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  1. LGBT News Out lesbian nominated to be Air Force Academy's next commandant
  2. General News news about a bus on the road
  3. General News Terrorist attack in London
  4. LGBT News School scraps gendered uniforms
  5. LGBT News Youtube Restricted Mode blocks LGBT+ plus content
  6. LGBT News The invention of heterosexuality
  7. LGBT News Pakistani authorities ask Facebook to help fight 'blasphemy'
  8. LGBT News Anti gay Oklahoma lawmaker caught in hotel room with underage boy
  9. General News US federal judge blocks new travel ban
  10. General News Northern Ireland police raided premises in search for abortion pills
  11. General News Children interupt BBC News interview
  12. LGBT News Alabama Senate votes to do away with marriage licenses
  13. LGBT News 95 year old comes out
  14. General News The Age: Why I Hid My Homosexuality At Work
  15. General News Current politics in USA, we need humor. The Dutch to the rescue!
  16. LGBT News Interview with transgender teen who won Texas state wrestling championship
  17. General News Media slant: Enslaved Women Weren't Mistresses
  18. General News Couple sentenced for racially motivated crimes against family
  19. LGBT News Gay marriage now legal in Finland
  20. General News dogs can be shot if they bark when police enter
  21. LGBT News The movie Moonlight.
  22. LGBT News Drunk gay basher yells "this is Trump Country" to couple
  23. LGBT News yougov gay choice survey
  24. LGBT News Transgender high school athlete wins Texas State girls wrestling champsionship
  25. LGBT News Being gay in India
  26. General News Standing Rock is Burning-but Resistance is not Over Yet
  27. LGBT News teen suicide down as same sex marriage legalized
  28. LGBT News Trump expected to rescind/cancel protections for trans students
  29. LGBT News Sexual orientation can be changed, Malaysian Islamic Dept says in new LGBT video
  30. LGBT News Gay love letters from WWII made public.
  31. General News Amazon to use drones to deliver (Possibility)
  32. LGBT News Teacher comes out at school
  33. General News *insert country here* second
  34. General News Flynn resigns as Trump’s national security adviser
  35. LGBT News Trump Won’t Defend Guidelines on Transgender Rights
  36. LGBT News American Family Association is upset that Neil Gorsuch attends a liberal church
  37. LGBT News Pope Francis says Christians should apologize to gay people (and other groups)
  38. LGBT News Rugby Referee speaks about painful process to accept his sexuality
  39. LGBT News Father and grandfather tried to kill intersex baby in China
  40. LGBT News DC Comics Makes It Official: Snagglepuss the Lion Is Gay
  41. LGBT News Trump To Legalize Discrimination
  42. General News Brexit trigger passed overwhelmingly by U.K. House of Commons
  43. General News United States downgraded to 'flawed democracy' in EIU Democracy Index
  44. General News Trump Nominates Conservative Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court
  45. LGBT News White House to continue LGBT Protections
  46. General News Would you pay AUD$40 for a pack of cigarettes?
  47. LGBT News Boy Scouts open membership to transgender boys
  48. LGBT News Pregnant Women Not to be Called "Expectant Mothers"
  49. General News Boycott against Uber because they continued to operate while Taxis protested.
  50. General News Sir John Hurt dies aged 77. (27th January 2017)
  51. General News Green card holders from Trump-restricted countries may not be allowed into US
  52. LGBT News Lesbian Student Tricked About Prom
  53. General News Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80
  54. General News He will not devide us
  55. General News DOW hits 20K
  56. LGBT News Ellen Degeneres' Tribute to Obama for LGBT rights
  57. General News Whitehouse.gov takes down LGBT page
  58. LGBT News NBC's "Emerald City" Featuring Transgender Character
  59. General News Kanye West and his music aren't "traditionally American" enough to play at inaugurati
  60. General News Chelsea Manning to Be Released Early as Obama Commutes Sentence
