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  1. LGBT News Olympic Committee add Sexual Orientation to their protected classes
  2. LGBT News Benji the gay bull
  3. LGBT News Michigan RFRA
  4. LGBT News A week of bizarre underwear related news!
  5. General News The Sony Hack
  6. LGBT News Right-Wingers Want Constitutional Amendment Banning Trans People
  7. General News Go navy!!! Beat army!!!!!
  8. General News Tamir Rice Death Ruled a Homicide by Examiner
  9. LGBT News The Sun columnist asks how blind transgender MP 'knew she was the wrong sex?'
  10. LGBT News "No one is Born Gay" Billboard
  11. LGBT News "Sinister Monk" is actually a real monk and head of Catholic Charity
  12. LGBT News Having Homosexual Thoughts Is Important To Human Evolution, Suggests A New Study
  13. General News Creation museum loses tax break for ark
  14. LGBT News Insurers in New York Must Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery
  15. LGBT News Air Force Secretary supports ending ban on openly transgender troops
  16. General News Senate torture report released
  17. LGBT News New York's Transgender Residents Will Now Be Able To Change Birth Certificate Sex
  18. LGBT News Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People
  19. LGBT News Connor Franta on Coming Out.
  20. LGBT News Pastor recommends suicide
  21. LGBT News Gay Music Director Forced Out by Homophobic Archbishop
  22. General News Gas leak puts sudden end to furry convention in Chicago
  23. General News Montana State University Student Blows Up Room
  24. LGBT News Incoming State Govt to reform equality laws
  25. General News Jameis Winston (Florida State QB) and Rape allegations
  26. General News Rolling Stone and the UVA Rape Story
  27. General News 2-Faced Cat, Frank And Louie, Dies At 15
  28. General News boy, 12, kills himself after 'he was bullied for being the only male cheerleader
  29. General News 4 Stabbed on Amtrak train in Niles; suspect in custody
  30. LGBT News Obama Administration Endorses Trans-Inclusive School Policies
  31. LGBT News Gender Change Order in Indiana
  32. General News Scotland lowers drink-drive limit
  33. General News CDC considers recommending circumcision to all men
  34. General News Police kill unarmed man in Phoenix, Arizona
  35. General News State group defends officers' actions in teen shooting death
  36. General News Five Ohio Deputies Investigated Over Racist Text Messages: 'I Hate Ni**ers'
  37. General News NASA launched Orion
  38. General News Mario games must be banned from store shelves. Think of the children!
  39. General News White Texas cop helps elderly black woman shop.
  40. General News US: Cleveland Police Poorly Trained, Reckless
  41. General News New Black Panther party plans stopped.
  42. General News Grand Jury Declines to Indict NYPD Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Death
  43. LGBT News Baptist pastor predicts ‘AIDS-free world by Christmas’ if all ‘homos’ are killed
  44. LGBT News 11th Circuit rejects motion to extend stay of Florida same-sex marriage ruling
  45. LGBT News After hate crime, Toledo, Ohio votes to strengthen hate crime law
  46. LGBT News Miami Dade county bans Transgender discrimination
  47. LGBT News Mom corrects birth announcement in support of transgender son
  48. LGBT News D.C. council approves ban on conversion therapy for LGBT youth
  49. LGBT News Gay Games pumped 52 million into Cleveland Ecomony
  50. General News Female ejaculation illegal in UK pornography
  51. LGBT News Baseball umpire comes out
  52. LGBT News Don't forget - today is World Aids Day
  53. LGBT News 4chan wants to make a transwoman ''genocide''
  54. General News Unexplained bangs heard across the UK on Saturday night
  55. LGBT News Wow... Just... Wow.
  56. General News Please, tell someone you know about this
  57. LGBT News Conservative Pundit: Gays sleep with up to 20,000 partners in their lifetime.
  58. LGBT News Finnish parliament approves same-sex marriage
  59. General News Detaining children illegal and inhumane: UNHCR to Australia
  60. LGBT News Lesbian couple arrested by religious officers in hotel raid
  61. General News Plebgate - the saga continues
  62. LGBT News Homosexuality may help us bond
  63. LGBT News The teenage girl with a bi-gender boyfriend
