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  1. Bisexuality isnt real?
  2. Fmr. President Clinton now supports marriage equality
  3. the mormons are at it again
  4. Hates Crimes May Be Added As Amendment
  5. My not so great letter to Americans for Truth
  6. This Makes Me Cry So Hard...Everyone PLEASE Read This
  7. My Letter to Americans for Truth
  8. I'm Appalled
  9. Canadian HIV Vaccine Ready for Human Tests
  10. 14 year old writes letter to gay hate group
  11. Greens introduce marriage equality in Australia
  12. Marriage equality opponents reportedly pass signature goal in Maine...
  13. Mass. Sues Feds Over Definition Of Marriage
  14. When Gay Comes Home: Liberal families and acceptance of gay children
  15. North Carolina House Passes School Violence Prevention Act
  16. Maine rules in favor of young transgender
  17. Congrats D.C.!
  18. Advocate Fail?
  19. Queen sends message of support to homophobic church movement
  20. Def. Sec. Gates Tries to make ban on gay's more flexible
  21. Patrick Wolf--The Advocate
  22. Gay Marriage: Whose Next? US State Edition
  23. Fort Worth Bar Raid
  24. What would you like to see?
  25. That whole economic recession?
  26. India legalizes homosexuality
  27. Do you think the Democratic Party is too liberal?
  28. Medical exam question
  29. Even in Iowa, married gays are still unequal in work benefits
  30. Lt. Dan Choi loses first DADT battle, vows to keep fighting
  31. Obama holds gay pride reception
  32. support petition for Lt. Dan Choi
  33. The Global Unity Party
  34. Children of gay couples speak out
  35. Banning the Burqa!
  36. India thinking of decriminalising homosexuality!!!!!
  37. "Gayby Boomers" Children of G/L Parents Speak Out
  38. Colbert Report
  39. Civil partnership bill published in Ireland
  40. Transgendered Children
  41. Michelle O.: "Give a hug to your husband for me."
  42. Toronto Garbage strike throws wrench in Pride works
  43. Some good comes out of a recent Westboro Baptist Church picket in New York
  44. Toronto Pride
  45. Bittersweet ruling on a hate crime in my own area
  46. 75% of teens support gay marriage in online poll
  47. "Excorcism of a gay demon"