  61. General News Theresa May pledges 'hard' Brexit
  62. General News Trump Inauguration TV listing goes viral
  63. LGBT News The most powerful politician in Austria has just promised same-sex marriage if he is
  64. LGBT News Rick Riordan snubs Texas over transgender bathroom bill
  65. General News Hate. Sometimes it just cant be wiped out.
  66. LGBT News Falling in love in wartime Iraq
  67. LGBT News Gender row athlete Caster Semenya marries long-term partner
  68. LGBT News China's Masculinity Crisis
  69. LGBT News Protesting Trumps Inauguration
  70. General News Study: Sexism May Be Harmful to Men's Mental Health
  71. General News Racist, political hostage attack towards white male
  72. General News YPG Edmonton Man Killed by ISIS while fighting in Syria
  73. LGBT News Dustin Lance Black: I have no respect for actors who hide their sexuality
  74. General News Last Actor of 2016 to pass away?
  75. General News India: Girl allegedly gang raped by political leader and accomplices
  76. General News "Star Wars" Actress Carrie Fisher Dies
  77. LGBT News NWHL Releases Complete Transgender Policy.
  78. LGBT News Former Wham! singer George Michael dies at 53
  79. General News North Carolina no longer classified as a democracy - Electoral Integrity Project
  80. General News UN Security Council condemns Israeli Settlements 14-0 - US abstains
  81. General News Planned ISIL attacks in Melbourne: Seven arrested over Christmas Day bomb plot
  82. LGBT News "Bud-Sex"
  83. General News Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated by jihadist - 'don't forget Aleppo'
  84. General News Possible terrorist attack in Berlin
  85. General News What does the world think of Trump?
  86. LGBT News Charlotte repeals LGBT ordinance, NC lawmakers promise HB2 repeal tomorrow
  87. General News Aleppo falls to Government and Russian-Iranian forces
  88. LGBT News Transgender Medical Transition News and Discussion.
  89. General News some thoughts about the future really (sorry if I posted in wrong forum/area)
  90. General News Austria elected Van der Bellen as their president
  91. LGBT News Republicans Strip Their Anti-LGBTQ Provision From Defense Bill
  92. General News Trump supporter at Michael's throws fit over "Anti-white discrimination"
  93. LGBT News "marriage of convenience"
  94. General News Fidel Castro dies
  95. General News Story about Trump's victory has fearful minorites buying guns
  96. LGBT News Tears. This is heart breaking. Gay men murdered in UK.
  97. US Flag a Symbol of Racism and Hate?
  98. LGBT News LGBTQ bullying at a "high rate" in Scotland's schools
  99. General News Angela Merkel to seek fourth term as German Chancellor
  100. LGBT News US soccer star dating christian mommy blogger
  101. LGBT News March being planned for DC in 2017
  102. LGBT News Trump claims to be fine with same-sex marriage as law of the land
  103. LGBT News Mike Pence and Donald Trump Are Preparing To Destroy LGBTQ Equality Rights
  104. General News Trumps first test of his word may come in Jan. with ACA
  105. General News What do people think about faithless electors to elect Clinton as president?
  106. General News possible Trump impeachment prediction
  107. LGBT News Neighbors plan event to show support after burning of pride flags
  108. General News Remember the gay guy attacked by Trump supporters with blood on his face?
  109. LGBT News HRC Article About What Trump Presidency Could Mean For LGBT+ Rights
  110. General News Article About History Repeating Re: Trump & Brexit
  111. General News Rest in Peace, Leonard Cohen
  112. General News Constructive Thread on Facing New US Administration
  113. General News possible Trump cabinets picks
  114. LGBT News So, Trump, Huh? (What's the General Vibe about this?)
  115. General News Some people left glasses on the floor of a museum, everybody thought it was a exibit
  116. General News A must listen to NPR program. Yep its about Trump.
  117. General News Trump is the president and the website to immagrate to Canada crashed
