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  1. LGBT News t.a.t.u. singer Yulia Volkova would condemn her son if he were gay
  2. LGBT News Trans teen humiliated by woolworths’ staff
  3. General News Famous people who have contracted HIV
  4. General News Students of Jadavpur University got beaten up by police during a peaceful protest
  5. General News Australian police arrest Islamic State members planning public decapitation
  6. General News Scottish Independence
  7. General News Chinese City Creates Cellphone Sidewalk Lane
  8. LGBT News Target Features Same-Sex Parents in Latest Campaign
  9. LGBT News People are killing us, and we can't fight back
  10. LGBT News Facebook 'Name Change' Policy Disproportionately Affecting LGBT Community
  11. General News Sen. Pat Roberts is in deep trouble in Kansas
  12. General News Any Kanye fans here?
  13. General News Urban Outfitters Made A Horrific Kent State Sweatshirt With 'Blood Splatters'
  14. General News HIV+ man ordered to stop spreading virus
  15. LGBT News Snoop Dog calls fan a "fag"...
  16. LGBT News School Bans Chick-Fil-A from Campus
  17. LGBT News Fired N.Y. Radio hosts back on air months after being fired for transphobic rant
  18. General News Meanwhile in Ohio...
  19. LGBT News And now....homophobic ice cream shops
  20. General News woman rapes sleeping man
  21. General News US Senator gives 81% of yearly income to charity.
  22. General News 3rd beheading by Islamic State
  23. General News Misuse of terminology in mainstream media
  24. General News Are we ready for McBrunch?
  25. LGBT News Former first minister and DUP leader Ian Paisley has died
  26. General News Pit bulls inherently dangerous?
  27. General News Ted Cruz BOOED Out of Christian Convention
  28. General News Today's installment of stupid laws from around the country
  29. LGBT News Over 1000 British football clubs in support of LGBT sportspeople
  30. LGBT News There's a chance the Supreme Court might take up marriage equality this month
  31. LGBT News Pope Speaks of 'Gay Lobby' in Vatican
  32. LGBT News America's Highest Paid Female CEO is Transgender
  33. LGBT News Trustee reserves ‘the right not to believe’ in trans people
  34. LGBT News Anti-gay Chick-Fil-A founder dies at 93
  35. LGBT News After 72 years together, finally married!
  36. LGBT News Fox news strikes again: Mocks victim of Ray Rice assault.
  37. General News Penn State sanctions lifted early
  38. General News A man who tried to murder his gay flatmate in a hammer attack has been given 14 years
  39. LGBT News Egypt Orders Arrest Of Men Over 'First Gay Marriage' Video
  40. General News Fake Cellphone towers…
  41. LGBT News 90% of China young people accept gays
  42. LGBT News A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families
  43. LGBT News Arsenal players speak out against homophobia in hilarious new ad
  44. LGBT News Delay in allowing same-sex civil unions draws protests in Greece
  45. General News Man Gropes Federal Marshall, Gets Kicked In Nuts
  46. LGBT News A reminder from the World Health Organization: LGBT people are not “sick”
  47. LGBT News Seventh Circuit Unanimously Rules Gay Marriage Bans Unconstitutional in IN and WI
  48. General News Former GOP Governeor McDonnel and wife Convicted on multiple counts.
  49. General News Joan Rivers Dead at 81 Years old
  50. LGBT News Gay man: 'Male church teacher raped me weekly to make me hate men'
  51. General News Man Killed By Underwear - No, Seriously...
  52. LGBT News Seeing anti-gay comments on Facebook is ruining your mental health
  53. LGBT News Mugabe says China aid doesn’t require Zimbabwe to ‘embrace homosexuality’
  54. LGBT News Man with "eyeborg" compares his struggles to LGBQT
  55. General News Alcohol helps rapists
  56. LGBT News Organization Prepares Midtown Building as Gay Homeless Shelter
  57. LGBT News Federal judge upholds Louisiana Same-Sex Marriage Ban
  58. LGBT News An other battlefront. Teen vs. DMV in SC
  59. LGBT News New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade Lifts Ban on Gay Groups
  60. General News Theodore Wafer sentenced to up to 32 years in prison
  61. General News ISIS beheads 2nd journalist Steven Sotloff
  62. General News Justin Bieber Arrested (again)
  63. General News Michael Sam Invited to WWE Raw Next Week in Baltimore
  64. General News Cutting water supplies off Aust Indig Towns
  65. LGBT News BBC censors lesbian kiss from Doctor Who episode shown across Asia