  64. LGBT News Meta: Interesting Pattern on Plantiffs
  65. LGBT News Mississippi same-sex marriage ban found unconstitutional.
  66. LGBT News ISIS Executes Two Men For 'Being Gay' By Stoning Them In Deir Ezzor
  67. LGBT News FEDERAL judge overturns Arkansas' SSM ban
  68. General News Response to Ferguson in your area
  69. General News Hundreds of thousands of UK elderly call hotline with "no one else to talk to"
  70. LGBT News Nintendo announces character does not identify along the gender binary
  71. General News MP sacked over snobby Tweet
  72. LGBT News Transgender woman buried as man after sudden death.
  73. General News Ferguson grand jury results
  74. LGBT News Survey: Americans Like Gays But Hate When Gays Act Gay
  75. LGBT News Former ex-gay leader marries same-sex partner
  76. LGBT News Co-founder of HRC and his former boyfriend charged with felony sex abuse of minor
  77. LGBT News Country star comes out ... hmmm
  78. LGBT News Woman claiming to be Michael Phelps' girlfriend is transgender!
  79. LGBT News Montana Strikes down ban on Same-Sex Marriage!
  80. LGBT News Jason Collins announces NBA retirement
  81. LGBT News Church fires gay minister for being in a Facebook photo with gay people - See more at
  82. LGBT News Couple calls gay waiter homophobic slur on receipt
  83. General News Spanish Parliament votes to recognise Palestine
  84. General News US Navy deploys laser weapon to Persian Gulf
  85. General News Charles Manson, Fiance Get Marriage License.
  86. LGBT News Gizzy Fowler Death Marks 10th Known Murder of Trans Woman of Color in US in 2014
  87. LGBT News New twin study provides further evidence for genetic origin to homosexuality
  88. General News children 404
  89. General News Stupid Shirt Ruins Comet Landing, Apparently
  90. LGBT News Fake LGBT News: Russia and Alabama get same-sex marriage
  91. LGBT News Same-Sex Couples Petition Supreme Court on Right to Marriage
  92. LGBT News 100 Parents protest at a school after anti-homophobia leaflets are given to students
  93. General News Rosetta lander sends back first photo from comet 67P
  94. LGBT News Interesting article in local newspaper supporting LGBTQ
  95. LGBT News Kansas and South Carolina legalize same-sex marriage
  96. LGBT News Kansas Gets Same-Sex Marriage
  97. LGBT News Texas Lawmaker Wants Constitutional License To Discriminate Against LGBT People
  98. LGBT News Federal Judge Strikes Down South Carolina Marriage Ban
  99. General News Uncle-niece marriages legal in New York
  100. General News "Stupidity" Virus Discovered
  101. LGBT News Australian Model Ruby Rose Comes Out As Genderfluid
  102. General News Florida man arrested for feeding homeless
  103. LGBT News New LGBT historical marker - Russia
  104. General News Remembrance Day
  105. LGBT News HSBC UK boss says business leaders have a ‘huge personal responsibility’ to come out
  106. LGBT News Country towns and homophobia: is this your experience, also?
  107. LGBT News Kid's Rap About Being Transgender Is EVERYTHING (VIDEO)
  108. General News Plane hits innocent buffalo during takeoff
  109. General News 5 year old kidnapped and nearly abducted
  110. General News Woman killed and eaten in Wales
  111. LGBT News Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics announced Thursday that he is gay
  112. LGBT News An evangelical minister that support LGBT people calling for change in the church
  113. LGBT News Harry Styles 'not bothered' about gender of potential partners
  114. LGBT News Time for Same-Sex marriage to go to the Supreme Court. (uh oh) 6th circuit court
  115. General News Alex from Target: Sexist double standards?
  116. General News Man arrested for feeding homeless
  117. LGBT News Christian university in Korea: 'No jobs for homosexuals'
  118. LGBT News NI bakery facing legal action for refusing cake
  119. LGBT News Hate motivated attack in Toledo, OH
  120. LGBT News Show-Me State Gets Same Sex Marriage!
  121. General News Marijuana legalized in Washington DC, Oregon and Alaska
  122. General News US - Republicans now control both Houses of Congress
  123. LGBT News The gay people pushed to change their gender
  124. LGBT News Kansas gay marriage ban found unconstitutional
