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  1. Comedian to face Human Rights Tribunal
  2. Hungarian Constitutional Court Affirms Registered Partnerships for Gay Couples
  3. Gay student settles lawsuit against NY district
  4. Gay candidate vying for spot on Minneapolis School Board
  5. Man wins most of gay lover's estate
  6. South Korea bar district offers a safe haven for gay servicemembers
  7. Gay-straight club sparks protests
  8. Making a prom date changes his fate
  9. Anyone know about any progress in the area of bi-national same sex partners??
  10. Westboro Baptist Church helping our cause
  11. Gay teen in prom case feels ostracized locally, celebrated nationally
  12. UK Parliament hosts first same-sex marriage
  13. Robert Gates, Michael Mullen rebuke general on DADT
  14. Gay Jesus play canceled
  15. Which country will legalize gay marriage next?
  16. Marine general: Gays would get their own rooms
  17. Lithuanian Prime Minister defends nation following human rights criticism
  18. Gay Divorce Denied
  19. Lesbian Holocaust memorial plan upsets historians
  20. No 'rampant discrimination' against gay employees to argue for law, McDonnell says
  21. Students protest Bleckley[Georgia] prom decision
  22. Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai rejects gay rights move
  23. Manipur gay duo marry in public
  24. Audience restrictions on gay Jesus play in Texas
  25. Army General Admonished for Advocating for Gay Ban
  26. Indonesia split on sex laws as Islamists rally
  27. Poll finds Calif support growing for gay marriage
  28. Indonesian police ban regional gay conference
  29. Ignorance abundance
  30. Gates hopes to lay out 'way ahead' on 'Don't ask, don't tell' this week
  31. Judge won't force Miss. district to hold prom
  32. Malawi gay couple face full trial
  33. West Palm Beach votes in support of allowing gay adoption
  34. Bleckley[Georgia] school officials allowing gay prom date
  35. It's OK to be gay in Malaysian movies - as long as you go straight
  36. Dan Choi interview in Newsweek
  37. Opponents of gay marriage ban must release memos
  38. Judge hears lesbian teen's suit to force prom
  39. Turkish minister's gay comments protested in Istanbul
  40. Court: New York can annul civil unions
  41. Skin Heads Arrested after Skirmish with Gay Rally in Bulgaria
  42. Safe Spot?
  43. Chief: SD Police followed rules in AF sgt's outing
  44. Wow! 10 year old speaks eloquenty for LGBT rights
  45. Paquita announces show at gay disco to apologize for adoption comments
  46. Calif. college: Teacher violated gay bias policy
  47. Gay Blood
  48. Protesters abuse congresspeople, shouting homophobic/racist slurs.
  49. Talk show host presents $30K scholarship to lesbian student in Miss. prom flap
  50. Gay bar's lawsuit against Atlanta police expanded
  51. Dutch fury at US general's gay theory over Srebrenica
  52. Why was there a massacre at Srebrenica ? - Of couse it's the gays fault
  53. Lt. Dan Choi Arrested at White House During Gay Rights Rally
  54. Retired General blames gay soldiers for genocide
  55. ACLU challenges law banning unmarried couples from adopting
  56. Are Gay People Excluded From Clinical Trials?
  57. NY gay groups renew push for same-sex marriage vote
  58. Anti-Gay Mailer Sparks Controversy At Post Office
  59. Episcopal Church approves ordination of openly gay bishop in Los Angeles
  60. Aging issues can be tougher on gays
  61. Catholic adoption society wins exemption from using gay parents
  62. N.J. gay marriage advocates to unveil legal plans
  63. Bi-Partisan Poll Of Iraq and Afghanistan Vets on Don't Ask Don't Tell
  64. Hearing set in lesbian teen's suit to force prom
  65. Petraeus: 'Time Has Come' to Rethink Gay Policy
  66. Gay Parents or Death? Famed Latino Singer Picks Death
  67. Stars on Ice tour says it is not discriminating against Weir
  68. Pennsylvania Senate panel tables bill to ban gay marriage
  69. Gay mariage, so what!
  70. Gay marriage foes attack Calif. GOP Senate hopeful
  71. Candidate for Senate: Gay Marriage Law Could Produce Man-Horse Nuptials
  72. Catholic gay rights groups purchase ads
  73. Same-sex couples glad to be counted in U.S. census
  74. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says he’s done enough to protect gays
