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  1. I did it!
  2. More words...
  3. I'm not sure if this counts...
  4. My coming-our email to my mom
  5. And now my mom...
  6. Finally!
  7. Came out to two people! :D
  8. Came out to my sister!!!
  9. Told 3 more friends today.....weird
  10. Came out to my big brother... by accident!
  11. I just came out on facebook today
  12. Came out to my friends ♥ (3 stories)
  13. Came out to some friends at work!
  14. Came out to best friend
  15. Came out to 3 people. My mum really confused me.
  16. My grandma finally figured it out.
  17. 3 down, 3 millions to go :)
  18. My letter to my Dad
  19. Out to one of my cousins + surprise
  20. Out to LGBT group! :DDD
  21. Anybody wrote a coming out/gay diary?
  22. Came out to an online friend
  23. Came out to my son when he was 14 :(
  24. Half way out of the dark
  25. Finally came out to my therapist about 5min ago
  26. I came out to my first person today
  27. My battle with the closet
  28. Came out to my mother!
  29. Came out to my mom-First family member
  30. Not-So-Great Coming Out
  31. Well I Did It
  32. Where do I start?
  33. I fell out of the closet.
  34. Came out to my step mom
  35. Mom. Are you starting to get it?
  36. I told 2 friends
  37. Told my friend, kinda disappointed.
  38. I came out to my first!
  39. Just Came Out To My Sister
  40. Ridiculous coming out with my univeristy colleagues
  41. Came Out Possibly Transgender to my Therapist
  42. Just Came out to my best friend
  43. Out to a friend
  44. Coming out to myself and others...
  45. I really did it
  46. Kinda Sad with a not so happy ending i guess? :3
  47. Lamest thread of all the lame threads.
  48. Came out finally to someone at almost 20,
  49. Came out to parents
  50. I finally came out!!!
  51. Came out to my friends in PE
  52. Came out and it wasn't even difficult
  53. Out To Homophobic Friend
  54. Aliens, Lesbians, Same Thing
  55. Telling my mum again
  56. Roommate knows
  57. Thanks, EC
  58. Did it!
  59. I came out to my mom
  60. Came out to my best friend
  61. 3 best friends ever.
  62. A MAJOR Development!
  63. I'm nearly out to my first person
  64. And a few more....
  65. Came out to my mom
  66. Brother Knows
  67. Quick Story
  68. Update
  69. coming out online
  70. When will ever "come out"????
  71. Finally told my mom
  72. Almost.
  73. I finally did it,
  74. My friend took it so cool!
  75. My grandpa.
  76. best feeling ever
  77. Came out to my brother
  78. Really came out on Facebook
  79. Finally out
  80. Came out to school nurse and a friend at school
  81. Came out to school nurse and a friend at school
  82. Stepping out unto my own: My discovery of self
  83. What do i do??????
  84. Out publicly.
  85. Second person - it felt so good
  86. Yay!!
  87. My first crush
  88. Coming out.... and out and out
  89. My Coming Out Story
  90. Finally did it.
  91. What are the weirdest coming out stories?
  92. newly homosexual male iam sooo happy:
  93. My Come Out letter (What do you think?)
  94. Came out at school today!
  95. A pretty good day.
  96. Just came out to my parents.
  97. Guys I extremely want to come out, but not in a dramatic way. Help!
  98. First Time Coming Out XD
  99. Out to both brothers now!
  100. Today is when my friends find out who I am
  101. So this is what it feels like!
  102. UPDATE: My journey--If I did it, so can you.
  103. Came out to several people...sort of
  104. Told my parents
  105. I'm so happy!!!!!!!
  106. Believe it or not. I've crossed a milestone... and I'm really surprised.
  107. I'm out and loving it
  108. My Mom flipped
  109. Foot out of the closet
  110. i wish i was out... but then i second guess myself
  111. Iím Out!
  112. I came out to 40+ people!
  113. Coming Out to Myself was the hardest part
  114. I guess I'm more obvious than I thought
  115. Finally :D
  116. Telling my closest of friends
  117. Two Down
  118. Came out to mom
  119. Easier Than Expected
  120. ..I actually did it.
