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  1. I Just Told My Christian Mom
  2. Meh...
  3. I came out as trans to my friends!
  4. I Came Out!!!!!
  5. Facebook: The Final Stage
  6. I came out to my mother. Now what?
  7. My straight friends have now officially made things potentially weird.
  8. And my third.
  9. I told someone else! Woo!
  10. anti-gay parent
  11. I told my friend!!!!!
  12. My story, so far...
  13. I Came Out to My Mother... A Month Ago
  14. Mid coming out Story
  15. Was expecting...more?
  16. Just Because I came out
  17. I came out!
  18. 4,000 posts in this section
  19. I'm ready
  20. Cut to the chase
  21. Very Long Post: Discovering Sexuality and Coming Out Causing Confusion
  22. Dear You Know Who I am
  23. Came Out To Wife
  24. It Was Better Than I Had Hoped, My Mom Knows
  25. Came out to my mom!
  26. Told my best friend...
  27. Came out sort of
  28. coming out
  29. Told two friends today.
  30. One Year Ago
  31. I came out to my best friend and I feel great
  32. Coming out
  33. Came out at Work!
  34. Just wrote a letter
  35. Came out to my dad on christmas.
  36. My Life Story - Coming out Deadline Approaching!
  37. Not the way I wanted that to happen...
  38. Sent the message...
  39. Came out to my parents!
  40. Came out to bestfriend
  41. In a bar last night....
  42. Came out to best friend!
  43. Feels amazing
  44. Coming out...to my girlfriend(kind of lengthy)
  45. I came out!... Again
  46. Accidental Coming Out
  47. The First Time
  48. Coming Out, To My Parents At Least.
  49. Want to come out?
  50. is this progress?
  51. The Most Touching Coming Out & Self-Discovery Story Ever
  52. Whoops! I Outed Myself!
  53. my letter
  54. So i'm kinda out, and it feels great:)
  55. Out to my sister
  56. im out!!!!!!!!!! (to everyone but my mom)
  57. Mabye
  58. coming out.
  59. Out and wishing I was in?
  60. Coming out did not make me feel better...
  61. Finaly told them (sort of) and im scared
  62. Came out to my therapist
  63. Came out to my best friend
  64. I'm going to do it!
  65. Coming out to myself...
  66. Friends at University.
  67. Coming out!
  68. OMG I came out to my sister and then she came out to me!!
  69. Another one down...
  70. Just came out to a female co worker!
  71. I want to come out after Christmas
  72. Came out to first person!
  73. Coming out casually
  74. I came out to my dorm last night...
  75. I'm gay, and IDGAF
  76. Came out as Bisexual
  77. My mum is saying I have a disease..
  78. Are there people who never ever come out their entire lives?
  79. The Response I want when coming out... ;)
  80. I Totally Forgot That I Came Out XD
  81. I finally came out to my parents...
  82. I Think I Just Came Out To My Entire College!!
  83. I'm so excited I can finally post here!
  84. Considering never coming out to my parents.
  85. My Coming Out Story That Went Wrong
  86. Should I Come Out? Need Help ASAP Please
  87. So proud of my Dad!
  88. A happy coming-out
  89. EC Support for Coming Out
  90. I did it
  91. best friend said what??
  92. My Comeing Out Story - Odd & Long
  93. One friend, Sunday night
  94. I finally did it!
  95. A terrifying relief
  96. Came out to my sister!
  97. So...I just found out that I am more out than I thought that I was
  98. Coming out to my mom
  99. Another Outing With Surprising Results
  100. I Guess I Just Suck At Hiding It XD
  101. I came out to one of my friends yesterday...
  102. I came out to my mom! ^_ ^
  103. First one done and dusted!
  104. Came Out to a Friend
  105. I told my sister!
  106. How I was the last to know, kind of funny!
  107. My sister ignores my sexuality
  108. Coming Out Story
  109. The Gay Couple at the Store
  110. Great Coming Out Experience to Friend!
  111. Coming out to my sister
  112. Ironic, Isn't It???
  113. Out to two more friends!
  114. Are all straight people incredibly "dense"?
  115. Came Out To My "Friend" over Skype
  116. Cameout few months ago, fully...
  117. Mostly Cleanup Now
  118. came out.. to my boyfriend!
  119. how to deal with questioning at the end of a 3 year hetero relationship
  120. Coming out is like bungee jumping...
  121. When I came out to my mom
  122. Why do we have to come out?
  123. finally came out hid it for so long
  124. Came out to my roommate
  125. How to tell my Dad
  126. Coming Out and Not Coming Back
  127. Just came out to my best friend from high school
  128. FTM and Gay Coming Out Story
  129. Gay Hunger Games
  130. should i come out?
