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  1. Long Island Man Kills Infant Boy for Acting Like a Girl
  2. 20 Eveline High school[Zimbabwe] girls arrested for lesbian relationships
  3. British newspapers out alleged WikiLeaks source, a soldier, as being gay
  4. Outlawing gay marriage will improve the economy, activist says
  5. Teens arrested in bias crime against gay pastor to be charged as adults
  6. Panel: 'Substantial evidence' school chief fired for being gay
  7. MassResistance says the Tea Party isn’t homophobic enough
  8. ACLU: Boy Scouts shouldn't get discounted rates in Boulder Valley schools
  9. On-Campus Living Learning Communities introduce LGBT Community
  10. Houston mayor: Shanghai's openness to gay community shows entrepreneurship
  11. Marriage is so Gay
  12. Transgender woman says hospital mistreated her
  13. Mich. Candidate Target Of Gay Hate Mail
  14. Chile senator to sponsor gay marriage bill
  15. From Jamaica to Japan — gay bashing in reggae
  16. Hutchison to vote against Kagan because she supported the gay ‘social agenda’
  17. Undercover Newark park patrol is suspended after fatal shooting of Atlanta CEO
  18. More than 70 countries make being gay a crime
  19. Author Anne Rice leaves Christianity over homosexuality
  20. Target Boycott Movement Grows Following Donation to Support "Antigay" Candidate
  21. Justin Bieber Joins Lady Gaga as Target of Westboro Baptist Church
  22. SLDN wants harsher penalties in hazing scandal
  23. Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march
  24. Anti-gay protesters: Sick perverts - get out of Jerusalem
  25. Joe McElderry admits he's Gay, a month after he said he's straight
  26. I am Who I am
  27. We are here for Change, we are here for the hate to end
  28. Councilwoman Getting Death Threats For Supporting Non-Discrimination Against Gays
  29. The socially conservative Summer for Marriage Tour hits Madison, Wisconsin
  30. Gay-friendly Republican challenges Pelosi
  31. Right Goes Nuts as Obama Skips Scouts Jamboree, Heads to ’The View’
  32. Staten Islanders take a stand against hatred and violence
  33. YouTube Censors Lesbian Kiss
  34. Cornyn due at a gay fundraiser
  35. U. of I. reinstates Catholic professor
  36. Gay marriage an issue for [Australian] voters
  37. Basic Rights Oregon sets out to change minds on gay marriage
  38. N.J. attorney general won't conduct separate investigation into fatal shooting
  39. CBS President: Network Adding More Gay Characters to Its Shows
  40. Hawaii lawsuit seeks equal rights for gay couples
  41. Rabbi plans donkey march during Israel pride march
  42. NJ Library, Citing Child Pornography, Removes GLBT Book
  43. Episcopal priest quits over gay issues
  44. Gay marriage off to slow start in Portugal
  45. Two cases pit gay rights against religious values
  46. Few troops respond to Pentagon's DADT survey
  47. Penny Wong branded 'traitor' by gays and lesbians
  48. Gay Illegal Immigrant Seeks Asylum with Deportation to Iran Pending
  49. Poll: California Catholics strongly support homosexual unions
  50. Congressman Neil Abercrombie stresses support for civil unions measure
  51. NOM has biggest turn out yet; still outnumbered 8:1
  52. Tel Aviv Police chief believes gay youth club murder will be solved
  53. NOM repudiates reported gay R.I. House candidate endorsement
  54. Nepal to host first gay pride march: lawmaker
  55. Bill O'Reilly slams Obama over Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  56. ‘Idol’ contestant accuses show of anti-gay discrimination
  57. University of Missouri Law Professor Comes to Defense of Fred Phelps
  58. Supreme Court sets date for Snyder v. Phelps arguments
  59. New generation of English soccer fans would accept gay players
  60. Bill McCollum doesn't like the idea of gay men and lesbians adopting children
