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  1. LGBT News Australian opposition to block same-sex marriage plebiscite
  2. General News Well, that's certainlly a... creative way to protest.
  3. LGBT News John Oliver Orlando
  4. General News Racist University of Chicago slam trigger warnings and safe spaces
  5. LGBT News Man throws boiling water on gay couple. Will now spend 40 years in prison
  6. General News State of Georgia VS Denver Fenton Allen
  7. LGBT News Bella Thorne comes out as bisexual
  8. LGBT News Broadway Dancer Murders Boyfriend And Then Goes On Facebook To Confess To The Murder
  9. General News Trump Says that Vaccines Cause Autism
  10. General News Rape in Colombia
  11. General News Abused puppy dies despite heroic efforts to save him
  12. General News Donald Trump supporter verbally assaults Mexican family
  13. General News Bullied 13-year-old boy kills himself, leaves an emotional note behind.
  14. LGBT News Olympic atheletes, some as young as 18, outed by journalist who thinks it was funny
  15. LGBT News Gigi Gorgeous Detained in Dubai
  16. LGBT News PA drops surgery requirement for birth-certificate changes
  17. General News Ex-priest Philip Temple jailed for child sex abuse
  18. LGBT News This year's Olympics has the most open lgbt athletes in history.
  19. LGBT News America's Queer Muslims & Orlando Shooting
  20. General News Entire Russian team banned from Paralympics
  21. LGBT News Why Transgender People In Japan Prefer To Be Told They Have A ‘Disorder’
  22. General News Millennials having less sex
  23. General News Black Lives Matter disrupt UK airports/transport
  24. LGBT News Gay refugee living in Turkey has been found brutally murdered
  25. General News Within the last 2 or so years, I've loved learning about the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  26. LGBT News Pope Francis: It's 'terrible' kids taught they can choose gender