  131. came out first time to my sister today!
  132. Nervous to come out
  133. Went to lgbt-group
  134. Coming Out at Work
  135. Came Out Nov. 29, 2012!
  136. Just came out to 2 friends, in shock.
  137. My Coming Out Story
  138. To my Coworker (and friend)
  139. Came out to 2 people!
  140. Coming out to my Sister
  141. I just told my best friend!
  142. Came out to best friend.
  143. For those late bloomers with families...
  144. Used the other restroom for the first time
  145. Who should I come to next?
  146. my latest coming out to my straight crush (didn't go as I had wanted)
  147. Went Out on a Limb
  148. finally came out to dad..
  149. Next Saturday
  150. Who should I tell???
  151. Internal Homophobia?
  152. Not the worst situation, but also not the best
  153. Coming Out to Family!
  154. So I finally did it - I came out on FB!
  155. Imma gonna puke... (I hope not)
  156. Told two teachers. :)
  157. Did it! Told my closest friends!
  158. Told my mom. Didn't go so well.
  159. Breakfast with coworkers
  160. Out to my parents!
  161. Stuck
  162. Thanksgiving Miracles
  163. So... Im out. My journey...
  164. ok soo this is my coming out story:P
  165. ok soo this is my coming out story:P
  166. Came Out to One of my Cousins
  167. It helps to come out
  168. First homosexual date
  169. Came out to mom...:/
  170. Coming out, adjusting, learning the ropes, and LIVING.. Help!
  171. My coming out story
  172. Came out to another person yesterday :)
  173. feeling a little lighter
  174. Told some of my friends.
  175. Came Out To My Best Friend
  176. I told one of my close friends.
  177. Reason why you didn't come out?
  178. 3 days since I realized I was gay
  179. My Half-Sister and My Nieces
  180. I came out to my best friend last night.
  181. Almost a year
  182. My Second Person.
  183. A coming out party
  184. I did it!
  185. a good strategy?
  186. I started coming out to my friends
  187. If I can do it You can do it too!!! :)
  188. Dad down :)
  189. Climbing Mount Everest
  190. "Straight Best Friend", MY Story
  191. Struggling to find my way out at 30
  192. Coming out is like Christmas morning ( multiple stories)
  193. grandma doesnt care that im transgender
  194. Out to my God Mother and My Uncle
  195. Has this happened to anyone?
  196. unexpected facebook..
  197. The annoying "acceptance" of the liberal parent
  198. I'm in shock.
  199. Inspiring Coming out story!
  200. Interesting coming out story; any TG; MtF around to sound off on this?
  201. Roommate Stress
  202. Told my aunt..(Kinda a long story. :P)
  203. Closeted/Coming Out Stress
  204. Sister talk and My Dad's Evolving Perspective
  205. Best Friends!
  206. Coming Out to friends
  207. That was a disaster
  208. Talking to my therapist
  209. The person I would have came out to
  210. ive come out to some friends but not sure how to the parentals...?
  211. Took My Time
  212. So I came out to my friend
  213. Tips
  214. I came out through paper, anyone else?
  215. Coming out to my best friend
  216. Well ....
  217. The art of projection
  218. You can become gay without being born that way
  219. Came Out on Facebook
  220. came out involuntary
  221. Came out as transexual O.O !
  222. Coming out to friends...
  223. Hi Mom, I'm gay.
  224. I tried.
  225. Coming out to school counsellors
  226. Came out for the first time! I'm not alone anymore
  227. Oops.
  228. Came out Again! 3 in one almost one week!
  229. First Swim Team Member
  230. Spilled it to another one of my friends
  231. First event while out
  232. My first coming out and awesome!
  233. today
  234. Came out to a friend without thinking... and it felt great!
  235. Came out to 3 at once!
  236. outed through skype
  237. "I'm g--" "I KNEW IT!"
  238. I Came Out!
  239. Came out to a friend, went great! :)
  240. My Coming Out.
  241. Well, SOMEONE pieced the puzzle together....
  242. I Told Mom
  243. Female Around Friends
  244. coming out to your therapist
  245. What the hell should I do?
  246. Came Out of My Nan
  247. My Coming Out Casually and Indirectly
  248. Swim Team
  249. Ohp. 5-year-old story.
  250. Came out to my best friend!