  48. Maine's Gay Marraige Foe's Hire Prop 8 Firm
  49. What could YOU do with $500,000 dollars?
  50. Athens Pride 2009
  51. LGBT in Canada and Workplaces
  52. Benefits extended to same-sex partners of federal employees
  53. GA. overturns ban on "exposing" kids to homosexuals
  54. Australians Support Marriage Equality!
  55. Common Ground
  56. Gay kids dance!
  57. http://www.obamasplanforgayrights.com/
  58. Another Open Letter to the President - this time on DOMA
  59. Why Canít You Just Butch Up? Gay Men, Effeminacy, and Our War with Ourselves
  60. New Jersey: Where is the marriage equality bill?
  61. Dutch school may be able to ban gay teachers!
  62. Gay Festival in Shanghai
  63. Sweden very likely to allow church marriage for same sex couples
  64. Prop 8 not over
  65. Poem, judging others.
  66. Obama's DOJ defends DOMA, says banning gay marriage is good for the budget & more
  67. Chastity Bono announces sex change
  68. Prejudice, even during mother's funeral.
  69. Miss California Fired
  70. True Christian (dot) com
  71. NationalOrganizationForMarriage.com linked to the KKK
  72. Gladys Bentley, Real openly lesbian drag king in the 20's!
  73. Woman in legal battle with gay foster parents...
  74. Gay Marriage Dead in NY
  75. Tony Awards 2009
  76. Maurice - LGBT film set around 1910
  77. RCMP gay purge during the 1950s/60s
  78. Will NY Pass Gay Marriage?
  79. 'Gay penguins' rear adopted chick
  80. Priest promotes more prejudice!
  81. How Christians explain "biblical marriage"
  82. The President needs to hear from us!
  83. Go Harvard
  84. I hate Alberta!!!
  85. Defense Against Marriage Acts
  86. Sesame Street--"What is marriage?"
  87. Alberta passes law allowing parents to pull kids out of class
  88. We can finally stop questioning, Adam Lambert is OUT out out.
  89. OneNewsNow Pride Month poll
  90. New Push for New Hampshire!
  91. Former US VP Cheney believes in gay marriage!
  92. LGBT News President Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month
  93. Nevada overrides governor's veto to provide domestic partnerships
  94. After seeing this video, im backing Ted Olson and David Boies!
  95. Viewers kick up a stink about Home and Away lesbian storyline...
  96. Rhode Islanders support gay marriage
  97. Guy in LA become Prom queen
  98. Free Bumper Sticker Supporting Gay Marriage
  99. Prop 8 - Federal Lawsuit
  100. Lets all worship Gavin Newsom for he is good and good is he.
  101. Same Sex Marriage Map
  102. An Open Letter to Obama in the wake of the Prop 8 ruling.
  103. A Question Of Sorts.
  104. Post-Prop 8
  105. Politics & Gay Rights
  106. A survey for gay Muslims:
  107. Slap
  108. Broadway Impact
  109. 'Protest Staged Over Gay Minister'
  110. Prop 8 upheld, 18,000 same-sex marriages still valid
  111. Sims 3 and Gay Marriage
  112. Portia De Rossi "Apologizes" For Marrying Ellen
  113. Gay Screening
  114. Marriage Letter
  115. GOP Chairman Steele's new case against marriage equality
  116. What can *I* do?
  117. Gay Rights and where YOU stand.
  118. Gay rights protest in moscow
  119. 40th anniversary of homosexuality decriminalization in Canada!
  120. Gay Gene Denied
  121. [POLL] Were does EC stand on the political spectrum?
  122. BAHAHAHAHAHA @ Michael Moore and "The Sodom-mobile"
  123. "God, I hate these close-minded homophobes! They should all die!"
  124. NH Gov. To Sign Gay Marriage Bill If It's Changed
  125. Washington, D.C. for the Win Please
  126. Tyra...you...you did something GOOD in my eyes...wow...
  127. A "GAY"thering Storm
  128. Homosexuals in the Louisiana Methodist Church
  129. NYS Assembly Says Yes To Gay Marriage
  130. "I love you Phillip Morris" - Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor
  131. Very Good Points!
  132. Happy 5th Anniversary Massachsetts!
  133. "Some of my Best Friends" A funny webisode from Pansy Division
  134. Muslim LGBT
  135. Gay Parents?
  136. Miss 'no offence' california dethroned?
  137. Obama sends handwritten letter promising to end DADT
  138. Shirley Phelps song "Your army is marching to hell" is one toe tapping masterpeice!
  139. Forty Under 40: Dustin Lance Black
  140. Lt. Dan Choi kicked out...
  141. Why it is important to be out.
  142. Good day for gay rights at my school!
  143. Maine Passes Gay marriage
  144. Miss "My bible and country says Homosexuality is wrong" California has nude pics :)
  145. Latest on US marriage equality
  146. Barred from england
  147. Breaking News: Joe Wurzelbacher is still a moron
  148. "The Gay Kingdom" Tyra Banks 04/27/09
  149. If You Live In North Carolina...
  150. Poll shows that a majority of Americans support gay marriage
  151. School can expel students for being gay...
  152. Lets Go NEW HAMPSHIRE!!
  153. Federal Hate Crimes Bill
  154. Marriage Equality: Maine and New Hampshire
  155. More Gay Suicide :(
  156. Rockstar Energy Drink's Assault on LGBT Rights & Autism
  157. Gay only for sex?
  158. Gay Marriage In Maine
  159. Gay characters on stargate a first for the series
  160. Transgender murder, hate crime conviction a first
  161. RIP Jaheem Herrera
  162. Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act
  163. Exodus...hahahahah
  164. Gavin Newsom Announces Run For Governor
  165. New form of anti-gay torture in Iraq
  166. I just finished the SERIES FINALE of Queer as Folk (US)
  167. Majority in New York Support Marriage Equality
  168. Gay Civil Rights Movement- What Are You Fighting For?
  169. Gay Penguins!
  170. Don't Ask Don't Tell may take years to repeal
  171. VERY funny spoof's of the NOM "Storm is coming" add
  172. Thinking about Suicide? Please watch this video.
  173. other way to participate in DOS?