  61. [Ogunquit Maine] Bar Owner Believes Complaints Stem from Homophobia
  62. Vague language stalls [South Bend IN] gay rights measure
  63. U.Va. study: Adoptive children of lesbian and gay couples developing well
  64. Jeremy Kyle vs Westboro Baptist Church
  65. N.J. Supreme Court declines gay marriage case filed by six same-sex couples
  66. Humbled Haggard Climbs Back in Pulpit
  67. [California] Chief justice nominee avoids hot-button issues
  68. [Zimbabwean] Gay rights activist cleared of porn charges
  69. [n Palm Springs] Police reach out to LGBT community
  70. Off-duty Dallas police officer accused of choking gay man
  71. Military gay rights activist gives his West Point ring to Harry Reid
  72. Meet Josie, 9: No secret she's transgender
  73. Transgender Groups Pushing 'Bathroom Bill'
  74. Catholics, Protestants, Hispanics and Gays
  75. Anti-Gay Suburban "Academy" Releases Curriculum
  76. Sonoma Co. [California] settles gay discrimination suit
  77. Target's Financial Backing of Anti-Gay Politician
  78. Gay farmers aren't alone
  79. Judge blocks Arizona law on domestic-partner benefits
  80. Massachusetts Tea Party canceled after inclusion of homophobic group
  81. Gay Flag burned
  82. Should soldiers’ attitudes drive Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell decision?
  83. [Atlanta] Mayor reassures gay community on security
  84. Uganda rejects African Union gay group
  85. Lesbian seeks U.S. help amid Ugandan crackdown
  86. Tel Aviv to rebrand itself as gay destination
  87. Suit claims widow of Wharton [Texas] firefighter was born a man
  88. AFA calls for boycott of Home Depot
  89. First out gay Tory peer joins House of Lords
  90. Out candidates could double LGBT representation in Congress
  91. Palin endorses anti-gay candidate for governor in Georgia
  92. Gay Obama campaign guru talks DOMA
  93. God Loves Gay Robin – Comic-Con Vs Westboro Baptist Church
  94. Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell survey leaked online
  95. GLAAD gives MTV, the CW high marks for character diversity
  96. ACLU sues Montana over rights for same-sex couples
  97. Catholic sex scandal as undercover reporter 'films priests at gay clubs
  98. Levin: Senate to take up ‘Don’t Ask’ in September
  99. Lawyers seek injunction to halt military gay rule
  100. AUHRC Report to United Nations on Gay Marriage
  101. Russian lesbian couple denied right to tie knot in Moscow
  102. Anti-Gay Laws Spread HIV
  103. Study Links Discrimination of Homosexuals With Rising HIV Cases in Asia
  104. Openly Gay [Kentucky]Candidate Rejects Funds,
  105. Gates wants soldiers' input on gay policy
  106. Constance McMillen Settles suite
  107. Fla. gay candidate campaign signs defaced with anti-gay slur
  108. Mass. judge who wrote gay marriage ruling retires
  109. Ashburn: It's time for Republicans to fight for gay rights
  110. Gay rights demonstrators arrested on [Las Vegas]Strip
  111. Lady Gaga fans clash with anti-gay protesters outside St. Louis, MO, concert
  112. Dan Choi, Now Discharged, Sees DC Protest Charge Dismissed
  113. N.J. groups rally in Trenton to support, protest gay marriage
  114. Questions in Officer’s Killing of C.E.O. in Newark
  115. Tony Abbott
  116. Law Suite
  117. Argentinian priest defies Church on gay marriage
  118. Mississippi school adopts anti-discrimination policy after same-sex prom date flap
  119. Attorney For Teen Accused of Killing a Gay Classmate Wants New Judge
  120. Narrow majority of California voters favor gay marriage in poll
  121. DOMA Poll
  122. United Nations Grants Official Status to U.S.-based International LGBT Rights Group
  123. Irish Civil Partnership Bill Signed into Law
  124. Seventeen shot dead at Mexican gay party
  125. First gay marriage in Argentina set for August 13
  126. Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says He Supports Polygamy
