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  1. Thank You God...I Did It!!!!!
  2. I can finally post in this section! :p
  3. First step out.
  4. How to tell if someone is supportive of gays?
  5. Coming out on Facebook... in a big way
  6. Darkie's Coming Out Story
  7. Coming out to Daddy Dearest
  8. Got the ball rolling.
  9. Facebook and name change.
  10. Just came out to my dad!
  11. Do you think it would be bad to come out to my dad in one of these ridiculous ways?
  12. Frustrated and in need of help
  13. just came out!!
  14. Coming Out Over FaceTime
  15. I might come out to my sister today!
  16. Will come out..
  17. It's getting so much better!
  18. Gay with Asperger's Syndrome and slowly approaching the coming out stage
  19. I half came out... STILL FEELS AMAZING!
  20. Not really coming out, but my first "boyfriend" :)
  21. Just came out to my first!
  22. Coming out to my Mom
  23. Outed self at school
  24. Baby Steps...
  25. I just keep on coming out to people... Yay!
  26. i finaly did it :)
  27. My Life's Journey!
  28. need help!!!
  29. Well...I'm Out!!! :D
  30. Coming out to my bro and aunty
  31. I'm Out!
  32. I'm out and happy. Nuff said. :-)
  33. Funny coming out stories
  34. How i plan to come out, in an airport.
  35. I came out to my dad..
  36. How My Mother Found Out
  37. Coming out to my first IRL friend. <3
  38. Who am i trying to bullshit here?
  39. I just did it o.0
  40. New here, just came out.
  41. Just...... d_(^o^)_b
  42. Coming out<3
  43. A little coming out tale from a 60 year old man
  44. in a class assignment
  45. I said it, ON TAPE!
  46. This Is Me Coming Out
  47. Just came out to my mum :S
  48. Came out to my best friend
  49. Came out to my best guy friend. :D
  50. Came out to a friends mom
  51. Trouble coming out
  52. Got my new custom-made shirt today
  53. My First Coming Out
  54. I knew today would be the day
  55. I'm being outed...
  56. From Gay, to Bi, Back to Gay Again.
  57. Bi out: the next step
  58. Came Out in Internship
  59. The first day of my new life
  60. Just came out to my mum... O.o
  61. The New York Times COMES OUT!
  62. Playing seriousness with Joke: How I told my parents
  63. Came out to my teacher!
  64. Here we go!
  65. I Did It!
  66. i just updated my facebook...can't tell if what i'm feeling is regret...
  67. My little story...
  68. Problem Solved?
  69. Confused about my sexuality
  70. Even if it just was only a little bit. :)
  71. Just came out to my dad
  72. Red Lobster Date
  73. Changed the Facebook Status
  74. the worst day of my life
  75. A few more off the list
  76. First "Work Out" XD
  77. My First Coming Out
  78. my coming out
  79. Suppose my story should be here
  80. Slightly insane
  81. Forced Coming Out :p
  82. Kicking open the closet!
  83. Out, then in, now back out again....
  84. Told my mom
  85. claustrophobia...the closet walls are closing in on me! D:
  86. Came out to my first straight friend!
  87. Three Successful Outs and a WTF
  88. So I finally told my parents...
  89. just came out
  90. Out?
  91. Came out to my Parents
  92. It's never too late!
  93. Oh gosh should I just leave it be?
  94. came out to a friend
  95. Job done :-)
  96. Just came out to my mom
  97. out to my cousin.
  98. This Journey is Over
  99. Just Came Out To My Mom
  100. Three years coming... but I finally crawled out!
  101. I thought I was more out, but whatevs!
  102. Almost outed myself accidentally
  103. It's been a good semester
  104. Coming out wasnt so hard.
  105. Dad kicked me out.. ?
  106. who has lost a friend because you came out to them?
  107. Escaping From My Own Prison
  108. Just started tiptoeing out...
  109. My Mom knows, Dad will know soon
  110. Just came out.
  111. I can't believe I just did that
  112. i came out to my parents and brothers...
  113. I came out to my mom and dad
  114. I almost came out to my dad.
  115. An encouragement to just do it!
  116. My positive coming out story
  117. ...So I guess I'm out now?