  75. Will Phillips is better than me...
  76. Impoverished Nepal appeals to gay tourism industry
  77. On a Happier Note
  78. Virginia Attorney General not giving in on colleges' gay bias policies
  79. Shanghai's openness offers hope to China's gays
  80. Career Advice
  81. Desmond Tutu op-ed on anti-gay extremism in Africa
  82. Fred Phelps Son Speaking Out Against WBC
  83. Gay marriages expected to create wedding-related jobs in D.C.
  84. [Mississippi] Atheist group offers to hold gay friendly prom
  85. Noted Homophobe Named Norway's "Role Model of the Year"
  86. Gender and stuff
  87. Students react to prom cancelation
  88. Johnny Weir Deemed “Not Family Friendly” Enough to Perform in Stars on Ice Tour
  89. First same-sex marriages celebrated in Mexico
  90. ACLU says Rapid City police got lesbian airman tossed out of military
  91. Gay lacrosse player looks to spark honest discussions
  92. Maryland bill would prohibit state from recognizing gay marriages
  93. NH voters speak on same-sex marriage
  94. Activists Criticize Senegal for Anti-Gay Persecution
  95. Virginia Governor: Don't discriminate against gay workers
  96. Miss. school cancels prom over gay controversy
  97. Florida challenges gay adoption in Hollywood case
  98. Czech trade union leader ostracized for outrageous homophobic remarks
  99. Washington Post Ombudsman Defends Photo Featuring Gay Kiss
  100. Archbishop defends decision on lesbians' children
  101. Virginia House votes against consideration of gay protections bill
  102. Ohio College Football Coach Speaks on Gays in Sports
  103. First same-sex marriages celebrated in D.C.
  104. Supreme Court will hear Westboro Baptist Church case
  105. ‘Homosexuality is a disease’ says Turkish minister
  106. Virginia college students lash back at Attorney General's position on gay rights
  107. Ben Nelson: 'Premature' to say whether 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy should end
  108. Update on the State Senator arrested after leaving a gay bar
  109. Group: Law Should Force Gays Out of Utah
  110. Florida Lawmaker Attempts To Deny Tax Credit To Movies Filmed With Gay Characters
  111. Bing censors gay searches
  112. Tony Abbott "Threatened" By Gays
  113. Sen. David Norris to seek nomination for president of Ireland
  114. Lib Dems back gay marriage and a Catholic king
  115. Ruling on gay Air Force major creates dilemma
  116. Petraeus Tells CNN He’s Worked With Gay, Lesbian CIA Officers
  117. Football coach interviewed by gay magazine
  118. Canadian PM Office Plagarizes from US Over Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill
  119. Vatican adventures?
  120. Love Wins
  121. Nearly two-thirds of Texans support relationship recognition for gay couples
  122. giving blood. there is hope
  123. Students Want Sexual Orientation Added To Non-Discrimination Policy
  124. Gay couple's child denied re-enrollment at Catholic school
  125. Her Name Was Steven
  126. Atlanta City Council to subpoena police officers on gay bar raid
  127. Virginia AG asks colleges to rescind policies protecting gay state employees
  128. ACLU challenges school ban on same-sex prom dates
  129. AF secretary backs repeal of gay ban
  130. Four candidates for R.I. governor pledge support for same-sex marriage
  131. Gay marriage law comes into effect in Mexico City
  132. Homophobic Senator leaving gay bar
  133. SSM at state or national level?
  134. D.C. begins licensing same-sex marriages
  135. Senator introduces bill to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
  136. House of Lords votes for same sex marriage in churches
  137. Gay rights section nixed for immigrants' guide
  138. Same-Sex Marriage Leads Catholic Charities to adjust benefits
  139. Strasbourg: Polish gays can inherit
  140. Gates Issues Terms for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Review
  141. Driver reported for kicking gay man off bus
  142. Roberts Declines to Halt Gay Marriage in D.C.
  143. one step forward, one leap forward.
  144. Another Generation Gap? God help us!
  145. Gay-marriage ban fails in West Virginia House
  146. "That's so gay"
  147. Kristian Digby dead
  148. Crossing the humor line
  149. Olympic athlete speaks out against commentators who questioned his gender
  150. Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out For Gay Suicide Prevention