  127. Palm Springs cops feel heat over gay sex sting
  128. NOM awakes a silent, but strong beast...
  129. How things might turn out well in the DOMA cases
  130. Defense of Marriage Act's Achilles heel
  131. Poland hosts landmark European gay pride
  132. Law Enforcement Agencies Hold Meeting About Staten Island Bias Attacks
  133. Ex-officer testifies in military gay policy trial
  134. Paraguay Next To Consider Gay Marriage
  135. ESPN's Marcellus Wiley Sees More Concussions and More Closeted Gays in NFL's Future
  136. Argentina and Canada are starting to look pretty damn good right about now
  137. The U.S., Argentina and gay marriage
  138. Gay ex-officer to testify against military's ban
  139. Free Mexico honeymoon for first Argentine gay newly-weds
  140. Doubts About Cuomo’s Support of Gay Rights
  141. U of I to review removal of religion professor
  142. The curve
  143. Gay Marriage Population Chart
  144. Republicans join forces with Islamic governments against America
  145. GOP judges back gay marriage
  146. DC: An ENORMOUS WIN for Gay Rights
  147. GA gubernatorial candidate Handel says gay parents not as ‘legitimate’ as hetero ones
  148. Gay rights enter immigration debate
  149. A youth is facing imminent execution in Iran based on a mere false accusation
  150. Iraqi Police Crackdown on Gays Continues
  151. Argentina Passes Gay Marriage Bill
  152. Argentina's Ad for Marriage Equality
  153. Dummies for denying gay marriage.
  154. Haggard's new church outgrows barn
  155. Gay victims of Staten Island hate crime denounce brutal beating
  156. Mormon church restates opposition to gay marriage
  157. Charges dropped against gay veteran protester
  158. Fort Worth churchgoers urge city to overturn gay-friendly policies
  159. Argentina Senate to Vote on Gay Marriage
  160. Anti-gay pamphlets appear on D.C. detectives' desks
  161. Letter from my Senator
  162. End of gay teen Web site sparks privacy concerns
  163. Senator Roy Ashburn talks after gay admission
  164. Tea party groups choose to stand mute on same-sex marriage ruling
  165. 'Don't ask, don't tell' federal court case set to start
  166. Dubai gay student sentenced to three years
  167. Catholic Church rallies against Argentina gay bill
  168. Idaho GOP
  169. Gay Men Attacked At Staten Island White Castle
  170. Houston Astros to hold gay day
  171. Gays Can’t Wed in New York, So a Politician Won’t Either
  172. NBC Changes Rules to Allow Gay `Today' Wedding
  173. [Iowa lieutenant governor candidate] Reynolds Draws Fire For Gay Marriage Remarks
  174. 'Sexual Preference' Gene Turns Female Mice Off Male Advances
  175. U of I instructor fired over Catholic comments
  176. How long until SS marriage is legal?
  177. Drug given to treat foetuses may influence sexual preference
  178. From 'homophobe' to rabbi at gay weddings
  179. Argentina committee advises against gay marriage bill
  180. Anti-Pope protesters urged to show tolerance.
  181. DOMA section 3 unconstitutional!
  182. Civil Partnership bill passes Dáil and Seanad
  183. Story of Beheaded Ugandan LGBT Activist A Hoax?
  184. Gay cleric blocked from becoming Church of England bishop
  185. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Surveys Hit Servicemembers’ Inboxes
