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  1. Finally a positive mainstream media article!
  2. Reported Prof Who Said "I can change someone's sexuality"
  3. gay marriage = 9/11... *more idiocy from prop 8 supporters*
  4. Lovely
  5. anti-homophobia DVD for every UK school.
  6. Atlanta the Gayest City in America? I Hope So
  7. "Let Iowans vote to preserve traditional marriage"
  8. Nepal - More progressive than the U.S.?
  9. I am shocked
  10. How's your city's "gay environment"?
  11. Cindy McCain Poses for gay marriage ad
  12. British man becomes ungay due to an epiphany
  13. Indiana :(
  14. How Come?
  15. Why is aids more prevalent in the gay community?
  16. What makes a Gay Basher tick...
  17. Gays Want To Legalize Sex With Children
  18. What is going on in the Prop 8 case in San Fran?
  19. Prop 8 documentary trailer
  20. Let's pledge our help to Haiti
  21. Beijing to host first Mr. Gay China pageant
  22. Who comes out first?
  23. Prop 8 trail tracker *updated frequently*
  24. Another ripper from the daily show!
  25. Newsweek Article - The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage
  26. Pledge of Allegiance is False
  27. Prop 8 Trial Indefinitely Blocked from YouTube
  28. Clegg lays down law to Cameron on gay rights
  29. Australian Students: PLEASE READ
  30. PAINFUL JUNCTURE: Religion and Gays in the Military
  31. Pope says gay marriage threat to creation
  32. Anti-gay MP Iris Robinson stands down due to mental illness
  33. Help Stop Legal Murder/Life Imprisonment of Uganda LGBT
  34. Europe's Gay Leaders: Out at The Top
  35. Why Conservatives should be for Gay Marriage.
  36. Interesting predicament
  37. Perry vs. Schwarzenergger: Your Thoughts?
  38. Portugal Legalizes Gay Marriage!
  39. If ANYTHING deserves a thread, this does. R.I.P. Peter Corren.
  40. Monkey Uncaged: Canít Butch and Femme Men Just Get Along?
  41. CATO Institute President Makes Case for Gay Marriage as Constitutional Right
  42. read my justification:)
  43. CADC's hatred and persecution of homosexuals
  44. Televise the Prop 8 Trial!
  45. Normalizing Homosexual Relationships
  46. Gay Muslim Edmonton scholar a 'pariah' in own religious community
  47. Gaga pours water on homophobe.
  48. New Jersey: We Need Action
  49. Anti Gay Pastor takes in a Windfall
  50. Why doesn't the Gay Community have a leader?
  51. First Transgenderd person appointed in US government
  52. "Extreme Skewing of X Chromosome Inactivation in Mothers of Homosexual Men"