  151. California bill would remove homosexual cure statute from state law
  152. Pennsylvania custody ruling gives equal rights to gay parents
  153. Tomorrow, Friday
  154. Thank You Johnnie Weir
  155. Campaign Goes After Opponents of Gay Marriage
  156. Effective immediately Md. recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere
  157. Miss Beverly Hills thinks gay people should be put to death
  158. CNN Poll: 69% OK with gays in the military
  159. Fight or flight?
  160. Lawmaker opposes repeal of DADT because it would offend terrorists
  161. Minnesota House Holds First Hearing On Gay Marriage
  162. Plurality of Iowans Oppose Banning Same-Sex Marriage
  163. Mass. Says Federal Marriage Law Unconstitutional
  164. [video]CPAC Speaker Gets Booed For Condemning CPAC For Inviting Gay Organization
  165. Gay GOP group co-sponsors CPAC
  166. Anti-Gay Cure Group To Protest Outside Christian Convention
  167. Preacher shows gay porn in church to promote anti-gay law
  168. Who will stand against Uganda's brutal anti-gay law?
  169. Court: Louisiana must put both fathers' names on birth certificate
  170. Obama elusive on about-face on same-sex marriage
  171. DC archdiocese calls off Foster care programs after legalization of gay marriage...
  172. Mullen finds little resistance among troops to gays serving openly in military
  173. Don't close the door on gays, the Tories tell America
  174. Texas Attorney General wants to stop gay divorce
  175. Malawi launches operation against high-profile gay and lesbian people
  176. NH House rejects two anti-gay marriage measures
  177. Man Sues to Get 'IM GAY' Car Tag
  178. Muslims in Norway: defend the killings of gay people
  179. Paris Gay Kiss-In Moved Because Of Violent Christians
  180. Man still has to declare 51-year-old buggery conviction
  181. Pride House at the Winter Olympics
  182. Lt. Dan Choi invited back to National Guard
  183. Mob attacks gay ‘wedding’ party
  184. Why the 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy is doomed
  185. France and transexuality
  186. Iowa Gay Marriage Ban Fails
  187. Gay men arrested in Kenya
  188. Support for Gays in the Military Depends on the Question
  189. Kitty Lambert's Wedding
  190. Norway: Monsen sued the state because of the new marriage law, the case was rejected
  191. Conservative columnist: a single course discredits an entire university
  192. larry 2 years on
  193. This Just In: People are stupid....oh wait, we knew that already
  194. Okay seriously
  195. Brendan Burke died in a car accident...
  196. Rabbis: Homosexuality causes earthquakes
  197. homophobia at work
  198. Malawi man arrested for posting gay rights posters
  199. Re-enactment of Perry VS Schwarzenegger
  200. prop 8 web series... worth watching.
  201. Catholic Church...
  202. Gay Marriage is so WRONG
  203. Gay student takes school district to court
  204. Honor a Gay/Lesbian Hero
  205. NFL Player Backing Gay Marriage
  206. Bilble-based Marriage!
  207. San Diego is now California's gayest city :)
  208. Pope Benedict attacks government over Equality Bill
  209. Homophobic culture in the military?
  210. Amusing Counter WBC Protest
  211. Gay man is victimized twice, by killer and state
  212. Trooper's Partner May Not Get Benefits
  213. School System Bans Diary of Anne Frank
  214. You Have To Read This And Watch The Video
  215. For anyone who doesn't understand why we want marriage...
  216. Judy Shepard!
  217. Obama to Ask for End of Don't Ask, Don't Tell?
  218. Finally a positive mainstream media article!
  219. Reported Prof Who Said "I can change someone's sexuality"
  220. gay marriage = 9/11... *more idiocy from prop 8 supporters*
  221. Lovely
  222. anti-homophobia DVD for every UK school.
  223. Atlanta the Gayest City in America? I Hope So
  224. "Let Iowans vote to preserve traditional marriage"
  225. Nepal - More progressive than the U.S.?
  226. I am shocked
  227. How's your city's "gay environment"?
  228. Cindy McCain Poses for gay marriage ad
  229. British man becomes ungay due to an epiphany
  230. Indiana :(
  231. How Come?
  232. Why is aids more prevalent in the gay community?
  233. What makes a Gay Basher tick...
  234. Gays Want To Legalize Sex With Children
  235. What is going on in the Prop 8 case in San Fran?
  236. Prop 8 documentary trailer
  237. Let's pledge our help to Haiti
  238. Beijing to host first Mr. Gay China pageant
  239. Who comes out first?
  240. Prop 8 trail tracker *updated frequently*
  241. Another ripper from the daily show!
  242. Newsweek Article - The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage
  243. Pledge of Allegiance is False
  244. Prop 8 Trial Indefinitely Blocked from YouTube
  245. Clegg lays down law to Cameron on gay rights
  246. Australian Students: PLEASE READ
  247. PAINFUL JUNCTURE: Religion and Gays in the Military
  248. Pope says gay marriage threat to creation
  249. Anti-gay MP Iris Robinson stands down due to mental illness
  250. Help Stop Legal Murder/Life Imprisonment of Uganda LGBT