  186. Gay asylum seekers from Iran and Cameroon win appeal
  187. So I guess Lisa lingle vetoed the civil union bill. Goddammit.
  188. Lindsey Graham To New York Times: I Ain't Gay
  189. Police: Conn. priest stole $1M for male escorts
  190. [Hawaii]Governor To Decide Fate of Civil Unions Bill Tuesday
  191. Landmark legal victory for gay Black Mountain[Tennessee] couple
  192. Brothers arrested in suspected Vancouver gay bashing
  193. Gay Ugandan Activist Decapitated and Dismembered; Possible Arrest
  194. Gay bishop for Southwark 'will split Church of England'
  195. Families forcing gay men to marry, report finds
  196. Costa Rica's Constitutional Court Orders A Stop To Same Sex Marriage Referendum
  197. Boris Johnson calls for full Same Sex Marriage
  198. Texas has just gone crazy now...
  199. So Carrie Prejean got married... to a guy who she was with for under a year.
  200. LGBT's have a MUCH high smoking risk than others
  201. Chinese gay man sues blood centre
  202. Decade after Vt. civil unions, issue reverberates
  203. Google to Add Pay to Cover a Tax for Same-Sex Benefits
  204. No Unrepentant Homosexuals Plz!
  205. Common Arguments Against Gays and Same-Sex Marriage…and How to Counter Them
  206. Kagan Declines to Comment on State Marriage Laws
  207. Phoenix gay group accuses HRC of putting coalition interests ahead of gay businesses
  208. Homosexuals Are Still Under Siege in Uganda
  209. Iowa activists react to Wisconsin ruling on gay marriage issue
  210. NY lawmakers back bereavement leave for gays
  211. Gay soldiers subpoena Obama
  212. Montana GOP seeks to ‘keep homosexual acts illegal.’
  213. Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds gay marriage ban
  214. [New Hampshire Congressional candidate]Giuda Explains Comments On Same-Sex Marriage
  215. Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism
  216. Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard does not support legalising gay marriage
  217. Prop 8 Plaintiffs See Crucial Language in Supreme Court's Law School Ruling
  218. Let Us Take A Moment to Remember
  219. Popular Gay Bar in Ljubljana Attacked
  220. Theft of gift shop's gay-pride flag spurs questions in Pride Week
  221. 4 Gay Activists Detained at Rally
  222. Stonewall Party Raises Ł10k to tackle homophobic bullying
  223. FSU expands non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation, gender identity
  224. Case challenges 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
  225. Maine rally to launch tour for 'traditional marriage'
  226. A year later, Rainbow Lounge is scene of unity Read more: http://www.star-telegram.c
  227. Gay rights groups endorse John Hieftje over Patricia Lesko in Ann Arbor mayoral race
  228. GOP to spotlight military controversy on Kagan
  229. [Oklahoma City]Gay rights group upset over signs
  230. Outing of Anti-Gay Pastor Draws Criticism
  231. Minn. gay pride fest to fight evangelist
  232. Racist and homophobic attacks increasing in Derry[Northern Ireland]
  233. The Smithsonian Museum Puts Gays In The Vault
  234. New York church maintains Gay Pride presence, but with blank banner
  235. Iceland PM weds as gay marriage legalised
  236. Court: Christian Group Can't Bar Gays, Get Funding
  237. Biggest obstacle for China's gays: Social pressure for marriage
  238. Is Homophobia Heating Up at Duke?
  239. Gay man claims Parkersburg[West Virginia] officers beat him
  240. Evangelist at Pride Fest is taken in stride
  241. David Boies on the fight for gay marriage
  242. Both Sides in California’s Gay Marriage Fight See a Long Court Battle Ahead
  243. 2 West Seattleites help raise rainbow flag atop the Space Needle
  244. Ernie Banks representing Cubs at Gay Pride parade speaks volumes
  245. Newlywed Not Allowed To Change Name On License
  246. Bulgarians join Gay Pride march to promote tolerance
  247. Transgender Student Beaten in Alleged Hate Crime
  248. Gay rights activists detained in St. Petersburg
  249. Christians protest gay pride parade in Norway
  250. County supervisor in Milwaukee doesn't know Arizona borders Mexico