  121. Out to One Person!
  122. One down
  123. I (partially) came out
  124. My friends love me
  125. Told my siblings..
  126. Dropped the "bomb" to my mom
  127. I've come out to 3 friends, and 2 family members
  128. Finally!!
  129. Out to my father and his family
  130. I did it!
  131. That face is my new screensaver.
  132. My Coming Out "Experience"
  133. Came out to my best friend!
  134. My Experience coming out
  135. How my ex reacted... [Venting]
  136. Came out to my sister
  137. Baby steps
  138. accidental coming out.
  139. Small start (very small) towards coming out...
  140. Almost did it
  141. Came out to my parents!
  142. I want to cheat on my husband but I know its wrong
  143. Finally!
  144. Came out to my family
  145. So I Came Out to My Mom...
  146. Did anyone else get help from somewhere you didn't expect ?
  147. OUT! yes -- all the way OUT!
  148. I Came Out to My Girlfriend
  149. How I came out to my mom
  150. how my dad found out..
  151. First Time at Work
  152. Moment of strength
  153. both sisters know
  154. Just came out to mom
  155. Outed on the news?!?
  156. Did I out myself or did my Mum just know
  157. Easiest Coming Out Story Ever!
  158. Absolute disaster.....
  159. Hmm I Accidently Just Came Out
  160. Out to my brother
  161. Just came out... to my girlfriend
  162. Letter from father to son...
  163. Came out to my parents... circle almost complete!
  164. I did it is this real life
  165. Oh god. I told my mum.:S
  166. Did I even manage to come out?
  167. The hardest part is over
  168. Came Out to Dad
  169. Another one, woohoo!
  170. Kinda came out-ish
  171. Came out over Facebook to more or less everyone.
  172. Bam's Story
  173. 3 more of the important people!
  174. Came out to my brother!! :D
  175. A very lucky son
  176. Came out to friends first
  177. Pressured
  178. I did it! :D
  179. The Gay-Dar never lies for me:)
  180. Came out to my 2 kids
  181. planning on coming out to therapist..3 hours from now
  182. Coming out to a female friend over Facebook: the reaction.
  183. Finally!
  184. I actually did it.
  185. Came out to an openly gay guy.
  186. Came out to my boss...:-)
  187. Came out At Work!
  188. Well, No More Hiding
  189. Just came out to mum. YAY
  190. Finally came out to myself
  191. Came out to another best friend - I have my posse!
  192. I just came out again!:D
  193. Came out to my brother. First person ever. :)
  194. Accidentally Posted this on the "Coming Out Advice" : Sort of Forced to Come Out.
  195. I came out to my mama.
  196. How long did it take to accept yourself
  197. Nobody's taking my hints :p
  198. Came out to several folks in my Alanon group
  199. My Dad's reply
  200. The plan to come out to Mum....
  201. Heh, My Old Man and Step Mom
  202. 37 married F with 1 child coming out....
  203. It happened...
  204. I did it!!
  205. I came out to someone else! :)
  206. came out to my business partner
  207. Came out again!
  208. Mom sort of knows
  209. Came out to my friend!
  210. Came out to a friend!
  211. I Just Finally Came Out To Myself
  212. I didn't even say anything..
  213. Just came out to my bestfriend =/
  214. Weight lifted! But not gone...
  215. Came out to my mom
  216. worst first date ever
  217. Finally...
  218. I outted to my bestfriend!!
  219. First Queer Date
  220. Came out to my mom
  221. my EX outed me to all our friends (who are straight)
  222. Relief
  223. Starting to come out in a fraternity
  224. I did it.
  225. Came out to my Therapist
  226. My Last Coming Out (almost)
  227. I so DON'T CARE, I'm just gonna tell my friend right now.
  228. Feeling Awkward after Coming Out
  229. Trying to come out...
  230. Alone... Again
  231. Came out to my ex-wife
  232. My comming out story (so far)
  233. I came out to my best friend today!
  234. Not so much a coming out story.
  235. It's all come true!
  236. Coming Out
  237. Got hit on, in a family bar/restaurant...
  238. Outed by mistake by adding EC to mailing list!
  239. The journey
  240. Came out to my sister
  241. out to gf
  242. Very Anticlimactic
  243. Came out to 30 year best friend
  244. Came out to my best and oldest friend
  245. I came out to my 1st friend today.
  246. Went out in clothes that match my gender for the first time!
  247. How much things can change in a year.
  248. worst coming out feeling ever
  249. Hardest person to come out to?
  250. Just went to a PFLAG meeting and came out to fellow gays!