. Mich. Candidate Target Of Gay Hate Mail
  202. Chile senator to sponsor gay marriage bill
  203. From Jamaica to Japan — gay bashing in reggae
  204. Hutchison to vote against Kagan because she supported the gay ‘social agenda’
  205. Undercover Newark park patrol is suspended after fatal shooting of Atlanta CEO
  206. More than 70 countries make being gay a crime
  207. Author Anne Rice leaves Christianity over homosexuality
  208. Target Boycott Movement Grows Following Donation to Support "Antigay" Candidate
  209. Justin Bieber Joins Lady Gaga as Target of Westboro Baptist Church
  210. SLDN wants harsher penalties in hazing scandal
  211. Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march
  212. Anti-gay protesters: Sick perverts - get out of Jerusalem
  213. Joe McElderry admits he's Gay, a month after he said he's straight
  214. I am Who I am
  215. We are here for Change, we are here for the hate to end
  216. Councilwoman Getting Death Threats For Supporting Non-Discrimination Against Gays
  217. The socially conservative Summer for Marriage Tour hits Madison, Wisconsin
  218. Gay-friendly Republican challenges Pelosi
  219. Right Goes Nuts as Obama Skips Scouts Jamboree, Heads to ’The View’
  220. Staten Islanders take a stand against hatred and violence
  221. YouTube Censors Lesbian Kiss
  222. Cornyn due at a gay fundraiser
  223. U. of I. reinstates Catholic professor
  224. Gay marriage an issue for [Australian] voters
  225. Basic Rights Oregon sets out to change minds on gay marriage
  226. N.J. attorney general won't conduct separate investigation into fatal shooting
  227. CBS President: Network Adding More Gay Characters to Its Shows
  228. Hawaii lawsuit seeks equal rights for gay couples
  229. Rabbi plans donkey march during Israel pride march
  230. NJ Library, Citing Child Pornography, Removes GLBT Book
  231. Episcopal priest quits over gay issues
  232. Gay marriage off to slow start in Portugal
  233. Two cases pit gay rights against religious values
  234. Few troops respond to Pentagon's DADT survey
  235. Penny Wong branded 'traitor' by gays and lesbians
  236. Gay Illegal Immigrant Seeks Asylum with Deportation to Iran Pending
  237. Poll: California Catholics strongly support homosexual unions
  238. Congressman Neil Abercrombie stresses support for civil unions measure
  239. NOM has biggest turn out yet; still outnumbered 8:1
  240. Tel Aviv Police chief believes gay youth club murder will be solved
  241. NOM repudiates reported gay R.I. House candidate endorsement
  242. Nepal to host first gay pride march: lawmaker
  243. Bill O'Reilly slams Obama over Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  244. ‘Idol’ contestant accuses show of anti-gay discrimination
  245. University of Missouri Law Professor Comes to Defense of Fred Phelps
  246. Supreme Court sets date for Snyder v. Phelps arguments
  247. New generation of English soccer fans would accept gay players
  248. Bill McCollum doesn't like the idea of gay men and lesbians adopting children
  249. [Ogunquit Maine] Bar Owner Believes Complaints Stem from Homophobia
  250. Vague language stalls [South Bend IN] gay rights measure