  118. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States
  119. LGBT News Wikileaks emails show Hilary does not support LGBT rights
  120. General News StockMarket confusion during political unrest
  121. LGBT News An interesting read about being gay and rock music in the 70s
  122. General News Fareed Zakaria's take on Trump
  123. General News FBI Just Cleared Hillary Clinton Over New Email Investigation
  124. General News Penn state police investigating voter registration group
  125. General News The pain of war
  126. General News Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept
  127. General News Police officer fired for literally giving shit sandwich to a homeless man
  128. Why is the LGBT community so against Donald Trump?
  129. LGBT News 'LET HIM BE KILLED' Newlywed transgender Muslim woman brutally killed
  130. General News The Cubs win the World Series!
  131. General News The nutjob candidate I want to share with you...
  132. Deathly Afraid of a Trump President
  133. LGBT News Taiwan looking to be the first Asian country to legalise gay marriage
  134. General News With 11 days to go... FBI re-opens Clinton investigation to review new emails
  135. General News I like the LGBT t-shirt, specially for the state of Texas.
  136. LGBT News 'Gay cake' appeal: Christian bakers Ashers lose appeal
  137. General News Is the democratic model of government broken?
  138. General News Yet another priest attack on a child
  139. General News Clean energy: new record for fusion
  140. General News An interesting article about getting naked and cultural implications.
  141. LGBT News Thousands of Men to Be Pardoned for Gay Sex, Once a Crime in Britain
  142. General News Philippine Leader Duterte Ditches U.S. for China, Says 'America Has Lost'
  143. LGBT News UK's education unit finds some troubling statistics on sex ed.
  144. LGBT News Mississippi becomes last state to legalize same-sex adoption
  145. LGBT News A very interesting book review and article about open sex
  146. General News Project Veritas releases viral video on incitement of violence by DNC @ Trump rallies
  147. LGBT News Islamic school teaching pupils ‘homosexuality is disease’ to shut down (VIDEO)
  148. LGBT News Gay man running for president
  149. General News North Carolina Republican office fire-bombed
  150. General News White supremacist changes views
  151. LGBT News Happily Ever After Themed LGBT Wedding`
  152. General News Vladimir Putin ally threatens nuclear war if Americans vote for Hillary Clinton
  153. LGBT News Vagina Monologues cancelled, more intersectional replacement
  154. LGBT News Covergirl announces first male spokesmodel
  155. General News Women going into politics should expect rape threats: Former PM
  156. General News Five dead from car crash
  157. LGBT News CNN short docu about transgender boy supported by parents
  158. General News The probability of a TRUMP presidency
  159. General News Gary Johnson can't name a single foreign leader
  160. LGBT News Alabama Judge Roy Moore suspended for the rest of his term!
  161. LGBT News Hillary Clinton will end "conversion therapy"
  162. General News Wall street journal columnist endorses Clinton
  163. LGBT News Openly gay pastor at Lutheran college
  164. LGBT News Wonder Woman is Queer
  165. General News Age of consent for anal sex lowered to 16
  166. General News President Barack Obama vetoes 9/11 bill
  167. General News NASA: New Zodiac Sign and changing Dates
  168. LGBT News Woman Files Federal Lawsuit Claiming State Law Inhibits Right To Deny Business To Gay
  169. LGBT News Botswana deports Pastor Steven Anderson
  170. LGBT News Queen's cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten speaks of his decision to come out as gay
  171. LGBT News Transgender soldier becomes first woman on Army front line
  172. LGBT News Pat McCrory Quietly Withdraws HB2 Lawsuit He Filed Against Federal Government
  173. General News Iranian Para-cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad dies following crash in C4-5 road race