  125. General News Merkel may withdraw support for UK in EU
  126. LGBT News Anti-Gay Russian Lawmakers Respond to Tim Cook coming out.
  127. LGBT News Mother and ex-boyfriend torture and murder son they called gay, receive plea deal.
  128. General News Greenhouse gas levels at highest point in 800,000 years
  129. General News Feminist tshirts made via exploitation of women
  130. LGBT News Eight Men convicted and sentenced for 3 years for alleged gay wedding in Egypt
  131. LGBT News Pro strong-man comes out
  132. General News Pope Francis Accepts Big Bang Theory and Evolution
  133. LGBT News 'Drag Race' Girls Star In First Starbucks LGBT Commercial
  134. LGBT News We're Everywhere Mwhahaha!
  135. LGBT News Request To Hear Both Sides Denied
  136. LGBT News Benedict Cumberbatch on defending LGBT rights
  137. LGBT News Tim Cook Comes Out (Officially)
  138. General News Former Marine Complains About Pro-Islam Bias In Daughter’s Schoolwork, Gets BANNED Fr
  139. LGBT News Transgender federal employee wins historic discrimination case.
  140. LGBT News Meet the only openly transgender person working on Capitol Hill.
  141. General News Canadians stand up to Islamophobe.
  142. General News Sexual Harassment Video!
  143. LGBT News More good news on PrEP
  144. LGBT News Christian rapper Jackie Hill-Perry comes out as ex-gay firebrand
  145. General News Naked rambler Stephen Gough loses human rights case
  146. General News Orbital Sciences Antares rocket explodes
  147. LGBT News Rhode Island drops requirement for surgery before birth certificate changes
  148. LGBT News Top Methodist court reinstates pastor who officiated son's same-sex wedding.
  149. LGBT News Title Fight in Montana: Champ Joe Louis vs. "Peek-A-Boo" VanDyke
  150. General News Massachusetts father enraged at school for teaching Islam
  151. LGBT News Matthew Sheppard's Story.
  152. LGBT News Attack in Dallas Airport
  153. General News Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab
  154. General News Young Women Don't Get It, Shouldn't Be On Juries
  155. LGBT News Was Reagan as anti-gay as people portray him?
  156. General News Most socially Liberal state? Country?
  157. LGBT News Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!
  158. LGBT News Michael Sam cut from Cowboys' practice squad
  159. General News Shooting at Canadian Parliament
  160. General News Cafe owner takes a stand against naughty miss-behaved kids
  161. LGBT News Gay GOP House Candidate Will NOT Face Sexual Assault Charges
  162. LGBT News Conservative Provocateur Creates Fake LGBT Group To ‘Expose’ Voter Fraud
  163. LGBT News This is very sad story..creepy !
  164. LGBT News Nth Carolina Magistrates Quits. Marriage Equality
  165. General News former female isis fighter tells her experience
  166. General News North Korean escapee gives dramatic speech
  167. LGBT News RE: Catholic Church says that homosexuals have gifts to offer, blah de blah.
  168. LGBT News california-bans-gay-panic-trans-panic-defenses-a
  169. LGBT News Arizona legalizes gay marriage
  170. LGBT News Wyoming legalizes same-sex marriage
  171. LGBT News Supreme Court allows Alaska same-sex marriage ruling to take effect
  172. General News Fight obesity by going straight
  173. LGBT News Arizona legalizes same-sex marriage
  174. General News Major Republican Blames 'Fat Lesbians' For Lack Of An Ebola Vaccine
  175. LGBT News U.S. Marine accused of murdering a Transgendered Filipina
  176. General News US facing Ebola without Surgeon General
  177. General News Hong Kong Protests
  178. LGBT News Ignore the PR, the Catholic Church continues with its grotesque homophobia
  179. LGBT News State of Same Sex Marriage In Wyoming
  180. LGBT News Houston mayor subpoenas sermons regarding homosexuality
  181. LGBT News Gay Marriage Ban Overturned in Alaska!
  182. General News This Guy Cited His Christian Faith in Refusing to Make T-Shirts Advertising a Gay...
  183. LGBT News Catholic Church: homosexuals have qualities and gifts to offe
  184. LGBT News Lord Jamar: Homosexuality is a Choice
  185. LGBT News Judge Strikes Down Alaska's Marriage Ban
  186. LGBT News Glsen ally week
  187. LGBT News ‘I’m so flattered’: Transgender Walton student believed first in state to be elected
  188. LGBT News 16th Anniversary of Matt Shepard's Death
