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  1. Came out to my parents this weekend as well as many other family members!!!!
  2. So who wants to guess what this is?
  3. This Weekend
  4. Out Of The Blue ....
  5. Out to my homophobic colleague
  6. Wow, it's too warm.
  7. On a roll!!!!
  8. Just texted my sister and her BF
  9. Wth Is Her Problem
  10. drunk coming out
  11. finally
  12. Suppose I'm out at work now.. :D
  13. Accidentally outed
  14. "Idc i still love you"
  15. "Seriously, OMG thats so cool"
  16. Out at work :D
  17. dad's cool with it. mom? not so much
  18. Confused by my parents reaction Afer coming out
  19. Another one down, the rest to come shortly
  20. Cruising Along
  21. my hands are shaking....
  22. Well...I got drunk, and made the first step.
  23. Not quite a coming out story but it made my brother and I giggle
  24. I'm finally out.
  25. Super excited
  26. A small step for me, A giant leap for Gays
  27. Should I tell my best friend?
  28. The Pub
  29. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. It's small, but it's something. =)
  31. The big day
  32. Told Mom
  33. They Know
  34. I am now 'Facebook out' :D
  35. Almost done
  36. Twas fun :)
  37. any advice?
  38. Maybe a funnier coming-out tale :)
  39. Siblings dzown.
  40. Came out to my Other Gran today
  41. And now my sister
  42. Came out to mom
  43. Came out to my Gran Today
  44. Two more family members! Such a high!
  45. Unexpected, but kind of sweet.
  46. Just sent my sister a message on facebook!!
  47. i came out to one person
  48. one down
  49. Done.
  50. The Storm after the Calm
  51. It wasnt the worst coming out, not the best either...
  52. Succeeded at last
  53. Came out to my kids today
  54. Now Out to my Bishop
  55. My introduction to melancholy
  56. On the verge.
  57. Coming out to my bishop tomorrow
  58. OUTED (sort of) by my art teacher
  59. In the studio
  60. I did it without thinking!
  61. Told my mom, and drama of other things
  62. My heart is pounding
  63. Get it over with?
  64. Out(ed) to my brother
  65. Last few family members
  66. I don't know how to handle this one?
  67. Politics is Glorious
  68. Out at School
  69. Three Big people in One big Day!
  70. about to come out to my cousin
  71. I just came out to Mum!
  72. Re coming out
  73. Yet another coming out to a friend story
  74. Took the First Step
  75. Coming out and this time I mean it.
  76. Came out today
  77. Came out to a friend
  78. Making an Unspecified Date...
  79. Several people, actually.
  80. Another friend...
  81. Promenade, Two Suits, Man-Date
  82. officially out
  83. My awkward coming out
  84. Soon, maybe. . . .
  85. another successful coming out
  86. Found out my friend is bi!!
  87. recent and not planned
  88. Here we go! Tonight!
  89. Wrote a letter, giving it to parents this thursday.
  90. Should I?
  91. Well I'd say that I'm finally (more or less) completely out
  92. My Coming Out Anniversary
  93. I'm officially finished!
  94. Well, I came out to my sister...
  95. One More Down! : )
  96. I'm on a roll!
  97. Need Advice on Coming Out to My Parents!! Please Help!!!
  98. I cannot believe what I did today!!!
  99. And now my mother...
  100. An inspiring part of my coming-out story
  101. Coming out to my sister and some friends.
  102. Guess what, I did it!
  103. Just came out to a friend
  104. Hey I need help with my coming out letter to my parents
  105. coming out roadblock
  106. Came out 2 8 people! :)
  107. Number 12
  108. Changed Facebook Status!
  109. My Coming Out Frustrations
  110. And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Video Games
  111. Coming out left and right lately..
  112. My sister
  113. Coming out to my best friend!
  114. Coming out to mom, and hopefully everyone else
  115. if I say yes one more time...
  116. Outed to my first close male friend
  117. 2 more :)
  118. I Finally Came Out!
  119. My mom, one of the greats :D
  120. This could be considered a coming out.. :)
  121. Came out to mom
  122. Letter to mom
  123. coming out to my friend
  124. Friend tells all
  125. Just my mom
  126. Another one down!
  127. Fellini Moment
  128. Just Came Out
  129. came out to a friend..