  53. We have come a long way or So absurd it is funny.
  54. Marriage vs gays and first cousins.
  55. CENSORED Vampire Killers
  56. Great news from Mexico City!
  57. Rugby Player comes out as gay
  58. Church groupís backing for gay killings
  59. LGBT rights where you live
  60. Another Lovely Message from Director of NOM >_>
  61. Advocate.Com: Older LGBT People Coming Out: What Took So Long?
  62. This is Oz
  63. Aussies... do something USEFUL to stop the internet censorship insanity!!
  64. Petition: tell the Catholic Archdiocese: "Don't use the homeless as anti-gay pawns!"
  65. Trans Activist Calls for Boycott on Avatar
  66. Australian Internet Censorship
  67. News From DC
  68. Has it gotten easier?
  69. gay guys and their straight guy friends
  70. Houston elects Lesbian mayor.
  71. This girl is fantastic!
  72. "Man Up! Wear Dockers." A New Ad Campaign
  73. "Thinkb4youspeak" campaign released a new anti-gay slur counter for twitter
  74. A New Low for Reality TV: "Conveyor Belt of Love"
  75. The Onion: Can you take satire *too* far?
  76. ex-gay movement and their involvement in the anti-gay bill in Uganda
  77. 13 year old Testifies on NJ Marriage
  78. Homosexual selection: The power of same-sex liaisons
  79. New Jersey- Marriage News
  80. Want To Get Married? You Have Until The 12th To Bid
  81. 2nd Gay Bishop for Angelicans
  82. I'm not broken.
  83. Funny article: Creating a new country, "LiBerTy Gayte"
  84. Anyone else think Chelsea Handler went a little too far this time? (See thread)
  85. I will not pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
  86. The Bible Told me so
  87. Pass Enda Now!
  88. Gays And Transsexuals Canít Enter Heaven: Cardinal
  89. Senator Diane Savino. Bless her! NY Gay Marriage Vote
  90. Actress Meredith Baxter reveals she is a lesbian
  91. Gay Marriage News: Ny And Dc
  92. Wear Red - World Aids Day Dec. 1st
  93. God Hates Corduroy Skirts
  94. The Trevor Project: Teaching Tolerance
  95. "Canadian PM Warns Uganda on Antigay Law"
  96. Black and white
  97. Hehe, Ian McKellan is a legend.
  98. 10% of Twilight Profits Going To The Mormon Church?
  99. I thought countries were supposed to PROGRESS over time.
  100. First civil union in Aus
  101. One day...
  102. Uganda's anti-gay bill
  103. I love this one.
  104. We love you, this won't change a thing
  105. "The ban on heterosexual civil partnerships is heterophobic"
  106. Internal witch hunt at the RNC
  107. D.C. Gets Gay Marriage In January?
  108. New Jersey Residents Narrowly Support Gay Marriage
  109. Discrimination by churches based on sexuality now illegal
  110. pflag in england?
  111. A Letter to the Editor
  112. Heartwarming ad from Kellogs - or is it?
  113. PFLAG in Rural Oregon
  114. Transgender Day of remembrance
  115. F*** You Google!
  116. DC Board of Elections Declares no popular vote on Gay Marriage Rights
  117. One of THE Best News Reports to Date - MUST READ!
  118. What Civil Rights Legislation Would you like to see before 2009 is over?
  119. Don't discriminate against our discrimination!
  120. One day...(image with a lot of text)
  121. GSA help...
  122. gsa, my first.
  123. Brutal Hate Crime Being Ignored
  124. Big Us Gay Media Group Fails!
  125. Buenos Aires okays gay marriage in Latin America first
  126. Still-Gay-Ex-Gay Ted Haggard Was Never Anti-Gay
  127. "don't divorce us"
  128. Boy Refuses to Say Pledge
  129. Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum
  130. Good news
  131. Mormon Church Supports New Anti-Discrimination Act
  132. ACT, Australia. Civil Unions
  133. Gay marriage! Hooray for Sarah Hanson-Young!
  134. New York: November 10th
  135. 2010 California Marriage Protection Act Approved...
  136. And i was complaining my proffesor was homophobic
  137. The Pink Dress
  138. HIV benifit. Discovery of uses for HIV virus
  139. Kicking off Marriage in Oregon
  140. Fred Phelps back at it... close to home.
  141. sad day in Maine
  142. Lesbian Baseball Team Owner
  143. Gay Bashing on the rise??
  144. Guess who is having dinner with Evan Wolfson tomorrow?
  145. Election Day
  146. Obama Signs HIV/AIDS Bill Extension: Lifting of AIDS Travel Ban
  147. So the Forces??
  148. Chiefs suspend RB Johnson following gay slurs
  149. President's speech about the Hate Crimes Legislation
  150. NHS to Review Gay Blood Ban
  151. www.gay.gay
  152. Elton john and youtube
  153. Harry Potter Fans Rally in support of Marriage Equality in Maine
  154. Canada quietly marks anniversary for gays in military while U.S. debate rages
  155. Hates Crime Bill Passed By Congress - Awaits Obama's Signature
  156. interesting article about sweden allowing same sex marriages
  157. Great video from Maine
  158. Josie, the *adorble* transgender girl
  159. Ally Week!
  160. Gay Muslim Outs Himself to Muslim Scholars at Conference
  161. Dannii Minogue outs xFactor contestant
  162. Attacking transvestites isn't wise....
  163. I loved this! A Manifesto!
  164. Fuck you, Daily Mail
  165. Friend of a "Suspect" (as in he did it) in a Hate Crime says the victim deserved it.
  166. Interracial Couple Denied Marriage
  167. "Wondering why there are so many anti-gay zealots out there? Well..."