  66. General News Dog turns on stove, which then sets laptop ablaze
  67. LGBT News Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - Slap in face?
  68. General News US senator said she was harassed by Congressmen in new book
  69. LGBT News Parents Disown Teen, Internet To The Rescue
  70. General News 1400 children raped in Rotherham
  71. General News NRA insensitive tweet after Arizona gun accident
  72. General News Charlie Crist wins Florida Democratic Primary for Governor
  73. LGBT News US: Christian group begins ‘fasting’ to stop same-sex marriage, but members can eat
  74. General News Airline flight diverts over fight about seat recline
  75. LGBT News Marriage Equality Ad in ROI
  76. General News On the difficulty of being a heterosexual male in college
  77. General News 6.1 Earthquake In Northern CA
  78. LGBT News Watch this girl parodies the WBC's Anti-Gay parody
  79. LGBT News Homophobic thugs leave lesbian unconscious after sickening street attack and gay slur
  80. General News Independence for Scotland?
  81. LGBT News Transgender teen in Pensylvannia commits suicide
  82. LGBT News Transgender Students Admitted to All-Female Mills College
  83. General News ISIS-Cartel Axis
  84. General News Parents Turn in Daughter for Sexting
  85. LGBT News BNP: The BBC is forcing ‘homosexual persuasions’ on everyone with gay characters
  86. LGBT News US: Gay rights group responds to God Hates Fags church’s ALS ice bucket challenge
  87. LGBT News Russia forced to issue same-sex marriage license to women and trans wife.
  88. LGBT News Capitol Hill Staffers Blocked for Antitrans Wikipedia Edits
  89. LGBT News Peter Tachell lecture in York
  90. LGBT News Westboro Baptist Church accepts comic’s offer to go protest against gays in Iraq -
  91. LGBT News Florida gay marriage ban struck down!
  92. General News Those Damn Stereotypes
  93. LGBT News Fayetteville, AR transgender rights victory (my neck of the woods).
  94. LGBT News Supreme Court puts a hold on marriage equality in Virginia
  95. General News What is happening in Iraq is horrifying!
  96. LGBT News Judge orders anti-gay Scott Lively to stand trial for crimes against humanity - See m
  97. LGBT News Department Of Labor Extends Employment Protections To Transgender Workers
  98. LGBT News Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings reach settlement to avert lawsuit
  99. LGBT News Smithsonian adds LGBT history to museum collection
  100. LGBT News US: Group to put up God Loves Gays billboards in ‘God Hates Fags’ church’s*hometown
  101. LGBT News US: Creationist theme park refuses to hire gays, pretty much anyone*else
  102. General News Don Pardo, SNL announcer, dead at 96
  103. General News Basketball Wives star Draya Michele uses homophobic comments at a night club .
  104. General News The World is going to end!....
  105. General News What is the world coming to, the WBC is protesting Robert Williams.
  106. General News A plot twist in the Ferguson police case...
  107. General News New Hampshire Declares state of emergency over fake pot overdoses
  108. General News Behold, the Facekini
  109. General News Burglar Breaks Into Church... to Watch Porn.
  110. General News Rick Perry Indicted for Abuse of Power
  111. LGBT News Olivia Olsen comfirms Princess Bubblegum and Marceline dated.
  112. General News Obama in racial tension in Missouri
  113. LGBT News Christian singer comes out as being gay
  114. LGBT News American Bar Association approves resolution supporting LGBT rights
  115. LGBT News N.Y. Farm fined 13,000 dollars for refusing to host lesbian couple's wedding
  116. LGBT News Historic vote for transgender healthcare in Oregon
  117. LGBT News Meet an Officer Who Transitioned at the CIA
  118. LGBT News New dissolving “tampons” could protect women against HIV
  119. LGBT News LGBT Groups Sign Letter of Support for Michael Brown's Family
  120. LGBT News After Suicide, Gay Teen's Eye Donation Rejected Due to Sexual Orientation
  121. LGBT News Arizona court:Transgender man can keep pursing divorce,rules marriage wasn't same-sex
  122. LGBT News NFL Cracks Down Against On-Field Slurs
  123. LGBT News Arizona State University OL football player comes out gay
  124. General News Reporters arrested in Ferguson, Mo.
  125. LGBT News Texas activist: People are fleeing states that have same-sex marrriage
  126. LGBT News why this pansexual student is crowdfunding her college tuition