  27. General News Donald Trumps record during Vietnam - I think I'm going to barf
  28. LGBT News Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey
  29. LGBT News Billy and Todd’s gay kiss in Coronation Street cleared by Ofcom
  30. General News NHS England in court over Prep
  31. General News Reflection on the past - hate and discrimination against black people
  32. LGBT News New Rules for Trans* Troops in US Military
  33. LGBT News US Navy Ship to be Named after Harvey Milk
  34. General News Islmists attack French church--slit priest's throat
  35. LGBT News Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Disorder: Study
  36. General News Japan knife attack: 19 reportedly dead
  37. General News DNC leaked emails reveal that the DNC attempted to sabotage Bernie Sander's campaign
  38. General News The origins of life on earth
  39. General News Hillary Clinton names as her running mate
  40. General News Cenk and Alex Jones go at it
  41. LGBT News NBA pulls All Star Game from North Carolina
  42. LGBT News 8-year-old trans girl raises enough to build Transgender House opposite Westboro Bapt
  43. LGBT News One-Third of Transgender People Avoided Food or Water Due to Restroom Discrimination
  44. LGBT News UK School to use "Zie" instead of He and/or She
  45. LGBT News Canadian Government Working Towards Gender Neutral IDs
  46. LGBT News Teen comic on AGT jokes about Caitlyn Jenner
  47. General News Military attempt coup in Turkey
  48. General News Attack in Nice, France
  49. General News Mike Pence to be Donald Trump's Running Mate
  50. General News Phoenix teen stands up to police.
  51. LGBT News Lynx (Axe) advertising featuring trans and gay men
  52. LGBT News Anglican Church of Canada Votes Against, then For, Gay Marriage
  53. LGBT News Man Pleads Guilty in Transgender Teen's Death
  54. General News The Tenors do something with the Canadian national anthem
  55. General News Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton
  56. General News Pastor cheats orphan boys into singing in choir.
  57. General News News about news
  58. LGBT News Pissed by what the media does to John Jolie-Pitt
  59. LGBT News Interview with Elton John
  60. LGBT News Illinois state agency urges foster parents to take in LGBT youth
  61. General News Australian election: Turnbull's conservative coalition claims wafer-thin majority
  62. General News Four Dallas Police Officers Killed; many more shot
  63. LGBT News "Bathroom Bill" Initiative won't be on WA ballot
  64. General News Black Motorist Killed By Cop for Complying
  65. General News Read this!
  66. General News Endangered baby dolphin dies after swimmers pass it around for selfies
  67. General News What do you get when you mix cocaine, a frat boy, religious right....
  68. General News The police in USA seem to be poorly trained
  69. LGBT News Finnish politician: "Marriage is about being a man and a woman, not love"
  70. LGBT News Black Lives Matter disrupt Toronto Pride
  71. LGBT News New Haven roundtable discussion addresses safety of LGBTQ community
  72. LGBT News Pentagon Ends Ban on Transgender Troops in Military
  73. General News Rise in Racism in Uk after Brexit and Trump
  74. LGBT News First Sitting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Marches In Toronto Pride Parade
  75. General News Mass Shootiing prevented by CCW holder
  76. LGBT News Judge issues injunction blocking Mississippi's HB1523
  77. General News Austrian presidential election invalidated - far right stands second chance
  78. LGBT News Two Transgender Women Win in Tuesday's Primaries
  79. General News Tomi Lahren Criticises Jesse Williams BET Awards Speech
  80. LGBT News Canadian PM Justin Trudeau promises anal sex equality
  81. LGBT News Dutch Celebrities pose in a sexy photoshoot to combat homophobia
  82. LGBT News BBC article, "I am gay....."
  83. General News Flash Flood West Virginia
  84. General News Terrorist attack in Istanbul airport
  85. LGBT News The UK's new PM - the options (gay perspective)
  86. LGBT News Violence and arrests at "banned" Istanbul gay pride
  87. LGBT News London Policeman Proposes at Pride
  88. General News US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion laws
  89. LGBT News Pope Francis says Church should apologise to gays
  90. General News 5 people stabbed at "white nationalist" rally in Sacramento
  91. LGBT News President Obama Designates Stonewall a National Monument
  92. LGBT News US Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1
  93. LGBT News Alex Moothart: transphobic comments..
  94. General News The EU referendum: the votes are in. The leave team wins.
  95. General News Father tries to murder intersex baby three times for being a ‘monster’
  96. LGBT News Backlash to anti LGBT pastor for praising the Orlando Massacre
  97. LGBT News Man claims to have had relations with Orlando shooter
  98. General News UK EU Referendum - 23/06/2016
  99. General News Earth's Second Moon
  100. LGBT News Sexuality? A good article.
  101. LGBT News Researching Matthew Shepard and angle wings, I come across this vid.
  102. General News Teens light Wal Mart fireworks display in Phoenix, AZ
  103. LGBT News Westboro Babtist Church at it again
  104. General News Portland Pride March
  105. LGBT News "For Them"; A song inspired by the Orlando attacks
  106. LGBT News Trans Man Assaulted in Portland; No Life-Threatening Injuries, Investigation Pending
  107. LGBT News Threats for toronto pride
  108. LGBT News Bus driver arrested for banning gay couple
  109. LGBT News Unreported mass shooting at Mexican gay bar last month
  110. LGBT News US Marines investigated for gun threat to LGBT venues in wake of Orlando masacre
  111. LGBT News HPD investigating threat aimed at Pride parade (Texas Houston)
  112. LGBT News Tales from the past. Kill the fags, they are after all non human.
  113. General News UK politician Jo Cox shot dead
  114. LGBT News Testing for gay male sex in Kenya ruled legal, case dismissed
  115. General News carrying a gun for protection despite the law?
  116. LGBT News Anderson's interview with Christine Leinonen, mother of deceased gay son
  117. LGBT News Pat Robertson: Conservatives should sit it out, & let gays & Muslims kill themselves
  118. General News Filibuster! Us senators won't leave floor until gun laws are changed. Exciting!!
  119. LGBT News An Overdue Letter to Pat McCrory
  120. LGBT News Prince William Appears as Cover Star for UK Gay Magazine
  121. LGBT News Class - doctor who
  122. LGBT News Heavy. I really good article.
  123. LGBT News Man this is going back to the old days. Russia is very homophobic.
  124. LGBT News Muslims help out in Orlando
  125. General News Terrorist attacks in paris
  126. LGBT News Calls to review blood donation process in the UK
  127. LGBT News Anti-gay pastor arrested on 70 counts of child pornography
  128. LGBT News Anti gay pastor says only tragedy in orlando is that more people didn't die
  129. LGBT News Good reflection
  130. LGBT News City of Lethbridge, AB gets its First Rainbow Crosswalk
  131. LGBT News Orlando Gunman May Have Been Gay: Self-Hatred
  132. General News George Voinovich, former Cleveland mayor, Ohio governor and U.S. senator, dies
  133. LGBT News Man with explosives and firearms arrested on his was to L.A. Pride
  134. LGBT News Gay man, 39, has asked to be euthanised because he cannot accept his sexuality
  135. LGBT News Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Tweets ‘Man Reaps What He Sows’ after Orlando shooting