  174. General News Fashion designer Marc Jacobs uses dreadlocks - internet outraged
  175. General News Kim Jong Un has banned sarcasm in North Korea
  176. General News 19 year old films self raping toddler, gets off easy
  177. General News Congress Committee Subpoenas FBI for Hillary Clinton’s Emails
  178. General News NSA knows when you get sexy with that dildo...
  179. General News Crooked $Clinton may be replaced... I might cry...
  180. General News Hillary Clinton says 50% of Trump supporters are "deplorables"
  181. LGBT News Conviction overturned in Rutgers spying case
  182. LGBT News Ex-gay billboard in Waco gets backlash
  183. General News The hypocrisy of the American Embassy in Mexico
  184. LGBT News Coronation Street received 150 complaints over gay kiss
  185. LGBT News 8 years old girl arrested on suspicion of "lesbianism" in Uganda
  186. General News 17 year old dies from hickey
  187. LGBT News New Jersey priest fired for backing gay rights
  188. General News mom uses Indiana freedom law as excuse in child abuse case
  189. General News Labour Party leadership - both candidates support AWS
  190. LGBT News Bea Arthur legacy
  191. General News Brock Turner to be released Sep 2 2016
  192. General News Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem
  193. General News Gene Wilder dies
  194. LGBT News Tainted lubricant.
  195. LGBT News Australian opposition to block same-sex marriage plebiscite
  196. General News Well, that's certainlly a... creative way to protest.
  197. LGBT News John Oliver Orlando
  198. General News Racist University of Chicago slam trigger warnings and safe spaces
  199. LGBT News Man throws boiling water on gay couple. Will now spend 40 years in prison
  200. General News State of Georgia VS Denver Fenton Allen
  201. LGBT News Bella Thorne comes out as bisexual
  202. LGBT News Broadway Dancer Murders Boyfriend And Then Goes On Facebook To Confess To The Murder
  203. General News Trump Says that Vaccines Cause Autism
  204. General News Rape in Colombia
  205. General News Abused puppy dies despite heroic efforts to save him
  206. General News Donald Trump supporter verbally assaults Mexican family
  207. General News Bullied 13-year-old boy kills himself, leaves an emotional note behind.
  208. LGBT News Olympic atheletes, some as young as 18, outed by journalist who thinks it was funny
  209. LGBT News Gigi Gorgeous Detained in Dubai
  210. LGBT News PA drops surgery requirement for birth-certificate changes
  211. General News Ex-priest Philip Temple jailed for child sex abuse
  212. LGBT News This year's Olympics has the most open lgbt athletes in history.
  213. LGBT News America's Queer Muslims & Orlando Shooting
  214. General News Entire Russian team banned from Paralympics
  215. LGBT News Why Transgender People In Japan Prefer To Be Told They Have A ‘Disorder’
  216. General News Millennials having less sex
  217. General News Black Lives Matter disrupt UK airports/transport
  218. LGBT News Gay refugee living in Turkey has been found brutally murdered
  219. General News Within the last 2 or so years, I've loved learning about the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  220. LGBT News Pope Francis: It's 'terrible' kids taught they can choose gender
  221. General News Donald Trumps record during Vietnam - I think I'm going to barf
  222. LGBT News Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey
  223. LGBT News Billy and Todd’s gay kiss in Coronation Street cleared by Ofcom
  224. General News NHS England in court over Prep
  225. General News Reflection on the past - hate and discrimination against black people
  226. LGBT News New Rules for Trans* Troops in US Military
  227. LGBT News US Navy Ship to be Named after Harvey Milk
  228. General News Islmists attack French church--slit priest's throat
  229. LGBT News Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Disorder: Study
  230. General News Japan knife attack: 19 reportedly dead
  231. General News DNC leaked emails reveal that the DNC attempted to sabotage Bernie Sander's campaign
  232. General News The origins of life on earth
  233. General News Hillary Clinton names as her running mate
  234. General News Cenk and Alex Jones go at it
  235. LGBT News NBA pulls All Star Game from North Carolina
  236. LGBT News 8-year-old trans girl raises enough to build Transgender House opposite Westboro Bapt
  237. LGBT News One-Third of Transgender People Avoided Food or Water Due to Restroom Discrimination
  238. LGBT News UK School to use "Zie" instead of He and/or She
  239. LGBT News Canadian Government Working Towards Gender Neutral IDs
  240. LGBT News Teen comic on AGT jokes about Caitlyn Jenner
  241. General News Military attempt coup in Turkey
  242. General News Attack in Nice, France
  243. General News Mike Pence to be Donald Trump's Running Mate
  244. General News Phoenix teen stands up to police.
  245. LGBT News Lynx (Axe) advertising featuring trans and gay men
  246. LGBT News Anglican Church of Canada Votes Against, then For, Gay Marriage
  247. LGBT News Man Pleads Guilty in Transgender Teen's Death
  248. General News The Tenors do something with the Canadian national anthem
  249. General News Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton
  250. General News Pastor cheats orphan boys into singing in choir.