  168. What Will You Do to Fight for Equality
  169. Congress Acts to Extend Hate Crimes to Cover Gays
  170. National Equality March Rally: Cynthia Nixon speaks
  171. Harvey Milk Day in Cali Signed into Law!
  172. President Obama tells the story of PFLAG
  173. Obama reaffirms will end 'don't ask, don't tell'
  174. Happy National Coming Out Day!
  175. Queer as folk stereotypes
  176. October is GLBT History Month.
  177. National Equality March
  178. Cross dressing student kicked out
  179. Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act Moves Forward
  180. National Equality March
  181. Kevin Jennings
  182. Gays men in Iraq
  183. Smoking is Gay!
  184. The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.
  185. Gay French footballers 'snubbed by Muslim team'
  186. Hmmm....
  187. Turkey gay pride
  188. The Higher Lifetime Cost of Being a Gay Couple
  189. Principals allow Homophobia?
  190. Of all places... Is Texas on its way to equal rights?
  191. Illinois Senate Introduces Gay Marriage Bill
  192. Hospital forces lesbian to die alone
  193. Teacher launches complaint over gender-change firing
  194. Teachers who react to homophobia
  195. australian homophobia in government
  196. ...and the lesbians. (Allure magazine)
  197. Should I ...
  198. WWII vet on equality.
  199. Straight Privilege
  200. Rep. King (R-IA): Gay marriage undermines individual rights and liberties
  201. Preliminary HIV Vaccine
  202. Trans-Inclusive ENDA being introduced in the House today!
  203. Iowans evenly divided on gay marriage ban
  204. "All Pornography Is Homosexual Pornography"
  205. Green party of Saudi Arabia allows gay rights
  206. Trudeau among first inducted into Queer Hall of Fame
  207. gay pride in Serbia cancelled due to security concerns.
  208. Gay pride Serbia in 2001 turns to a riot
  209. Legislation Introduced to Congress to Repeal DOMA
  210. gay bashing cops in atlanta
  211. Extremly harsh anti Homosexual law introduced in Indonesia Aceh
  212. Giving Blood
  213. Elton John to Adopt?
  214. Maclean's coverage of a Transwoman's restroom plight
  215. Dear Independantly Owned Holiday Inn:
  216. South African Runner vs. gender vs. sex vs. sports
  217. Uruguay allows for civil unions
  218. Jake Raynard attack
  219. Alan Turing
  220. Battleground Maine: They Need Our Help
  221. Harvey milk day promotes child cross-dressing?
  222. "As kids go online, help lines go quiet"
  223. US military homophibia
  224. This is cute
  225. Does your school have a GSA?
  226. Anthony Woods
  227. Gay Rights? How permanent is it?
  228. "Transsexual to be transferred to women's prison"
  229. The difference between "republican/conservative" and "democrat/socialist"?
  230. Gay Rights in America?
  231. Namibia to have first Gay Rights March
  232. Bad News I'm Afraid People...Veto in Maine
  233. Antibodies found that prevent HIV from causing severe AIDS
  234. GLBT History
  235. "1 in 12 transgender people in America is murdered."
  236. NOM Defeated
  237. Go Ben and Jerry's!
  238. Same Sex Marriage and the district of columbia
  239. Same Sex Marriage is now legal in VT!!
  240. Rest In Peace - Ted Kennedy
  241. NoM sets the missles on iowa.
  242. my dads at it again...
  243. Marriage equality ad - Sinťad's Hand
  244. Ecla News!
  245. Richard Hatch - sent to prison for tax evasion because he is gay.
  246. Obama working on Repealing DOMA?
  247. Homophobia in Iraq
  248. Um...thanks?
  249. "Youíre in violation of our no costumes dress code."
  250. Having to change the way you think?