  189. General News First confirmed case of Ebola contracted inside US.
  190. LGBT News One man's quest to undermine his cousin's marriage to a transgender man
  191. LGBT News Estonia becomes first former Soviet nation to legalize gay partnerships
  192. LGBT News Story of Mormon family accepting transgender daughter
  193. LGBT News Marriage momentum continues. Same-sex marriage legal in Idaho, North Carolina
  194. LGBT News I don't agree with this....
  195. LGBT News Same-sex marriage legal in Nevada
  196. LGBT News Same-sex marriage legal in West Virginia
  197. General News Aust Govt 'terror overkill' resulting in attacks on women
  198. LGBT News This honestly made me cry a bit
  199. LGBT News Drone catches ISIS member having sex with a donkey.
  200. LGBT News Married Couple schools Pope and Bishops on supporting gays and the joys of sex
  201. General News "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal": Part 2
  202. LGBT News US judge thinks lesbians can be "cured" by male soldiers
  203. LGBT News Victory in Nevada
  204. LGBT News Italy's interior minister: stop recognising foreign gay marriages
  205. LGBT News Getting A Bit Scared
  206. LGBT News LGBT Kids Of Color Are More Likely To Be Disciplined In School, Study Shows
  207. General News Racism on 3rd grade assignment on Islam
  208. General News A Reminder of The Importance of Seat Belts.
  209. General News Seventh heaven pastor admits to sexual abuse charges
  210. LGBT News Idaho begins issuing same-sex marriage licenses!
  211. General News "Scientists create human penis in lab..."
  212. General News Terror of the families trapped in ISIS’ crosshairs:
  213. LGBT News 9th Circuit court strikes down same-sex marriage bans in Nevada and Idaho
  214. LGBT News Colorado legalizes same-sex marriage
  215. LGBT News Woman gives birth with transplanted uterus
  216. LGBT News Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Appeals From 5 States
  217. LGBT News Tens of thousands march in France against IVF and surrogacy for gays
  218. LGBT News Briton jailed for "homosexual acts" in Morocco
  219. LGBT News Missouri to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states
  220. General News Ben Afflack calls out Bill Maher and Sam Harris on Islam
  221. General News Sweden to recognise Palestine as a state
  222. General News IS beheads Henning, threatens American hostage.
  223. General News Top Gear driven out of Argentina
  224. General News Cameron's Conference Rap
  225. LGBT News People are dehumanizing us, and we can't fight back
  226. General News THe BNP give Nick Griffin the boot!
  227. General News World wildlife populations halved in 40 years
  228. LGBT News SCOTUS unlikely to take up gay marriage this term (AP)
  229. LGBT News Lesbian mother suing for wrongful birth...
  230. LGBT News Facebook Apologizes
  231. General News Former President Jimmy Carter Turns 90
  232. LGBT News US Censors accused of Homophobia over "Pride" rating
  233. LGBT News The Next Attorney General Might Be Lesbian
  234. General News First Ebola case in USA
  235. LGBT News California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans 'Panic' Defenses
  236. General News UKIP (UK "Independence" Party)
  237. LGBT News Australia: Tony Abbott finally replies to 8-year-old about Marriage Equality
  238. LGBT News UK PM on gays kissing in public
  239. LGBT News Russia: 16 people hospitalised following gas attack at QueerFest culture festival
  240. LGBT News Hobby Lobby wants to know what is in your pants before you use the bathroom...
  241. LGBT News Minn. newspaper under fire for running full-page anti-transgender ad
  242. General News Hong Kong stand-off. Will China react?
  243. General News U.S. beheading suspect, Muslim convert, to be charged Monday
  244. LGBT News Gay Wedding Interrupted by Homophobes
  245. LGBT News BOTH mums as their kid's biological parents! WAHHH :o
  246. General News False rape claimer's sentence is not too lenient...because she is a woman
  247. LGBT News Olympic Committee announce anti-discrimination clause for host cities
  248. General News Eric Holder Resigning
  249. LGBT News Teacher suspended for slapping "I'm gay" sticker on student
  250. General News Boko Haram Leader dead