  136. LGBT News Mass Shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub
  137. LGBT News Georgia Judge Refuses To Let Trans Man Change His Name
  138. General News 'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie Shot Dead After Florida Concert
  139. General News Gordie Howe Dies at 88
  140. LGBT News Oregon Court Rules Nonbinary is a Legal Gender
  141. LGBT News Former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan Reassess Anti-gay Law
  142. General News Restaurant that killed customer with nut allergy sends apology email advertising new
  143. LGBT News Intel Chief Defends Rights of Transgender Community
  144. General News Detroit Man Wrongly Convicted of Murders When He Was 15 Freed After Serving 9 Years
  145. LGBT News transman in jail for defending himself
  146. General News It seems that egg cells can fertilize eachother
  147. LGBT News These New NYC Subway Ads Will Promote Transgender People’s Right To Use Restrooms
  148. LGBT News Veterans Affairs Department Proposes Coverage for Gender Reassignment Surgery
  149. General News Landmark HIV Vaccine Approaches Clinical Trial
  150. LGBT News Russian crime gangs target LGBT for blackmail
  151. LGBT News Stacey Dash says transgender people should use bushes
  152. LGBT News New Brunswick will now cover gender-confirming surgeries
  153. LGBT News 14 year old gay kid runs away from home to save his life.
  154. LGBT News Tiffany Mugo, a Kenyan Writer and Activist, is Networking Queer Women Across Africa
  155. General News German Parliament Votes to Officially Recognize Armenian Genocide
  156. General News Egyptian King's Dagger Found To Have Been Made From A Meterorite!
  157. LGBT News June: Now Officially Pride Month!
  158. General News Couple found guilty of murdering two-year-old son
  159. LGBT News Justin Trudeau raises Pride flag on Parliament Hill for 1st time
  160. LGBT News Game Developer Denies Early Access to Player for Supporting LGBT Rights
  161. LGBT News House of Commons to discuss making the Canadian national anthem gender neutral
  162. LGBT News The Canadian conservative party just voted to change their definition of marriage
  163. LGBT News Indian Family threw Gay Son a Wedding Bash in Toronto!
  164. LGBT News 11 States sue over Transgender Bathroom Rules
  165. General News UK Police force illegally seize legal poppers
  166. LGBT News In Silicon Valley, Gossip, Anger and Revenge
  167. LGBT News Peter Thiel, Tech Billionaire, Reveals Secret War With Gawker
  168. General News Judge rules that law eliminating early voting in Ohio is Unconstitutional
  169. LGBT News Georgia prosecutors dismissed black jurors, court finds
  170. General News Lamb Of God Accepts Award From Joel Osteen
  171. LGBT News Hookup app privacy settings can be dangerously deceiving - Wired Magazine
  172. General News China Bans The Seductive Eating of Bananas
  173. LGBT News San Diego Padres apologize to Gay Men's Chorus
  174. LGBT News How The Wrong Verb Meant The Texas GOP Called Most Texans Gay
  175. LGBT News Lesbian couple awarded $80,000 after being arrested for kissing in Honolulu
  176. LGBT News Oklahoma lawmakers urge Obama’s impeachment over transgender bathrooms
  177. LGBT News Hersheypark: Visitors can use bathrooms based on their gender identity
  178. General News Oklahoma governor vetoes bill that would criminalize abortion
  179. LGBT News Just saw this on Yahoo: anti-trans people are protesting in Target
  180. LGBT News Mexican President moves to legalize gay marriage nationwide
  181. LGBT News Canada moves to ban discrimination against transgender people
  182. LGBT News International Day Against Homophobia + Transphobia!
  183. LGBT News Therapist Says No Black Child Is Born Gay
  184. LGBT News Gay pastor drops Whole Foods lawsuit, apologizes
  185. LGBT News First ever Transgender woman wins Congress in the Philippines
  186. LGBT News Segregation, segregation!
  187. LGBT News *possible trigger* scientist create penis in lab
  188. LGBT News Texas GOP Platform Full of Anti-trans, Anti-LGBTQ Positions
  189. LGBT News KY Principal leading the fight for transgender students
  190. General News Woman follows GPS directions, drives into Lake Huron
  191. LGBT News #GiveElsaAGirlfriend has an anti-movement now