  130. Coming Out: Update
  131. First family member!
  132. Came out to my mom today!
  133. Lenten Retreat
  134. Mostly out
  135. Donate your courageous story..."Im Gay"
  136. Even though I have come out still uncomfortable with sexuality
  137. Did My Parents Know?
  138. "coming out" to father
  139. One Year Ago, Came out to my Parents
  140. Forced Out
  141. Coming up 10 months with the parents.
  142. Hardest Coming Out
  143. I came out to my psychiatrist
  144. Offically Out on Campus - Now GSA Student Coordinator.
  145. My sister is awesome!
  146. A Year In Review
  147. Humorous Birthday
  148. Sort of out in a messy way
  149. Ouch
  150. Your stories have helped me, hopefully mine will help some of you
  151. The confirmation I was seeking...
  152. Just Checking In
  153. Does she know???
  154. Social Stress
  155. Johneh came out :O
  156. Stage 2
  157. I've told my dad now too...
  158. Destroying the Door
  159. first facebook outing - maybe second too
  160. gay bar
  161. I just came out to my wife
  162. a funny re-coming out
  163. Coming out to roommates and sisters: The outcome
  164. Came out on facebook
  165. Back then, it was a Felony
  166. Coming out to best friend
  167. very unexpected
  168. I need to tell you this...
  169. Seeking Research Particpants
  170. Outed by a friends sister
  171. I guess I'm out to my Relatives now.
  172. Came out to Staff
  173. Mom Widens the Net.
  174. Omg I Did It!! I Came Out To My Mom!!!
  175. OMG! The worst way to come out to your mother!
  176. Survey - Your experience coming out to parents
  177. Coming out
  178. Someone else at work!
  179. Came out to two friends!
  180. Another one down ^_^
  181. Coming out at work and more...
  182. coming out to the rents
  183. Came out to another 1
  184. unplanned
  185. Coming out to myself is so much harder
  186. I haven't had a bad coming out yet & I love it!
  187. Finally told a certain conservative friend
  188. About to be Forced Out of the Closet
  189. Just sharing a warm fuzzy :)
  190. slow process....but good!
  191. An interesting weekend!
  192. school
  193. First Supportive Friend
  194. PartyyyTimeSoon!!
  195. I Made Another Big Step!!!
  196. The Day Started With a Text...
  197. I Finally Did It! Told my parents...
  198. I came out... I think 2!
  199. 4 more people in the last 24 hours!
  200. My Coming Out Experience
  201. Came out...sort of ?
  202. Mistake?
  203. So instead of taking notes in sci, I typed+sent my uncle a coming out letter. Wat.
  204. Saying it Out Loud
  205. Are You Out To Your Doctor?
  206. New to This
  207. I'm a bad boy....
  208. I came out... I think
  209. uh...could you throw your salad away? plz. lolz
  210. Out to my twin... I think
  211. finally - letter to my mom
  212. The Last Closet Door Is About To Be Opened This Week
  213. and now my mum knows :)
  214. Just came out to my best friend!!!
  215. Came out on facebook
  216. im now out to my parents, my brother and my ex gf!
  217. A totally unplanned coming out
  218. done lying...
  219. Fearless in 2010?
  220. starting to crack
  221. Starting 2010 on a high note
  222. Support from a friend
  223. What happens next?
  224. In person or in a txt.
  225. kinda...
  226. The stress finally got me.
  227. It got uncomfortable in the closet
  228. My mom's trying to get me to come out.
  229. okay so...
  230. Finally someone from school asked
  231. Oh the wonders of the Internet....
  232. I think I sort of came out last night to a friend...
  233. Best way to tell friends from college?
  234. Gay and super closeted cousin.
  235. Came Out to a Co-Worker Before Christmas
  236. well... (kind of long)
  237. Best Friend since birth
  238. Might never see him again.
  239. First one in a long time :D
  240. out to besty... had to do it over fb (lame i know)
  241. told mom...
  242. Thanks
  243. Pushed Out of the Closet
  244. Facebook
  245. Pronoun slip at work... oops!
  246. This... really wasn't planned. At all.
  247. Told a friend :)
  248. What should I do?
  249. Just in a good mood
  250. a bit of a twist