  127. General News Man attacked for standing up to street sexual harrassment
  128. LGBT News Ruling Allows Virginia Gay Marriages to Proceed
  129. LGBT News US: Ex-wife of anti-gay Texas group leader left him for a woman
  130. General News RIP Lauren Bacall
  131. General News Ukraine may block Russian humanitarian aid convoy
  132. General News Actor Robin Williams has died - indicated to be an apparent suicide
  133. LGBT News Pastor: Vladimir Putin will out Obama within 100*days
  134. General News Game of Thrones actor dies.
  135. LGBT News 17% of Iranians are Gay???
  136. General News Unarmed teenager killed by Cop in Suburban St. Louis.
  137. LGBT News Obama Acknowledges Global LGBT Rights Movement At Gay Games
  138. General News Christian radio host: Ebola could end “atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity,etc
  139. LGBT News Boxing promoter Frank Maloney reveals gender reassignment
  140. LGBT News Christian wedding boutique refuses dresses for lesbian*couple
  141. General News US: Baptist church leader arrested after trying to have sex with dog
  142. LGBT News NOM launches boycott of target over support formarriage equality
  143. LGBT News Florida church cancels funeral after learning man was gay.
  144. General News Russian teenagers turn apartment into swimming pool
  145. LGBT News Rick Wiles Claims Ebola Could 'Solve' Homosexuality
  146. General News A Victory Against Stand Your Ground in Michigan
  147. LGBT News Soccer star Robbie Rogers on coming out
  148. LGBT News You’ll Be Blown Away By How This College Student Came Out To His Classmates
  149. LGBT News Australian Parliament to vote on same-sex marriage again this year
  150. General News 100 year anniversary of the First World War
  151. General News Happy Birthday, President Obama
  152. LGBT News Boy Scouts of A: "Ok fine so gays aren't pedophiles... but we still don't like 'em"
  153. General News When dead children have no names: Israel's terrifying descent into numbness
  154. LGBT News Skateboard legend Tony Hawk is speaking out in favor of gay marriage
  155. General News Mom arrested after letting kid go to park alone.
  156. LGBT News The Gully Queens of Jamaica: How a gay community in one of the most homophobic places
  157. LGBT News Uganda's Constitutional Court annuls anti-gay law
  158. LGBT News Transgendered Teen Stabbed on D.C Metro
  159. LGBT News Is this the most stupid firing ever?
  160. General News "Toys 'R' Us Doll Penis Freaks Out Shoppers"
  161. General News House ACTUALLY votes to sue Pres. Obama.
  162. LGBT News Sacking of gay vicars
  163. General News In middle of drought, huge water main breaks in LA and floods UCLA
  164. LGBT News Russia to revive Soviet Eurovision alternative to protest gay ‘madness’ of Conchita*w
  165. LGBT News Athens: 10 police officers attack men for holding*hands
  166. LGBT News Bad News for the "ex-gay" Movement
  167. LGBT News PS4 - "Gaystation Edition" up for auction to support LGBT group
  168. LGBT News Appeals court legalizes same-sex marriage in VA, WV, NC, SC
  169. General News Russian activities concerning Ukraine.
  170. LGBT News Male prisoners claiming to be transgender to get special treatment
  171. General News Eyeball gets eaten when Taiwanese student leaves contacts in for six months
  172. LGBT News Newspaper Editor Fights For Job After 'Gaystapo' Blog Post
  173. LGBT News LGBTI protesters harassed, have banners ripped up at Canada mayor Rob Ford event
  174. LGBT News Here's Michelle, with her usual comments
  175. LGBT News Uganda rapper that wants all gays murdered to perform in UK
  176. LGBT News Andreja Pejic Transitioned
  177. General News Carjackers fail because they can't drive stick shift
  178. General News Algerian Airliner reported missing - 116 on board
  179. LGBT News Man beat and killed his daughter trying to make her lesbian
  180. General News So... It's back, 1 dead and a whole city quarantined
  181. LGBT News Justices Say Utah Doesn't Have to Recognize Gay Marriages
  182. LGBT News Obama Signs executive order providing LGBT protections to federal employees
  183. LGBT News Dungeons and Dragons now includes sexuality-based rules.
  184. LGBT News support for same-sex marriage is now higher in Australia than it was in any other cou
  185. LGBT News Sainsbury’s attacked for covering up gay magazines, leaving Zoo uncovered
  186. LGBT News Homophobia: the courage to speak out