  192. General News Newcastle University pulls out of NUS
  193. LGBT News Obama administration issues guidance on transgender access to school bathrooms
  194. LGBT News U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms
  195. LGBT News The Massachusetts Senate has passed a transgender equality bill
  196. General News Mayor of London backs Hillary Clinton in race against "Ignorant" Donald Trump
  197. General News Police stage realistic terrorist training exercise...people complain about realism.
  198. General News This is amazing...
  199. LGBT News Philippines elects transgender women to congress
  200. LGBT News Frontline: Fun transgender story
  201. LGBT News Federal Government decides to sue NC over HB2
  202. General News North Carolina Sues U.S. Over Law on Transgender Rights
  203. General News Bill Maher: Lady & The Trump
  204. General News More in racism: Don't be Italian and do math on a plane
  205. LGBT News PA Becomes the 17th State to Ban Trans Exclusions in Health Insurance Policies
  206. General News Trump says he'd bankrupt America on purpose
  207. LGBT News National Park Service adds two LGBT sites to National Register of Historic Places
  208. LGBT News Colton haynes comes out!
  209. LGBT News US Justice Department: HB2 violates federal Civil Rights Act
  210. General News John Kasich Drops Out of Presidential Race
  211. General News Iggy Azalea Claims that "Becky with the good hair" Lyric is "Racist"
  212. General News Vote for the President of the United States
  213. General News Ted Cruz drops out of Republican race
  214. General News Largest fire evacuation in Fort McMurray (Largest in Alberta history)
  215. LGBT News Arsonist attempted to set fire to Canada’s only clinic providing SRS/GRS
  216. LGBT News Chicago Public Schools updates policies for transgender students and employees
  217. LGBT News Transgender man featured in commerical against HB2
  218. General News High school student faces felony charge when picture of his penis printed in yearbook
  219. LGBT News Jehovah's Witnesses Anti-Gay Propaganda For Children
  220. LGBT News Anti-lgbt men enter women's bathroom at Target to 'test' trangender bathroom policy
  221. General News Police can be corrupt everywhere
  222. LGBT News Fox News physician recommend torturing trans kids
  223. LGBT News Tennessee "Religious Freedom" Bill for Counselors/Therapists Signed Into Law
  224. General News Man With Possible Bomb Threatens Fox 45, Suspect Shot By Police
  225. LGBT News NCAA Votes To Not Allow Anti-LGBT States To Host Events
  226. LGBT News Haslam’s Signature Seals It: Counselors Can Turn Away Clients Over Religious Objectio
  227. General News Congress moves to require women to register for military draft
  228. LGBT News Transgender teen fights back after suspension for using 'wrong' bathroom
  229. LGBT News Police force lesbian woman to leave ladies toilet
  230. LGBT News Oxford, Alabama
  231. General News Follow up about students who disappear in Mexico
  232. General News Ex-House Speaker Hastert Gets 15 Months For Molestation Hush Money
  233. General News Trump wins all 5 states on Super Tuesday April 26th
  234. General News Censorship of Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups
  235. LGBT News Ted Cruz is back with more transphobia
  236. General News Junior Doctors all out strike
  237. General News Police go on killing spree in Mexico
  238. LGBT News Bangledesh - LGBT editor murdered
  239. General News Sanders Ponders Legality of Cigarettes
  240. General News Suicide Rate Climbs 24% between 1999 and 2014
  241. General News Clinton Pac hires trolls to troll
  242. General News 8 dead in Pike County
  243. General News Elderly hero beats up a racist after being called the N-word
  244. General News Both houses of Tennessee Legislature vote to bar state funds from diversity office
  245. LGBT News Tragic suicide of two schoolgirls in Southern Russia
  246. General News WWF Wrestler Chyna dead at 45
  247. LGBT News Donald Trump Says Transgender People Should Use the Bathroom They Want
  248. General News Prince, 57, is Dead
  249. LGBT News ESPN fires analyst Curt Schilling over anti-transgender post
  250. LGBT News UK warns travelers to USA about anti gay laws