  174. This guy's critical review of For The BIBLE Tells Me So
  175. "Reasons against the Day of Silence"
  176. Sadly, hate keeps being fed in schools.
  177. Hate Crime in Mass.
  178. New York!
  179. would like to settle my curiosity.
  180. Amazon Bans LGBT Book Searches
  181. James Dobson: "We lost"
  182. Op-ed piece for school newspaper
  183. The rights of gay elephants
  184. Reparative therapy, Christianity, videos
  185. The Catholic Church and Homosexuality
  186. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover
  187. New campaign fights same-sex marriage
  188. Transgender Bill passes in NH, MA next?
  189. The fight goes on...
  190. The Big Thread of Marrige Equality Updates
  191. D.C. Council recognizes gay marriage
  192. Contact of the 4th Kind
  193. Opposition to the DoS
  194. Gay Marriage in New Hampshire
  195. Family begins legal fight against gay adoption
  196. Nevada Equality
  197. Gays are being killed in Baghdad!
  198. So, Prop 8. What's goin' on with that?
  199. Father Went to Stonewall Dinner
  200. Iowa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  201. Plata Quemada (Burnt Money)
  202. Official Day Of Silence Thread April 17,2009
  203. Iowa
  204. Sweden May 1st
  205. Anyone Find This MLK Quote Interesting?
  206. Mc Cain's daughter is Pro-Gay marriage
  207. Gay Pride - UK Events
  208. Judy Shepard is visiting my school
  209. O'Reilly is encouraging folks to boycott Penn films
  210. Fed up with politicans - DADT
  211. Homosexuals in arab countries
  212. Japan gives citizens the green light for gay marriage abroad
  213. N.H. House Approves Gay Marriage
  214. Article: Out of the Closet, at Gunpoint
  215. Take Action: Call Pepsi
  216. Blessing - Scott Alan
  217. Quote from "Queer as Folk" really hit me...
  218. Rep. Barney Frank Calls Justice Scalia A Homophobe
  219. Vermont Marriage Equality
  220. Portie de Rossi apologiyes for marrying Ellen Degeneres - HILARIOUS!!
  221. Benedict XVI seriously annoys me!
  222. Gay Rights Movement
  223. Committee Approves Gay Marriage Bill
  224. Vancouver's "The Beat" Radio Station talks about having Gay kids...
  225. Merriam-Webster Redefines Marriage
  226. Adoption in Denmark
  227. The World In the Right direction?
  228. ACLU Free Speech Video
  229. This is why Marget Cho is the shit :)
  230. clones as kids
  231. Marriage Equality in Maine?
  232. 'Corrective rape' in South Africa
  233. What word would you rather have used to "label" your sexuality?
  234. Species of duck likely to die out because last remaining males love each other
  235. Australian Soapie goes Gay
  236. should gays be allowed kids?
  237. WBC gets counter-protested in Chicago
  238. Days of Silence
  239. thats so gay....
  240. The song that sums up everything about Life, the Universe and Everything.
  241. Pretend You're In A Debate - How Would You Respond To These Anti-Homosexual Arguments
  242. Elderly Gay Couple...
  243. Funny gay marriage advert
  244. GDProphetXVII (Dan) from Youtube has a message for everyone:
  245. It's still not OK for Aussie stars to be gay
  246. [AMAZING Similarities] Between 'Jim Crow' (Anti-Black) Laws & Anti-Gay Laws of Today
  247. Dr. John Corvino
  248. Watch the CA Supreme Court proceedings
  249. Disney's Ratatouille is About a Gay Rat, Scholars Say
  250. In Honor of Marriage Equality....