  118. Don't fear coming out to religious (Catholic) friends
  119. Im gay but everyone thinks Im straight
  120. All down, now it's my family...
  121. First family member!!!
  122. My Best Friend
  123. over the hump :D
  124. Told my Dad
  125. Number two
  126. Next steps in Coming out
  127. Saw this on my Facebook news stream :)
  128. Came out to my wife...
  129. Finally told a straight guy
  130. Almost finished.
  131. How I came out
  132. Another one of those Facebook coming outs
  133. why couldnt i just do it?
  134. Not a coming out story but one to be shared
  135. My friend came out to me!
  136. Came out to a coworker and close friend
  137. 1 More Friend!
  138. Slowly coming out to extended family - finally!!
  139. Came out my sister
  140. Just came out on FB?
  141. My dad.
  142. Pretty bad attempt at coming out..
  143. Came out to an old friend
  144. I came out to one more person today!
  145. Came out without thinking about it?
  146. Came out to my sister!
  147. Came Out On FB xD xD
  148. Also out on fb...
  149. A couple of coming outs
  150. Came out to my parents last week
  151. YAY! one more friend!
  152. Coming out to my mom
  153. Lying
  154. Coming Out
  155. 1
  156. Wow didnt expect this
  157. I just came out to my sister
  158. Jeffery Rudell - Under the Influece
  159. told my former co worker
  160. Came out to parents
  161. Came out to my dad
  162. Came out to best friend last night
  163. Facebook - Not sure I've done the right thing.
  164. Came out fully to my mom.
  165. Coming Out Party.
  166. Another Coming Out-This Time, He Knew
  167. Came out to another friend
  168. Rollercoaster of Life - My story
  169. Mom made first comment that actually admitted she knew today
  170. Am I going too fast?
  171. Ok things might stat to get crazy for me....
  172. Email sent to parents!
  173. Coming Out Comic
  174. Came out to first person ever!
  175. Two down, the world to go...
  176. Married......an update
  177. Emotional Weekend
  178. So I may have come out to my entire school...
  179. Big week
  180. That was strange...
  181. Mum.
  182. Came out to my mom
  183. Came out to one more friend :p
  184. Officially out to everyone!!!
  185. The Letter
  186. Came out to my landlord by accident.
  187. So I came out to my mom
  188. came out to my best guy friend.
  189. Accidentally Came Out?
  190. The Final Step
  191. I am going to come out to my parents soon :s so nervous
  192. Came Out to my Brother. Maybe?
  193. This is it. No going back.
  194. Father Troubles
  195. Been out since summer '09 and couldn't be happier :)
  196. Came out to my first person
  197. Came out to my dad today and 1 a.m!!!
  198. I'm out to everyone and everyone loves me!
  199. Came Out To My Sister
  200. Big Step Today
  201. What I've learned (Long)
  202. A Start
  203. I'm Out!
  204. Coming Out to the One That I Had a Crush On
  205. one step forward
  206. Well Wow.
  207. Finally came out to my parents
  208. This made me cry
  209. my coming out time line
  210. Our EC Fairytale
  211. OMG! First Person!
  212. Coming Out To Dad
  213. The Seed is Set
  214. Finally came out to my dad
  215. Maybe COming Out?
  216. Just wanted to vent
  217. Living in a Glass Closet
  218. Blue Mouth
  219. Out to a 3rd person
  220. Out to Grandmother and Cousin
  221. Good idea to come out on tape?
  222. told family friend
  223. I want to come out on facebook
  224. Mom doesn't want me to come out anymore
  225. So at this point I'm out to several people. Go me! :)
  226. 98%
  227. word spreads like wildfire
  228. So it begins
  229. Married...FINALLY out to my wife
  230. almost out.
  231. Out to my Best Friend
  232. Officially out to my mother!
  233. Well I'm pretty much out now...:)
  234. I irrationally fear coming out to my family
  235. I guess... A positive reception awaits outside my walk-in closet >_<
  236. Coming out process
  237. Took the plunge 2 days before Christmas
  238. The other way around: trying to come out to friends when no one believes you
  239. Coming out to Mother
  240. Fail Fail Fail
  241. It offical I'm out to the family
  242. Came out to father et al
  243. Last Old Friend Down
  244. Failed coming out
  245. Holidays
  246. I suck.
  247. My brother pretty much outed me to my cousins.
  248. My mom hates me right now.
  249. Married...coming out to my brother tomorrow
  250. Company Holiday Party