  187. LGBT News Obama Finally Ready To Sign Executive Order Targeting LGBT Job Discrimination
  188. General News Police chief commends dad who rearranged man's face for sexually abusing his son
  189. LGBT News Salem, MA mayor has awesome solution to anti-gay callers
  190. LGBT News Married trans* couples must divorce, says ECHR
  191. LGBT News Appeals court says Oklahoma must let same-sex couples wed.
  192. LGBT News BNP Youth leader attacks his dog for being gay
  193. LGBT News Florida gay marriage ban struck down!
  194. General News Malaysia airlines
  195. LGBT News Glenn Beck, the LGBT community thanks you for your intolerance
  196. General News Death Penalty ruled unconstitutional in California by federal judge
  197. General News Six Californias ballot proposition moves forward
  198. LGBT News Malawi to stop arresting people for having gay sex
  199. LGBT News Dublin: Same-sex marriage motion passes at local*council c
  200. LGBT News Victory: Croatia adopts civil union law for gay couples
  201. General News US man claims part of Sudan as his "princess" daughter's kingdom
  202. General News Kstew in drag! Kstew in drag!
  203. LGBT News Tacoma Schools apologize for firing gay teacher in 70s
  204. LGBT News CDC survey says less than 3% of population is gay or lesbien.
  205. LGBT News Archie Andrews will officially die while trying to save a gay friend!
  206. LGBT News Yes, even in Canada...
  207. LGBT News Bleach doesn't cure HIV
  208. LGBT News Petition: Call On HHS & The FDA To End Their Ban Against Gay & Bisexual Male Blood Do
  209. LGBT News Fox news and gender neutral bathrooms
  210. LGBT News Italian mayor wants to ban public kissing between same-sex couples
  211. LGBT News Singapore libraries to destroy copies of gay penguin book
  212. General News Two male penguins adopt abandoned chick
  213. LGBT News Ian Thorpe comes out as gay?
  214. LGBT News Conspiracy theorists actually think Michelle Obama is transgender
  215. LGBT News Anti-gay Church finds no support in UK
  216. LGBT News LOOK:John Legend's beautiful new video features Laverne Cox!
  217. LGBT News Nash Grier kisses gay fan in attempt to make up for homophobic slur
  218. General News Healthy gay men urged to take HIV drugs
  219. LGBT News New Australian Liberal Democratic Party senator promises marriage equality bill
  220. LGBT News Toronto crack mayor Rob Ford votes against beds for LGBTI homeless youth
  221. General News Manassas City police want to photograph teen in sexually explicit manner
  222. LGBT News breaking news! judge: colorado same sex marriage ban unconistiutional
  223. General News AIDS 2014 Melbourne declaration:nobody left behind
  224. LGBT News Russian MP wants naked Apollo removed from bank note in case he turns kids*gay
  225. LGBT News Ohio public pool denies family passes to same-sex couples
  226. LGBT News The Hobby Lobby decision convinced LGBT groups to abandon a bill they supported for y
  227. LGBT News Mississippi law legalising anti-gay discrimination now in effect
  228. General News Scolari's reaction to Brazil vs. Germany outcome
  229. LGBT News Vine Star Nash Grier Hurls Homophobic Slur In HIV Video
  230. LGBT News Radio Friendly Pop Song
  231. General News Officer Who Shot Unarmed Teen Carrying Toy Gun Won't Be Charged
  232. General News EPA land grab
  233. LGBT News This video almost converted me to homophobia
  234. LGBT News The proud whopper
  235. LGBT News *Graphic* Attack on Transgender woman caught on video
  236. LGBT News "'America's Got Talent' airs song mocking trans women"
  237. LGBT News Religious groups want exemption from hiring LGBT after Hobby Lobby ruling
  238. LGBT News Drag Queen Shuts Down Anti-Gay Protesters at Pride Parade
  239. General News Immigration Reform dies
  240. LGBT News Viewpoint: Should gay men and lesbians be bracketed together?
  241. LGBT News Colorado Governor asks court to rule same sex marriage ban unconstitutional
  242. LGBT News Mama Tits to the rescue
  243. LGBT News Gay Whopper ?
  244. LGBT News Gay Marriage Legalized in Kentucky
  245. LGBT News Second employee alleges chase bank surveyed staff's lgbt loyalty
  246. LGBT News Ireland: Same Sex Marriage Referendum Spring 2015
  247. LGBT News Progression in Bluegrass State (Kentucky)
  248. LGBT News John oliver looks at uganda’s insane anti-gay laws
  249. LGBT News Obama Surprises Pride Celebrants With Brand New Gender Identity Executive Order.
  250. General News US Employers win birth control case